Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 3, 1926 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1926
Page 8
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DISXKU ME>'i:S FOK / THE BUSINESS WOMlJf. . ^ Macaroni wi(h Clieeab Cole Slaw French Dressing Strawberry Short Cake Coffee , ; - . 'n • I- Minute Steak Green Beans Gravy , Bread Butter Sliced Tomato Chocolate Pinwhetls < Tea 111 H/»ln)on Salad Thousatid Inland Drc?^«Ing -: I'frfato <;hlii3 ; (Jraham MiiffljiH - . Bijtlor. KrfHh SDcfd I'ln<apj)l« i CoffCd ; ; WI-\.\Elt OF Kllif+T I'KIZK. OnintrD Khort<iike. a <li |r :i rloiir ,- • • 1 li'MKiigoiiH 'ItiihliiK piiwdfr Vi K 'liKiioon Halt 1 lahlfKpofin KiiRar 1 -i 'i ciiii .ImlltT % cup milk • Sin <lry InRrnUli-nlfi together. Work, in the hiKlcr and add milk gradually tinlll. n sUff diiugh is .made. ;11 )iv1jle in two portlohH and spread % in-a floiwed and Kruased tin. Sjiread tlii.switli hutier an(( sprinkle with sugar. Place the 2nd. porHon of the dough upon ; this; making it a ilop' layer to a shortcake. '• Bake in moderate hot oven: When! baked, split apart;, spread •with butter and put together with slices of. oranges. 'To prepare the oranges, remove skins slice. Sweeten and add "a. little" lemon juic*. This brings lout the orange flavor better.—M. a L. WhM> M, E. LundquUl of Wlllcox, Arlt. ivorku th« pump twntfto in hH bock yard ho leU MmtthlnR better than well water. The ehort ehaft th«t •be tunk-for water struck oil, and he getii about 46 gatlona of^thle valuable Jlquld (lolly. II shorh lime; before serving, V4 cui/ of shredded coCuanut uiuy also be added.—M. G. h. nierry Pnddin?. 1 cup fintjr' corn meal ,% cup flour 1 tablespoon butter % teaspoon salt ^ •1 leaspocHi; baking powder Sweet milk . Sour cherries 1 PSg .Mix The dry ingredients and add beaten egg with a Ihfle milk-. Make a very stiff batter. Stir in all the .sour cherries drained, that the bat- teriwjll liold. Place in a long pudding bag*. <]n>p' -into', a kettle of boiling water and boil steadilif until jnidding is done. ,TheU riii bag open dt one end and down the side. Roll dut '.thp pudding wh.ich should be; firm." cut in thick juicy slices and serve bot with vanilla sauce or wl (h butter hnrtsiighf creamed to­ gether.,—M.b. L. in Ffg Tapioca. 2.-."'. cup taiii (»i'a ;!• i-pps cold water l',-i:cups light brown'sngar 2-;! !cup. drii'df figH dl'-cd 2>:! iiip Kngiii 'li walnuts 1 tfnspoon vanilla :; - Siiak t .hi .i iairfdca. f )Vi -r niglit ;-i;iilil= wuliT. ; A(f<i lIiW Hiigar, figs, nnd Itriiki'ii iiulH aiid 'Hti -ani In tin* •llplier pHitt iif double^ Ufdicr line hiiiir. \ Stir In. the vairllLii. Turn Into , -I Ki -rilng dlHlr; Serve with plalii' or wlilppcd rn'ain.-.M. (i.-f,. , New ,<'flnt<i.liiii|ie Sunilae. ; 1 am Hui-e you will l^lrid 'thiH re- r.'i|it> :i d''ll< louH nilditlon to ' ^'our ,• liuiunti-r "•(•at Hrhi -dulf." !,<)ut .-I large cantal 'iupe crosswlsti in j% or 1 Inch slbifs. .flcmove seeds and |«'el off rllid. Lay eadi slii-e iin plate and fill center with Jce <reain, (iarn^h witli crushed niit.s and ii <lurry. M. (',. h. ,Stniwl>erry Delight. : When you get; tired of straw- ,h|erries tfnd cf<iam;try jthls for varl -J ation. Prepjire .stra'wbet^ries-.ias ufsual. about 1 quart. InsteaiT of leaving berries whole I cut them in lia:l^iS4 ITseljcan sliced pineapple! jmd cut'the slices in stniall pie<7e.i!.^ Mix berries and plneapjjlc thoroughly, add sijgar and lei staind I'fnpaiiple Crcmc. ?, pints thin cream 1 small can of grated pineapple 'A -cup* of sugar - Add pineapple to the cream: let stand 30 minutes, strain, add sugar and fi^eeze.—R. S. it Baked Corn, One can of corn 1 teaspoon of sdlt 2 tablespoons of butter 2 well beaten .eggs 2 level teaspoons flour You may use a little more milk corn is not very juiqy. Mix flqur in milk, add cream and eggs. Mix thoroughly with coirn, salt and butter and tnrn- in br»?ad pan, skillet or pudding pan tp* bake." Bake until browned a ;little on top. It is good hot or cold.—R ..S: • Belied Apple Sauce., pare and core a dozen medium E ^zed apples. Place them in a.baking dish with 2-3 cup granu- la^ted 3uga,r arid. % cu^ water. Cover and bake' until red; using .slow oven, usually three Jiours are re- qiiired for the cookery.—R. S. XEMA NEWS. (Glen V. Delttvan.) Mrs. Clarence Broughton of the Soiith Bronson vicinity spent,Alon- day with fier parents, Me, and Mrs. WJII AttiJerson. U. D.'Morris and son William ,Iewel were- in Fort Scott Thursday. yurjt. CarriiN Smith sjient Thurs- ilay with her sister, .Mr.s. ICverett llammcins aiKJ-family uf .Mnpletun. Haisy H |ienl this week at the, Lloyd UOKH bomi! in tlie New Hope nelgbborhood. Waller, Smith and Will Am'lerson wi 're In (^!)iaiiute Krldny, ' .Mrs, ,loiin Kreel of lh<) l,allnr|m vUliitty Kpeiii Friday with her moilier, Mrs. Anna .laro. •Mr .H. Will Anderson spent Tues- ilay afternoon with Mrs. Mliinio Delayun. Mr. and Mrs. If. I). Morris and SOI),. 'William .lewell spent .Sunday jwith .Mrs. ,.Morris's parents, -.Mr. and Mrs. Afdi'en Abb<,'y, of theil'en- tervllle vh^lnity. I The Krnnklin township board ^nel Saturday. ('omplptini; the .1 <ib. It 'may be a-kindness of molor- ing'humanlty to pick up stray nails from the streets, but why toss them back on the sidewalk? They will only be swept Into the street again and one's thqughtfnlness will bo in vain. Complete the job by tossing puncture equipment Into tlie abh caii. SmtH LO«AN. • (.Mrs. Fred Dice) .June 1.—The play );lv«n by the Neosho Valley people Inst Friday night at the Onion C^reelf school hoiisi! was very well attended atid enjoyed by all. ; The • W. W. Club lailies served ice cream and cake after the play. .Mr. and Mrs. Clemeht, Opal and Helen- spent Sunday, at BUrrell Howell's. ' : • Mrs. W. L. Moon called on Mrs. F. h. Dice last Wednesday evening. . j i Mrs. Hawley of Humboldt visited . last week with her daug)iter, .Mrs. Wm.Kreuger and. family. .Miss Hazel Conklia of Chanutfe is'visiting her sister}',Mrs. George Moon, Jr. s- • Miss Opal Howell spent Sunday and Monday with her' parents, Mr. and .Mrs. P. B. How^L i Mr. and' Mrs. Burrell Howell and family spent Monday at D. B. Howell's. .Mrs. Jack Sa^e is visiting this week at the home of hef parents, O. C. Van Fossen. .Mrs. Hawley spent last Thursday with Mrs. Jred Dice. .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moon and daughter. Miss Ona Moon, and Mr. McDonald motored from Kansas City Saturday for Memorial .Pay and a short visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kinney and tamily ot Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Calloway, Mr. and Mrs. I^ay Kinney.nnd daughteri aiid Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sears and son of Lai- Harpe spent, Sunday at C. O. Kinney's. a _ ! Try the Register Classified Ads. jrOIITETALE. (Norma Isaac3 Mrs. Stinnet and Russel called on Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Isaac Tuesday. . / Mrs. Richmond.has been on the ;Bick list, but Is some better now. "Leo-Hill Wworking on the night shift at'.the iMUdred cement plant. Norma Isaac sj)ent Thursday night with Mrs. ^Louls Isaac dnd attended the shox*^ at Klncald. ilifr. Homer Mowrer called on Charley Isaac Thursday. , Mr. Louis Isaac called at C. 1.. Isaac's Friday morning. Cyril • Hill went to Kansas City Sunday. ; pdrothy Stinnet called on Mrs. Young Monilay and got 4uck eggs. Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Isaac attended the- Ladies' Aid meeting at Mrs. Joo Read's Wednesday. Mr. B. T. Wliaon la putting a hew roof on. tho house of the homo place. Mr. nu»)c«iok, Homor Mowrer and Parmer Mowrer are help-' Ing him. ; Miss Lais Rogers came Thursday Trbm FitUbiirg -ythtt^ tm Is at- tapding school to visit wMi her parents. She retame^'StindM ev- eniig! 3 ••" •-• Hin Is the p^oad owner ot a new Ford toncing car. Mi[. Sherman Rogers of lola yla- itfid ibis brother and family Siin-: day;' ."• "• ''. Mr. and Mrs. Oral CUne and Era Jolliff-called at the Charley Hill home Sunday. Mr. and; Mrs. Louis Isaac spent Sunday Mt6e Charley Isaac home. Mr?. Hill aifd Led and MHs Bessie Rogers ^went^ IbU Wednesday to see Mrs. JoIHf. Wa pin glad to bear that Mrs. JoIIIf aqd .baby tfre getting along as.well as aiia be expected. Leo Hill stayed ti Jollirs la Hil- ,.dred Sunday, f Dorothy Stinnet went to the church to practice, for Children's I Day TojBSday. 'TlMr. and Mrs. Rlcbmood called on ^d Smith's I Sunday. American imports ot rugs and carpets from Persia last! year amounted tomdre than fSiOOtKOtfO. . Ta Eat When Tired. "A new wrinkle" which lists menus according to.mood and temperament, says that the exhausted individual should eat milk tOast and baked apple, cereal or fruit and cream soup. ' Straw aad'fiber fingr^ Straw and fiber straw rugs ar^e coming out strongly | as favorttes this spring -foiS coverings on the. floors of breakfast rooms and sun porches. Theyrhave daring colors and brilliant design, and sjiuares of. straw and checker, board "patterns •seem most popular. Heaven is not ^w»nn5y~a"l5tBgle 11 it bound, but by taking one step at a time. For Price, Qiiality and Service Call Foster's 436-437 We Deliver Them Promptly 2 can.s No. 2 Brown Beauty Beans 25c S cans Van Camp's medium Pork antJ Beans _^___28c .___i_-30c L$1.00 . ^__45<: .-__i_-60c . __60c ._____-25c' - S5c .______20c 65c 65c 85c __20c 25c 25c 25c 25c 2 cans No. .3 Pork and Beans 3 Pounds CoflFee A Better Coffee, lb. Folger's Golden Gate Coffee — Hills Bros. Coffee 1 No. 3 Libby Applebutter 1 N0..2J/2 Sliced Pineapple No. 2 Crushed Pineapple T- 1 gallon Gooseberrie.'; 1 gallon Yellow Plums 1 gallon Bartlett Pears in Syrup ——. 1 can Tall Pink Sajlmoii __——. 5 lbs. Pure Buckwheat L^I 3 lbs. Bulk Cocoa —— 5,Nice Lake White Fish _ — 2 Big Fat Mackerel -j- 3 Old Dutch Cleanser —— 1 Coco Casteel- Soap 12 bars Flake White Soap, 1 Coco Castile Soap, 70c value, all for .-^ 50c RUB-NO-MORE Cleans Ice Boxes and Keeps Them Sweet Large Package ....... w....... .25c A^e sell at alj times the best cMiinled meats, have plenty of fries arid hens for Sunday ditiner. AH kinds, of fruits and vegetebales. ' GQNSTIPinlON DRflG^ YOU DOWN Kdldgg'^ ALMRAN briiga Dont lef consHpa^. lipn drag yoa down and sap yoor healtK' W Vigor. Let Mr. Bovea's experience point the wa; to sure fram tlw worat i jstSon. and WM Hlf ift the BMfc with aU Mnda wlilch eob' (ST* BM taoiporarr J way tioMi made-ma wor»a Coiutlpatloif pE'tres the wajr td ; toiany harrowing dfaaases.^ Pimples, \ dlzifnass, haadachat. sallow skin— ; iura just a few tdltale signs. Don't let this insi£dn« Staam send its poisons into your body. : Kellogg's ALL -BRAN win give oermanent relief if"««tan rwn jarly^or money refanded. For Kcllogg's i» ALL-BEAN^ia 100% bran praducfc , Made by Ke11og :g in Battle Creek, Michigan.; Serve with milk or fruits, and in booking. Delicious recipes on every package.^ Sold by - crocers. Served at hotels itaurants. all res and ALL-BRAfI Few things ^yhich'you eat are as completely assimilated—turned into eAeifgy, miiscle and body ,building-^s good'put­ ter. Many so-Galled foods are largely filler. Gro)^ing children, especially, need, the strength and vitality which fresh butter-supplies. Shady-iBrook is churned ^^sh daily aiid has these qualities. .. • Insist upon the best. Specify— M Good Grocei^ Sell It Fresh and Vegetables Straivberries, Grape-fruit, Oranges, Lemons, Bana)ias, Fresh Tomatoes, Gre^n Beans, Cucumbers, Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce, Can- teloupes, Caprotts, Sivect Potatoes, Cabbage, Onions. Fresh Potato Chips, pkg..... :-i -lOc Campbell's Cakes 10c, 13c,M5c, 25c Bluhill Chile Cheese, pkg. 15c Bluhill Pimento Cheese, pkg : 15c Pabstett Cheese, per pkg. 25c Sar-A-Lee Sandwich Spread, jar ......— •.20c Ferndell Sandwich Sjpread, jar .....i.:.33c ;Grandee Olive Butter, jar 1 -25c Ferndell Sardines, can. _ 20c Monarch Sardines, Olive Oil, can _ :.— 10c Kippered Snacks, 3 cans •. 25c Pallas/Coriied Beef, can : 30c SPECIALS! \ . American Beauty Coffee, l-lb.;pkg. - 43c Imitation Pineapple Preserves; jar ..31c Monarch Catsupv bottle 25c One can Monarch Beans Free. RUB-NO-MORE For Scrubbing Cellars, It Kills the Mould Large Package ...... .30c tHfi Basket Stovi t/mr summer Perfect Laundering—and Tonic for the Hand^too^ Your filmy blouses, gay sweaters, hose—all those fragile, dainty thinfs that contribute to a woman's summer lovelinessshould be washed wi^ Flake White. Such eleandner adds ext^life to things that ordinary soaps would doom.' It gives you a new conception of rapid, easy, safe laundering — no matter whatsoapyou'yeused before. And ifl the wash tub* boiler, or machine, how quickly^ it in^et ordinary <^{othes white fliid sWeet. (put jbf (Soiors for yoa instead of quick action, such thorough. over the, steaming wash. / ancr^but so gentle. Actually it And donft. forgetj * tAduded ' itf Flake White' is a natural tonic for hands to keep theih soft and pliable. ^ In ifairness to yourself try ^ thU magic soap.f KIRKS WHITE SOAP IN BAR.; AND It's not necessary for you to do your food shopping personallj^ during this hot, damp weather.- Use one o5our 3 pho^jes. The man who takes your &fder will give personal attention to your needsr. He will see that you get what you want-from our large stock of groceries and meatsa 710 Specials for Firiday and Saturday Best Yet Flour, 24 lbs. -____i ____._$L25 Best Yet Flour, 48 lbs. __J :____i-_$2v40 WhitelSunshine Flour, 24^ lbs. __— ._.$ia0 White Sun.shine Flour, 48 lbs ?2110 Prunes, 5 lbs. for ^58c RUB-NO-MORE * • : , ' • • «i : Cleans Linoleum and Makes it Shine Lee,Oats, large package 20c Armour's Oat.s, large package _ :__-23c 3-lb. Box Soda Crackers: i . 45c Corn Crackers, 41/2-lb. box _J ^_60c Macaroni, Noodles or Spaghetti, 4 p^s. _25c Navy Beans,' 7 lbs. for _L ^______5'0c Choice Jine of Fresh,-i Cured and Lunch Meats ^heese of all kinds. Fresh rFruits an^ Vegetables. Palate-Pleasing ThereTs; a gtejit differ- encei ^irt qualities of Meat&r—but: you're certain to get only the best .grade ; here. . We' find 'such Meat.s are the most • ecorio Veal, Brrf, for/:, Sniok'd Mciiln, • Lunch Meals, Sdmagr, Hamburgur., Our Price* Are Cheapest BASKET .STORE MARKET .loyri' & Lenniiin, fntps. , PHONE 203, Phones 336—339 WE DELIVER Why not trade here and be "SATISFIED." 16 oz: for each t)oond. SERYICE-^QUALITY and you will appreciate Our Prices. 24 lb. sack 1.05 481b. sack 2 .05 There' will never be any jBetter Made 48 lb. sack 2 .45 Qt. Jars—^All Flavors SPECIAL 39c ICE TEA BLEND 0-SO-GOOD FpIIpoimd Pork & Bean^ 3no.2cansVai|Cani^s For 25c Monarcli Catsiv 2 Large Bottles 3 - 4 •

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