Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 3, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1926
Page 5
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If ^!g?:Jr'v>- x''"7-' I V I: THJe^OLA DAILY JBE/EHgTOR. THURSDAY ETV^yiNG. J^NE 3, 192g. PAG& FIVE THE MARKETS BY WIRE opKitvtioNs ion THE BILSE WKRE KESliMED TODAY. . itwiird Mlovenipnt Embraced Prac- tUny tho Entire IJsJ-^Liiestock and Grain QuotsM.|<iiis. I .N".?W York, junus 3.~Operations for the rise wpsre Jresuiiij'd with • ini ri .aspd vrsor! in today's'market. Tlic upward mpveinen.t. eniliracod ,lir;ii -tirally -th«' t'liiii-ft. list, hut was p .-irti( tilarly sharp in 'tvonu' of the nii>!or» and "spfcialtie!* which art> liflirvvd to harhor an ovtir-oxtond- ed short int <<Tostl. Trading .showed a siihstantial increase in voliiine3 Kah>^as (Hy (iralii. 'Kansas jcity. June :!. • Cash; V/heal; Keoijpts ears-. • Market I'e Io.r>c liJpher. -No. .i dark hard ^l .-Otiy l.'.T'-; Ni>. :{ il.\rk liard at ?) riiifi L.'ii';:. >^o. •_• ifani il.inni 1.-7; .No. liard .*l .r.i '>M I-M; .V". 2 -P(! -N'o. j -.i 'i ?i,i:;rt/ . 1.1';. . •' <;i)rn;, ••.•e trt le hitrhrr. .No. 2 'Vhiie 7J'(/.T1'-ji : .N"». « while fi !)>-j 01 71.-; .\(.. J .yelldW 7L "'i7:i'je; No. :! yi Ilmv TieiiTlk -i; ' .Vo. 2 nii .Vi 'd • 7ii>_.f.i 71i-; N'o. :i inUiMl I '/.i/ii ~i>r. <-^r hiuher. No. Z while at tii::':.r: .NO. :; xvhiie inUf,/', tl '-,e. !!y.', s-jfii s::r. ; H:)rl<y .llfi/i;ir. K:ilir I1 .20 *i 1.1!L'. . .Mild lii^iize il.2<:f<t I .L '7. rlo .-^i': Wheat; .Inly $1.2ft'->.; S I pi. : Dec. iio irailiMir. Corn: .Inly'7'»'.i-; Si -iiI. 7'!'-c; ilay steady. 11 cars. Kansas Cifj LSvoslock. Kansas City. Juae > r !(ll"d States Deii.wtaieiii otj .\K»ic!iItiire Cattle X.tHiej; k-alves led steerL- stTonj;;; nied- L^IO''! i'J."<0; no and yearlin scarct iiiiii Weight dunce ;yfaii;i!igs ciffered; nothing di-uf' oiv TfifcSts Kiass steer?; otlier MOM'N POP REAL ESTATE, FOR SALE NEWS OF HUMBOLDT STI IIENTS <>K v .ARiors fOI- l.EUKS AltUIVIXJ H(».ME. KniM'TH-KeninHTPr NnittbiN l«.««'d «y. .Motor Trip t« St. L»UK Kill- , • lir.MIiUMrr. Kan.s., June 2.- I The wi -dd/ni; of .Miss* Annu'Kojipcrs and Mr,Wi-non Kenmierer was BO I- enitii/.eil ihiri' tnorulnK at eight (('chick at St. Joi »ei)h's church. A ho^t of the frleiids of the couple wa.<; pi'esoiit at tlie (ercmony. The (hiirch was heaulifully .de<:oratcd witli palms and flower3.' Uefore the ceremony Father Monnier gave .in addrc '-s to the coujilc. Following the (ereinouy, which was per- forni»yl hy Father Monnier. there was ;i briilal breakfast at the jrar- i ental KopjifL^rs home. The bride and groiiin ar<' both well known anil Ktockens f "d feeders kiliiiiK clii veals $n ;45<| .-iiiw. weak.] Hogs 7 .<Mj(i:: active. niostJy 10c to i."pi- Kiglior; -top' ?l -!.:$r> • on 165 iioiind averases; hulk in' .sales?i :!.7r,'(r$14 .ir»: <i.--i ;aiile ISO to -.;'» ;KiU |tiiIs in .I.'i'./ ?H .J.'>; -JUi lo :;4'> jioniiil.s/ $10.65Ji :14.1i'; li(;ht li;;lils ii]) to $14.3.">; jiaclciiiK .--ows ? IL'.-.I"! .>l -'.6i'; stock pigs stroiij; to -iic higher, ^14.50'(i*la .50. ' . Sheep' 1 II.IM ;0; lamb.s steady to . fMong; "four loajls of Califoriiitis SlT.lo'with a deck ouc^; top iiative.i $17.i'«; better ' firados $lG .50f?i yi6:S.=;; .sheep steady; inediuiu Tex­ as-wethers |6 ..".it. ( huaa:o C-piIn. C'liicapo.. .lune ;;.--Cl ()si luiv *I.:; T '.,: Sept. ii.:;:;; n.::.-.\. • ;''>'"": J"'y 7:jc; Sept. ' iJee. 7sc. Ciats: .Inly 4i''-jc; Sei>t. lire. '^:;'.Tie. ; Itye: July'.^7 lie ; Sept. fll 'i-.. '.ilvsc. uti^banged; lop ; i-opnlar triembers pf tlM. younger set here. Sirs.' Kemriierer is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Kap- pors. and .Mr. Kemmerer is tliej son of .Mrs. i:ila Kenimerer this city. .The couple left today for a motor to ,St. l!«ui.s and other points. Alter their retuifi they' Will make their home in tljimboldt. . .Mrs. Frai:k Fus'sman, Mrs. L. P.' Kos.siier ;.nd .Airs. M. C. Johnson ninionid to .Vevadii today to meet .Miss -Margaret Johnson and bring hca- home from Coltey College at -Wvada .Miss "Kthel I'ucken and -Mi.ssi Kathryn Le'imen.itail also arrived here from Cottoy College to- .day.; . •! •• j .strayed, J<»st, Found lU AKTlCKK—HelonRlnK lo mu.sician. Owner may have same by calling 1. K. I.lniback. east of LaHarpe Identifying arllele and payins for ad. . KITTKN; -Little white Angora. Iii nelgl oorhood Presbyterian church and hi«h xchool. Finder- please call U.-. or,134-'J. PIU-Hunipr.hire. weighs about 60 lbs. jFinder pleawe. notify Franzl fJllmore. Moran Kans. f AUTOMOTIVE ; Antomoblie Atreneles: A t;HAND MOTOR CO.—Hupmobile- Willys-Knight-Overlanii sales and set vice. nepenilable used cars. 116 West Jackson. Phone 60. ' Aiifonioblles for .*Jale 11 Wheat; Dec. • 77 %c; 41'rhc;: M »7se; FORD COUPK—1024. new paint job. good rubber., upholstering gooil condition, motor first class shape. Tl\is is a guaranteed car and is wotlli- the money. Can be lioupht on easy terms. .McCarthy" .Slotor Co.; . 212 S. Washington. Phone S9:5. \: GOOD USED C.VltS—Thousands of unused miles, in open and closed; 'models. Cash. lerK-.s. trade. Marr Auto Supply Co. Mil -Mr. son sa. ( by i1 and Mr^: James bibbs and land .Mrs.l Ft-ed • Dressen ' and iVilUam. who motored to Chel- kla.. last week,.returned here otoT yesterday: . •- Chtcairii Lh«.^t<K-k. I Vhic.-iKo. Jiin<- :;. t'. S. Dept. nf A(;i -3i iiltiire. Ijiitfs J7.'.''H (: ..sii-ady I.M stmni.-: liiiITi Sill, til lii '.^i iiiiiind bill, hers f 1 :!.(;.-,'•.tl 1.1":- desirable -III piiiiipls dciwii lari'.'ly $'i( 1!.:;*.: top $1 l.iri: inaji>iniy ptickin^c 1 ti,,.,,', „n s')w>. $12. l"'" 12.71'; 'few sorled kill; j clii ist.-ni ln.t: 'pics .* 1 i'u.'i'r/ii I : the li'iivy weiuhi) hni---'i^l:;!.'.''; Illo; ineillnm 1 !.:;.•.; li:;lit i^I:i,l.".'<i 11. 1 'l: Irihl Jiuhi »i:!.ir.V„ I,;^ paekini; >'s'$1 L '.:;ii''/ ii;>r)'. s;.ni5iiter pif,s ; i:rs:i!V/lii .nij. C ;,itle J:!.(ii'n; f':d . steers tradi' b/^s active thaJi early; WH W to lie ;lii\>er:: ili:l )i 'tweenj Krades steers and yriarlitms slW'Winu' loss; toit 1 .4111 pound biiH(|ekK Jli'.'iO; coin- I arable l <i :i(! hid $1(1.50; le-st year- —I'ets •(•arly .*Itii'ii: she stncK" iiinsl- 'iv. sieady; e.iniii'rs easy; biills are : iriiMu' to I'lc bisilier; niest h";ivy. i'lildiinas i'i.~'>fii>'}.nii: dealers are ^•reIlK to :;.•.('• hichivr: bulk to the p.'-kers $12.ri<ifri i:;..")ii; few choice •!l,ipP 'M -s ?1::."7.". and better.. -MiiiS Jcanuette AVebb, who has been at I.indonwood College, at S;i;?^t Charles. Mo., this year, re- tunied here last night. .Miss Theela Tholen returned front the State Teachers College of Kiiir/oria to spend the summer months at Uer home here with her iiiMther. Mrs. Anna Tholen. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. I .<!ii- tls .lobiisiin of Winfield. KailMas. foniieily i.r Humboldt, Avill b" glad lo know of the birth of a Ki>n to May 2:!, I'.i :i6. Theyhsiye I the babv .Melvin. .Mrs. 'Ilai'i-y I.ytiian of I>';iven- n-(.rl 'b Is h'Te this weeH to attend tin- w'ediling of her lirpther. .Mr. iVernnii Keininerer. Mrs. Lyiniin .-t ftiriiier lluinboldl resbb-iil .Hid uili; be remembered here as -Miss .M.iy Kemmerer. HICH OR-VDE USED CARS—At attractive prices: terms to suit. Used Car E.tchange. 212 S. Jeff. MAXWELL SEDAN—In good condition; also Overland sedan for sale or j traile. Ross jVrbuckte Garage. • •VASH—192.*5 touring, good t4res. imint good, spare tire. 1926 license, motometer. Nash Motor Sales Co. : . , USED KORDS—All in -\1 cijndi- tieji. for sale or trade for five- v,iock. C. Huti.her. •:• REAL E.STATK TI^\^S^EK.S, •:• •:• •:• V •:• •:• •:• <•<•<'•:• • ::_ ) (May .i;i:;6> \ . Th*^ .First National Hank of I.a- Hnrp- to Everett W. Rogers. lots 1 an.) block S. and lots ii. io 11 and 12. in bliirk 9.. P.iliiiers .Second .\d<liii <in to-LiiHarpe. $l.".iiit. I. \. Kii.ipp. .viiigle. 'to Irby F. fiarkley and .Minna H. Ilarklr*-. be- uinnihK at SW; corner of SE'i 29- 2:t-2I. north .">2 rods, H rods siiiith ."i2 rods., wosf 11 rixls to beginning. 3..i2; acres $1. S. Jay .MvCurdy and wife Cora : I.i'ne to Crawford A. .\ndprson and 'Irai-o i:.!.Anderson, commencing ••i^i: ft. east;of NW corner of -VE'-i )2(;-L'l-lS. south 26.". ft., east :!29 ft.. . iierth 2r.r>-ft., ;w-est .'!29 ft; lo'bcgin- niui'. 2 acres $240. KtMKEOH. <MrM. Will Duggan.) .Iiiiie 1. -.Mr. and .Mrs." Frank Hawkins .erveil ice cream and cake Satiirdav evi'iilnc I" Hio'followiiiR; 'Mr. aiirl.Mrs. Will Duggan .Mr; aiid Mrs. Walter Duggan ami son. Clair. .Mr, •liiiid Mrs. Walter Stewart and son. 'Uu'sscll, arid .Miss .Mildred Horner. .• ; .Mr. and Mrs. Ch<>stor Anderson motnred from Carthage. .Mo.. last Saturday (o visit their p-drer^ts and returned to tlieir home Sunday. The latt»fr;.'s si.ster, Miss.Flos.sie Howell accojiipanieil ihcni homo;for a two weeks visit. .Mr. aiKl MrF. Austin . Jefferis s)iont Sunday with Mr: and Mrs. Roscoe Hurt. Mr. and Mr.s. Floyd Mc.CIellan of Ft. •Scott. .Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cady. .Mr. aflil .Ml-s. Will Doer tind family, and .Mrs. .Frank Cady spent .Sunday with'-Mr. aiid ."Mrs. Lee Deer and family. ; . .Mr. and Mr* Walter Dnggan and son. Clair, and Mrs." Will Duggan raorofed to Ft. Scott Ttiesday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duggan -Mrs. Ross Kitzmil^er werit to Ft Scott Friday and returneil homo Monday. Mr. Wilfis Cibson of MUdred. Kansas, spent Sunday and Monday with liis daughter and family, Mrs. Walter Duggan. Mr., Duggan and son. CJair. lOL.A HIDE, FUR & WOOL CO. Ill S. Ohio ^ Phbne 1307 K«?s .„ :.j 21c -N'l. 1 Hens 21c- -N'o. 2 Hens 18c Co,k- ....^-l - 09 No. 1 Sprinps L.:—-—2Sc N(). 2 •_„'—- 24c • AVIU Cftine After Ponltry. AVe AA'III -Ajphreclale Your BiSlness. >. A. JOXES, Prop. COfflUL'S MARKET WE DO >OTi RETAIL. East ](roiiroe and Elm. PhOD« S7>. ATe paid the follonioir prices tb^y; J^ggs. loss oft 21c , iVo. 1 Hens 20c -S :o. 2 Hens . -_17c Broilers ^ — 35c LegI\oms5 and Wack Brollers_20c Cocks —t — '— .OSc Ducks ^— ^— 10c Greeq Hides — ;; _Bc . Horse Hides $2J6 i;i;!G FORD COUPE—Like new; l'.»J.-. Fo;-d flouring; 192.') Ford coupe, lots of extras extra goorl; Oldsmobile .sj-X touring, cheap' 1919 Oakland;iouriiig. Kood condition; P.uick - |sl.x t'niiring, cheap. Holiart-SKeic .Motor Ci>. Distilled Advertising. Look at any.large advcrti-sement-^big type, attention-getting ..head, illustration, maybe color. And think in how few words the actual description of the thing offered could. I)e compressed—if it were not necessary to catch yoiir attention. "i • , . • Look' a|^ a cla.ssified jad —from twenty-fiye to thirty words, four or fiv« lines, in uniform small type, with just the one word that tells what the ad is about, L .in slightly larger letters. . There's distiied advertising for yoa— with no word.s spent "n winning your consideration, because .you voluntarily give that when you turn to t»he Classified Section. # If you like facts—true, nece.>jsary, conveniently arraiiged facts-^you'll lik<i( the service that GOOD da.ssitied ads can give you. You'll save time and money by following Register Classifietl Adsregularly. . , The A-B-C Classllied Ads Always the Sanie^lu Venice Always Different—In Opportunitj U.\BY CHICKS-i-SeveriiU breeds, summer ; prices. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Phone 446.; FRIES—Nice 2 lb. anil 2 >/i lb. fries. .Mrs). Grant Billbe, East Lawn. Phone 975-13. MILK IfPZD FRYS—Fifth house \enlucky street bridge. Smith. • • MILK jer- South Ke Mrs..L()e MERCHANDISE Articles for Sale 51 FENCE — Just received carload American fence and barbed wire. Get our prices. Allen County Im; plement Co. . ICE DOX—Butcher's size. Stevens 'make. No.-1 condition, size 9 ft. high: 22 gal. lard Chal- dron at 1023 .North Buckeye. Bitrtcr and Kxcfaani^e 51-V GROCERY—And general merchai^- dise stock to exchange for lola property. First class stock and fixluies. See M. A. Schlick. AUTOMOTIVE •I. EMPLOYMENT \„t.. Vcressorir<. hres. Parts i:i i Help AVanted-jlale 33 SlHOMBERt! CARIiUUETOUS - j U-MOI IIAND-Wanted at once for Save enough on gas. to pay f"r themselves. ILet us. install one for you. • .McCurty liaUory Stauon. •rmFsPECIALS-This week only new cords. :!2x4 $19 i ^^^^^rz, HU- Ida Auto AVrecking Co. ^ menth or 9S5-L'l. 6 weeks. Phone.2.34 or TIRES AND TUBES—P.ig :;tock of used tires and tubes, all sizes, at bargain prices. Also new tires . and tubes at cut rate prices, iiest buvs in used cars in town. Wo sell better cars for less. Ask imr customers. Tippie .Motor Co., •_>liR South street. I'liom- t>>:^. .MARRIED -M.VN—Wanted to work on dairy farm, .\pply W. M. Staf- forti. Phone 946-31. .situations AVanted—^3Iale 37 .MAN —Wants carpenter work of any kind. II. "lI. Shockey. 210 N. Chestnut or 8:'.8 .N. Jefferson. FLNANCIAL UuKiness ()p|»«rlunities :iS .Motorcycles and iUeycles !•'> UlUL'S ilU'VCLE-For s.ile .heap. Inquire 42^. South Third street. Keiialring—Service Stations Ki GUARANTEED USED CARS— IIUICK 2 UJ20 IlOADSTEItS. CHEVROLET. 2 1922 T(JURI.\(;,S. ESSE.K. 1924 SIX COACH. lisSEX. 1921 SEDAN, rcfinished. FoilD 2 192.-. TOURINCS. Foiur. 2 1921 SEDA.NS. FORD. 1920 TOL^LVG. FORD, 1924 COUPE. FOHD 1922 ROADSTER. HUDSON. 1921 SPEEDSTER. IIUDSO.\.^1925 SEDA.V, like new. OAKLAND, 1920 TOURING. OVERLAND. :; 1924 TOUIilNC.S. 10 Othei= Clieap Cars at Your Own Price. BUD AVIIITE MOTOR CO. 219 S. AVASH. PHONE ISO AUTO REPAIRING—Welding and storage. City fiarage. F. B. Goodale. 214 N. Jeff. Phone 172- lUiSlNEKS SERVICED Itiisiness Scnlees Offered V* iTAILMEILs'A-rTKNTlON C t your binder ndler.; at the Inia Planing .MiU. Phone 4114. 104 North sti—i. REST.VURANT—For sale or trade for lola priipertv, located ^lr| Paola. Phone 1246. Inauire 202 South street. .Money lo Loan—Morlgatces 40 FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rales.- A. U. Hawthorne. 2i:; S; Washington. FAR.M LOANS—ba.^ft rate, 5, 7. or 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart & Funk. Professional Services SURGERY—Medicine. X-ray. Dr. V. Lenski. I'houes: office. 8S6; rcsitlcnce. 1126W. • Sl.'RGERA"—And consultation. Dr. G. S. Lambeth. Office phone Z'>'i'>: residence phone 015J. Hours. l:::o to 5:.-.0. • FARM ANi) CITY LOA.VS—Base rate on farm:? city V!,. Ixjng or short time. IC .M. Cunningham. .MONEY—To lotin on farm and (ity property. Jackson Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. I'RIVATE MONEY—To loan^ on city property. low rate, long or Hhort time. Stewart «- FAink. > EMPLOYMENT Uelp AVanled—Alale LIVE STOCK .Horses. Cattle, Vehicles 48 BROOD SOW—With seven pigs, high grade one. Phone 999, KARM HA.\D—Single, once, no boys. J. r 'hone;9l.<F22. wanled at E. Hiinte:-. GUERNSEY BULI.,—One coming ?, vear olil. ii gufid one, for sale or trade. Arclii.- Smith, .".l.-j .V First SALESMEN—Wanted, two local men to sell-well known make of j Electric Washers in Iida and, vi- 1 cinity. .Must be men who are!.^jljj^ able to produce and preferably who have had experJence in this line of -selling. State experi' ind give references. Address. Electric Washer,': care • £- Tiie Jcgister. IIOLSTEIN COW—Fine six year old, giving milk. Hobart-Steele -Motor Co. Auto Accessories.Thres. Parts 13 Koi;e..ins as a rule do not rut their hair or beard, for it is their helier that by so doing they would drehonor their parents. Any hair that may happen to fall out is carefully saved, and with flnger- nhil pairings, put In the coffin, so that a dead man or wonian may co; back to another ..oanK Intact. , ANNOUNCEMENTS strayed. Lost, Pound 10 BILL FOLD—Lost sometime -Satui-day, containing sum of money, njptiirn to Register^: AUCTIONS Auctions lOA JUXE S—I will sell at puhlic auc- tten Saturday at Bishop> Sales Paviiion at 1 p. tn.. 5^ or 6 head hjorses. cotrs. cal,ves, chickens, farm machinery, wagons, buggies, harness. 3 automobiles, electric washing machine,{ and all fnntiture. C, S. ^orse Hides 52 J6 kinds of sbod PORTAGE CORDS — •"t'ull sized :{Ox;!'-i iSeiberling built) at mini order" prices. See them at B. T. Barber's-Garage, 209 AVest street. Phone 51.=;. SALESMAN—I^cal territory. Must; have auto' and qualification's for; building year round repeat trade on Iiibric.-iting oils and roofing cement from farmers and indiis- tria! users in 2i> mile radius. AVe handle cr.idlt.s. collections, ship- jnents. from nearby !)r.-inci;<s. .-Vge limits 2S -."iO. Interview arranged. The Atlas; Oil Co., Kan- saB City. Mo. COWS—Five Holsteins, extra good, giving from 5 to 7 gal. per day. G. H. Tannahill, Vernon, Kans. Itusiness and tniiee Ktiulpiueni ;>l BLACK BE.\UTY AXLE GREASE. Closing out our stock Black Beauty axle.grease at cost and below. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. DESKS—For sale; 2 roll top. 2 flat top and one high desk. AVil- liams Tviiewriter Emporium, Rms. 10-11. fJlobe Bldg. ELECTRIC SIGN—Size 3xS ft.; new candy case, 10 ft.-long; 316 floor show case. See Hart at Hart's Cafe. FURMTITRE—Wanted. Bird's new and second I'hand store. 'Hutii- boUU phone 173 or l'>la 1U:SW^_ WANTED TO BUY—Furniture of all kinds. AV'e will pay highest cash price. See us before selling. Bishop Sales Pavilion. Phono 367. Farms and Lanit for Stile _ . 8» THE RIOTABD EAVING FAR.M— 333 high'bottom in one body, no was.te, no hardpan. or gumbo: all choice ..Neosho A 'alley silt loam. Well fenced, clear of weeds, in corn, wheat and alfalfa. Good 8 room modem house with . basement, also 6 room house and 4 room cottage: 3 barns, one large, new and' uj^to-date. one built for alfalfa: crTb.s. hog house and other pnt- bnildings; line "Shade and watf r. Part is rented ^t $20 per acre, and whole farm can be Ica.sed to respobsi'de party for 3 years, $li) periitre cash. . r> prodiicing oil wpUs coimect- ed with pipeline and power plant goes with farm, income $1230 yearly. Umd reaches within 2 blocks of city limits, and hard surfaced road into barn yard. -Might sell 2.-,6 acres with main improve. inents;. terms.«Owner bofight farm without a cent and paid for it out df crops in a few years. ..-MI prospects invited to ir^spect this best farm ' in-^llcn county. J. H. Ham. ilton. 40.';. South street. ROOMS AND BOARD Koom^ for Housekeeping 69 APARTME.NT—2 room modern, close in. Also sleeping room. Reasonable terms. 202 %:ast street. Phone 636. ^ _ " : - Ri0(l.MS—Two'' light housekeeping and one sleeping room;'modern home. 210 South .Buckeye.* REAL ESTATE FOR RENT REAL ESTATE FOR RENT .4i|artrcents and Flails 74 A.PART-ME.KT—Furnished: modirn close in. 315 South Chestnut. Phone 974-3. Houses for Rent BUNGALOW—Six close in, garage. Tola. room ' modern. John Reuther, BLTKEA'E. N. 214—Seven room modern, no garage; or will sell. -Mrs. Ida Faddts. Phone 6::9. COTT.A.GE — Convenient, i losets. pantry, screened back porjii. electricity, water,', growing garden, couvcnieiil for employed up town or factories.^ 206 South Elm. Houses for Sale WAL.NUT. S. :;:iP-rAv we. have decided to move in apartment over cafe, will sell onseven room modern home; can be handled .with part cash. See J. IL Hart .af Harts Cafe. " Shore and Afetintain— Fur Sale HQ OZARK CABLN SITE—One hundred dollars. In be:iutiful -In-, dian river highlands in heartf of Ozarks. ' .A five hours drive from lola. gravel and slab road.- Terms, $25.00 down will secure building site. Let's go, it is playtime. Call or phone .Mrs. A. R. Sands. , Kellcy Hotel. lola. To l-.\chanse—Real Estate ^, COTTAGE—For sale or exchange;.^ dandy modern, basement and garage; also partiial. modern cottagei- best ifprms Dr- Mitchell.: LEGALS l^iu K<iuipnient 55A II.\Y LOADER—AVith galvanized ovcrslats, $2 .5. H. O. AValker, % mile south of river bridge. .MOAVI.VG MACHINE—.New Einer- bon-Hrantingham- statidard' machine. 6. ft. cut. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. " - WALLIS 1RACTOR— Second hand; new Deere taii'leni disc with trac« lor hiich. Sti-.d-. 2ii:: S. Wash. Household (ioods .'>9 Ff .OOR COVERI.NGS—Rugs. lino- li.'iini. Congoleum, 9x12 Art Special at ; $7.i^0 Saturday only, lleii- ninger':^- 118 West .Madison. P..\R(;.\I.V3—In new "goods, rugs, iiiattress, sprirtgs. beds, trunks, travelingjbags, and all kinds of furniture. Bryson Furniture Store. ELM. N. 415—3 room house, electricity, city waUr. garden, paved street. Phone 9:^0. - FIRST. S. 411—Five room em for rent. I'hone 12S:;.. niod- HOUSE—.Modern h-iuso. close iji. 5nIy:$lS. See" V.C."Archer,' over Brown's Drug Store. HOUSE—Six room, nioderiv at.:;05 .North stre-t. for- $20 month. Phone 14S0J or 2:!6. " HOl'Sfi.—Four rooms. gary;;e, gas. electricity and water. Innilire S15 .South street. HOUSE—.Nine room nioilern. j-'ood garage and barn. 902 South State street, inquire at li(02 South State, or call 976-12. THIRD. S. 201 -Four rooift house corner lot. in-good condition. In. quire 2ii5 S. Third. Phone 12::2W. SPECIAL S.U.E—Armstrong lino- •leum rugs, used pitinos; phonographs, furniture stoves, lawn mowers, two invali<I dia'ts, 6 shovel riding c-iiltivalor-i. mowing machine; payment:. Curtis Bargain Store. Lallurpe. WASHl.NGTO.N'. .V. 705—Nicely fur: nished house, garage. aOcr June ^. .Mrs. .Maude Love Ft. Seott. Kas. .MATTRESSES—A'es, we are selling 45 lb. all-cotton rolled edge new mattresses tor $7 cash. See us before you buy or sell. AVe buy, sell and trade for anything. Furniture sold on ^asy payments. Chimney Sweep Store. Phone 9i'3. -Machinery and Tools CI CULTIA'ATORS—Some good ritUng cultivators and some gootl plows. Inquire J.. P." Kipp, Piqiia, Kans; HAY PRESS -r- Admiral power press. C. X. Cole. 225 S. Ohio. RED COW—Giving 5 gallons milk dally. One mile east Of Kentucky and second house south of slab. Lester -Alorrow. STOCK—Full blood Dnroc gilts, will farrow soon. Will Ensminger, Moran. " • Ponltry and Supplies 49 BABY CHICKS—R._ Leghorns. June 6. 7 bey's. Gas. Phone L Reds. AV. and 15. Tru- 957 -12. THRE5HLVG .ALACIIINERY — Gas aiiU steam engines; supplies, new and used for sale. Salesmen in your locality. AVrite us. The Russell -& Co.. St. Josreph, AI6., AVich- ita. Kans. AVALK r .NG CULTI A'A-TOR-AImost new 4-shoveI, ^20. Good buys in used biiider.s, mowers and rakes. Shannon's. Seeds, Plants Flowers . fit SUDAN SEED H. Alaley, Moran, phone LaHarpe, Kans. 4c. per pound. A\'. Kans. Tele- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and Laud lor .NaJe .SJ 4 ACRES-^.'nimprovcd on Ilor- ville . road; on terni:^, cheap. Phone 925W. .." (First f'ablished i-n The lola Daily Register -May 27. 1926). >'otice of -VpiioinIntent— -\dniinistrutor. State of Kansas, .Mien County, sg".. In the matter of- the Estatt; of John >!. Brown, late of Allen County, Kansas. NOTICE OF APPOLNTME.NT. Notice i .s hereby given. That' on the 25th day of .May. .\. D. 1926,' the undersigned was by the Pro|bat& Comt of ..Mien County. Kan-- -sas.iduly appoliiled and qualified US -Administrator. -if the Estate of. Joha.^ .M. i;ro\\n, late of Allen County, deceased. .Ml parties in--^ tertsteri in said estat>i. . will take" notiie ami sJ'vern llienuitlvos ac- cordJftgly. HERBERT W. BROW.N, (5) 27 <6»j:-l'»-__ A.ilniinisirator. .>OmK OF APrMH .AT.ME.Vr, Guard fun. -State (if Kansas. Albii County, ss. In the matter of the estate of Martha J. Ridnrtson. a feeble •minded" pi .Tson, of Allen County, Kanstis. - XOTKk OF .\l'JMirNTMi :>T. .Notice i.s hereby grven. that on the ISth day of .May. A.~ D., 1926, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of "^Allen (.'Oiinty. Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as guardian^ of the esttite of .Martha J. Itobertson of feeble mind, of Allen C '^ility. All imrties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. S. R. RORERT.SO.V. Gii .irdian. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Dodge Brothers Dealeirs . Have Better Used Cars 25 GOOD USED CARS 1921 DODOE Cori'E, a real buy. 19*5 DODGE roadster. . 19S» IHEVKOLET Coupe, finesliape. 1924 f'HEVROLET, .Sedan, a ^ea^ family car. 1 new FflKD fourinir. 2 late model DODCiE Coupes.' 1 late model OLD!i.MOB!I;K Coupe. 1 late model HirPMOBILE tourfni^. 10 late model FOKI>S, sedans, coupes, tourings, 3 nearly ^ew rnadafexs. . 1925 FORD TRCCK. . i good used DODGE tourings, real; values. 10 other ifood used cars. All these cars must be fjnld at your price. Ellis'Swonger Motor Co. Dodge Brothers Cars—Graham Brothers Trucks 211 >orth AVashington Phone 301 . (Open Evenings and Sunday) -1 'J 'RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JAY FALLS FOR EVERYTHING. BY BLOSSER TO i

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