The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 5, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1935
Page 2
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ARE ENDORSED UMAT/TH€ ft€GULAR PRIC€ Of CALUMET BAKING POUIDER \S NQUI 01 POUND/ TH€ N€UJ CAN IfJOCAJY. TO OP€N/ soon he over and both are KEMPTON WOMAN. COSTLY MUSEUM. q <-, ^ * «*• ^} Is Heartily Defended by Hopkins. Siiiy" IN STRONG LANGUAGE (By United Press). Washington, April 5.—Use of tjYork residence since they came | to this country from the chateau \ of Verteuil, the ancestral seat of i:.tlre family of La Rochefoucauld. 1. and, except in the exhibition of { Fren-di Gothic tapestries held at ' the Metropolitan Museum in j 1D2S. have not been displayed (•publicly in America. : Tribune Want Ads Get Results. Continued from Page 1. state until the hour of the services and friends are invited call. to BAQUET GIVEN. Continued from Page 1. day and age of the automobile it is most uncommon and for a man to steal two animals near his home and work them in full view of everybody, makes it an outstanding theft. BODY FOUND. Continued from Page 1. was united in marriage to Mrs. Cora (Hunter) Gooflykoontz, widow of Frank Goodykoontz, former hardware merchant of Atlanta ,wTIo also met a tragic death, by accidentally falling events. Thirty-four students will finish from the two schools this year, .nineteen graduating at Arcadia and fifteen at Atlanta; The list of graduates is as follows: Arcndin. Nyla June Baker, Robert Harold Clark, Charles S. Crutchfield, Paul Frederic Griffin, Laura Alice Hall, Genevieve Lucille Hartley. Frances Steele Hinton, Robert i Blanton Kna'pp, George Edward Knapp. Albert Edward Rollings, Herbert Nathaniel Rice. Janette j Marie Shaffer, Ranyta Marie Sow-1 federal funds to compile data on ancient safety pins and teach eurythmic dancing had the vigorous support today of Relief Administrator. Harry L. Hopkins. Hopkins brought out hfs own "underslung vocabulary" I to fire a salvo of pungent invectives at critics of FERA in New| York, where §3,187,000 out of the city's S19.G5S.512 April relief appropriation were expended on such projects. . j Hopkins said:' "Any one who criticizes or makes fun of work- relief projects like that. Which makes it possible for jcollege- trained white collar workers to earn a living, are too damned dumb to appreciate the finer things of life." | Hopkins intimated that;at least "guarantee" passage *y congress of a load line bill that would create business for shipbuilders. The plan,'advanced by George W. Malone was rejected bj Powell. Investigators appeared to find amusement in' reading Powell's correspondence, some of which was labelled "confidential" and "for your private ear." "I'm not going to -write any more letters," he said. "Will any other shipbuilder write letters after this?" asked Chairman Gerald P. Nye, R., N. D. "I don't know about the rest," Powell replied, laughing, "but when I get back to New York, I'm going to fire all my stenographers." NAVY COR I WAS "Friend" of President's Son James Disclosed in the Maine Letters. IS NOW UNDER FIRE WEEK'S ; SPECIAL! J T Bryan Bros. Sumner, Robert Earl Thompson. Harry Ray Thurston, Edna Evelyn Waltz. Atlanta. Fred J. Buscher, Elizabeth" K'l- man. Melita Rushton, Evelyn L. through a skylight. The widow is! Warfel, Allen Spidel, Lucille also in very poor health and Miss! shock, Cora Ellen Shirk, Lorenna Bishop has been in the home tor I M Murray, Frances E. Mason, several years. No children sur- j j ose ph Conley. George Davis. Hel- vive. ' en L. Ramsey. John Fischer, Gene —: *"*"* ' Stultz, Dorothy M. Hunter. TO GRADUATE SOO.V. ; part of the $300,000,000 — ers, Vivian Lee Sowers, Hazel ] mar ked for white collar relief in Meree Stout, Marjorie Lucille the administration's §4,^80,000,000 re-employment 'bill twill be used to finance similar activities. "We haven't done enough for white collar unemployed," he went on. "I won't make fun of them he-cause some people think they should be out with picks and shovels fixing streets." | Hopkin's fiery statements were occasioned by criticism j leveled against the relief administration for financing research [projects. ! sociological surveys and economic A king and a bellhop havo sludjes in Xcw Yo rk City Nineteen Finishing at Arcndin and ; poise. It is the reward of thoso iFlfteen at Atlanta. I who know how great they arc or how ornery other people are. Blue Sale! We Have Purchased a Large Line of Blue Dresses and Blue Coats for Our Pre-Easter Sale Which Opens SATURDAY, APRIL 6 PRALL E HIS RENT PLAN Shipbuilder Who Paid Half the Expense Is Just an Old Friend, TOPIC EMBARRASSING Washington, April 5.—The use ear- of the name of James Roosevelt, son of the president, as "bait" : or insurance business, efforts to obtain the intervention of Louis McHenry Howe, the president's secretary, to influence the awarding of naval contracts under the 1933 building program, and cir- lulation of "Japanese war scares" to speed up naval construction legislation in congress are among disclosures and charges made before the senate munitions committee this week. Others included a request from a high official of one company to an equally important one of another to aid in "the sinking"- of Senator Hale of Maine because of his advocacy of increased navy yard constructfbn, and a chargo that the navy department was "at the mercy" of the Electric Botu Company, so far as submarine -construction was concerned. Also revealed for the record was a letter from G. W. Edmonds, who, from 1920 to 1931, was a member of the house from Pennsylvania. In this Mr. Edmonds declared that "a congressman must derive some of his income from other sources:than bo- ing a menvber of the house of representatives." Mr. Edmonds was in the mag- YOUR grocer is doing all in his power to help you feejd your family at a reasonable cost. In Kellogg's Great Spring Sale he's giving you an! outstanding opportunity to save money.!He's featuring Kellogg's Corn Flakes in a wonderful special, so that all your family may enjoy their crispness and flavor! Everybody loves Kellogg's. On a bright spring morning, with milk or cream and a bit of fruit,,they're the most appetizing breakfast you can imagine! Delicious for lunch or a bedtime snack. Quickly digested. Rich in energy. And there's hardly a food you can buy that's sb easy to prepare—and gives you so much for your money! Kellogg's Corn Flakes sire always oven- fresh, protected by the patented, heat-sealed inner wrapper. Don't delay. Order Kellogg's today from your, grocer, while this Great Spring Sale lartsV .And buy as many packages as you can use! Quality guaranteed. Blade by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Dresses are in the new tree-hark and seersucker crepes, and they are a revelation. Come in early so you may have the choice of the lot. These dresses are expensive looking styles to be sold at a low price you can afford nesia business and business from the Works Corporation. was seeking Bath Iron (Ily IJnitnil I'rcssV. Washington. April 5.—Chairman Aiming C. Prall o£ the federal communications commission may have an opportunity to explain the arrangement by which [Thursday half the rent of his 'luxurious ""•—"• apartment is paid by a IjJew York shipbuilder, senate munitions investigators indicated today. The Nye committee j disclosed that Joseph W. Powell, ^President of United Dry Docks, Inc.. has been paying ?151.50 a Aionth for the privilege of sharirig Frail's suite in the Shoreham Hotel whenever ho visited thej capital. Prall, former Democratic congressman v from Staten Island, N. Y., was shown to hav£ helped Powell in negotiations for naval Condition Critical. .95 to $5.95 Sizes Up to 52 »'• Here's your chance to get that long wanted blue coat. They're just ?f;f» thrilling as the dresrfes, and the prices are even inore attractive, i coats are regular $15:00 and $19.00 values, to be sold at our Pre- •^llF ^Hr-^P Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Beaver of Kempton were at Indianapolis and visited Jesse Thomas, former Tipton resident and an uncle of Mrs. Beaver. They found the sick man in a critical condition from dropsical and heart trouble "and. little hope Is given for his recovery. • a » • Radio Club Tonight. contracts. He informed President Roosevelt by letter In 1933 that employment in New York would he aided If Powell's coir 'pany was permitted to build four ilestroyers in the 235,000,000 PWA construction program. ] ! The two men denied jth^t their hotel arrangement -was more than a business agreement based on a long friendship: Investigation also disclosed that the Bh'lpbuild- er had endeavored to help Prall's son obtain insurance business In New York. To that the co;mmuni- catlons official replied here was The Radio club will meet at the high school building tonight. There will be an interesting demonstration concerning the generating of electricity. All members are requested to be present as there will be a questionnaire 'regarding next year's work. ALSO AND HATS "nothing unethical" In'i by anyone to succeed lr cial activities. Powell. U. S. A. riava candidate, frankly told mittee that He "ptoynd Bides" In an effort to gain, friends among New .York' ppllllejans. "I * ! *« «a« a desire commer- i l academy the com- both Boy Very "I. Merrill Davlsson, small son of Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Davisson at Hobbs suffered a severei nasal hemorrhage Thursday evening. The little one has had an abscess in his ear and head since recovering from the measles, and it is feared pneumonia may: .dqvelopi DENIES SLAYING. I W a bash Young Man Is Brought Back I From Texas. (By United Press). Indianapolis, April 5.—Stoutly denying any connection -with the slaying of Howard (Pete) Hoi- comb,: in thii county jail at Wa- bach.i March'9, Albert Flnkenbi- ner, 21, Wabash, was questioned here 'today by state police. Finkenbiner 'Was returned last night ; from El Paso, Tex., where he was captured at the home of a brother. He will be taken to Wabash some time today, Captain Matt Leach said. The youth is under a first-degree murder! indictment, charged with beating Holcomb to death in a-cell which, the two shared. Two days after the slaying, Finkenbiner escaped by twisting the lock from his cell with a radiator; bar. 'Atjthe Miriou county jail last night> Finkenbluer discussed details of his escape freely, but denied any connection with ' the slaying. He said he escaped because he feared the other inmates would! kill him. T" V* LAUREL IS BACK. Comedian Is Again United With Hardy in Films. Hollywood, April 5. — Stan Laurel, who broke up the famed screen comedy team of Laurel & Hardy recently when he walked 12 Years Ago v A i out-after 'a row' with Producer Hal Roach, va» lured back •with a new contract today. Laurel didn't like a picture, "McLaurel aind McHardy." which hei aid his rbtund teammate were maWiig, so le up and quit. Roach retalUted b; cancelling hla contract. ami deluged THe >u|»ltcFJieard about it fe-jcont the| studio with taie- and -1 itte^s :bf protest Producer | Roach got busy on i: -- -il -' 1 '' It April nth. Willis Kendall sent an' order for six tons of beet seed for Tipton county growers for the Holland-St. Louis Beet Sugar company. » * »• The school board appointed Miss- Eleanor Clark to take the school enumeration for the city of Tipton. * » * Ouy Craig, former Tipton business man was here from Indianapolis in the interests of the Stutz Motor Company of which he was representative. * * « Harry Burris was in the government hospital at St. Paul, Minn., being given treatment, through the American Legion'. * * * The town' board of Atlanta elected Newton Roads chairman, he succeeding Andrew Kauffman. * * -* Mr. and Mrs. John .M. Tebbe were happy over the arrival of a baby boy who was given the name of Louis William. . * * * • Leo Casey .left for San Antonio, Tex., to work with a gang pf pipefitters, -which had been do- work for the Lake Erie & Western railroad. ';' • * . • - ': Miss Carrie Trittschnh teacher at Anderson was spending thb spring vacation in Tipton'. •; ; • j""' — ! ~~^ —.*-'* • '" i ;! Mellon Leaves Stand. , j (By Unlte.1 Pre«R>. ! Pittsburgh, April 5.—Andrew W, JKeHoh completed more than " days' on the ;• witness! stand, testiitiriag against--"the govern!- clfki.m for addiUprtal |3,- 0M>oSt>0 T lncome',taxes, today. j tltlMJ Four American. I'lnries^ Meld in Lima, Peru, by Officials. (Dy Unifcil Press). Lima, Peru, April 5. — Four American airplanes were • held here today after reports that tho United States government had cancelled licenses of planes and pilots on the suspicion that they were destined to be used as bonrb- ing planes in the Gran Chaco war. The planes. Curtiss Condors, originally were built for the Bolivian government. They left New Orleans recently under orders of the Tampa. Orleans and Tampicn Air Lines, in command of Husih Walls. They were said to be on the way to_Arica, on tho west -coast, to enter commercial service. for favorite recipes for the lady who is particular. The Trihune Press. INVITING Sirs. Joe Thatcher, Itt. 1, Windfall As a guest of The Tipton Daily Tribune at the New Rits Theatre to witness ; "ST. LOUIS KlD" Explanation: This invitation la not transferable and Is good only for the party'whose name and ad-i dress appear above. The party urtsoa ttj*.p*J*** «»•»*» • «* — «»* *•*_•—^ named above, - accompanied by- a E. Mazda LighfcBi|lbi| Guaranteed 1,000 Hours: 15 to 60%at£V< ?f-l|S Guaranteed! 750 and

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