Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 3, 1926 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1926
Page 4
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'5-' TAGE :F0XJR -1 / lou DAILY mmm CHA8. F. SCOTT Entered ai tlie lola 'Postofflce . Second Class ilattcr. •5 Official Paper!City of lola. ^0«l6ial">Paper, City of Battett. OfficliUr I ipaper Allen County. Telephone .: ..18 (Private Branch jixclianRo Cunnectlns .•Ml Departments) THE-H?IA:DMLY/BEGIStE». THimSDAY EVENmGj 'J^^ Member ,<)f—' ... i National Editorial Association.^ Kansas Press Association. | ' The Kansas DallyJ League. Audit Bureau'of Circulation. •: : Press" Conflress of the World. Inland Dally Press Association. : SUBSCfllPTION RATES. „ By G.-lrricr in jfola. fea^City. LaHarpe and BSisseU. t , „ One WofU. ...;-\ 15.Cents i Otic Motith' l <0 Conls One Year- ...V-iO BY MAIL- In Allen County One lYear ti.OO Six W.inths ................»-'iOO Tlii.-<- M-nthH- •- • J'--'' One Aloiilh •. 5UC Outslde'Allen County One Yrar : tUM Six M..!illi.s 12.50 Tlircr- M-iilhs 11 .50 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tlir K.'RiKter ciirrics I lie Associated I'rfHs report bv spfi-ial Ii-nsfd wire, 'l"hf As'niMialwI I'rpsH is. fxcluslvfly, entitle] (<i.tli<> nse for ropul)llcatlon of i|ll • nowM ilivti.ilcli'-s Icrcdll"! to It or not otIuTwisi.. <Toilitod' In tills paiKT. and .•IIK." IJII .' ni'Ws puliIlslUHl herein. All- riulits or ropnhlicatlon of upeclal (lispntrlii^s lii-rf'in nro JII.HO re.servML Bible Thought for Toddy. TUoii Fhalt love tliy neighbour .ns IhjKt'If.— Rom, 13:9. rifOBLK.MS OF DIS.VnMAMEXT. , Dr. E. E.-Slossyn:: One of the liardosit iirohlems connected- with international disarmament is the fact that tlie most effective forni of i pre'parcdnoss is sci(?nlific re- .••-carch and iiidustrial development T- in Keiieral. |And'peace treaties are not .likely he effective so, long a sa iwar-^Fpirit prevails. The disconcerting feature of the lew weapons of warfare is that .tliey are concealed weapons; Nitro , fiiytorine can he made in a kitchen from three common ;chemicais', and phosgene is no harder to make tiinn liootch. ."^n infernal; machine can_Jie .secretly ponstructed by,; men who have no more sense than lo he janarchists, and any skillful mcchaViic could rig up an auto matic airplane, capable of drop ping firo, poisons and explosives on an enemy area. I i Wars are no longer fights be iwecn armies. They arc contests hot weun • pcojiles. .\owadaya \the liatiic is not lo Ihe strong, -but r ;i <hor to llie ingenious. • It is tjultc likely tlTut ill the next war—if tlicre- is a ne.\t wiar—Uiu|decisive factor will he- neither cavalry, in- r./nlry nor^itiljcry, and 'it iH quite poswilile th .at it wAl ..he s'liiiething r.'il yi'l UuitiUt in military acadcm or ili .seiiHsed In peacd •<'.)Cloti(^H: 1! may tie somi.'lhing as un^-xpeclcd ^jis were cavalry to the Azt'.cs or iiii'isk;tM lo tli(? Indians. Against siieli knowledge \nellhe'r military prfparedness nor peace, treaty can •jirolect in advance. i •Tlie -same qualities that made u ,-ialioii Siiecesijful in iniliiBtry and < oniii '.eree will give it tljc advan l .ii ;e in war: Jn estiu'ating hellig (Tint a.S|SeLs, horse-power of i euiiniry counts-far more than the . tian power. ThC Jiii st cffoet'vn lighting force of a nation may :i3 cumpoHod'of men deficient in cour- • axe and'defit 'Ctive in physique. .'*• IModern warfare, like; modorn inauiifacture, niignt ithercfon; !;erye as a sort' of intelligence test »•• Uvf .en p^oplcii .were it not for tlie fad that nations, like students, tlicat in examinations.' They loan iiuir mjnrts out a.s I'lcy loan out t'leir nipnoy. The Ite'-lskins of America, who -1)clongc^ culturally to -the Sldnc A,sc. weri often armed with : lictter rifles, than o'ur soj- ' dier.s. .and the lliffiuns use artillery and airplanes that they could .never invent. -Now;idays fighting is carried on - - will! chem-cal; formulas and the 1 nation, that invents the best one heai.s. That Germany was ab?u to hold out so; long against encircling eie'inies was due less to Hiivden- hnrg than to Habor,.,who discover- td how to extrai't nitrogen for cx- I'josites from the air that blew ov- i !r the blockade. ; War has iieeri virtually a brswch of applied chemistry ever since the forging, of the firs.t ;steel sword ft run the ore. The question now .p'-nding is, therefore, not the elimination of dheraical warfare but'Its •Jitiitation to the older and less effective ror:;is. . ^ ' ' ; The Wh.uhington Conference on t.-iu'talion of Armament ruled out t :r> 'U)xic'^ornis ,of chemical war- f;i!e, \nit hot the explosive forms. ]:vi -.rt the conipjiratively mild lach- ' rymaii)ry and s^tijrnutatory gas can i:i>t he employed against a foreign , f,;o. Hut our police use mem against our own citizens when riot- ou.s, andour banl;. castiicrs find • T! cm handy against bu.^^lars; We may use chemicals \odra.w blood froui'our enemies bii't not to draw tears:- j ' V V IK^THE JDAr? JfEWSL • .Bi^cip'bbarTes M. Bcck\i^tli,. ht Alabama, who jrettcbes the age 6t seventy-five years today, fs oiie of ihe oldesi of the^ Protestant Episcopal bishops still .in active service. He Is a.,Soutltemer liy birth andf edncation iuid •his; entire career has b^n (i ^sed in th^ South; Virginia is his native. .State 4nd ibe UniViersVtyj .of Georgia liis alma niatcr.\ After .completing his academic studies' he .went to iierkeiey Divinity Sbhool for his theological training.: Prom ;1874= to 1879 he was, a teacher in ' the University of the South.: Her was ordained in tlie Protestant Bpisco- pal Church in 1882 i and for sonie time) was assistant i rector, of sL l..uke 'H Cathedral in Atlanta. In lSt(6 he w ^s trabBjTcrred to Texas and was rector of churches in Galveston and Houston until, bis election as bishop of Alabama in 1902. BYWJELIAMS One of the unexpected 'things accomplished by tl^e general strike in England has been to-consolidate the. Conservative party, to disrupt the! Llbei-als and to shoot the Labor pa^ty, into little pieces. In the^iberil party Lord Oxford and Lloyd George took different views of the strike' With the result that they'no linger speak as they pass by but qrb conducting a long distance correspondence so acrimonious thai it apparently removes any; j^ossibilily of future co-operation between these two leadJers. In the labor party Kamsay McDonald took the ground that the general strike was not in any sense revolutionary or unconstitutional while the more radical leaders declared that it was just those two things and was meanti to be a cliallenge to the government; So Stanley Baldwin, "Premier by grace ot a Conser\'ative victory, is sitting very easy these summer day^ Referendums on Nullification," is the which the Topeka Capital sums up the demand of the Wets thdf: the people 'be allowed to vote on retaihing, repealing o'r modifying- the Eighteenth Amend- meni. And that hits It • off i pretty well. Nothing could be accomplished by these propospd referendums in a practical way, as the men who advocate them very well know. If the vote in any given 3tatc should be unanimous against prohibition it would not repeal the amendment ior modify the law. The only tiling |tlmt can come of siich u campaign! would be the encouragement of those who wisli to violate the law, and correspondingly greater,-difficulty on the part of the govprpment in oh forcing It. At last itiic United States Is to rise into the rank of civilljs.ed na- t^s in respect to a matter-concerning which it- has.-long been in a class with Uahomey and Tlmiiuc- too. Congress has appropriated 10 million' dollars which is to be ex- jicnded in building consulates and mhassiils abroad. The United States already owns embassies in London and Paris, (the London House Jiaving been given to the country by J. P. Morgan).; Bu£ in air other Capitols its diplcmiatic representatives have been obliged to rent quarters as if their coun-' try were too poor to afford to own its own home. It is certainly grat- After all the ^ountry ought not .to be too hard pn Congress because it 'has failbd' to enact a bill for.the relief of| agriculture. The reason is ;that Cbngress does not knoW; what kind of a bill will relieve agriculture'. That is' one trouble. Another trouble is that nobody else knows what kind of a bill will relieve agriculture. In point of fact the lovely rains which have fallen all over this section of Kansas d'tiring the past week have 'relieved agriculture more than all; the measnrj ^Bs of' legislation Congress could^ enact if it should remain In session the rest of the year.' ^ ' In accordance v.ith precedent i»ip Memorial Day address at Arlington National' Cemetery ^.-as made by the President. Thronph his orutioii PresiOent Coolidge htrcsKcd the thought that the American forces arc distinctly the forces of peace and the ways pf the American people arc ways ot peace, and urged that they continue such 'service through niuin- tuining a" public opinion devoted to pence and assisting in the settlement of iDteriiatlonal difficulties through the-^Vorld Court and the reduction of armaments. - Little Benny's Note Book • (By Lee Papa) ifying to know to be changed. that this is soon I Ft. "Scott TrlbuneV Law; makes criminals, we are told. Thirty-f'.ve years ago the secretary of the old Fort Scott board of trade wrot». a communication to the Tribune, )iolding that prohilktion makes perjurers. That statement was ac-. copied by many in that day. . It wasn't the .pcrju^ that was wrong -It wasHho/law. Just repeal the law and th« perjurer would be sin liciicst man.'" Uepeul the laW against murder' and there will bu 0. murderers. It's the law that nakes murderers, not the wicked killing of people. What a short distance' a lot of n& have gotten cn morat issues! The Register had a greatly enjoyed visit this morning from Mr. J. W. Baxley, one of the Allen county Old Timers who ^as been in California for the past 16 years, but' who is here. this, week for a visit with his brother, Samuel Baxley, Ills .son, John Baxley, and -other relatives and friends. ;From here he will go!to various points in the East jand then down, to the old family seat In Virginia before- returning home. Although having passed his 75th birthday .Mr. Baxley looks and^feels liale" and hearty. His old Allen-; county friends are always glad to; see him. A first class ocean steamer re- cjiuires the services of about 120 firemen. This morning I woke up and the sun was shining in and it felt so mutch like summer it felt like vacation, me tliinking. Aw gosh, do I haff to go to skool today, aw G- Wich jest then ma called up, Benny, do you realize wat time it is? , • Me thinlnng, G, I wish I had a little fever; And' I put my hand on my forhed to see if I could feel eny, wich 1 coiiIdent,.and then r rubbed .my forhed hard and tried it agen and it felt a litllu likp a fever, and pritty soon ma called Hj), Benny, are you up yet? No mam, I think I got a little fever, I sed. , Wat? The ideer, nia sed. And she ran up and started to feel my forhed, and pop ran up saying. Wats all tills about .a fever, how could a fever get In this house now that the screens arc-in? It feels something like the mecz- le« coming' out, I" sod. 1 thawt 1 felt a sisjjicion ot something but now I dont feel a thing, ma sed, still litilding my for­ hed. and "p'op started to hold lt,_ saying, I wondei; if you have eny' of the other simptoms ot ineezles? I dont know, I mite, I sed. Well'hbw aliont your scalp, do •you feel a sort of itching bet^vecn the hairs, .he sed. . Kind of, I sed. Well how about your elbows, do they kind of hern? pop sed. Sort of, I sed. And is their a funny feeling behind your kneez, pop sc -d. There niito bo, I sed, antf pop sed. And there niite be a stillfim- nier one some other place if your not up out of that and all through your brckfist in 15 minnits. Wich I was. STO>Y I'OIXT. (Leila .McFarlaniL) Mr. T. M. Anderson of Walters, Oklahoma, took tlinncr Monday with his sister-ill-law, .Mrs. Will CJott. Mr. Willie WjUker and family of Kansas City, Mo., spent from Saturday until Monday-visiting at Mr. Walker's cousin's, Mr. J. W. McFarland. Mr. Roy Moore and family of Parsons visited... at Mrs. Si D. Brahdenburg's from Saturday 'until Tuesday. • ; Mr. and Mrs. Eari Snider and Mr. and MIs.' Steward were camping on ihe Marmatoh Saturday night. Mr. Rumble and faniiljj^ of Parsons; Mr. and .Mrs. Henry (tlott of Lawrence Kansas and^lII•. Oott and family spent Sunday at Will Gott'fi aiid helped -Mr. Will fiott and son, Asa, celebrate their Iiirtlidavs. Willie Walker and family of Kansas City and Austin McKarlaiid and [family took dinner ;Tt .Mr. .MeFur- I land's Sunday. 1926. 1^ KORAN NEWS KtUES / jSOLEMIflZED TSATORDiT. 3rc)norial jDay' QJjSerred Monday, ; JVany Drlvbigr Lontr Distances To Decorate Graves. A new (ieket iiiaehine used' by the IJiidergrotiiid Railways of Jxm- don will iirint. nuinl)er. date and deliver at the rate of five per second. Ireland was originally called Hihernia a name said to be derived', from a Phoonlel.nn word meaning "furthest habitation." Skinny Men Glad —Doctors and go (!il plinrmiiPlKts know tliat Cod Liver Oil is fullof vitaiiiiiies tisal umke flesh, create appetite, builds'up the power to resist and puts good solid flesh on skinny men and women. But it's horrible tasting stuff and every day fewer people are taking it, for doctors are prescribing aiid people are fast learning that they can get beltt-r resijlts with McCoy's Cod Liver Gil Conipo'und Tablets.- which The Evans Store and druggists all over the country are having a tremendous demaud for. ; One woman gained 10 pounds in^ 22 days and if any skinnyniaii or woman can't put on ])ounds in ."SO; days, your druggist is authorize.! 'o-' rotund the purcliase price. He sure and get .McCoy's, the" original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Compound Tablets—CO tahiots—CO cents. . V The United States Senate protests its eagerness for an early adjournment and yet for two weeks has been, debating a bill to provide refuges for migratory birds,— measure which the kansas Legislature would have disposed of In half a day at longest. For ^the greatest leglslatlvd^ |)ody In the w orld the United ^ States Senate sometimes .does, qiieer things. Roajd Amnndsei ed his dirigible y( bergen to Alaska ing over the Nort< having surviv- age froiii Spitz- resumably pass- Pole, is now We perceive by a ' newspaper headline that "Borah j is to carry a na private war" tor, prohibitipn. Tlie man who wrote; that headline knows Borah. All of his wars are privat ,B wars." ' WTieiever they become public and otjiers get Ilnto tliem he loses interest in them. telling the stoiy for a syndicate of newspapers. And in order that the story may not bci too short for the price paid he starts, the tale back in 1908. ' •' . The A. T ; & Sante Pe Railroad has just placed a4 order 'with the Baldwin Locomotive Works for twenty-flvB locomotives that will cost about two tnillion doUars. The Santa'^e evidently" 'expects tie country to keep on doing business. „ TONIGpT and FRIDAY cAtenJou He As- sophisticated as "A Woman of Paris." As down to earth ;ahd packed with gags as "A Regular IFellow." Menjou in his own perfect'se}f in it. Florence Vidor, in breathtaking Parisien gowns" and a new boyish bob, is amazingly beautiful. A polished ' love comedy. Smooth and snappy! -~ Swift and Smart! .LiLxurious and Laugh-packed! Matinee 1. lOc-SOc Jflght lOc-TOc ADDED: "BUSTER'S NOSE DIVE" — Comedy. FOX NEWS. . 1 , MORAN,; June 1.—We could not imagine that one week ago with our dire need for .ralh. tliat in so short /a. time, we would fiad ourselves wishing for clear skies and dry w'eathcr. But after all its just Kansas playing- true to form.. The family and' friends' of Mrs. Fred Brown; who has been at St. Johns hospital for treatment since last Thursday, are delighted to know she has Improved greatly, and all are'. hopeful her condition \>;II1 continue so' satisfacto'rily.- Jliss Merle Caldwell and .her ilicce. Lois McCormack, went to Lawrence Tuesday for. a visit with their sister and aunt. Mrs. Nelson LeSetir and , family, and to a-ssist ifi the care of the LeSuei; children who are suffering from whooping cough. • The wedding Saturday morning at Ottawa of Jlrs. Anna Fiickinger and .Mr. P. Roade was learned here with keen interest by many warm friends as both are well known here. The home will be made In Kimball" where the groom is general agent for the M. K. T., and where the.good wishes of many friends wiil be- received. E. N. McCormack was a business visitor in lola Tuesday. - -Monday was observed here, as Decoration Day and our beautifnl; cemetery was a bed of berfutiful' flowers when the day was .done. Many drove long distances to pay this annual tribute not only to the old soldiers but to all. Dr. Jewell, who has been 'quite ill for the past few weelM, reriiains in about the same condition. f The Kackl-j Klub enjoyed an all day meeting last Wednesday at the home of .Mrs. Harlan Taylor in Io!a.' .\ sumptuous -dinner was served at the noon hour and a de- li.shtful social afternoon followed. .Miss Grace,Shively of Toronto was- among the guests. Miss Lois Rogers, .who is a student at the Teachers' College at Pittslmrg visited her sister, Mrs. Templeman and family thie last of tie week,'^ ' ' The .'"ffniing J.Workers- of- the Ihresbyterlatt church will hold their regular meeting Thursday -with Mrs. Shetlar.. White Curtains. Home ; decorators now seem agreed th^t only th& small quaint colonial hOuse with braided rugs and- painted furniture, can stand ruffled, white curtains, aid thiy |.frown at any kind of white ones for average homes. They are breaking away from~ the old idea that curtains are protection from the curious without, and must completely cover the window. A modem tendency is to batf tlie glass under-ciirtain's and have^but side- drapes .of gay hiied gaujje- which permit the room to be flooded with sunlight. wis mm Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Its so easy to own one. Call at" bur shop and get particulars! , DEMPStY CYCLE CO. 118 East Jackson lOLA For Friday, Saturday and Monday ^ SI.00 Rayons, per yard -"890 SI.25 Crepes, per yard \ : ___i^^-_.8Sc 85c; Rayons,, per yard — 55c»3r .35c: Voiles, per yard r——. .—23c'^ 50c'Indian head, per yard _!—— 43c S5c ImperiarChambray, per yard c 29c Indies' Under-Arm Bags, values up lo S4.50 -51.89 Ladiek' Khaki Shirts, special -51.98, I^4ies' Khaki Knickers, Special _\^_._$1.98 Ladie^ Tweed Knickers, Special —il $2.98 6 25ci Turkish Towels, Special -iSl.OO, $1.25 Japanese Uiribrellas L — ——_...i_95c' 25c Gin.i^hams, per yard i:_^_l ___.--.L __^19c S1.25 12-m. Pongee,..per yard —i.- ____i_79c All Hats, values up to $8.75. Choice S4.75 50 good looking Trimmed Hats, Choice ___98c *20 Per Cent Discoiint on all Rsivori Dresses. See our New Silk Dresses at $6.98, $8.75, $10.75. i Knock Out Sal ^!I For'Fr^day and Saturday Only At The Star Clothing & Shoe Co. 4 Knock Out $ale A group of about 50 men's suits—for Friday and. Saturday at— $17.95 / Every suit is a high grade suit at far below usual selling price. Hard finished worsteds or soft cashmeres are included. If you care to. buy a GOOD suit at $17.95 conie,Friday or Saturday. ^ / 220 Weight,-High Back For- two days only, Friday and Saturday— these heavy, 220" weight overalls at 98c. All sizes 32to42; . • ^ ^ , Allen A Of Pure Thread Silk ' 89c The Famous Allen A Pure Japah Silk Hose on sale Friday and Saturday at 89c. Many colors. Sizes 8V2 to 10.

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