Cedar Falls Gazette from Cedar Falls, Iowa on November 26, 1869 · Page 3
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Cedar Falls Gazette from Cedar Falls, Iowa · Page 3

Cedar Falls, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1869
Page 3
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GAZETTE. Music Week In Cedar Fall*; Tlio Convention n Oi-nnl FR1DAY, NOVEMBER 20, I8TO. Local Department. X . Sutwcitbera will nnderatmnd hereafter when, their paper if miked-with tnX tl '* t ^'^ ·ab*cnpcioiiliu expired. - PLEASING.--Plenty of duekt in town this week. CODBT.--The November terra of the Circuit court of this County, opens-next week. . YOTJ BET.--Cold weather and enow but the sleighing will not do to bet on. We want more Northern Io\va has been settling very fast during the past year. It is bound to be full of people directly. LUCKY.--There is a goose in Fairfield that gets drunk. Fortunate town, to have only one goote to get drunk. THE LAW.--On first page of today's GAZETTE will be found the law in .reference to the election of United States Senator. LOOK OCT.--Only a month till the holidays. We know it, by the piles of goods being brought to Cedar Falls for the occasion. BUSINESS CHANGE.- D. B. Lowe lias sold bia Interest in the livery, feed.and sale stable, on 3d Street, to hia partner, Frank \YaIIhce. CALL Ix.--We are always glad to have our country friends call on us, ·when in town. We want to get j quainted, and learn the news. READY.--Trains for the Pacific coast are waiting at the east end of Dale Kellogtr's show case, ·whole train can be chartered. REAJLLV.--The Vintonites are really going to have a Itailroad. The o!tl "tooter" Is only three or four miles distant. Look for a big time. Northern Iowa Astir. Grand Chorus .of 3OO Voice*. The Northern Iowa musical convention opened last Tuesday moru- ing with a large attendance, and has since increased in numbers, by every train, and in interest every hour. It is ia all respects a great success. In the musical line it is pronounced the best ever held iu_the State, and perhaps, in the north-west. The very sanguine, are quite surprised tt the attendance; and those who were unacquainted with the talent,of Iowa scarcely credit the fact, as shown by the singers in attendance, that these broad prairies can produce so much musical taste and culture. In looks it is one of the finest assemblies tha we have ever been,permitted to witness, particularly is this true ; of th ladies. This fact, we doubt not, -wil be readily assented to by every young bachelor in attendance. Prof. Hoot as conductor of.this fine body o musicians, is a perfect host in .him self. He throws that earnestnes. and.enthusiasm In hit* work, so es sentiaily ntcessary to his success and although the. convention is bu little more than half concluded, h has brought the chorus of voices uu der his charge, by that absolute com pleteuess of detail aud thorough uniou of execution, to a degree perfection approaching the bes trained orchestriis of years of con staii't practice and drill. He is thorough disciplinarian, aud Tails no in his efforts to bring out the'melod aud occasional spices of wit aim hu tnor. lie is aa.-sisted by Prof. Ma thews, of Chicugi).. Our citizen have responded nobly in the entei tninment of .singers from a distant EXPLOSION. -- A boy named Anderson was seriously, perhaps fatally, wounded nenr Peosta, by the ou of his gun "while loading it. The Reporter says the Independent District of Waterloo has voted to issue $5,000 additional bonds for school purpoaea, making $10,000 In all. fully sustaining the which Cedar Falls now hospitality to strangers. - TURKEYS.--At a reasonable estimate, there were something less than 10,000 turkeys dispatched In Cedar Falls, Thanksgiving day. The spared are roosting high for Christmas. PERFECTLY' NATURAL.--The ic- ·Ide of our (?) depot. Ladies' room on the east sUio of the stove. Persons waiting for'traina, will please .keep their feet off the cushions! I good mini has for I The succes of the convention, is largely due I i,he generous f u l f i l l m e n t of this pu. of the programme. There are nea ly three huudred singers reported u to the hour of writing (Thursdaj nnd more are yet expected to come it Tliu closing concert, Friday evei ing, is already attracting great inte eat. It will undoubtedly be one the grandest musical iroductioi ever listened to in the West. It not our purpose to review the evei day .routine which the prefatory "dr. ling" renders inevitable. We ha atthow Rowen, G. Rowen, yrus Clark. · ' ; . iss F.'IJarweh, " M. Rowen, " Lucy Puttee, " L. Halleck, . R. Knoll, - - . ' 'iss Ll!bie Busted, . R. Keeler, nez C. Dickerson, liss Mary Crosby, tf re. T, Saulsbery, " Dr. Adauo's, " Everts, . C. Kinuey, . B. Day, . S. Needham, Mrs. J. S. Keedham, Miss Emma Stacy, .mos Ad urns, id. Adams, do do Irs. G. L. Mills, do do liss AUie Smith, do do " Sarah Rownd, do do .Irs. E. Townsend, do do M. N. Jones, Fayette. Miss Hattie Linn, do Mary Knox, do Louisa Cottrdl, Hudson. D. W. Ford, Parkersburg. Irs. L. B. Leland, Nashua. G. H. Curtis, Irs. G. H. Curtisg, Miss S. L. Crosby, S. S. Clark, -liss Clark, Vm. H. Jay, 3. C. Dougherty, Miss Douglurty, Dougherty, Mrs. S. H. Ware, Miss Annie Strong, ". Addie Downing, Mr. Mrs. Willis, C. N. Wyant, S. K. Wyant, Mrs. M. A. Manter, B. F. Bean, Miss W. Shepard. ' Alice Smith. Mrs. W. H. Jordan, A. S. Cole, It W. Evans, M. A. Gilbert, Susa Sims, Kov. Mr. Kerr, .C. Spicer, Mrs. C. Spicer, " E. Billing, " N. T. Manly, " C. Curliart, Miss Ella Witnplo, C. S poo ner, H. G. King, Miss Carrie Maxwell, " Claru Slioritz. u Emma, (jlassncr, Mr. M Utley, Miss Mary Smith, . --We stated'ic our last issue that Mr: Winters raised all hist grain from 320ucres bushels of wheat from 320 acres; 1745 busheli o/ oata from' 36 acres'; 2300 buaiie's of -corn from! 66 acres; 90 bushels of rye from 5 aciea; 200 Tlio ro-v-Il on .a Scout. Ma. EDITOR :--Supposing that a of laud. We should have said 7,045i few lines from the"devil" would be interesting to your readers, if not to yourself", I am going to furnish them to you. Having taken the train at a city bushels of potatoes from 2 acres; cost i not far from Cedar Falls, I soon of raising the potatoes should bavo! otind myself in the flourishing town Waverly. do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Cuba, N. Y. Charles City. do Monlicello. been $21 per acre. Mr. W. figured his corn at 25 cts., now worth 35 ; potatoes 25, now worth 40; oats 25, now worth 35. This would give a better showing than the figures in our last. Some persons deem it injudicious to publish tbc facts as shown in figures given by Mr. Winters, but the producers of this rich valley are as certain to make money as day is to "follow night if they will post themselves and go at it in the right manner. Better have the figures every .ime than to blindly run ourselves »i to the ground, as the saying goes. Misery may love company, but there s no occasion for misery in this por- ioii of Iowa. A farmer in Brenier county stated, a short time since, hat within the past year he made one hundred per cent, on stock be lad purchased. This, of course, is in usual. Twenty per cent, would have paid well. When pork sells at $0 to $10 per hundred farmers have no business selling corn at the present rates. Let us have more figures gentle men. Farmers need posting. Farm ing,; in its broadest sense is not learned in a day or in a year. So variei and intricate is the knowledge re fjuitite to make n good farmer tha but very few of our so called farmers deserve, the honor of the name. -How many farmers will k n o w , whet they plaut their next crop, whicl netted them the most in the pas year, the wheat, corn, oats or stock Not one out of ten ! Now gentlemen, we mean not word of disrespect. We simply desire to stimulate and encourage Intelligent farming. Porityouiselves, not by means of books and papers particularly, but by fact= and figures of your own making. One day's ligur- The President of oldest Life Insurance Couipa-uy r in New York is iu- sured in;the Washington Life. feJtwe Oowttt. All persons k n o w i n g themselves Indebted to Win. Ireland Co., arc- WANTKD.-AyUngm.rn of good I «-«l««ted to call and settle their ac(counts before tho first of December. Just Received, at Uuzletl's, a fine j '«· of Chinchilla im.i Beaver Cloak- i '"K*. Trimmings, and-Buttons, which "'"' bo sti1 *·*- fedueed prices. personal appearance, but 24 years of Rgf-, and fair prospects in life, is de- sirious of. opening a correspondence with a young lady.' Object matrimony. Address H. M. W., Cedar FA!Is. Iowa. For the finest .and best hats never pass Berry's. Fancy Groceries at Chase Burr's. Vitreous Stoue Fruit Jarv, tlie only stone ones that arc eafe. Call und sec. Fore si!c only by G. Crosby . Gregg have a full line of Wall Paper, varying in price from 10 toSflcts per roll; Blank Books, Memorandums, tc., at priced to suit the times. Hazlett has received from Boston. f Parkersburg, aud upon looking round I was surprised to see the upid improvement that has been gong forward since I visited this place jefore. On every side can bo -teen new residences and business houses, ind tho many other improvements ucident to a thriving town. T. TJ. French, your enterprising ownsman, has nearly completed a ine two-story building on First itrtet, to be occupied by him as an agricultural impliment warehouse. Lt adds much to the .appearance of this place. W. J. Perkins, formerly of your city, has under the course of erection a fine two-story store building to be occupied as a dry goods or grocery store. J. C. Alien fc Co. have nearly completed their new store building, and will soon move their stock of drugs and medicines into it. It. will make them a much better room thnn they now occupy.-Jas. Hilton has in couse of erection a large building to be occupied by h i m - *« rmw »' Daughters , _ . . . r t « i l l .if T-Ti»f»IM 'o «-nl I self as a blacksmith shop, (jibbs Brothers have established a Bank here, and are doing a large banking buainesa. Tbia supplies a want long felt by the people of Parkersburg and surrounding country, iriillnce Ivemiiierur hnvo opened n Ment- murket, aud J. J, Muralfe a Tailor ·Shop. Tho enterprising people of P.irkersburg can now get meat ami raiment at greatly reduced prices.-I am pleased to loarn that they are both doing a good business. ' J. H Patterson has lately received his new stock of dry goods, and is No favors shown. All Indebtedness must be settled u p immediately, no matter of what kiud or character, j If not Fettled by th* time above named, your accounts will be left with tlio Justice for collection. WM. IRELAND Co. E3T For first class insurance, go to C- C. Knnpp, ngent of Phoenix, of Jurtford.Conn. 1-y The only chance for nice Quinces Choice Stock of Teas and i j s n o W( a t »jhase Burr's. People who find it difficult to psy for their children's school books, will find ready cxchange.of books for paper rugs at IFise Bryant's. Don't Look in the lower right hand corner of this page. Black Crook Candy,2 at Chase Burr's. Shawls, of every description, nt Wilson Brort.' or No. 1 insurance, go to C. Knapp, agent for North America, General Directory, 1XAILROAD TIKE TJLBLB. ILUXOIXKXTRAL-- lOWi DIVif.Ol. ·oixo wurr. MnUantt I of Philadelphia. 1-y Women's Plush Felt and Lamb a beautiful lot of Cloaks, of the latest L , nea Ove , shoei flt G . H . Bcehmler stylesout. Ladies, call and see them. A large assortment of Rubbers »t G. H. Bcolunler , Son's. )hase.. Co.'a. Celebrated Cream Mallows, at Chase Burr's. Farmers, Farmers' Wives and are invited to call at Hazlett's and buy some of the great bivrgai ns in Mcrinocs, Empress Cloths, Alpacas, Prints, Flannels, Shawls, e. Parkersburgh, ing in the winter may be w o r t h a whole mouth's work in the spring. do do do do do do DEBTS CKOWDIMI.--We nro sorry to learn that sonic of the farmers will very likely be crowded "or their indebtedness to such an extent us to 3Sw Hartford. I greatly c'liaburniss t h e m , and perhaps take from them their places. This is to be regretted, but in very many cases it can hardly be said tlo do do do Aldeu. do GOXB WRST.--S. ,V. Bird Esq., haa moved on to his homestead in Cherokee Co. He is ahanl-worklnjr, energetic you HE conn. May luwa ·oil yield him a bountiful reward. only to say that those who would be | .-, ' should not full to be present during a part, if. not all the sessions. A full report of"the convention will appear nest week. We givo below a Mat of those who have reported up to the hour of going to press : H. O. Hunt, Cedar Falls. ACCEPTED THE CALL.--Elder Starr, of Wisconsin, who-was given a call by the Baptist Society of this place, haa accepted, and will be with them about the 1st of next mouth. PERSONAL.--We neglected to acknowledge a pleasant call lost week, from Dr. H. H. Pillisbury, of Medford, Maine. He is one of the thousands looking over Iowa for a new boaie. K.--The Ladies Sociable for the M. E. Church, will be entertained by Mrs. Hrtagland, at her residence southeast of town, next Tuesday evening. An earnest invitation S* extended to «ll. Mrs. H. C. H u n t , Miss B. E. Woodward, -Mrs. J. E. Khodea, .dr. 1. H. B u n n, Miss J e n n i e Wheeler, diimuel Fry, ti. C. Cotton, A. L. Nicholsi, Mrs. G. W. Clark, Mr. G. W. Clark, ti. H. R o u n d s , Jr., J. A. MeKeyiioldM, RKPOUT--A full report nt the convention, with a complete lUt of those in -attendance, will appear next week. Those desiring extra copies w i l l oblige by leaving order at this office. TAX SALE.--The tax sale will bo re-opened at the County Treasurer's office, pursuant to adjournment, on Monday, Bee. Gth, Rt 10 o'clock, A. M., for the fiile of all real estate not tokl at the October sale, on which taxes arc delinquent. TifE FORUM.--The lirat meeting of this society, lately organized, w i l l bo held in Nixcum rouse's Hall. Nov, thirty-third. The debate will be participated in by ladies and gentlemen. Glad to know that the suggestions of our correspondent, "Enter- ui-lHe," were so prompt!v acted upon. Selah I fj. Additigton, ilrri. L i t u h n e l d , " Dr. Pieico, George MarkUy, H. C. Ovcrnittt?, Edward Overman, F. It. Sawyer, Miss Flora. O v e r m a n , " Cora jiaubnrii, C. H. Mullarkey, Mrs. Kellogg Mr. Mootford, Mra. W. W. Wallace, " F. A HotuhkiHS, Miss Hose Murrisou, " Amelia.' Morrison, " Samh Hodges, G. B. Yuri Saun, Miss Alice Ross, Mr*. G. W. M u l l e n . Miss B. C u n n i n g h a m , M r s . F. 2f. Chase, ?. N. Ohiise, Mrs. El ins O v e r m a n , Miss Cornell, A COLD WiNTim.--The observa- ""· tions of trappers and h u n t e r s in the .Northwest are to the effect that the beaver, otter, and other sagacious animals, are d o u b l e - l i n i n g t h e i r homes, w h i c h is held as an indication Of a »overe winter. The trappers place a Jirm reliance in the signs afforded Jy the furry tribe, and provide for ·themselves accordingly. MARRIED.--On Sunday Nov. 2Ist ty Kev. Mr. N u l i n , Mr. Charles Loose, and Miss Pauline Nurnborg All of Cedar Falls. Charles is one of the best German boya " w h a t e v e r crossed the seu."-- He very wisely concluded that i W o u l d n ' t pay to hang a r o u n d Loose ·such cold w i n t e r nights. Sensible May the bride not become an e n t i r Zooscr w i t h o u t ".some small gains." PUBLIC Ilr.HK\nsAL.--The p u b l i c rehearsal of the convention last even i n g went ahead of a n y t h i n g , ifi the jnustienl line, ever held in this part of the country. The several parts were rendered w i t h ijreat power and oflect. The violin playing by Mrs. Stuart wus received w i t h t h u n d e r s of ap- plausu. The chorus singing was perfectly grand. To - n i g h t w i l l be the closing concert. Secure your seats early. do uo dj do do do do do do do do do do Jo do do do -do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Mary Leonard, Iowa Falls. do Cedar Fulls. do do Newbtsrgh. A p l i n g l o u . do do do Bockford. Mrs. H. C. Hemenway, do Miss E. F. Chumberliii, do J. F- Whitney, d-o Mrs. D. T. Clioat, K. X. White, J. S. White, C. E. Rowley, Mrs. C. E. Rowley, Miss Me Hugh, Mrs. Goodell, Miss Weeks, 1 EmmaDeily, 1 M. E. Cotton, · B. Heath, G. H. Hoyl, do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do d-o do do do Fairbanks. Litlletiin. Independance. da Waterloo. (lo do Laporte City, do do do do Mrs. C. A. Wise, Misa J. Parmelle, H. A . F r e t K i l i , S. L. ICemmerer, Mrs. S. Li. Kemiuerer, Miss Smith, Mrs. C. S. Prince, Mrs. J. 8. Cliiids, J. S. ChiUls, do Mi?s Belle Jones, · do " E m m u M u E w c n . do '· Grace Davidson, Charles City. '· Kerr, Cedar Falls. " M. A. Barnard, do do " li. BiiiTick, Juncttville. Mis. Clevvel, do W i l l i e ClcMvel, do Miss A. Arnold, Iowa Falls. " Delia-Wiuslow, Cedar Ftill». " Florence Axlull, Jane^vtllt. Mrs. Alice Blair, A r l i n g t o n . " J. R. Cnineron, Cedar Falls. " W. B. Hiimill, do do Misa Flora Oreutt, do do Mrs. H. Burron, Waverly, " II. Moorehousn, Janesville. MifiH Milita Moon, Waterloo. ·" Mary Faneher, 'do' ·' -Acrmmln Hull, do " Carrie Ordway, do Mrs. .lamoa Juckson, do " J. R. HuckitiH, do "' Buri:ham, do Mr. Burn hum, do M. L. Corkendall, Strawberry PL J. H. Armstrong, New Hartford. Miss MattieBoice, Fayi-tto. Miss C. S. Palinenter, O'eiiur Falls. Miss Etta Cooper, do do · Ada Spaulding, do ' Lizzia K u m i t i , do G. L. Mills kccpi* the liael Fruit Jar Cement. That, is so, That Miller, Wilson Co., Are soiling so low, That tile people should all go There for bargains you know. Son's. Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Pine nnd Coal Tar, best quality and Lowest Prices, at Crosby it- Gregg's. French Call, French Cream and P l u m b Pudding Candy, at Chase A Burr's. SHERWOOD'S AUTOMATIC WISE WASHER is the wonder of the age. It is selfacting aud dispenses entirely with labor and wear of clothes. It cleans clothes perfectly without rubbing. It saves time, labor, all wear of clothes and docs not full flannels Having been thoroughly tried it is pronounced n perfect success. B.\ this machine a boiler fulJ of olotho!- niny be cleaned in thirty minutes. Thompson Co., Cedar FalK Iowa, are tho Agonts. 3S Ladies' ar-.d Gents' underwenr, nil kinds, at Wilson Bros'. that sympathy is due thohe who suffer in thi.s way.. W h e n u mini will have three seta of notca out ut the same time, for as many .dilleruul reapers, which id Uiu case w i t h smut of the fanners, the duy of reckoning iijuy as well come with then first us Inst. II' collection should bo fo'rcod on the notes now out for machinery In this section it .would bankrupt the country. Every man can buy three or a dozen reapers if he wants to, but if every farmer who sows 23 acres of grain must buy n reaper, he w i l l hiivo the happy privilege of being in debt, for the next ton years.-Ten times better raise corn, or sow no more than lie can cut with a cradle. Mr, T. V. Axrel, one of the best farmers in Rremer county, tells us that he can cut grain with cradli-s numerous customers at very low prices. C. F. Zugenbuehler has list received a new invoice of hardware, and is bound to dispose of it at reduced prices. Purkersburg is fast becoming noted for being n good grain market, mid B. F. n'hiteand IChitaku-r A Co, are pnying ns high prices fur w l i - n t an at any point on the wejcern portion of the I. (!. Railroad. A. E. Sargeant, one of tiic.orlginal proprietors of this place, i n f o r m s me that town lots are selling rapidly, and the pros;icftt is thc.i ti:cr» will be'a large a m o u n t of bi-".iing hero the coming reason, and such . resvlly · All k i n d s of produce have fallen ii price. Now, to keep puce with the downward tendency of the JTarkets, Hazlett has reduced the price of all kinds of Dry Goods to meet the views of farmers. The largest and best assortment of black alpacas RE Wilson Bros*. Any one purchasing twenty dollars' worth of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, or Hats and Caps, from Theodore Hr.zlett, and bringing this advertisement with them, it will be received for one dollar. 25 Grades of Black Alpacas, con sisting in part of the j-«su Dobnnuo ........... . . Vrrlvu at C«W Fall ....... l:«k I*. M. *:4) A. Jt. \rrivo »l Fort Dod K o ..... S:10I'.M.| *)A.M. COINO JUST. ^avePort Poflo ....... -i:tOA.M. ! ·):»! P. V. wr. Ccftr Fall* ........ lOrSO A. M. 1U:!W P. *. \rrlvo wDuUutiuc, ....... 4iOul". M. I 4:1* A.M. goc« Wc»t S»tnrd»j nlelxt, uA nigbt. ooiMvi xonm. i.«M« CertrFalU ....... ftin P. M. j S:JO A. K. \niv«itCliarlc«Clty,..,. 6:15 P.M.] 6:S5A.3I. nOISG HOtTIT. .eav- CbsrlcsCilv. ....... 7:00 A M. I 7:00 P. M. 'rrivo at SSar F.^il., , . . ..10-,-JO A. M. 1 10:30 P, St- S. A. JO5SELVN, SuUon Aeent. CEDAR ·Bu*wn ran co and from D. J: 8, C, »ul"C«Jjir ;·-»)!-* Hlnn. R. H. Depot*, in coimccUoB wlih ,11 tmiiw. A!^o 'Buet«« fnrnl«hcfl tiu all occ«»liB« A . h * d«U»a. 0«« tt ft. ^rUonj^^ CE»AI» FALLS POST OFl'ICE. MAIL* AR*mt, East and North .^l.'.'tV-r · % rotn thi ·rom \viiloujjtilJy. every "Friday. XMU CLOS2. 'or t!i« Kant and North . »:00 P. M. JOrMOA. M. . 8:00 P.M. Lovers ofr. No. 1 cigar nrcrequested to call on Geo. Eberhart, s\t the News Depot. He has the article and no mistake. SAFFKON WANTED by DAIJJ KICI.LOQCI. A NUT TO CRACK,--Choice Ohio Hickory Nuts, for sale by Chase , Burr. Those plain and plaid gold mixed Waterproof, at Wilson Brou.' are beautiful, serviceable and cheap. For Arctic and Alaska "Overshoes, KO lo G. H. Bushniter Son's. Buruham's Perfumed Violet I n k , Fine Envelopes, niid Beautiful l u N tial Stationery, at Crosby Gregg's. LATEST--Styles of CloakingB and Shawls, Fine Assortment, at Miller, Wilson Co.'s. the Money, at Miller, Wilson Co.'a. . .»:M A. «. M0 P. M. ou "it M»U fc,; nlibiinHo «A EMi.V:.8:OnP. M. ..iunghby every Saturu»y» 9 A. M. Otncubonn (except Sixiidayt) from 7 A. K. UU o'fflc'copen on Sunday from W o'clock M. till P M So Mnlli- nrriva or depart on Sjimtliiy, except th« Ivigt- Hon. Jumcii Biirt. D\*i Atfv--Tt- SI- TrumbtUl. H/itr\ff-- W. F. Brown. 3erk-- Q. A. Ehcrlmrt. Kasl 3e»alon llonflny. September JOik, ll*». CIHCUIT COUBT. Jad/p--Hon. S. BagR. Next. So»slon Monday, Oclot«r 4th, 19«t. COUNTY OFFtCKn.». Ibunty Auditor--D. A\ T , Fpota. Ununtu Clerk--O. A. Ebcrhnrt. County Traamr«r-- R, A. Wliltakor. taunty Jtccarttr-3«t. \V. McClun. Sheriff--W. K. Brovni. ttowtly Surnejior^-E. A. Snj-rter. l^'roner--O. SV. Dlcklunon. seems to bo the case. More anon. DEVIL. Go to Haxlett's for Cheap Goods. New Goods, for Fall and Winter, Just Received. Some bargains C.iu lie had at Uazlett's. Tojioliei-w Institute. The Blackluiwk county Teacher's I n s t i t u t e met zit Union H u l l , U r iUer liiOi-on Monday. November 22il, at 1 o'clock, P. T'T. and w.is called to order by S u p e r i n t e n d e n t Qnokina, who acted as temporary chairmnti. Prof. Joseph Jones waa elected temporary oecretary. Iiteswra. Cotton, Hall, Jlrs. ffhitc- housc, and Miaa F. B u n bury were appointed a committee to enroll memberB. Voted that acommittse of seven be appointed ly t h o chuir ou permanent oniiini/utioii. Appointed as follows ; Prof. Thonie, It. H. Hall. Mr. IKorchcstter If you -want the fine»t action brnce for ladiect ir guutlemen, tho only place you can iliul them in town, ia at Berry's. 2,000 pounds A No. 1 Candies, just received by Chase Burr. --Tn search of a n y t h i n g in the l i n e of Hosiery, Gloves, Trimmings and Notions of all kinds, please cull on Miller, Wilson Co. Ladies, call at Hazlett's Cheap St«ru and look at the beautiful C h i n - r h i l l a anil Black Beaver Cloth Cloaks. ·WTElOr,ESAm FLOUU. n«rbbl MIDDLINGS, pur tou SHOUTS, per ton BRAX iicr ton WDOL.iiortb fntort-- P. O. Klock'. Knfl Waterloo- D. K- Champlln. n'litertoo-- I.. A. Culil). t^tmer -- I. T. Convln. Lrftar Fblls-$. TI. Uownfl, 1. 1. GtUc»r. lllii Vsetk-- JeB»e \Vnmou. Letlir-- cma». Roblotoa. i'tiiar-- C. Oloso. ll'rtsAlwflfon-- Alonzn orrl«. Ittnitlnyton-- 11. V. ttumer. Lincoln-- G. W. numphiTj*. rf'-- .T. .Tnc!;»on. 1.1 00 10 on o oo OYSTRUS! OYSTITKS !--Those celebrated Fresh Oyaterij. formerly wold by F. N. Chase, are now received daily find sold by Chase Iii;rr, lit t h e Fruit Bazaar. Fresh Hops and Sage nb Hlsc Bryant's Dru^ Store. SAFFRON W A N T K D by DALE: KKLLORO. AI.ASKA.--The best thine In Candy is the Alaska. Crystalized Rock Can~ dy--it is puro--for sale by Chase Burr. OL.ii K.\T . p .................... IlAItl.EY. nor bu ................ O\Tsl,pcrl»u ................... SALT. i)i!rlbl .................. roTATOBS. pur bu ............. ON". O\S, p?r bu ................ KllfiS. pijrrtoz....' ............. IHITTEU. iier ffi ................ L A K D . w r f c . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TALLOW, pcrTb ................ CUUS'IS. p e r m ................ PUULTHY ....................... 1IOOS. TKRSS1!1. pur cwt ...... UiXMS-perlb .................... SIKli'LUr.US, per III ............ BACON, per B) ................. . . Ragle-- Unman Molt. Oranyc-- L. B. Slieonrrt. ];arclmt--1. T. Alihntt. flack llnn'k-- Byron Sirrrr*n». Ml. Vnrnon-- A. T. Wat».tor.' H'-ciilsrSe'-Hlonf o r t h e llonrd-- rir«l Mond«j« Jtnuary, June and September. CITY OFFICEKS. V.ivor-- Dr. T 1 . A. BTITANT. Altlermen. \'t ll'ard-- C. B. Stllion. Fouik Aldr.rnun id Ward-- J. M. Benjamin, II. O. ^Al'tormtn, 3rJ ItVu-cf-- T. N. Kt-llosg, 1. L. w i t h less expense than with reaper?. Prof. Jones, Mrs. irhitehousc, MisB. Misa L. Vauderveer, Earlville. Hops,--Hop raiders are Acting excited, and are ngnin preparing to go crnzy on hops. Nt-w hopH *re now bringing about 25 cents per pound, in Wisconsin, nud it ia prc- " Taylor, " Ctitren, P. B.iteH, G. H. Bo wen, A. M. Firman, G. H. Murphy, Miss F r a n k l i n , W. G. Franklin, B. T. Davis, W. W. Engle, Misa M. C. Eugle, " Josy Smith. Mrs. F. R. Sawyer, «' JEliGreKS, A r t h u r Baker, Mins ^^^lry Iee, " Ella Meredith, J. B. Abbott, Mrs. J. B. Abbott, Mias Mary Sessions, " .Lizzie Overman, " Mary Clay, Daniel Brown, Miss Julir. Brown, H. B. Shaw, Miss 'lara Kent, '· Katy Stohl, " Flora Hodgtsa, J. H. Wyatt, W. O. B. Wetherby, Mrs. Wetherby, Mis» Alice Miller, do Manchester. Monteccllo. Sand-Spring. Qunsqueton. Sunnj' Side. Enterprise. Jesup. Jjiiport City. Waterloo. do do Cedar Falls. do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do lo do " Hattie McCruken, do Mr. H. Mosher, do Mrs. A. F. Brown, do 11 F. Wallace, do J. Kichle, do Mre. Farwelt, do Miss Mary McCracken, do Mrs. J. T. Knapp, do Miss Flom Hotchkias. do W. H. Hownd, H. S. Hover, Mrs. J. Swallow, S A. Josselyn, J. T. ICnapp, S. R. ShaukJand, W. H. Gross. G. L. Miils, Afrs. J. M-urris-OH, Her.ry Kobinson, J/ias Amelia Bonnell, W. F. Reynolds, f. L. Keeler, J. E. Kliodesj, W. H. Stickney, A. E. Tullock A. Morrison, IS. Wilson, Miss Victoria TFJiite, P. Benson, Mr. O. Barter, Mrs. G. Hurtcr, G. A. Gault, Mrs. T. Devoudorf, C. B. A Her., Miss T. Moon, A. H. Cheney, do do do do do dr co do do do do do Waterloo. Indepondence. do Cedar Fulls, do do do do do tlo do do We do not know as t» this, and would not h i n d e r the sale of ix sinylc miichine, but if every dollar our farmers gc-t must go to the purchase of machinery, we w i l l all go to the poor house or some other pott. The "cHlico farmers," as Father Newell culls tlicm, have had their lingers burned lo the quick this year. "Calico fannera".ares those who have formally been engaged in selling calico or oUicr merchandize, sold out, bought a few hundred acres of prairie nud put it in wheat. When harvest came, it, was ''hurrah boys! I ruuet have your help, no matter vhat it costs,"--and the rest .must pay aoeordingly. Keep cool farmers, you w i l l not be troubled by these fellows another year. Pay nil you can, show a disposition to do the best you can, nud when itcomes to the worst sel out and try it again, but do not imagine that this "on time" tactics w i l l ever make you rich or happy. REMEDIES.--As a cure for n. bad cold we have only been able to remember a few of the remedies olli:r- ecl during the past week. "Sleep with your window up keep out of the cold nir--avoid opening your mouth too wide--sleep with i hot brick nt your feet.--avoid getting it in your hfU--take soothing syrup-lake a hot batli--avoid b a t h i n g avoid cold water--take 11 cold bath -tie an old stocking round your neck j when about to retire--rub y o u r nock with goose oil--take s n u f f -- 'feed a cold, and starve a fever 1 --eat cayenne pepper--drink catnap tea--sassafras tea--wear flannel--eat pickuls--chew l:corii:e root--ent hourhouiul candy-- eut'onion syrup." We've tried them all--we're geti'ng better. WORTH SEEING WE ASSURE You. -- O u r express: ngent Frank Dale has at his office the largest and nicest collection of gold silver and i, Mia* Htistcd. Committee on permanent orgnni- ntion reported ns f o l l o w s : For 'reniilent, Prof. J. Jone-, for Vice President, S, Ciilton ; for Secretary, Hlbion T h n r n e ; for AHSistunt Secretary, JVisa Lizzie" L.'BjilInu. liiiMint-HH committee--S. Gookins. Prof. 8. (.'. Cotton, P. E. Triom, M\*x E. L. Dewey, nnd Ifiss M. E. Cook. Pri'f. J. E. Gilchrist, an experienced educator, is conductor of the Institute. There nre some ninety teachers in [ittcnduiice. F u r t h e r report next week. Tt is a fact, which pa n ' t be disputed, tn.it you can buy better, prettier and cheaper goods at Hiizlctl's Cheap Store, than nt any other place In Black Hiuvk county. Call and See. Wilson Bros, keep the best assortment, of Ludics' Sacking in town, consisting in part of AsLricans, Na- pk'i's, O h i n c h i l l n s and Beavers. GIIKAT RUSH. -- Big rush for t h e Mu. GAZETTE:--I see la your last issue, that · Mr. Siiarpp.ticks CTIIIPH down upon the City Fathers of Oe- Poplin, Hlpacns, emprp.ua cloths, merinos or any other k i n d of dresu coods, at Wilson JJros', cheap for To FAiniEns.--Don't forget to se- curo some of thnt Choice White Michigan Spring Wheat, at H u n t llnwlniuli*, for Seed, before it is all gono. You only need to call nud see it to appreciate. 32m6 Fl.Oim. per cn-i ................. irr.ot'n. ma'iinnvi .............. Ut'CK WHEAT FLOt-ft, pcrcw COHN MEAT,, iwrc-.vl. ......... H,U.T. ni-rbhl CIlKUtlE ncrlh SI 75(372 TO 4 m It 60 1 30 ® tt (10 -I BO BO . CO 11 FIT 1! n -AVPr.KS. pur tt ......... IS DTIIRD I'EAOHKs, jvrlh ....... 20 PKOWN SUGAR, iii-rm ......... )4 \t ](!« WlU'l'K bUCiAU, pcrlb ......... 19 C'i 31 rOFFEI!. purib ................ SB «7 OT TEA. pnrth ...................... 1 M e » 2S 4Iiirrmtn, 4tli Jotclikli-e. Cl/v Treaturtr--G. C. Knnpp. CH H Wcrt-- Frank Nc-uly. \!te- Thompson, T. A. tlial -- J. .1. Jloycc. City Council muots ftrxt Tliiin (l.iy I a o«ch mantk. I'reKldent-- Dr. .Tolin Knrr. Vice J'rt»lil(iit~X. A. «[!-liop. rivfwwrrr-- C!. Tt. Vmi Sunn. .S*er!f«rw-- II. C. Ilmnc-mvay, jilrectorii-- L. N. Fabrlclc, 1). O. Orinnnn, A. a. f!iompion. rlh pern ............... ^ DItY GOODS. ·pTtTrra ....................... · BllOWN H I T B K T T N f l h ........ " SUIIITTNUS .......... nr.nAiinED MUHUS9 ......... DENFMS ...................... 50 SO®, 33 1* «b M ft is « IS . Pioneer U n k i n g Powde Cheapest nml Best hi the Market, for by Chase fc Burr. The stock of Blenched and Uu- Meuchcd Muslius, and Doir.estics of nil kinds, is largo »nd cheap, at Miller, Wilson Co.'a. . -- Every box a prize -those Prize Candies, 1'or sale by Chase Burr. Tho apple crop in Michigan, Now York, and otauwhero, is r u i n e d by the frost and continued cold weather, und the apples uro worthless* except for eider; but Chase Burr hnve s e c u i e d f i v o h u n d r e d barrels of best ,larFalls, rough-shod. I am a farmer, I likings, that were in store before and while we are getting such enor- the frost .and ore reliable. Call and mous prices for our wheat, what is sec them, at the Fruit Bn/imr, Ptttxcrcss. Boulevard Printed nnd Embossed Felt Skirts, splendid lot, at Miller. WilHOn A Co.'s. Wipe Bryant test their Kerosene ON, and w i l l not sell an article Unit xvill not stand the (Ire test required by law. They have found several brands that aie largely sold in violation of law, and at the i m m i n e n t peril of the consumer. Customer* can rely on getting the best quality always at Wise Bryant's Drug Store. CllTKCKS ....................... O1NOHAMH ...... .............. COlTONADliS ................ Special ounj; uth ami Ijiidies, I have just received, direct from Boston, n beautiful lot of Blade Denver plolh Clmiks, of the latest styles. Plcuso i.-all and lo()U nt them. THEODORE HAZI.ETT. AVO31E1S Of IVISBOjir for ITCeii) O.x Tint liHM.vn I'AHSION- !u Yo Early ll;itihond. xvttli SELF HliU 1 for th« anil unfnrtnnntf. Scut In cualvd cnvnlopi' fclmrjfn. AndM!iK.HU\VAltD ASSOCIATION', loil'. PlilliMolnlilo, Tu. folding In South Amcdcn C(ivcrL-i\ n imCo um\ hlmplo ...Enrly If you want t r u n k s cheup, go to Berry'f. All of DiiUc'a CJelobnued Crackors rerth at Chase Burr's. the ri'iisou t h a t , we fariiierfl eiiunol (ifTord to feed t h e three hundred and one cattle of Cedar FulU, whore we sell our wheat; and he hufl the hardihood to ask if the Council la not related to the horned aninntlcs of C'odur Fulls, w h i l e every one should know by t h i s time, that the Council in a wise, sensible and far-seeing set of men, and in their wisdom have made a law for the accommodation ot such poor, miserable, stingy, nr.rrow- j e x a m i n e the L,nrge. £.'lieap, nnd Pret- Indejiondence. do do Cedar Rapiilw. do do H'aterloo. do Jcsup, copper coins, lobe found, we w i l l venture to say in Northern Iowa. Go to Wilson Bros', for the latest [ Wilson Co. styles of Hats or Cups. Boots anl Shoes Chenp .·UTIuzleit's. Flannels at Rut)need Prices,"at H:i7.- lett's. Bufcire you buy your K 0(1 dH, Tins MAKKETB.--The prices of produce would seem to nfTeo.t the prosperity of this place and the sur- r n u n d i n g c o u n t r y veryserloimly, if it were not for the corresponding low priors of all kin.Is of Dry Goods, Boots ami Shoes, Hats a n d Caps, c., Ac., at the jhoup .Store of Miller, A CAn». M H i.lin-ioiwry, 01 rjui-iily fur the Cure orNcrvnai Wonkni Uzuxy. UiKCiix:* of liiu Urltmry nnd Svuilual Or- ffntin, and the wtiula trnln of illanrtlunt brought 011 Ijimefill nnil vlctoiitt li:ibiti. Oronl iiui!il)i;rn ra l)ci;n ciir^cl by ttilnu olilc remedy. I'romptvd ntli^lrc to licnufll thu ntntctud nnil nnfortuniilR, w 11 »auA tin; ior;i[i'! for irniArln(; nud lining Mile ilklnr. In oncBluit-enviilopa, to nnyonc who sod* It. Frte of C/tarfff. ddn:«i, JOSKt'H T. rXMAN, Ulation D. Bible HuilBf, Ir.H Now York City. contracted men as ShftrpatieUs, it in this: No cuttle s h u t ) be allowed to run ut large after about nine o'clock in the evening u»Ul about the Hams h o u r the next m o r n i n g ; now if Sharpstieks Is so selfishly mean as ty Goods at Hiizlett.'s Chenp Store. To pet the host suit of t'lothc-s mmle np to order, or rcady-nuide, and for f;\ir dcnlinjj, go 'to New Goods for Fall and W i n t e r , not to be w i l l i n g for the cattle of jj u s t received, nt Wilson Bro». Cedar Falls to ent the hay and corn j that he brings w i t h him. to feed bin team, Jet him coruo in and depart between the hours above mimed ; it is a long lane that has no t m n l o i t , HO govern yourself accordingly. JIM ;UOOKKDSTICK. Thompson's Glove-tilling Corset at Wilson Bropj'. CHICAGO POST.--Wo direct the attention of the reading p u b l i c to t h e prospectus of that able, and popular BOOTS AND SiioE5.--G. II. P»rhni- ler Son have jtiat received a Inr^t JHtdC-lc of Fall and W i n t e r Goods which they oiler to tho public, at very low prices. Hnzlet.t has Kome very nice Shawl* He has coins from tionalitiea ranging from one to one tl,ovRand yearn nf u^c. There are one hundred and forty-eight different pieces; nomeof the reitrn of Dorni- tan Cnisar. Edward IV. Ed ward VI, James FT, Queen Anne. George I, TO ST. PAUL.--A fewJGe»r(re IF, George III, and George days more w i l l give us an all rail i IV, W i l l i a m IV, Victoria, American connection with St. Paul. Iowa rail-| dollar of 1800, Cohin of Hincloostnn, Mlifferr.iit nn-i l^per-the CIica K o 'Prxl, It is n[ l f l r P« a n f i " n l n l i - w h i c h llc novv ° U l,U,rr..!t | ^.^^ gi9H|py oai , n t t r f l c t i v e jlS|irn . to close out at cost, |al, a valuable coiitpanioti for the home fireside. roads cannot be stoppetl by unow and florms, and the conifiletion of railroads ore of such daily occurrance that we forget to take note of them. We must have u connection southward next. More anon. O. A. Sherwood, Struwberry Pt. dieted that they will soon ho up to 50 Mrs. O. A. Sherwood, centH. Buyers nre h u n t i n g them all over Wisconsin, and this crop, which has been almost abandoned, bids fair to be the crop neat year. England Ilenry Miller, Mrs. Henry Miller, Mism Flora William*, .W. C. Kownd. ixnd Germany are asking for hop*, Mrs. Lncy, wher there U nat a iupply for our! J. 3. Adami, «*abrtw»r». -Jfsary Adauc MYSTP;RIOCS DISAPP Mr. Fri.-d. Bo"hin!er. late of Cedar FallH, Iowa--for the hist few months stopping in thm city--has disappeir- cd iu a manner which causes his friends Serious alarm. Some two weeks since lie mudenll his arrangement? for returning to Iowa, packing his valise and bidding hi* friends good-bye, since which lime all trace of him hiut been lost. It is feared ('·edar Falls ! that he hns been foully dealt w i t h , .and the fact Hint his baggage still re- inainH here uncalled for give* additional reasons for believing thai lie never left the city ulive. A n y iu- formittion concerning him will be t h a n k f u l l y received by his father, G. II. Boehmler, C«i!.-«r KalU, Tow*.-- Cftifftyo · J"*»f. Freiidi, Portuguese, aud Spiini.sh, oue coin k n o w n as two pence. A religous fiiiper object to choirs, because the members are so curried away by the churn) of 1'iuif-jc, t h a t they close their eyes, and do not see the contribution box.--Jixchunge. Th-e writer of the above must have been accustomed to ihe inepirntion of better choir singing, than has ever been heard in the west, f t does not trouble the people of Cedar Falls iu that way. If the congregations do not see the collection box, it ia he- cause the dullness of the music has put then! to sieep. We have heard Hinging where it operated in that way better than a dose of laudanum. Return envelope* can be obtained at thin oSco for $4,00 per thonxnnd. The frequent exchange of seeds between fanners living 'bomc distance apart makes a great diirerence In their crops. Ai.t. Xotic.-H iinrUr tlii? hmil will ho clLjrged ten ent" prrliin! fur Midi iiiHonlon, A iwliuMion will he made for notices liwcrud for i. ;lrlod ot ·.',. u or 12 m;ntli«. Iy O. L. Mills. Jlcro Seir-Sca.tns Fruit Jar*, for HOUSE AND FOUR LOTS rori SAI.K. --Great chance for a poor man to make a home. Fivoyeara time given. Enquire'of W. H. McCi.tiiiB. Foil SALE--CHEAP--75 Sheep and Lambs. 32w4 K. F. Near Major Fisher's. FOB E.-- 35 acres of gootl FI.AVNT.I.S--Fri'iich, Opf ra, Plaid Plain and Twilled, Red, White and all Colors, Cheap, at Miller, Wiisoi Co.'a. TEETH! TEETH!! TEETH! !!-- Foi ho nicest kind of n Set of Teeth, sail on Dr. li. M. Aclama, who lutn uid an experience of over twenty years In the prtUice of Dentistry Ho guarantees a fit Iti all oascfi, ani charges only from $-3 to S2," per act ROQIHB 1st door \veat of the I n m a i [louse. D-37yl HOMBTJHNO SWMAT.--The new candies just received by Chase Burr, nre warranted pure and free from mineral coloring. Call and seo them, at the Fruit Buznai-. .Every description nf Fine Toilet Articles, i n c l u d i n g Perfumery, Po- madt'S, Brushes, Iliilr Oils, Hand Nearly all the baking powder which find such ready oaleb at bi; prioeB are n o t h i n g but m i x t u r e s o pure Cream Tartar and Carbonate o Soda. These articles can be pur nlnised in a state of perfect p u r i t y a H'iw»- Bryant's Drug Store, an any otic once finding the u r L i c l e i n pure state w i l t not again p:iy exhort itant prices for p r i v a t o no«trum» i the form of maijio liaking powders. DUFOF.'S BAT.KAM-- Warranted t force tile Beard to gmw on th Smoothest Face in Forty-two Dsya Mailed free 6n receipt of 50cts. Addrosa C. W. PBATT, BjiringfieM, 111. Box 32G.5. 33niG CQuTnsure with the Lorillurd Fir Jniittrancri Com puny, of New Yorl Juwh Assets, $l,49(i.()0i). C. C. IVKAPJ*, Agent, Cedar Falls, Iowa. The only AIJSOLUTE Remedy f Whooping Cough, ia Benedicts Grea Western Compound--also* good for loir Xlcaf tttcr 1 « Klctcrs can 1 Iy»iop. IIAITIST--Cnrni-r of Muln nnd Mh SlrcctP, I'tiiitnr. SL-rvlccH cvi.'O" Sil)l)iiOi st lt)H A. M. mid T14 P. M- SnMwitli School lit 15 M. METIIOTUST-«»nicr WuHhlnfiton nnil Till SI, Rw. K. W. KfiHiir. Tiistor. Si-rrlt:ir nvrtr iiihimth lit 10'.5 A. M. mia 7'/ 2 1*. M. UnbbntK Jclioolnt'.l A. 'M. snrKth! Itnv. a. H. Grinlth.riii'tnr. Son-lent-cwrr jnbliaUint 1',4 A. St. oud 7W P. II. Subbntb Jcliocil at 12 M. UONO11EOATTONAI'-- Corner Clny nnil (111) St., rii-v. L. li. FlMulil 1'iwtur, Sun-lcuv nvory Rnnlmtli it |0',S A. M. nnO 2!-i P. M. Subbatli Sellout nt ISM! Bl'ISOOPAIr-Conicr or Mnln nnilTth !'trnpt», Itt-v. I'rof. K IHBIK;. OIBclirthic JUnlftwr. San-lcc* civry SnliliiUli, ;t 10^4 A. M. nnd "',i 1'. M. S"tt- lintb Pcliixil ImnindliitKly »n«T mornlnt; rtrvlrr bible Luctuiii. nl ·! I". M:, every Snlilintli. CATIIOr.IO--\VaHliln!!ln Struct brtwron Till mil Sib. 1'iithflr T. V. (Innn. aiirvlcso ovi-rvSnli- :itli n t 8 A . M. mid 10H A. SI. Buliballi fachool il 111 M.. · OE11MAH J.CTnERAff--Vranionl. Slrc«t. RUT. BeniBrd Koolitcli Pitftor. Uurvlcen cx'try Snlibiilk nt UIW A. M. . l£o»T"jrNnlm, Pnftor. Hcrvlcci i-vrry n h h n l h n t 10U A.M. nnd 7J4 P.M. Bublmlb cbool at S F. M. ·'RCASONKC.. . . DLACK HAWK LOlKiE NO. f,\ A. F. * A. M. "nrMontlnc" tit Mnfoiilc Ifatl. on thu i\fon- ,rb(il'«m-.lhn Full Moon In ysch nioiub. O. 3AUII. W. M.; E. 'I'ownwind, S. \V.; A. O. riiomtmm..T. \V.: r. J. TOkrtmi, Buc'y. VALLEY CIIAPTKH. U. A.M., NO. 'Jll.--Tt.'pn- rllootUiKpnt Mn'onlc Hall. »" tin: \ViMlncmTny ,n orlioihru the Full Moon of cncli month. S. A. SlDliop II. P.: ». II. Pnckuril, K.; A. C. Dumiol, 3.; A. TrnwbrklKO. Sec'y. BALDWIN COMilANTJISnY. K. T.. SO. 11.-- RcmilnrMflL'linj;!' nt Manonlc Hull, on Frldnv on or acfcrc the Knll Moon of endi month. O. )J. Vnn 3nmi. E. C.: S. A. Blclinp, Oon.; B. Townioud. 1. O.; S. n. 1'acknril, Rocordur. T.IUIIAIIY ASSOCIATION. The Ccrtar Full« Library AHmcliitlnii linn « library of nlioiit onu tlionMUid Volnmon. Any iit-r- ion can bnvo tliu |irlvilcpe nf ilrnwliig booltrt fot tK-rloil ofoun year by pnying the uniii of two 3t The mhol: Stary In a XuMtll. Tlio "Dice of tha ftunxiicli IH ti convert Ibc foort nto a crtinin-IIIca roml-flnM. cnllcd CIITMB. TliiB · ulTcctod partly by tin action or a nolvunt, cnllo'a Uot'nsirlc J;ie«, wlilcli i:saili!» from the coating T Iho Ftnuuicli. n: (t jmrlly by a tncclinnlnil move ii«iir «r ilinl rtrpfin, vvhlc!) ehurnt, ns It wiire, lh lIcolvlHB nliiivjnt. The CiiTMK [insi-ca from tUi ti»:nnch Into tho AniHluir.i'ii, ur pntrnnoi; to tin ia\\-i-\f, \vlwM it it rn;.j;ct(.-(l lo tUo action if 111 Dili! ar.J tli« nn'.rttlnuH tiortlmi of It ronvurtci into a fltl-i ca^l.-J Wtylr, v;i!c!i cri'Ulunlly t' nonie blno'l. Kow. It If pvM.'uI lli-.t ir t!i- icrc.it Mlveiit, the inetrlcjn!.·:, 1^ not pnnlucnil In niniclcnt iiniinil- t y . o r l f t l i c mruliuulcnl nrlion n( Ihu Momadi li notHiiRlciciilly lirli.lt, ilv.ttr.-,t prccm* fif tt\'Je*t\.m .-ill Imnnilinprrfcctl:; performed. 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Into Vfujle, and prt'moto ihii pwvuffB thronffh the; bowtiln of liir iw«lc-H d-br!». I n l U w way, llfHTKTTF.lV.S U I T r E R S euro iiy«pepsin and liver complaint. The explanation !.i plain, niruplr.pti'.lotophlcal. ond true. FCTTTZ'S US POWJ3ERS, Tliln, . ·II, Will t l l ( brnlcci plriicd horutn, ly atrcnm! il i:li!ttn«lng the itouiuli i It in a mire prer l-'l'.VEB.OI/ANDEIia.YEI.l.OW WATER. IIEAVKS. couon.s, IlISTKlIPnit. FKVEHS. KOt'.V- DKK, LOS3 O F A PPKT1TF., A.X ~ V I T A L EXEUOY. Jkc. Iu u: ImpravM the wind, lncrw« tlio iko the Imttcr fir: i faUcnlnK cattlt:. it xlvci thrm nn upp.-lil-, ov-ns their hide, and aiakM litca Uirlvo uucb a tor. ___^ ^ti n ii upooific. Dy putii Tom one-hair i\ iaicr to * pi I n .1 barrel of (will thu a* li.-ajr« will bi craitlcnu ntircly prcvenwil. I f R l f i ure'tor th«Ilog Clmicra. DAVID E. FOUT2, Proprietor, Boltliaoro, Md. Tor ««lo hy DrnBifiti »nd Rtoftkccpcra ihr«ti»:li- ·u.l ih« L'nitcd StaUct, Cunailu icil Soul^ Araark-s. FALL AND WINTER STOCK ber, 2i miles north-cast of J.xnesvillc. uoiiohs, tc., cheap. T. V. AXTEI/L, Juuesvillc. Blank deeds antl mortgngee forsa]* | Don't Look in th* lower right *t Hlff OfflC*. · h*ntWorn«r of -Mil* jwg*. Mirrors, 4e.,c.,i\lCi % f»byOregg'8.1 ALL Throat and Ijting Diaeascs. -7in3 DAJ.K Kr.LLona, Agents. 8. Berry, Merchant Tailor, linsjtist relrtrncd from the oast with the largest, he.st, nnd cheapest otocU of goody, In His line, in town, gnch aa cloths, clothing, liftts aud caps, fur- Berry ahead--Established busincHS j in Cedar Falls Sopt. 1, ISSo. PRAIKIE Ilicnn TONIC--A mo»t splendid Bitters. Bronchial I,fzcn- gcrs^ a Capital Remedy, and oilier Tom. Tliuml haa his life insured, i preparation* of tho Groat Wcsttru j and many greater than he arc Jnsur-1 Conariwtmd Company, are sold by '.'nil r.nd sec Home of those Custom Made French and Domestic Kip Hoots, that will vfftr n year, which I have just been received by G. II. Bcchmler Son. .--Choice Cultivated Cranberries, For Sale hy CHASE i BrjRR. Wilson Bros, sell all kinds of dry ood«, boots, shoes, hats, caps, yankec T T Coat bny nnll! »ou hnrc examined th» Ptyl ·» anJ Priccn t TROWBIUDCiE'S. A f::ll line of Cii'totu-work, of all kindu, on hjind. Tho»» C*!obrtcd BDKKP LINRP UATBST OVBHIUOES. M«d« to orC«r J n » t i Jftn y*«U toe WlnWf. Don't ?·!! to $tt ~ ~ ~ | cd hi the Wasliingt'ou. DALE *K*n/3«s.

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