The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 4, 1935 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1935
Page 8
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EIGHT FESSEO TO E THEFTS SPECIAL SESSION. Charles Raquet, Residing at Edge of Arcadia, Admits Stealing Team. WAS PLACED IN JAIL Charles Raquet, residing :it the east edge of Arcadia, is hold in jail- at 'Xoblesville following a •confession made to Sheriff Baki.-r of Hamilton county that ho stoh 1 : more eflirjpiit mothods. Committee Would Avoid One, Rut It Is Deemed Necessary. Indianapolis. April '4. — Members of the special legislative committoe meeting at the state house yesterday to continue mapping a program of taxation and governmental economy are hopeful a special sessipn of the legislature can be avoided. C'larcnce A. Jackson, head of the irross income tax department, chairman of the committee, sai.l that while tj:is represented the altitude of the coinmiltoe, it Is n.cognized that a special session must lie held if Indiana is to accomplish a two-fold program. It is: 1. To devise means of cutting government cost by local and state reorganization and establishing the- horse of Ilenjamin Tvest of Cicero and tin- Carl Sinclair east of which were found in his posses- security plan now being consid- sion March 1C. Mr. Bender passed the Kaqn-.-l ; Wenzell Rude, 20, Died at the Methodist Hospital Wednesday Afternoon., COULD NOT ARE PAYING! TAXES. Advance Payments er Delinquency Indicate Small Phis Spring. County Treasurer Charles E Riffe, is daily receiving paymen of the spring insta of the county and Iment of taxes there is an an The death of Wenzell Rude, 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Angus Rude, residing northwest of Ekiu, occurred at the Methodist hospital in Indianapolis Wednesday evening al 4:00 o'clock, opinion that the payments larger than at this!time last year Some have even paid the entire year's tax. | Monday May G, Is.the last day for payment of the! spring installment of taxes without a penalty OPERATE if 1 " 1 the " rst <lays ? f May W ' U be vrxumm j busy oni« at the office treasurer. Mortgage exemptions should also be filed prior to : May first or 2. To determine how much ad- one from ditional revenue must be raised | following an illness of several Atlam-i. in provide for the federal social | montl]S- neath was caused by a tumor at the base of the brain, which surgeons did not attempt to remove, as the condition was '.place while Ha'qiut was plowing • limle<1 '" <-"»sid<-r various phases j SIR , U th;lt an o p era(ion woul(1 with a team and lli<iughl one r.f in1 ' "'« proposals to reduce govern- havo boen fata , of the they cannot be considered in making deductions for taxes. by congi'ess. Meanwhile subcommittees con- ' ment costs. These included tin , preparation of a bill designed to Udit optional for any county to adopt a reorganization which 'would eliminate townships and re- 'vise olli.i;)! administration of • countv business. The young man was taken to the hospital ten days ago by the McMullan ambulance of Kempton and Tuesday morning of last week it was planned to operate. When an incision was made a worse j condition was found than antici-l Junior Senator Takes Hand in Appointment of Newcastle Postmaster. paled and the incision was closed jMcNUTT ANGLE IS SEEN and treatment started, but this proved futile. Following the death the body was taken from the hospital to the McMullan funeral home in the horses resembled on- stol"ii from his field. Homier notified the sheriff and that otiicial remember- 1 ing that Sinclair had n ported a horse stolen went to I lie Kai|iiot place with Render and Sinclair and both recognized their horses. Raquet claimed to havi bought the Irorses from a man'he lur.v.v only-as Syivostrr. statins the first one was bought from a truck which contained four other horse.; and that ibe Sinclair horse was purchased about, three M-rei^s hit> ;• from the same man who approached him :il a s:.lf south.-a -i of Arcadia and told him he had! another to sell. He a-.-cnm-i _ ,- • - - { .-«••— panied the man to a place which. Follows. Germany in IgnOT- j one as he was the main support > tion. The report was that Senator Washington, April 4.—A patronage row" has broken new out Kempton and was returned to'tbe there affecting Indiana, home Thursday morning to await: It developed yesterday that the services. choice of Representative Finly The death of this unfortunate Gray (D-Ind> for postmaster at young man is an unusually sad j Newcastle may meet! some opposi- according to his description the route taken to look at the; horse, was in the neighborhood <•!'; Hohbs. Although driven all over! that section, Raquet could no: i point out the • promise's fr.rn ; which he ch'.imed to have bougln", tile horse and was given ten d:ivs to locate the premise:; or "Syl-j vester." Tuesday Raqiiet went to X ing Restrictions of Versailles Peace, Pact. i of his home, which has had more Minton (D-Ind) would be against than its share of trouble. The fa-; the proposal. i ther Angus Rude, is practically j Gray has re-comniended from blind and the mother, Mrs. Nina j the eligible list tlie name of (l.ineback) Rude, has been dis- George W. Carrier, iwho qualified ANNOUNCEMENT MADE Vienna. April I.—The Austrian abled all winter following a fall in which a shoulder was broken. Wenzell Rude was born in Jef- under the civil service rules. Senator Minton said it was his understanding t h o Democratic ! t- ! ' i i i ^»<-. RUPT SALE OF THE CHAELES FOUCH MEN'S STORE • 108 North; Main St., Tipton, Ind. Sold By Order of the Court! : i I • •>* 1 ' • Hats — Caps -4 Shirts — Neckwear — Underwear — Hose — Gloves Mufflers — Garters —Suspenders — Belts — Collars -- Handkerchiefs Show Cases — Tahles — Window Fixtures -- Cash Register Stoves—• Settees — Paper Racks — Stands ALL MUST BE SOLD AT ONCE REGARDLESS OF ALL COST ' • : ; ' COME IN AND MAKE YOUR BID THIS; WEEK DILLINGEAlOOT elieved Part of Wisconsin Bank Robbery Bonds in Indianapolis. ferson township 20 years ago and .committee of Henry county would was known as an unusually high j come to Washington, or at least type of young manhood, being lesville and made a clean breast , K<> last night derided to j industrious and dev oted to his ' arentSi with his ear nings going of the whole nfati.-r. statins Ciermany's example in in"had cut flie wire fence at th<- j creasing its armed forces. Bender farm to .tet the horse out i L'ndir the treat}- of Si. Gerof the field ns tin was near! main, Austria's army was limited the house. When tellins of the:'" •"•<'. »'Jti men. this li.mire in- pnrchase of the animals. .Kaquot told he had paid for them with So ng officers i troops." "depot into the home. When he became ill his case was for a time puzzling but was known to be a brain trouble, which prior to his death had rendered him totally blind. Resides the parents the young bills, which he had hoarded in ai The communique asserted Aus-j man js survive " d by two sisters. fruit jar and his whole story was.tria's right to arms equality, say- Mrs Everett n arre tt and Mrs. so unusual that olli/'crs were ccr-: ing: tain from the start lit the team. had Ktoljii "The cabinet expressed the unanimous conception that the oppose the a/ppointment in some way. ft ' • • AliCUVIll^WI*ilte**4 OlCfcl^ «.», Sheriff Cardwell of this county.. granting to Austria of full equal-| tne home near Ekin and frie nds ity was a self evident tion." supposi-| are invited to I MOISTURE IN CABLE. •who assisted the ollicors in tli investigation, stated the day aft .the discovery of the animals that; .Whether military conscription he was positive Raiiuel was tin 1 ; such as that reinstituted in Ger- Jiorse thief, as the Bender hoiv>| many in mid-March was contem-j- Many rllolu , s of Goldsmith Plant.j Jiad its mane and (ail cropped and plated was not revealed. The! ifjivlng Faulty Service. a white spot i:i its fun-brad had ' statement said only that "the lii'-j been blackened. Mintou did not say definitely he would aid the Opposition to Carrier. Senator VanNuys j (D-Ind), the senior senator, is I following a "hands off" policy, in the matter. Although the appointment of one postmaster would not ordinarily have a great deal o'f bearing Doyle Uedmon both residents of ion Indiana politics, observers here the Little New York community, j say Gray's nominee! for the ap- The body will lie in state at j pointment does not belong to the faction headed by Governor Paul V. McNutt, and thalt the final choice will be a test 'of "who is in power." Minton was'the choice of Governor McNutt for the senate. i Ictssary procc When Tlaquet went, to Xobles- armed forces has been started." dun- to increase- thej About 100 patrons of the Gold- ILLNESS PROVED FATAL. smith Telephone Company are ville Tuesday and made bis con- hi some quarters close to the having more or less trouble with fesslon, no -charge was pending | sov.?rninent the opinion was ex-1 phone service on account of moisture in the lead cable south of that town. None of the phones are out of commission, but ser- agaihst him. He wanted to plead; pressed that Austria already has guilty and know his fate but! asked the gr<_at powers for the Judge Gentry would not take his i right to rebuild her army. This. plea without a charge. This was however, was not stated in filed Tuesday^ afternoon and hej i-omniuniquu. •was placed in jail Tuesday evfen-j No hint as to the nature Ing. the' vice is faulty, and Kenneth Mc- ijunkins. ahief lineman for the ofi company, and his force worked jthe measures taken was given inlall night Wednesday, using boil- The whole unusual proceedings; the official statement, nor did it j jug paraffin which was poured into and furnish any indication as to-the jthe cable to drive out the mois- of a"- man steal i UK a I earn working it within a short tance of the owners, (driving! 'into Arcadia and other places,! intention ,to reports an immcdi- dis- size of the army desired. I ture. : \l, Military circles, however, lent According to an announcement made Thursday -morning it will t._ «anses many to wonder. Ilaqurt • ate effort would be made to in- | be necessary to replace about 700 comes of a good family and thojmase the present army from 30,-! feet of cable south'of Goldsmith. ; matter is one that is mystifying to • 000 to 60,000 and that such ef- friends. In view of the fact that i fort would be "accompanied by -be has confessed and wanted to • the gradual elimination of pri- a plea of guilty, he will j vate armies such as the heimwehr likely be arraigned soon and learn | and the Catholic storm troops." •fcfefate. AGAINST STRIKE. u Get —your wall paper cleaned, a new picture will look mighty good hanging there. And we have the pictures— ^something entirely V, and not a bit h priced. & Little iFirPstone Tire Workers Volp Down Walkout Proposal. which was believed to have been damaged by workers who .were opening a ditch. MELLON FINANCE. Financier Tells How He Gained Control of Bank. Mrs. Nola (MeBride) Record Died Wednesday Morning. Funeral services for Mrs. Nola (McBride) Record; wife of Charles Record, residing southeast of Michigantowni died Wednesday morning following an illness of several months from cancer, j Services are to be held at the home Friday morning at 10:00 o'clock and burial will be in the Clark Hill cemetrey. Mrs. Record, who j was 49 years of age, was a sister! of J. C. McBride, former principal of the Tipton high school and now superintendent of schools in Clinton county. Other surviving relatives include the husband and four brothers, Oyte McB^ide, of Michigantown; William McBride of Elwood; Oscar McBrlqejot Mechanicsburg, and Russel'l : McBride of Tire & Rubber Company em-j ployes, battling in a poll conducted by the company union, voted 7.162 to 1,C59 against a strike, it was announced yesterday. • " ' *' * . j Try a Tribune Want Ad. (By United Press). Pittsburgh, April 4.—Andrew Akron, O.. April 4.-Firestone w - M « llo » revealed yesterday how 1 he "out-smarted" stockholders and gained control ol the Union Trust Company, Pittsburgh, whose' stoclc has sold- as high as $15,200 a share. Fighting the federal govern- ment'B ; demand for $3,000,000 more income taxes, he told of forcing .out the early stockholders who founded the bank with him, and buying up their shares. He explained to the board of tax appeals that he did not foresee the prominence that the bank has attained, in the nation's financial affairs. But he merely tfelt, Bin'ce the other stockholders did not like htt;methodli^th8t they V "" ICE .Vie are making our ice delivery daily. Hang* ont your card for prompt service. Buy one of oar new refrigerators on our easy payment plan. Chicago, and two Katherine Beabout and Mrs. Blanche Louisville, Ky. sisters, Mrs. of Boyleston Dodyne of MRS. HAtnPTMA,NIf ACTS. Discharged Reiliy ai Her Husband. New York, April no Richard Hajnptm Attorney for 4.-—Mrs. Bru- ann yesterday said she had dlamlsied Edward J. Keilly as head ', of | the counsel which Bad nnsWessjIully defended her husband at his) trial for the kidnaping and! murder of the son of Col. Charles A. Utadbergh, . She said sh» regkrded Rellly'a bill for |86,0^b aJ ,| "exorbitant and prematurely prnted. BUSINESS MAN-SOUGHT Indianapolis, April. 4.—Search for loot taken by John Dltlinger and his band led 'back yesterday to Indianapolis—the city where the desperado's body is buried. Chief of Police Michael F. Morrissey said a hunt is being conducted for a man believed in possession of part of the ?28,000 in bonds stolen by Dillinger and his gangsters from the American Bank and Trust Co., at Racine, Wjs., in November, 1933. The chief said the man sought is | a local" business man who has no criminal record. The search was started. Morrissey said, after information from a ibanker that three ?30 coupons from the bonds had 'been cashed here. This city has before been the scene of search for Dillinger loot. TWIN AUTO i HORNS $4.48, $4.25 and 98c ' !'! • Auto Clock, oia Windshield, $1.39 FARMERS OIL I & TIRE CO. i Phone 102. Officers; were informed several months ago that -some $15,000 in bonds, a part of the loot of the Central National Bank holdup at Greencastle, Ind., were in this city. A ; search for them was unavailing. The quest for the Dillinger loot has been almost as relentless as the search for the desperado. HUNGER STRIKE. Is Started by Son of Former King ' Of Afghanistan. (Ry United ProKS). Bombay^ April 4.—Prince Abdul Ranman, son of a former King of Afghanistan; went on a hunger strike yesterday because the government of India will not raise his monthly allowance from £50 ($2riO'),to £300 (J1.450). Abdulj Rahman, 37, is a political prisoner ; at Ootacamund, summer capital of Madras. He considered his. allowance insufficient for a royal personage and charged that he~was being treated like a commoner. In addition to the increased allowance,! he, demanded an 1 auto- mohife and a retinue of servants. He said he would not accept his present allowance henceforth; • Leaves Hospital. George Courtney of Windfall, who has been at the Good Samaritan hospital in Kokomo, was taken to his home Wednesday. Hand stapling machines. Tribune? tf 130! -J-!j Kwmes — 27 Groceries—Meats MAYOR IS SUED. Power Company Says Huntington .Mayor Owes S8OO Bill. ' ' ! '- I J! Hennery Brown jJL— — 20c Hennery White — §- ---- - ao * POULTRY: :S«nu, I/sghorn Stags lOo ar Prices bed! »10,000 TOED CAB SALE All Oar i Displayed at |East Jefferson '88 ( '84 Ford 3oach '84 |Ford Oonpe . •81 .gcirS Coach '81 IWd Truck «4 Ctxf m »let Tttaster Coach •88 Chevrolet Oonpe Xievrolet Sedan i-,jlet Coach '82 Uh&rplet Sedan _ ^Molet Town Sedan, wioi . . ; Sedan Coupe Huntington, April 4. — The Northern Indiana Power Company yesterday filed suit in circuit court for $800 it .contends is owed by Mayor Clare W. H. Bangs for electrical services supplied his newspaper, The Huntington News. When the company disconnected service to h\s newspaper plant Feb. 4, 1933, Editor Bangs used the motive power of a truck to run his press and put the day's edition on the street less than an hour late. Bangs took office as mayor last Jan. 1 and immediately started to extend the lines of the municipal electric plant to stores, and private residences. He has been enjoined from such *xr tension by the circuit court on the .contention of the power company that such action violates its. charter. : ' Linemen working under police protection yesterday connected three additional business houses to the city plant, and they were said to be working on another line running towards the mayor's newspaper plant. The paper has been operating Its own electrical equipment since the utility disconnected its service. • »* • — VOLIVA CONFIDENT. But His Victorious Opponents Say He Is Through. (Bv United Press). Zion, 111., April 4. —.Wilbur Glenn Voliva, wiho many times has predicted the. end of the world, today settled down to some short range forecasting of disaster for the "rebels" who unseated him in Tuesday's election from a 23-year reign over Zion. "We'll recall them in 90 :days under the «ity charter," Voliva prophesied, "and we'll end; this discord in Zion. I'm the only man in the city that amounts to anything." J But even as . the overseer outlined his battle plan, munching Brazil nuts and sipping butter- jiilk between words, his foes un- '•vjelled an offensive movement on Sis flanks. They attacked his domination |'of Zloh industries,: Inc., and they threatened his control df-the ; Christian Catholic Apos- tofie «fcurch, the heart of Zton's t mmunity spirit. • Mayor-elect William Edwards said i his group, .which won i four df flve city and township offices iTnesday, will ask Federal Jndge Jamea Wilkerson tooay to remove Voliva ftlm control of the Zion Industries, a $10,000,000 soclal- )itlc eiiterpries wfiich Is In receTversJiip: ( ' through," Edwards jsald. ?<aeHl find it out later." L II! '•—- •"• ' A ^Wallace Warning. VOTING WAS EASY. Reporter in Bvanston Voted Nineteen Times | Tuesday. Mrs. Martha Burnell Fisher Makes Charge of Cruelty. (By United Press). Evanston, 111., April 4.—A thorough investigation of Evanston election machinery was suggested today as, the city learned from a copyrighted news article in th? Evanston News-Index that one of its reporters voted 19 times with only two -challenges In Tuesday's election. The reporter. Major H. Stephens, a Chicago resident, wrote the name of his paper across ballots which he dropped in boxes of 17 precincts. The chief of police was notified beforehand of his activities. He "laid off" several hours in midday and said he easily could have cast 30 ballots had he wished. WIFE ASKING DIVORCE. Mrs. Martha Burnell Fisher, wife of Harrell W. Fisher, has filed an action for divorce from her husband, alleging incompatibility, cruelty and failure to provide. The bride gives her residence as Madison township. The complaint, filed by Attorney C. W. Mount, states the parties were married Jan. 19, 1B35, and separated April 3. She is asking a divorce and an order for support during the pen- dency of the action. GENERAL SALES STEADY. Light. Weight Hogs 5c Higher at Indianapolis. Thursday. ma Indianapolis, April 4. — He- ceipts on hogs, 4,000; held over, 125; cattle, 700; calves, 600; sheep and lambs, 1,500. Hog prices early today in the local live stock market were generally steady, with the top, $9.15, for 200 to 235-pound weights; pigs and light'weights. 100 to 160 pounds, were 5c higher at $6.75 to $8.75; 160 to 200 pounds sold at $9.05 to $9.10; 235 to 300 pounds, $8.95 to $9.10; over 300 pounds, $8.76 to .$8.86; sows, at $7.50 to $8.50. i i Cattle were steady; calves were steady to- 50c lower at $9.60, a 'few at $10.00, and Iamb prices were not established. . • Chicago, April |*.—Receipts on hogs, 13,000, including 6,000 direct to packers; held over, 1,000; prices fully steady, " top $9.10; cattle, 13,000; sheep and lambs, Local Grain Market 18,000. jWheat^No. 2, 85c; No. 1 —, 86c pats .—£—.—. «« Corn, per 100 Ibs. $1.09 Local Prodnee Market. . (Moore * Eggs, per dozen <. C- — i— . — 20o Hoora) .. I Eggs— Indlanas pita Jo)l)lwi offer country freah stock, 19c ddiyereff at &'-''^i

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