Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 7, 1948 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1948
Page 11
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i'lionc -I(H>U fur \VA.\T Ti Ryan Addresses Young DeniocraIs Aiioriiuy Oiiiliiios Votiiiir Procedure ! v.-h(j in bL'tiume -1 yeiu-.s of aye Muvyluncl, if they an; eiiizens <>• the United States, :u-u eligible to I'cfcisisv wiUinnt dfi-.lii.viiiK l.heir to Maryland from plang for dinner. People TliUES. CUMUEItl.AND. M.I).. TliKSUAV. i i I ho annual Jackson Day O.. , ^ . .. It v , . . J . !<.'!•<•<! Slriv 1H-1S ELEVEN 1 iveru si:r.x-c! niixTi,--, by a coniinltu.-e inelud- I \ , ing Tiiriinas F. Coiilon, Jr.. Lr>i>n .1.1 Klompns. Mix J:iiiK-,s Q. Kimny and J conimi.-siuii IH.SI; M;-.y will) Jell'ur- purls /i:i C. C'[!'il::iiiiu,-- - . Ballimoix- ;:!:!?'.-.•'•°' ! ,'i^ iii!-.-' ni:i.-u!i-:!lll, who liraihv"' - lH!L . k -- rti.\'-; V"in;ili, Ul-diiuncr, HiStr Mill oli!U' Oi' till-- L'ilJ. With I'lMilUCDl-Hii •.icxt 10 industrial Miles. iiia^s o.-.-plair.i'rt t-haf. "buffer |i!;ni- prni'::.ssiou:il oll'ici:* anil blisiiuv.-'i-x nul UKTCIint'h: HI nature but-wci'ii i-lu: huln.'-tri:i] ami Airs. Thomr.s G, I another stale. who are past -1 years of ag-3, must file notice of in ten- Edward J. Ryan, local attorney. | ii olls O i' becoming a citizen of tiic i outlined ihe history oi' Maryland|suite with the dor's oi' court. Tin's:"! election laws to members oi the is known as a "declaration of i"-!- ! teinions." Ryai:' snid diirerc-in. poliiny !J in the city eiuaions and the county elections cause some confusion, and since the ciiy maintains its omi election list, separate from the county registration, il is necessary The 1 next ytr^e! s ev.i 11-1;-! areas. Sliidfulf over 15U children. The i,vor^t!<; ^a« of these veterinary- medicine sfj- 'L.t:. (JNo;—Out 01' 2T3: c ] m btucients in the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.! Ii; is possible ior siiocp to KQ ^"iih- 204 arc married and have a total uf lout wilier longer than earned. : c i ellts j s 20, Democrat Club of .Alleguny County ULS-. nisht at t'ne Cosmopolitan Cluii. He L'>:pluh;cti hoy. 1 a votur car. ch:ii;ge Ills pai-ty affiliation, tvuiwfer from one precinct to anorJier and otho." leci'-^cnlitics involved in ballouui: and qualifying to vote. Kya.12. ivho is attorney to the Board oi Ejection Supervisors, told the Young Democrats that people •d. Club Plans Annual. Corn 11. ,. I l> • I • •» i; "' -U\i^l-v( -li. .llUlliiir?- Ill liCMlllMllial. ; , . ... ., i ,•.!,..• held- .IjiiHMic.-H Zones l.'ropo.rC.i.l'iiy business zones. I i " F.izer also a^ei'^ecl M I'iial. i.:n:ej Millions o! liny jnensui's enierinsitj I Fossibiliiy of a rexuiiir.;.- propnim; ,-i 1; , L ul;t . O i' ihr- mail: problems ol the esr-h's uuiiosphere may be :'C-;5» jv.-hich v.-r,v,!d c;i:u;:jir t|-!ui l o-.i".hf:irc>i 1 ;.t H . r , rf .^nv, soniiri sysia:n. '.vlilcliUpunsibls for our ability to re- <j iii! the cMy iriiii: n-.-idi-r.lia! "n 0".'''--!v.v:3i; eirucr. in Xu'.vinijiri-. im-l.^-vive rad'o l)Vi;ac ; - a.-;!.-' irom Ion;; dis-|ii c^r^:e-^*:-rxswisK«c-2j ciiii-cl by arliitrai'.'" IIMCS in .-011:1- dunu^' i'he r.l;iht. T.he tecond annual bird count of the Allepuny County Bird Club will I town be held DP • -- • - - '"•-"Flans for ls and cil.y of'icialn yesicrr!:!; 1 .- ui's mum.iuni.-tl included Okl-1 Road. William.-; aireei ar.dl •!!:cir.ber 2G to January 2.| Vl'llliams Road. Baiiiir.wo Aventit-, j the check were made atjHcnd-.-i-Aon Bciiicvan.!. Konh Cwnre: wer for city voters to register twice,; a meeting- of the .junior- leaders j .md Nui-t-h Mean d, in some cases, at Uvo differ-! council of thu club nt Centrnli City Ki-.j^nci ' Y.M.C.A. recently. i said his of lire Keiidric-: Y. Hucificion, president, : 'Hiwi'S I'or ]K ent polling places. A report was made on preliminary KLINE'S HAS THE GIFTS FOR Grandma and Grandpa GOWNS Flowor printed flannelene 2.98 Unionsuits Corton knit, one piece 1.39 Shoulderet All wool knit 2.98 SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! % PAJAMAS Srripcd flannelette 3.95 Sweaters Popular coar style 2.95 PANTS For dress wear 3.95 SAVE! SAVE!' SAVE! •£r rct-is. Ralph L. Rr.;cr receives ninny ve- inis'sion lo l.icaie rcsiilrs of the count will be ! b'^inefs esiabijjnmwv.s on those sent to the National Audubon | streets, the majority of which ure e nation- 1 ™>w classed as residential zones. Society, sponsors wido event. the nation- One main artery noi in deniial classification ,':".c. Counts will be made during bird i dential classillcation i.s Greene | planned in various sections I Street, winch is xonnd a.s a hvf' ' walks '. of the count alii ami to l-he Dinylc Circli!. i individual basis. Schedule the bird walks will be announced later. Specimens bird r.csts were I stiidifid at the ir.ceiins, wnich wif, |ar,ccnded by no persons. The council j will elect officers curly in Jair.wry. 1 ITocifKlon' announced the regular I club meeting wi'.l be held tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Cumberland Free Public Library. A sound film in color. "What | Bird Is That?" will bo shown. 'Sai'ely Wjjim.-rs NEW YORK, i INS)—Ninety :n- : dustrial plan's and business t'inas have been listed as v.-inners in the! sixth annual accident - reduction 1 contest sjxmsorec! i)y the Greater'. Nev. 1 York Safety Council. Th«; ' v.'inners competed against ;!H!-I other j plants in tile metropolitan area over; n, six-months period. Mayor Thomas S, POSL said znnu board ir.cnibiir.-j, includiiw Oliiu'k-.s F. Roeclu:-, diflinrmn, Roland J. She])- hercl and J-. dicated l-liev C. Gavducv. : .u- will .study l-lie :nai-j Lai' ai!d mala- rccomnii-ndar-ioiis io. ni^cr. I The i:il-y ci!i;ii»H.'i- v.'ill llitn ^m-i.-pn the reco:n.']ienilulio];s :md prcprrn,- a .sliowin;," thu pi-ojinsod cllan^e.i. Hi.s reiiorl will lx x submitted to the Municipal Planninu! find Zoini; Commission. | MH.vur Po.v: naicl the pusxibility I or LviUibiishin!,' "buO'ei- /one?" be-! i\veen iiuuiitrnil residential have you tried that Your Christmas Gift Store SELECT YOUR GIFTS NOW Give Her a DIAMOND for Christmos districts \v;is also discnssed. At ineelinc l.iie planning Blended Whiskey, 8G.8 prod • G5% jnin iiwtral spirits • MonticellQ Distillery Co., CeiUrtiorst, Hi!. I g Hoodquorrers for Norlonolly Fomous Watches Agents for Stieff Sterling Silver SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief W)icn disorder of kidney function Permits poisonous matter to rem:iin In your blood, it in^y CHUHR itnjjfrinj: Laclincl;*;. rh(nmi:vtic pains, ICR: pa:n.i, Io!;, r ; of pep and enerfiy. f^-'L- tiuir XID niirliwH. liwullitif:. iJiiilIr.c^r. umicr the cv«K T lio.ifiitehf'.T ami'flii. l'"ri;Mneni_or BC^rity nn'^riKC" \vith r.,-n:r-''JnK :ir.d bvu'runj.; p somctiTwcH »l;o-7i tlicrc- ;H r.omoUiir.f wroiiK I with your kidiifiys or Maiidcr. „ . ]3on't ^-niC: A.-,!: ymy cliUk'SiSt£or Bonn's Pilly, A stiir.uhiEt diui'uUc, used successfully by nilliong ioi* over DO years. Doan'n frivt? happy rc'.icf ar.d \\-jl! help the 15 miles 01 ];idne>"tubc;-i flush out poisonous waa^cfroio you? blood. Get Doaii's Tills. JEW5LRY STORE BALTIMORE Pre-Christma $ Sale! LADIES HANDBAGS x '«-/&; Pouch, Shoulcbr and and Underarm Styles — •";Vt?HV-. - v:-' 1 -" 1 i«.\S- Plastic patent, calf r Suede and simulated Alligator. Get one for for yourself and several for gift giving - a real bargain! TRANSPORT ST8FFED AMIMAL5 1. ILooicn jutjt liko -Mie big ones! H»s 2 passenger models and 2 f.istens cssrty to tb* cuddly. 7-inches to Drink from the Bottle Wet Their Diapers DRINK WET DOLLS Sate The Mswsiaster TABLE RADIO Spark/;'ng Freshness for the Tabfe Save! S*vc! Sivel Here's bii- radii) pcrfonnaiKC in ' The Gay and Popular E2 ivies 25 Piece:. Si)rv; c » : .ar 4 liriliia.:i; colovs — iy « What is more'practical than a kneehole desk, with Jr. « ^ many convenient drawers. It mokes a delightful center 4 ~ piece in ony living room. We have them in walnut, ^ maple and mahogany (some with genuine- leather tops) j| from S-15 U P- f -T Give a chair for Cheer and Comfort. Choose from Barrell-Wing, occasional and lounge chairs. Choose from such historic styles as the Victorian, Parker, Betty Lewis—or the Gainsborough, (illustrated at $5J).50) the Seth 2 SERVICE "uluc. yellow, timscriiic and i — urtng gaycty attti bcnnty to your raulc, Mr.ric of hit:!) w.iro of uniform coior .ino' hi£;i ;l,ir.c 20-Piece Sei Only .>.!|5 Slart a modern kitchen this Xmcs with American Central moiched, fitted units. American Sinks 42"-48"-54"-66"—with various size wall and floor cabinets. 54" Sink 164.50 183 Baltimore Street Cusfomcr Sofisfor !-ion Guorarsfccd ncJBENE 41 N. Wlechanic St. Western Maryland's Finest Furniture Store J i;W" ^"i'*<^<2,-M;£.si*£.SiX j-j^^

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