Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 2, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1926
Page 5
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TCftE lOlJ^AiLY BEGI3TEB. WEDNESDAY EVEmNG. JXJNE 2. .1926.. PAGE. FIVE THE IJARKETS KfWiRE WLX^^IM'RKK MOVEMENTS KE^ Bear Traders.* ITslnp Heavy InvesU meat. Attempt t« Uiibetlle the Market. (By tho Associated Pross) ISVw York, June 2.— Mixed price nicrtpnients', roflocting thu play of OTijioslnB speculative forces, cliar- ai -terized today's stock market, with the day's advantage apparently on tUe 8ide of operators work- inK for Iiigber prices. Bear traders, usins .the increase of over f22 ,(»O0,OOO.'in brokers'^ loans reported by ihe federal reserve bank .OS a pretext, crijleavored to nnset- flo the/Kf-rn'rar list in; ffio early trailinK.; being aided by:' liquidation inspired Tf -sistanqe. by - several cohiinission Jiouse d{ivices suKPtesting profit- takinc. ;|>nt lliey encountered »tiff Kiiiistts tity IJraln. Kansas City. June CasVi: \ Wheal.• r ^sa^ipfs 2'J care.' Market 2c to 3c liij^icr. No. :! dark tiai-d fl.4:Krl.5iii: N'o. :{ .dark liard at $1. ISu4(1.51; .N'o. liard $J.Jl)(»ir) .No. .*!-.«ard JLlSOi 1 .51; No. 2 nd ?l.4f>^( l.fii; No. :) red $1.42(?/) C ^irn -ItnclianKed (o lf,wc hf^lj- tr, -No. L' whiiV TOrr/'ToVi'e: St>. :i wliiti' 6S<f( r ,;)Ui;: No. 2 yellow 71<?r . tl'ijr: No. ;! yo}lo\v (iS<f7.7 «c| No.. 2 .mixed 6S ',i<?''?«<i: No. 3 mixed 68'/4 Ojits unrliangeil. .No. 2 white at •Wiil-^y. So. :i wliilo MliVilK. Hyr. aic. ' Hurley finfc/iUo. . Kafir $l.l'.t(i( 1 .20. Milo ninizc $1.2 .'".<fi 1 .2(5. Wbeal: July $1 .2T ?i; Sept. $1.21'/,; ni'c. no tradlnj;. r .irn: .luly 61)Vic; Scpt.i 72%c and i.)e<-. Tlijic. .- . , H.nv—Ste;idy (o.-iiiic up: choice njfalfa ?n.5or« IS.SO; l.S cars. Kansas CJIj Livcsfork. ^ . K.insas City, June 2. (\!niteil Slates Department of AKricHlturol . CattJ »'8..7 (Hi;: calves -l/tWl: lipht •wcicht fed .•steers steady to wc:ik: little: ilone oii weighty rifferiliKS: lipht^mixed ye;irlin«s fully steady: choif-e, 1.0ti2 pound steer.-! '$'.K6h; .mixed' yp .iHlijnBS t $;>..S5: ' yejirliup; heifers $:i.r.ii; TexMs prassers very .slow, tending lower; slif.'stock.aiid - bidls uiiclianged; veals r .ltr higher; lop ?ll ..Sii; stockers aiid feeders we:ik to 2.w lower. ftofii lOfiOii: aotivp. ;Urn»g (q l .?t hiclier, mostly 10 to l.'ie lii|;lier than Tiiesdays .iver.iRc; top $ll.2ri on ICti pound; hulk of sales fi?,.W /fiH.lU;. desirable ISii to 2 :{0 pound, S14'(( l-l.lOl ilighl lights up to $14.^-., •better grades--240 to ;!:!0 'ifiiunilk ?lX50 ( paekinfcr V <>w >i-^12 .1^ '(712 .50: .stock pigs steady $14 .2r «(i(i i.>.2r.. , ... ^ •• Sheep in.OOii; killing .-ire fileajdy: lop native himbs $17; br't- ter •grades mostly $lCi.r,(i(<( lf,.7r): Arizona's $lfi .r.O: 2 -yeHr-old Texas •wkhers 'ifS.2.5. j MOM'N POP HOVliN BiAzes DID THIS Bt&HbtE SET iioin^is SUPPER.? Y ploir -He ^HEweo,, WAS ViJCtH HlM-rWeXMOU) N<nUlW<a Of' HlSWSPOSmofO'*- H6 MH soDoefJCt eeooNie MteiOUS AND HOfiT HBR . pUT AMY CAN H4Jrt )LjB IlIM. ' trS CAMQEROUS to ) «MJ6 A 0O<» UHE, THAT ^ BY TAYLOR REAL ESTATE FOR SALE NEWS QF HUMBOLDT lOLA CII.M'TKIl 111 .MKOLIIT • :f (JIEST.S a. E. s. OF Mne Teacliers Setiired for Kiilly Yanillmi Bible School Three Weeks' .SeNNliiii. r • Chicago Umlfi. <''hicago. June 2.—CI OKP : Wbea'l: July Sept. $1^^ I»ec. ?l.;!4'-s, 1 • • : • forn.: July 71\ic; Sept. 7. T I*/ IC; .l)i;e. 7.-iT4c. ' Oats: .I.Uly, 39^c^ Kept. 40y.c: Tl*.-.12V,cl V I ye: •Jiily^Dvio:' Sepl. STTi'cH (Krancis Culver) " HUMIlOI -nT. June 1.—Sixteen memberi! of the Humboldt ('bapler (if the Order' of Ihi Kastern Star Went l<i l(da lust evening to be the guests of the lola Chapter. • Mr. and .Mia, 11. Y. Carlisle of this city aiid.T%-. and .Mrs. W. W. Wbayne of Indeixndeiice. Kans., inotoreil 16 Fort Siiiith Ark., Sunday. • They' returned last night. The Tweiitietli Century Club mot this aflcruo'i'n at Uirce o'clock with .Miss' Mat'y^K. Chamberlain. The program was.lleil by, .Mrs. K. 1). Culver" and the sublcct was "IJirgir, Sandsi 'U, and Other . Kan-. s:is Artists." .Mrs. Culver was as- sifiled by .Mrs. J. .M. O'llrieii, .Mrs. K. C. .Miller,! and Mrs. .1.' J. Amos. A(ler the discussion tlic hostess served a delicious two course luncheon. .Mrs.. B. W. Byerly of Perry, Okla., was an invited gupst at the.meeting. Aj vacation Bible school for children is being held at the Prertby- lerian church. Nine teacliora have been obt,<ined anil a good attendance is reported at the .school. 11 is held in session from !»:00 a. m. to ll::!n a. m. every day and will last three weeks. i .Mr. and Mrs. Sam. Mallbewrf from "I'exas drove hen? today and are visiting at Ihe home of Ilr. and -Mrs. O. ('.' I'ayne. The Hnniboldt Pelph'an Chapter met this evening at the himie of ;viiss Mary Chamberlain.* The topip "American Art," was discussed very interestingly. A good atlcnil- anve w;us iin-senl. A picnic WHS held by the mcm- J)eis of th(! I'reslo'lerian Young I'eopfe's Christian Kndeavor So- Idety lonigbt'.-at Stewart's Lake southwest of fowii. A large number of the members was in attendance and a splendid picnir; was had. -. ' Strayed. Lnst, Kound 10 HIGH UlllAUH ^USKli CAUS'-At attracllve pricert; terms to suit. Used (^ar Kxchange, 212 S. Jeff. KITTION -IJitlo white Angora, In Kclgbborhooil I'resbylerlan church aVid high scljoid. tinder please call 'Cf) or 1:M2J. NKCKLAI,'K -host, black and while, bvadeil; valued its keepsake. Jtc- ward. I'hone fi'JG. inc Hampshire, weighs about GO Ib.s." Kinder'please notify Kranzl "oilmore, Moran Kans. POCKKI' BOOK—Lost. Bi;own cid- oreil. containing a sum of mone.v. Kinder please return to Custer Davis for indentification and proof of property;, and rociive rc» ward. Custer UaVis. Sheriff of .Mien County. USKU FOKOS—All in-,Al condition, for sale or .trade for live- sifjik. J. C. Bntiher. UOIXIE BRtlTHKRS CARS—C.ra- ham ' Brolhcns trucks. Sales and service. Kllis-Swohger Motor Co. (Itlrago l.hesloek. tbicago. June 2. (I'nlted Stales I r )|)arnicnt of Agrh-ultnre)—Ibigs Islroiig to 'lOc higher; big I inatTlve: 240 to .'!25 pound , largely $i;!.firi(f7M.10; ma- iod adn choice 210 pound.4 l4 .1.='>(Jrl4.:K: top $14 .40; iking sows ?i2.405i 12.G .'i: •illing pigs IH.-IO down; Tight hogs n^.Aitmi.W: i ;i :i .so «i-i4.:!5; iiight $13.4,-; light light $13.45^14.40^ )ws $12.2.'i(J/a2.S5; slaugh- $i;W5(f(14.50.. ^ • . • little :!,000: both yearlings and wtiBbty sicers in liberal supply, few' early sales steady to w-'eak, mostly to shippers, market now low bidding I' 15c lower: early top iiiatured. steers $10.50; $10.-40 paid by Indiana finisher for high quali- tiecr eight months fed, 1470 jiound bullocks;;, yearling heifers| sharing decline;.fat.cows Steady; bulls and vealers steady to w.eak. , Slie(,^ 12;000; asking ,^around steady no belter grade;nBs.; indications lower (iniothefs and fat sheep: very little done•jcarly; iin strictly choice yearling ^Velhers offered; one- part load to outsiders $1G.«0, fully steady. ; .Mant<>r Work has been sfarfed on the extension-of the Santa r.Tilroad from .Mauler t6 Joycpy, Col. The new line is expected to -draw many settlers to this part; of the state. i. , . , ' AUTOMOTIVE Automobile AKcnrle» 11IJ DSCiN - -rCSSlCX, CI IRYSLKR — Sales i!Tid service. Bud White Motor Co.. 2in S. AVasll. Phn. ISO. Are You a "Window Shopper"? Do you enjoy walking along the down-town streets • and stopping'to look in thu store windows to see the new tilings oliored in each one? Of you do—if you're at all like ninety-nine i per cent of' the Jiuman family. ? "Window shopping" Is interesting, easy, quick—. you never even go in the store unless there's something that particuariy interests you. You'l find that the A-il-C'Classified Ads give yo-a , mucli this same sort of satisfactory service—^>'ou can look through their interesting offers and tell if there is oh;e that particularly fits your needs—at a glance! "1-2-;$" classification and "A-B-C" lis.iiig of ads make it;for you to locate the soit of. offefs you want to find. : Look through the Classified^ Section today! The A-B.C Classllied Ads . Always the Same—lu Service Always Uiflerent—In Opportunity - Automobiles for Snle ; 11 (iIRL—For housework. l."> North W:ilnut. • •• ^ FORI) SKir\N—1924 .Kordor, new Windsor maroon paint, good tires, nwitor n-iondfJiimcd. Third down. 12 months on balance.- .McCirtby Motor Co.. 212 S. Wash. Pho. S'Kl. rroon USBD'CARS—Tbousaiids of unused miles. In open and closed mo<lels.: Cash, tchiis, traile. Jilarr Auto Siippfy Co.""~' COOP CSlOn CARS—1 Podge touring- 1 Dodge roailsler: 1 Maxwell twirins: 1 Ford roadster with to(d raclc. B. T. Barlier Carage. One of the greatest arts in life aiidoue of the^ost neglected . is tli:u ;of finding ihappiness in little thinps, ' , ' ' 10L,A HIDE, FOB A. WOOL CO.* in Si Ohio X Phone 1.107 K KKS . ..22c No. 1 llensr .,- -21c No. 2 Hens —_— ISc <^'o.ks :.._:..___-,-.0p No:. 1 Sprincs ^^1— 2.Sc No. 2 Springs j 24c will Come Aft^r I'onltrt. / /]ire "niU Appreciate Yonr Bulness. B. A. JOXES, Prop. COGHni'S MARKET ' VFE DO NOT SElioL. EMt Monroe and Elm. 'Phone.87S. iWe.pald tlw following srlces today: Eggs, loss; off ..Sic \ No, 1 Hens 21c 1 No., 2 JHeiis 1 —.17c Broilers L_ --—i 27c Leghorns and Black BroilersJ.24C Cocks r ' '-r-.-rrr- -OSc Ducks ._!..-J— 10c Green. Hldies ^ ^-Bc Htorse Sides __$2.75 liKTllEI^ (Adah Hibbs.) • June 1.—Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Bland, and family 'visited Sunday Willi .Air. ari<I Mm. Kenneth Sharpe. .Misses Kvelyn and Ladinu Zimmerman called on Miss Uuby Jackson Tues<lay afternpoh. Hazel, fWnr.i and Kussell Jackson called on Mrs. Leo Hibbs TJiiirsday afternoon. Sir. and Mrs. Dick Tealo and baby visited Sunday with Mr. and -Mrs. Henry Kaniping and family. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leathernian and children, mid; Mre, Ida Furs- I 'min called on Oscar Johnson^s Thursday evening. = Mr. aijd Mrs. Wm. Johnson and family Visited Monday! with Mrs. Gertie Hibbs and children. " _ , ^larry and Fred Laver' called on James Jackson Sunda^;. ' .Mr." and Mrs. Zimmerman and family vikited Sunday with Mr. and airs. John Zimmerman and family. Mr. and -Airs. McHugh and Ed Fursnmn visited Sunday with Mr. and 'Mrs. Ross Laver and family. Mi^. and 3Irs. Cecil Bauni, Mr. and Mr.s. Ben Moore, of Humboldt called bu Mr. and Mrs. John Zini: iuermaii and family Wednesday evening. Misg:^ Nada Kamping attended Decoration exercises at Fort Scott Sunday. John Woodruff spent Saturday night with George Jackson. Harold Butts, jr., spent Friday afternoon at jess "Vincent's. Mrs. Qertie Hibbs allied on Mrs. Aiiniei Gibson and.' Mrs. Cecil Nulph: Thursday afternoon. i Jolii Willi About Fly Poker. G;'olony Free Press: It is reported thn^. this" year, while the Old .Man is tiway on his vacation, that bis son Augelo 'will discard the annual turtle race and substitute the game known .as fly poker. It is played similarly to a turtle race, every contestant entering his fee of ."itic and Ihe fifty cent piece on which the fly lights first entitles that entrant to first money a^id oh down the line. The use of sugar,is barrj .M], and it wllPbar an entrant: It is said the new admlnlsiratioii Is simpiT wild about It and the square wiU full .soon be roped off. A few years ago a ''complete" hardware slock included.something like 2,7.''>0 kinds, types and sizes of hammers and axes. Due to standardization this numlier now has been reduced by more than. two- thirds. ' ' V Many lose tbelJ* labor because they do not prosecute to the. end i he good work thev have begun. ' NASH i !)2:! louriiif paint g<iod. spare cense, ' motometen .Sales Co. , good tires, tire, '1920: 111 Nash .Motor 192.^> CIIKVROLKT SKUAN—Good as new, ,"•) balloon tIroK; l!»2ri Ford louring: 1U21 Oldsmoblle C touring, cheap; 1019 Oakland hmring, good condition: 192fi Ford cimpe, like new: 1 !I2."> Ford coupe, lots of i^^xtras, extra good. Hobart- Steele Moftir Co. • . Auto Acressiiries,-Tires, Purls l.t STROMBKRO' CVRBURICTORS — Save eiwju.nh on gas Jo pay for themselves. , Let us install, one for you. McCarty Battery Station. TIRK SPTOIALS—This week only now cords. 32x4. $19;, .'50x.1%, ?10. lola Auto ifVrecking Co. TlRES^Four 32x4 automobile Ures and tubes. Phone lOGr or 1105. C. M. Thompsqn. TIRES AND TUBES—Uig stock.of used tires and tubes, all sizes, at bargain prices.! Also ncw^ tires and tubes at cut rate prices. Best bu>'s in used cars in town. We sell- bettor cars for less. Ask our customers. Tipple Motor Co., 206 South-street. Phone 682. Repairing—Service Statloton 16 AUTO REPAIRING—Welding and storage. City Garage. F. B. Goodale. 214 N. Jeff. Phone 172. BUSINESS SERVICE .'Professional Services • 28 ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed. Lost. Foniid 10 SURGERY-Medicine, X-ray.', Dr. F. Lenaki. Pjiones: •dfflge, 886; residence, 1126W. SURGERY—And consultation. Dr. G. S..Lambeth. Office phone 256: residence phone 615J-. Hours. 1:30 to 5:30. EMPI>OYiVIENT Help Wauled-Feiiiale ;« Help Wantfd—Male 33 FARM lI ,\Nn -Single, wanted at cuice. no hoys. J. E. Hunter. Phone. yiSP22. LIVESTOCK Horses, CutUe, Velilcies 48 BROOD SOW—With seven pigs, a high grade one. ; Phone 999. F VRM HAND —Wanted at once for iionth or 6 weeks. Phone 231 or «5-21f • — . - - —• COW.=i—10 for sale .or tr.ade.. Some or (hesc cows liave calves by I heir side, others will be fresh in 10 (lays. Will trade for'any kind «»f cattle or hogs. Sec Frank Bover"" atEllis-Swonger Alotor Co. Phone .'{01.-- REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Uurter and Exchange ilA GROCERY—And general merchandise stock, to exchange for lola property. First class stock ami fixtures. See .M. A. Schlick. Ku.sincss and Oiiive Kiiuipment »l njiSKS— For sale; 2 roll top. .2 flat top anil one high desk. Williams Typewriter Emporium, Rins.- 10-11, Globe Bldg. ELECTRIC SIO.N—Size 3.\S ft.: new candy case, 10"ft.. long; 3V4 floor show case. Sec Hart at Hart's Cafe. * Farm^^nuipmcnt . IMX JIOWING .^L\CH1NE—New Eriier- son-Brantiiigham standard nia- jchiiie. C '- ft. cut. Hobarl-St?oIe Motor Co. . . • Huuseliold (I 'uods : 59 OAS RANGES-rOil stoves, hot plates: also good brooms, 35c. 20S North Washington. GAS RA.N'GE—New white porcelain trim. A guaranteed range at |30. llcnninger's Furniture Co., West Miulison. .M.VTTRESSES—Yesi we iarc selling 45 lb. all-cotton rolled edge . new' mattrc.sses- for $7 cash. See us before you buy or sell. We liny, sell and trade for anything. Furniture sold on easy payments. Chimney Sweep Store. Phone 9l)S. .Machinery and Tools -61 M.\N^Wanled with ear to drive country. No experienee nei .fs- saiy. Special training givn free. Good p.iy. $40.00 to $flO.(IO a week for sle.-i'dv work. Write toilay. Box 1632, Dept. E, Philadelphia, Pa. .'iALKSMEN—Wanted, tw -o loc .tl nien to sell wj'll known make of Eli !<:lrlc Waslwrs in lola and vl- einil.v. .Must- be men who are able to produce an4 preferably who have liail experienee in Ibis line lOfjAielling.-. State experience and fKb references. .Address, "Eleetmf Washer." care nf The Roglsiorj SALESMA.V—Local territor.v.' Must have auto and (|u:(\ifications for building year round repeat tratle on lubricating oils and roofing cement from farmers and indu.s- Irial u.sers In 25 ml)e radius. Wb handl^ credits, collccllons. shiri- meiits. from nearby branched. Ago limits 2S-50. Interview ar- V ranged. .The Atlas Oil Co., Kan- -•sas City, Mo. Situations Wanted-.^yile 37 MAN—Wants carpenter work" of any kind. H. H. Shockcy, 210-N. Chestnut or 838 N. Jefferson. FINANCIAL Money to Loaii—Mortgages 40 FARM LOANS reaspntjible rates. •Quick service and A. D ; Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington.: FARM LOANS—5% base rate, 5, 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option, i Stewart £ Funk. DAIRY^ COWS-^'our^,^do IIol- sf^ins." iH -o' win be fresh soon. E. E. Biijldcn, Garnett, Kansais. Phone R3SU/ Cl'KRNSEY HULL—One coming 3 year (dd U good one, for sale or Made. Archie Smith. 315 N. First. HORSE—Eight years old. weighs 1400. T. A. Klinzey, 2V{; miles west nf Bayard. • HOLSTEIN COW—Fine six year old, giving milk. Hobart-Stcele .Alotor Co. MILK CQAVS—Five Holstoins, ext/a good, giving from 5 to 7 gal. per day. G. 11. Taunaliill, Vernon, Kans. CULTIVATORS—Some good riding cultivators and some good plows. IiKluire J.. :P1 Kipp, Piqua, Kans. Houses tor Rent HOUSE—Four rooms, garage, gas electricity and water.-Imiuire 815 South street. . Sbore and Moiintnin—Fioi; Safe 86 jj • — ' . L ': '. , OZATUC CABIN SITE—One /hun-' dred dollars. In beautiful ln~ dian river highlands in heart of Ozarks. A five hours drive from : Ipla, gravel" and slab road. Terms, 523.00- down will seoure building , site. Let's go, it is' playtijpe.- Call or pfaiHte Mrs. -A. R. Sands, Kelley Hotel. lola^^ m LEGALS Lesal Sotlccs 91 HOUSE—Nine rootii modern, good "garage and barn, 902 South State .street, •inquire at 1002 South Slate, or call 976-12: (First Published in The lola Paify Register "May 26. 1926) NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Slate of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court in' and tor. said county. In the matter of the^ Estate V. M. Brownffeld, deceased., , ... Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid Estate, are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court in and for Sirtd County, sitting- at . thBi Court House in lola, ^County- ofc- AUen, State of Kansas, on iiie 26th day of June, A. D.. 1926, for a fuU = and "Clnar settlement of said Estate, and for an order finding and. ad- jnifging wbo are the heirs, devisees and legatees of said deceased. MARO B. BROWNFIELD, Administrator of the Estate of V. M. Brownfleld. deceased. (5) 2.6 (S) 2^9-16. MODERN—3 rooms and ; wash room, • unfurnishetl. Ilo.irt per month. GOl North St. Pho. f457J. THIRD, S. 201—Four room house corner lot. in good condition. Inquire 205 S. Third. Phonc,12:53W. WASHINGTON. N. 705,-:^Nicely fih-- •nlshed house, garage; after June 2. Mrs. Maude Love Ft. Scott. Kas. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms aiid touid for Sale • S3 4 ACRES —Unimproved on Hor- villc road: on terms, cheap. Phone 925 W: 1L\V PRESS — Admiral power press.. C. N. Cole, 225 S. Ohio. THRESIILVC MACHINERY —Gas and.stoain engines; supplies, new and used for sale. Salesmen in your locality. Write us. The Russell & Co., St. Joseph, Mo., Wich- 'ta. Kan.s. Seeds. Plants, Flowers 63 SUDAN SEED—4c per pound. W. H: .M.-iley. .Moran, Kans. Telephone LnHarpe. Kans. Wanted To Buy r >6 WANTED TO BUY—Furniture of all kinds. We will pay highest cash price. See us before selling. Bishop Sjtios Pavilion. Phone ^Rf. RED COW—Giving 5 gallons milk ilaily. One mile cast of Kentucky and second house south of slab. Lester .Morrow. • iSTOCK— Fiill blood Duroc gilts, will farrow soon. Will Ensminger, Moran'. TEAM—Heavy work horses, 7 a^id 8. years old: wide tire wagon; licavy harness and spring dray wagon. 618 South Third. Phone 1460J after 6 o'clock. Poultry and Supplies 49 BABY CHICKS—R. I. Reds, W. Leghorns. June 6, 7 and 15. Trii- bey's, Cks. Phone 957-12. BABY CHICKS—Several breeds, summer prices. Sturdy Chick Hateher>-./ Phone 446. MERCHANDISE Articles for Sale- »1 FARM AND CITV^ LOANS—Base rate on farms 5%, city 6%.; Long, or short time. R. M. CuHulnghani. MONEY—To loan on farm and city properly.' J.icksou Really • Co., over Brown's Drug Store. PRIVATE MONEY—To loan oi) • city property, low rate, long or short time. Stewart & Funk. BLACK BRiVUTY AXLE GREASE. Closing- out our stock Black Beauty axle grease at cost.'^nnd below. Hobart-Steelc Motor Co. BV^ES-^ood swarms, $2.00 each, deor W. Sidcrs, mile and half wpfi of Bayard. ' FENCE — Just received carload American fence and barbed wire. Get our prices. Allen County Implement Co. ROOMS AND BOARD Booms for Housekeeping 69 iVPART.MENT—2 ^ roo;n modern, ctose in. Also .sleeping rof/m. Rea.sonable terms., 202 East street. Phone 636. f HOUSEKEEPLVG RpOMS--.ViceIy Ifurnisbed, close in. ' Bryson Furniture Co.. 219 Jefferson. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT A]inrtments and Flats 74 A.PARTMENT—Furnishcti. modern close in. 315 South Chestnut. Phone 974-3. Business Places for Rent ' 75 TWO STORE ROOMS—At 208 N. Washington. Inquire at rear of building. _j Houses for Bent -BUNGALOW-^Six room ino«Jer.n. close in, garage. ' John ReuthCr, lola. . BUCKEYE, N. 214—Seven room " modem," no garage; Xir will sell. Mrs. Ida Faddis. Phone 639. HOUSE—Modern house close ia. only $18. See V. C. Archer, over Brown's Drug- Store. HOUSE-Six room modern at 303 North street, for $20 month. Phone 1480J or 238. ' THE RICHARD EWING FARM— 333 high bottom in one body, no wasto. no hardpan. or gumbo.' all choice ' Neo.sho Valley silt loam. Well fenced, dear of weeds, in corn, wheat and alfalfa^ Good - 8 room modern house with basement, also 6 room house and 4 room cottage: 3"barns, one large, hew and up-to-date, one built for alfalfa; criiis. hog house and;other outbuildings; fine shade and .water. Part is rented at $20 per acre; and whole farm can • be leased to responisible party for 3 yeaT!>,,?lQ per acre, cRiih: 5 producing oil weife connected with pipeline jind power plant goes with farm, income $1250 yearly. I.Kiud "reaches within 2 blocrks of city limits. and hard surfaced mad into bam yard. Might. sell 256 . acres with main Improvii- ments.; terms. Owner bought the farm without a cent and paid for it out of crops In a few years. All pro.sp'ects, invited to inspect Ibis best farm in Allen county. .1. H. Hamilton, 405 South street. (First Published in The lola Daily Register .Mav 26. 1926) NOTICft OF FIN.iL SETTLI -^MEJiT State of Kansas, Allen ('ounfy, ss. • In the. Probate Court in arfd f^r said county. In the matter of the Estate of. Joseph M. Page, deceased. Creditors and all other persons' interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby uatififd that I shall apply to tbc Prolate Courtj in and for said County,- sitting at ;the Court House lola. County of AllQUi State of I^iiisag, on the 26th daj^ of June, A. D. lV26, for a full and final settlement of said Estate., •and for an order finding and adjudging who. are the heirs;;-devisees and legatees' of' sauTr-de­ ceased.. ' NANCY E. PAGE, Administrator of _the Estate .of •Joseph M. Pago, deceased. " (5J 26 (6) 2-9-16. ' : Lots for .Sale COR.N'ER BUILDING LOT—70x120,' shade, paved street, close In. In- 0iilre'4O7 South Colliorq .street.' To Excliange—Real Estate 88 COTTAGE—For sale or .exchange; dandy modern,-basemeift and garage; also partial modern cottage; best terms. Dr. Mitchell. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENTS^ The State of Kansas.^ Afleui Ceunty, ss. ;in the Probate. Court in aM lor; said County. iln .'the matter of. the estate of; NeFs P. Mnline, deceased. ICreditors and ail other persons; liitcrcsted in the aforesaid estate: ade liereby notified that"! sh.all ap-; pEy to the 'i'robate" CourU in audi for-said county, sitting . at .the Ci>urt Jlouse iii lola, Countj? of Al-i Itm, .State of Kansas, on the Z-Slli day of June. A. D., 1926 for a full and final settlement Of .said estate, and for an order fHiding and rfd- jtidging. w-ho are the heirs, devisees and legatees of .sahl deceased. A. Fv OHLFESTv ;Adrainis(rator of the estate of. Nels P. .Midlne, deceased. : (i'.>il9-2C <C)-2-9 NOTICE OK APIMHNtMKNniV-? • AdmlnlstnitrK'i- State of Kansas,. Allen County, ss. ' • • . • ; : . . In the matter of the e.s.tate of .Samuel E. Walter.. late uf Allen County, Kanfias. NOTKE >F AI'i'OI.VT .nENt, Notice is Miereby giv/>n, that on the 28th day of May, A. 1)., 1926, tbe undersigned, was by the.Probate Court'b£ Allen: county, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Ad- mini.<itrat'rix of fhe estate ;of,.Samuel Ki Waller, late of Allen Coun-^ ty, dccc.i<sed. Alt parties interest- eiP in said estate will, take notice and govern themselves' accordingly. LILLIE H. WALTER, Administratrix. (6)-2-9-.lfi. CLASSIFIED: DISPLAY GOOD USED 'CARS You take ijo chance^ when you buy one of our used cars. We can not afford to sell any btlier kind. IftK WILLYS-KNKJHT eOlPE -SEDANi like new. . rJ23 DODtJE ROADSTER. • 1923 WILLYS-KNICiHT TOURING, like new. l.\TE.iJ«4 ROLLINGS COUPE. 1923 IIUPMOBILE 4.»odr Sedan. 4 DODGE Tourings. ; Several other gooff used car Iiargains. ^ CASH, TER.MS OR TRADE Open Day and Nigbt. FuU Line of Jfeinr Miller Cord Tirea. ; K GRAND MOTOR CO. lie nr. Jackson HUPMOBILE—WILMS-KSliSHT OVEBL^D Phone 60 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THE WAY JAY UNiyERSTOO.D. BY BLOSSER DO VOW UEARAi IW mD&y <SAI20EM AA3VW »y? BILL- FOLD—Lost sometime Saturday. coatainiBg 'sum of money. Return to Register. . ,•' . .•"' ' •

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