Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 2, 1926 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1926
Page 4
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PAGS.FOUR •CHASi>:.F- SfcOTT Bn'terfca at' thc'-lola Postfamce as • Second QiiSs Matter. : OffictaLPaper City of lola. Official Paper City of BassetL Official Paper Atlen County. Telephone -.V..-;.....^ 18 - (Private BrancK ^Scvbarige: Conncctins All Uopartments) • - Member of'f-. -V National Edltdk -lat - AisoolaUon. Kansas Press Auociatlon. The; Kansas Dally Leanue. - - Au^lt Bureau of ICIttulatlon. Press Congress of, thij World, friland Daily PrM« Aiwotefatlon. SUBSCRIPTION' RATES. By -Carrier III'IUIJI . UaH City. I^iUarpo I • ,an<l ilJassott. Ono Wn-k .i ....15 Contii Our/M-ihlii 70 l>-iilii OiW y<ar 17.1*0 < BY MAIL In Allen County : Ono Vi-iir «.Off Hlx .•••.f--MM|. ? ThK.- Mm.lliH .../ll.ZS Oiii; Mmiili ^,.... .tOc OutKliJe Alloo County On.. V.i.r I8,IM) HIK Mi.iiUn .t^.l'iU 'I'llrr.i. ,\1-.rilln : •, ,•. .$1,00 TWEMBER-ASBOCIATED PRB8S. Tt'U*i- Itfui*'!*'!'- '•HITllT* llli^ A»i«»<»Chll«M vl'ii'au I'li'Ml liv"! N|n'<lii| ;li-(iw'il win Tti" .\ii.n(.'>'<l rr<-»''J*< ixrItiHlVfly en.. «II!<<1 I'l Uir- U «!C fill- ri'l'lll'll'lllI'lH "f "11 Ili'HA .<ll."(.;ili li" X ifiinti'il t" It or tliil (IIIHI wirj' iTci]l|r(l In tliln iiiiiMr. niid IIK ' liii-il iiilvK |iiihllN|ii'i1 liiTcIn AM rtultls iir r«-}>til)Iit*tilirui tif H|"'''IJII <f|Mpa!r!;tii IWTciii iiro iilso rcHirrvrd. Bible Thought for Tod^y. Tlie law liavinK a shadow of the pood tilings" to coniL", not the very liijase of iljo-IhinKS.—Hcb. 10:1. WIIKAT .WHI A lUSnTiL. •. One Ijiishcl oT 191'G whcat.-t-anrl the-story ' back: of it—is KoinK to win .sonic farmer the title «f Wheat riianiplpii of Kaiisas afld a cash rcw.-ird of .?.HKi. •' "^iic title and (lie prize will be ^wa'iU'O. diirinR Farm aiid Home Wf'ok a), life Kansas State ABrlpuI'- (ural CoUefie in February. 1327, acconlinj; to the Manhattan Indus- tri; Sclcctibn of the champion will be; made by crops experts of U'l- (•(.<^Ic^e and the!cash prize will .ho furnished by the Kansas City, '.Mo. Clipmber of Commerce. 'A :rriiiiil iprize of-^200 and; a third . jirize o^ ?1<'0 also are offered by the oiTs'aiiization. - Thii i ^rouii -of farmers troni whom the slate champion will be I^iikcd w^^ll be the co'iiniy chain- V''i"« wlio will Ite delernilijed dllt*- i.)^' I hi! l/nir of I IK ? Whral Festival tram- IhroiiKh the Kansas wheal bell nv<'r the liiii'.sof the Santn Ke ami ilic Koch Iwlaiid jiily lU tii . Aji«ii!<l 7. .>ri'mlifrH ol* the trail} '»4 jj'ititf will <hooHc from tlio conteHt- ;«nlM In I 'licli roiinly. 'fhi' baHJii' for H <orInK compeit- i.itf, whiih ban lii-cn worked out \>y III llcKu and the elmmher of iniiimcrcc IH HO arrai|K<-d l^iiil. 'Ihu winnjiT: will lid n real' chnnipinn. Ill- will not •'iicccH .sarily be tlv6 Kiowir -who has a larKo ncreaRo or u tri-hicndoiisly hlfch acre pro ' (liuiion, IJiffefences in soil quality In ^liffereiit sections of the slate will be allowed, for byficor- ia:-; • the ' acre-^jfield on a basis- of fJK avcraRO'' M-year yield for the county ii^ w-hich the Rrower. lives. Quality of Rrain . and soundness "of production nie'.hods berth will •)ulk iarfjer than yield ^er acre in tl:e scoriuK. Out of a total o| -L",000 jiointH. 750 will be based on , Kruin quality;, 450 • on acre yield, and S((0 on cultural methods: ..^ Allen County is not in the wheat, bolt but it p-ows "juHi ^as good whial as is likely' to be found in any otlior part of Kansas ;and we Jiope all of bur Wheat growers . Vill enter this co'ntcst—and that one of them will win the. prize. ?:{ii0.00 for one bushel of wheat is .worth soinK after. ;Tiie Dt'inocratic Convention at Wicliitii to^k three lines to approve tha efforts of the navis aU- . , tiiinistralion to' diminish taxes. Ami, then it took fiftoeri lines to t (leclare. that a law bought to , be • jiassed making, it a'crime for any Stale official or porson in the employ Of tlie Stale'to appear before any department of the State gov- " iTniiieht a.s UK'Jit or attorney for any. person, firm or corporation. In other words the Convention Mraa lor the, Diivis efforl.'to reduce-ta.\' rs and aKiiin.'it the I'elerson-Tag- Kiirl-Uavis effort to reduce the population of the penitentiary. Tallun .i,' about dlverslfyloR agrl- cullurc, iiow \«»uld it dii for Kan.••.as farmers to get into the pcp- iicrViinl .biisiiiess? iThcrc have ibei'ii two short -crojisin succession •and as a rc.sull popliermint oil is ^ihnormally high priced. Ordinarily -iy sc >lls"for about $1.00•la'pound. . Last December it -wciit to ^st.OO a 'pound and it is still iielUug around $15.00. About half the , Vrorla's peppermint oil is produced in the "Uni^d/Slates. Just now the Industry, is centered in Michigan'and . Indiana and of course Kansas could raise it if she made UD her ; mind to it. ' Former Governor Jonathan Davis declared with much vehemence at Wichita that he ^ was not a candidate for governor in order to rer ceive vindication but jUBt to give the people of Kansas' a^chaiice to say -what they think of ^iin. The people woiild gpi ;^iinly~ like to ! have that chance.. i ONF T«^AR LESS.; 'Wf(;bita Beacon: 'liie- surrender of i^bd-el-KrtBi and his Rifti^n army to France mticst -be.a.-.great reiief to the French r government .which is-harrasiied Uy the Druses iii Syria, confronted by a serious collapse bf currency at home and vexed by the (i))ri8lng In Poland, Its long-time ally. The successful outcome .of Us Moroccan canipaign brings respite to Premier Brland, who haa his han^s full. \ Abd-el-Krim put- up a Ibugcn- and i niioro stub^jorn. tight' than was expected. Elated by his 'success iiQ defeating tlr^. Spanish troops, ihe tlioiiKhl ho ;woiild take qn a stronger and 'ni.oro prnlontlous foo .J ^itt tboru IH a krunt difference be fHroon .Hpitlu ami Friincfr as' flghtr iTiR iitt^nii, Hpaln's dociMloueo ON Ik tnflifiry piiwur was 'evident in the yiiifx IXiiM, Franco, on tb'd contrary, sliowud the most niuryitt- ouH tiiltltary. i'«slMtnnco of atiy ob* lion lb the world's history in the trying yeurH from 1014 to 1018, Its resources, slr.o and knowledge of the technic of war was too much for. the half-wild Moroccans, although they did put up a remarkably strong fight. ' The ability of JCrim to freslst for such a long period is a warning to all of the nations that are more:| advanced in the-arts of war. it' does not seem to ta^e long for setnl-civUlzed nations to learn how to operate machine guns, poison gas, airplanes anil hand grenades. If they Uo not take quiclly to the gentle arts of highly civilized peace, they nevertheless -learn to fight in the latest and most approved fashions, with osly a little coaching. • It is an ironical fact, therefore liiat a race does not have to be ftilly civilized In order to fight an effective ;war. ^ Miss MeJlon=» engagenient ring is a large and very beautiful diamond set marquise fashion in platinuin. Some -Jmuble Irojn a mian earning $50.00 a week. THE JOLA'DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENINa JUlfiB 2, 1926. WILLIAMS the jay birds and he writes about the wren, he writes about the bugs and w^orras and alwaj^s makes it blend. If we only had the talentS and'dep|urted this life.May 20, 1926, GlydaS Sprague who has been attending school'in Pittsburg this winter is home for the summer vacation. . Mrs. R I -W . I'enland and daughlei' Luuru, ofiLnllarpe, sirenl ii couple of days this week at Ted I'eiilaiurH. Mrs. h/KUiWH, Mrs. iJessu"barrier and Mrs. Olive Carrier were lulu vlHllorH Saturiluy. T. A. Church iiiid children wire III lolii Siilurday where the Utile girl IH taking trralmeiiTM. ' The eiimmeiicoment exerelses for the AiideiHoii county eighth grade griiduiitcfl wan luild at (iurnelt J-TI- diiy. Several from our town and coiniunnltj" Htleiided. Saturday was I ho usual meeting of the tlrnnge. Mr. Ross, who recently purchased the-Robert Sanders place, was initialed Into the order, at this meeting. ' Mrs. thnrley Swan and -Mrs. Larson- visited >Ir. Swan at the hos-- pital Saturday. They expect Mr. Swan liome Tuesday. A band of gypsies visited Lone KIra Friday. About fourteen were in the band. They scattered ovdij- town aniUiiisisled ;6tV telling fortunes, blowing-good-luck into mon- I py drawers etc..-but so far as we' learned no shoplifting occured. You will'remember a year ago some of our merchants were not so fortunate. . . Mrs. Mary Bracewcll told mo she didn't get the Register Saturday and she she lost. She had read the paper for a good long time. She could remember when' It was a weekly paper and her father, Mr. AV. T. Stput, now of La-; Hai-pe, drove about twenty-five miles to the postoffice to get it. She enjoys' reading the paper so much because • it has news from such a wide range of territory. The upual crowd of shoppers were in town Saturday .when, the storm struck here. It literally rained hail for about a half hour. Considerable damage wa^ done to gardens and other growing thlng.s. fThcn on Sunday morning it hailed again so hard just north of town that it completely demolished a field of corn.for O. G. Dawson. Sev- reral chickens were killecl for different ones in this locality.' Some of the men around town went out to view the scene of the destruction and brought back a bucket of hail, where it had drifted beside the road. The township tractor grading is about done now and iljo work has been done good. TJio men who have been doiiig the work, Lewis Wells and A. L. King, arc to be comjHIniented. Mrs. 'Jake Thompson Is quite III at this writing. Shn suffered another severe attack of heuK trouble Friiluy. The .Memorial service^ at the I. O. O. F, hall Sunday afternobn was well attended.. In spite of the threatening wpather the program that had ben planned by the yoting folks wiis carried out. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Perry of Welda, Mr. and .Mrs. Jiy GImby and Mr. and.Mrs., Clarence Penland of Arkansas City spent Sunday at the parental Small home. They tell me. a certain poet has a time at making rhyine, he makes \J It in the office or just any old time; ^ Yes he takes his pen and seats himself right down and gets 4o ^ork and then,the papers irays abuitfk or two for any old quirlu Some of them are nice and gay and soine are full of tears, but as long as he cin sign his nafhe they pay him. have no fears! He writes about we would like to do the same. And writer and write, and write, aiid write^nd then just sign our nanj|fc. Friends of Mrs. B. M. Carter for- miUly of LaHariie will be glad to learn that she withstood the second operation and Is doing as well' as could bo expected. She is In St. John's hospital at Sallna and quite sure a post card .will iielp. pass the. time away. The L. K. ilelms family spent Sunday In LaHai;pe and attended the decoration' services there. .Mr. and MrsJ A. L. Wilson and fioik Orel took Sunday dinner at the Ora Uubcock homePSiear Neosho Falls. They found Mrs, Itabcoek not much better. Some one told me the olhorday that a friend was making a doll to send lo (?)ilnu and sho fiiiind iiiit Ihiit a neighbor child pant two years old had never had a iloll. Was that your neighbor? Foreign nilH- ttloiiH are fine aii 'd 1 am a believer III Iheni, but let us not neglect our next door neighbor. Mr. and Mrs. Koy nuchaiian of Ottawa formerly bf this vicinity were in our city to attend the decoratioh service. Mr; and Mrs. .Kmel Klew arrived Thursday from California. ' They had a fine trip. They expect to ninke an extended visit with friends and relatives hero. Mrs. Van Hester received word Wednesday that her sister. Miss Nonie Strickler was very ill with an attack "of • appendicitis." j . Dr. and C. W. Jackson and Dona' Claire called at Penkmd's Thursday evening for a.visit with .Mrs. R. W. Penland and Laura. A very pleasant evening followed. Less than half the people struck by lightning are killed. > \ l 'V: SKATING RIN^ .West Streefr-,lbla i Aftemoon.0 S to 4; I^ights 7:!M) to 10 Cblldren, Satnrdar XoriUiig. ' 9:S0 to 11 ISe Twhum's—For Value" You Wouldn't Think ; of Drawing i a Man's Picture and Forget His Ankles ' ' There isn't a man who wouW forget to put his feet in socks- when he steps out. Lislej -is thej very "warmest" thing in hose for men. These socks have' the^ warii^h' of a depot (Stove—in looks. Affilia^^ Clothiers for Iciia Obllutirx—Lydlu Harbison. Lydia E. Truelovc was boru near Alfordsvllle, Indiana, Juno 1, 1848 at the ago of 77 years, 11 months and 20 days. She was married to L. P. Harbi- .son April 25, ISG7 and to this union was born eleven children, three dying in infancy and James KInicr althe-agc of nincle.en and her.hus'^- band preceding her February 27, 1!)17. Those left to mourn her loss are one sister, seven chi.ldi-en. thirteen grandchildren Und twi) great grandchildren, besides a largo circle of friends. Through her suffering she boro her pain iratlently without murmuring or complaiitlng. Since^-childhood she liiis- sirlven lo serve her Lord. She profesbeil fiiith and united with the. Kapiisi church In youth. Slni;u her com- punion'M deallpshe has made her home.with her children and nl tlio time Hhe was calli'il she was innking her home with llerdniiKiifer. Mr .t. R. I). ArmHtidiiK in LIlihrieM, llli- ua|s. All tluil lovliri; hai do Was done but she fell ds could lasleep In the arms of Jesus. The remains wx-re brought to lola and a sliort survico was conducted by tUe^Uev. Jonathan C. Wilson, pastor of the Trinity Methodist church, from the Sleeper Service itoom on Tuesday after- ij'oon at 2:30 o'l'lo^k. Interment wa.-i made in llighlatid C<-riielery.— A Frieuil. (<i!urs Itttlse'llie^ Do liie countershaft gears of the transmission serve any useful iinir- pose when tlie car isi In direct, or higli, gearT"" , The couiitersh:ift driv^ gear of the 'coi\Ventional traiismissticni al- way.s Is In mesh witji the elutiSiJ or iiialn shaft, drive gear. Hut liii^ direi't drive (high gfil"). <ho conn- tersliatt gear.s coiilrolled by il continue to revolve.?.. • 1 litre's the answer. The .poun- lerHhuIt gear:i arelnihe bottom of the traiismlHslon -cMHe and as siieh are deeper in lul>ri<-/int. Their ac- lioii III rotating serves lii keep llie «r<'ii:<e Hiirred up. thereby raislug liibrleant-lo lake- .care of the >*f|d- Ing geai-K, the. gear shift forks and the lraii.ii \iiHHi(iii rhearijigs. \lAttieBenny'& ' NoteBookr .'\ (By iLee Fape) Ma was sewing on her sewing machin# and I-^ed, Jlay ma? If you are addressing me I. am no hay, as I have repectedly told you, ma sed. Wich jihc has, land I sed. Well Tiay, tua.-I.niecn ink do you think it 'would hert a huiimn.bean to cat yelow soup • like pecplo have in kiichins? . I think some boys jask redlcku- iliHt! questions, nm sbd. Meenlng certeny it would hert jyoii, ami I sed. Well how about the outshle of u bunuunnu, IH ihut huriiifill to eat, mii'/ . If nature Intended UM to iral It |lt wutfldeVit Ijo on the outHlde, 3i iwould Ibe H)U the Inside, iiin sed. Welt II is after wo oat II, ifn on our luwiile, I .sed. If you are meerly trying to ni^ke conversation for . Jiollteness sake, thank you jest th ]e same but I am very bijzy, mil sed. Well then how about the inside of a red lead pencil, do you imagine that would- be bad fdi- the digestion, ma? I sed, i : Ilave you the slightest desire or inclination to eat eny of the crazy things you have mentioned? ma- sed. No ma, J, sed. Well thei. wy meirtlon them? ma Fed, and I sed. Because for- the simple reason because I ale them alreddy, I w-as around at Puds Simkinses house this . afternoon and we hud a contest to see; wich one could: eat bites out of the most diffrenl; kinds of tilings. Wy you" crazy silly-thing, how do you feel? ma sed, and I sed, Grate, and she sod. Well I blecve Hi give yoiT some medicine, no, I bleevel 'll leevc Imd'enuff alone. Do you wunt me lo tell you w.-it ells I ale biles out of ma? I sed, and .she sed, 1 flo not, ^at 1 dont know wont hert me. So I dident tell her almut the ceelin .g w.ix and the spirage. ' •i- •:• •:• •> •:• <• •> • •> r> * * <• * •>• •:• JJEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS • •> Issued daily Irpm' office of <• lola Abstract Company. * •> . <• •:• •:• •:• • • •:• • + June 1, 1!)26. Lena U. Keown, wife lo Andrew \l\eowii.. SIC. M and NK. % of S\VNlii. ,2«-2:!-lS; less 2 acres for sehoorsjle, $1. Ceorge ^X^' Curl, uiitparrled.^to Viola Hnrdui^n^ I.'nil. Int. liK loiH 7 and.,s, block 7a, Uumboldt, $.100. " . . \ , A lot 'of .major Tongue hnsebali r.iuM ar<> not HO all-fired sure now about >vliiell <-liibs are going to win the two flags. SON COACH VAt Your Door 9ipthmg £lse t« 'Pay All Closed Gat Comforts — Masterful Performance-^^I^^ Cost Note Well These Claims—They Are Supported by 800,000 Owners Lasting pride of ownership comes £rom masterful performance, ease of operatioa and ^maimenance, from reliabiliqr and ecoaomjr. Tbese qtulidea cannot be revealed any other.test than actual performance over long periods of dme and in the 'ha^ of evezy type of user. • \ Hudson holds first advantage because of its patented Supcr-Six^^e worid's niost famous motor. More than 800, OOO'haye been buiitbyHudsonunderttseicclusivepfaidple. For 11 years it has been outktandinel>ecause of distinctive smoothness, ^de flcxftility, power, q)eedi and-reliabili^. ! ' Hudspn is easy to steer. Itsjpower range is CO great that gear shifting is lessened, and HI^DSON-BROUGHAM j«1559 Lock (buih ia }iUataiC9t Shottets; Moto-Heter; Combmidoa Stop and.TAT ^V the riding action is so-well anaaged tfaatlong ' hours at the wheel arc nottiring. Economy is ifound in low operatiiig and - maintenance cost. ' These are the qualities that make satisfaction. Upon-suchacbassisismounted ' the Coach. It Wives all closed car coin> forts. It is sturay, beautiful in line, and complete in eveiy practical detap. Its sde y has exceeded t^of tmy'dosed car piiCed above $l,OWk. Thatproductioa has led to greater econ< my and mod* lower prices, it has permitte^nnnyTmprokmeotnnchasBS iandbody. . Sotoday^sHudsoaCdocInsaotonlydieAest ever built. It also is priced lower ^uut ewer before. ' , ' HUDSOlSl 7-PASS; SEDAN •1790 WHITE MOTOR CO. 221 S. Wasiungfod i \ Phone 180 Your Lawra^ow^ ... needs .atlenf ion. We make an ^14^-™°''^^'' likcrnew. factory methpd's^insure yiJir'a first class jd ^b. .We do both, SfliRPEIi ^mG AND KEPAiRING OuT T. Y. C. A. (Thaiili You .tall AgsUn) / ;7 F. G. >yi: i'XhL AND DBLIVEU FREE! 13 Xorih^WiiIliut i •- ; . I'boiie 119 .MaHiweK I»c and ;.tH-; MgblH H)«-ttiid JtOe iTONIGHT-t-LAST TIMES _ &t ndional IHeiuFi^ Milton Sills, in a big thrilling romance of Cops ^nd^ CupidSi^He gets all the bad 'oris—ye.s^ir!—even if he has to raid a Turkish bath to find 'em. '.Talk aboufc-the fun?—Rai'e about the thrills?—Say hoy,' you don't know the half of it! \ . Also LIGE CONLE-/in "CHEAP SKATES"^Two reel coinedy. 1 / TIUKSnAY and FIMHAY \ wrrw ADOLPHE MEMJOU FLORENCE ViDOR S MALCOLM 5XX^fl o ^Loduct .or^ If you like lo I<l ihc' IiiiiKhier llriKerrihy all means nii-et tiie (iranti DII^IU'SM and the Walterr Saturday - HOOT (ilHSti^!^ lal-.V rijlf OF THE KI.VIXMJ" Re volu tionized At last, a new kind of iron solves your " worst ironing problemsthe iron with the "million-dollar" thermostat. It watches its own tempferature. The iron turns itself off brforejt gets too hot — then on again before it can get tod cxxil-T-automatically. Saves time, work and worry. Protects the gbments and prolongs the life of the fabric. / ^Safe, too, if you or the laundress go away and forget; to. disconnect the cord. Tjie "Million DoUar" Westinghouse Aikomatic 0 Anil a valuable book pn Ironing without charge. "A LITTLE GlIDE TO BETTER IKONrNG." By Helen Latimer. ,Ask us for it. 'F11OB0 193 S East JacMon.:^ H»ve,roa a House for Rent? Or for-Sale? Want to buy ai ^|Mgt_ Sfee the Qassilie^

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