Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 2, 1926 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1926
Page 3
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hffH. W. H. Maldy of Lallariie, wan taken :t1),p hoa Htal at KanaaJi Cliy ye»terdn;y foV treatment. : A car load of farm tractor* v/mt M&loaded' at Uie Saiuta Fe Xrcight rtepot yesterday. • ' ; ^^OT a reaii meal go to Hart 's Cafe. Chicken every day/ • ~~ /' ' . .Mr. and Mrs. C.. C. Hicks who have been' to Hope, ICansas to TJsit Mr.. Hicks's -brother and family, returned home Monday. ••: Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kester Ve- turnec^ Monday from Kaksas City : wbere they had been visiting their BOD, Leighton aiid family. / " « . . — . • / —Dr. Montgomery, Cbifopractor. lola Laundry Bldg.; Phone 138. Work waj begun: gravelingi the road leading -toward the Neosho rK-er. The gravel will exteml west to the Piqua. hill.. ^ The gravel i.s being laid four inches .deep ^nd fiiiteeri feet la width. —Farm L«ans^ SeS-tw for Farm Loans. R. L.iThompson Agency. Mrs. E. S. Davis and Mrs. W..E. Davis and daughters, Fhorence.and Velma, returned Sunday to ihfijr home in"Fredpriia after VisiCTJfg relatives in lola for a few'^yr.' ytr, .Dewey Stewart has resigned his'chair at the Diamond barber shop.. -Mr. Stewart htm not yet decided about hla future movements. • • • * • F. L. B. J^T.AVEU^ M. D. * • Hpr ^lttl Hlienllon gjvon DIs- * • eases of. Colon and H«riuin. • • EI*'rlro-Th«rat»y and " * • PliyHlothprapy, • • Offl .'B lolfl aiaio Hank Tlldg. • rhont-s-I47 and 70C. • Tliij tlt-gisler girls were remem- Xn'Tifti y'eHterday ;tf»»Tn<.Kjn by Mrs<; N E Owens of 423 Nortli Cottonwood street with a,box of big luscious strawberries which she-had - picked from her garden that morning.- . • ' . \ ' .Mr. and Mrs. D. \V. Curfman of Kansas City were guests over the week end in the homes of • Mr. Curfman's sister. Mrs. (Jeor'ge Seymour and of his mother, .Mrs. Curf-; " man. and of the Clint Ball family.. • V —I • ' XolJce. '- —The ' undersigned banks will fTlOse at noon; on .Thursdays during •'the months of June, July, August and Septejnb^^- Flrsi National.Bank Tola State Bank t lieiTCounty; State Bank" tate Savings Bank. Mr. W. O. HiUbrant who Uves on the Servey farm, about seven miles southwest: of lola, was in town yesterday after berry boxes. Mr. Hillbrant brought in ten crates of strawberries which he sold to local merchants. He says that while tlie dry'wlather did some damage - to^hls berries, they are now doing fine, with prospects of Just about a nbrmjil'-crop. HEALTH and ACCIBEST ASSOCLiTlON ' , Partial List of Claims Paid in This District During .Maj'^ . Mnttiils ppolonkalnk 88.00 Mr. Pi»uli Davis l<}ft Monday I for^l Tallnnt, iQWa., for a visit with his aunt, Mi[s. fThpmas Adams. Mrs. Harlan Taylor and daughter. Miss Pauline went to Joplln $aturdaiy/for a short visit with telatlres. They returned home Monday: , , —Dr. A. B. Twadell, Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. ^ Mr. BeVerly, sSith, who had begn visiting Mr. George Fryer of 511 South Cottonwood street, retur^ied to, his home In Kansas City yesterday.- \ ; : , / Mrs. Flora L.Rlcketts.'matron of the Methodist Home for the Aged at Topeka, returned to Topeka yesterday after visiting relatives and friends in lola for a few days and also visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary E. Arnold of Carlyle. —Just Angei Food Cake, l ^yan Hpozer'3 Bread, 2 for 15c. Mr; b. M. Cawley returhed yesterday from Kansas City where he went oh the Santa Fe excursion. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Harbison and son Dale, who were In lola attending the funeral of Mr. Harbison's mother, Mrs. I..., E. Harbison, left yesterday on the 4:28 Santa Fe for their home Ip Ottawa, Kansas. ,—Dr O. L. Cox, Specialist Eye. E^r, Nose and Throat. Mr. and/Mrs. Bert Bradley of Cbase.r Kansas, <anM> yesterday for a visit to Mr. ami Mrs. W. M. Maley in Laltarpe. : Mrs, Dumont Sickly of .Moran lett on ihf. 4:2S aft 'Tnixin .Sunia F« for Kansas Clly to join lurr sister, Mrs. I'aul Kegely. —Try It iomre—you will have no other.; Van Hoaz<;r's . Bread. Mr. R. K.Cnswi'Il, who had I)ePn in-loia, thi3 gui>.st of Mis.s Jaunita Wilson, Of i, ill 1 South Chestnut street, for Sunday and for Dcnora- llbn Day, If ft on the 4:28 afternoon ?;anta Fe for his honfe in Kaji- sas City. , Walter Fickle, jr., of 609 East Madi.son avenue had his tonsils removed yesterday at St. Johns! hospital. He is one of the Register carriers. Dr. Lucy Poison, Chiropractor Northrup Bldg. Phone 326. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Saylor and daughter, Jean, of .Kansas City, wfio.spent Memorial Day here with Mrs.. Saylor's mother, Mrs. Davis Wolfe and family! returned home yesterdiiy. • / /— i Mr y!. 11. Mliott was In' Paola yesterday where h^ acted as best man the wi dding of his' friend, f~klr. Ray Koen g. Bugs Ton take Pleasure Iif: Farm Barean Age ^t, Roy GwiOr loilt bhi check book laat- week aome place :li«re: in town. The book conulood lil.OO In^sb. Whoe ?er found it seenu a(^~~ls^be- familiar with the Golden Rulb. —Perinantot M^rieU $7.00. North SIdft Barber Shop. Phono "637. .Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Long, of 201 South Sycamore «troet, went to Ft„Scott Sunday, for a visit with Mr. Long's brother, wljo IS in a hosi- pital there. » - h , — . Farm Bureau Agent, Roy Gwin, drovei to Humbofdt - this morning on business. ' ' : —New 3-plcce Bed Outflf. $20.00. Steel bed, guaranteed' spring, all cotton'mattress. Hennlnger's Furniture Co., West Madison: Mrs. $. & McGlnnis of 420 North Elm street,. who was dangeroiuly illahoiit a month ago,'has .snffi- clentlyi recovered as to be able to go to bklahom? on k visit to her Mrs. E. Hadfly, at. Ponca Krnnk Hi -rzog - 80 .00 <!iiHi.uf A. <;harl<<n 71.40 Alli..n H. AVllKon n8.ri7 n.MnKi' Stjifford 48.57 Jolin- W. CaUy .^z '.z 5.83 Wflllam Uol.b ..'i 27.60 l.<-na Mlllnr .w-.,.:.... i 34..10 HrsNfc Chuffln I .tO.OO W. W. C<'<wier ..\ 51.00 <•. K. Ilf-rtram 72.00 Nova Wllley , 16 .(1 L«M}na Wooilard 120.00 'IG.OO lO.OO 24.00 20.00 4.00 4..=iO lo.oo 45..12 11 .43 6.25 22 .85 5 .00, 14 .00 28.00 9.66 34.65 7.50 2S.O0 8 .33 36.65 17 .50 24.00 10 .05 10.00 Jloiner Bass . -- Caiititp'Erlckson .JBernard Klannery — J. K. Lockwood OrvU« Harris — "Cal Hart , Ira Wilson —.G. B. Lelbold ^ Marion Loveall ——— C. R. Swiutord Walter R. Hixon .— George James — Lloyd J. Peters 1--. - Flovd .McKenzie — Paul B. McKfnney Harry W^McCarty .Nathan Fegley — • KuSseir Coring 1^.-^Carl E. Houghton . Wuverly WjUiams .. Gun Brown, ' — ' R. E, Wooden __ R. H* Rwbertsoh -r- ' . Frank T, -RusSelj — John H. Behrens'_— —are invariably clean ones! - • * . Let us make yours ^'the kind • Vou can enjoy. Yo ,u will be • amazed at tie resujta we can • •achieve and gratified at the • price we ask! • Phone 105 • ; • AWeson Cleaners i • • • •••.«•*'• • • .Mrs. J. C. Norton of Moran spent )'eMt»'rday with hnr niece, Mrs. fMiirHiue Hmllli and family of 416 South Walnut street, ** MJss Jessie Miickoll. who has bof'ii ntlcndluK Hquihwi-Hiern Col- loKc tit Wlnfleld. Is homo to Mpimd llin summer wtlh heij parents, Mr, nnd'Mrs. C, W.. Huckett of'221 Ho^ilh Coltonwood • Street. Miss llqckolt will bo a shnlor nt Southwestern next year. Swim at Crystal Lake at Carlyle, the only real swimming pool In eastern Kansas. Mr.' and Mrs. W." C. Barth' of Clay Center. Kans., spent a tevf hours In ' lola yesterday on business. • • '- i There will be a clothing demonstration meeting at Humboldt txj- niorrow afternoon, under theidirec- tion of Mrs. Florence Syvertid^ -The following stores will close, at 5:30 every afternoon except Saturdays beginning .Monday, June 7, and continuing during June, July and August: Globe .Mercantile Co.. Perham's. Barclay-Shields, The Hub, J. C. Peiiney. Shields Shoe Storey Palace-Shoe Store, ' Royal Shoe Store. SpOt Cash Shoe Store, Economy Shoe Store'.— , . .. sister. City. Miss Bessie Litwln w^ent to Kansas City Sunday for a visit with" her riunt, Mrs. F. Leavitt. Snmmer High- School. Classes.In high school subjects began tod^y. Others wishing to enroll see Mrs. Myler in room 206, Senior High School building. Mr. S. E. McGinnis of 420 North Elm streebreturned yesterday from a business visit to several Oklahoma points, amoiig tltcip Bartlesville an«l Blackwcll. .Mr. and .Mrs. H. Carpenter, former residents of lola, are here visiting old friends and relatives. .Mr and Mrs. Claude Wyman and daughter* Anetha of'Augusta, Kas., were Kue .slH Sunday In the home of .Mr and .Mrs. Clint Bail of 708 South Sycamore street. .Mrs, K. W. Geery returnod home last nlKhl from a wi>ck spent In WIchllii whi-re she visited rf\a- llvcH. in Ilut <hlnMon where sh« ijt- t<nd)-d rh<; lnli <r|waiontir nibic School con»"entlnn , aiyl. ut.Saltna' where she vJMlted her son, Gllliort (JetTV. , • Miss DorothyH'ummlngs visited over the week elid with friends in Emporia and attended the commencement oXerclseH of the College of Km;<orla. She was ac<'om- pnnied liome by a guest. Miss Maude Oliver of Culver, Kansas. Mr; Neil Scott of Cottonwood Falls. Kans., is ^ere visiting hi .s brothers. Mr. LTqyd Scott and Mr. 'John C. Scott and-wife. He accompanied his Brother and wife, who had berti visiting In Cottonwood Falls, home Sunday. Dr. Howard, ^Ife knd. children drove up from Sedgwick, Kansas, the latter part of last week, and are visiting relatives here and at Colony. The doctor's mother lives at 222 South First street, and^Mrs. Howard's mother iS; Mrs.. Rillh Reeve of Colonjf. Mfs. Reeve is a sister of Mr. V. C. Archer, of lola. Chanute has/a new ordinance, which prohibits the drilling, i of "backyard" gas wells within the city limits and provides a fine^ of from $25 to $100 as a penalty.: The ordinance also, prohibits those who have j gas.wells inside the city limits, from sellitig gas to their neighbors, and also requires those who are now Belling such' gas to cease the practice. The drder IS made to protect the pas company, which holds the franchise. Mr Owen RIftdon of Santa Barbara, Calif., arrived in lola yester-' day and Is visiting his cousin, Mr. John Padgett, and family. After a -Visit here, Mr. RIgd^)n will go on to his old home at'.Vnmmoth. Cave, Kentucky, for a vjslt theire with r,elatives.- It lins beep twonty-sev- 011 years since Mr. Rlgdoh has vis- Hud the old homo and the Hhlftlng scones oil old father time will no doubt hayf maiiy changes In store for him wlieu ho nrFfves jit ^Is old stumping ivround after so long a time. Mi^tninoth Cavo in niso the boyhood home of Mr. jJohn Padgett and he hi^d Mr RIgldc n have spent many hapby hours In recalling tho days of thfclr youth. ^lOlA PAP;Y REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENINg. Jlfe g, 1^28. Hut's Cafo liaa a new'clectrld aign wbicii was erected this mom<f Mr. Prank Boyer, comer Eaal and' First streetif, is/treating' liiii residence to a new roof. Mr^. Mamie'Haynes and/ Mrs. Frances Newton of Stroud/ Oka., have returned home after a visit In th^^ home of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Fronk. Mr. A. E. Garrison went to Kan^ sas City today to enter the Veterans- hospital for the removal of bis tonsils and a septum' operation. Mrs. D. yL Blxler and daughter. Miss Grace of Toi^ka. are visiting -Mr and Mrs. D. Bl McCarty of 420 South Jefferson avenue. Mr. Blx­ ler Is the father of .Mrs. .McC:»rty and Miss Grace Is her sister, / Kincald Dispatch: 'V^ spoke MORAN NEWS NOTES unuoiTtT J«eir nom^ HQSPITAL. J. X. Taylor, Huperinteniient "of McCnne Home For Bojra, , ^ VI9IUBK Here. over Sunday: Mr. L.- A. —^Long and family and'Mr.and Mrs. Homer ftlesslnger''of Parsons and. Mr and Mrs. H. T. Markbam of Yates, Center. The wonderful ralp so ^much MORAN. May 31—Mrs. Fretl Brown who was brought fr6m the fort Scott hospital to the home of her husband's 'parents, Mr. and Mrs.-N. G; Brown at 406 Sontlj Cofborn; lola.' about a month ago. has regained in strength and/was otherwise so much iniproved that she was taken to St. John's. hospital Thursday morning and special treatment begun. She has been doing very nicely since, that time and her family and friends feel hopeful that She will yet be bene- 'fited. 1 Mr. w: E. 'North went to day Center Wednesday for a visit w;ill\ ''*^,^2v"I ^'-''..'''''"5.'"^''''""/^»*> old friends and to plentiful in our neighborhood, and' •- _ now it .has developed that the owls are not only numer.ous but vicious as well. The other evening one lit on Mrs.. Jack Holding's head from a tree and procc?€dAl to claw her scalp, drawing blood. Three of these vicious birds have been shot since. ; • , . The show window at the Roberts music store is demonstrating how nice it wouhl be to be a June 'bride." A-fine uulltransen player piano is standing iii the window .tnd beside it is a brido who has just been married and Is looking longingly at the prize. She ex- r>ect8 Dad to : come through with the price and :he is likely to do it too, for his daughter is a handsome brido, and the pride of the old liian. Girls . who arc lovesick would do well to "^loHe the deal" with their sweethearU during the month of June as young men are more .sus- repilble to the wiles of feuilniully then than at any other^liine. Death of. .Mri. I'hrlsfle. .Mrs. Audria Fny<; Christie, wife of Butler Cliriiilji-. who llvt-u three nilleS northwest < if tola {>;i ilie llor- vllle Boad, died tit 1:0.V Ihlsniornr Ing at St. JobUH li*iKpli!il. 'I'lii: (iin- cral servlcd will hi- held from the Kirst Chrlsllun ('hiirch tomorrow aflernobn at 2 o'clock wllh ihc Itev. J. .K. Reyuolds offlcliitlng. The body will remain at the Adams and Ilesser .Mortuary until noon the day of tlie funeral. .Mrs. Clirl.stira is survived liySher hu.s- band and a son eight years old. besides other relatives and friends. attend the Memorial Ihiy exerci^s at that place. Mr. J. M. Taylor, superintendent of the McCune Home for boys near Kansas City, visited here over the week end with friends who were delighted to sec, him again. He also spent considerable time at his big farm southieast of town. The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Trtis- dale of the 'Presbyterian church will go- the first of the week for a few days visit with Mr. Trusdale's people at I.«avenworth.; It is expected that the basement of the new Presbyterian church will he completed this week and the brick work begun immediately after that time. There has been no interference from bad i weather. HO that r;»pld progress -is being made, and' in all pro'biibility the! en- lire building will bp completed early In Mrs. George Games is visiting rciiilives and friends in Kansas City at this time. Mr. * Nine Gllliain Is making some Improvement's on the resl- ,s ./ivi-;^YOUii. HALEVlASSKH—^ '—lind fnvor with many who need glaxKes for. close work only. May we supply yours? OpToMETRI^TS 5. OPTICIANS " Fred |E: Sinclair j„_ — '16.00 Henry Baeten _i.'-L ^— 30.00 Joe C. L«a . 31.00 •Guy R. Schubert 25.00 T. H. (Vimming .s — - 24.00 John W.: Smith S'^.. 29.30 George L. McDonald .."ii.— 10.66 John D. Blodgett J 45.00 Pearl J, Soutliard 12.-50 -Ollie O. Briggs _..._..._„_ 6.66 William Ayling 152.8&.J . - Claude Vannetta » 22.00 Lvndon Panknin 2.00 Julia ^latney. 15.80 Henr>' Trimmer _-.„___L:^ 20.00 ,-Jodie Sinclair ^> l^-^S : William Doolittle _..J__.^, 10.00 . Margarets Gebhardt ^^^r^ - : Fred 11. iGebhardt 33 -33 k Fred D. Sinclair -...^IL'- J5.33 *k Clifford Oliver" -.SUL-^V&AI The girls in the Domestic .Art cla.sses of Junior High wishing "to enter the dress contest .at Ramsay's, planned sometime liefore the close of school, will please bring their dresses to Ramsay's tomor- roW; The dresses •will be on display in the north window at.Ram­ say's for two days and the 'prizes will be awarded next week as soon as the ballots can be counted. A booth Will be placed on the-inside of the store where the public Inay. vote. The color ; scheme used: neatness and design are to be considered in voting..; Total ^._-^.65i.!i2 t ALBERT IVteBANNUM Ag«it ,o| « Over J. C. Penney Storo » Phono 13U.f Women Nov keep fic^ cfaanmng uuJtrin ^giemcfiandtnq>-— oCTy va ^pvovidesizzK Bgojiity PAGE THREE. T dence pronerty- be purchased re;^ cently fn.A Mrii. Margaret WrigM. Mr. and^jtlrs. aarence CaoYM- oecded was most welcome Indeed. Mrs. Gordon Blxler (ind daughter. Miss Louise, of Saiisaw, Okla„ are visiting at. the jhome of, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. McCarty .^of 420 South Jefferson avenue. u \———-—~— ,Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Lawyer ror tu^hcd borne Mondoy morning from Kansas City wher4 they spent the week'end with: thclr,.daughter; .Miss Margarctl Lawyer, who aas been attending^the Kansas City Nj^tlunal Training ; School for Deaconesses and MIssionarifes.., Miss Margaret accompanied them home and will spdnd the summer at home, returning to the school in the fall tbJ complete her course next year Mr. and Mrs^ Sydney Norman and little son, Sydney Norman.» Jr., of Pittsburg: spent Memorial Day'here with .'Mrs. 'Gorman 's i>arents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawyer. j ICR INDIGESTION 6 B ^LL^S Hot water ^lire Relief ELL-ANS Ever/iealy ' . • 'is ' . Sealyfi^ality' in A Mew Sanitary Matetials Long istaple, virgin cotton Expert, carelul workmanship Patented air weave process Heavy quality tidcing and manT reGnqnenli Uut addtotuprene ' MATTRESS . ECONOMY and CQMEORT TTLESS MATTRESS Sl4epmg on a Sealy is like l^ing w^tedlby the magic i>f knodem mawcess 'making to the hnd erf perfect rest. . Its 5-it. batt ol long staple virgin cotton, compressed to mattress thickness, yields like a giant pillo\^ to the tired 'body. Sound, healthful, refreshing sleep com^ quic^y» bringing Complete relaxation and renewed energy.v NigJit^fter^night ^'Sid y^^afiei:yeiu^theSealy Tuft. less will exert this same rest-magic, for it should never lose its softness nor its origiiial shape—an ^occasional' •suii-bath is all will require.i^ '^When yoii buy a'Sealy you buy a mattress lamqus for . unexcelled ,qualitv. i;erl'ice and appiarance'.'^ — -„ attS iaseaaity — .of <be old-timte "sanitary pad" W «i« sImxj ijvwua, iztp up • widi ^ocfaLalKlW ^?nwJe ^^y ^ifej^ue^^a^^Jlt aQ taoes ^m^y^itimnti iign|rtirai>i as <ardiaaiy«pttoa. Jia^ tl^ of tfeMy. Ho- rlauudijL, Absorbs and deodorizes at <he same time. Thtis ending AL1> fear of ofieading; Yon get It for a few cents at atnr druu or detM'i tmcut store simply, by asi^ -KOTEX." .Women ask for U witlwat hesitancy \ Try Kotex. Comes^K in a paclc- a^ Proves oU vny* an onaece*- laiy risk. Capitalize Your Opportunities Many business organizations have grasped'Oppor- tunities which have appeared une.xpectedly, only •through the value of their bank connectioijs. It i.s our, delight to'help our depositors to so handle their financial affairs that they are in position always to seize. their-opportunitiea. YOU are invited to call.and talk' over YOUR needs and our facilities. 1 OF lOLA, KANSAS "Onyx Pointex Hosiery'* (jymparU/ "Humming DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S WEAR-MILLINERY •C^---•» KANSAS ' Norihrnp Bldg. Formerly Occupied by Jones RIchard.s'on ^ lOLA'S NE#EST STORE; Bird Hosiery" Frocks for All Summertime Hours and Activities— New Summer Dresses Featured at Thesti Populai- Prices: $12-^5a„d$19.75 Frocks that are the late^shown; in New York — bought within the last few days and only received— the smartest styles.and the best values we could find tb offer at these , popular prices.' Daiiity Gcorf/tttes' in the fmkionable colors-tailored and drc.^ifsfijTcs. Tailo'rcd aud afternoon modes of flatcrrpc. Smart polka dot and~otlier printed crepes. Frocks for all hoiirs and all occasions. Sizes 16 to 50. NEWES"^ MID^aUMMER^ lOlMi R Y New Mid-Summer Millinery arrives almost daily. Wc ate—told thkt/' our Millinery Department i.^ the largest in Allen County. We feel sure we can please you in the newest and lates't.of • millinery modes.,' We are alwiaj^ glad to show you^ . \ . •4

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