Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 2, 1953 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1953
Page 16
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Friday, October 2, 1953 MARKET REPORTS TODAY GALESBURG HOG MARKET Gilesbutflf Older Buyers C. B...& Q. Stockyards Market 50-75 lower. Early top $23.uS. 200-260 - S23.00-$23.50 270,-300 <u S22.50-$23.00 SdVW $19.S0-S22.S0 Overflight hogs delivered Galesburg by 4 Jr. m. told 25c above these quotations. Wilton * Co .,~San!a F« Yatdi Market 50-75 lower, top S23.50 early Late top $23.25. 170-200 S21.S0-$23.00 210-240 023.25250-300 $22.50-$23.15 Sows 75c lower. 270-500 $19.50-$22.25 PEORIA LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOGS—3,500 silable; best sows $22.50. Cattle, calves and sheep not reported. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK By UNITED PRESS HOGS: 8,500. 200 lbs. up 75-85o low er; lighter weights $1-$1.25 or more lower. Bulk choice 200-250 lbs. $23.75$23.85; choice No. 1 and No. 2 $23.90$24; top $24, lowest since Aug. 7. CATTLE: 1,400; calves 900. Mixed steer and heifer yearlings $14-$20. Cows active and strong; utility and commercial cows $9.50-$12.50. Vealers steady. Good and choice vealers $16$23; individual head prime to $26. SHEEP: 900. Spring lambs steady to strong; closing at best prices ot week. Good, choice and prime grades $2 to mostly $3 higher than week ago; ex- irames more; lower grades steady to $3 higher. Bulk choice and prime today $20-$21; top $21.25; several sizeable lots good and choice $18-$19. BUSHNELL LIVESTOCK Estimated receipts 1,600 hogs. Marget active 25 to 50 lower than vesterdav's close. Bulk 200 to 260s $23.25 to $23.50. Sows 25 to 50 lower, top $23. Cattle most bids steady to weak. Lambs asking steady. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKETS Consumer drain fc Supply (Grain bids at 1:30 p.' m.) CORN, No. 2 old -. $1.33 OATS, No. 2 .66 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.38 CJalsiburg Soy Products Co. (Bids at 1:30 p. m.) SOYBEANS, No. 2 yellow . $2.40 Deforest Feed it. Seed Co. (Galesburg-Abingdon) (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) WHEAT, No. 2 $1.78 CORN, No. 2 $1.34 OATS, No. 2 _ .06 SOYBEANS, No. 2 — $2.39 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) Cash wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 mixed 1.56V 4 ; No. 2 yellow new 1.5Mi; No. 1 yellow 1.56<'4-59! No. 2 1.55-57; No. 3 new 1.54', 2 ; No. 4 1.50-51; sample grade 1.44. Oats: No. 1 heavv white 77»i; No. 2 while 70U; No. 4 white 70U. Soybeans: No. 1 yellow 2.59 Indiana origin track Chicago. Barley nominal: malting 1.30-60: feed 92-1.00. Field seed nominal per 100 lbs.: white clover 8,00-50; redtop 58.00-' 59.00; alsike 19.00-50; timothy 12.5013.00; red clover 22.50-24.50. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE NEW YORK (UP)-Stock market midday prices: Alaska 2V* Aid Chem 68V*i Aid St 37% Allis Chal 42% Amerada 152 ABC-Pmt 13% Amn Can 36Va Amn Dist 31V4 Lockhtl 24 Loews Mil's Marsh Fid 24V4 Martin 15'/s Maytag 17'4 Monsanto 83V4 Mont VV 56'/s Morrell 11V» Amn R&SS 12% Nash Kelv 17% Amn Smelt 28',f» Nat Avn 21% Amn T&T 154% Nat Bis 34% Amn Tob 74% Nat Cn 10% TOMORROW'S ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP)—USDA— Estimated salable livestock receipts for Saturday: HOGS 300 CATTLE 500 SHEEP 100 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (By UNITED PRESS) HOGS: 7,000. Market stow, mostly 50-75 lower, closed 75-$l lower on butchers; sows slow, 25 to mostly 50 lower. Most choice 190-220 lb. butchers $23.25-$24; several loads and lots choice 230-250 lbs. early at $24-$24.15; few choice 170-180 lb. $22.50-$23.50. Most sows in larger lots 400 !bs. and light er $22.25-$23.50; bulk 400-500 lbs. $21 $22.50; good clearance. CATTLE: 1,500; calves 300. Slaughter steers and heifers scarce, steady; odds and ends utility to good slaughter steers $12-$20. Cows and bulls steady to 50 lower. Utility and commercial cows $9.50-$13. Utility to lo wcommercial bulls $10.50-$13; vealers steady to weak commercial to choice $14-$21. SHEEP: 1,500. Native spring Iambs largely steady; sheep steady. Good to prime spring lambs $19-$22, top $22.50: cull to low good $10-$18; cull to choice slaughter sheep $4-$5.50. WALL STREET NEW YORK (AP)—The stock marlsn advanced today without especial emphasis. Trading volume held at a pace of around a million shares for the day. In the past two days the total has been a shade under a million. Prices were up into the major fractions with a few pushing to around a point. Losses were small. Higher stocks included U. S. Steel, Chrysler, Boeing, Philco, American Smelting, DuPont, General Electric, Southern Pacific and Texas Co. U. S. government securities were steady to higher. MARKETS AT A GLANCE By UNITED TRESS Stocks fir mln quiet trading. Bonds Irregularly higher. U. S. government bonds firm In Quiet dealings. Midwest stocks irregularly higher. Silver unchanged in New York at 85'4C a fine ounce. Cotton futures easier. Chicago Grains: Wheat, corn, rye, oats, soybean and lard futures irregular. Hogs: 25-$l lower, top $24.15. Sheep: Steady, top $22.50. Cattle: Steady to 50 lower, top $21. FINAL GRAIN REVIEW CHICAGO (AP) — Soybeans and wheat enjoyed early buying flurries on the Board of Trade today but by the close most of their gains had faded. Buying in soybeans was based on a private crop forecast sharply reducing, estimated production from a month ago. Toward the finish the market had to absorb profit taking prior to the week end. In wheat the May and July contracts ran up around two cents at one time. They held their gains quite well. Buying was based on continued dry weather in the Southwest. Carlot grain receipts tn Chicago were estimated at: Wheat 12, corn 186, oats 8, barley 14, soybeans 180. Wheat closed :, i lower to 1-H high er, December St.n^Tb-^i. corn 1 cent lower to i,4 higher, December $1.44- $1.44}ji, oats -la lower to >,'» higher, December 74 y , rye unchanged to lower, December $1.T3^4-$1.14. soybeans \<i lower to 6 higher, November $2.60',4$2.60, and lard 10 cents lower to 40 cents a hundred pounds higher. CHICAGO GRAIN RANGE By The Associated Press CHICAGO Wl— High Low Close Pre v. Close Wheat Dec 1.94% 1.92% 1.92% 1.93%-Vi Mar 1.97 1.95% 1.96% 1.96-96',a May 1.96% 1.95% 1.96'/4 1.95Yi ->A Jly 1.92% 1.90% 1.91% 1.90'/4 Corn Dec 1.45% 1.43% 1.44'/ 8 1.45-45'/8 1.48% 1.4VA 1.41 Vs 1.47% 1.4m 1 .4m i.4m 1.49 1.48% 1.48'/s 1.4m 1.48'/i Anaconda 3014 Armour 9 Atchison 89% Bendix 58% Beth Stl 47 Borden 58 Briggs 29 Budd Ills Burroughs WA Butler 13'/ 2 Cal&Hec 7% Case 16% Catplr 46% Celanese 21% Celotex 16V4 Cerro 21% C&O 33% Chrysler G4\i Nat Dairy 59% tNat Dist 1VA Nat Ld 33'/* NYC 20 Nor Amn 2014 Nor Pac 56 NW Airl 9% Ohio Oil 52% , Otis El 38, Owens 111 73% Packard 4'/4 Pan Amn 9 Penney 71% Penn RR 18 Pepsi Cola 11% Phelps Dge 30% Philco 30V4 Phil Mor 51% Coca Cola 110'A Phil Pet 50, Colum Gas 13Vis P&Gam 62 Com Cop 34% RCA 23 Cons Cop VA Rem Rand 14, Cont Can 52% Rep Stl 43% Cont Oil 50V4 Reyn Tob 47% Corn Prod 70% Safeway 37% Mar May Jly Oats Dec Mar May Jly Rye Dec Mar May Jly .74% .75% .73% .69% .74% .74% .73 .68% .741/i .75 .73 .69 Va .74%-Vi .74%-V4 .73W-% .69'/4-% Curt Wr 7% Deere 25% Dome 16'/S Douglas 69% Du Pont 101% Erie 17% Firestone 59% Flintkt 25% Gen El 75 Gen Fds 56% Gen Mtrs 56% Goodyear 47V4 Ghm Pg 1V4 Grum Air 21% Howe Snd lOVs Hudson 10% 111 Cent 69V4 Inland Stl 39^ Int Harv 25% Int Nick 37% Int Paper 15% Int T&T 14% Schenley 22% Sears 57 Sinclair 32 Socony 32% Sou Pac 38Va Std Bds 26% S.O.Cal 50% S.O.Ind 67% S.O.N.J. 69% S.O.Ohio 31% Studebaker 22% Swift 37% Texaco 51 Tran Am 25 Un Carb 65% Un Oil 40V4 Un Pac 101 Ufd Airl 22% Utd Corp 5 U.S. Gyps 105 U.S.Stl 35% West Un 43% Johns Man 60',4 Westghse El 44V* Kennecott 62% Wilson 8% . Keyst21% Yng Sh&T 35% Kresge 34% Zenith 71% Kroger 42'a 1.15% 1.13% 1.13% 1.14%-V4 1.20% 1.18% 1.18% 1.19-19V4 1.22% 1.21 1.21% 1.21% 1.23% 1.22% 1.23 1.23% Soybeans Nov 2.63% 2.60 ' 2.60V4 2.60VM4 Jan ' 2.65% 2.62 2.62V4 2.62%-% Mar 2.66V4 2.62V4 2.62V* 2.63V4 May 2.64% 2.61% 2.61% 2.61%-% Jly^ 2.60 2.58 2.58V4 2.57%-% Lard Oct 15.30 15.10 15.25 14.85 13.70 13.40 13.50 13.35 12.80 12.45 12.50 12.45 12.30 12.00 12.05 12.15 12.30 12.00 12.02 12.02 12.30 12.20 12.20 12.15 Nov Dec Jan May May The "Spanish Main" originally referred to the Spanish colonies on the mainland of South America, but the term* was extended to include the islands and waters of the Americas which were under Spanish control. (OFFICIAL PUBLICATION) Report of Condition of Bank of Galesburg Galesburg, 111. transmitted in response to call of the Auditor of Public Accounts, pursuant to law and showing condition at the close of business on the 30th day of September, 1953. RESOURCES Cash and due from banks $1,741,209 Outside checks and other cash items 165, U.S. Government obligations, direct and/or fully ' guaranteed 1 4,459,387, Other bonds, stocks and securities _1 875,807 Loans and discounts 763,081 6. Overdrafts 870 7. Banking House $65,000.00 Furniture and fixtures $1.00 65,001 11. Other resources 1,385. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 46 11 50 .85 65 52 00 68 Avon AVON—A house giiest of Miss Ruth Woods this week is Mrs. Grace Lincoln of Fort Madison, Iowa. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Mason visited Sunday in the home .of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cox of Galesburg. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. W., Higgins Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Kirtley and family, Mrs. Edith Kirtley, and John Brophy, all of Busbnell. Miss Fannie Carr and Miss Dorothy Carr are having a vaca tion this week, and are visiting in Michigan and Ohio with the fami lies of their nephews, Maurice and Richard Carr. They will return the latter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Welsh of Private Sale Holstein, Guernsey, Brown Swiss Young Cows & Heifers Extra large, good color. Fresh, close- up. Any number. See anytime. J. E. Minteer & Sons 5 Miles North of Aledo, Route 94 Grand Total Resources $7,906,908.77 LIABILITIES 12. Capital slock $ 125,000.00 14. Surplus 125,000.00 15. Undivided profits (Net) 199,978.41 16. Reserve accounts 86,513.94 17. Demand deposits 5,066,175.46 18. Time deposits 2,280,435.39 19. Due to banks 23,101.81 Total of deposits: (1) Secured by pledge of assets ... $ 222,906.86 (2) Not secured by pledge of assets $7,146,805.80 West Central Illinois Hampshire Association PUREBRED BOAR & OPEN GILT SALE Tues., Oct. 6 7:30 P. M. At Augusta, Illinois 60 HEAD The tops from the leading herds In Illinois will be sold at farmer's prices. (3) Total deposits $7,369,712.66 25. Other liabilities 703.76 A BARGAIN $8,500 Owner leaving city. Forced to tell beautifully decorated, well-built 3 bedroom home, southeast. Modern kitchen and bath, 26x14 living room; oil heat, double garage. Move in tomorrow. FRED BURGLAND 8-1551 REALTOR 7513-6 Grand Tola! Liabilities $7,906,908.77 MEMORANDUM: Assets Pledged to Secure Liabilities: 26. Asets pledged: (ai U.S. Government obligations direct and/or i'ullv guaranteed 435,000.00 Total Amount of Assets Pledged (excluding rediscounts) 9 435,000.00 27. Purpose and Amount of Pledge: (a) Against U.S. Government and Postal Savings deposits - S 100,000.00 (c) To own trust department against uninvested trust funds 200,000.00 (f) With Auditor of Public Accounts to qualify for the exercise of fiduciary powers 135,000.00: Free Sawdust Good livestock bedding and fertilizer. Many other uses. — Also — 8 Ft.. Oak Boards at $60 Per 1000 Bd. Ft. BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS KENDRICK TIMBER PRODUCTS Abingdon, 111. cHtcAGO pftofwee By UNITED PRESS UVE POUl/THY: Steady. 20 trucks Poultry Board price changes: Hens: Hybrid IS'ie lb.; bareback 18H; Leg- h °CHEESE; Single daisies lIMli'aC lb.; lonRhorns 41-42; processed loaf 39-41V4; Swiss A 43-44: B 41-42; C 38-39. BUTTER: 619,274 lbs.. Steady. 93 score SS'M lb.: 92 score 66: 90 score 63' i -^i: 89 score «2\4. CarlotS: 90 score 64; 89 score 62Vi. , EGGS- 5.384 cases. Unsettled. White large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 65c dor.: mixed large extras 606<i 9 per cent A and over 51; standards 51-53; current receipts 45; dlrttes 42; checks 40. Farm Digest- (Continued from page 11) area lagged behind the comparable period in 1952. But July showed an increase over July of last year. Feed and Grain Corn quotas for '54 are un likely The sweeping victory P.T.A. at Viola Has Reception for Teachers VIOLA—The P.T.A. held their, first meeting of the year Monday| probabIy W,U sink in the Grade School building at 8 | JlTt^J"t for wheat ^marketing quotas may make a Icorn marketing quota election unlikely this year. The new corn crop is estimated' at 3,216 million bushels. Soybean record-breaker is in sight, due to record and prospects. Exports will be strong, but price below $2.56. | »«aved him steps going fcaek and forth. He used gravity where possible lo move feed ant! supplies. Alleyways and doorways in his buildings were widened to admit carts He carries no feed or other supplies in a pail when he can carry larger quantities easier in a cart. He put his tools and supplies where the work is done. And his choring Is planned lo complete one operation where the next one begins. Home Bureau- (Continued from page 12) North Henderson NORTH HENDERSON — Mrs. Augie Ring of Winston Salem, N. C, arrived at the parental ft. W. ior figure proportions. Many of the new larger sized patterns are interesting in design also—not of the tailored collar, buUon-down- the-front type so familiar to women looking for "something becoming but a little out of the ordinary." This movement to make sewing at home easier will be appreciated partly because it will save time and partly because many of the women sewing at home today who have been buying ready-to-wear clothing are finding it difficult to find desirable ready-mades in ifzes and styles in the over-sfM 38 or in the junior figure size ranges. Many of these people have never done much sewing and need help in the learning. It is estimated that 312,000 Americans are blind. tiding at 8 rC eo r ;r ' V me U a; S s 8C ?owe 0 r!*p n ric C ed 0 ^ee°d! Stov ^ home e ' ve " in * '<* p.m. The meeting took the form for livestock. Prices below sup- of a reception for the teachers ports may mean quotas for 1954. and a get-acquainted meeting. I Supply of feed concentrates fof The local grade school teachers 1953-54 will be up 4 per cent from are Evelyn Brown, principal' I < 9 '' 2 - 53 ancI onIv slightly under the Florence Schachter, Mae Scovill',|r ccortl s "PP'y o f 1950-51, according Dorothy Miller, Burnice Porsythe| to current crop prospects, and Katherine Geddes. After a| pr °f't Mcas short business meeting a program | Choring will require less time if was presented by the grade school |>'ou will adopt a practice of in- pupils and a lunch was served by dustrial experts — make a job the P.T.A. committee. analysis of your choring routine. _ ! One Iowa farmer cut his choring Mrs. Ed Young accompanied by (in,c ncarIv two hours a day after her mother, Mrs. Marie Gruen-.such an analysis. Here are some wald of Davenport, Iowa, left Sat- nf „ thc , \ h , lng! \™;. m ': , urday to take Mr. Young's aunt to, Ho . ,' ald ?" i|f fepi ^ShS her home at Hayti, S. D., after a ^ r0Vlde circular traveL That a few days visit Mrs. Bob Fox and Tommy spent Tuesday night and Wednesday in Alexis with the Alvin Williams boys. Their mother was in a Moline hospital for surgery Wednesday. Mrs. O. C. Wilson returned home Tuesday from the Loren Eavens home at Larchland, where she has been for two weeks while her daughter, Mrs. Eavens, was In the hospital. couple of weeks visit in her nephew's home. They visited several days with relatives at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, during her visit here and also with her niece, Mrs. Clara Willets, in Clinton, Iowa. near Macomb were visitors in town Saturday afternoon. ! Mrs. Eugenie Neece of Akron, 1 Ohio, has been visiting in the; home of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Crissey; for several days. TELEPHONE BILLS 370 now du*. They ar» payable at in* Company Office. 100 If. Cherry, or *i the Dr. H. O. Conn OPTOMETRIST — Formerly of Monmouth — Now located Room 407, Bond! Bldg. Galesburg, III. PHONE 23&0 -S SPRING BAKERS FRIES — Free Delivery — HUNT'S POULTRY 81254 883 Monmouth Blvd. DR. D. G. BAUGHMAN OPTOMETRIST Over Walgreen Drug Room 410 Phone 3717-3 FOR SALE In Good Condition. CORNPICKER New Idee Harold E. Young 1 Mil* Etil of KnoMvllU COAL Phone 453 I People's Fuel & Coke Co READ THE WANT ADS 672 Monmouth Blvd. Phono 1213-6 or 6349-6 FOR SALE By Knoxville Comm. Fire Protection Dist. 1—WinWUr bin itokor, ustd 3 yoars. 1—Car hniit, tuitibl* for grtaia rack. 2—-10-ft. lengths 4" (action hosa with pip* thr»td connection. Can bo toon at Knoxvilla Fir* Station. Sealed bids will be received Monday, Oct, 5 at 8 p. m. at Knoxvilla Fir* Station, Knoxville, III. S10 REWARD STOLEN from Silas Willard Playground GIRL'S BICYCLE Blue, LaSalle by Schwinn. Serial No. F87993G. Return to Sid Roller, 1141 Beecher Avenue Westar Seed Wheat For Sal* High yielder, stiff straw, bearded. Resistant to Mosiac and certain races of leaf rust and loos* smut. McKeighan Seed Co. Yates City, Illinois Poultry and Eggs A belter year yound market for your farm produce. GALESBURG POULTRY & EGG CO. 340 S. Kellogg St. Phone 3132-6, GaUsburg, III. CULUNG AND PICK-UP SERVICI ON YOUR FARM. FOR SALE STORE In outlying business district. Going Business! Good reason for selling. Write Box 906, care of Register-Mail. CUSTOM WORK Baling with wire baler. Tractor mowing. Ditching for sewer, water, gas and til*. / Dirt moving of all kinds. Also have tractors with loaders, icoops, blades, *tc, for rent. DUESTERHAUSE . IMPLEMENT CO. Knoxville Road, Galesburg, III. Phone 4779 WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? PLANT NOW Prices Never Better! MIXED TULIPS 12 for 680 DAY LILIES 3 for $1.00 ORIENTAL POPIES 3 for $2.00 (0L0. BLUE SPRUCE $1.69 GLOBE ARBOR YITEA $169 PFITZER JUNIPER $1.69 DRIVE TO OUR NURSERY . . . SAVE MONEY ON ALL EVERGREENS — Open Sundays — Alpha Nursery ALPHA. ILL. FOR SALE Hampshire Spring Boars Eligible to register. Vaccinated and tested. New blood lines. Also few open gilts. Carrol Oaks a Miles North and 2 East MONMOUTH, ILL. Chickens Yes, that's our business. We buy and sell every day. If you are doing either, give us a call and you be the judge. HARLEY EIKER .573 E. First St. Phone 6787-6 — Free Delivery on Dressed Chickens — Don't Dig Up Your Sower tOTO-ROOTIR FOR CLOGGED JEWIRS 4 DRAINS PHONE 7789-6 IF NO ANSWER. CAll 5716-1 FOR THE BEST IN READY-MIXED CONCRETE CALL 1050 Monmoulh Blvd. Phone 1050-6 Total Aiiiount of Ast>cl» Pledgee] (must agree j with Item 26) $ 435,000.00 j 1, Lambert Peterson, Cashier of the above named bank, do sol emnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that the items and amounts shown above agree with the items and amounts shown in the report made to the Auditor of Public Accounts, State of Illinois, pursuant to law. LAMBERT PETERSON, Cashier CORRECT: ATTEST: SAM COFFMAN „ L. H. STREEDAIN Directors STATE OF ILLINOIS, County of Knox, ss. Subscribed and swora to before me this 2nd day of October, 1953. (SEAL) Lois E. Gullstrand, Notary Public. All KlfiVS Qt 0B PRINTING Urge or Small Black and White or Full Color Work. fh* Daily Register-Mall ANOTHER CARLOAD £ NORTH DAKOTA RED ^ POTATOES * ON TRACK NOW! First carload sold in record time, so buy your winter supply now and save! 100 LB$. FRESH APPLE Senators, Jonathans, Golden Delicious, Grimes Golden Alum ^ A uoiaen ueiicious, crimes Golden « -69c gallon APPLES $2.98 and up PHONE 4836 L&G 700 South Seminary Street PAUl W. GARD, Owner FOR SALE OIL STATION at intersection of two statu routes. Doing nice business, with 5-room modern living quarters and garage; Also 1 acre of level land, fruit and berries. Reason for selling, health condition. Owner will finance. Name Your Offer — This Station Is For Sale — Possession At Once — ROY STEAD AGENCY Aledo, 111. Phone 125 on 753 Mercer County (111.) Aberdeen Angus Breeders Assn. 40th Semi-Annual Sale VIOLA, ILLINOIS Saturday, October 17, 1953 5 BULLS • 127 HEAD - 122 FEMALES This offering has baan selected as strictly daiirabla foundation material for hards that for evar sixty yaars hava provan profitable on Mercer <*unty farms. Present values would seem to Justify the founding of such type herds, and no effort has been made to create a high average. 5 BULLS suited for service in the better herds. 63 COWS, fifty with calves at foot. 37 HEIFERS with fifty bred to the county's better young herd sires. F.F.A. and 4-H steer and heifer calves selling both Individually and with their dams. Plan now to spend • profitable day in Mercer county. We expect them to sell et prices you expect to pay. Sale will be held in the Viola Sale Pavilion, on Route 17, six miles east of Aledo, and two miles west of Viola, Illinois. Write er call for catalogs. H. McWHORTER, SALE MANAGER — ALEDO, ILLINOIS WANTED To BENT or BUY Building Suitable for Automotive Electric Service Garage. Need room for 3 to 6 cars. We Have Lost Our Lease! A&K Carburetor & Electric Service Phone 6247-6 161 West Main Street FRYERS & BAKERS LIVE WEIGHT FRESH CHICKEN LIVERS AND GIZZARDS when available. •:- FREE DELIVERY -:PHONE 6032.8 HELLER & WELLS POULTRY 1271 Monmouth Blvd. — Across from Brown Specialty PUREBRED CHESTER WHITE BOAR and GILT SALE Tuesdoy, Oct 6, 1953 NIGHT — 7:30 f. M. Ai the Knoxville Sales Pavilion, Knoxville, 111. Pigs Sired by— FALCON LAD Illinois Grand Champion G. FARMS MODEL BOY - TOP KING By My Haven King Will also sell »ome sows with litters, and • yearling Scotch Shorthorn bull. These pigs heve been raised on cleaii ground and are quite large for their age. The bind that should do good for their new owners. Auctioneer*: 1. M. Garner, Mendon, Me., Lewis Marks, Abingdon, Illinois. Clerk — Carroll Marks, Abingdon, Illinois. HARLEY ALLEN ABINGDON, ILLINOIS — Not Responsible For Accidents — 4

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