Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 18, 1956 · Page 38
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 38

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1956
Page 38
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THURSDAY, OCTOBEk 18, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MISC. FOB SALE MISC. FOR SALE rofc 8 A I,* FEATHER MATTRESS for AniMe bed. V*ry el«an. 2-8827. _ • _ WRINGBR TYPE WASHER — Late modtl. excellent condition, 2-6320. _ ' 2 WftlNOEft WAsrans^ef.v gone thape in every way. Take yotlr Choice $28. Weber's TV «nd Appliances, 21507 Stale. Phone 2-7511. Opgn_Friaay night till 9, _ _ FOR SALE — GM «tove. 617 Spring, Alton. ___ __ _ WALK -IN ICE HOUSE WIST com- presior, Phont 6-1277. ARMSTRONG COAL~FURtJACE7~27" _ Electric blower and controls, *125. Kenmore washer, $18. 419 South Delmar, Hartford. Phont 4-3339. 5 ROOM OILTtEATER-^KlTchen cabinet. Phone Du. 4-7905. MOB ILE~ WET6lNa~6UTFIT— TruckT 250 nmp. welder, torch and regulator*. Phone 4-4477. tlcally new, used 2 months. Latest design. Selling became of ill health. An unit only. Phone 4-2772. COAL COOKING RANGE— Used only 3 weeks. Like new, $45.. 16 East Delmar. DARK ROOM EQUIPMENT — After 6 p.m. phone 3-0871. __ ^ ___ t ____ FOR SALE — S-ROOM DUO-THERM Oil Healer with blower and two driimt. Used one year. Reasonable. 824 '•» B. 4th St. _ ___ "KENMOHE vacuum cleaner. ReStina «c rubber and waxer. 600 Lincoln, Ea»t Alton, , _ _ PAIDAR BARBER CHAIR and stool, good condition. Red Jell, 431 Monroe, East Alton. LARGE NORGE"'6lL Feldwlsch. Dial 2-3609. OIL HEATER — 7 room capacity, used 0 month*, good condition, cheap. Frlgldalre refrigerator, • 9x12 linoleum. Phone 2-8046. "23 "nTf. 3-PHASE~22o""voii"*iecrrlc motor. Dial j*;6,143. ____ ONE LARGE UTIUTY CABIRCT— Like new. Phone 2-7453. ___ _ aTiTeL 6STnlJ'RNrafiC51iind~4 room" air*. Will «ell cheap. .1 electric office •price heater, cheap. Phone 2-6143. '~~ with blower, barrel! and connections Cull 4-9655 after S p.m. ARTICLES FOR CHILD'S STROLLER — combination G.E. waffle Iron and old books 2-6032. 8 ROOM twin oil burner with tank _orjittrrel. Call 2-0175 after «. _ RANGES Demonstrators, Electric and gas ranges; crate-marred. Electric dryers. Real bargain. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 E. Broadway Ph. 34722 FOR SALE - Beautiful assortment of religiou' te miscellaneous Christmas c«rd«, gift wrappings and novelties Prices range from Si 2S up Call 3-9884 before 5PM. After_5 t^ M Call 3-8437 WE SERVicE~"Hoove ; rand~all other mnkes vacuum cleaners. Ph. 4-3938. Sellers Vacuum Clenher Repair, 423 SVood River Ave., Wood RIvtr, 111. A~."nJSED~APPLiANCES~ 17" Admiral TV , $75 Refrigerators $2* "tp Ranues jao up Serve) gas refrigerator, freerer across top ALTON REFRIGERATION 650 E Broadway Phone 3-7722 n 2-2973. BOATS A A OCT.R«OR!KB " ALUMINUM" hTshTlng Jackets. Wide selection of patterns, colors and Ski jackets designed for men and women, matched sets available. White terry cloth Jackets for sale. We carry complete line of ik ling equipment. STANKA GARAGE North Alton 3-8888 ~""SEASON'S"BESfTUY IMS CRUISER CRAFT SPEEDBOAT- 15 feet. 60-h.p. Inboard. Lights, sklls, jackets, complete outfit to be sold this week. Terms or trade. Ken O D D dinettes. Odds nnd ends. Priced to sell is low at $24.03 end up. On rttry term*. No Intercut or carrying charge*. SLACK FURNITURE CO. __ __4I8 JP' 1 "* _ _ SEIJJNG OUT — Warehouse Kurplun •lock of dining room ptecps, odii butfeU, china cupboards. table* and rhtirn. New and used. 50% off." Buy on convenient termit. No- Interest or fmanqp chargrw. SLACK FURNITURE co. _ 4t6_jPlas» _ "ABC •WASirER — Wringer type, » >i-nr» old. Selling lines I have au- tomatle. 3-821S. chair*, bed, vanity, cane bottom rhalr, etc. Phone 5-5634. G A S CiRCuI^AXOR HEATsR -—20,00o BTU, $30. Bathroom he»t*r, J8. Ph. 5-1970. RADIANf~HEATING The rt»«Wnit of the Future Ctm 8» In Your Hoirw — TODAY! Radiant Panel Heatlnf — Completely Invisible. Require* No Room Space. Warmer Floor* —. Cleaner Heat — For Comfort, Health and Low Fuel BilU Get the FULL STORY BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON ANY HEATING SYSTEM—Call or Write: FRANCE HEATING 4 AIR-CONDITIONING CO. Robert G. Schwalb, 817 Grand Av«. Edwurdmllt. IlL Phone 2940W COLUMBIA Hl-FT record player and my record*, hardly t««d. fW.OO. Phon* 4-4140. ^ ___ LARSEN ALUMINUM "l4'— 714 H. ~P". motor, trailer, excellent condition, _«400 : _4-1117. _ BOAT~ANb "MOTOR — Best"~"o«er _taltes_lL_Phone 4-60T7. _ BOAT COVER ^witrj~moldr "flap for 12 ft.boat^ for sale. 2-9381. 14 F tor. Real bargain. Phone 2-2600. 2&08 Hillcrest ~"mrNTING~ci^6fHES — Ganie~c8i;s and records; duck Wind hcsters, charcoal and ftnve ,fuel. Shells. Nylon string and decoy weight?. See our unhreakable plastic decoys. CLARK BOAT & MOTORS 808 East Broadway. Phone 3-6955 COAL 7S COAt — CORE — WOOD PRES-TO LOGS More heat when you need It, at 1es» cost to you. Clean, efficient. Perfect for fireplace. $1.50 do*. 2-9898. LUMP COAl.~"$o'.4071itoKer coal W 28, egg coal $8.23 tri load lots. 3-3914 DON'T BUY COAL Let us convert vour furnace to oil or sa$. Wiseman Plumbing & Heating. Prompt Service. For free estimate call 2-H294. REASONABLE RATES - Driveway rock, nand. coal, dirt GATES Truck Service. 4-2.132 7SA ___ GF.NEJ»AL ItAUUNO ___ GENER'AL "HAULING DONE — AW small kindling sold. $3 load. Phone 2-5350. JUNK. TRASH hauled ments cleaned Gel rid of old furniture Ph. 2-8367 MISC. FOR SALE ooons BLANKETS—Draperies, rug*, spreads, curtains, furniture covers. Convenient terms. Star Specialty. 2-6732. KROEHLER H1DE-A-BED and matching chair, like new, used only few month). , Cost $289, sell for $150. 2-3719. USED FURNITURE AND FLOOR SAMPLES * 3 Room Oil Heater — New heater guarantee ................ MISC. FOR SALE HI ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES JUNK. TRASH - Iron * coal. Other hauling. Quick service. Reasonable •i-9471. LIGHT HAULING - Kindling wood Basement and vards cleaned Drive- Ways rocked. 6-58BS MISC. FOR SALE CLOTHING BLUE SUIT — Sl?.e 16, sport coat, with black flecks, $lo each. 3-3134. _ BOY'S~GRAY" SPORT JACKET— sT/e 12, $5. Boy's top coat, size 12, S3. Combat hoots, site 8, $1. Girls' dres«- _«;_S & 6, 25c «ach._4-65p7. __ BOY 1 snBLl7E'\SUIT^W'orrronce. Size 13-14, 812. Ladles green lined with gray cloth fur, v t length, size 14, $12. 3-6SI3. _ to 14 L JExceHcnt_conditlon_4-9952. FORM ALS^SIr.e"? "and 9. - Very~iood condition. Phone 4-0350. flOI!*miOM> GOOD!) 70 "£p"lECE sectional divan. Grey. 3-7216, 3406 California. CARPETING—21'xlZ'. Shaded green pattern, ll'xll' matching rug. Al«o pads. $25o for all. Walnut bedroom suite with twin size 4-poster beds, complete, *100. 3-3749. KROEHLER "b'i VAN Ph. 4-8444. & 2 chairs, $15. . __ ALUMINUM COMRiNATlON DOORS Complete with frame, 3 hinges, knob lock, air chei.k, chain, 2 glax* and 2 i »creenH and Instructions for Install- j ing. Pick up at S.13.0S. GERSMAN AND COMPATl'Y »th fc_ Belle __ __ 3 - c7tl __ HOME IMPROVEMENT aluminum storm doors, storm windows, riding. Will do porch enclosures. Call Jarnitu Rogers. 3-6556._ _ j 8" x B" T 10" Concrete BU>cki< . . . Iflc I 4" x 8" » 16" Concrete Blocks ... 14c j PATIO BLOCKS' I 4" Concrete FUld Tile . I2e per ft. j PAVLSH CONCRETE WORKS 549 St. Louts Ave.. Ea»t Alton, 4-«S34 FIREPLACE »tovewoo«S »nd kltidling cut to ]roiir order and delivered, .V3914. SHOCKING?? "YES" BUT TRUE 3 __ YES! — 3 COMPLETE ROOMS $499.95 A 55-pleee 3-room outfit including new Norge refrigerator, new stove, 5-plece dinette set, 32-piece dish set, 'double dresser and mirror, chest, bed. springs and mattress, 2 boudoir lamps, sofa and chair, cocktail table, 2 step tables, 3 table lamp. 1 ;, occasional chair. GARRETT FURNITURE CO. 16 W. Broadway Alton, Illinois • Large Platform Rocker — Wool Frieze Cover — good condition .......................... $l?9.8^ • Large Double Drer:aer — Landscape Mirror and Bookcase Bed New Flo oor Sample $69.95 • 9 PC. Llvlnir Room Ensemble — Includes Sofa, 2 matching Chairs. 2 End Tables with Cocktail Table to match, 2 Table Lnmpp and Picture — New Sample . . . $8».B5 • 3 PC. Wrought Iron Breakfast Set ........................... $12.95 • 2 PC. Living Room Suite $14.75 Gibson Furniture, Inc. 417 East Broadwa.v Alton, Illinois Easy Terms Phone 5-5541 9 PC. DINING ROOM SUITE, $60— Phone 2-8253. MAROON"RUG—12 x~i2l blue fiow- ered rug, 9 x 10"i, extra good condition. Dial 2-3165. ELECTRIC RANGE, G. E., excellent condition, $85. Phone 4-8180. S49.95 RED METALLIC LOUNGE CHAIR and ottoman: new, taken out Of storage for balance due. $24. On easy terms. No interest or carrying charge*. x SLACK FURNITURE CO. •- 416 Plasa $279 2-Pc. OLD ROSE HIDE-A-BED and chair. Complete with mattress. New, taken out of storage for balance due. $172. On easy terms. Mo interest or carrying charges. SLACK FURNITURE CO. 416 Piasa E-Z Terms MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANO TUNING and Repair. Experienced. Make playing more oleasant. Call 2-4082. G LA BLANC CLARINET—Symphonic model, used 10 months. V» original price. Perfect condition, Verna Fry, 54 Old St. Louis Rd., Wood River. EVERYTHING MUSICAL Fender. Gibson, Martin Guitars. King. Olds, Artie; and LeBlanc Band Instruments. RCA Victor and Webeor HI-FI Phonographs. Records. Wur- lltzer Pianos, Sheet Music. Teaching Studios Repair Service. GOULD MUSIC CO. REPOSSESSED—Phllco electric range All Automatic. Light and timer across the top. Can't tell from new. No money down, take over payments of $7.80. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2307 State. Phon* 2*7511 Open Friday Night Till » R. C. A. WHiRLPOOL Imperial electric dryer, like new. No money down, take over payments of $n.25 per month. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7311 Open Friday Night Till 9 LATE MODEL Philco refrigerator, Jl cu. ft. Freeze dept., excellent shape. Also Maytag war.h machine. Charles SaucrWein, Jerseyvllle, III. Phone 2U61-R3. $199.95 ABC AUTOMATIC WASHER^ Demonstrator. Selling for $117. On easy terms; no interest or carrying charge*. SLACK FURNITURE CO, 416 Pinsa MISC. FOR SALE FIREARMS 85 12 GAUGE WINCHESTER — Dotinie barrel, model 24. Us«d Wrrf seadons. Perfect condition, $40. Phone. 4-7819. B33 Madison, Wood River. HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS and watermelons, 2.ic earh. Elm Produce at Elm Street Bridge. DELIVERED WEEKLY—Fresh country eggs, Altnn-Wfiod River area* Also cnrn feel meat type hogs for sale. Albert Bradley, Rt. 1, Brighton. WANTED »»_ WANTED TO FOR SALE or TRADE—1949 Pontiac, house trailer, 6 rnorn oil heater, for 'SO model truck, motorcycle, deep freeze, or a boat motor. Ph. 4-3246. AU1OMOTIVE WILLOW TWIO APPLES—*2 bushel. John Brady. 938 W. Delmar. 2-1812. APPLES - Grime,", Red Delirious, Winesnp, banana apples. Bring containers. Waggonef» Orchard, Foster- bin g. WANTED HI A I KLtVISION SETS TV, MOTOROLA 12"—$60. 1006 Union.. Call 3-3815. 10" TELETONE table model, $25. 17" G. E. table model, year warranty on picture lube, $B9.50. WEBER'S TV AND APPLUNCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7,111 Open Friday Night Till B USED TV SET—17" Admiral console, $75. 21" Deforth, $100, blond. 14' 1 Admiral radio, TV phono combination, $75. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7511 Open Friday NlghT Till 9 REPOSSESSED-21" Admiral, swivel console mahogany cabinet. UHF- VHF. 6 months on picture tube. Payments $11.44 a month. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2609 State. Next to Tri-Clty Phone 3-7588 WANTED—Someone to take up payments of $5.84 a month on a 9 cu ft Frlgidaire refrigerator. Perfect condition. EBBLER ELECTRIC . 2806 State. Next to Trl-City Phone 3-7588 USED TELEVISION SETS—Recondll tloned and guaranteed, lav, and 17 inch, table models and consoles. Liberal terms. Standard Home Furnishers, 500 E. Broadwav. TABLE MODEL ai"'TV—Ph. 5-5468. M SfeWINQ MAritlNKS USED slwiNG MACHINES for sale." EBBLER stat «- Next to Tri-CIty Phon* 3-7S88 Sewing Machines Repaired f^'TRAL SEWING MACHINE CO. 4 W. Broadway Phone 8-5214 AUTOMOTIVE 87 WANTfcD TO BUY AUTOMOTIVE M AUTOS — CAM rF you're framing * M» fHiaiiWd Iff EASV JIM Bt BBACON FINANCE, 17(H e. Broadway at phone, 8-9278. TRAILERS WANTED— Girl's 20' 'or 24" bicycle. \ Call 4-3315. i SCRAP IRON— Metal for cash. Pick up service. Phone 2-3243. Gordon Ruhenstein. I USED 2 or 2'i H. P. gasoline rnotor^ in good_condltion. Dial 3-3130. WATfTE^TB~BUY — "H eibbita, "large type homing pigeons. Albert Brnd- ley._ Route 1. Brighton. WANTED — Oil floor furnace, good i condition. Phone 4-1B82. i "JUNK FURNACES~and "\Ton~bmigM. I Trash hauled. Joe Calther. 2-32(53. WANTED - SCRAP IRON Picked up at home or ahop. Nelson _Hartmnn._ Phone 2-7490. LADY" BUYS "^URNITUPE - Dishes^ baby furniture, anything from base- nen to attic. The Re-Sale Shop 4-9219, days or evenings. »1 AUTOS - PASSPNClF:rt l!>~4 FOTtf) B minder all accessories. Rpssonable. Call 4-3742 after 5 p.m. PLYMOUTH STATION WAGON, $115 —Phone 4-9120. 1948' PACKARD—4"rloor7Tadlo," heaC er. Runs real goorl, $89. CJcrie, 4-2731. ]94fl'DE POTO 4 DOOR—Rartio. heater, gond^s. $145. Gene 4-2731. ln4R JF.EP — 4 wheel drive, pnwpr take-off fnr shaft or bell. Front mnnntetl power wench. Rebuilt mo tor leM than 1,000 miles; rear tires nearly new. Phone Fleldon, 101. 1954 FOUR-DOOR" HUDSON'WASP— 18,000 actual miles. Fnr snle or will trade. Phone 4-n!l86 until 6. i 1956 PLYMOUTH ' 4-DOOR*'neTve'der* i Po\vprflite, tvhiU'wnll*. Other extras I 2-682". i insi 2-DOOR PLYMOUTH COUPE Crnnbronk with heaTpr; clean, low mtlcriBP. Call S-2fiM. T<M3 SUPER "Ml" "4 dooT'blds. Rartio^ heater, white wallK. two tone paint. Good condition. 3-630(>. Tl£b~"B~UiCK "~""SPEci'AL~^"Straight transmission, ?200. Call 2-3198. IBSZ^NASH" RAMBLER'TlARrjTOP— Radio, heater, plenty of extras. Good tires. Price $695. Ph. 2-7584. REASONABLE BANA "~HATKS~ for purchase of new or used cars. IN- STALLMF.NT LOAN DEPARTMENT FIRST NATIONAL BANK 3RD & BELLE STS. 91A 1853 ALMA 30'—Perfect." full «wntng, $1350. Want offer. Lawren? 1 . Lot No. 10, Nnmeoki Trailers, Granite City, ni. »« AWTO TRtiCKfl TRUCK 5,000 miles, Phon« 4-8183. 93 * MOTORCTC1.ES 1953 HARLEY-DAVIDSON— Skylln«, 3-2216. West Alton, Mo.__ HI G~H L A N Tl" "BICYCLE ""SHOP— Bought, sold and repaired. Open evenings. Free pick - up & delivery, 1302 Hignland._5-1847. BICYCLES—Sold and repaired. Rubber tires, all kinds. 2624 Judpon irear). 3-R975. BICYCLEIS TRICYCLES - All klndu sold atid dspalred Eddie's Bicycle Shop. 3320 F>™w(X)d. 5^ 7 5. 5 s"c~H~wTN~N" BICYCLES-^New and used Repair* and parts. Norslde B cycle. 261* State St. 3-7135. t.1 ,~—~- 1 REBUILT BATTERIES - Guaranteed. $450 exchange up. U"ed tires. Maul U«ed Auto Parts, Una Belle, Alton. 2-4721. AUTOMOTIVE HIGHEST CASH PRICE paid for used furniture and appliances. Ph. 5-5441. j Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK'" AUTOMOTIVE 1954 PLYMOUTH 4 Door Clean, Fully Equipped $1095 REXROAT MOTORS 2825 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7778 GET R'D OF nld iron, do light haul- ! Ing. Reasonable, Ph. 2-8367 i H1GRF.S1 CASB furniture fool* Phone 3-3TI24 PRICES paid fot dlahet «DoMance< 89 WANTED TO TRADE- SWAP FOR SALE or TRADE for anything of equal value, 5x7 Graflex Camera. Has F4:5 - 8'.i focal length lens. Phone 2-0120. AUTOMOTIVE 1951 CHRYSLER 4 Door Beautiful black finish, Radio mat Heittr REXROAT MOTORS 2625 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7778 CASH for CARS! Payments Too High? • Trade for Older Car Come in Or Call 4-0691 ALLEN & BENETTI 308 W. St. Louis Ave. East Alton AUTO SALES Phone 4-0691 551 E. Broadway Phone: 3-3213 Alton AUTOMOTIVE Phone 2-0074! AUTOMOTIVE a-PC. KROEHLER living room »ultc. good condition. Reasonable. Call j 2-85P6. KENMOUE WASHER — Good condition. Reaionabie. 3-4243. AUTOMOTIVE SPECIAL — 1954 PLYMOUTH SUBURBAN Completely Overhauled, Fine Condition throughout BargBin Priqp REXROAT MOTORS 2625 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7TT8 AUTOMOTIVE SPECIAL THIS WEEK Beautiful 1955 Plymouth 4 Dr. $1295 REXROAT MOTORS 28M E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7778 Announcement... GARLAND KENT Phone 2-3251 W» take this means of introducing Garland Kent, a new member oi our sales stall. Come in soon and let Garland show you a new Chrysler, Plymouth or a guaranteed late model used car. at price and monthly payment* to fit your budget STUART MOTOR CO. International Trucks Chrysler — Plymouth 315 E. Ferguson Ave., Ph. 4-4S51 Wood River Open* Till B P. M. FREE TOWING Guaranteed Transmissions MOTORS Be Ready For Fall CHEAPER Than Overhaul Retail and Wholesale 10,000 MILE GUARANTEE NO MONEY DOWN 2 YEARS TO PAY EXPERT TUNE UP EXCHANGE MOTORS IN STOCK Complete Installation o/ Do It Yourself Motor Exchange OF ALTOI 516 BELLE 1955 Plymouth j 1953 Dodge "6" 1953 Plymouth 1953 Plymouth 1954 Plymouth 1953 Chevrolet 1952 Chrysler COMING OCT. 30 New Cars in 20 Years ,„.. $.150 down »M.SS. Incl. S ytar IBs. (356 de»n , JS5.M, Incl. J year Ins. $325 down. $47.31, 2 year Ins. • $300 down. •41.71, 5 rear Ins. « 3300 down, (S7.«2, II mot. Ins. » $1545 $895 $895 $895 $1095 $950 $745 1951 Plymouth 1949 Buick . . 1948 Ford . . 1949 Oldsmobile 1948 Pontiac . 1946 Chrysler . No No N« down Bavtnent. $27.32 mo. * dowtt payment. ltS.12 tno. • down payment. ST.41 mo. ' down payment, SI'. 19 mo. • down payment. $11.74 mo. • No down $7.75 payment, mo. • $495 . $200 $112.50 . $295 . $180 . $125 For the best in music'al entertainment watch the Lawrence Welk Dodge Show Sundays 10:00 P. NL Channel 5. GLOSS For the best in musical entertainment watch the Lawrence Welk Dodge Show Sundays 10:00 P. M. Channel 5. MOTOR CO., Inc. Direct Factory DpDGE-PLYMOUTH Dealer 20 Years Service — Large Enough to Serve You — Small Enough to Appreciate Yon JESS GLOSS JEKKV SHAVEB DON DALE Owner Owner Salesman Drive and Buy DODGE ... the Car that's ENGINEERED ... Not Just Built 1st and Lerena Ave. WOOD RIVER • Phone 4-3866 GET BEHIND THIS WHEEL... AND GET THREE FULL YEARS AHEAD PONT BE LEFT IN THE COLD Now is the time to get ready for winter with a trouble-free, fully reconditioned and guaranteed Used Car from "Trotter" Buick 1955 Buiek Super 4-Door Sedan—Fully 'equipped, including power steering. A big beautiful family car .............. 1954 Oldsmobile 88 4-Door Sedan. Fully equipped and very clean 1825 1956 Buick Special 4-Door Hardtop—Fully equipped, in- eluding power brakes and whitewall tires. A demonstrator. A $3700 automobile for .. 1953 Chrysler New Yorker 4-Door Sedan. Fully ^conditioned and fully equipped. ~ ~ A fine family automobile SUDDENLY, IT'S 1960...PLYMOUTH! 1960-new Torsion-Aire Ride! • 1960-new Flight-Swept Styling ... the new shape of motion!' • 1960-new Sports Cor Handling! f 1960-new Power for Safety! t 1960-new Total Contact Brakes! The car you might have expected in I960 will be here Oct. 30! See H-Drive it— Own if/ Alton LES CRAIG MOTORS Pftltrt HOIFERT BROS. REXROAT MOTORS, Inc. Wood River GLOSS MOTOR CO,, Inc. Pealen ROBERTS MOTORS, Ins. STUART MOTOR CO, 1953 Chevrolet 2-Door Bel-Air Hardtop— 5QQC ^traight shift, radio, heater 9vV 1953 Pontiac 8<Cyllnder 4-Door Sedan— $ Straight shift, radio, heater, very clean .... 1952 Oldsmobile 88 4-Door Sedan—Fully $1 A4C equipped and exceptionally clean IVi»V 1951 Buick 4-Door Roadmasrer—New paint, new tires, seat covers. This is a beautiful black and white car. New throughout 1951 Buick Super 4-Door. Fully equipped. Ready to go '595 1951 Chevrolet 2-Door—Powerglide, radio, heater, seat covers, new tires. A very clean Chevy 1950 Ford 2-Door Custom V-8—Straight, radio, heater. A good sound clean car for 1954 Buick Special 2-Dr. Riviera Hardtop—Fully equipped. This is a beautiful red and white $1 QQC modern automobile • UwV MINIMUM DOWN PAYMENT LOW FINANCE FEES No Obligation for a Trustworthy Appraisal off Your Present Car TROTTER BUICK 49 IDWARPSVILLI RD, WOOD RIVER NISXT TO PARKWAY PH. 4-3811 WOOD RIVER BUICK DEALER OPfN EVENINGS 'TIL 9 P.M. WOOP RIVER AVE. row from KwUnmlng Pool PH. 4-7149 AUTOMOTIVE Your Car D«t«mt fh* Bettl Bting /Ho ... ftAlMC BRAKE AM» UAn 5 fmn SERVICE 90* W. »tfi 5.5211 lead Telegraph Watrt Ads Daily Sec Pfioiw Directory For Your Nearest Agent H 0 1955 Clievrolet V-8 Bel-air Hardtop with power pak, radio, heater, automatic transmission, white walls. 1954 PONTIAO Star Chief 4 dr. 2 tone, radio, heater, hydra- matlc. White wall tires. chrome wheels. W MOTOR SALES 2801 E. BROADWAY Phone 2-0221 DO YOU NEED A GOOD Station Wagon? CHECK and DRIVE THESE . . . Before You Buy! 1955 FORD Ranch Wagon, radio, heater, very clean. 2-1953 FORD Ranch Wag. ons, radio, heater. 1953 PLYMOUTH Savoy "Suburban, radio, heater, overdrive, white walls, clean as a pin. 1953 FORD 8 Cyl. 8 passenger Country Sedan, radio, heater, 2 tone paint, low mileage, drive this one. 1949 FORD Country Squire wagon, radio, heater, new tires, a little jewel. BROS. INC, Your Volume Ford Dealer 1400 E. Broadway 3-37(1 5-5531 A Sound Investment! More and more car buyers have come to realize that a lute-inode.l used Cadillac is often a much sounder Investment than a new medium- priced oar. Their reasoning i« obvious: Cadillac does not follow style trunds — it establishes them. Used Cadillacs ot recent vintage have barely tapped their great reserve of power and performance. Even a used Cadillac bring* to It* owner Infinitely .greater pres tlge and pride of ownartthlp. If you are considering the par- chase of a new ear, why not visit us first. A wide selection of reconditioned Quality Value Used Cadillac* await your critical Inspection. CADILLAC '55 CONVERTIBLE Its striking white finish la »et off by black power top and perfect whitewall tires. Ha* red and white harmonizing loll leather interior. Enjoy smooth hydramatio, radio, heater. pJu» power steering and brakes In this beautiful style leading convertible, A car we are truly proud to offer. '3695 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, lit, U101MOMWAY

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