Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 4, 1939 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1939
Page 8
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VINDICATOR AND REPUBLICAN, ESTHERVILLE, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1939 Tells Of Denmark At Lunch (Coninued from Page One) Mr. Mickelson also spoke of the reforestation projects and since his trip eight years ago lovely pine forests have grown up on all land not fitted for the production of crops. In answering questions put to him by those present, Mr. Mickelson mentioned that the gas tax was higher there than here, that most of the fuel was imported, schools carry the child's education coal comling mainly from Eng- until 14 years of age but money is land. Gas used in most homes for available from the government for cooking is extracted from this and higher education and about 90 per the residual coke used for heating cent complete college work. and other fuel uses. Petroleum oils Transportation is excellent in mvisi 8180 imported. Denmark, small fast trains with Villages, the speaker said in an- diesel motors on each end race swer to another question, are now across the country and are ferried smaller than in former years, the v -' " ' which com- - RINGSTED GIRL WINS FIRST IN TYPING CONTEST between the islands prise much of the coast land when the waters are too deep or rough for bridges. Much food is produced in the small country. Each 35 acre farm supports at least twenty milch cows and the soil has been built up to an ever increasing fertility. farmers having scattered to their individual farms. While nbt a Danish problem,-Mr. Mickelson was asked of the attitude of Poland to the loss or retention of Danzig. Mr. and Mrs. Mickelson had made the trip to Copenhagen on a Polish steamship. Virginia Lastine, a junior in the Rings ted high school won first place in the individual novice typ ing speed contest held at Spirit Lake. This entitles her to go to the state contest which will be held May 13th at the Fort Des Moines hotel in Des Moines. There were 39 contestants in the novice typing group. Other schools which competed were Larchwood, Little Rock, Ashton, George, Okoboji Twp., Webb, Cornell, Milford, Terril, Rock Rapids, Spirit Lake, Gillet Grove and Rings ted. Miss Beulah Thompson is the Ringsted typing teacher. V.R.-—- WARRANTY DEEDS This food" wasTefo^ttrworS ^ZoT^^ytlZ^. war mainly exported to England %l t ZTtXeS^JT^ but since then because that coun- _ , ... , , . , try buys mainly from her own n bn f * nd , P°P ulate £ ™% colonies the chief market is Ger- had for safety "sponsored" their many A close check is kent on own sea P ort further out in the these'exported goods by the Dan- 5?^ Sea ' ™f * T * f £*J? ish government and imports are 75 ' 00 « P°P^n and until the bought from the country with recent chance of aUiance and help which they are trading equal to from . En f la " d P * h ** g ° VC £" * TT - \ ment Had been reconciled to the the exports. Very little is bought " "rr . • from the United States with the loss of uanz, S- exception of automobiles, engines. Th* Danes, Mr. Mickelson said and parts which are shipped in m answer to another query, were "knocked down" and assembled not especially disturbed by con- there with bodies made in Danish ditions in Germany. They had for- factories. There are more Euro- stalled the attempt by Germans to pean cars used than those of Am- buy up the land regained by Den- erican make. These are mostly mark from Germany after the smaller than our cars. SUNDAY - MONDAY! A perfect dream of a laugh combination! BING.. JOAN.. MISCHA .. at their Best! World War by doing: some buying themselves and stopping the German settlement. -V.R. IBD2DMEN TO HOLD MEETING AT SPRIT LAKE April 13 Edith Weisbrod-et al to Wm. T. Nielsen Etux. May 10, 1939. 188.00. On EH of NW« Sec. 26-98-31. C. L. Weisbrod and Edith to Wm. T. Nielsen and wife April 10, 1939. $2,000. On E 20 acres of W% of NW% of Sec. 26-98-31. April 15 Elmer E. Henaman and wife to F. S. Robinson, April 14, 1939. $2500.00 on Lot 1, Block 20, Orig. Plat, "Armstrong, la. J. H. Howell and wife to J. W. Howell and Marie Howell Donohue, April 14, 1939. $1.00 NW fr % of Sec. 4-99-32. Dina and Adolph Mortensen to W. H. Warrington, March 25, 1939 $700.00 1st, 165W of E132 ft. of Lot 27 of Roy J. Ridley's Subdivision of SW% of NW% of Sec. 10-99-34. ' April 19 The Travelers Insur ance <k>^ to (Joseph, iBrinlshnan Feb. 21, 1939. $9,000.00 NW% and NW% of SW% Sec. 2-98-34. Graettinger Tile Works to Charles Westfall, March 30, 1939 $2500 SW% of SE% Sec. 35-98-34 J. W. Pannell and wife to Hattie Hull December 23, 1922. Lot 8 BL of Lough's 2nd Add. Esther- t^LEGAL NOTICE OF PROOF OF WILL ADDED ATTRACTION . EXTRA ORDINARY— ' 2 Reel" Special Technicolor POPEYE CARTOON "Aladdin and His Wonderful , Lamp" Also News of the day SAT. ONLY! 2 HITS! CHARLES STARRETT „ in "West of the Santa Fe" . "Inside Story". Plans are being perfected for [ville also Comm. at NW corner the Iowa Ornithologists Union <»* ^ 8 B1 - x > o f Lough's 2nd Add convention to be held at Spirit running N of N line of S% of Lake May 12 and 13. ' 'NW% Sec. 11-99-34 E along said Friday has been named as pro- . T . „ -m I * T „ „i,i„ / _ ,. . ... of Lot 8, BL 1 of Lough s lnd, gram day with meetings in the " ,, . '„ -T, . „, high school auditorium and a ban- *° Estherville, to place quet and meeting that evening at «™£ j Weir ^ Qra A . Weir the Antlers Hotel. „ /December 29, 1923 $1.00. On Lot 2, Field trips will take up the day Black 6> 0r ig. Plat, Estherville, la. on Saturday. April 2 o Carl Schlotterbeck and Walter Bennett of Los Angeles, "wife to Sylvia Brown March 23, California will give an illustrated 1939. $1400.00 part of Out Lot *E ! lecture on Mountain Bird Life, of Subdiv. of Out Lot *C' and 'D' and will show motion pictures. Ringsted, Iowa. •These*pictures were taken and Home Owners Loan Corp., to colored true to life by Mr. Ben- Joseph L. Hoye and wife April 13, nett Mr. Bennett was formerly 1939. $2500.00 N 70 ft of Lots 3-4 in the insurance business in B. 17, O. P. Estherville, la. Sioux "City; is past president of Ben Wicks to O. H. Miller, April the Sioux City Bird club, oldest <20, 1939 $1.00. Lots 9-10 Block 5 and one of the most active -bird Bartlett's Add. to Estherville, la. clubs in Iowa; and is a charter member and past president of'the Iowa Ornithologists Union. After leaving Sioux City, Mr. Bennett was with the Red Path Licensing Bureau as a professional lecture on birds. For a number April 26 George E. Groves to Mack J. Groves July 26, 1939. $1.00 E 32 ft of Lot 3, Block 50, Orig. Plat, Estherville, also lots 8-9 in Block 9 Wood's Add. Estherville, Iowa. . ' Sylvia M. Brown and C. M. District Court in and For Emmet County, Iowa Emmet County, Stat* of Iowa, ss. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Muns Hanson,- deceased, dated July 2, 1913, having this day been filed, opened and read; Monday the 29th day of May 1939, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Estherville, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10:00 o'clock A. M. of the day above mentioned, all. persons interested are hereby : notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why. said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Estherville, Iowa, May 3, 1939. IRWIN C. NICHOLS, Clerk of District Court (SEAL) May 4,11,19,1939 V.R.—^- Hybrid Improvements Will Not Be in Yield Ads FOR SALE FOR SALE: ^burner kerosene stove, nearly new. 214 N. 7th, St. GET YOUR HYBRID Seed, Corn recommendations for your farm. We offer you the benefit of our Mveral years experience with genuine Jacques Northern grown seed corn. Golden Sun Milling Co., Estherville, lows. JOB; SALE: Iyer. Joniison^bJcjrcle ' in good rujminr ^condition. 'Billie Dentin*,' Esthervffle,/sbtf FORTRENT < FOR RENT: Newly redecorated ^Modern house. Call 76^.:"'-*: ifc FOR RENT: Garden lot on share, Mrs. Emil Hoffman, 42l North . 4th" St. 36-e J- .!» . " NEW DEVOE 2-COAT SYSTEM Improvements in hybrid corn in the future will come largely , in "matters of style." New hybrids will appear, correcting minor weaknesses that crop out in old strains. Present strains will' be refined. But the big step has' already been made—increasing yields. These are the predictions made by Joe L. Robinson, agronomist at- Iowa State college, who has been in charge of the state coin yield test since its beginning. . No hybrid is perfect, Robinson says. This strain lodges more than it should, that variety sends out too. many suckers, others produce ears that are too long, too short, too smooth. Good hybrids consistently out- yield open-pollinated strains by about. 15 per cent. That's history now. One would not expect similar additional yield. increase!! every year. " V.R.—— RINGSTED WOMAN'S SISTER ARRIVES FROM GERMANY of years he was biologist for the Brow* to Stated of lowa, .march U. S. Biological Survey and dur- 23, 1939. $1600.00 onjLot 9, B 12 ing this time was sent to different of Subdiv. entitled "Blocks 8-9-10- parts of the country in regards to- 11-12, Subdiv. of B. 7, and Out the purchasing of game refugees, lots, A, B, C, and D. to the Town For two years he wis in charge °* TRi . n& f t i dl *?• ... T „ . of a Refuge in western Nebraska, United Benefit Lrfe Ins Co to one of the largest in the United J ,°« ^ '*T£J%^U\M States all that part of NW* Sec. 34-100- T V J j - «. -11 v 31, lying W of Drainage ditch No. Included in the program will be ^ . t several reports on research work - — — ~ I in Iowa. During the banquet Robert Grant of Des Moines, bird imitator will demonstrate bird calls. April 28 Henry C. Brees and •wife to Glen Crook, April 28, 1939. $2500.00 N% and W 24 ft. of S% of Lot 7, B. 4 McFarland's Add , m j. , , ,. , . to Estherville, also % of vacated fcxeept for the banquet which is jjw " $100 per plate all meetings are April 29 Helene K. Barber to 1 ™1 * p f ^° Tt ) ,e Vf^:;^:. Esther Sunde April 29, 1939. $1.00 V 3 ^ ^ cJS- Snd ^ SPAIT ^ 6 o f K «^y 's Subdiv. of Block Lake Nature Study and Camera % o£ s , E . Bem ; s> - Add _ Esthervi , Ie with Michael Whalen club will be given first opportunity to purchase tickets for the banquet. Judge 0. S. Thomas of Rock Rapids is president of the organization. Dr. F. L. R. Roberts is a past president. Mighty Casey (Who Struck Out) Tells All! The Hero of the Most Popular Baseball Ballad writes of the Early Days of the Diamond. One of the Many Features in The American Weekly, the Magazine Distributed With the SUNDAY CHICAGO HERALD AND EXAMINER. Helen K. Barber to T. T. Sunde April 29, 1939 $1.00. On lots 7-8 of Rewey's Subdiv. of Block 5, of S."| E. Bemis Add. to Estherville, la. May 1 Minnie M. Harrison, et al to Glen'Pickens, April 20, 1939. $250.00 N% Lots, 1-2 B. 8 of Ridley's Add. to Estherville, "la.. . . May 2 Hazel Monsen to'John S/ Brawford and wife May 2, 1939. $1.00 on lot 2 of Chester#Rewey's Subdiv. of S% of Block 11, of S. E. Bemis, Add. to Estherville, la. The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. to Charles M.; Robinson Feb. 1, 1939. $1.00 on W% of Sec. 33-100-31. v Mrs. Greta Betchold of Frankfort, Germany arrived last week for a 20-day visit at the Wm. Schauherger home at Ringsted. She was^inet by her sister, Mrs. Schaubefger and nephew Henry Schauberger at New York City. Mrs. Betchold made the ocean trip on the Deutchlahd. She found the trip from New York to Iowa very interesting. Norman Boever of Swea City accompanied the Schauberger's on the trip. * • V.R. Mrs. Floyd. Lytie; drove to?St.^ Cloud,. Minn.,- yesterday, where 'she-' will-visit with-her daughter-iand. family, Mr; and-,: Mrs.vHenry-AhK tens.- . 0OTUSTS ORDINMt fAINT JOBS Make your house gleam with Devoe's new 2-Coat System>It^s : whiter- -saves money and lasts long as ordinary'paint. : - jDevoeusestwodifferentpaints, each made for its.own purpose. Together,'they resist wear, stay good-looking. Come in. Let us tell you about tiieDev6e2-CoatSystem.Employ* ^ : reputsble painter—specify Devoe.; 7 Northern Lumber Co. MO? Phone 245 .1 t ^r. We have a fine stock of builders hardware, glass and^ all builders material. - Is the exterior appearance of your home a credit to your neighborhood? CmPMPatnts and accessorie^are worthy of your : consideration: Consult us on your building and"' painting^prbb'leins. Joyce Lumber Co. •% -\ Phone 244 M

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