The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 3, 1935 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1935
Page 6
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Maryland Democrat Warns That tf. S. Can Not Be Run on "Hot Air." WOULD .REPEAL ACTS Washington, April 3. — While criticism of the recovery administration piled up before the senate finance committee, two Democratic senators, Tydiugs of Maryland and Murphy oi Iowa, joined in a savage attack in the senate on two of the new deal's most active agencies — AAA and Nil A. Tydings demanded repeal oi the N11A and the AAA, contending it was "a question whether the country was helped" by them. "Isn't it time," he asked the senate, "to repeal thtse monstrosities and re-establish world trade, restore our currency and revive I t , DAXGEROrS PRACTICE. Miss Jane Adams of SharpsvlIIe Injured in Accident in Kokomo. Miss Jane Adams of Sharpsville suffered a badly injured right ankle at Kokomo Tuesday when a bicycle propelled by George Marquand, with Miss Adams on' the handle bars, collided with an automobile, driven by Moe Rizzell, of Kokomo. It was at first feared the ankle was broken but an examination revealed the ligaments and tendons were bruised and sprained, but there vffre no fractures. The injury is one which will cause inconvenience for some time. • «•» Special Legislative Committee Has Program to Eliminate Townships. National Officers Go on Record Favoring Vinson Bonus Plan. BELGRANO APPROVED ry lander broad- FOR SPECIAL SESSION ened his. attack, and warned his party it could not run tin- government on "hot air." Senator Murphy i Democrat, Iowa) chimed in to say: •„; "We are doing nothin Indianapolis, April — Pro- Indianapolis, April 3. — The national executive committee of the American Legion last night voted unanimously to urge passage by congress of a soldiers' bonus bill "which includes no other question than immediate layment of the adjusted service certificates." The resolution adopted by the ommittee made no reference by lame either to the Vinson or Patman bills for the payment of the^ bonus, both of which now are pending in congress, but Legion officials declared it meant the organization would support the Vinson bill. The Patman bill provides for the issuance of 52,200,000,000 worth of new money in addition to payment of the adjusted service .certificates. The Vinson bill XRER. Took Time Off I rom 'Pishing to Explore River. Prest- {By Onlte.l TrtssV Pla., A;iril 3. dent Roosevelt bos turned explorer, advices from the yacht Nour- mahol said yesteiday. The ichief. execu ful in I obtaining sunburn—nothing Jve was success- a good. healthy else-^-on a trip yesterday up a little known river on Crooked Islan 1 in the Brlt'sh Bahamas. The s-ory of th|e landing parly •was related in th patch, from the Secretary Marvin e following dis- Nourmahal to H. McInVe at temporary executive offices at the Miami-Blltmore h "Spent most of narrow; river leading to lagon:i on !rooked Island. '•^mental. Our policies are just palliatives. They'do not get to the roots, and when we- come back here again, we will have to raise more mo'ney." Senators Logan • (Democrat, I posed elimination of the township, contains no vlsfong otner than funda- and estabhshment of the county foj . the paymeut . Qf the as the smallest state governmental unit in Indiana will force upon members of the special legislative committee a maze of problems which they will begin to unravel at a series of meetings open- Kentucky) and Bankhead iDemo-jing today. crat, Alabama) defended both! Committee members were ap- NRA and AAA. l pointed by Lieutenant Governor bonus. The matter of raising the money is left to the government. The adoption of the resolution came after an all-day session of the executive committee. It expressed approval of the effort of Frank N. Belgrano, Jr., national commander, to bring M.'Clifford Townsend and Speak- about passage of a bill for the TIUTCK OVEKTl'KXED. Drivers of t\\o Vehicles Ksc.-ipe With Bruises From Had Crash. I er Edward H. Stein at the close of the 1935 regular session of the legislature. ,. Their job is to prepare tax measures for consideration at a payment of the 'bonus. PLEAD NOT GUILTY'. Arthur Goodnight, (special session of the general as- rosidingi SL-mbly, probably tins summer. northwest of Ekin. and Amosi Aim »f the committee, it was Hosteller, driver m a truck for the J. II. Garrison wholesale Alleged Kidnaper of Edward Bro- iiu-i- Arraijjnpd at St. Paul. house of Kokomo. escaped with bruises Tuesday evening about 5 o'clock, following a bad crash in front of the Goodnight home. Mr. Goodnight had been in. a field near the home and was driving out to the road as the truck. a Ford V-S came from the south, the direction Mr. Goodnight was turning. The truck caught the said, is to follow as closr-ly as I possible the model county . uniti (Ky I'nitfil Press). . Paul, April 3. — Arthur '."i (Doc) Ilarknr, leader of the gang program drafted by the state committee on governmental economy which spent several months studying numerous problems of simplification of government and reduction of expenditures. Consolidations which should be effected are not favored by all state officials who have studied the others are In. - front of the 1928 Chevrolet ,-oupe i dorsinB the P«'P°»ed a«ion as a ' pana.ce-a for heavy governmental costs. Opponents contend that previous consolidations have resulted in increased expenditures, rather than decreases. of Goodnight, tearing off the front part, causing the truck to veer to the right and it turned over in the ditch. The truck was loaded •with groceries, the load being badly mussed up and tho truck sustained considerable damage. Both drivers took an invoice of themselves. before they inspected the badly damaged cars. A wrecker was called from Kompton and took the damaged cars away, from the scene of the accident. I'UXt'KI) IX JAM;. | that allegedly kidnaped Kdward G. Bremcr for $200,000 ransom, pleaded not guilty Tuesday when he was arraigned in United States district court. He was one of ten defendants arraigned simultaneously. There were nine not guilty pleas and one plea of guilty. The guilty plea was entered by J. J: Wilson, reputed chauffeur for Dr. J. P. Morgan, fugitive Chicago surgeon, accused of attending Bremer while he was held prisoner at Sensjnville, HI. Those pleading not guilty to the charges of kidnaping were Byron Uolton, Harold Allerdton and Elmer Farmer. Pleading not guilty to charges of kidnaping conspir- I'ai-tvr Held for Drunken Drivin several: different varieties of sunburn. At four proceeded to southeast point of Long Island where ships anchored n:ar spot whera we fished last July 4th from H. S. S. Houston." , The 'last dispa.ches from the Sfourmahal Indicated the presiden- ial party was about 350 miles 'rom Miami on tie start of the second iveek of se;.-going vacation that has been highly successful front the standpoint of health and exceptional angling luck. sre: day exploring Party caught Senate Committee Offers a Measure to "Pay as You Fight." IMPOSES HEAVY TAXES Washington, April 3.—A drastic income tax bill aimed squeezing every lust vestige at of profit out of war.i and backed by an industrial draft so rigid that it had the front lines as an alternative, was made public last night by the senate munitions committee. . ! It will be introduced next week. Industrial war-time earnings under the bill would be limited to 3 per cent and those industrial leaders found unwilling to "cooperate in the war effort" could be told to go to the trenches instead. ! The senate committee's confidence did not deter house leaders in their promotion!of a rival plan. Arrangements were made to bring the M-cSwain bill today. out for debate Vincennes Dinner Opens Ac tive Drive for (Governorship Campaign. 'BIG GUNS" Vincennes, April PRESENT 3. — Pleas E J. W. ) is tl Kimmel the local: Greenlee, ipatronage secretary tc Governor Paul V. jMcNutt, was given a rousing reception here) last night by Seventh district Democrats at what; was termed a hharmony meeting," but was tacitly accepted by participants as preliminary tryotit in the congest for the nomination for gov-j srnor next year. • - j ! Special significance was at-j :ached to the event because thej banquet tribute to ! Greenlee was! staged by Mayor jf Vincennes, who joss of the party, and who has! been unfriendly to ithe regime 1 at .he statehouse. '| Although this olive branch was extended to Greenlee and the administration of Governor Paul V. McNutt, the local ! chiefs were! :aref ul not to get i on record as! >eing on the Greenlee bandwagon C he becomes a candidate. Instead they indicated that Jreenlee might be acceptable ihould he be given 'the "go" sig- lal by the McNutt organization. Local leaders recalled that they had given a similar banquet in honor of M. Clifford Townsen'd, ieutenant governor, several weeks ago. Townsend is also retarded as a starter for the nomination for governor. The banquet for Townsend was diagnosed by the local leaders as the biggest political dinner ever given up to that time, but hey pointed out that the Green- ee event attracted an even great- >r outpouring of the faithful. Significantly enough, many of he main political cogs of the state administration were on hand. At any event, the meeting was ntended to bury the hatchet be- j|! f* J"*ZERi '—'—'("i J Mayor Keily Won Yesfeird&y 11, Huge Vote.- I l | Chi cagfii April 3.-HEdward . j] Kelly yesterday was elected mayoc by a vote that broke all mayoralty records in major American cities for I luraiity and majority anilj all records for'total vote: except in N«lw r :'York City,'The Tribune! said last night. He coilected two other records; i,~ | —the largest percentage of the vote «ver : [ given a big city mayor- 1 afty candidate, about 75 per cent,' and carried every one of the 51 wards! in the city. " Indications were that approximately 1,000,000 votes were cast and that Kelly's plurality /.was 635,000, his majority over- both opponents, 1 ; 545,0004 INSOLATION SEEN. Government to Pay • Off Debts With Cash. Some Washington, ' 3.—Inflation, limited but nonetheless .certain, is revealed as a significant by-product: of new Treasury 'financing policy. . ; Thej government has so touch cash in its vaults that it Intends to pay off a quantity of maturing obligations in currency, thereby adding to the amount of money in circulation and available for new investments. • • . ', At the very .utmost, a, half- billion dollars of- inflation would be involved. • , ;ween the McNutt (and actions. , i Kimmel Tonsils Removed. Visited at Muncio. acy were .less Doyle, J. ,1. Mc- MJIII Giving His .Vimr ns Dr. V. <J.i Laughlin. William liidler, Phillip Dclanoy and Edna Murray. ] Judge Joyce sol the trial foi A man giviag his name as Dr.! April 15. V. (!. Carter and his residence as *• Uiissiavillu way placed in jail Tuesday evening about 7:30 after the senate ; Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilbnrn and children residing northeast of Tipton and Mr. and v Mrs. Henry Mundell and children ; _and Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Phifer ,* Ol Atlanta, were at Mnncie anil spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Jones, going over in the new CHdsmobile of Mr. Wilburn. '• Saturday Mr and Mrs. Wiland Mr and Mrs. Paul Cum- were at Indianapolis and with friends. a call was received here that a I drunken driver was menacing | traffic and was headed inlo Tip! Ion from the west. Night Officer Utterback met the truck de GIVEN FARM SENTENCE. the First Wan took Carter i: Ideal leatheret desk pads. Press. tf scribed near building and charge, he having a "bottle liquor in his possession. . Parties who called the officer from Bunch's , Lunches west o Tipton, stated they had followei the truck from state road 2 down the range line'road and o: into Tipton and that it had bee: driven all over the pavement narrowly avoiding several crashc with cars from the south. ten Get t — your-%all paper ; cleaned, a new pic- jore will look j ^nighty good hang- there. And; we i;the pictures— IB...W * < *| . . « jff entirely not a,bit i.priced. ! Danlcls-Lyke. Tuesaey evening the count clerk issued a license to Dalla Daniels, son of Mr. i and Mrs David Daniels and Pearl Lyke of Atlanta, daughter of Mr. an Mrs. Edward Walton Jackson o that place. The -ceremony too place Tuesday evening at th home of {he officiating mlnistei Ralj)h Davlson at Hobbs. • are tnaJrtag. oar Joe'de* ^ '«!*>.»« Virgil Hornbcck Will Take Vaca tion for Drunkenness. Virgil Hornbeck, of Kempton arrested several days ago on a charge of intoxication, was' befon Judge Russell in Circuit Cour Tuesday afternoon and entered a plea of guilty to a charge of in toxication. Tire court assessed fine of $1 and costs to which was added 60 days on the penal farm which he will have to serve. Cal Welcher, aged blacksmith of Kokomo, who was arrested 01 a charge of Intoxication was als before the court and entered j plea of guilty. He was Bent bad to jail while his case was unde advisement:' 5 • »• -- Jlost Enjoyable Visit. Mrs. Ernest Vair and Mrs. Car rie Clark returned to their homes Sunday after spending several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs Joe Punke. and family. Mrs Clark Is an aunt of Mrs. Funke. Other, dinner guests Sunday besides, the above mentioned, wer Ernest Vair and^ son Raymond Mr. and Brt. Ora Clark of Area la, and Eugene. Hall and bis chum from Indianapolis, who are spenc ing^tteir sprtag;, vaoatton home of their •grandmother,-Mrs m r apent, ^i Tax features plan include: For industry: A 50 per cent tax on net profit on capital investment of G per cent or, Uss. A 100 per cent* tax on all net prolit in excess of; 6 per cent! For individuals! it provided: A normal tax of 6 per cent on all earnings above exemptions. A surtax schedule which graduated up to a poiijt where it took $'2,SOO of an incclme of $10,000. A.94 per cent surtax on all net earnings in excess! of JlO.OffO. Exemptions likewise were trimmed far below those prevailing in the present tax Unmarried: pei an exemption of $500, instead of , 000 instead of $2,500, and ex- to Gertrude RlpBerger., 14-year- Id daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John /Upberger southeast of Tipton, is •eported to 'be ; getting along splendidly following a tonsil op- iration Sunday morning at the Mercy hospital at Elwood. ' She is now at her home and is gaining steadily. WEATHER—Fair tonight with j heavy frost; slight colder in extreme southwest portion; increasing cloudiness. I TWIN AUTO HORNS and98c Auto Clock, on Windshield,! $1.39 i Baptists Tonight. Rev; C" A. Wade, pastor "of the First JBaptist church, will speak, on "The Two Roads7" at the regular ^eekly evangelistic service, at the church tonfght. ' . •• • Following the service, a busir ness meeting wil be field, and a large attendance of -members is desired for both sessions.. HOGS AGAIN. Prices Advanced lOc to 15c at dinnapolis Wednesday. Indianapolis, April 3. — Receipts on hogs, 4,000; held over, 100: cattle. 1,400; calves, 600; sheep and {lambs, 800. Hog prices early today in the local live stock market were 105 to 15c higher, with the top, $9.16| for 200 to 235-ipound weights; pigs arid light weights. 100 to 160 pounds, sold at $6.7S to. $8.75: 160- to 200 pounds, $9.05 to $9.10; 235 to 300 pounds, $8.95 to S9.10; over 300 pounds, $8.75 to $8.85; sows, $7.50 to $8.50. Cattle were steady to strong; calves were 50c higher-at $10.00 down,.: and: lambs were steady, i Chicago,; April 3.—Receipts on hogs, 12,000, including ,5,000. dij. rect to[ packers: held, over, ;2.000; market opened active to strong, top price i $9.00; cattle, ,7,000^ calves, 1,600; sheep and lambs, 12.0C01 i '.••':.: Local Grain Market; :'• Wheat^ Noi 2, 84c; No. 1 — 85c Oats — __ 44c Corn, per 100 Ibs. . $1.06. Local Produce Market. • i (Moore & Moore) Eggs, per dozen .—_- 20c IndlannpolM produce Prices. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers for strictly, fresh stock; 18c at country points; 19c delivered at Indianapolis. • Poultry If— Jobbers paying-for hens, lBc;|: Leghorns, llc;j heavy breed stags; lie; Leghorn, 7c; old cocks, 9c; 11 geese, 7c; ducks, 9c; guineas,' 15c. ; •! •' '' Butter—^Tobbera' selling prices for creamery butter, fresh! firsts, No. l,|3S-i*c; No. 2, 31-32c; In quarters 'a|nd halves, le; more, Unmarried: persons would have $1,000 las now. Married persons would have an exemption of $1,- emptions of dependents would be the present law cut from $4010 in In an accompanying statement, the committee which f;oes into elect in event of Displayed! at Bast Jefferson ' war, sets up| an industrial management board. Letter openett for. the of- home disk. Tribnne The Better End—lanerspring Filled-r-PriCecl j $26.00 and $29.00-f-Less 10% for Suite 'il- Barrum BEHOLD The Stranger A stranger moves to! your neighborhood. You observe him tolerantly, but With no immediate display of. interest. You are an established resident, getting along very nicely before he came. But'you do not avoid him. For reasons not entirely unselfish you wiit If or him 'to reveal himself. Possibly he may add something to your social and business life. Possibly he will take a highly respected place in the community. He may even become one of your intimates. It is" up to him. So you note his manners, talk with him, and form an opinion. If he conies I up to your requirements, you accept him, and oftenlhe proves a welcome -addition to your group of friericls. It is with; exactly the same attitude that the intelligent newspaper reader regards the advertisements of products new to him. These strangers may add something to his civilized enjoyment. They may contribute to his comfort, .safety—even-|05 success. In many ways they may prove valuable. Certainly it is wise to give them careful consideration. Read the advertisements in this newspaper, They may be [the means of introducing you to products that win take .important places in your life. And every day they will give you information that enables you to buy intelligently and make your money go farther. ! Mellon Admits Tax Loss Deal Andrew W. Mellon, above, Pittsburgh multi-millionaire and former •ecretary of the treasury, admitted that he sold 123,000 shares of Pittsburgh Coal' company stock in 1931 to the Union Trust Co., which, his familyj dominated, to claim an income tax loss. Mellon •fa shbwn, indicated by arrow, on the stand at Pittsburgh where he h on trial oi charges of having underpaid his 1931 income, $ax by 18,000,000. He denied entering into any agreement to repurchase Uw itock.after his loss was claimejl and his 1981 income ta* ; '-. -, •''••••'. '' • 'prepared. • ; -

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