The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1951
Page 7
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FRIDAY, 'AUGUST 17, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NE\YS PAGE SEVEN Two Accused in Death Of OSS Officer to Fight 'Any Return to Italy' WASHINGTON. Aug. 17. CAP) — Protesting their Innocence, two former servicemen have Indicated they «1 light any attempt to send them ± to Italy for trial In the death of their commanding officer seven years ago. And the Italian government'ha: taken no announced action to extradite them to face charges made by the U.S. Defense Department that they played key roles'in th« killing of Maj. William V. Holohan behind enemy lines in late 1944 Holohan, head or an Office of Strategic Services mission which, parachuted behind German lines to] direct aid to partisans, disappeared mysteriously. The Defense Department said In a statement Wednesday that he wai killed by former Lieutenant. Aldo (Ike) Icardi. now a resident ol Preakness, N.J., and ex-sergeant Carl G. Loriolce of Rochester, N.Y. with the help of two Italians. Both Americans denied the accusation flatly. "The charges made against me are fantastic and I am confident that I shall be completely exonerated. Icardt told newsmen at the.home of his parents In Pittsburgh. Case Was Prejudged "The Defense Department has never confronted me with the charges It now makes. The department obviously prejudged thft case without even giving me the opportunity to make a statement about 'Trncardl added that the department's "unprecedented 'trial by press and radio' violates the most elemental concepts of Justice and due process <of law). 1 ' In Rochester. LoDolce told a reporter for the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle that "I am absolutely Innocent of »ny charge made against me in connection with the ease." "These charges can be disproved and will be." he added. "Right now. I can't say anything more than that. I'm leaving the matter in the hands of my attorney." There'll Bf Na Qneflflon Hl« attorney, Thomas O. Presuttl, «eid "when all the facts are disclosed, there will be no question that LoDolce Is innocent-" PresutM also aald & confession which the defense department asserted LoDolce made in the summer of 1950 would be repudiated. The. • department said confessions had been obtained from LoDolce •nd from the two Italianj. LoDolce said he would "fight to the utmost" any attempt to extradite him to Italy for trial. On the ACCUSED—Aldo Icardi (above) has been accused of hilling Major William V. Holchan, an officer in the OSS In Italy in 1944. Clayton Fritchey, Defense Department public information officer, said Icardi, once of Pittsburgh, Pa., but now- employed in New York, is a former lieutenant ot OSS days. <AP Wirephoto) Truman Urges 'Handicap Jobs' Let Less Fortunate Work for Peace, President Says WASHINGTON. Aug. 17. <AP) President Truman urged American employers today to put "all our handicapped citizens" to work ;n defense plants lo help "win (he Iruggle (or a just and lasting peace." Mr. Truman reported that public employment services found 100.001 more jobs for the handicapped las year than during the year before— a "gain of more than 50 per cent." The President spoke at the fa! meeting of his committee on Na tional Employ (he. Physically Han dicapped Week in the department auditorium here. In presenting a trophy, rlesigne fay four handicapped persons, t George Burr. Chicago employer, fo 'the best performance of the yea in behalf of Ihe physically handi capped." Mr. Truman said: "The youns man who has bee: selected to receive it (the trophy this year is also a severely handi capped person. He Is an employe in Chicago. He is In business fo himself. He is successful in tha business. Husky Negro Escapee Captured On Street Car in Chicago FREEDOM (WITH FEAR) FOR RED YOUTH—Dodging the free world's news cameras are lhes« Communist youths, among hundreds of East Berlincrs who dared lo enter Allied sectors of the city during the Red-sponsored "World Festival nf Peace." While enjoying a treat ol cake and whipped cream, the i'onng fierls cover Ihc-ir faces from the camera to avoid retaliations behind the Iron Curtain 11 they should be identified by picture. (NBA-Acme photo by Stall Photographer Allyn Baum.) Senators Admit Hearsay Evidence In Hunt for Red Influence in U. S. Egyptian Wins Channel Race Ballroom Queen Leads Women WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. (fPi— Senate investigators opened the door to hearsay evidence today in their hunt- for Red influences on this country's Far Eastern gollcy. Their contention: the existence of a Communist conspiracy to sway American polfcy has been proved, and so they want even second-hand testimony if it helps show how 'far this conspiracy extended. lied Uprisings In East Asia Are Forecast at Meet BERLIN. Aug. 17, <AV-Furthcr Communist uprisings Jn East Asia, especially In Malaya and Burma, were forecast today by young Reds from these countries attending the youth "peace" festival in East Berlin. Delegates from the so-called "colonial countries" held the spotlight for a day and used It to trumpet against' British imperialism" and pledge solidarity with the Soviet Union. They claring issued that fight of the a proclamation de"the great freedom Chinese and Viet- DOVER, Eng., Aug. 17. fAP)—An Egyptian army officer and a British ballroom dancing queen took top 1 honors in yesterday's mass swimming assault on the treacherous English channel. Hassan Hamad, 34-year-old Army officer from Cairo, won the London Daily Mail's cross channel race from Cap Gris Nez. Frahce. to Britain's cliffs of Dover in a photo finish over Frenchman Roger te Morvan, 27. Hamad's winning time was 12 hours and 12 minutes. Brenda Fisher of Britain was the first woman to touch shore, and apparently she set a new women's record of 12 hours 43 minutes for the crossing. This tops the record established last year by Florence Chad wick of San Diego, Calif- who made it in 13 hours 23 minutes. game point, "the alleged Icardi told reporters attempt to 'shanghai 1 me back to Italy IB hardly worthy of belief." MTThe department has Bald neither Than can be prosecuted In this country, since the alleged crime occurred in Italy, and since both men are now civilians outside the reach ot military courts. "A trial 'In Italy would' b« « farce," icnrtil satd. "I Urn amaied that the Defense DeparUmnt would even suggest that Italy, at the Ume «n enemy country, has any authority over the memberi of Ito own armed forces." namese peoples is an example for us. The road to freedom leads to Singapore and Mandalay." The young Communist pledge to incite more strikes in Singapore and Rangoon, on the rubber plantation* of Malaya'and the tea plantations of Ceylon, And Now South Korea Hands Uncle Sam a Bill For Her Hefp in War WASHINGTON. Aug. IT. (API —South Korea has handed the United States a bill, and n.-jkrd prompt payment of 8100,000,000 for goods and services supplied to American fighting forces. Ambassador You Chun Tang told reporters yesterday he np- .~ pealed for the money during a call *J^T. Assistant Secretary of State '^Dean Rusk. He added that the State Department favors the payment. Under agreement with nations fighting in Korea, Dr. Yang said bills for foodstuffs, material and labor furnished their troops were to have been presented after the war ended. But he explained that his government needs the money now to help fight inflation. Members of the Senate's internal security subcommittee took this stand after hearing frnm WhHtaker Chambers—the Initial accuser ot Alger Hiss—a npw chapter in his story of a Soviet spy netva reaching into key government agencies in the 1930's. Plump and Rumpled Plump and rumpled, and looking more like the stock farmer he nov> is than the Time Magazine executive he used to be. Chambers testified yesterday that he knew three persons connected with the Insti- Hearst and Phoebe Apperson Hearst. t«t« of Pacific. Relations to have 'will be b'uried in Cypress Lawn Cemetery near the tombs of nis parents, former U.S. Senator George bnnn members of (he Red under.round: Hiss, the former State Department official sent to prison for after denying Chambers' charge that he passed official secrets to a pre-war Soviet spy ring. Frederick Vandorbilt Field, millionaire "angel" of left-wing causes. Chambers said Field tried to recruit the late Laurence Duggan, H State Department official, Into the spy network. Harry Dexter White, former Treasury Department official, now dead, B.efore his death? White denied any Communist ties. Chambers testified that White regularly CHICAGO, Aug. 17. ilTi — Harry Williams, the husky killer who beat a guard to death and escaped from death cell in the Cook County lail. was captured on a street car without a struggle last night. The 20 year old Negro's capture lacked the dramatic overtones of his escape over the jail wall less than 47 hours be/ore. Williams, neatly drc.ssed, was riding In a street car reading a t'.ble when four policemen in a squad car spotted him. Two o( the officers, in plain clolhes, quietly boarded the car, captured Williams and. took him off. Other passengers apparently dida't know what was going on. Williams .surrendered meekly, in stating that police had the wrong man. that his name was "Billy Lilly." He hart a driver's license bearing that name. But police finger printed him and established h I •< Identity. Williams, sullen and mirktng by turns, was questioned more than two hours and finally admitted his Identity. Williams, a rapist and slayer, hart Hearst Tribute Being Paid Today SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17. fAP> —Final tribute Is bping pakl today tn William Randolph Hearst, the millionaire miner's son who founded one of the greatest publishing domains the world has ever known. Public funeral rites for the : year-old publisher were set for 11 a.m. (2 p.m. EOT) in Grace Episcopal Cathedral, atop Nob Hill, a fed information to the spy ring but few blocks from his birthplace, never Joined the Communist. Party. As h« stipulated before death, Harry Williams removed a .steel plate from his cell the death row Tuesday night, Just a month to the day before his scheduled execution for murdering a Negro woman in a purse snatching attempt. T h e six fool, Lwo inch slayer shinnicd up to the root of the Jail tbrcn-rh ft ventilating shaft. ~H • lowered himself to the ground with a rope lie had made of bed sheets. He climbed into a nearby guard lower on the wall an'd beat to death guard Gcorpe Turley, 43. Then h» dropped to the ground outside Ux« WEVll. Hailstorm h Lethal VAUXinLL, Alta. (AP)—Tn a recent hailstorm here the hail was heavy enough to kill chickens, break the legs'of lamb's ;ari'd dent tops of motor-cars. ' Slices Brother's Head; Thought ft Was Melon CAIRO <iP) —Ismail Hassan appeared before B court charged with attempting to murder his brother. '.'My brother *"as sleeping in a watermelon field," he told the judge. "All of A sudden T hart a dream. T dreamed my brother's head was a watermelon. So I tried to cut it open with my knife to find out if it was a good one." Other witnesses testified Hassan was jealous because his brother won his girl : away- He was sentenced to Viard labor for seven years. Ke.iri Courier News Classified Ads. 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RUST- PROOF ALU- MINIUM FRAME, Branxe, ulf-lubricjT- ing fee a ri n g i (not wood). Knee -ACT ion coil spiing ttniien. 100% EXCLUSIVE — o*ly Speed Queen S-it ft. On the H«Avy Duty MoJel for *<ifr HUB6ARD &HOKE APPLIANCE CO. Fastest Selling 1/2Ton Truck in America! •*• Now yours with 1 »«t «f 1 Ford T-5'» hud a running «o»t «f }*MP Hi an SVi t«nti • mll« in the big Ford Truck Economy Run, according to artual daily cn-the-job irpen** rfcnrd* fcrpt during the 6-month Run covering aQ hind* of hauling, under ail conditions! At no extra cost, you get the gas-saving Power Pilot that helped sc such low running-cost records in the nationwide Ford Truck Economy Run, WAY AHEAD IN SALES BECAUSE ONLY THI FORD F-5 GIVES YOU ALL THESE VALUE FEATURES Rig body anrf pay land <op&d|y~uf» to 10,000 Ibt. Excluiiv* thole* ol V-l or fr-tylindtr truck anqinv*. i Forrf Pow*r Pile! for mo*l power from lh» hoil gai. I ChoUt.ol •**"> MW «*» for top driving sots, ief«ry and effitinruy. I Choict of Thra« whinlbati fcnglM te DC<ommo<Jorl* widg rang* of ipfltml-pmpott bodiat, From 7 1 /) H. t* 16fl. > Smgl»-»p*»H or fat orfd*d coil) ?-tp«td r*<* oxUi fw operating fUitbllity. I Long-livarf 4-ip««d tpur g»ct or (ot added <ott) 4-ipt*d Synchro-SlUnt rronimiiiiont for qui«t op«ro11on, *aiy thifring. • Powerful KydrouHe IrvcV bcoWt— 30? iq. In. Hnlrtg orttc. {Vacuum booiler available at »dd*d coit.) • Potttivt-afting H" Gyro-Grip elulefc wHh kw p*4a1 prilturt, high plot* pr*ttur«. • If you've got. tough heavy-duty hauling to do—and a budget that roust, be handled with care—then tlie Ford F-5 is your truck! F-5 ruggcdncss assures the longer life Forrl Trucks are famous for. And the F-5, like all Ford Trucks, has the POWER PILOT— the carburetion-ifrnition system that gives you the mo.s/ pouvr from the least gas! Only Ford in the low-price field has the Power Pilot. You gel a [xwer choice of 95-h.p. Six or 100-h.p. V-8 in the Ford K-5, according to your needs, Choice of three wheelhiises. Choice of two smart new cabs, the O-STAR nnd, at slight added cost, the O-STAR EXTRA (shown) for extra convenience and efficiencyl KMt IVIN BIGGIR LOADS ... the Ford F-5 131-inch chassis-cab is ideal for tractor service. G.T.W. up to 24,000 tbs. With 100-h.p. V-8 and B.B7 standard axle ratio, calculated Ion speed is 47 m.p.h. FORD TRUCKING COSTS LESS becaut* FORD TRUCKS LAST LONGER IW-C k*«f . iji'iliimil tf#o «• 7,1)1,000 tact* m, h,.iu,n. nptrtij>rov< forJ frvch loti l<xi?4rl PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadwcy & £hickgjawba Phont 4453

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