Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1896
Page 3
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L THE BIT OF fRUIFCAKEi on your tea table scrvcf? with the tea, will lend additional charm to the afternoon call. You can have "ripe" (Vagrant fruit cake always on hand, with- 1 out trouble or expense, by using NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT. It makes n surpassingly rich, yet wholesome cake, with a fruity flavor that can not be equalled. Get the genuine. Sold everywhere. Take no substitutes. Ronil Trtur nrtilriM-i. namlm ihl< p»por, n'l'l wo • IU nonil j,,u-rrow n h.mi, "MM. J-<i[ilflti«- T1IJ.I.U- flTlm." I,v onp of t!i« mon iio|tulAr Iiuihui-uua wrllnri of tno Oky, ' KtIJHELL.»«CI>ECO,,»/r.<!u^, N.Y. Observations on the Good Results of Civil Service. NORTHWESTERN LINES General Ne.ws of Railroads Railroad Employes. and S\var,stcm has- had-.a loooaV.^'v.o 'tborr.njsl'.i,'. cleansed'.and is soiidln^ if. dully u. i!ic deep wells at ' ;'.'.\- sim-k yards to lie filled with TCJUV. lie 'i ; ,> liit upon .1 novel-plan or ITl'ilu * m > tanks ;•( the cars, he attaches a no-;, 1 n il.u (aiicot Jutbc tank and w'Ui -1,11 a':- I.MU p used in tiii shops forces vlvj \V:IIT tihroujrh t • l-.ose, filling I he •..mumus tanks n'IK'.- faster than ih°v could l>i j Mlotl \'it!: buckets, and at u..i> t*'.r ilio REAL -ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstracter. THE Ifpewrifer Is a Good Machine. A high stiimliud oE ejce'.lence. Mat j us rs of the "Miinson" consider (t THE BEST. You will llnd It ii valuable assistant In jour office. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUi'ACTlTKHRS. ' 2.SO-2-14 IVust Lnku St., Chicago. 111. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Flro nnd Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and solicits a share of tlie public patronag-o. None but First Class Companies Kepre B«nted. "From my own observation In thirty years of railroad service," said a freight oflicial, "I have satisfied myself that in no line of business can civil service be more effectual l» good results tliau in railroading. On the Pennsylvania lilies if a uiau proves hbiiself competent from tin- day he enters rhe conpany's service lie is iu tlio line of promotion, and if lie properly performs the duties assigned to him and Is faithful to tlie company's interests, only old age, slokne-ss ordc>,i!h will sever Clio relations, unless the ollicial or employe retires of his own wi-II lo outer Held,-* wliicli promise better salaries;. This is also true of the New York Central, as the same rules regard- Ing ciio service of employes are practiced there as tli'ose which prevail on the Pennsylvania, and [his accounts In ;i ju. '.ijcasu-re 1'or the success which has Driven tlie compank* naiiim! siu-h in I'liviiihlu record. On cither of Lhi- lcr.js named thei-o aru today mori nen who have been muplnyeil en. than tJmsL- for a less nnm- of yt'ai-s. On eiMter I he New Ytn'k Central or tlio Ponns.vlvania lin.", •on iii'd men wlio have been in tlie set•ice of those companies twenty, thirty, ml iu '•.-timorous cases forty years, ai-,d this is tlie rule rather Thau (ho exception. 1 ' OBITUARY. On the 30th of May, Death visltod the Fohrer (family taking in his cold embrace their bedoved mother wbose iiheer- ling smiles will never more be seen. Mrs. Pdhrer was taken down with asthma about tluree years ago in which time she suffered Intensely. All that medl- ciil aid could do was brought to easo nud If possible save tlie sufferer but to no avail aud on the 30th day of Slay Death came as a welcome visitor, tn the death of Mrs. Fohre-r Logansport loses nn inl-elligeait woman while tlio fiiiuUy loses a beloved mother. Mrs. Fohwr was horn May .lOih 1S42 aud therefore was r>4 years and 12 days old and lu which time she sained a host of friunds who with the fa-nvily mourn her ks.*. She wa.s an honored member of I he St, .TofCjilt Catholic ehm-eh and was known for her KM\ towards her church. Si'von c-hildivn survive ln-i 1 . Charles. Kivd, (Verge, Adam, .lacob, Frank aud one da'ughtor. Miss Lizzie. The funeral took place ,Tu.ue 2d at the St. .To-scph Car.'.Hilik- i->li™-cJi. Tlu> Rev. Koi'huo otlicl- iiliug. Slie died a,s she livt'd, loved by all who knew her. Abraham L. .Tones to Win. M. Koblc and wiifu w »£ lot S Johnson's Riverside add., Westelde, warranty, $1,000, •Tas. Toleu to Lowits Hosel lots S, 0 and 10 McCMtt'rey's ad'd .soutlisido on Wabash river, warranty, $050. Loulsana Hauey to W. E. Haupy lot 35 Haney add., north st., E of l.jth, warranty, $1,000. Dennis Uhl.to Ma-ry A. Croiuer lots 2 3 aud 4 Blk U aud lots 1-4 and G Blfc 0 and lots 1, 2, and ?,' Blk 10 all iu Gal lather's Barren Place add, west Mel Iwurue ave ami Mkt st., executor's. Byron Powell to J. M, Buchaimti am wife lot 4 Forest Mills add,, warranty $3,000. J. C. Broph-y to John Brciiuau SW '/. SW y, Sec. 30 Harrison Tp., warranty $2,000. Milo Bell l-o Gi-o. W. Conwcll N ^ SW % See. 3 Jackson Tp., warranty Commencing: Saturday May i6th. And continuing for two wee ks, we trill place on sale, some rare bargains, lu our Clothing Department. We liare marked medium weigh t, and summer suiting at COST to close out certain lines. W e are offering m<*t excellent values that were never befor e offered at the price, and to all who are looking for CHAS. L. VVOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •-• >/o. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or nlsrht. Central Union and Mutual telephones. Omco, No. 16; Residence, No, 121. STOP! READ. LOTS FOR SALE.' In HlKhluml Park. Osmer's Addition; [n Jotin H. Johnson'a tnst End Addition; In Jlnple Grove P. M. .Moorp ^ildltloji; Jn Drltts AUdltlmi; In Mctowll'8 Adclkloa; lu Woixllitncl Addition; In LoRoTi idilltlon. M. M. GORDON. Office No. 1 Spry Block, Pearl St There :?. just a little ap- pc'd^iag bite to HIRES Rco'jbccr; just a smack of life and good -flavor done up in temperance style. Best by any test. n:* NSYLVANIA'S NORTHWEST- EKX LINES. The stockholders of the Pensylvau'a company held their annual mooting :i; 1'iilsbnrg yesterday and elected the rot- lowing directors: George B. Rob Th, rrank Thompson. Ij'rauk f. Oi'Con, Henry 1>. Welch, W. IT. Barnes, A inn-? U. J,:-tlh\ N. P. Shorti-id^o. Charh.'s K. Fux'.i and Samuel Itea, of riu'ladelphl,i: .'(ami's .VlcOfti. J .T. Brook.?. .Tolin B. lifivi,-'-.tn :.iii,i Joseph Wood, of P':ts- bur.u;. The board will oi-pamV.e at a later date. The secretary submitted th>: a::nual import for 1SOZ eoverlnpc what is kficwn as tlie Northwest system of the TVimsylvania lines west of Piits- '•iii'^r. f-howinsr Mie total revenue of $2.220.00:1.12, out of which will be paid fur ^;."ti'al purpose, .interest on bonds, rentals, etc., .?l,373,(!5n.72, leaving a profit for tlio year 1S95, $047.034.-10. ,'i.irainst a loss of the year 1S04 of .^OST,470.11, hoinjv a comparativo pain of $l,33J.iTJO,yl. The principal railrvids in tlio Nti'lbwe-st .system covered by rlio amuial report show the folio-wins; results: rittsburs. Fort Wayne & Chi- cag'O i';iil>',r.y, a- profit of .$;*>3,ouu.S(i, apilM.«t a loss iu 3SO-1 of .?1,2S1,C."3.I7. hfius a •.•!:,In c,f ?],317,:iS7.33; Clevclan.l X- I'.'ti.'i r,i;:r railroad, a profit, of ??.i'V i-Kt a loss in 1894 of .'f.X.- Wiiti of .«30S,3")2.7f); Ei-;." .t i-.'iilroad, a profit of ?7.324.-ir;. ins-- iu HS04 of -fSO.2.12.11.', a HICKS' WEATHER GUESSES FOR JUNE. The lire I and second days o-f June are roacl-.ionary storm days. Iildieatin.u warm wi'iirlier. faillhig li'anHiiol'ci.' and rain: on and about 8th to 12th falls n slonii period. B:ii-i>i)iolrr will f.-ill (luring the first part of the period, tciiir puratiiro wHl ntee very liigji, aud heavy .stofnis will swi'Pp from west to wist, being central abonl the llth. Change to Hindi cooler will follow up to 34th aud l.">ih. These bckig reactionary storm days, look f«- falling baroiBeti'r, warmer and siioweiy. The 10th to 22(1 is a I'c.rruliir. storm period, just at tlie fiini oif siunmer soJsdce. Many 'ploetri- wil storms—more splendid tlian danjrer- DUS—will occur at this HU.IC with pro- lougetl spell of tJircattuing shovvory woatliar. Tbe 25Hj- and 2ntJi are central dates o-f renewed storm conditions, culling for raHing barometer. son:li(.'rly winds, Itigh tiMiiperatin'e and renewed showers aud sloims, A marked change to cooler w.i'Jl pass from west lo east from alwut 2Cth to 30th. Wlllla.ni Stevens to Homy Slehaffy lot 4 Stovons's adili, Ln,curne, IlTin-isou Tp. warrsinty, $],"0. Guo. W. 'WaJlers to Louisa Walts- bau.a-h. E i/. SW % Sot-1! .Tell Tp.. c-oai- iinissIoiKTS. .T. K. Prexiwgvr to LomVa AV'atls- bii-ugh NE V, SW y, Soc. ti Jeff. Tp.. quit claim, $30, ' Oeo. Streckcr lo J. it. Lowry N 27J,r. fr. outlot 38 Tiptou's admin 1st add.. 1.2l:h St.. S o-f George. $.<00. Wm. Wldmaler to M. Schneeberger lot ;.; Julia P. Chamliprlain's add.. College St., $900. .Tii-lui U. ^'il.son to Bryant Oldhani lor 1^~ Wilson's add to Lincoln, warramy. ?05. Henry Mover to P. C. C. & St. L. Ry. strip 100 ft.- wide over. S\Y Vi SW y, Sw. •" Noble Tp.. quit (.-laijn, .$].. .Tunics A. Dlffeubaugh 10 Hiram W-iiito pt. lot 22 .To.iin Tipron's 1st add.. w,'ir.nlnty. $750. Hi rant While etal. to .Tas. ttiffon- bauffh, lot 32 Dodds & Biichaiian add. N side and lot 0 and pt. bit ti J. G. O;u- rad's add., and lot ">0 W.ii-iiesides' 2 add.. N and W sides, warraiiiy. . C '2,1HO. Eigiitcen moi-rgagos lil.ed agg:';>garl:ig $ii,ri7:;.r>o. SNAPS \ Come and see us, we will con vince you that no place In tL city will be allowed to under sell us. No nwtteer wha*. they say. We are ! Overstocked And must move our goods, and have made a price that will do It. Our patrons are suivLsed to take advantage ol • tuls sale, before it is too late. Sample Hats. Do not forget Uiat our Hat S aJe or sample hats, , „( 50 cents on the dollar still conti nues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked up in this li ne. Don't miss the oppor. tuulty. ' • JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. J>. FEJitiUSON. A. P, JENKB ii{-. •J.-K.OT, a 1'Itlsbur.ar against ;gain oL'.ff Yl.'.iUlOAD NOTE!?. only li.v Thii ri!i;irl(M K, ' IIIn>i Cfl.. rii!tft< Mohl i-liihla. DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY, .1UNE -I, 3SOG. • Mandolin for sale. Inquire 300 North street. Tay your natural gas bills before June 10. George Harrison handles Lanclreth's Becds only. HammodKS at your own price at Geo. Rtevens's gallery at 414 Market now open. Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. Natural gas bills for the month of June are uo\v due and payable at the company's office on roarl street. I/andretli Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison U their agent Sn Cass - county. One swallow does not make Spring, but one swallow of One Minute Cough Core brings relief.— J. M. Johnston. Mould's will find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy especially valuable for croup awl w'hooptag -cough; It will give jffiorr.pt relief aud is safe and picas- anrt. W.o 'have sold it for several years and it has never fuJiUxl to give the most porfect satisfaction. G. W. Richards, Dtiqiiesne, Pa. Sold by B. F. Kceslins, dnigffist. The consolidation of the Natural and i basis. Arltflcial Gas companies, makes the payment of bills, for consumers using both kinds of gas much more convenient. The person paying for natural gas and who is also a user of the artificial can now pay both bills at the same tl-mc at the new company's office, 317 Pearl street. AU bills are due and collectable on the first of each month with customary ten' days' grace. Bills for Jane, 1SO.C, now being dne,. A new tool machine has boon put in the nreclius department. The Wallas!) will run an excursion to St. Louis Sunday. Fai'u .W.riO round, trip. 'Die new Louisville sleeper lo Detroit via Lo^ransport is a puce-ess. Yesterday they had- seven i/assfngors. The boys put in their spare time iit the shops talking sound money anil free silver, tlie sound money)tes arc ahead. . M. !... _'K trafiic ma.n,i^r'if the Wall/is.'. who Iif.s brcu ill .'or sui'jf- time, lu>s rc-covi ied his health an-] i? a^aln •:t woi-k. .Toscph Frank, general yai'dmastei- of the Vandalia at St. Louis, \Vhfl ' was killed last w^ock Ju the tornado,' liad been in the service o-f the Vantlallu over thirl-y ye.ir.«. A laive M iveying coi-ps a loi.Miiiij; a new rallroai' line from I'ero to iWroi!, and it is believed that the Wabas-h is bohinl tlie .enterprise, although • thn eouTpa-ny employing the engineering corps is known as the Kcndalville, Ashley & Peru Railway company. In ailrrliic.a to Hie twenty locouiuvivc-;- the .I'ichn.oud Jocouiotlvo works are M buiid lor it e Baltimore & Ohio. G'inc.-jl Manage '.Crren lias contracted with the Cooke icccmotive w.orlts fcr ten high- p-iMf'f. ecgiucs of the consolidatiou •_>•[)>•!, with 22 by 2S inch cylindoi'S, In the- near fiitiiio forty more will be ordirrc'l. pjjrt 1 Ljng passenger locoraoi;r«3 and part sw.t'-ling englues,- - : It is .uow sl.v months since tli* Pcnn- pyivauia company began to cpowio i;s owu dining cars, and it is stated ofli- laliy that they are now on -:: ijaylca; WLen the Pullm-in i-rnipany tl em the PcansyiViU ,1 CPI" pany >-, at frequently called upon n'- r-'.'ilic J ).' deficit. It is'.'.'Ja un'1 (list the s- : \ic : Is much more ';a.;i>;facr..>*> to the baiK'ns of the line. It \.---c a large qnaatlty oi wato- FRANK ELVIN ( WILL WED. Fra.nl: Elvin of Pern wlm 1 formerly worked here foriuho Central Union Tola- phone <-o-inpaiiy, wiJl soon be married. He is now located at Huntingtou, and the Herald of that oary. says: "The I'oportoi 1 cam give TYru iieojile a tip co-nceriiling a sly marriage which will take place in that city next week. The couple are. Frank Elvin and .Maud Helm. After -Die wedding they wMl comi! to tlil's ci-ly and take u-p I'hclr tes!- dence on Sabine sfToet, in a house already funilsliod for tliDir ac-commoda- Moia. They we^'O i/n the oily today, presumably for the expectant bride to see whether the.house would suit her. Mr. ]j>lv]-:i In an employe jji t;hc Ei-iu boiler sliop and ijs a brother of Wil!, Tom ami Harry Elvin." HOW'S THIS: We* offer One Hundred Dollars; lie- ward for any erase of Catarrh thai can not be cured by Hall's C:itar,rb Cure! y. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undCL-signed. have known F. .T. Cheney for the last 13 year.-?, and believe him perfecUyJionovable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRUAX, -Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0, WALDING, KINNAN & MAKVIN. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken inlcrunl- i.v, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price. 7;1c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. .*• INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN. Perspective rind Mechanical Drawing! prepared for tbe Patent Office and foe Commercial purposes. Drawings and Spocilic.-itious of Electrical aud Hydraulic devices prepared, including Alarm BaUeries, Brake* Coud uctors, Cutouts, Electric Lights, Magnets, Coils, Keys. Lightning- Roda, Jleters, Eecisters, Recorders Switchboards, Tek'sraiihs. Teleplionic Appliances. Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial aud Rotary Air rumps, Accumulators, Compressed Air aud Water Elevators, Double Acting Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift and Oil Cups, etc. ' Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logransport. ' ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the will of the Republican nominating convention: JOS. G. GKACE. tcpnspoft & Greencastlu Star Press: Miss Lulu Sbcc-lts, I'ormwly of tii'is cil-j", who was so badly injured iu tlio wreck on the Vitudalln line near Contev.'lle soino months ago bimiglit suit for damages bwunnse o,f tlio injuries receivod. The ca.se was coannirona.ised, flio compimy paying hoi- .<0,500. Miss Sliecks' injiiv- ires are oC sucli a. nature l.'lint slic will be a cripple for li-l'o. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate lor the office of Clerk of Cass county, subjMtTto the decision of the Republican nominating convention. . G. W. BISHOP, Jr. Tlie following noU-co was receive*! yesterday at POiUce -liwidqiiarlcre. StoJ- eii—IJflward, S20 for return of hcrec, $L!O for t:hio£. Da,rt iron gray horse, IG'/i hands litfth. we.ijrht L-J.QO Ibs, three years old. I/fttlc white in forehead be- tvveein cyxfo and forot'op,—Odd Mark, little wluHe on l.ioUr hi-u-d feet. Never been s^tod. All information wired to the sheriff of Mumni county. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate tor the officp of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the cision of the Republican nominntin convention. . BEN F. BAPvNETT. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the oiBee o County Commissioner for tlie First dis trict, subject to tiie'will of-tlie Kepub llcan noinluating convention. J. W. KEDD. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food aud suusliine, with plenty of exercise in tlie open air Her form plows with health and ijor face blooms with its beauly. 1C her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses tlie Dentil? and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California Fig Synip Company. ANNOUNCEMENT. I wish to announce that I am n c.in didate for tbe office of County Clerk of Cass county, Indiana, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. • A. K.^HROTER. dally to Pinply the passenger and steep- 'iij (;-w rii' on the Peaasvl-.'.i'i ll:-^. and in tij>: fast it has been d"iV-u from ilic Int'i-. r.ipolis water woriw, luit ovv ins to its Impurity Master M>:c]ia:ii{* , A. BO bice was receivod last evening by tJie chief of Poli-ee to die effect that two horses hart strayed from a pasture near ICtlmore, Iiiil. Tilie animiils belong to •P. T. Michaels, find arc geJdiiiss, 'a Wacl? .and a buy.. G. W. Bird, ..the Frankfort marshal is on the t.rnil of the team. ANNOUNCEMENT. I -will be a candidate for the office of County Commissioner of First District, subject to the choice of the Republican nominating convention.. JOHN W. GERRATO, Clay Township. An invitation has been received' to the graduating exercises of Holy Angels' Acadomy to be held Thursday night, .Tune 25th, at 6:30 o'clock at St. Vincent's hall, Children Cry tor Etcher's Castorla, ANNOTJNCBJTENT. Owing to the fact that others have an- nouuccd their candidacy, G. W. Walters Jins consented to let. his name go before the convention, for the office of. prosecuting attorney. The Rev, Dr. Pa.rSer who lias been a missionary to .India for thirty-seven years wJI.-i spe.ik, on the stibjeet of missions :ifc f:he. Broadway Methodist c-hureli-Thiiirsday evening oC this week air7:30 o'clock. AM are cordially Invited. Subscribe for The Journal. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. c Special— Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. Do You Think of Painting •j- YOUR HOUSE? If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any man on earth. |B. R KEESLING. PROTECT YOUR EYES. "*««sr The Hirchberg Optical Co. flw well-known Specialists of Kew York hava appointed D. A. IIAUK us agent for thelrcolet>rat«<l Spectacles and X)* Glasses, every pan guaranteed; ": D. A. HAVK. bus complete assornneat and Jnvlt»s allto satUfy thejnsolves of tie great superiority of tliesegoods owr nny minolocturoJ, at tlio store of D; A. H AUK, Sole agent tor Loganspon Ind. No Poau'ers Supplied.

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