The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1ft, 1938 Roosevelt Turned Thumbs Down On Them; Now They Mil Hard Hy KODNlvY DUTCH Kit 1 WASHINGTON. Aliril 12.—Put Harrison of Mississippi sought Ihe majority leader.snip in the ?x:n- nle and .John .). O'Connor of New York went iiflor the !.amc pe:;l in the House. They wci'fr ambitious to reach the. highest points In Iheir polilical ' careers. And in ouch cusp Franklin n, lioosevell turned thumbs down. Harrison and O'Connor T .ve re loo ciuiservitlive for the. .New Bui (hey got there jusl llic same. While Ihe men whom the admiiilslruLlon preferred lo lend its forces have pleaded de.speraK'ly lint itnpotcntly for Congress to Maud l)y the Preside].I. Harvist'ti find O'Connor have appeared con- .splciiotisly as liquid's of n now majority »» Congress—ihc; :nul- nuoscvi'it coailtion. | Both are popular dirl fenovn gc-nwnlly as "gcod fc'lows." So Iheir recent triumphs have l>ecn enjoyed Dy many friendly col- lengue.s wlio smarted with them \vhen the administration in its palmier days blasted theiv ri.spirn tions. null)' stcerlnn through ihe Senate a tnx bill which wiped out )>rnc- llcally Ihn last vestige of New; Deal experimentation In the lax- allcii field. Already Roosevelt flivJ Hie House hud towed to pressure fee rlrnsiie modification of the nn- c'lslrlliiitpcl pi-ofils (ax. Harrison j l iiiion complete I'epeul and on (Inislic revision of the capital gains tax. I »i"i a Democratic leader and cr'slic ••rltlc of Republic.'!i) ml- n Ini'tralions. Harrison had svval- ] r v.f"' MK'iiv Mew Deal measures lr "'hie'' h" aid not believe, m*'<m- ••ij|.. *b!i[.i|)(, die niiiioiiasc pliiin 1"^ wilh heavy hand. Hul \v li e n Roo.sovell iilnio-st f' - enlv expressed Ins preference In- Hie relalivelv liberal Alben I'nrHcv of Kentucky in the face ive Titnos "Maor < f Harrison's eandiacv iasi year >" .siircci'd the lutp Floor Lender ,1 • <• Rohiii'im—and when Ilnrkley '•'•D iiy u t-invl" voU' which White ''"iiHr em'.vnrii'S wangled from ''•irrifon at llic last minute, then bl ruyod. ''i 1 cxecvialcd lint wu^c-hom I 1 I i)irn in"j')t!iined loni; silent':, <'•.'••rji'M'rl the roftr^ani/altoti bill |-"air:e In hcliovcd ill it and fln- !•-"" pill Ihroii'ili Ills lax bill -*ith cfcvions "'<••«• ai"l u funlifrt attack "" ac'minr t'-atton policies over f'i'l;lc pic'.fsts from a Darkle',' "'• influence iuid lim^ since de-' Pr<t jincl John may have smart-1 i' 1 iji the when Ne"; lli-ul'-rs •-iiiril !l'»m as "Tories." Hut 11! ey're Circling better tlian ever l:(.','. - . To Make Lot Adjoining Legion Hut Into Park BIA'TIIRVII.LE (AUK.) COtlHIEU NEWS (j'ipplrd Children Soal Sale Drive Opens In (Idnnly A. S. fiogd's, above, was recently ilc clod miiyor uf Osccoln for tin- fifth cons«i:tive time i:i a elose- I-' contested race with Pa her While, youii:! Osceolii lmr,it»ss mail. Arc To Meet On Thursday Night Tin- Arkunsa.s .Soi'iriv lor f'rip- lilrd Clilldi'i'U Is ImmrliltiK ihe llflh niuiual iTlupli'il I'htlilien soal sale wlik'ti \\ili be condn.'U'il ij\ Mi.ssis- ^ippi eoiinty llivonsili next week. It was utinouni'ed today hy Mrs. i •lames 11. Clark, eiumlv c lunrnmn. i 'Hi" [irsl .seal .sale [•oiid'-K-teil liy i :!»• Miciely for the bciiciit oi cri|i- plej I'hildren was: heiil |]]n>iii>hi)iit ihe Unllwl Slatc.s In 1!I!H under luuiojuil uiispice.s, und sinco lhat lime there has been mi iiicii'iist! cir-h >ci)r in the mnnliei' of seals w.lil in every stulu. 'I lie piirposi) of (lip Mile of crlp- liled chlklrpn senls dining the Enslcr season Is lo make life more eomloilnrjlc mid in provide tlie benellts uf nmr. edueallon und tniinln:4 to al] crippled children Uirouyhout Arkansas, of Master Seals, the Arkansas KcK'ieiv for Cripjiieil (liilclurn lins provided many children will) sncl sfivlie.s us .special care and treatment, .special slie.cs und bi'!t«;es; tlay Ir.tvir iuul I tie oiipoi'tunity • !MIVC Individual exiualnuliou aili! tha'iiiosis by specialists in IKJIH; and joint sui'^ery bolh at the clinic: j conducted by Ibe society ihroiii;h- j out the stitte and through (he ull- ] time clink- service provided diirlnn ! Jhe pa.sL several yinirs. [ The funds derived from the sale of seals this y llnanclni; IHe otlut'i\ ])i'tv; for crl)i|)li>il (lilldi'cn for which | tnp'.'O Is n ilelinite nec:l. A ;'bss for special nnil e;hie ;ilo:i i will be rslalillslii'il »llh!n tiie next' inv months und olheir. \vill follow Us i|lli(':d. :r. possible in :evenil ili-lrii I.- ii] i he slate. 1 Divorce Sought After I Three Years Separation Itlclif'i-ii lltilil, formerly of (ireen- ttlch. Conn,, is -.seeklnn " divorce i n il'.r I'leiind ul 1 three yenrs' «'|i- .uaiii n I nun his ttlfe, Mrs. Helen funk HIT llnlil. In « suit (Ili'd In' chnnrciy roiirl here. Hold Invokes n xladito passed by Ihc uvular se.s<lnn of tho ^eliernl assembly x'jhlcb provides Hull thrre years' continuous sepa- rulion Is u uroiinil for divorce, lielil mid lOvirml nre his utlor- iioy.s. PAGE THREE : sull acalnsl Willie T. Thwcatt ask- liiK a divorce on the ground of desertion. Her attorney Is Howard A. Mnyes of l/>iH>vlllc. Mr>:. Til'.vontl. ini.s In Oermany. there are b?c farms where ihe In.'eet.'i are raised for poison. It Is rxlrnclcd and llidr old us n cijrn for rlioiimatlsm. Tooth Paste. 50c She Tube OF MAGNESIA Celi'liralinn After Hie historic defeat of '.he Roosevell reorganization bill. O'Connor had .some of the correspondents, photographers and others up to Ihe sanctum behind. • Ihe Rule.s Commillec room and opened the door of an electric refrigerator which contained champagne, whisky and beer. Per- liaps he wasn't thinking of the. days of lale 193G when he and his cronies sat in that .sanctum and had to mourn collapse of his campaign for the leadership. lie had n right, however, to recall those days. An often turbulent, alternately gruff and genial, bill keen-minded red-haired Irishman, O'Connor had incurred New Deal wrath when! lie opposed abolition of the Demo-! cralic two-thirds rule at the 1930 convention and when, as chairman of the Rules Committee, he balked the While House desire for a record vole on the holding company bill's "death sentence. 1 Administration made much of I Plans were made to converl the '•>! adjoining the Amereicn Legion 1'ut into a park at a meeting of ''- Dud Cason Post, No. 24, last T: T hl, Leveling and landscaping of the lot and Ihe building of walks were among the items discussed in connection with the beaulincation proicct. Plans are also being made to get "•ices on American Legion uniforms ' which the members will make an e!lort to buy in order lo liave them tor parades, funerals mid other occasions. Al the meelin; lost night, which was well attended, reports of full 1-oiises at the wrestling matches in Ftowah Friday night and here (ijooday night were given. Matches nt both places nrc sponsored by Ihe I ?«ion. The Chickasawba Lodge No. 134 iof the P. and A. Masons will meet ] in regular session Thursday night, at 7:30 o'clock, when Ihc Masler's Degree will be conferred. Visiting Masons arc cordially Invited to attend this meeting. Head (;oune.r News Want Ads A. It. Weleitkiimp & O>. . Ageuls .Memphis Tent & Awning To. Call 187. 7S8 or 330-W for free Estimates. Blylhevllle, Ark. O'Connor's brother Basil had ac- j cepted a $25.000 fee from the As-' .sociated Gas;& Electric Co. dining Ihc hQltliug/conipany. fight. Back on Top Although O'Connor did not rate the leadershp through seniority. v his chairmanship of 'the Rules I Committee made him the third most powerful leader in the House and it had been traditional that when a southerner—in this case Will Bankhead of Alabama—was lo be s|)caker. the leader .should be a northerner. But the administration chose Ram Rayuurn of Texas, who had piloted the holding company bill and other oC its legislation. Roosevelt persuaded Vice President dar- j nei' to come to Washington before Ihe session began and put Sam over. That was the cud of O'Connor. Uul today O'Connor is still chairman of the Rules Committee —the committee wliich stands in the way of wage-hour legislation. And it was O'Connor who led the unti-reorganualion bill fight, providing strength for the opposition which undoubtedly was responsi- • ble for the bill's burial. When ihe House voted down his first motion to kill the bill by 22 votes ' inul il looked as If the measure . i\ o u I d win. O'Connor said: . "There'll be no reorganization bill passed.." • » * Pleased, Too Meanwhile Harrison, slill powerful as chairman of Ihe Senate Finance Committee, was Iriiiiiiph- ORANGE. Mass. iUP) — A 100- yenr-ol:l grocery and its 30-year:ld delivery horse, Silver, ended their careers together when the Poskel ami Blair Market was sold [out. More than a century ago John p r o pa g a ntllsls and Herbert Danghlon established the fact that the store, the oldest in Ihis urea. SEAT 1938 COVERS PRESERVES THE UPHOtSTERV Retain 1 Ik o 1 r e B h, now appearance of your upholstery with thoso attractive seat covers. They ar» tailorctl lo lit snugly. Availablo in pleasing colors— ma do of strong, wear resisLr.r/ iabiic. li your Boats are B-ottoJ and worn, th&se covorn mako lh& car interior look Hlto new. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th ;md Walnut Phone NEVER BEFORE! So Much G-E Refrigerator Value for the Money! BUY NOW! While Ruyins Is Good! 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