The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1978 · Page 46
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 46

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1978
Page 46
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I D-8 Pittsburgh Press, Thurs., July 6, 1978 AfilliaSiicSo Seals And Crofts Shoot For Par E1I A i V J$lL I - (I It Jethro Tull leader Ian Anderson with rare horses. 10th Anniversary For Jethro Tull By WILLIAM D. LAFFLER ' This is the year that Jethro Tull celebrated its 10th anniversary on the rock music scene. ; That alone is enough to make this fine group something of a sensation since most rock bands fall apart after a few years because of personal differences among the members or a decline in popularity. "Heavy Horses" (Chrysalis 1175) has become full's 14th album over this decade of recording and if not the best of the bunch it is one of the most successful in the stores, winning certification as gold before it was distributed. Fhtist Iaa Anderson leads the fix-maa band ii a mixture of folk, blues aad electronic music. Anderson, who has become something of an ecologist, based the title of this album on shire horses, which are on the endangered species list "The Mouse Police Never Sleeps" is one of the better numbers. And there are some excellent ballads, among them "Moths." ; Barriemore Barlow is back on drums and old-timer John Evans teams with David Palmer on keyboards. Martin Barre gets good sounds from the electric guitar and John Glascock handles the bass. Anderson, who is not much of a singer, is the lead vocalist. He also plays the acoustic guitar but not enough flute, surprisingly, since that is his instrument AFTER 8PM LZZI WD T-BONE STEM Reg. $4.09 SUPER SIRLOIN Reg. $3.69 1VUON hhtMt O.m0 M MDGfVUf Bwtn li &at CM tow hi MM town MONtOtVlU CM Mil 1.1 8 fcxk y anm totv ALSO m UWONTOWN And speaking of a long string of successful albums, Barbra Streisand has cut her umpteenth one on "Songbird" (Columbia JC 35375). This album should turn to gold, too, since everything ber voice touches becomes a precious musical metal. The album consists of 10 songs, including a Neil Diamond tune, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." Streisand opens the album with "Tomorrow," a hit song from the musical "Annie," and closes it with the title number. In between, songs such as "Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes" and "I Don't Break Easily" give Barbra a good change of vocal pace. One song especially, "A Man I Loved," shows off the classic Streisand touch that she used in soaring to fame on "Cry Me a River" back in the 1960s. Even though the Streisand voice is dominant the album contains some excellent instrumental backing. Something new? - Herbie Hancock sifts bis voice through a synthesizer on "Sunlight" (Columbia JC 34907) and the effect is pleasing. A fine piece of electronic equipment known as the Sennh-eiser Vocoder VSM 201 gives Hancock's voice the tone of an instrument. All of the numbers were composed by Hancock and the result is an excellent jazz album. United Ptms trrttfMtiOMl ar" coupon !SAVE$$1.19 ON TWO I I I Enjoy any combination of our complete I " T-Rnne nnA Snner Sirlnin riinnorc n Ihir I great sale price after 8 P.M. You'll get a I " kLJ i . ll ...t. i".. uuieu puiuiu, u wuuu ron wnn ouuer I and all the salad you can eat with each I dinner. This offer is limited to one coupon per couple. Beverage and dessert I I not included. Not redeemable for cash. OFFER GOOD NOW THRU LABOR DAY , 8 to 10PM MON. Thru THURS. 1 8 to 1 1PM FRI. Thru SUN. T IT "NT FP mr rm v t HOST HUS aAnoNuaims im WtSUTHUS MilMIl NOini vasAtus IM1MM4 aw CM AM WAUNNCTON ! DINNERS By PETE BISHOP Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Danny Thomas, Glen Campbell and Jackie Gleason all sponsor golf tournaments, so why not Seals and Crofts? That's just what the bearded songsters, who make their annual appearance here at 7:30 and 10 p.m. Saturday in the Syria Mosque, have cooked up Oct 18-22 at Mission Viejo, Calif. But Seals and Crofts' tourney will be a little different it's for young amateurs. "We've been playing in pro-ams, and we'd like to make amateur golf known to people and get backing for the young amateurs," said Jim Seals. "Many of them don't have the money to go to school, and we'd like to help provide some scholarships. And these amateurs need tourneys to develop under pressure, especially if they want to turn pro. "I think the game does so much for young people. It's an honor system game and it keeps you out of trouble because it's so difficult to learn." IT'S ALSO DIFFICULT to get the dimpled ball rolling where the tournament is concerned, he continued. "It's hard to pull off. It takes about five years to establish a tournament. We have to prove ourselves to the golf industry. "People don't know much about amateur golf, so we're planning to have a celebrity-am the day before the tournament proper and on the final day have seniors like Sam Snead as commentators to analyze the swings of the young players." Seals and Crofts themselves aren't young players any more. They've been together almost 20 years, the last eight as a team. How come, in a business where musicians change bands as often as Chuck Tanner changes pitchers, familiarity hasn't bred contempt? "I think the biggest thing is that we knew each other long before we were Seals aid Crofts," said Dash Crofts. "We know each other like brothers. "Like all brothers, we have our dif- By DAN MORGENSTERN Here are brief reviews of current records: Eddie Locke, "Jivin' with the Refugees from Hastings Street" (Chiaroscuro). Drummer Locke's debut as a vocalist in the company of fellow Detroiters Tommy Flanagan (acoustic and electric piano), Major Holley (bass) and Oliver Jackson (drums), is a lighthearted romp through 10 "Jive" songs of the '40s, a number of which were associated with the Nat King Cole Trio. Needless to say, Locke is no Cole, but he has fun with the material, an easy delivery and a good beat. The others share in toe fun, and Flanagan's delightful soloing (this is his first venture on electric piano) adds musical weight. Holley's dexterity with bow and voice and his great sense of humor are much in evidence, Jackson is the essence of swing. "Laughing in Rhythm" is my favorite track, but the Refugees also do justice to such minor classics as Fats Waller's "The Joint Is Jumping" and Cole's "Frim Fram Sauce." Yusef Lateef, "Autophysiopsychio," (CTI). A modern jazz pioneer in the areas of multi-instrumentalism and incorporation of non-Western, exotic musical elements, Lateef has always been unpredictable. This latest move is rather disappointing. He sings (if one can so call the rhythmic recitation of exceedingly simple melodic material) his own lyrics, and plays tenor and soprano sax in a percussive and funk-styled context The results are innocuous. Lateef is too honest and committed an artist to be suspected of reaching for an easy buck by jumping on the pop-rock-soul jazz bandwagon, and everything he does here is marked with his customary sincerity. However, the music is bland, predictable, and unchallenging, and pretty much a waste of his own and fluegel-hornist Art Farmer's considerable talents. The recent reissue of some Lateef performances recorded exactly 20 years earlier further illuminates the regressive nature of his current work. KGong" (Savoy) contains music that is consistently interesting and intelligent. Bill Berry, "For Duke," M & K Realtime). SUPER SUMMER SHRIMP SALE THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY SHRIMP DINNER A MEAL THAT TASTES MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IT IS! UutTtvadjers 430 WOOD STREET DOWNTOWN 3974 WM. PENN HIGHWAY MONROEVILLE 3808 WALNUT STREET McKEESPORT 1001 OHIO RIVER BOULEVARD 100 FOSTER AVENUE CRAFTON 421 MT. LEBANON BOULEVARD ROUTE 19 WEXFORD BEAVER VALLEY MALL J wit. Sim. - ) Dash Crofts, left, ferences, but we have the same musical tastes. When we were in groups, we tried to split off, but we never had the communication with other musicians like we have with each other. "We know each other, we're used to each other and it wouldn't feel comfortable playing with anybody else. Plus our wives are the best of friends, and it would be like leaving a family to play with anybody else. "WE ALSO HAVE sort of the same The much-touched direct-to-disc recording process has so far yielded little that would interest the jazz listener. But this very pleasant album is an exception. Trumpeter Berry, who spent a couple of years in the Ellington band, has gathered a compatible group of fellow Duke admirers (Marshall Royal, alto sax; Scott Hamilton, tenor sax; Britt Woodman, trombone; Nat Pierce piano; Ray Brown, bass; Frankie Capp, drums), and together they work with the rapport that Ellington's music demands. The choice of material is hardly imaginative (seven of the tunes are among the best-known items in Elliag-tenia, and the eighth, "I Let a Song Go out of My Heart," is hardly a rarity), but the performances are so good and enthusiastic that the initial response "What? Another 'A Train,' 'Perdido,' 'Mood Indigo'?" - is off the mark. Pierce, best known as Count Basie's alter ego, snows himself equally adept at Ellington s keyboard style. Berry is inventive and fluent; Royal pays tribute to Johnny Hodges (who remains incomparable); Hamilton again astonishes with his command of the mainstream jazz language, and Woodman proves he should be heard more often and at greater length. The recording is marvelous. Howard McGhee, "Cookin' Time," (Zim. Trumpeter McGhee's big band, which managed to stay alive through five years (it was formed in 1965) of lean times, was thought to have gone unrecorded until the leader recalled that some unmixed tapes were sitting in his closet They were mixed down (though not very well) and the results are a worth while reminder of the band's contributions to the New York jazz scene of the day. The style was in a basie moid with bebop overtones, and the leader and tenor saxophonist, Clifford Jordan, was toe featured soloist The ensemble work is not always impeccable, but the band has spirit and the music swings. -Willie Nelson. "Stardust " Columbia. When word eot out that Nelson was doing an album of his favorite songs ana inai some ot us tavontes included "Blue Skies" and "Moonlieht in Vsr. mont" and "All of Me," well, to put it 5 LARGE SUCCULENT SHRIMP STACK OF CHIPS CREAMY COLE SLAW $ 1.99 only YOU SAVE 55' and Jim Seals appearing Saturday goals in life, to use music as an intermediary between us and our listeners to present certain concepts of life. A lot of groups play music, but I don't know if they have that kind of goal in mind. "It's a mental connection between us. It makes it easier to perform and easier to write." But not necessarily easier to choose which songs from their vast repertoire to include in each year's concert tour. "We don't fit into any category," Crofts Roundup Of Current Discs mildly, there was some skepticism. Had Nelson finally lost his mind? But beatific Nelson has done it again. This album is perhaps his best since "Redheaded Stranger." Nelson once said his lyrical phrasing was so strange for the simple reason that be sang until be ran out of breath. The result is a pure, plainly pretty sound that is no more obvious than in this collec-, tion of purely pretty songs. "Stardust contains his hit single, "Georgia on My Mind." Willie Nelson's favorites will undoubtedly become your favorites, too. Ii they aren't already. Chet Atkins, Les Paul, "Guitar Monster," (RCA). This is a delightful follow-up to the even better original, "Chester and Lester." The two guitar geniuses get together to do what they do best play guitar and have a good time. The You are invited to attend . MdVattu SUNDAY, JULY 30, 1978. Enjoy an outstanding show of Bridal fashions for the entire Wedding Party. AIRPORT HOLIDAY INN Beers School Road near the Greater Pittsburgh Airport Exhibits open at 12 Noon, fashion show at 1:30 p.m. Exhibits open at 3 P.M., fashion show at 4:30 P.M. Sponsored by . . . Augie s Mower ana bin bnop Bridgeville Appliance & Furniture Carpet Studio interiors Executive Travel Service For music Brother Liberty Men's Formals LUV dating matinp Mary Hall Cosmetician Moio's Italian Pastry Shop Plants Galore Ronald McNeish Goldsmith's ' Servico Holiday Inn Siara Management, Inc. Spring Crest Draperies by Eileen Strem-Varden Studios The Basket Loft The Habitat Shop Limited The Wheeler School DOOR PRIZE - G. E. MICROWAVE OVEN ATTENDANCE BY TICKET ONLY SEND IN APPLICATION PROMPTLY -LIMITED SEATING! T.o n ddihai nADTv ... n.i. r. .rZn I IOU DnluML rnn I T I PLEASE SEND TWO TICKETS I BRIDE'S NAME I BRIDE'S ADDRESS I CITY STATE. ! PHONE I I I GROOM'S NAME WEDDING DATE I PREFER EARLY SHOW. WSMSW UJ:. : IliiliilWi, ' - illi ilillf Wm:MSmMS at Syria Mosque. said. "We're a couple of rolling trouba-dors. "What label would you put on us soft rock? Jazz? Country? We try to include all those kinds of music. There are so many kinds we like. "We choose music we think will cover the spectrum of the social audience: something for soft rock fans, something for rock 'n' roll fans, something for country fans. There's something for everybody." production is simple, the music pure. When the two play "I Surrender Dear," it's enough to send you scurrying to turn the lights down low. The album's only drawback is the talking and joking between some cuts. Otherwise, another superlative album from Uk "Guitar Monsters." Randy Gurley, "Let Me Be toe One," (ABC). Randy Gurley is one of the better women singers to come out of record companies' searches for the new Linda Ronstadt And speaking of Linda Ron--stadt, Gurley sounds just like the country-rocker. With a sounds like ber, she doesn't have to do the same material ("Faithless Love"). But to be fair, Miss Gurley does it well, and with the right handling, she may even go as far as her sound-alike. S3-': '! V i wanewe. rgn. ra. iou TO 13-Q BRIDAL PARTY .ZIP- .LATE SHOW. 1 I i si i trn ririr.Tir'T-i-fi

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