The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1931
Page 6
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•''ACE : : SIX Fast Independent Basket-1 ; hall Teams Will Battle at. Armory. : The Blythevlllc All-Stars nnd th? Holland Independents will dish in ; a basketball game at (he armory j g>'tn tonight. A preliminary game* with two learns of Ihe citv Cr;? League or two girls' teams will op?n '. the activities for the eraiin" p' i 7:30 o'clock. | A low admission charge will b? made for the garni! tonight which i will find the strongest line-up u! represent Blythevllle In mnny r. season ready (or aeticu. j Coach Charles T. Kramer Inr; | lined up a number of stars In llr | City- League for sen-ire tonlgli 1 | against the formidable Missouri aggregation which already 1ms played a number of games. . Herb''Matthews and Keimlne':atn will alternate at center with nhw and Bible at forwards and Carp-n- ter and Blankenshl|> at icuaids Kramer will keep his team movin- at a fast pace with Hudson. Wrl^lit. Bone, Elliott, Craig and others ready to go into net Ion. The. preliminary game will star! at 7:30 o'clock. Some Kearns Poetry Mickey Cochrane's laurels i as a j\' Ivrlclst arc In jeonardv. Jackj at the Cayuga Institution. Kearns hns writtei a verse—nnrt .It has Mickey's backed off Ihp board by the fnsclnatln:; lilt of Its itiusic and the. mmlnt mialitv of Its •rhvme. Jack's verse roes like tills- Mft.v voiir Christmas be merrv , Your New- Year n cnrh>v " We put It this wnv t- rhyme With Kenrn 1 ; and Walkei-. Pro\-ip« tbnt the fame of Shakr- spenre. Bwinhurne and a few oilier rmip.»nt vnrstflers Mill is fnlrly safe from modern competition. Chris and Jose Martlnex-Zorrllln, when nuckncdd University play Cornell University's Mexican foot- ed the Fordham eleven at Ihe Polo ball slurs, arc the strongest fencers' Grounds last fall, Bison alumni I plnccd a wreath on the Christy Br.iucher Wonders I f Schmeling Will Be So : .nsy lo Beat After All. "" WILLIAM HKAHCIIKK i XEA Service Sports Fditur ' Max Sdimclhifi is coining back'! fcr tin: iiYjre formality of beini; d»-' crowned. |' Aiiybcdy Max (iahts. fioin Mldiji't ' 'r.icast iif tp ior down to, os you i prefer) Jack Sharkey, will slay ihei tfxmincr of HaiuburB.In cold blood. | The world's heavyweight champ-' Inn bv foul can't fUjht'a lick. Mickey Walker would murder him. Willie SlrMing would punch hini cold in a round. Prhno Can 1 .?™ would mash him ihe rarih. 1'iobably Ihe only guy who couldn't kncck him out in Ihe first, round Is One-Eye Coiinolly. Probably never, before in prize j rliiH history was such an enthusiastic anvil chorus raised a greeting to a heavyweight champion. Why? Because Max Adolf Otto taking a - --- at the| j hands of Jack Sharky, suddenly I .succumbed to a wild low punch, sat on ibe canvas and- look unto hlm- . Pelf the sninc illa^env; to: 1 which i Sullivan and Corbett fought so val- ' iantly. . ;. "lie could have' gol up" shouts Jim P.irley, of the New York boxing comlsslon. And nround .the worlrl Ihe cry is echoed arid re- „ I echced, "He could have got up!" You i;ave for consideration the, • Mnybc he could have arisen. But fnct that Bchmellng was fncinu In ! inking the facts as they stand and shafke y probably the most notori-' MftthcwEon Memorial Inblet there- Riving Beelzebub all that is coming ' oas Ir0nt runner In the ring today. Mnthcwson was a slur halfback at to him, why should he? of Sharkey it was said by Jack .MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 1030 'I Four (-lucks On Osci'oln Scribe's AlkSlur Eleven OSCEOI.A. Ask.—The Myllu'.'';!> Chk-kasa-.vs •:.?:<: a.vaidc-J :'....places en t c ^"""ith^asL Ari:i.: i:; all-star lonju |!ii'k?d by "Quvj-:," sporls writer c'. '.!;" O;C-:'ii '!'; .i».-,. whicli -,vas aiiiK.i:—-1 :-x-i-..l. •. Jcisesbni-c's CJ-.idtii ji'.'rrlv ..r; placed two ini'i'. :! v dl:l;.::ci. Earle, Wilscn an i O-C'.':la .^m j had one man on :hj temn. p !'h« ! writer <li[l not M-JII '.'.'!IH t; ..:::•) • v/ere tcrlidered i:i rl"::j'.^ .:•;: 'star eleven. ; 'Uie tc-ani r-.s ]iick [v.-rjirr folloft-;.; , 'I'liciiiascn I.K j J.-wgers LT I.G JI'-.IU'V::!? C I'.i! :''v,il.l TiG l;:'.".in.-,ill? Ill' E.i'.-l: RE ,;.:ii-'<lr,TO Q!i Wilscn • A:exat:-Jer j Walker ; Matll'.e'.v.s ; Slaton i A. Cuviugion | Bfall : B. Covintilon (c) III) Spencer HE P. Craig FU HOME THEATRE Last Time Today .'The Affairs Of A "n? for Babe Ruth—and here you sou the premier swats man of the New.York Yankees pedaling his way to fitness in a New j HcaiT TTlllltfl'l York gymnasium with h!s daughter| JMa _ ac , lne „ 1)acemnkcr . | *• -"""l^i-. Ruth Is working out doily in preparation for the next basclrall season.' •-•£ than coming as an intolerable cli- '.light with a mcdifiert radio beam ' max after a series of disgusting j combining . light and sound, will ! ting in fog safe | Buckiicll. us weell us the college's Suppose for n minute that th most famous .pitcher. . Sharkey-Schtneling tout,.' rather S Bridge A ;\fWP S£W/Cf,//VC. f) -^«^™^^^™~"~^^~" ""^™"^ ' ^_^ r '"" — *«~—^"— fay ANNE AUSTIN THE BUCK PIGEON*^ 'TME AVENC-INQ PfrBIMT* ' MURDER BACKSTAIGS" While the trli>p^ii.n,i |m, r Pr\^" fprrinrfi rnnflnned M-t-r 'ensth wr) breadth of wh<U b^s* cn=nblnder; coll ">|>ls ml ni-:i;ix m:nn TOKAY JO.IMTA M:i,IH I. murilcrrd nl lirhlKri fnur «lnj-M Inlrr IftK.VTHU SI'IMUl I-: N iitiio murdrrrd ilitr- ln= r Urldcr imrly lit the TIM<:t:Y .Mll.i:s- lu.nir. roller 11, Ink Ijnlk »n-n' t.Hlnl T ( y ;i .V--.T Y«irk Rou- 111:111. ».i :ivrn^ L > Che ilrnlli nf ••SWM.I.OUTA1I. SAMMY" SA' dontlatly. ot course," Ml&s Thomas 4tT SHOULD certainly be ablo to •I answer any question you may .hl llir nil nliTN iv-PRrK. rPMin^ ncirennivr ctorips of the lu^k-t and nccnslnrmllv fin- •erlhe tt fndert contract. In his i-ontj r^ftret. Th<> henvvn-pioht h psmi .Tmirnce. mid ho wceinlv \vnn a cie- nsion in, thp French courts m-finl- ''n? him 2.000.000 trnnr-s <«80.rmi ««'h'Is fhpre of th" Brutni Behemoth's/earning-; in America. ' V' • "• : • ' " * * If..Cents a Day ' Mniirtw rlnlrns to be ( 'v> re"i discoverer-of Camera. n» rmm-i th* Brute ot Arcachcn working n<; f furniture mover. Camera wtis .then • IB. •/'.'When Hirn-r.i w<i<: In mv hnnr's ;>'•."! to^k him out of his misery .when he was eamlnc but •! frnnt"; • (16 cents) a dav and f»d hl>n wh"n .he-was unHernnNrishiri. When h? went tn Eicland h? continued tn IY> » good friend. He cave me n Huh • money on account tin'! said he w;is foln* tn send a check f^r SOOO francs. I urn still waiting for it. . "Whfn Camera «'enl to Arrerica See cabled me: 'All well. Garner", very popular. Will mnke much monev.' A little later them came another cable: 'Coin? toward million.' This was followed bv n 'ring silence, 'followed bv an inexollcnble message: "'Not coin? RS had bc- l.'eved. Receiots insijmlflcnnt.' • "IVom: month to month came other dispatches. Finallv Jeff Dick. c on. the promoter. In the name of I/»n See asked me tn sell mv part of the contract for 2KI.OOO francs I refused." Paul, bv the wav. is a heavy gent himself. He tins the beam at 240 and has battled with some prettj go-xl 'big fellows himself. Maybe he should Iry lo collec . lhat S80.COO from Camera's chin. Who Is there to object • • 4 Word From Al A message from Al Simmons, big bat-man f-f the American League, protests the abolishment of the socrifke fly. "Connie Mack has Instructed me a lot of times lo go up and Iry to hit a long fly ti score a mincer from third. Of course I ssini? on the ball as hard as I can, but I bat differently when trying to make a base hit." By which Al means to pet across the Idea that there Is such an animal as a deliberate sacrifice fly. But. my myl Al, just take a"look •.at these awful batting averages 1*iTV rillll-. v .111' nl »tx iH-oiili!. KiirKtH In luiih hiiiiir« nl itir lltut- i>T il>f riunlrm. MltL luinUi-tl ftlu.lH}!) alnce her nrrl\nl In K«m]lTim, » hTch tht piillci-- ihlpu i\ni hrr ii:ir fur dmitilr-. .,, v | lltf snvrlll. null ulilfh Dun -.,..- ililnt. U lilili-liuiull. The ImxKlhtr en^r nrtnln«( KLdltA 3IIl.l-:«i [• KtrunK. He renHank It flllK »nrt After rnrlnic blnekiitnd »0 .VJtii, Kfurn «ee* it nfitf (HI \l(n fin '1'rnrt-j-H ulnlltnirry, •nd-lhlnk* Mm hnn 'nltl hi-r «ek-re(. In t]e«- vrrnllnn, iitir nhniii. her. hldei (he cnn on lh<- .erri-l >helr In (he cui'Hlx' i-hiiirr, null rcliirn* In Je- Klru; Ihe nolr. l-'liiiilNrf; II tf-truni P|ir.iciH- the fnlnlw In hiirrnr ln.^t lh|. tniiljr I, ,Il«-.MiT,-cl. ITIhx, ulio rrlilrtiM trtler In IIic Srllin li.iunp ill take t.YDIA. Mtn p a tnnlil nnJ Kelt, home ivlth liliii. hm niipurtnnltr to rrrunve ""• * ..... II Kloni hn« rnnlriird hi-r t-rlnir. lie hlraieir eauld hov* kllre.l Sprnrnr frnm untvlde )a*t ntt'r hln KurEU Irnve If SvrlBV* l« "irn1--rlnir to «-i|in^e flnrm. Ihmilrr Irnrnq (hnt Mllei mw Tllvtiril rnln Ihe enR:ijcrmrnr hj r'Inr:i. nn Intrn^eljr p^>Hlcinnle £lrl. nhn Kr:irril n(T her |irnnve<-- lt\- <niluri. I'i:\\Y (-1IAI.V n»- mirrs [Inniler he N on Ihe TTrnnu (TJirk. Arriving In Vr\v Ynrk, llnnilrr n N k^ n t tlir »1nri- ^Tllr^c- Mln liriin_-|il [lie il>i» Hint «:i» hrr -thrniiO, lot (he it^(e nf (lif xnle. MHV CO n\ WITH TIIK STOIIY CilAPTEfl Xf i HM •*- IK while-haired; smart!y-(lressci liuyci- accepted Iho slieaf o^ir.;iti3 Honule IJumleo wan offering. "I'll do my best, ol course." she began briskly, tbei vhlspcred, "wbat Bort of cluo tills wish to ask. Mr. Randolph, slnco 1 havo been with tho school for IB years," Miss Earle Interrupted tartly. "Then Forsyte must tako youncer. pupils than I had been led to believe, Miss Earle," Dundee said, with his most winning amllo. "I was never a pupil here," the secretary corrected him, but she Ibaweil visibly. "Of course. I was a mere child wheu I finished business Fchool, but I havo been here IB yenrs--16 years ot watching rich society girls dawdle away four or live years, just because they've got lo be.somewhere before they mnko their debut. . But I mustn't Iress la—" "I don't knoir myself!" tho fle- .cctlvo admitted. "But," bo nddeil o himself, after he bad escaped the mynr's natural curiosity, "1 luleuil find out!" f^EKOHH be could take any further eteps along that particular path, however. Dundee Imil an ap- joinlment to keep. Aflcr arriving ul his hole! tliat morning ho had made two telephone calls. Ho smiled now an lio recalled Ihe surprise and Blee of ono ot his former Yale classmates, now'a. Discouraged young bond salesman, with whom tic hud kept In.toiioh: -/ "You want- to/borrdw rhy riamo and my" kid.;sisjo'r?"''jimmy Randolph bail chortled".' "HiJp lo It. nhl sport! liut you mlgtit'jell ino what you whut with suet intimate belongings of nln»." : •• VYou m«y sol too.w |t." Dundee had rtterttd. "tut young Mr. Jnines Rudolph, Jr.. scion ot the famous old Boston family, is going to visit that equally (aniuua school. Forsyte - ou - tho - Hmlaou, to seo wliether 'it Is tho Ideal finishing, school for his beloved young sister, Uartiara, . . . She's about 15 now, isn't she, Jimmy?" "Going on 16. and one of Satan's prize hellions." Jimmy Randolph had answered. "And the family would be eternally grateful U you could («l Koriyto lo takt utr, but m«k» them promlu Dot to Imr« any mora chorus (Iris who nlas to got murdered, M directors of their | b * cault Mrt Sellra. or Juanlta talk .like that, or I'll glvo you wrong Impression', Mr. Randolph. Of.Ill 1 kind, It is really a very flue school—very exclusive; riding masters, dancing masters, a golf 'pro' and our own golf -.caursa, native teachers for French, : Italian, German «ud Spanish. Oh, tho school la all right, and will probably not suffer any loss of; preatlgo on account of that dreadful murder out lu tho Mlddlo West—" "Murder?" Dundee echoed, as if ho had no Idea what she was talking about. "Haven't you been reail'ng tho pa- ncrsT" Miss Earlo rallied lilra, with a coquettish smile. "Bui I don't sup pot e Boston bothers with euch •ordid things,",sho added, aer thin- llppoi ,moulh tlghtculnt. "Miss I'endlttoa was"all cut up «bout It. b«. ' -••-•• i:-alert and uttered a sharp exclamation as her eyes took In tlie topmost picture. "This Is Jiiaulta Leigh, isn't it'; . . . nut — " sho shud- deri'il. "imw nilil shp looks—as It—" "Yes." Dundee ii;;rccil gravely. "She was dead ivhe.ii picture UIUIUCIMU, «» UIICVIUJ9 Ut Ifletr j "«v —***• .aiB... UCII1U, ur JUBQIln inateur theatricals. Bab would bo Lelglij-aa sh»;*as known on Broadway, tad directed our Easter play 'bo last two years, and tho re t^kca. -I?- Did know Mrs .. = ' ihe woman lircathcil. her eyes still UiilKins with liorrur. "Uul I've seen so many ulrturcs ol her In the papers. ... To think that it was on? of nnr drr ,«cs slip chose for licr shroud: liul ynn want lo I::K:W v.-licn ttie dro^s u-us sold lo her. ilon't you?" she askul. brisk again "1 can li-;d mil. Wo keep ot all our Kri'iich originals a record ami of i of eaoh. iiiiinbor o( made . . l.ct mo think! I've lircn KoitjR to Tiiris uiysclt for the firm fur the last 15 years, but I i-r-rt remember buying tills Pierre model. . . . Oh. or course'. I didn't go over during 1917 nnJ 101S. on account of tbr w;ir. you know, bu the big I'.irls designers mannsti to send ua a limited number ot ver; Someething simply had t-> be done! [ good models, and tbls must ur« to t» mixed up In the meu. . . 1 suppose that's (lie job you're Hi. you Rat-footed dlcli, you!" Tlio second telcphono call hni) Re- cured an- oppolniment ai Ihe For- yte school for "Mr. James Wadlcy landolph, Jr^ of Uostou." and Ilundec, rnlber relishing his first neqd twr such professional tactics, relaxed to enjoy tbi 19-niil« drive aloug the Hudson. It was a quarter to 1? wbcn bis .ail swept up tbe drlv* toward ihe big, gray-stone, turreted . bullilhig, sedately lonoly la tho midst of Its valitnble acres; "Miss Enrle snys to come to llic omce," a mafiKlohl him when bt hart Bivcn hla name, and led litrn fruni ilio'-'v'ast hall to a fairly Inrgo room, who'se.-iong windows lookcc 1 upoa a teauis courl, aud walls were almost covered wlih Group pictures >•' of grnduatln; classes, photographs ot amaleur tlicatrlcal tierformances. and por tr,i!t studies of alumnae. A very thin, sharp-faced woman ff about 40, with red.rlmnicil eyes Bordette Boys and Girls Beat Dell at Basketball porters slmpljvjioiindcd us tho first wo'days nft'or she was murdered >ut In Hamilton, where a number of our richest bavo come "rom—" "Uy Jove!" .Dundee exclaimed Was the Scllm woman conneclcJ i'ltli tl.'.s school, really? . . . l only read tbe headlines—never pny much attention to murders In tl:e papers—" "I wish." Miss Earlo Interrupted tartly, fresh tcnrs rciMennig bcr tlWEflB you wllli her much?" • • • Dundee darert ask. "Wi(h Jier much! ... I should ay I was!" she asserted proudly. 'I have a room here, live here the •ear 'round, ami botb years NIta liared my room, so sho would not lavo lo mako llio lonz trip back to Vew York every night during the nat week of rehearsals. We used 0 talk until two or three o'clock in he morning— Say!" sho broke off, n sudden terror. "You aren't a' r»- lorler, nro you?" : "A reporler? Good Lord, no!" Junileo denied, in iall sincerity. Then he made up hli.iulnd swiftly. This woman hated the school and all connecter] with lt,'. : had grown uore anil more sour and envy- bltton every year of tS» IB she had served there—and s^e liked Nlta Sollm better; than anyone sh« had over met. The.otipoftunlly for direct questioning ^wa« too mlracu- ous to be Ignored. 'So, ho changed his 1009 suddenly'and said 1 .rery earnestly: "No, I am not a reporter. Miss Earls. But I. am hoi James Wad.loy Handofpb, Jr.' I tai James F. buiitlea, special Investigator attached to th» odkt of khe llstrict nttornoy of Hamilton, and 1 want you to help m* solve th* myslery of Mrs. Sellm'i murdir." It took nearly 10 precious mln- uxes for Dundee to nurse the terrified but obviously thrilled woman over the shock, and to gel her i'plo the mood to answer his question^ freely. "Cut I shan't and t&n't tell yo» anything bad about .N'IU! - sh« protested vshemently. wiping her r«<J-' rimmed eyes. "T!ie papers are all eaylne now that jh» tot J10.0C9 for double-crossing aome awful racketeer named > 'Swallow-tall Sammy,' hut I know she didn't get the money that way! She was too good—" "From Nlta'a confidences to you, do you nnvo any Idea bow she did get the money?" Dundee oskcil. Miss Earle sbook her head. "I don't know, but she got It honorably. I know that! . . . Hayb» she found ber husband and moid* him pay allmouy—" Dundee controlled his excitement Dempsey: "He geets panicky as soon as the fear hits him that he Is losing. He Is licked Just as soon ns ho begins to doubt that he is winning. Just nnotl:er front-runner" Obviously the foul that brought Schnlellng low was a punch struck in panic. That's elving Sharkcy tlie benefit of doubt between panic find deliberation. The raw youn? Schmeling, crude n« he, hnd been absorbing with with relish every wicked punch the Bostcu sailor was throwing his way. With B half grin he kept on coni- inp-. reyer faltering. Well,'what about it? Tne raw youn; Schmeling mav or may not be pushed over by the first palooka he steps in there with. In nil of his American engagements, the German has proved himself a remarkable recoverer. Every time he has corn? from behind. In every bout—with Sekyra, Rlsko, Paulino —he has withstood the hardest wallops thut his foe could hand him. Anrt he has rallied to win Sharkey knew that. Schmeline looked very bad against Sharkey that night in Yankee stadium. His boxing was crude. He was easy lo hit and he hadn't even bruised his opponent. But he hart looked just ns bad in his other' fights. - ; plsko w ; as ahead of htm on points When the German finally popped him on the chin. I Through the early rounds of the j Paulino fight, he took a lacing, then I flared up brilliantly toward the end to win the decision. | Do you suppose Jack Shcirk.?y got : sick and tired of his bargain? RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today After "Sarah and Son," ;md After "Anybody's Woman," You Expect the Unexpected — and ' Get It- . -From .JJTH PRY! 'ThcRioht to Love with Paul f,ukas The story of a love that dies — and LIVES again! with BETTY COMPSON IAN KEITH MAKY DUNCAN JEANETTE LOFF Fi-nm the stage play by Rudolf Lothar and Fritx Gottwakl- Continuity ami dialog by Benjamin Glnzev- A AU A L C 0 L J[ ST. CLAIR production. Comedy and News- Cardwell Basketball Fives i Defeat Leachville Teams! i CARDWEU, ,Mo.—The Cardwell i high school boys and ftirls met and! defeated the teams from Leach-! vtlle high school Friday evening,! January 2. The games were play-; \r.i: non <3, lri ,i n , „ ed in the Cardwell high school -^tmee—Sunday Only—Spe- Bvmnasium. Scores: girls, Cardwell,' C WI ochool Price — 10-2oc. «; Lcachville, 7. Boys, Cardwell,: Adults—40c 3fl; Leachville. 37. The girls name. Adni—iVio/ht—15 and 40c was too one-sided to be interesting, _"'K»i. 10 ana we. and turned out lo be a monotonous Comniinp; Attractions' i Comedy and Cartoon. scoring orgy. The boys game was "umnrinn'c'" ininr T >n . x- I closer, and was quite interesting. WHtlnpRR " UI?T r '° Av ' - - -- •• . - --- 0 - ,. M .,o)i "nrn'mruTT .. ~u^?(~ '• Allin.—JIatince 311(1 NightReferee: Floyd Pierce, principal, LrkLo , BIG TRAIL", "ALL : - - fa Cochran School. Cardwell's team QUIET ON WESTERN I 10 and 25c. eyes. "that people wouldn't persist } w [ t h difficulty. "Dirt sho tell you In referring to ber as 'that Scllm all about her marriage and dl- v.oiuan.' . Wlien I think how sweet mid friendly 3 i, c w , 3< now _ 1 how A-ind." 1 [o Dundee's sur. Ark.— The' Burdette girls ,md b->vs basketball tcarhs defeat- til the Dell teams in two, interesting games Friday afterncon. The frtrls won by a score of 10 to COIIrE «- Only fivo copies were made 8 Yettte McHsffey, Burdette cen- ~ la d I Herein colors and materials, ter, w»s the star of ite game. , naturally, since' we ci.iko a point The boys played an extra period, of escluslvcness. The royal blue of five minutes bsfore Burdette . gained .the victory, 13 to 11. Greacy of Burdette won the game with a . field (0*1 In the extra period. Courier News want ads. I!"". °. nc "' l ,' ic ' n .' Olllonvls!> - '''' »l'icli peered ncarslBlneilly. rose If you'll from BD old-fashioned roll-top desk and came forward lo greet him. "1 am .Miss Earle, Miss Pcndlo- tou's private secretary." she toM him, as be shojk her thin, clammy band. "I should havo told you when you telephoned ibis morning Ihat both Miss Pendlelon and Miss Mncon sailed for Europe yestenlay. We always hare our commencement Iho last Tuesday in May, you know . . . But If thcro Is anything 1 can do for you—'" "i should like to know something at lirsl band ot tho history ot the remember buying It. . excuse me a moment— When she relumed about 10 mln ulcs later. Miss ThomrH brought him a penciled memorandum. "Tills Pierre moilcl was imported In Hit summer ol 1917, several monilis ID advance of Hie winter season, of i'rfso slie clinked on lears before sho coulil ,-,, ,,u: "Of course 1 luiorc It's dreacltiil for tho school, and 1 ought nol 10 mifc about (t, when you've Jusi come lo see ahoni pin.' ling your sister Into tbe school, bui Nlla was my friend, and it simply makes me wild—" "You admired and liked her very much?" Diintlec- asked, forgeltlnp his rolo tor the moment. "Vcs. I ,ndi And MIS3 Pcndlelon " cr. loo. And you can Imag- vorce?" Again Miss Earlo snook her head. "The only lime sho ever spoke of it was last year—tho 'first year sbs directed our play, you know. I asked ber why she didn't get mar•ho said she divorced, bo- ^ e n e r m p de wm» 0f: f B n S ^ Wh 'r"' FRONT ". "LIGHTNIN" " with Coming Attractions:— son, f, P. Killlan, f; O. Mlrp, g; !_,- 1,7.1. .p- , . nn r \^'/-" <nrr VI-T' Stewart, g; O. North, c- Bond Kav , KOgeia- KliN'tr OR JAX/i , "^FOMK f: B^flze. f: H, Hnrdln. g. dirts- foa11 Crawford in "PAID", CARLO", "SINS TAKE ,A r. McCoy, c; I. Binkney, c; o. Marie Dresseler Bishop, g; M. Arnold, g; P. Rings,: DUCING"- f; L. Hlnesley. f; R. Qorham, f; cj Ollmoro, i "RE- HOLIDAY", with Constance Bennett- The "PiuaJers, 1 : independent bas-' ketball team of Cardwell was defeated Thursday evening, January 1st. by the "Pckcrs." independent team made up. of players from MoiMtte and L»Se City. The game *a-> played in Ihe Cardwell High 'School gym. Score—PoXers 44, Puzzlers 30. Referee—O. J. Chancy, coach Cardweirhlgh school. Puz- O Klnsey. g: C. Seaborn, f: T. Hull, g; C. W. Mickey, gf; H. M. Wilson, f. velvet copy was sold to Juanlta Leigh in January. l<ils. 1 nm sorry I cannot give you tho exact day of the month, bui our reconls show ihe month only. "If run coul* Just Icll me-conn- liked h cause sha didn't know where' bcr ! z I er ,,?. !a .i er 'V w " e: ^:\ R :_ M:l ™' % huaband was, and tt was too eipen- oive to go to Reno. ... Of course sho may havo found him or some- thine—and got a divorce sometime this last year, and this money sho got was a settlement—" "Sho must have got a divorce, since she was planning to be married again lo a young man In Hamilton." Dundeo assured her sooth- Cooter in Double Ine how clever nnrt roimlar she was. when a wonderful woman Itko Mrs Peter Clinton who was Uis MOP ... row when sho was in school hero.! In,,.,. admired her so much sho look her :• "The way everybody puts tho to Hamilton wiih be plays for a [.lulo Th Win Over Marslon •. j COOTER. Nfo,—Tl-a Cooter boys' ; i Independent team won over Mars! ton. Mo. here Saturday night 30 to 27 on the high school court.. ' The Cooter grl cagers won from Pt^lc'r 0 d ' rCCi ,h7 ThU" 1 """'" 110 " "" ° Very - "> M.VSTfi*^ « ^ i tiwicr. ... thing, when n person gets mur- Thr . ,.,<,,, .,,,, .. am h - s .... h,.,, iwn. I was soldered;" Miss Earl, slormed. "It iTfWSl ,h?.«SS . I never mot any . congenial with:" tho secretary poor Nlla had belonged to a rich went on p.issloualely. 'The girls; family, like tho girls here, they nere snub mo and make silly Jokes; would have spent a mlllloa lo bush ' a «ih»i l ,r, w,,'nr', s , lorrot M about , tnobohlndmyb:>ck «nd«,-,:,7.»r«.ndVionh,,Tr. ?;: ^af^i=\r'^ s rr^ M 1 :^ r;!r ve- n ^siy 5 " 6 M «- ^ on," Dunrta. b«>n U«recaliu E ly. Icn.-cveu Hiss PcnJteton he.seUrl (To It. Conlinued) defeated this season. SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)—3cni: day the captiln may turn to tb; first mste 6»d ask: "H°ar tlvu headlight?" Sounds funny, but John C. Rolilfs marine expert, rt;- . clares that a new lyi« of hocl- Kentucky Small E«§ §5.75 Kentucky Lump 86.25 Zei£lei - . §7.50 Empire - . S9.75 Montavallo Genuine 12.00 BROWNE & BILLINGS Fhone 76 ffew Blyiheviile Feed & Coal Co, Phone 196

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