The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1937 · Page 13
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1937
Page 13
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. . . UKIONTOWN, PA., NEWS STANDARD SOCIETY Girls Of Troop Nine Dress Dolls For Christmas Distribution Bluebird Brownies Will Present Program Tonight ^j ^ The Union town Bluebird Brownies are to give a Christmas" program tonight at 7 o'clock: in the Children's home, Oakland avenue. Accompanying the Brownies will be Miss Carolyn Henderson, their Tawny; Mrs.' Burley Enierick ana Mrs. A. A. Green, Pack conmiitieo members. A playlet, "A Song for Christmas" will be presented by the following cast; , ' . . - ' . ' ' Mrs. Brown--Jean Winning. Alice. Betty, Mary, Dorothy, Mrs. Crown's children--Cynthia Johnson, Patty Brehm, Elizabeth Dunn. 3Norma Jean Past. · Hans, Suzanne. Gretchen. Martin, Jr., and Margaret, Martin Luther's children--Lawrence Johnton, Louise Johnson, Ruth Me- j Donald, Bert Bre'en, Rhoda Mae! : Jones. ' - . ' - . - ! Pianists-Eileen Green. j A number of Chrisimas reclla-j iions will also be included in tne{ program: . "The Coining of 'Jesus"--Doris "Walters. · · ' · · ' . · · ' · " ""Why Do Bells fpr ' Christmas j Ring?"--Shirley Emerick, Dorothy | ·Neelari, Betty Ann Hormell, Sally | Woodward, ! "Christmas"--Norma Miller. Alter a round of Christmas carols/ 'the Brownies will leave a remembrance for each child and then adjourn to the home, of their Brown Steak Tester Shows Degree Of Toughness , MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. The housewife of 1940 (UP) -- Petal Pulling Outmoded By Cupidoscope" Machine s follows: I--No Hope. 2--Just Frit-atfe. 3--Puppy Love. 4--Overwhelming Urge to Kiss. 5--We want to B« TOLEDO, O^U^The old, un-i^ ; 6 - S e 2 P ^ cher or UlK}CJ have to wait until her husband may not j scientific method of measuring af-|. To operate the machine, a youth comes home to get final approval fection by pulling petals off daisies ' moves a lever, called the "male has given way to the march in th-e. Universitv electrode.", toward the lop. His rt f hm-,·.,·« ««,* »-»ta«r i · ,i. TT · ,· co-ed friend grasus a "female elcc- | progress m th~ University of; t r o d e - aM - ^ moves i: upward Shell just get out the pressoin-i Toledo, 'until it makes contact \viili the et - and the shortomeier to find) TWO senior engineering students,Lspark coiL shocking her -- elect-' out for hersftlf and possibly pre- John .Hawley- and G, Edmanjrieally. elude a few cross remarks) the|Keefer. have" developed a machine! The farther she moves the lever, qualities of her -cooking. 'jknown-"as a '"cupidoscope'' thatjihe more electricity she gets. An Under direction of Alice Child.'; ··calibrates in terms called "amor-Indicator records her degree of al- a^soeiate professor of home eco- i cvcles* the affaction that the col-ji'ection on the dial, nomics at the University of Min-i iege girl has tor her boy friend." ( T h e machine is housed-in nesota, graduate students are us-1 This gadget is composed princi- \ physics laboratory and has at- ! iig % new mechanical devices for fpally of°an old meter spark coil, aitracted large numbers of"/curious testing culinary qualities of vari- iiheostat and a glass dial graduated students. ous foods. ' - ' ·· ' . - - ' - ! ·· -· · ' ' · . ' . ·· -- -- --~ ; : -----Instead of biting into a steak to j see whether it is tender or tough I the co-eds put a piece of meat in-: to the dynamometer and apply pres- ' sure. .Tests show that round 'steak.j requires about 45 to 50 pounds pres- \ sure, while tenderloin can be'ripped.; apart Avith only 10 10 15 pounds of pressure. ..* ' / . . ' ' : And with a new gauge perfected, i this year by George Stainacker, ! university mechanic, it is possible; to measure to a quarter of a pound j just now muscled the jaw ·"must- j be to grind through a steak. Juici- j ness of the steak is measured by j the pressometer, which exeris a-1 ·pressure o f 250 pounds: · ' - : - . ; 5 Pound Box i Delicious Choc. Candy ; Reymer's Delicious Cantjy Romance Candy--Nut. Fruit and Cresm Centers Appolo Candy in Beautiful Boxes Mary Lou Candy--Hand Rolled Chocolate Complete Assortment of Home Made Candy FOUNTAIN SERVICE ASSORTED NUTS PENS ST. ACROSS FROM TERMINAL --News Standard photo Girl Scouts are-again taking an active part in Community Service by assisting the different .organizations in carrying out their Christmas Owl. Miss Virginia Craig,- for cookies and her chocolate. · · . · . * . » » · Missionary Society Has Meeting Yesterday ^ Beta Chapter Presents The Woman's Missionary Society rPrOgram At County Home plans- Troop 9, under th-2. leadership of Mrs. Robert Wood, will surely b e eligible.for the "Seamstress Badge/' judging by the dainty clothes made for these dolls which the''Santa Glaus Club 1 '-will distribute ' · ,, Each Scout troop has chosen a special bit of worfc for Christmas.--all troops are helping with the T. B. sale and their special bit of "Community Service" is to radiate th* Christmas-spirit. of the First Presbyterian church, held their December meeting, yesterday afternoon in the church Girls of the Beta chapter of Tri-' ^ ,,, , Hi-Y presented a Christmas pro- chapel. Mrs. William ,B. Hindman t " . - . . , . , ,. r. ,, . igram- in the chapel of the County LETTERS TO SANTA had charge of the devotional service. Mrs.'C. L. Steiner gave a most interesting-. talk on Trania, or Persia, the country to which ner son, the Rev. Lisle Steiner, is serv- Horne. West National Pike, on Thursday evening. .Those who had charge of the program were Miss Mary Jefferis,' the sponsor: Miss Barbara Kough, pres- ing -as* missionary. The National idenfc Qf thg chapter and MarvLou- ·TL1?Ksinn Tnnir Rev Dirk LAV and - . · : · ,, _ . , _ _ . _ _ _ , _ - ^ _ _ _ ,, _ " ^_ Mission Topic, Rev. Dirk 'Lay- and I . the Pima Indians, was given by Mrs. Thomas B. Sexnans. ise Sesler.. who served as announcer. The program included a piano ! solo, "Shower Stars." Waches, by Following the usual program a| Joan Senib0 wer: reading. -'Whv the candlelight sen-ice was held: | chimes King": reading. "'A Christ-i utcle friend candles being lighted for each of the missionaries, on both the home and foreign field, supported by the society. Candles were also lighted for Rev, and Mrs. Lisle Steiner. At- the close .of the meeting tea Lamberten, Dec. 13, 1937. Dear Ssntet: ~ I am a little girl 5 years old. I am writing to tell you what I want for Christmas. T want the iol- lowing things: a pretty doll, set ol dishes, a baking set, a cradle for my doll, a little play sled with Santa on it. This will be all for ch.'s Christmas. Thank you.Santa. From your was served from a pointed table, with Sernans pouring. Mrs. S. E. Hibbs prettily ap- T. B. mas Carol," by Elsie Bierbower; two carols, "Silent Night" and "Glad; Christmas Bells," sung, by a quartet j of girls. Dolores 'Walters,- Blanche! En-os.' Mary Ella Riley and Viola j Leonell; duet. "O Holy Night." sung j by Dorothy Minger and Ann Fieri- j niken, . - ' : j Concluding the entire group sang LORETTA YANKUR A. P. S.--Don't forget mother and Uniontown, Pa. Dec. .16, 1937. Dear Santa: I em a good Jttle girl and would like the following things for Christmas: A new riress, a pencil box, a baby doll, a set of dishes, some nufcs and candy. Please don't forget my brother,. Fred, cs he has been good boy,, and also my sister, Emily. I'll' be waiting for you Santa, so please don't disappoint me as I have veen a very good little girl. Thanking you, DOROTHY CIAROSHI. was chairman of the hostess com- j "Joy 'to. the World.." "O Little Town mittee. . In the absence, of Ecughneiv-lpi-'esident. Whitehill presided. ' Miss ilrs. Ethel Bueii of Bethlehem.''."We Three Kings of Orient Are." and "O Come, All Ye r Lucky Thirteen Hold Meeting Recently ' The Lucky -Thirteen- held its -weekly meeting recently in the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Shuessler. ijr- . a ff . . :..·"· /T«J. 1- T I jtvans Mamer \Aub Has t - · - . . . . i Meeting On Wednesday Dec. 10, 1930, Uniontown, Pa, Dear Santa: I am a little girl three-years old. I am a good girl too. I can't write so my aunt Rose is writing this for me. For Christmas I would West Leisenring, Pa. December 16, 1937. . Republic, Pa. Dec. 8, 1937. Dear Santa: I want some toys. Here are the toys I want: a sled, a doll and a set of dishes and a table and chairs -and a stocking with some nuts in it. My sister-wants-a stocking too. Do not forget me and her. I am. 8 years old. And I want some clothes. I want some clothes for my baby doll, and a table cloth and a little j baby bed. also a hat for my baby tdoll. Give me a coat for my baby | doll please. | Yours truly, j JEAN McCANN. Dear Santa: . E..Millsboro, I am a good little boy and would Dec. 8, 1937. like lor you to bring- me the follow- | Dear Santa: ing things: a little car, a .gun, a box of checkers, and some nuts and like to have a table, chairs, dishes, { candy. I have been a very good boy doll babby, ironing board,. fork and spoon and a cooking set. Thanks a lot. ".. · % - ·Cordially yours, ROSE MARIE ALTOMONTE. Five hundred featured during and bunco were the' evening ana a to Mrs, luncheon was served. Prizes for bunco went Charles / Roycrof t, Mrs. Martin and Mrs.' Henry Seighman, while in five hundred prizes were William Finnerty. The Evans .Manor Sewing club } j- ear Sania· Dec. 10. 1937, Uniontown, Pa. and have listened to my mother and dad. Please don't forget my brother,. : Ralph. ancl -my sisters, Anna. Emma, Vera and Esther. Thanking you very kindly, Youi' friend. CHARLES GISMONDL Merrit-tstown, Pa, ? Dec. 8, 1937. met Wednesday evening December j a nr a little boy -three years old! Dear Santa- 15, at the home of Mrs. E. Crabel., and j am a good iittle.boy. I can't i am a little cirl - · - . gm I am a little girl 9 years old.-My teacher is Miss Franks. I try very hard in my lessons, for I know that you do not like bad little girls a n d j j boys. For Christmas I want a snow suit and a wrist watch! I would like some more things, but I know you have enough to t«ke care of. Yours truly, FANNIE KEENEY. During tlie business session plans were made for the watch party and covered dish supper. Games were a.feature of the evening's entertainment and the prize went to Mrs. Ethel Stewart, All members were present and at the, conclusion of the evening a delightful luncheon was served. - . . . vear old iears ° JQ am in write so my sister Rose is writing teacher is Miss Franis I this letter for me. For -Christmas third grade. I want a' bal I would like to have an electric two story books and a telephone train, a motorcycle. CCC truck, i Please don't forget my little sister! awarded Mrs. , . Mrs. Kendro, and Mrs. H. R . j Three . quests : attending U i e j Heintzeunan. j meeting, who are later to become t Those attending the affair in-(-members were Mrs. ^.Grimes,. Mrs. j eluded the following.- members: I Huff, and Mrs. Varndell. · ' j Mrs William Finnerty. Mrs.j , . * · * · * · . · ' | George Martin. Mrs.VKencro, Mrs. York'Rim Grange Has John Coffman Mrs. L. J. Hemtzel- »· man. Mrs. Steve Breiizle. Mrs. Qivistmas p artv Monday moving van, candy and nuts.! Yours -truly. Thanks a lot. | P. · S.--Don't · forget my sister j Rose who is writiiig' this for me. | Yours cordially, ! JOE ALTOMONTE. ELAINE MAILO. Elizabeth Cochrah. Mrs. John Cochran. Mrs. John Christobek. Mrs. Henry Seighmann, Mrs. Charles Roycrof t. Mrs'. Charles Bchuessler. and the hostess.. Mrs. Elizabeth Schuessler. Milholland Society Has Meeting Monday Night York Run Grange will present-a Chris.trr.RS program, Monday eve- Uniont-own. Pn., Dec. 16, 1Q37. Dear Santa: . [ I am writing to let you know that East Millsboro, Pa. . . December's, 1937. Dear Santa:' I am a little boy 3 years old. My teacher is Miss Pranks. I am in third grade. I want a truck with candy kisses. And a desk. Merrittstovn, Pa. December 8, 1937. Dear Santo: I am a little girl 8 years old. My teacher is Miss Pranks. I am in third grade. I want a baby doll, telephone, sled, dishes, stove, cabin, and some candy and nuts. Please don't forget my brother, mother and father. And give them some candy and nuts. Yours truly. DOROTHY BECK.. The new London to Capetown. Please;air record is now one da\ r . 21 hours. I am. a good girl, and my brother is ; do not forget my brother, my moth- i and six minutes. It 'was set by- good also. Sant-a I would like for you .to bring me a doll, story .book, crayons, dress and pair shoes. My brother would like to. have a engine, crayons, story book, s' er and father. : Yours truly. E. Clcuston and Mrs. Betty Kirby Greeri. in a de Havilland comet plane. ning. December 20.' under the 5i- i P ers and truck; al^o don't forge rectioii of Mrs. I. J. Morton,'.-Each member is to bring a ten cent girt for exchange. Third and .fciirth degrees will be conferred oh a class, and Christ- j mas refreshments will be served by j the Economics committee. Visitors The Milholland .society of the are invited to join .with members First Presbyterian v/iurch will hold a special Christmas service Monday- evening. December 20, at, 7:30 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Harry S. Clark. East Fayette street. A fine program has been prepar- ·ed and a full attendance is urged. The Loyal Temperance legion will meet Saturday morning in the j McCrum Community house, Nutt' avenue, to avoid conflicting with j Christmas practices. J In charge of the meeting is Mrs. j George Wright, sponsor. The meeting-will begin at 10:30 o'clock and is to take the form of a Christmas prxrty. Moving pictures are to be ( featured; and each member is asked to bring candies or cookies as a contribution to the treat following the program. * * * In-State Bridge League Meets At Beeson Hotel in this holiday program. candy, nuts and fruit. Don't forget! mother and daddy too Your little pals ; .MARGARET AND JR. ZALAR. 82 Elma Ave.. Uniontown, Pa. Honors a Saint ·The-Tri -State Bridge league played the third game in the Joe Smith series last night at the Beeson tea room. Scores were. North and South: First, Mrs. VanGilder and Dr. Potts. 95; second, Mrs. Wendell Semans and L. Carroll, 92 1-2; third, Mrs. Joe Eaer and Mr. Shagham, SO 1-2. East and West: First, M. Swet nnd J. Harcinek, 104; second, Rose Hathaway and Ed Shelby,-96 1-2; third, Mrs. C. E. Minger and Mr. ·Sislcr, 83 1-2. » . * : * Pythian Sisters Will Meet t This Evening -Uniontown Temple, 27. Pythian Sistors will'hold its regular meat- n:T tonight at 7 o'clock. 'Following the business session.a : banco party will be held. The ;-;.:-!!;, in c-nilnlly invited.. Crowned with a wreath of burning candles, this pretty Stockholm girl donned her picturesque finery for the St. Lucb Dny celebration, Dec. 13, which all Sweden observes. At dawn of the festival day a girl of each"' family, dressed in white and wearing n lighted crown,'offers coffee and Lucin cakes in honor of the saint, who symbolizes returning daylight. The most beautiful "Lucia" is selected to lead a 'triumphal procession ir the capital. 201 S: Mt. Vernon. Uniontown, Pa. Dear Santa: Please bring me.a snow suit, pencil box, set table and chairs. ( purse. That's all I want. ' Your friend, : CLARA SAVINSKY. Ruble, Pa., December 8, 1937, Dear Santa: I am a little girl. 8'-years old. My teacher's name is Miss Franks. I am in third grade, . I want a big 25-inch doll, and set el dishes, some nuts and candy. bingo. My sisters and brother ana mother and father some nuts and candy and if you don't forget bring them a present. Please don't forget my other friends. I want a sled and the doll and bimg my little nephew a baby doll that wets its pants. I want a pencil box and please bring red headed Jack, my little brother, a kitty car. For my brother in first grade bring him a comb and a horn to make a-whole lot of noise and I will be very hap- *py. Yours truly, BIN A CASBAR. Republic, Pa.. Dee. 8, 1937. Dear Santa: I am a little boy 8 years old. My teacher's name is Miss Franks. 1 am in third gride. I want two color books and a box or crayons. I want some candy and nuts in my stockings. Please do not forget my sister and mother and father. Yours truly. JOSEPH SHEBA. East Millsboro, Pa. December 8, 1937. Dear Santa: I want a baby doll for Christmas. I am 9 years old. My teacher's name is Miss Franks. I want sonic candy and nuts. I want a stove find a set of dishes, a top and a sled. I want a dress ' ar,d · a - s u i t for Christmas. Yours truly. FLORENCE LITCHNEY. CREDIT JEWELERS MORGANTOWN AND MAIN STS. UNIONTOWN On Their WATCHES OiAMONDS, JEWELRY OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL XMAS LADLES' DEPARTMENT CONTINENTAL STORE S U G G E S T These Gifts NIGHT GOWNS BED JACKETS SLIPPERS 'KERCHIEFS H O S I E R Y C O S M E T I C SUEDE BAGS LEATHER BAGS SUEDE GLOVES PIGSKIN GLOVES FABRIC GLOVES F U R C O A T S L I P S S H O E S S C A R F S BLOUSES PAJAMAS LINGERIE

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