The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on November 30, 1937 · Page 3
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1937
Page 3
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NOVEMBER SO, 193V M., NEWS STANJDA! .COUNTY SOLONS If issue Warrants For Quick Payments; Other News Of County Courts. County commissioners approved the following bills from November 23 to November 28 and ordered that . warrants be issued for their payment: . . Eugene Sloan, counsel for Donald · Jones, $100; Chad X. John, counsel for Donald Jones, $100; treasurer of Fayette County Bar association, November appropriations for law library, $400; West Penn Power company, Collins avenue, $1; Helena : Spence Tencate, county's one-third salary city treasurer's office, collection of county taxes, $50; May Shrura, county's one-third salary city treasurer's office, $58.33; John D. Lockle, county's one-third salary for city treasurer's office, $4.66; J. D. Kerfoot, city treasurer, $97.22. Pennsylvania Railroad company, freight on headstone, $3'.42; Memorial Tablet company, $52.98; H. D. · Minerd, county treasurer,mothers' assistance fund, $4,589.61; Monongahela Valley Post No. 1606, VFW, Armistice Day expenses, $100; Clark Cole, J. P., costs in auto violation, care of ballot boxes in North Union No. 2, $14.25; Wooda N, Carr, postage for Judge Hudson, $5. David E. Bane, viewer, $64; Henry C.- Brooke, viewer, $124; Springer Auto company, repairs to car and supplies for sheriff's office, $5.55; J Harry Johnston Son, burial of ·war veteran, $75; Eleanor Meckeln- burg, child welfare service v three children. $32.86; William T. Spalter, viewer, $40.60; Gertrude Bucci, care of children one week, $16; James Shannon, expenses for Oonnells- viUe bridge, $2.50; Mrs. Eva Deerfield, care of children November 5 to 26. $15. Pennsylvania Railroad, freight on headstone. $3.60; Pennsylvania Railroad, freight on headstone, $3.6'0; E. T. Chamberlin. transcripts, $50; Ephraim Cross, constable, conveying man to county jail, $15. The following sums were spent for the care of children from November 9 to 23: Mrs. Charles Strange, $21; Holy Family Orphanage, care of four children,. S20; Edith Pringle, $24; Mrs. John Henkel, two children, $16; Mrs. Talmadge Morgan, one, $8; Mrs. Catherine Shibley. one, $6; Mrs. Man' Doerfier, 3 children, SIS; Mrs. Lucy Humes, tvro children, $14; Mrs. Ella. Spinner, four, $28; Mrs. Callie Brown, six. $42; Mrs. Virginia Cole, two, $16; Mrs. Lucinda Dever, five. $40; Mrs. Homer Zearley. four, $32; Mrs. John Dinsmore. four, $34; Mrs. Mary Mangus, one, $8; Octavia Mar-bury, five, $46; Mrs. Albert Haas, one, S4.58. J. B. Flickner, postmaster, postage, '$50;.. Mrs. Dakota Lerch, -five children. $17.12; Mrs. John Mcln- tyre. four children, $22.84; S, B.! Flickner.. postmaster, $15; Wooda N. i Carr, postmaster, $25; .Frank El well,! Altar Beckons Betty, Johnny New Ford V-8 Models Beautiful Cars In Two Distinct Lines, Both In The towest Price Field Ford V-type 8-cylinder cars for horsepower oars. Betty Furness, diminutive 21- year-old movie actress, has a collecting hobby--match folders and such--and now has "collected" Johnny Green, 29-year- olc orchestra leader. The couple, shown above in recent photos, set the wedding date in Hollywood. Johnny's. former wife just got a Reno divorce, but it will be Betty's · first venture into matrimony. are Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Burnsworth announcing the arrival of a. seven-pound son, Sunday, November 14, 1937. at their home in Oniopyie. 1938 go on display today in Ford dealer showrooms throughout the United States. They are offered this year as two distinct lines, differing in appearance and price. Both are in the lowest price field. One is a newly-styled standard Ford line, in coupe, Tudor an Fordor body types, powered either with the 85 or the 60 horsepower V-8 esgine. The standard cars are designed to meet requirements of the many motor car owners, whose means dictate maximum economy in first cost, as mell as in maintenance and operating costs. N The other is a newly-designed de luxe line for owners who desire additional style and appointments. Powered only with the 85 horsepower V-8 engine, the line includes eight body types, the coupe, Tudor and Fordor sedans, as well as the club coupe, convertible cabriolet, club convertible cabriolet, covertible sedan and the phaeton. The two lines of cars have the same improved V-8, chassis, but their styling is distinctly different. , The de luxe cars are * larger in appearance. The hood has been lengthened. Its nearly vertical front is carried in a "V" well down into the radiator grille, with the familiar V-8, emblem at the tip of the "V." .Horizontal lines of the grille bars and the louvres are echoed in a bright rustless steel band which is carried along the belt to the rear. The new standard "line cars also present a larger appearance, with a newly-designed front end, grille, hood and fenders. The-front end is formed in a "V." with the horizontal grille bars extending unbroken along the hoodside to form the louvres. Fenders in both cars are massive, formed lower to provide more complete coverage of the running gear and extending farther back. Headlamps are again recessed in front fender aprons, new type tail lamps in the tips of rear fenders. Interiors Roomy Interiors of the two cars are J roomy .and attractive, styled in i j keeping -with the exteriors. The de luxe sedan interiors are larger. A new instrument panel adds measurably to the beauty of the front compartment. The panel of the de luxe line cars is in walnut grain finish,' that o f ' t h e standard line cars in mahogany finish. Instruments are arranged in two .Mr. and Mrs, August Mish of Edenbom, are the proud parents of a daughter, bom at :37 Sunday evening, November 28, 1937, in Uniontown hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ford, of New Salem, announce the birth of a son, named Jamss, born Novem- The driver seats of all cars except the phaetoE are adjustable and the amount of adjustment has been increased. '' . " One of the unusual new features is the front seat of Tudor sedans. The seat cushion is full width. Seat backs are divided, each being, hinged .diagonally so as to swing inward as it is tipped forward. This provides a wide passageway on either side for entrance to'the rear compartment. ; 'Clear vision ventilation Is continued in all closed bodies. Rear quarter windows ol de luxe Fordor sedans and club coupes are pivoted for additional ventilation. "" Bodies of both car lines axe all- steel. . There is no metal-to-metal contact between, body and frame. the result of thorough use of insulation. Safety glass Is used throughout in windshield, doors and windows. The luggage compartments in all cars is closed off by a wall from the passenger space, and locked with a separate key. The compartment door hinges are concealed, the doors opening from the bottom. design is a combination handle, license bracket and light, formed in the shape of an airplane propeller hub. Spare wheel and tire are carried in all compartments except in the convertible cabriolet In this type, because of the rumble seat, the extra wheel and tire are mounted back of the seat. The V-8 112-inch wheelbase chassis has been improved. Its features include "cen'terpoise" construction, rubber-cushioned engine, easy steering, softer springs, improved*cable- controlled brakes, semi-contrifugal* clutch, full torque tube drive and straddle-mounted rear axle driving pinion. Refinements in the V-8 engines to provide better performance, particularly at lower car speeds, and brake improvements increase the ease of control by the driver. Riding; is made more comfortable by the improved springs. Party Attends Exhibit In Pittsburgh Sunday Members of a party of local girls who went to Pittsburgh Sunday with Miss Olive Fike to attend the International exhibit at the Art Institute were Marguerite Cottom, Frances Simpson, Roselma Wiggins, Helen Frost, Viriginia Taylor, Catherine Nicalo, Betty Bradley and Audrey Adamson. That evening they enjoyed an organ concert at Carnegie Music Hall. It takes more than "just a salve" to draw them out. It takes a "counter* Irritant'* like good old Musterole -r-soothing, warming, penetrating and helpful in drawing out the local congestion and pain when rubbed on the aching spots. Muscular lumbago, soreness and stiffness generally yield promptly. Better than the old-fashioned mustard plaster, Musterole has been used by millions for 30 years. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. All druggists'. In three strengths; Regular Strength, Children's (mild), and Extra Strong. Special Winter Quality Born; to Mr. and Mrs. Pete A. justice of peace, costs viola- j'Shenal, of Edenborn, a son, Tuesday, November 23, 1937, The new arrival lias be^n named Matthew.. tion; R. F, Hopwood. alderman, costs in court cases, $124,60. ' Estate Distributes The estate of the late Peter Kalicky .who died August 30, 1933, was Mrs. Joseph Kilo, of groups directlv in front of the driver. In the middle of the panel is a grille, for radio speaker installation ·when specified. At the right is a glove compartment. In de luxe cars a lock is provided for the compartment and a clock is recessed in the compartment door. Instruments in both cars are lighted .by improved fringe .illumination, designed to proxdde safer lighting for night driving. Interior lights are located on the right and left pillars of the sedans and over the rear windows of coupes. Steering wheels of the de luxe cars are of flexible multiple steel spoke eype, with hubs of riciufcrown bakel- Ized material and rims of lighter contrasting color. Standard car steering, wheels, are of three-spoke Mr. and Puritan, are receiving congratula- | ^'P- finished in beige. The upper distributed Monday by Judge J. W.| tions on the birth of +*TM «TMt i spokes are widely spaced to give Bawson of the Orphans' court. By' last will filed November 21. l932. cMd ' *."" ! the driver unobstructed view of the son. named Joseph Lester, instrument dials · William Logan was named executor, i who was born Friday, November 26, 1937. Mrs. Kilo, prior to her maxv riage, was Miss Esther L. Cramp, of McClellandtown. First and final accounts showed receipts of $3,743.55 and credits of $1,070'.' leaving;'.a balance of $2,673.17. Remaining $15 of $200 willed to j Peter Kalicky, Jr., was ordered paid! as was $100 to John Wisneski. a i stepson. The remainder was given.' to two daughters, Helen Mocadlo j and Elsie Logan, a balance in eash j Of $1 : 279.08 each. Real Estate Transfers Ira Eicher and wife to Luis Shin Connellsville, Lot No. :0, Lowaenj and Ganier plan, Connellsville. $100.) Dolly Mapel and husband to Per- i On November 21, 1937, a son was to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Par- aell, 01 Lambert. The new arrival Ls the ninth child in the Parneli family.- . · ·- n/T * G ' A i MlSHOlWiy SpeaKS At MA! knftic* WeiHOCUSi The Rev, E. C. Snyder, a mis- Band- Collet and others, Point Mar- { s *f arv *9 *?« .Dominican Republic *«.« 'T i«t« ·««· e«^i^ ~i~« ts«:«i.'will speak tonight at 7:30 o'clock ion, 7 lots in Sadler plan, Point j Marion, Springhill township. $350. speak tonight at the Free Methodist church. The and a teacher in a high school there. He was called to the field four years ago and he and his wife took the church school at Santiago and directed th-a activ-- ities of it. They will return this fall. Mrs. Snyder was the former Miss Clara Zahnis-er, first cougin to the local Free Methodist pastor. SPECIAL OFFER) Mrs. Carmine Antonio Russo, and I ?f l-fS'l^J^^ f 0 TM!^?^ husband to Mike Cavalcante,! Brownsville, R. D., pieces of land in Redstone. $1. \ Hecla Coal and Coke company to Joseph J. Matuschak, Republic, piece- of land in Redstone township, $600. H. C. Frick Ccke company to H. Clark and wife,. Lemont Furnace, piece of land in North Union township. $600. Tony Rouse and wife to Mike Cavalcante. Brownsville R. D., piece in .Redstone township, $1. Agnes Demasky and husband to Stephen Demasky,, Fairchance, piece of land in Georges township, $1. Thomas C, Phalin and wife to Clare'nce C. Collins and wife, Connellsville. pieces in Connellsville township. $150. HOLC to Charles M. Griffith and *^ wife, Brownsville, Lot No. 18, West View plan, Brownsville, $2,400. Night driving Is also increased by addition of a headlamp beam control on the toe-board of both lines. The control is operated, by the foot- A tell-tale light on the instrument panel -indicates the position o* the j ijeams. whether high or depressed. Both front and rear seats are wide i enough for three.. persons. Seat- cushions and. backs are .finished in ( piping and pilknv treatment. In' the de luxe cars the finish is set off i with rows of ornamental buttons, j Ash trays- are recessed in rear seat! arm rests of : the de luxe closed! sedans. · . ·' . - · ' . ' · Light taupe mohair or broadcloth j is optional in the closed de luxe cars," tan hand buffed antique finish genuine leather or taupe, bedford cord in the convertibles and tan leather in the phaeton. The seatj cushion and back of seat in the convertible the rumble cabriolet is finished in artificial leather. In the standard line, mohair and broadcloth are optional in cars equipped with the 85 horsepower engine. The mohair is available only on special order in the 60 an o u nci nq / V-8 (A STANDARD FORD Y-8 .,.. 112" wheelbase; 85 or 60 hp. engine; Improved Easy~Action Safety Brakes; Broadcloth or Mohair upholstery, Mohair extra One tail light, one sun visor; Twin horns; 3 body types; 3 colors. 2 HOURS ONLY- THURSDAY--DSC 2, Hospital News .Betty Porter, of Connellsville; Lawrence Steech, Grindstone, and Richard Statley, of the Rankin apartments, were Monday morning surgical cas-es in the Uniontown hospital, . Mrs. Anna Barnes, of Hopwood, and Mrs. Edna Bryga, of Grindstone, were admitted to the institution yesterday for observation. Henry Titterington, Whyel avenue, entered the hospital yesterday for a, period of medical treatment and observation. . John McPhcrson. Oakland avenue, was ablo to leave yesterday . and js now convalescing in his home from .an"operation performed two. weeks ago. you can't attend this sale leave money at s t o r o. Y o u r Cross Necklace w i l l b e h e l d asldo for you. THIS COUPON WORTH $4.51 Towards This This Coupon and only 49c Antilles Bearer to One of Our Rcgrnlar $3.00 CROSS NECKLACES I.V PLAIN" O: WITH FACSIMILE Bring this «oupoti and -19c to our store and receive one ot our rcgrubr $5.00 Cross Necklaces. You save exactly $4.51. This 49c merely helps pay for local advertising:, express, salespeople, etc. Nothing more to pay. NEW STREAMLINE DESIGNS These beautiful Cross Neciclaccs are the new fash- ian · sensation,. now Seing worn morning, afternoon and evening. Variety-of styles for women and_ girls, in plain or fancy designs, cd.iplete with chain. LIMIT 2 TO A COUPON This offer ranue t»ossib1c hy the manufacturer. Limited supply for this special sale. We reserve the right to limit quantities This coupon is good only while Advertising Sale is on. CHOICE WHITE Oft YELLOW · This Cross Necklace given Free if you can htiy one elsewhere in this city for less than $5.00. This i* an Introductory offer, and the Cross Necklaces ·vtll he $5.00 after this !?alc. FAYETTE MARKET CUT-RATE DEFT. Next to 2nd Nai'I Bank Mall orders add Cc extra. State plain or fancy Cross Necklace, In white or yellow. DE LUXE FORD Y-8 ... 112" tcheefbase; 85-hp. engine; Improved Easy-Action Safety Brakes; Mohair or Broadcloth upholstery; Twin horns, tail lights, sun. visors; Clock; 6.00" tires, white side-walls are extra; S body types; 6 colors. F ORD offers two new cars for 1938 --the Standard Ford V-8 and the De Luxe Ford V-8. They are different in appearance -- but built to the same high standard of mechanical excellence -- on the same chassis. Because people liked our 1937 car so well, they bought more than of any other make. They liked its looks, its smooth, economical performance, and the way -it handled. We have improved on that car in the newly styled Standard Ford V-8. But some folks wanted still more size and style, with the same "Ford advantages. For them, we designed a new De Luxe line. The De Luxe Ford V-8 Sedans are longer with more room, larger luggage space, and finer appointments. De Luxe cars are equipped with the 35- horsepower engine only. The Standard is even lower priced than the De Luxe. It has graceful new lines and well-tailored interiors. It gives you again a choice of V-8 engine sizes -- 85 horsepower or 60 horsepower. Before Ford made V- type 8-cylinder engines available to every one, they were used only in expensive cars. Since then, four million Ford owners have learned the genu ine en j oyment of driving an eight-cylinder car with all- around economy. The thrifty "60'* engine, especially, makes possible in Standard models a very low first cost and equally low operating cost. BOTH LINES LOW PRICED With two distinct designs, two engine sizes and two price ranges, you'll find a 1938 Ford car to fit your needs exactly. Whichever one you choose you get the same proved Ford features. P R I C - E S FOR CARS DELIVERED IM DETROIT--TAXES EXTRA Standard Ford V-8 (60 hp.)--Coppe ? §599{ Tudor, $644; Fordor, $689. Standard ForJ V-8 (8$ pp.)-- Conpe, $629; Tudor, $669; Fordor, $714. De Lnxe Ford V-8"fSS hp. only) --Coupe, 3689; Tudor, $729; Fordor^ $774; Convertible Conpe, §774; $749; Convertible Club Coupe, Phaeton, $824; Convertible Sedan, $904* Standard and De "Ltcce cars equipped wirf» bumpers, bumper guards, spare wheel, tire, tube, tire lock'and band, cigar lighter, twiii horns, and headlight beam indicator on in* strument panel, at no extra charge. In addition, De Luxe cars are equipped with extra tail light, windshield wiper, sun visor; also de luxe steering wheel, glove compartment lock, clock, aad chrome wheel bands, at no extra charge. PHONE 1700 SALES CO JflLLJ vl/« UNIONTOWN, PA.

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