Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on March 3, 1879 · Page 2
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 2

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1879
Page 2
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Keno Evening Gazette jijjisasd; STery Kvenlnj Sunday excepted rVLTOIt A KDW4EB3. . V THLTOIT, W.". IDWARM. Tmbliaher and Proprietor. tmmsJo stTBscpimoir: " One year (by mau) $' Sis months............... ThfM months .' .' 3 Delivered by carrier in JReao at 25 cent pci No paper forwarded by mail unless paid for B advance. - MONDAY. ..MARCn 3, 18T9 TO OUR iKGiStATORS. The prompt action taken by the . trustees, 1 ourjagricultural .society in tending the relief committee- full use ' of " thpir' property; , suggests , to : us another probable effect of the fire. The society has been built up and largely maintained by our citizens. If we have received aid from the good men f Storey, Orms'by and other counties, it is cheerfully acknowledged, and Washoe county has always desired that every portion of the state should feel itself interested, and derived the greatest possible benefits from the workings of the society. To , say that institutions of this ordtr has hard road to travel, is only to ..!. J 1 . f . aamu, tn experience or every state in the Union. 4 Ourcitizens remembering Mic uiav uoys ui ima organization, auu knowing how hard it has been to secure the societies welfare have naturally felt proud of the property which has grown up about them, and the signs, everywhere visible, that the society was woiking out good results for the state, Through dark days they have? followed, its fortunes and although a state institution in the public sense, its own members have shouldered its burdens. . After the hard times of f he ' past year another hour of need was comiag for ciety, and our citizens were isfled that the state must at fast rec ognize its legitimate property and help to relieve it. . The society has never restricted its benefits, but its ' resources have always been limited to a section. Its usefulness , has always been broad as the state, and the f act should be admitted. " Our citizens have done much to build up an insti-, - tution which is already a - source ot pride. They have always comeja its rescue in times of need, and they were preparing to rescue it from danger once more. After the disaster of yesterday they cannot do so. y It is simply an impossibility. Shall ail that has been done go for naught? Will the state suffer one of its most Useful possessions to pass away for want of the help which has been too 7 long delajed now? We have donewhat we could ; we would have done more but that is new impossible. Let the j legislature decide whether an earnent. and unselfish labor like this shall be of no avail because some scores of " honest men ; and -worthy ; - citizen" find the prosperity and industry of years swept away. We call , the immediate and earnest attention of our representa- '" tivfcs to thfs'"subjectr SHALL WK INCORPORATE. If yesterdays hard experience conveys any lesson, we shauld try to-profit by it, though it may seem like a very small needle in an enormous haystack. : The necessity of incorporation is more evident than ever. A town government should at once be organized,' and fire limits established, inside f which -no wooden house should be allowed, unless, perhaps redwood houses under certain conditions, might be permitted.1' Stovepipes should be inspected, and none allowed to run through the roof, and the rubbish lying about the alleys should be cleaned out mecilessly. ' The Gazette has been comparatively silent upon this important subject for the reason that certara members assured us that a general law was to be introduced, which would permit any town U incorporate. In case of its failure a special r.ct was to be put through for ur benefit. - The session is nearing its end, and we advise our citizens to insist upon thii matter without delay. The President has vetoed the anti-Chinese bill as had been ex-pected' The veto has been pre dicted so often by the "Tribune" and "Herald" that we were pre- ? - v . , ml ... . i dstbu lur ii - iuc ciiiciio ui una v v coast, however, were' not prepared tor the totally insufficient reasons which the President assigns for his action. Perhaps we do not s know 1 our own business in this part .of the Union. .... So Stock. The boards have not adjourned on account of the Reno fire, but the tele cf anhfc ' communications ar rather primitive and the company has not given the reports to us. To tell the truth Wilbur has a fish tub for a seat and a nail keg for his table, and uses a hairpin for sending messages. Most ' of our readers wiil have other things besides stocks to think of for awhile A I- I IIIU JK- nejrving RENO'S RUIN! Great Fire Sunday, March q, i 879! Fifty Acres of Business r Houses Destroyed! The Origin, Cause and tfry of the Fire! His- A Detailed Account of the Progsess and Extent of the Flames! INEFFECTUAL ATTEMPTS TO CHECK THE DESTROYER! One Hundred Families Home-: ; less To day! ACCURATE REPORT OF THE AC-CIDENTS AND INCIDETS, LOSSES, INSURANCE, ETC., FTC! The Charred Remain mt Five Bodies Toned in the Knim-Three Wayfaring; Men and One Old Lady Per- . Ished in the Flames t The Entire Business Portion Reno a Crumbling Ruin! of The terrible fire which yesterday morning swept the best part of Reno before it like the stubble of the field, will be the principle subject of thought and conversation for weeks t come, and in devoting a large space to it the Gazette merely places on record that which is only toe well known to its reader., There seems to be no room for moralizing. A spark, a large collection of houses and a terrific gale of wind are all that are necessary at any time to produce a great calamity and the fault seems to lie as much in the fates as in personal carelessness. No report could portray the BLACK MISERY and heavy despair which now rests upon us. The beautiful little city which . saw the sun , rise in the morning sat at noon in the ashes stretching her scorched arm3 to heaven in prayers for help. For six long hours the boiling flames fed upon her vitals, eating her limbs and drinking her blood while her citizens looked helplesslyon or indulged in unavailing struggles to stay the destroying element. About half-past 5 o'clock on Sunday morning March2d, Mr. Richardson, night clerk at. the, International hotel, passed Barnett's corner on his way home and seeing sparks coming out of the alley between Morris Ash's and the Narrow Guge saloon, he traced them up to a small frame house on Sierra street back of Hagerman & Schooling's store, occupied by M. Colieo. Knocking at the door he informed the occupants that their stvo pipe was burning and advised them to extinguish their fire. They took but little notice of his warning, however. At five minutes before six, Mrs. Ann Hogan, mother of Pat and John Hogan saw - "i ? containing about a cord, which stood in a rank against the tenement house behind the Railroad house, where she slept. She sprang to the back dour of her .room which led to the yard where a barrel of wash-water stood near the burning wood, but through excitemeat and weakness she was unable o pen it. She gave the alarm, however, and Mary Ann Mc-Cormick ran aoro the bridge, over the alley from the Railroad House, quickly followed by Jhn Hogan. Ellen JVIcCormick and John Hayes from the house, and Josh Laws, M. Richardson and others from the out side. There was no fire, in the Railroad House or the tenement house at the time of the alarm. The latter was a pine house 20x45 feet, two stories bigh with eleven rooms up stairs and six down, all vacant but the four in which Mrs. Pat Hogan was living. THE WIND was blowing hard from the south west and fanned the spark into id- stant conflagration. The fire swept under the house and all over it in a few seconds, and never stopped going until it had eaten its way through the town and out into the sagebrush to the east. The occupants of the Railroad House ran across the plaza to Shaw's Hotel. One poor woman in her bare feet carrying her nine days old babe in her arms. As the firespreadandgrewin intensity aad volume, the wind in-creased,and shingles and sparks rained down on the portion of the town lying in its path. Sheets of flying fire were torn off the surging mountain, and lit blocks away, wrapping them selves around their doomed victims with deadly effect. In one hour the fire was flying in full vigor from Hager- man's corner to the planing mill, ever three .blocks away, back to Second street, and across the track, taking in Smith's Academy of Music, the three great warehouses, and the Depot Hotel. When the fast train west turned Y 1 the CJiner ? of -Poor's ranch the siht ! rial II y J(m A suw iv .j.w.v tcru.- , gers, among whom were M. C.Lake, Lome Dean, ana otners. ine mptist church was throwing up a blaze as high as Brother Arnold s prayers used to go, and the smoke was rolling up trem the whole south side as though all of Reno's sins were being wiped out by a fiery atonement. From the other side of tne car a ilaze could be seen between the new Catholic school bui'ding and the Gazktte office. People northeast oi town for miles were showered with flying shingles and sparks which set fire in a great many places. Jame Sullivan's corral and hay barns were burned three miles away. At P. J. Kelly's ranch two and a half miles away ' the fire, sparks and smoke mixed with dust and flying aaiid, enveloped everything and promised to consume tho entire inflammable- portion of the estate. At B. F. LeeteV ranch one mile from town all the loose and outside hay was consumed and two valuable bulls were suffocated. One of them was as fine a Durham as there was in this country and was valued at a thousand dollars. Mr. Leete will lose $2000. Orrin Ross lot his house early in the day bu' he ihinks it was done by a spark from his own chimneyi He lives four miles from town and a little south of the track of the sparks. Many in Reno wh o saw the fire supposed it was caught from the flying debris but such is not the opinion of Mr. Ross. Sweeping over, acres of ground, with NO NOTE OF WARNING the fire caught several people in its dreadful embrace and probably before they realized their awtul danger, life was extinguished. Early in the day rumors ot'greut loss of life was flying about the streets. It was said at one time that Mrs. J. J. Quiun was missing; that Dave McFarland was se verely burned and Joe Crews fatally; that J. L. McFarlin was run through with the sharp prong of a fireman's ladder; that Mrs. Jehn Beck was burned to death and many others hurt and killed. Happily all these rumors proved to be unfounded Or creatly ex-agerated except the one concerning Mrs Beck, which was only too true. THE CHARRED REMAINS of the poor old lady were found lying near her . kitchen stove, an unrecognizable mass. Later in the day three limbless trunks were found lyiujr within two or three feet of each other in the ashes of Johny Boyd's barn in the corner of the Reno Lumber companys yard.. The hands and one body remained and their small size and the size of the bodies seemed to establish the fact that they were boys who had crept into the hay t" sleep. Their names and history will probably always remain unknown. Towards evening word came in that a body, apparently that of an Indian, had been discovered in the remains ot Forbes Hour mill. So far as heard from, these are the only fataHties of the awful day, although numberless accidents and narrow escapes occurred and nearly everyone wh took part in the fight got face, hand, hair and eyes burred., Many were blinded by the smoke and heat, and went to bed in darkened rooms as soon a they dared to leave the field. Ae"w may their tribe decrease-drank to excess and staggered about the streets in a silly state or tried to quarrel with each other. Men should be men at times like that, as nerves already under teDsiun give way if loaded with stupefying drugs. It was strongly hoped that the flames which licked up the light frame houses and back fences on COMMERCIAL HOW would by good fortune be withstood by the goed brick walls and tin roof of Fredrick's, Lachman's and Shoemaker's buildings, but those hopes proved delusive. . After two hours of roasting the smoke began to pour out of Fredrick's andPinniger's room and little playful tongues of flame soon followed. The roof gave way enough to allow free play fop the mass of fire which was now rolling the good things en Pjnniger's shelves and the valuables in Fredrick's show cases under its thousand tongues. Free play and it went at its work like a young giant at base ball. For hours it kept at its work until aothing was left but burned brick walls and twisted iron doors. D. & B. Lachman's clothing store was in one of the finest rooms in town and the building was supposed to be fire proof, but where is the line between flamable and inflammable at times like that. The thick walls absorbed the heat " and all inside was soon ablaze. Osborne & Shoemaker, next door, with two floors and a ware house filled with the finest stock of drugs, medicines nd fancy articles in the state became convinced .that their store was gone and like BRAVE MEN they stood by and saw their years of honest toil wiped out like figures on a slate. McRae & Matheson steod nwxt with a stock of drugs and medi cines which represented their earthly all and saw it go up in smoke. S. N. Davidson ome of Reno's fiuest business men had the east half of the room filled with jewelrv and silver ware and when after watching for hours to catch a glimpse of the first fiery mes senger which Dore the news of ruin through the massive iron doors, ho was relieved from all uncertainty by the bursting flames with something of the emotions of the doomed murderer, who is the most collected and apparently best satisfied of the party at" bis execution. Barnett's Bro., fine stock of clothing in their brick store on the corner afforded brief sport to the passing conflagration. Like a behemoth at play it gave it a toss and the ruin was complete. At his age Mr. Bar- nett a loss is especially hard and the sympathy of his younger fellow suffer ers are with bun. Down : VI&GIXIA STREET but httls ceuld be done. The fierce wind drvu all workers from before j the fire. Jsh Laws saved part of his boeks and wakened every body he could. Charley Knust carried some of his goods into the Farmers' store, where it was hoped tha tide of fin would be turned. Miss Harnej moved seme of her clothing and stoci into Sanders and Neal's and some int-the Farmers'. Hasty rifling of room and gathering of valuables was carrie on a few moments and then the sea fire flawed in and flooded the block. Extraordinary efforts were made t save the Farmers' store, but they wen-unsuccessful. The hose was then directed to John Sunderland's shot store, which suffered only from thf water which poured in through a largt hole in the roof. The Baptist church heated up the Journal officf worse than one of Baker's locr.L and it was only after great exertions that it was saved. Fortunately the wind was rather off that side and save a few broken window panes the Odd Fellows' and other buildings south of Second street were uninjured. The hay building next to the church furnished bu--inesvfor the flames for about a minute. While it was there Jack Everett was clearing away fences wood piles and everything in its track, while a string of Good Templars were giving his store cold water from Tom HymerV well. Their brave efforts met with complete success and the fire spread no further to the west. While all WEST OF VIRGINIA SLREET was rolling up toward Heaven in vapor and flame chunk s of burning wood and flying fire swept across a block and a half and kindled Coats' Pollard hotel, and soon all between those points and on beyond was is the grasp of the hungry fiend. He clasped Chamberlain's tall frame hotel in his arms and entwined his fingers around the cupola and cornices like a lover toying with his sweetheart's ringlets. Burning both east and west it took the International! at one end and C. H. Merrill's restaurant at the other of the block between Virginia and Sierra streets. Theifire attacked the fireproof buildings of.Manning & Duck, Bender's bank, Chlelovich and Judge Marshall. The Arcade went early, Dave McFarland working like a beaver to save his people. White & Block's saloon went out like a candle. THE BRICKS began to sizz, and Prescott, Jamison and Abrahams invoiced zaro. Manning & Duck had been through two gad-sized fires, and thought they were safe, so safe indeed, that they had never taken a dollar of insurance. Too late the mistake was apparent. Their pitched roof went first and the iron one next and the day was lost for them. After sometime their powder dasks begin to melt and the cartridges to explode like rattling musketry on other, but hardly deadlier fields than rtiis. Sweepiug and surging, tossed and f inned oy the fearful wiud which never blew so hard in Washoe, the tire found its richest fe;ist in the stores of Manning, Myers, Abrahams, Jamison and Prescott on which Chiel-ovich's liquors seemed to pour like oil. Bender's and Hammersmith's traps helped the matter a little, and L-og after lighter materials had been -digested the heat came out from here like a gigantic furnace. M" Manning cannot give au entire estimate uutil he can get into his safe aad see how his books ome out. He would have-been sole loser to-morrow as the papers would then have been turned over to hiiu, as it is, the Duck estate loses half. , In the way of diversion it licked up Mrs. Hoole's house and stooped down long enough to set Mrs. Beck's to blazing with a suddenness which caught the poor inistresj in its dreadful toils. ACROSS THE TRACK. The Virginia and Truckee waiehouse was just the plaything for our now raging destroyer. He went' at it with a will t show what he could do. Skipping along the pine pavement, he took in the Central Pacific sheds, full of costly freight, and D. W. Earl's forwarding warehouse, which contained much valuable machinery and grain, and a fiue printing press owned by Tyrell & Reese. Tho Academy of Music, north of the wide plaza, got a nibble next and was tossing old dry jokes to the clouds in an instant. The row of dwellings east of Virginia street were merely a momentary digression. The Catholic school was the real object of attack, and all the little hvuses at its feet were simply bait thrown out for it by the fiery devil. The Catholic church stood well, but went at last. The sisters moved into a lit tie brown house a block away and left their school building to be devoured. The new building was closely watched and as soon as a spark fell it was bounced. A-dozen times the fire blazed up, but as often it was put out. All the scaffoldiug was taken down and everything done that could have effect towards saving the building. Thanks to the almost salamandaran properties of the new wood, success attended the faithful workers, and the new schol building still stands. Our devout Catholic friends were doubly earnest last night in their prayers uud thanksgiving. Sint a lew ot- them looked with eyes of faith to the beautiful passion cross which was raised to the highest point cn the cupalo on Saturday. The sisters were supplied with creature comforts from the Epis copal seminary. Dr. Ilogan's house and the new pavilion Yortunately stood out of the track of the fire and escaped. THE LOSSES cannot bo calculated to a nicety today, but enough is known prove that there is nearly half a million of loss outside of insurance, which will foot up nearly three hundred thousand dollars. Abut fifty families are homeless and there will, no doubt, be many who will need assistance. A large quantity of bedding and provisions have already been placed at the lis-.i Siil of the destitute. In de-truc I ti t' property and loss of life, as wall as in a business point of view, this fire far surpasses either of the former tire in Reno. Better buildings had grown up and larger transactions were arried on. Better stocks of goods f all kinds were kept than ever before. In addition to this times wert asier than they are now, and money sot nearly s hard to get. Take it al n rdl, but. few communities in thi aist'try of the coast have suffered more severely in proportion to their means fhaii this one. Losses and Insurance. The'foilowing are the losses as near is can be ascertained, together with the insurance thereon. A great deal of property does not figure in this list, as the owners aed figures could not be gotten in time: W R Chamberlain loses the Depot hotel, valued at 25,000. It was insured in the Home M ritual for $3000: in the Liverpool Life and Globe for 2500, and in tho Fireman's Fund'of San Francisco, for $2500. I Fredrick, jeweler, S0000; no insurance. C S. Martin, real estate agent, three houses, $14,030; no insurance. F. H. Cliaso, tw- stores on Virginia street and three dwellings with furni-rure $0000; insured for 1,300 in the New Zealand. James Donalds & W. T. C. Ellit, International hotel, $3,400; no insurance. Morris Ash, saloon and stock $5000 ; no insurance. John Sunderland, $5000; $1000 oa stock bv water; no insurance. AL B". D welly, 2000; insured for $700. Hammond Jfc Wilson, $4000; insured for $l..r)00. D. II. Fogg, dwelling, barn and contents, $2,500; no insurance Airs. J. AIcGinley, Opera House and household furniture, 0,000; no insurance. W. H. Holmes, auctioneer, $2,000 ; no insurance. AIn. II. No ves, $10,000; insured fer 3,000. ' Jos. Dcbell. jeweler, 1,000; no insurance. N. Hammersmith, $1,200; no insurance. Dr. Snow, $200; no insurance. A. P Dallam, baker, $2,000; no in-sura nee. W. U. Telegraph Co., $4,000; no insurance. Alatt Parrott, gunsmith, $2500; no insurance. Behinian & Alann, $300; no insurance. CC Chase, $2000 to 3000; no insurance. S M Jamison, stationer and bookseller. $15,000; insured for $3000 in the Fireman's Fund, San Francisco. Lernmon & Osburn, building occupied by Osburn & Shoemiker, $3000; no insurance. White & Block, 2500; no insurance. Sheets fc Wagar, no insurance. M. C. Lake, six bi saloon keepers, dentists, $"00; ildiiigs, 612,500; no insurance. James B. Cain, hoii3e and contents, $1,000; no insurance. James Sullivan, $3,000; no insur ance. Crews & Illidge, $7,000; no insurance. J. II. Borland, furniture stored in the C. P. depot, $250; no insurance. S. F. Hoole, three houses and fiir-uiture, 3900; no insurance. Dr. A. Dawson, $600, principally in notes and ffic2 fixtures. Gbril Thomas, three houses n Plaza street, two on Peavine and two on Fourth street, $5000; insured for 2000. Al. T. Coats, lessee of Pollard house, 2000; no insurance. Alark Baruett, boot and shoe stere, 4000; iusured for 1500. Jos. Peers, household and saloon furniture $250 C Bonnett J000; no insurance. Hutchinson, dwelling ou East street, 2000; no insurance. V. &T. R. R Co., freight house, ticket office, freight, baggage and damage to track $10,000; no insurance. Central Pacific R. R. Co., freight houses, ticket office, Dine loaded freight cars, one baggage and mail car, two passenger cars, 600 , cords wood,d image to track, placed at about 100,000 by Supt. Frank Free. J. Prescott, store, stock, dwelling, furniture and household goods, $18,-000; insured for $0000. Covington, warehouse, $2000, no insurance. Airs. Alary Jones, Nevada house on Plaza street, 3000; insured for $2100. Win. Webster, damage to furniture, $200 Donald. Alckay, house on Plaza street, 1600; insured for 1000; stable, hay and fences, $200. A. Lyman, household good, tools, fence, ete. 2000; no insurance. Davis & Myers, personal effects, 200 - f R. Smith, Academy f Music, $6000; insured for 3000. John Beck, $5000; no insurance. Davidson, J000 to $7000; 2500 insurance. , AIcRae, losses $2000; no insurance. Airs. Simpson owned Davidson's building and meat shop, 11,000; no insurance. Smith, Hill & Oates lost Granger House, barber shop, harness shop, and store where Weil Bras, were, a brick ou Second and two houses ou the alb-y; saved all the furniture; loss, $10,000; insurance, $2000. Roger Johnson, 300; papers and books. J. J. Qminn, $5000; insurance, $300 in TritU3, of Chicago; saved all his stoves. R C. AIcKianey, Reno Lumber Yard, $2,000; insured for $1,000. C. H. Merrill, $5,000; no insurance. H. Ruhe.Reno Alarket, $3,000; insured tor $1,500 in South British and Roval Canadian. P. J. Kelley, water flume, $500; ne insnraone. B F Leete, $4,000; no insurance. .vm Goeg -1, watchmaker, tools in 1 lUHtei.als, $600. Alorris Ash, saloon building and all, 5,000; no insurance. Manning & Duck lose $50,000; no insurance. r Batuett Bros., $40,000; little insurance. C. W. Perry. $500 ; no insurance. AIr3 Alurray $200; no insurance. Grey & Isaacs, $20,000; insured for 110,000. W. II. Treadway, heuse and furniture en East street, 1800; no insurance.' J. M. Huyck, $300; no insurance. B. Br Baum; dwelling and furnitutt on Peaviue street, 4000; insured fn $G00. . J. Lipson, glove manufacturer, $1,-200; uo insurance. J. Aleyer, colored, 125. Farmers Co-operative Association, 25000; insured for 10,000. Frank Singleton, 800; noinsurance. W. H. Getchell, dwslling on East street, 1000; no insurance. Airs. Jacobs, dwelling on Peavine street, $500; no insurance. N. J. Roff, saddler, 150; no insurance. Abrani3 Bro., $25,000; insured for $12,000 in North British. Judge Alarshall, dwelling houe, office and brick building, $18,000; no insurance. Wm. Cain, store building, $2900; no insurance. S.Jacobs & Co. $2500; no insurance Baptist church,$2500 ; no insurance. Barnett Rros., building and stock, 60,000; insurance small. R. E. Queen, druggist: 1200; insured for $1000. Odd Fellows building, damaged, 300; insured. Saml. Latin, two dwelling houses on Plaza street. $3000; no insurance. Airs. Caldwell, dwelling on Plaza street, $1500; no insurance. AL Gulling, two houses on Plaza street, $5500. no insurance. Courtois & Boyd, plaining mills, lumber yard, fourteen wagon, harness, blankets and saddles, $20,000; insured for $1000. John Boyd, house and furniture on Peavine street; no insurance. J. Graff, bakery on Commercial Row, $2500; no insurance. Household furniture on Peavine street $1000. George Barnett, house on Plaza street and personal effects, $3500; insured for $1100. AL Nathan, 17,500; insured for $7000 on stock, building not insured. J. J. Becker, 3000; no insurance. - Fred Knstler, merchant tailor, 1,-000; no insurance. C. Buckley, merchandise, $2000; insured for 1000. Furniture on Plaza street, $550; no insurance. Lewis Dean, 3 buildings on Virginia street, 2500; insurance doubtful. J. Dixon, Sr., house and furniture on north Centre Btreet, $6000; insured for $1500. Dixon & Hart, hay, grain, harness, wagons, etc. , 0000; no insurance. Hagerman & Schooling, $1000; insured. Thos. Holt, two houses oa Plaza street, $4000; no insnrance. St. Armand, Bank saloon on Commercial Rw, 1000; no. insurance. Mrs. Alary Wall, Pollard House, $12,000; no insurance. A. Evans, fences and corrals, $5000; no insurance. S. C. Fogus, dwelling house and grist mill on Eist street, 5000; no insurance. Forbes, of San Francisco, State Flouring Mills, 20,000; insurod for $15,000. A. J. CoghilJ, grain and flour in State Flouring Alill, 15,0000- 20,-000; insured for 10.000. D. W. AlcFarlaod, $12,000; insured for 4000 in the Home Alutualand $2000 in other companies. Cbas. Knust, 4000: insured for 2000. J. F. Cookes, 4500; insured fer 2500 in the Home Alutual. D. & B. Lachman, $33,000; insured for $10,000 in Phoenix and Home Alutual, and $3500 in Ham burg & Bremen. C. J. Browkins & Co., $10,000; no insurance. G. W. Cunningham, $5000; insurance, $2500. George Becker, $1500; covered by insurance. Chas. Becker, 2000; no insurance. Wiochell & Cunningham, store on Virginia street, $3500; insured for $2000. Winchell, furniture; $500. F. C. Horn, house on Second street, $1200 ; no insurance. E. Aleyer.Iiquor dealer on Commercial row, $2500; n insurance. Jake AlcKissick, building, $1500; no insurance. J. F. Cookes, $5000; insured for $2500 A. Wutke, shoe shop. $900; no insurance. Roberts Bros.. 9000; insured for 2000. Catholic school, 1000; damages to new building, $500. Lost au oil painting by theft. Flint & Norton, 1200; no insurance. Wmteraiantsl, $0000; $1000 insurance. Wells Fargo & Co., $3000 in buildings, etc. A. Raphael, clothing, 3000 or 4000. TUo Fire To-Day. About 11 : 45 this morning the cry of fire was again raised, and the alarm bell called our citizen's to Alon Lee's wash-house on Virginia street where a lively little blaze was in progress. The prompt response, however, prevented the destroying element from gaining any headway. The water was in fact applied so soon and in such generous quantities that the Chinamen had to wade in in order to begin the work of repairing. The loss was very slight. The fire wps cau-ed by the gtnjral Chinese custom of heating their stoves without regard to the surrounding woodwork. A general inspection of the wash bouses outside of Lhinatewn would do no harm. Liberal Virginia. The following telegrams were re ceived from Virginia yesterday : Virginia, Feb. 2, 4 :50 p. m. IUv. W. R. Jenvey; Doctor John- son. Tom Stephens and myseli to down to-night with what supplies can collected to-day. O. W. Whitaker. Virginia, Feb. 2. 4:50 p. m. Hagerman & Co. Do your people need any assistance? if so, of what character? Answer immediately. J. F. Eg an. J. F. Lewis. Jos. B. AIallon. Virginia, Feb. 2, 5 :30 p. K. J. C. Hagrrman or W. 12. Chamber lain. Will go clown to-night with provisions. J. T. Johnson. Bishop Whitaker. GRAND LALICO PARTY, rea th benefit r PAVILION FlDv T BE CITCK AT THE PAVILION HALL, RENO, Friday, Marh 7th, 1879. Invitation Committee: T K Hrmerd, J Mcfarlnnii, John Cahlnn, C A Bragg. C C Vowniae. H II Beck. vmoiNiA crrr. J C Corev. J R Stewsrt. F F Oabiaton, C Derby, Wm Mooney. OOLB BOX. C C Stevendon. - W H Smitk, W D C Gibson. carsoh crrr. Jasper Babcock-, H O Parker. D A Bender. VIBDI. J P Foulka. Wm Merrill. -TRUCKEE. John Medy, F Bnrckhalter. WIKNnXCCCA VALLST. Frank Dickinson, Geo Hepperly. TRCCKCK MEADOW. A A Locgley, Geo Alt, L Dean. Reception Committee: C C Stevenson. J C Hagerman, Cbas Konst, A K Lamb. Floor Managers : A A Evana, J r Fonlka. Jasper Babcock,. J C Corey. Floor Director: 3 H KINKEAD. Music by Prof. Varney's Bancf, Tickets .......42 50- feb24td SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S yiTAL RESTORATIVE. THE Great English Remedy CUKK8 Keivona Debility. Premature Dec'Ine. if cnlar Weakness, Lost Manhood, Defectir Memory, Paralysis. Despondency ard all conditions produced by Touthlnl indiscretions or excesses in mature years. Price, $3 a bottle, or four times the amount $10. Sent tt any address by the Proprietor, A. E. MINTIE, M. D. (Graduate University of Pennsylvania, late-resident Surgeon Orthopedic Hospital. Philadelphia.) KO. 11 KEARNKT STREET, SAK rSANCISCO, Or can be had of All Druggists Ur. Mlntie's large Hospital Experience enables him to treat all iit-eases o a delicate or private nature in the most scientific manner. Charges reasonable. CONSULTATION FREE. Thorough examination and advice, including an analysis of urine, $3 Office honrs 10 to 3 and 6 to 8 evenings Sundays 11 to 1 only. jantWm MRS. H. A. MOORED SCIENTIFIC HAIR PRODUCER. Mrs. H. A. Moore would snnounce to th ladies and gentlemen who leire the pergonal adornment of a One suit of hair, that the nas patented her celebrated Hair Restorer, which has now been before the public for a space of two years, and has in every instance given entire satisfaction as to what it promises No mineral or damaging substance is used in this preparation, and it it guaranteed to prevent hair falling out after four applications. Well-known cases of lone standi se baldness have been successfully treated (at per testimonals in my possession). It wil produce a full flowing crop or hair en all stages of baldness, even to its most pronounced state. It will prevent hair fron turning gray. Preparations forwarded to all parts ef the country. ONE BOTTLE, $5; THREE BOTTLES, $10. Address, Mrs. H. A. MOORE, 108, STOCKTON STREET, PBTWEBN O'VASKKU. AND 6EART, BAN MUKC18CO. Agent Wanted. , HfThe above article has been exhibited at all the recent Fairs; receiving the premium and the annual fied approval of all who have given it a trfal. janOm A GOULD JJAS A FINE STOCK OF Apples, Oranges and Fresh Fruit OF ALL KINDS, ON HerthSide ofrisu Street. WMR GOULD IS ONE OF NEVADA' Pioneer Msr;hants, Hs was the locator of the Gonld and curry and Gold HU1 mines. Call and see him. marl tf NEVADA LAUNDRY, yiKGIXIA STREET, RENO. KV, (Near the Bridge) WAH LlX.....Propxlet, Washiko axd IaeNixe Nbatit asb IULJ.T DwXE. aeM1!? L1? rF..i merest aeuces and delivered in one day if desired. Sactefaettoa Guarantee la all Cases, eettf.

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