The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANTAKY_5,_1930 BLYTIIKVILLK. (AUK.) COUUll-lH NKvVS PAGE FIVE ;<l CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first li^crtion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement, t'iken for less than 5l)c. Count the words and send the cash. 1'hone 30(i . FOK SALE Used 1% Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor lor 2'/> to 5 horsepower lo;ul. Needs one ue\v bearing- Will sell cheap- COURIER-NEWS FOR SALE—Small or its content;,. roumiirj Call 005. 5P-KO FOR KENT IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 room house, S7.CO; 4 room IIUUSL-, Sll. L. Fowler, I'hone 633 or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR HEMT—Modern stucco residence, 6 rooms and bath, garage and out houses. 525.00 per month. Also 5-room house, $10.00 per month. Dr. Saliba, Phone 410. 30C-K6 FOR RENT — meals. Mrs. Phone 252W. Front room, with R. M. Sanders, 2P-K'( FOR RENT—Furnished apurtnKiit. 719 Chickasawba, phone 295. 3P-K9 FOR RENT—Four room ?.part. incnt, 010 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TI- wltli celery, carrot anil apple salad, although any bland vesetabl: taints interest if served with Undressing. Uorscradish Dressing One-half cup whlpplnj creain, l-'i teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pa;>2 tablespoons gratM hora- raclish, 2 tablespoons vinegar. 1 tca- sjioon powdered sutjar, 1-8 teaspoon while pepper. | Whip cream until firm. Season with salt, pop:»:r. susnv »";! pip-1 rikn. Add horseradish im:l vln?-1 and serve, If prepared horse- j radish Is used, less vinegar may bi- i needed. ) New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 6 (W 1 )—Col ton clo-ed barely steady. Open lllsh Low Close Jan tnow) 1012 1C13 !)91 Ml Jan (old) 1025 1024 ICCtm Mar 1030 1036 1010 1010 May 1058 1058 1037 1037 Jul 108:! 1083 1051 10«1 Oct 1CU4 1005 1077 1017 r> J; - 1112 1112 1003 1093 SpJls closed fiule'. at 1015, off 15. />,.?-,„.,„ (/)'/WffJS NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 5 tUl>>- C Hen closed barely ste.idy. OIHMI Ili^li Lo'.v 10C2 1CC5 , 1025 1030 1012 , 1C55 1057 1037 1083 IOCS 10GO . 10CG 1COG .1100 Spots closed quid, off 9- ODlb 1012 lOTf irco lOVUb 109-tb Daily Menu BREAKFAST—Halves of crap: Jan fruit, cereal, cream, Irlralcd dri;;'.' Mar tecf, papavcrs, milk, collee. j May LUNCHEON— Scalloped :ai:sa:j-: | Jul and apples, shrcdd?d cabbage lu • Oct cream dressing, whole wheat bread, old-fashioned bread' pudding, milk. t<? DTNNER-BolIcd corned brisket j SALARY IUKK FOll SOI.ONS iof tcef. steamed potatoes, civim:.! • MADISON, Wis. tUPi-Wvy <v , turnips, apple, celery and own-. ; Wisconsin Icrjislntors-wai r.i!s-.'.l uv i salad with horseradish drisslu?, • the 1923 legislature- from Sa03 U! caramel custard, milk, CDlfc?. ' $2.*00 per blennlum, effect.v_- Jan. 11, 1931. Along came election. Hn'.f Ccunty Named'for Trader 'of Hie 100 members In the lew.- LANCASTER, WLs. <LT>— A house were retire.!. Fifty new a^.- tradcr who roamed among Indian : semblymen represent n crsat ti:riv lu ,. l( , ||s ne tribes of this region wearing hh | over in membership than the leK- ; brass cooking kettle as a hehnel i Islaltire has witnessed in 20 years. I gave Grant county its name. Al, thcugh Vjordorlng on the Illinois i ccunty where Ulysses S. .Grant rc- ' sided, the Wisconsin OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern W Ad-fib V?ARP BACKIb VoUR MARRIAGE WITH Ol. 1 riOCPUS , BUT' NOU CF^fAHluV DID TIEACM IM -Td 1 GRAB-BAG A TDLL OUT A BUUk'.WI-l'd WQWSBRj^ -frl 1 LAST LOAP I <5QT (SF HIM WAS 1 "TeM WEARS' ASO liME MAV IMPR&V/E WIWS -MAT COTJK: ABovJE His ALWAV.S Used UGfiSE vle's HERE Vou WER?. OUL>/ AT-fHe OF VouR O-AS5 M OUT 0V -TVVE SCrloOL- •vw ^OU rU\Jg VoUR IDEAS' ABOUT TdE MA3oR A«P wilAT rte -rUiMKs- or wad BE 5UUO I/J CrloiR I TP •SAV THAT OF VoiJ WOLILP AM TOR VALUE.' biro tlie name Grant before the former general and president \vns I ALLITERATE NAMKS ' WARE. Mass. I UP)—Kcv. Holm:! D. Sawyer, Coneresallcnal minlst:r and member of the Massaclnivjf.' legislature, named his sis children With a hand placed on his family's aid Dutch blub, Governor I'ljiiklin D. Roosevelt is plcf.noil took the o.illi r! olllca for his seco:id term as Chief Executive of New York. Tin' Inan- p.ural i-cromony lit Albnny was neni'dcd as a Roe rvil'.-div-Pr^sl- (Jent bo:nn due to 11:1- pi-i'?cnce of L):mc,cralic: li-adcvs (roiii other states. Our Resolution For Apply (M(i N. Fifth World capitals have speculated on the possible matrimonial choices I of charming Eileen Beresfo:d, I FOR RENT—I room stucco hunja- j above, daughter of Lord and Lady 11 lo\v. Garage. Modern convcn-! uacics of I^lxiip Castle. Ireland..;! 1 No-.v it has been announced trial the titled heiress will be married soon to Robert Alfred O'Brien, prominent London society man. She. a granddaughter of the late George Jay Gould, was a guest of Long Island society folk last summer. WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironcci by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 104 S. Lake St. I7CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, anv quantitv. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF WANTED—Rellab'c man between ages of 25 and 50 to supply old! established demand for Rawlcigh Good Health Products. Surety] contract required. Company fin-; nislies everything but the car. Ocod profits lor hustlers. Write the W. T. Rasvleigh Company, Memphis, Tcnn., or see me, Dave Edwards. LeachviUc, Ark. 1C-K7 SISTER. MARY'S KITCHEN LOST AND FOUND STRAYED—BSack horse mule, G years old, cut on hind foot. Call 555. 3P-K7 a STRAYED — Three black hor;.e nuiies. white-, 12P.O pouuds. Scv.-ard. George K. Enicicr, Manila. 5r-K8 BV SISTEIt. M.IIIV SEA Service Writer A well chosen salad yives tone to a meal and often p'aces an otherwise mediocre luncheon or dinner in a class by itselt in the mem- | cry of those who-have enjoyed it. WAHTED—Tq, buy chickens, anyj Carefully prepared fruits and amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South; vegetables used in salads add vita- First St. 23C-TF mins and mineral sails to the die: v.-ith a mmtmiun of calories if t&e j salad dressing is no! rich anil | Heavy. A fish or chicken salad should nnt be served when there is a meat course. In lobster, crab and simi- | I lav salads, the celery and Ictuics . Unijrcdients tco often are ovsrsnad- j owed. A mixture o! chopped ps-' cans, COM turkey or chicken, hard cooked e^ss and mayonnaise nia;:?;; • a looihscmc addition to th; luncheon table; l:i|t. thi. 1 ; is in the nature ' of a main d'ish ami should n-jt be | considered a source 'ol vitamin • and C. i Strictly speaking, salads shouta i • give the impression ol vivid cjlor, 1 • crisp/ness, juiciness and nbso ' i freshness. Lettuce, it has 1 been given the proper cave, is the ', embodiment of these paints ani | well deserves its place as the usual i fcundatian. Ct'.:er raw greens for the salacl course include endive, thicker}', watorrress, celery, cabbag?. ro- ! maint and the tviitter young leave: of spinach. Rav: carrots add :. vivid nst? of colur to (ho various shades of srcr-n. ir.cse may b; used alon^ cr in combination v:ith Look Forward-Not Back, Look Up ward-Not Do wo, Have Faith In Yourself, Your Fellow Citizens, Your Town and -Lend a Hand BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES '• AN ECONOMIC LESSON By Martin HAY One bnle or a train load. EAR CORN, slmck on. 38c bii. Shuck off, 80e per bu.. in car lots. Cotton Slafos Sales Co., Inc. Blythevillc, A.k. riicr.e 114 or LD 1805. utlitr materials; bill matte: Local arc! long distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for haulinj. V. li. WASIIAM TRASSFKIl 1400 Chickasan-l'.i Phone SSI We can on Siivc you money Auto (Ilass JACKSON AUTO f>Ai:TS 2020 Main I'lionc GG I how tt'.cy arc usod. they are flavor- I fill and hlsh in mineral and vila- jinin content. I There is a clearly marked dlf- j fcrence in salado. T!:e luio salart ! is LGinpr.scd chiefly of j 'culls and vegetables. When cine; nuiemU are used, liu- dttli answers two purpoiss and furnl.sne';' food value in terms of nloricj a; i well as vitamin and mineral con- llem. ' Much cf the success of every | inlad ncp.'tirls c:i Us drer.sinj. i The diesbing must not be so hijh- lly llavore'l that it o-,crpav:ers the ! flavors of the tahcl inaKria!;. 'Rather, it .sii^HJci s^rvc to j contraEting Havers an:! add pl- I qnancy with its tartness. S:me! times eMtva ingredients are addni ' to the dressing, as in the case of .the following horseradish dressing !Thi5 dressing is particularly I-'OK SALE--Sure cf Hie very be.'.'. sut'jrb:in h.iraes in Bly- thcullr. wit'.i - ncrcs land, pknly o'. out tiiildinj-. low taxes. lets c! flowers and s:nubb:iv. brautiiiil lavn. all morier:i except heal, several paper .^!u'l! ptcan t:cc>. cr.; cf the m<x>l ideal homes in Bljthevi!!e. Trice n down in Sec-pins u:th lew prices of coltcn. with terms. I also have Uvo or three cash buyers to: small far:r?. If you \ «.int to sell yoisr farm list it wi'.ii me. 1 have so!;i 4 farms c."'. 1 rcs.ifncc in (lie pasl 30 da>f. I1USINESS GETTING BE7TTER. AW NOW .VJOM't HOG THATS SOMETHING! 1 ALL HE ALSO OP BY VJQ^ SEE THAT CEO \JIHSRS A SCAS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "L MEMS?. SHOWED VoJ •^HECie "L VJAS HIT "Si THAT 80LL£T.VJUEV! EILEY AsJ' TPAT F1SHT TW£ SSC[1£T TUVWSL- DID I OSSIS? see v,ineRe ^ so-yf IT CLA'JCED OFF ^V I CLOSS TO cnesr..'.TU. GI-^-J ir j SUDT ALL RISHT, "E) VOO.THEVJ YCXJ CAM see geTTCR. MORPC/ THAT >*JOUUO BEFORE [T OFP....L MIOOLD IF L 1 VUAS yoO MO.-6&S.' I'D TO see !T, Too---DID IT 5 Tri£ OOOR. TO Tt\£ UOON\ SIWTS'WERE FIR.ED. (51T >\ CTOR.FOR.WM - -,M T^E MIOPI.& CF RUMS PAST ws OWN ROOMS. Q ^SV STAt66RS INTO Tut Trtc. PftOf eSSOR'S UM? BODV, i PATlO, A.MD \>AS!I6S UPSTWRS, , , - V.-»yOE, EO TO FlMD V.'.^tt SWOTlfiCi M

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