The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on October 7, 1900 · Page 17
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 17

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1900
Page 17
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frc -Ctmcs-Soitntrat: Juntos, Otiahtx 7, 1900. or Mostrs. IjnlB Pivjesn and Znrhary Fran rex. li ft last wwk to ali.lnl a mo years' course m: Swans T.nn. The Tonus" srudnt8 ha., j b'tt t frisnda who tri.h tneai ( In Mim Louis Jours, who baa Iwn attending .rh"l In Houma, arrived home last Jaturoay. Miss KreiWl Jordan Is li'-nw, mtwr a pleas ant Ylslt to Mla Julia Unrleigh of hell Mew Two noonlar misses. Llirle IXtaitry and Mar -ll- Riot, left last Similar to retime tlietr tutles. after a dollcht filllT sm-l.t acalt'n Miss Lizzie oe to New Orleans and Miss Vl.rv.lUk tn Tt,.nn IriwonTl 1 if. Messrs. Jules tiuillK-an. Andrew Prejean and T nnra PreieSH have also li'ft fr WijKi, terim the Slate Normal S-1kn1 of Natchl titob'-a, I J. . H- Vainer Ijforet if AlitieTllle paid flTiiiaj Tlslt to Lis Carencro friends last Fri Miss Tbelrna Derby of New Orleans has returned to her home., after a ujr.utn spent in r.Knmi with her friend. Miss Jlareelle Blot Miss Bailey of Lafarette is yisiliiig toe Visses Gutll-ao. Vlsses Louise Martin and Llllla Lassro hare returned from a short stay with Miss Lucie Vigneaad of Lafayette. (baraboula, La. Mr. Willie Myers of New Orleans paid a brif trip here li:t Sunday. Mr. A. K. Thitlaux went to New Orleans t last gundsT on buKiness. Mr W. Kondreaiix's wn. Lotiis. left Monday fv th. In.ritnf. at Ratlin Koile. Mr F. K. Hridrean paid Tisil "w I..... . Ikl ,.11 hlIHM.MS Mr Elol Honry and Miss Alida LeBoenf of this r'aie were quietly married at Morfaii City last Moodsy. tiwlnj to the recent d.atb of tbe bride a brother a quiet receptloo was bMr A. Dalrle and little sons. Amllear and Lke. were Tisltors at Ramos this week. Misses Crsiue Boudreaux and MarcelHta Penlsson have returned fim Tblbodaux. Mrs. .arclsse Boudreaux. Is turning W Franklin. , , Mrs. F. E. Boudresax baa returned from Hooma. accompanied by ber sister. Miss Alice AiT Deslrta Boudreaux slatted In Tblbodaui co business. Covington, Law mm n Father Ktibileaa. the dearly -be loved pastor of St. Augustine's t buri h. New Orleans, tisited friends bete last Wednesday. After spending several weeks here, the. Misses Dure! and Mips Mane l'eycbaud bay returned to their homes lu New Orleans. Messrs. Alhert and Ijiwrence Fontaine re turned to New Orleans durin tbe week. Mr. Heorv Kottiuan returned to CoytnKton last Thursday, alter a very pleasant summer sjient in travel. . Mr and Mrs. TV Tlar-rrtY and Mr. D. A. Br.eaeriT rltli.-d friend here last W'edn.'Stlay. Mr. Willie t-elpb aud Miss Mella fiiljih of Madisonfme sueut tbe early pan 01 toe weea Here. Mr. Fernand OrhisU-hra spent last Sunday at Glen Cottage visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cteftralf ben. .Mr. Kene J. Ctiaurln was among tbe many visitors here last Wednesday. Mr. J. L Wat kins paid a brief vlalt to New Orleans last week. sirs. F.ncene Smith and little Miss Enola Pnjitn, wbo bare been summering at Gulfport, returned bmne last Tuesday. Mr. and-Sirs. Jnnies 1'revost and family, who are summerintc here, will return to New Orleans the ettintliK week. Miss Cecilia Koubion is on a visit to ber brother. Mr. I-ou Kooltiou. ljtlon Aeadeujy. pleasantly located aroonc tbe pikes, wlthlu a few minutes' walk of the town, opened its session Monday, Oct. 1, with a Ood rrdl of studtnta, and tbe prospects are fortcht for a tare attcnoance aud a jirosperous season. Mr. J. B. Babincton and Mr. Irven Lotbrop of riaqueniiires -jmiisn spent several days iu Colniiton. Mrs. J. B. Bahlnpton snd her two little doui:l)ters, Artenjlse and Helen, are still In Vovioeton. Fashion, Much to the recrct of the St. Charles eon- fresation, the itev. Joseph Alln-rt Brlndamour as leit for CcitonMirt, Iji., where be takea cherRC of the Cement Church. He was accompanied to the dejiot by a largre number of Lis iriends. wbo parted from him with sorrow. Ail wish jiira a bright future. Miss Biau'-be Liio, accompanied by- ber Mrs. h.d Lorio, bas left for Ablta r?fi. nJt,s. L. Mr. Ousrave Jacobs is visiting Mr. X. E. Ilitrdei of "Snort" plantation. Miss May wss a visitor of tbe Martin fsmiiy. Mr. A. J. Ilymel of Napoleonvil!?; X:, Visited the Vial family. All arc hapi.v to learn that Mr. J. N. Hutchinson baa entirely recovered from bis long f.lness. Mr. L. A. Vial paid a brief trip to New Or-leana last week. Soulrrel hunrinp is quite the fad in Fashion. Some boys and ?lrls claim to have killed as macy as nineteen iu an afternoon. Mr. Leon C. 'lal attended the Democratic neeiinc held at the cboctaw Club in New Orleans Tuesday last. Hev. Stemniune will take charge of the Cbureh of Our Lacly of the Kosary next week. Miss LeoDide Vial and brother, Dick, speut the day In New Orleans on Monday. Mr. Henry Godlsrry Is in si. James, where he went to take a loiit-ne-ded rest. Miss Martha Vial visited "Klllona" during the week, the :uest of Miss Leootine Vial. Mrs. Alfred t-.iucbei visited 1 aahiuo Tues day. Fayette, Minn. Mis Mry Iw Gordos left last Monday for month viMt to her sister, Mrs. Kobert U Canipo 11, in EIMsville. Mr. Ieonard U ilkins-in of Natebos was plea-Mint viatror Iu..CHy at the home of his cousin, Mr. La. W. tarradine. Mips IX'lia Codd, who has been ahf-ent for om" two month, returwd Inst .Sunday. , Mim Kate B'avin f Cbareh HjII wa"s a recent visitor at the home ol Mr. aud Mrs. J. J. Uordon. Mra. n'apt. W. I. Faulk in vlf-itin? her franddanshter, Mrs. Rubeit Baker, of Churrh M;; aino her little grat-graniidauphter, Miaa Lillian Le. Mrs. J. H. Carradlne and chiHren win lave Puuiiny for a eiMij.le of week' viit to her parent In V-w Oi lans, Tr. and M;-s. (eorjee V. Jipmhert. Mr. iorRe rroly left Monday Millsaps C'li'-E'. Jh kson. M:-. Willian3 Jackson, now of Vidalin. visited Ms f;miiiy isuniiny. He waa accuuipahied by bis frind Mr. MiH-r. .VdiiH6 b-rlls wiil sotm peal forth !n onr lf!ie ivia and wo b:ili be rultbod f aw of our rust t-hairnim: and sweot'-st younjc ladio.. iii'f-dsy nci Mis Blanrb Krann, and Mr. H-nrr Hyniau will te nniuil in the h"ly .vond? i.f w-dio. k. TiM-y will r nid- in Oin-Ton. Ia., whpre rr. liymau hat built for bia brld' a beamtui h-'Ui'. ail n-iid. and waiting fir hr ft. nil!! '1:' n-rv b--t wishes are made for this yount couple. JscLiob, La. Dr. Sydney Itni i n visit tt his Jackson fht-i'd ii!rin Th-- TBe-'k. Mr. Ki-hatd .;rd"n and dan;:htT. Miss A li'. 't LaM. BaiFjii Koui:. ait visiting tbe family of jr, A. K. IIoUnmlK. Mr. iii?h-it MfK::- returnrd to his home In alnph.s Srttnrday ia-t. Sir. and Mm. Frank Jno and little son of r::'n K"oce -ipcnt herfral daya re-ently with J rt ksMn f i-tin:. Mrs. I. V. -I hn-jfrtn, M1ss Matl snd Htrle Ju-!le l--tr Tiiesdav f.-r a visit to relatives iu the i'ln nt. Mi li-fiiv Skipwith went M'-nday last lo TiVt fri-i!iJ tn W .v. J -iiM Ihiillty 1' tt .VeintilMy for Txat. V I.i!i nil W ii!"niMi aid ArjtlirUo anil Marine M' K- iitu !Hpnt the ihtr with Mrs. l. M. ." -M-ndiiy A party of yi'iuip f otu's w ut cut Mond.iy eyt'iiir-.; if t ! j-' i.-e" mie or th.-ir fr tends. Thf of lr. T. it. fi it v a a'-J.ied ati rfif i hnv to ami. fru. the iv-J'ie,fui.'T sim vc I It m;iui , up n!ni-i-T Iwlive thai tli-y nt " nut h ' m i-risfd" aft.-r ail! ,h!'!i,s. ctir.!1!!!)!; ft "Floral I-tc Story. etc. w.-re iud'ilfv hi. and snn .-' .l;,--ksii.'s ltot 'f"nipi:lfd n;'-H-iajis playei! .n be piait . Ihf j:it:y. rf-ii'i' it. jtMinc la.i!n .f 1 he ime. n-i-''1 i-i M:s- "iaylr, Jic:.Mi'- SU'pv 1M1. l.iUth A:nu M.Kfn, LI-I" A'laiu. M:i!-d and May l K"iien, Maitrl Jitbnsifn. iand 'it.r. ;uit orjn t'iaf L. L-'ifD t !! .J.-i. AW. .i.-.r,l-. Iten 'iai(r.'er i-l h ;;jid, I', and .1. AJjit.s aio'l J. M-Ol.-llaiMi. Miss Eim-B romie'I 1-ff M'lM-lar frr Whtl- kvr. Mis-. i. 3. W. Anii-TS'-n of t'ent rev ille, M!s., wm jn"f'n dnriny tne wttk. Mi. ;eorir- Santlers wont to Wilson Monday to i iit fru-mis. Mr. R. C. I Hid ley went to V'W (-rleans Thu:-d:;v. Mr i.eortr Piully -'as at the 'Train' Tn- -!;iv. .Mis Sue n of West Eri iana was hi low ti FnMV- M-. A ii i re w Whltl-y visited Ilaton Hmi-c TJ;rii.i- . Misc Willie li. r'-r Aiaharoa. who has for fwv.-nii l : ;i "ifj.'H'i.i; hi M inii-sta. .u - ri-vi dui:fi I!m- w-ck To tjU ebatCt of tue si :ti"t ' ir tl -.-af a, at f tlu- Feli- iaoa F ni. nit" .lnM!'.iie. Ijfor'le f rousing, Lu. Miss Auu:ib--lle tmwfuni left for borne last fca.iio.-iy. alt-r hu;ii sp,-ni a few weeks t!h b i ; rii ti-l. :.rt,li s -dly. Miss Kmiiy S,i:!y lefv i riaay lu umiuh- her sluillcs at the. 'r;u;li :-chioi. l.-sr ieo Ied-'t. Ailirt Y.Tilunne, George liavii't. li-n e-:ii.'iii- and laren. f t.aUiie sjieut 1:im S'le'inv ni Mi. Kuhile .iuuiles. ir. l'.-.H'ip Preani and b.s uausliter. Miss Jul . r'.in-i. snt on tile eiciirsitin to .New lin-i la lu-t l: !.,.: . Jus. le t an 1 Miss Oent'Tltitie I,.vlct l.-tl List v.,-k ,'.ir Ib'ii lioin.' iu New Orleans after a rleiti.i:tti:l v,.H ui a lew weeks lo ii-jeiuls Mini i'hitirrs bi re. Jii.-s Mat"1! 1 Smeii uf Moic-''n City sp-nt a f'-vv oas h-'n1 ia-t w-.k with llii'mis. tbe 1isses to!,. ut-i-r. Mis 3iivlHl bas tuaity tir-.;!uil b-r and they were sorry to sie liei leave so sooa. M' Harry ltott spent last Sa-jday in Ilo'ima. .Vr. Ii;i.k Sciin attended tbe races at Lock-pert last S-jinlay. Miss OeWlia lAftte bft for ber heme In Mourns last !!Tt'lMy. afler bavinc Sle'nr tfce Siliuter with ber oius-n. Miss Lillie Lefert. Mis t.'ei-ilui. made mauy friends duriufi h'r ay. ii..-s Laura Pertraud left Wednesday for Raceland to spend a few daya witb her slater, .Mrs. Alex. L-pine. Master John Lush and his .little brother. Harry, are apendli: a few da.vf with tbelt irraniimotber, Mrs. C. C. Williaus. -Miss Ah Gaude Is spending a few days in New ork-aaa, tbe gueat of Mr. Leoa Gaude aud family. Mrs. Jnsty Tterlot and Mrs. T. D. Lalsnde of llaeeiand spent last Wednesday here, guests of Mr. J. V. Le Blanc. Ail the frienoa of Mrs. H. Tl ibodaux are veiy soiry to bear of ber itluess, t.ud sltitrely b-je si.e will sooo recover. .Mrs. John Soles ami h-r two l.ttle girls of St. .Vlartiuv ille are visiting at -li. 11. Tbibo-daux a. -Mr. Kmile Tbilenlanx and hrr daughter. .ls8 Anes, and Mrs. Thilsslaul and Utile ieoipia Wallbejs are lieing enteriaiued at the,,. of Mrs. 1 W. Letorl. Link Louise Lefort is on tbe tick list this week. Mrs. L. N. Bourgeois has returtied home after spending three weeks in Crowl -y, ttie guest of- ber daughter, Mrs. J. 1". J. Cboppln. Messrs. Louis aud Leopold lou s and Arls-tide tiaude left last week to resuu their Work at Orauge planiarion. All thtir friends were very sorry lo see ibem leave. Lake Charles, r-f. AV. 1. invfnr1 of WHutiimrtun, van iir for ''Vv ii tiny ami Wti 3ioiJiay f'tr hi ii.-iiiH, lnr aS iiwinjr of la;-itn lcenf, Ia., Is rim-ir.u); v. V. inviufr tMid family. . Tl fiiriTi.l of Jaui I. ;purr. bit1'' "f Iikf 'h:irlfrt. ttxtt pl-if-f Tupftsiay morning Trmtx ti 'ih'Iii- t'Lur b. Ah murk of re- UptM-t tf h.f IlltLQOlT till J.l a.-os cW t".U4UI'-t-9 Wi-r c'itt'ti. ;1mo tbe putl' :tr"hools, ami ntHtiT InindmN of -catta'T at tfa; hur h. br tb soiemn rp.juiio mss c-1.'lrtpff, ami tb-D f-UuMl bit reinaiD w ibv-ir lust r'nilD piac In tbe Carhoiic CiDe-t-ry. H.!i air wh sixty-two. A rery prtty wtddiiij; was efletra td at tbe bom of Mr. und Mrn. Artbur U'hilkx-k. oa stiiih Hofiea srrt. Tm'Slfl.r -''iiing. It was th niMrna if tbir tiuu:btT, ilsti ie. lo Ktlward E V'nn-h. Thf Inm- w m tnwfnUy de'-ofatod, and atxrat friends wr la at-t.niftii--r. Iitv M. H. Wfavt-f cDdu. tvnl tb rrv-uioDy. The bride r?''iv fi uany atful aud vahiiild- pr-?Mnia from fr.i,iN ar. a t ku of tbir pste-n. and tb jro-jm was not forget ten flthpr. Mr. and Mrn. VVuii- h ?xrH?t lo 1 aT In a f-w dnra for Sbrt-Teport, wbre thj will reoidv. Ir. Edgar X. OIHm loft TbarsiiiT for CM-CHeT. He pe-ta to be absent for aTeral aM hnrr NNn tent out for th marriage of Mtfn Klizaheth Taylor tir"n :uid Mr. Arthur Hullfrs at tb "bur-b of xh- Oood Sbep-hTd, W wlneMany -"Tr-niiiff, Oct. Mr. and V:-. IK . Whit- ,,fTta in'd ctiDiteer of thMr frieinls at tbp MwropnliTnn Citib Tootnm Monday evenlug, It twin; (boir ryf.ta1 wcd JiuK Hiinvnary . Tb cuiiplt w-n tljt wiiiii ms of flfiijy iip'ttT I) i-m ut . An rlpnut t-iijier was serveiJ. aud :b pbasaut ev.-nt will be l-Maz ivtCfUilM-r-d by all wbo were praen t . am-me m w-r : Mr. n nU Mrs. Jamea Kddr. Mr. and Mr. Horace Mr. artd Mr V. P, Vl?r. Mr. lud Mrs. A. A. Vcntr. Mr. and Mrs. IIiiirrt Itii.k Mr and Mrs. E. A. i rosbr, Kt. and Mrs. J. . Aiii,,n. Dr. and Mrs. A. H Mm. Kmh- erine Murray. Miries Annie Wit brow, Mar-gnr-n Alliwo and Messrs. l'ost and leager. Laplace, La. Mtwg IjOlliaa NeTrev. a rbflrTT,,nr rnnn. ln1- of Nw Urieaua. with her hriEbt and int.-r- tin(r Jit tie DtThew. Joe NVrr'T. Jr . w.r pb-n-uintiy entertained nt tbe" home of courtin and rolmothr. Miw AntolTtte 5f-nfi. LUIie euie Lindrv left fr Kt,n Unn Sun.l.iy to resume ber atudiwa ai tbe Blind Iiisnrute. A Tory Interestfrnr weddintr of Wednr-tdnv rvr-ning at St. Petnr'a rhim-h r-nn that of Mr. IS. J. I-Jindry, Jr., and Ma Nttie liroiin-said. The haiui-K-me bri !e w a tirt d In au exqniMte creation of white aatti! and la-e. M r. ana A! n. Jba ndry wlJl i en i I e wi t h the groom's pnrenTs. on laplai-p plantaiion. ..iijst .eiTie iniii or uonaiasonniie lsr the w.-lnme guest of ber cousin, jlra. Heary MlHIl'OD. A very enloTshle event of ttim -vir w. . . visit to Woo,liand snar houne. T i-e prtont : Mi- Anlm-itM . I)nCd Mnm. Nettie Hill, Loilia N'eyrev and iusi Me-laneou; Msr!i. fi.rre liradv. Heirv I.andrv orjre .iry, Julea Heine and Master Joe yiey. Lejconler, L. Mr. Xoel Norwrid of Simsnorf I., wat lo town this wetk on hueineM Mr. 8. K. ilarnianssiii hti t-a.-.raAf from New Koad...La., nhr he tft.k hia little on. Master Situr K. Harman-oi -tn i,tr. Nydras Arademy. The woddinc cf Mr. Jnhn a t-v .-j Mtsa Lulu H. HarmaMon ill take plaee on The If.ita Instant, lu tbe Epiacopal Church, at 8 o clock p. ni. No cards. Mr. J. J. Taylor la now at- r. on busineas. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lerndre and inft-.s.nn, r have left the Aahton, ih-dr cotinrrv home, hre tbev he iMen for th- m imUr . r,,i gone to New Orlpana for the wl iter, where iu ebuuren win resume their stu' i-s. Mr. Be.'kucl from tbe Ahfon fi..i . to New Orleans Sunday atnl retun.ed Monday. Among Tbe enjriontsts Sandny were Mrs Lydia Mire, mauaKer of the Klondike Hotel. "ouipaiiHd by liou. K. M. Kin errand 1rr ntlai-lr lady, the proprietor and proprietress nd Master Milton Kinler: Mr Boh s-ii-ii a. Ama ulno j.-iu.-d the merrv paitj-. and thfy . " " .- igif-r, nnx-K fiiri ana J. re-cre families, pmoer waa served at th old family residenr-e, Mrs. Trepr aotin: as b'-vM-. sMiatei hy Mises Mildt and Lory ijfler. two tieantlful and accompLsh! aimers of Mrs. Mire. Their drst vinit t fter dinner was in the church. tbnce to Mrs Brrek-heoft and Mrs. Vigier, Jr., when- they were delightfully entertained by Miss Mild Vifrier with a few of The lateat selections, which were beautifully rendered. Tt was with pmloHtid regret that they were c-tmpelled by the iatenew of the hour To leave. Messrs. Bob and Tbs. Sellers of Ama Were ploahttut visitors here the early part of tbe week. Mr. Antoine Abreo, ftr snendin!? some time In Kfmier. has returned hoiue. Mm. Eleonora Triehe and hoe accomplished daughter. Miss May. deliehtfulljr entertained at their liouje during tbe wink. Mr. l.ouL" A'Me, ,i popular yocnir man of NYw Orleans. paeed Ummch onr i4vrn on hts way to Bayou lioula, where he visited his mther. Mr. and Mrs. Iumn of section I'o. T.0 were fr-ient vinitors at tbe Klondike Hotel dur-iii; Ibe week, and were royally entertained by the hostess. Mrs. Lydia Mire, vith whom they are great friends. Mrs. Iunn is a sweet and ei!tl- lady, mim! an rone shon d he proud to claim her among his list of fri nds, Mi Louise Bernard of .New Orleaus is ths churming gueai of Mr. and Mrs. A.fred Kiuler anil lauiily. Mis-Atie riflr.pajme, a pleasant yonng mi'ss of Madisnnville. acenmpanb'd iy hef par-en's. Mr. and Mrs. Jo. Fhamjmirn. are birig ent-raineti by Mr. and Mr. Alfred Kinler. Little Ads Kiuler visited htr pirents. Mr. su. I Mrs. K. M. Kinbr. ref-inly. lfre re-suminc b-r studies in New Orleans, and where she j hoarding with her giandnitber, Mrs. Ada Jjeroy. M fines Alio and Birdie Sellers if Ama en- asfa- MISS SUE GARIIER. MUs Snp Garner of W esson, Miss., i a daushttT cf Cijptitin Thomas A. Garner, a CaUam soidior of the Confed'Tncr. ami thTtfore it wun fifiu.j tli;it flip siiotil-I hnr btn cbofspti one of tho m-iU.8 of honor r-prenTin the Mississippi Itivisinn at the recoit Louisville reuuiun. Miss "..rnr is a tlorided brnntttet of stately bfartiiff, and is rery charmicg in manner aud attractive iu personality. ESTABLISHED OVER 58 H. HOLMES CLOAK DEPARTMENT. Seasonable Garments for ImmeSIate Wear I Lot Children's and Vlises Reefers and Box Coats, suitahle for sciuol near at o 3.50 I Ixt Children'sand Misses' 2-piece School Sui's, plain and with fancri-trimming, at 3.75 I Lot Misses' School Golf Capes, special at 5.00 I Lot Ladies' Fine Medium-weight Jackets, in F.ton, flv-front and nobbv coat effects special for ". '. 5.00 r Lot Ladies Fine All-Woiff -.Tailor-made Suits, with Eton and flv-front jwrkets, in colors gray, black, blue and brown a feeder for 10.00 Radios' and Misses' Fine Blouse Suits, velvet trimmed, perfect fitting, at. .-i 12. 75 25 Fine qualitv and superior finish Rainy-dav Skirts special at --5.00 I Lot rp-to-date Ladies' Fine Taffeta Silk Vaifsts, handsomely tucked and corded, all new shades a good 6.50 waist for. . . ,"5.00 HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. SSM2e, CitUaren's School Hose 1 Rib Fast Black Cotton Hose, strong and serviceable, seamless, - per pair - i 1 2 C LalieS' Hose A lot of fancy striped CoSton Hose with white soles regular 35c grade.lor per pair '.. 25C Nazareth WaiStS A Knitted Waist for boys and girls, comfortable and serviceable, each..25c Ladies' Knit Underwear For early fall wear-Jersey Ribbed Cotton Vests, long sleeves; Drswers to match, each ... 15c LACE CURTAIN, DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY DEPARTMENT. LACE CURTAINS The largest variety of designs in Saionys, Bobbinets," Brussels, Louis XIV. Battenburgr, Maria Antoinette, Arabian and Frilled Swisses ve have ever before shown. . DRAPERIES Of all descriptions latest Pastel Colorings in Art Silks, Frou-Frou and Silk Damasks, Turkish, Reps, Bag-dads, Velors, eto. Dens and Oozy Corners designed and executed promptly. tortalnod a f-w wlwt friends from hre tbe early part rif tbe H"Ak. Mr. Al Mrl of ." Orleans was a oar town on rnMins the oarly prt of tho we-k. Mastrr Mire wlil stieml th int-r with Mr I'otor Bflntrti ao'l his affall wif-. A morry iany asB'nibled st thp Klondike Itntel Tn'.la TPijiii. Among th'-m tvere Mi-sara. Alex Smith of Esperama, II. IfrtT of hton (.irire Dunn of N-'w Orloans and I'ftr Blrni-s. Thw nwrtwra pntlemn wt-ro ontirtninod iy Master Julius Mire. Ke-frhrmMitH wert s-rvnl. Miss Gilf"rl Johnson of Fort Worth. TT.. stoj.ja-d at the Kloraiikf H.'tel Tuesday and left for P:il.iky. Tenn., Wednesday. Little Tdira Morrill, a l-autiful child of too Tears, who accompanied her affeotiiinste mother 011 s pl-asure trip, when sneniiins sumo time with .Mr. and Mrs. Root, thir rels-tires, fell nnexpeetedlT 111, snd to ttie prest sorrow of all friends and aifliiaintanees passed swar Velnesds uinrnlne. The remains were taken to Baton Kong". th (frtef.strifketi mother and Mr. I. . Knot aeeooipanylnsT them, where the (Erief. stricken father was in waiting, not havinj: gotten the message sent to him in time to in t a farewell kins. The poor mother is nearlv frantic with erief. AH friends, including yonr correspondent, extend their deep, est sympathy. Mis Baudonin of HahDTille sislted Miss Cecile Monprue during the week. A serTice was held in the schoolhonse for the riiose. of the soul of Mrs. Laross (nee rharhoueii hy liev. Itriudnnlour tbe early part of the week. SeTernl tiaik communion, and ope of the features after mass was the ebrls-eninp of the knely twin babies of Mr. and Mrs. Walker. ... Miss Elia Monsrue, a pretty Tonus- girl of mi town, left for the Normal School in Natchitoches, where she will resume her studies. Mr. ntnekie was a guest at tbe Klondike this week. Mandeville. La. Mr. Georee Anhertain has returned to New Orler.ns. after a wei-k's Tisir at Lke Lawn,' the IotcIt borne of ien. and Mrs. Soiier. Mrs. John Hawkins snd family baTe gone to New Orlean f ir tbe winter. Mr. ;us. Mnirnier has lieer. ott to New Orleans preparing to loeste for the winter. All are sorrv that the doors of the popular snd handsome Hotel Mmmler will he closed for the winter, nrd 1 be ih-parture of this charming family will be rerretted by the entire Tillage. With that charm of gallantry b-lontinit to the Southern gentlemen. Messrs. Ixmis and Amab Verret trnnsrVrred last week the old V.-rret homestead to that IotcIt, Mrs. E. rnnlhoinme. All sincerely hope the sile snd trrnster of the old borne will not de-prlTe Mandeville of the ci'lsnship of the beira of the esteemed Verret family. Al! are di-tirhted to note the convalescing of the heantlt il Mrs. Aoirust U"ssommes. In a few dars CoL r.oylan and S'3 interesting familT will return to New Orleans. Miss H. VUlere, after spending a month at the Hotel Mugnler, has returned to New Or-lea ns. - Mesr L. M. Hermann, .Tohn O. B. Roe. wife and drintrhter. Messrs. L. 3. Roahire and .tames M. U' have beii recent g't at the Hotel MuL'liier. Mr. Will Macinis of New Orleans bas heea a mit welccme R-iost here. Messrs. Iiuis Lafaranderir and Alex Terrere Tiited Mr. ard Mrs. afaratu this w-ek at Tomalne de Kose." Mrs de Is Greve Is comfortably !ocsted at 'Anchorage." where she will be deliphfed to receive her friends. Mr. I.01MS Verret spent Friday at the old erret home, aim retnruea to nis tsmiiy in New Orleans neit day. All look pleasantly forward to tbe return of the hospitable family of Mrs. r'urneii and YEARS. 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All extern! tn Mia Alle Cnoper. tb bean-tiful fnrt vt Mrs. rrudhomme, sincr5 Kym-pmhr in the 1m of hr trave f-olfiier brother, Lipui. ,;itre Coor. in the Philippines. All r.-ar.t trt l-arn of the illness of Mr. Richard LawdD. and ainrerely hope that tbe nmtova. to the pint will rTre hi" health, rnpt. Lowdvn ha? teen Tisitinjr bia family thia wH-k. and all an alwaya giaJ to welcome the kindir. gonial captnin. Mr Gn Borer titrtainea a party or frauds at "Violet' Villa" bef re bis departure. Messr. TThitt Denegre. Jhn Ien-ew and J'.hn Hntohinsson have taken their departure to th- reprpt of the fair sex. .T. Y. GHrnore. Jr., wae a rlsitor to Mande-Til'e reef-nilv. Mi Anna Perrea, the aeomplished dsientpr of Ir. Perres, ia an esteemed guest of Maude-Tille. M ' MNi Maud Wpljrhtman ha returned to the fi-.pliie Neweomh. Mrs. Weightuian aeeom-pitnied h-r tn New orhans. Mr. and Mm. Miller f Covintrtoo Tisited G-n and Mrs. fouer at "Lake Lawn" wently A Tiit recently from Mr. and Mrs. John Mc-In of Nw Orleans was greatly rnjoyed. Mrs Juies P. Zataram entertain'd at .a de-Upbtfal drive to Chinchuba and Lewishnrg. in of Mrs. de la acve. prerioua to he? de-narTiire for Anoboraee." Mr. T. J. Tnlly apent last Wednesday here Tiirh. his family. , " The famili of Messrs. Shado-k and FlMrtcn bftv rrtrrnMl tn New Orleana for tbe winter. Tbo bull frivon recently by Mrs. Margaret Sniirb under tho mftnatn'iwiit of Messrs. John nri rtfirwm'A Ipnare. John HuU-hlnsrwo and A. PhiUiw. w;is a vi-y enjoyable affair. Mrs Augusta Hnpfeina eotei rained her frknds at a d-iiehtful dance last Saturday at tb Pvthian Hall. . The deaih of Mrs. Baquie of New Orleans, wh'. h occurred here this week, U deeply regret ted. Mavrepa., La. Misa Marre Bell- Lan of Fast Baton Rnuire snd Miss Julia Sharpe of Clio are tis-ttine frl-nds and relatives in this vicinity. Mrs. C. D. Moore brought over a crowd of youne people and apeat a pleasant evening at fbirI1JCeH. Cline attended the Killian picnic on tbe rwmke of the tieautiful Tn-kfaw Miss Marv Cl'n-ny, on' of our charmlnff Tonnff laii"". has gone to New Orleans to spen. a while aa the guest of 31rs. . H. Passman. . . Little Miss Psmlllia Fassman. who ha ben samnieiins at the home of Mr. B. B. Cleneay, ha returnd home to New -Orleans. TbA many friends of Miss Tillie Pirtsrh will be Rind to know that abe hu recovered from hr r'H-i'jit illness. Mr. Blass Spiller passed down to Madison-ville wirb hi; ym-ht, the Sipnet. where he expect a to hMf her thorozuly overhauled and new machinerr. etc.. put iu. Mr. A. B. t'leiH-T ha Roue to New Orleans where be will i-emuio until after tlie coming Mr Joseph 1 Fonrffeoia, the prominent men bant t White Hall, came down Sunday last on business. Mr. J. H. Masie and Mr. Henry Hetber-wi- k were h'-re on businesa- The Misses puke bare returned to their home in New Orleans after a pl-asa:it stay at the home of Mrs. H. Little. Mr. Krnest Staff'-rd left a few days ago for .-...t ilrl.,una Mr. and M-n. B- B. Cleoeay risltwl White Hall a few evenings afro. Miss Mattie spitler parsed through here on her way to Bayou Barhary. Monroe, La. Mr. T. F, V.. !ian and his charming daughter. Mi Mildred, bar.- returned home after attend ins S"in time at Tate Snrinss. Tenn. Mifs H'-rtha leruttein bus returned from a Tisit to Winush'iro. "JMv. John Mnuhclland la visiting relatives In Missisi;.pL Th f 1 i-mis of Mrs. D. A. Bresrd. Jr.. are giAd tt kti"W that ihe is improving after an attnrk of vamit f-ver. !r: V. I. Snd' s and his dau2htr. Miss Li irt. who have h.- n summering in Men-aeai ar.d Qin Iwe. t'arnd:!. wri iitftin at hrnie. .VI ims fei:r Itnudv, one ut the mut girl it of tls vunngt-r S't. b tt l-i -tr week for Bull i imiff , wlHf e w ii 1 r-u me ber Bindles at the Wi-mnn's Colleee. Misses La urn aihl M;ir- v'ripIt hnve tp turned from Colorado, where tbej spout tbe umuier, Mrs. K. B. Blanks and Utile son, Henry, are t Lome fr"n Abevilie. N. C, where they e"nt sfveml mon'hs. Mr. Prd Hudson left last week for the Nrtli. 7i'ff-Tro" n t'-d by bis son. Fred, who will arrnd Hnrrard t'ollepe, nmi his prct v Jnsriitcr. fis I.nie. -J-. wIU r"-nter 1!-, Mitry'y idir,re in Ner Jorsv. Mt. J. M. 1 .reiser hi. rernrned fr'm n trip to Mi -hi fan. Ills fnnitir is oii-retrd home B'-Tt W-'k. Majtir J. Cr; tce. arp.-vrnpnled br his niece. Miss Mnv Lee of the West Slue, has retitrned rVnra A ( Nle. N, C, where ;hey hae bt'ri for severnl wei-ks. Miss Arm Stuhbs. en of Monroe's most attractive girl. Is at home sgnin after spending th S'liiiiner months In Tennessee and h.en-tuefcr. Mrs. J. T. Mndlson of BstrV vKted the fomilr cf hr brotner, Mr. . J. .Mrk, laat -ek. tis Sara Crl. tho aeeemrlih"d danrhter Qt My. John T. CMf W Wedm-sdnr fr .New 0r!e.-ns. where she !U resume her at mi lea r tiie Spide Newenmh rolIre. Miss Beirl NVhlihiiFt bus returned to Mon-ro, riid will again tak" ehare f ihe Ijitln ift in tin. iiMfif-h ''hvj. Mrs. W. L. S-riub Is nr hom again, after alluding the un't!tpr In Mirhlcnn, Thnrsduy a frei n''p. at the ri-icoee of Mr. tnd Mrs. J.n M"ver. M'tt Ja-iiet ne Itt ss man fed t. Mr. Henry Nrinau. The wd-d.rtg was a qit m aeettit f ttf bride D-li.g in mourn fug. and onlv a few relatives and friends rr pres-i.t. Miss levy has en-J'.vd th- rp4jtati'n n 'lnjf of M'iiroe"s Biost pop'ilar jnum ladies, while Mr. MiD-au i a pit-niUmir butitie.s man f Homer. Th Conpl were tb? reipieiiii f many beantiful pi eaents. Miss KiTDr Rf 'hards of K"nmkv arrived lr Monme last w .--k. and wtII nnd s'me tl:ne with !i-t s't-r. Mrs. F. P. iSnit-bs. Jr. Mr. Acheny Bitinks U at home after ris-Iti.ig th" l'ir?s KxjKwltion. A Cotillon Club is bi-ing firmed br tr yonng men here, and it is expected: that this n."v sM'iiil onrnnizstion wt!l fnmlnh mif-b eo-Jovm-nt f(r tiit' young peofde Uuriug the com-lag winter. Napoleon vllle. La. Mr. Porsdo Aucoin made a br:ef trip to the city last w'k. Prof. KnirhTenmotrs. afru s-ndfng some rin;e hre wi.h relatives, bas returned to bis home in . w rian. Mr. and Mrs. W . J. Rhodes .are spendlna some time in Pa lias, Tex. Miss Lillian km.g, after being 111 for some TET LEY'S TEAS. From Tndi aof rylon. . tb fnent the ,orll prfwiwe. i lr-tight pka?s of &nd l-poand, at GO and Oe Poand. ft t a P. 2.75 np 5.00 Dp COMFORTS. A good, serviceable Comfort at , 75c gnJ 1.00 Comforts lined with swan cotton, very light and warm, at 1.65. 2.00 IRON BEDSTEADS. 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Breitenmofier is again here, and has come to stay. AU extend to him a cordial welcome. Mr. Ph. Le Blanc bas returned from Memphis and Crowley. The K. C. C. of C. D. C. attended the funeral of Mr. A. Lalande in Plartn.u where a large concourse assembled. .-tirs. (it. j j. .mmei ana son, uua James, are (siting Id New Orleans. Miss Helen Bowers, who has been visiting on tbe Teehe. has returned, to tbe delight of her many friends. Miss E Dyer la visiting Miss O. Folse in Labadieville. Mr. W. Marrjnetti who bas been 111 for tome time, is convalescing. Miss Bella Gilbert visited Mrs. E. Dugas lust jsnnday. Mr. Lawrence Pngh was lo New Orleana thia week on a short Tidt. Mtss Lawn-nee Mnnson was the guest of MNs Josie LeBlanc during the week. Miss J. was the gueat of Mias Noelie Roger dnrintr the week. Mrs. R. Watt.n. who has been In Virginia for the summer, is expeeted home soon. Messrs. Paul and Alfred Landry were in town this week. The K. C. C. of C. t. C. held an important mating Thursday, at whieb delegates were elected to attend ihe convention in Montgomery in November. Mrs. Wr.t A. I-endry and sister. Miss Loon a Barker, from Plaquemiue, were visitors here last week. The man? friends of Miss Marr Roddgne will regret to bear that she is on the sick list. Baby- Emily. Mrs. Le Marquette's interesting little daughter, has been quite 111, but Mrs. Marquette has recovered. "few 1 ber lav. Law The trrand eharity ball given Friday nfght. Spt. US. under the auspices f th Lneetarian Aid Soeiety. was a mt delightful affair, social ly snd alv satisfuciory fnm a finaniai standpoint. The music rendered by the pelican Band was worthy the concert hall and wjik furnished gratuitously. Mr. Oscar Pupre. a general farortte. as well in social as business circles. e"nd ufted the ball mont gracefully. Mr. John .hwing and Miss Foster of Franklin l-d the grand march at 9 o'clock sharp. The ball was over at 1:1:30. thus giving our young men the rest essMmial for early rising, as there ar no dr nes among New Iberia's society men. Mrs. Charles Weeks is at home, mueh improved In health by ber two months' sojarn in the Boekies. MKs Handiey. who spent the summer at Hot Springs. Ark., returned tvme last week. Monday last the sad nevrs came over tbe wires that Pr. Jefferson Woo If, wbo with bis t- UISS VER0KA KEENER. Mi-s Verona Keener of Lake Charles, La., U of th blonde type of beanty. with golden hair and a beautifully fair complexion. Stie has a graceful fisjure, aod is tall and stafply. Miss Keener U a graduate of the Lake Charles Hiirh S4-hol. f the claps of J7, and wan awarded the gold medal offered f,r the best class work- She is tow president of the Alumna?. In a late contest to decide who I the most popular young lady in Lake CUarlea, Misa Keener caure out vk-t-jrious by a lare majority of votes. r-a tfe and little, daughter was visiting Colorado -springs, ti.f bad died of pneumonia ixinday ulgLt. A thrill of pain parsed through tbe community in whi-h the good d"etr counted hi friends by t beuindxeds. A letter rer-etved from Mrs. Hcwlf tu ice Kuiihts of Temner- ance of this ptare pnioested tue order iwbUb was est9hi(rwd b.-re by D.-. Wonlf two years acoi, to rweiv the remains at tbe train upon tbir arrival here and take charge of them as brother Knignts until its interment. The funeral at St. Peter s Chur. h was perhaps the lamest ever wftneswed in this pl:u-e. ad attested tbe high frite--'iu ard aiT-tl n hi whUb trie iiepartetl was held tn the comi?it'V. Mr. and Mrs. Jut new lrt r--rnroed home Wednesday, afler a two mouths, uuting in toforauo. the Happy Sixteen Kiiebre Clun was entertained rjtihr royaily n Wednesday night at tbe hospitable b.'ine of nse Leisade aud Asiws LcBtnnc In Wt-st Jit. Peters. The boose wore a fes; ive rle of palms and ferns and t tootLinc piHnrs. ntid sn ilcd a weeime on every siue. me nrst nrire. tHaiitiiul iaruintere, was drawn for by Misses Neointe Landry and Mum eeura. and wm bv th latter. Mr. Atitbonv L.ndrr wr tbe irenileiiien's first prize. The booby prizes wi th a 11 t he honor aecrutng ttJereto were won by ."iifs Kits lier and Mr. J. K, Schw-itijr. S-ver;tl musieal selistSliiiia were b-attfiuly rendered ty Messrs. Hear on the violin and Kdwmrd LeBlaoe on the guitar, af'er whieb the merry party et gaeel in daoing nutil, a ITe hour. Among tbe guests were: Mi sweet Kmma Seura. Noemie liuiiy. Ivu le lt.-(iir. Aix4 dmr. Kita Su-1 i r, Irma lft'-aiM-. Elna Hacker, fdymiw 1- Blanc, U" I Blanc. Palsy Ki.mero. Agnes Ielljno and Helen ( rtti-.'. er: Issrs. Silvio Brnssard. Ai.thony landrv. Hnry Souber-he'.lie. Willie PL'fent. "nrar Pupre, Fred S-'fcwlng, Homer Pupre. Johu Shwing. Tlysse iandry. tJ ant Leiuauc. iianrie. tonrau, Emmanuel Soulier, Gabriel- Landry aod J. Onmeyer. . X ISM. II l Opelooaas. I-at. Miss Clevle pupre, a sparkling- lirht in our young society, i- ft last -.Mimiay lor jcw orleana. when site goes toenter school at Sophie Aeweomb ( oHeui. Mr. Joseph Ftrnber made a business trip to evr tirleaii tim-in tlie wea. Miss Lucille Auderson.' one of onr eharmlnf sm-iety girls, has gone ro Natcbitocbes to at tend the Mtare ormai enoi.i. Quite an eniyahle evening was spent at the ho id table home of Mayer B. A. Lit tell last Wednesday, tbe affair being In honor vt tbe departure of Misses cievie uupre and lwiiie Anderson. After guests bad assembled It was announced that a game of progressive euchre would be indulged. in. and In a very few moments tbe guests were ready for tbe battle. Mn ftard-rmiiht games, tuil or merriment. were played, b-n it was found that the lucky prise winners were as follows: Ladies first prize, a beautiful brooch, was awarded to Miss Lu' ille Anderson; Mr. John Pulford captured tbe g-mlem'n s nrst fnse, a shavitix niuir. and Miss Meglnley and Mr. Clarence Reynolds were tbe recipients of tbe booby pi-it'-. After the grime the gnests were in-vitd by Pr. and Mrs. B. A. Littell to the dining room, where a delb-ious supper was served. In leaving foe tnetr borne, atter spend Ing a pleasant evening, the gusts eaeh bade Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Uttell a kind gsd-ntght, and at the same time expressed tbe hope that Misses Clevie and Lucille would meet with success in their undertakings and a speedy return. Tbe jpiests present were: Misses Clevie Pupre, Lucille Anderson. Mays Crewwill. Lilly and Ivy Harmon son. Constance and Louise Me giniey, Annie Mima ana r lorenee warrene, and Messrs. Austin and Robert Perkins, WU-lani pefferkorn. Iicien Fonteoot. Clarence Reynolds. John Pulf-rd and H. P. Uttell Mr. F. A. Voorbles left Sunday for Crowley, where he has eepted a position with the Crowley Ktce Milliner ompatwr. Miss Maunie Ni-hol3n of Washington. la.. spot a piost pleasant time here this week, toe guest of Miss Irene Ishute. Miss Sidonie Simon entertained at a progressive eoehre lat Thurwlay night, given in honor of ber vlsltiua: guest. Mrs. Hena Simon Eight games were niayed. arid Miss Matbtide Kenoudet or iew jneria won ine nrsr ladies prize and Mr. Lorenzo Mornbtnreg tbe first gen tlemen's prize. Mrs. Rena Mimon and Charles lieno were lucky rxx-riy prize winners. Ke- fresbments were served and a most enjoyable eveninic apent by all. Those present were: Misses Pearl and Ilelotse rharhere. Camllle Moruhinreg. Mamie ( asse, Mathilde Benondet, Kuola Ieronln. Sidonie Simon. Mrsi. Rna Simon and Mrs. Roiand Williams. Messrs. Charles H-'no. Jonas Jacobs. Per-y T. -Oardeo. J. B. Meuinley. Beawhatnp Anderson, Lorenzo Mornhinr-r and J. ii. i-t,irnimn. Misses Irene Sbute and Grace 2oder visited Wasbmarton last Sundiiy. . One of the most enjoyable amif delightful soe i a 1 f i met ioo of the pa s t w ee k was t be Tnootilisht plenic given Wednesday night by Mtse Irene Shute In honor of ber guests. Misses Mairgie Mcbrdsnh and Sallle Fuhey. At tbe appointed honr ol 8 o'clock the crowd met at the nospitaoie nonie or ir, ana Mrs. u. a. Littell. wbo. wirb tho assistance of Mrs. B. F. Meginlev. delightfully cbaperonei the crowd. A few moments later tbe order was given to "move on." Soon the vehleles one a stain arrived at the beautiful Kennyson Springs, near town, where the piente was supposed to be, and under the beautiful green oaks, while the new harvest moon gleamed in tbe heavens, il- Inmlnatinc th nVld. the merry guents chat ted and enjoyed themselves. TaMeeioths wre spread owhi tbe grass, and the- signal of "all in readiness" given. Ihe couples formed a ci rc le a rou n d the but in t if u 1 tea st , m b u Q was heartily enjoyed hy all. After supper the merry crowd gathered a train under t be oa kg and whiled away tbe time untii a Jate hour, when bis honor Mavor Uttell. in his ofdeial business cried out "homeward bound." It was early morn lag oefore the participants reached their homes, me -ionowing were m-esenr: ut. and Mrm. B. A. Littell. Mrs. B. V Meginlev. Misses Macule Nieholson of Wasbintnon. Sal- lie Fahey of Belleville. B. and O. Zoer, Lix-aie Blaeksher. F:ilse Wartelle. Marrha As- drus and Irene Slsite, Messrs, Iyonee Jacobs, Aaron Jacobs, Ibivid Jacobs. Clarence Rey. nolds. Herbert Creswell. Iadore Isaac. Beo and Arnaand Pejefin, Clandina Sandy. Frank Shute, favid Blaeksh-T. Freddie Holiier aud W J. Sehwandt of Xw fir leans. Mr. Marshall Thompson has returned home. after spending a lew days in iew uneau. Patterson, L. Rev. J. J. H-Mtgreve's residenee was tbe seene of a beautiful and Impsessive eeremony Wednesday evening, the occasion being tbe ma mage or miss iena Kleo to Bethel Goorn. At f o'clock, as the wedding march from "Lohengrin" waa beautiftilly plajed. nnier tbe exquisite toueb of Mrs, M. tionsolin, toe bride entered leaning on the arm of her brother. Mr. Charles Kleb. Prcedtng the bride came tbe maid of honor. Miss Charlotte Kleb, sister of tbe 1) title, in a beautiful costume of white or- gandie. Toe groom, wirb bis best man. Mr. Percy- Hart man, awaited her cornice in the cozy little parlor, where Rev. J. J. Holt greve read toe marriage ceremony or tbe Catholic Church, during which "fall Me Thine Swn" was sung hy Mrs. J. Emerson Fleteher JNever has the bri'le's magniricDt brunette beauty appeared to tetter advantage than in ber briaal robe of white orianuie, elalwrateiy trima-d wirb Fmh Valencienne lace and satin ribbon. The In dice was made bigb-neek, with a brtba of tulle draped with lilies of the valley. Her veil of illusion was gracefully arran-d 'ver ber dark, rurly loeks and held ln'plae by a spray of natural flowers and ferns. She carried a oonquet of Msrwhsl lel rs n--i ferns tied with bng satin riMxuj. Afir "s ceremotiy a revpTiun waa held for the br'd,il party ac the rewdtnce of the bride's mor.(-r, Mrs. II. Kieb. The house was oVcorsra-d wi'.. roes and foliage and presented a pi-i ire apearauce. Mr. and lir. Gwoei wui be "t b.m" to th-ir fnfMis alter ct. 1. Tbe pm-utarlty of the yuT coupe; was attested bv n many costly po-seirfs received, amvug whi.-a were not d tbe following; pnoistei-d parlor suit fnnr Mrs. G. Mofre, aiut of tbe gt-o-ui; silvr hih o p, from Misses Perkiit and Stewurt; Mem. ai; doiii-s, fruin Mrs. L, Hmt; crystal vnse, fro-n Mr, A. P. bns; sKv-r tray, from Mrs. H. Vetter; silver wi!-r piu-tier, fr- m the A areola Social Club, f whir fa t h bride w as an honored member : st I "' wyrup ptr-bt-r and trsy. fr-m 3dr Jubn M-'-Hueh; bique ftrn dih, from Mrs. Jaru Brouard: silver cream ladle, from Mtss J. Kaean: gold and silver berry po, fVim il:j Annie Laaa, silver coffee set. ftvm Mrs. H. Kl-b; silver table set, knJvesi. fonts aod spoons, and wor basket, from Mrs. Joan Verier, the isrlde a graKdmotber; pair of bron tnonsted bist'oe oruamnts. from Mr. and Mrs. J. tuaersou Fletcher; baad-pain',ed porreiaia dresser set, from W. and f.. Kramer: por-Istn tea set, from Master Sylvester Folse ts-i spread and Battenh-rsj centrepiece and ; au J-'! lat-e. frum Mrs. U. M.Husb; pitlr of bijwe statues, from Miss Peari Veuer: point lace ha nd kercb ief . from M.m Kr A ihJ re ws ; Mexican worked handkerrhl-'f. from Miss 1 i.-rtidreuui; iet of Boiremian glasses, fr-m Mrs. F. Bsidream; wicker roeker. from Mrs. i T: Lwi-; g.,id and silver sutcsr sbeH, fri-ra Miss M. Lewis; silver card receiver, from Mr. S. Tirleton; gold and silver shell, from Mr. and Mrs,iJ. S. Perkias; bonboa spoons. fria Mrs. B. J. Morey; wickers, from Mrs. F. W. Btird-r: lovely piano lamp and reclining ehair, from Mrs. troot-b. mot her of t rw trrnom wt. k.-s. ncker. from Miss M. Nash; fowiy crvsraW bowpiet Ivdder and csrd re.elver on silver stand, from Mr. Percy Hartmao; hand-painted . dresser set. Hum Mrs. V. Hoi; pair of bimi statues, from Mrs. J. Bernauer; oatmeal -r, from Mrs. Chiasson; individnal stiver eoffi set in silver tray, from Camme Bourdier; sil ver trimmed berry bowl, from Mr. and Mrs. W. tioocb; bamf'oo tabouret t, from Mr. and Mrs. J. Vettef. Jr.; jardinniere and stand, from Mr. and Mrs. K. Vetrer; piano lamp, from Mr. and Mrs. W.- M. Folse; . silver aud crystal coffee set. from Mr. and Mrs. fi. i. Lveland; silver and gold gravy lad. from Misses Broussard.; porcelain card re-'eiver oa silver stand, from Eddie Como; sec ef porcelain dessert plates, from Mrs. Jsmee Bmauer; silver celery dish, from pr. W". D. RouMfi; gold and silver fish set, from Mr. and Mrs. F. B. W "imams; bisque era rue, from Mr. and Mrs. Ike Levy; bisque ornament, from Mr, npi Mrs. B. Levy; two moqoette rugs, froen Mr. a nd M r. M . i Jonsel in; set of silver r ft s pootrta, f ro m Misa O ra ce Saancoo; p i 1 1 o w shams and dresser scarf, front Mr. and M-s. Torn Sehroeder; pair of vases, from M:s K-n-trop: hand-paln'ed ilresser cushion, from Mi M. Ren cop; silver aod porcelain risa set. fr- m Mr. aud Mrs. W. ii. Vetter; silver fleb mx, from Felix Haisman. Amoor the viwirmg guests wre Mrs. D. . Cnm m in jts of Beatuconc. Tex., Miss irracie Shannon of Morgan ' i 'y. Miss Annie Ksesn- of Crow lev. Sir. and M-s. J. Emereon Fleteher of Humholdf, T-nn. During tbe evening tbe Dewey String Band played sweet music. AfT-r being a'-nt several weeks, Mrs. R. Lee Ritrgs bas returned borne. Messrs. Ki Broussard and AW BondreauT, two of Patterson s promising young men, have left for Hoy Cross College, Nw ir leans. Mrs. Fannie t umminifs of Beanmont. Tex,, Is "pending some time here with ber parents. Mr. John Lund spent laat Sunday In Franklin visiting relatives. Hon. Kobert Bmussard and Senator Foster Mr. F. B. Williams has left for New Orleans and otfl-r points. Mrs. Ike Levy has retnrned fmm Bayou Sara ami New Orleans, to the delight of ber mauy friends. Mioses B. Oxeme and Lilly Baser wero the guests of Mrs. H. W. Hatch for a few hour last week. . Mr. George VulUenM visited New Iberia last Sunday. - Mr. V. I -era way. after a pleasant visit at Poiio'-k w!t friHBds. baa retiirneij home. Miss Schwlnf is tbe charming: guest of M s fltbel Ianiels. Cipt. Kd Le Xormand. who bas been In f'r-vnce. Tex., for six months, is here amoof friends again. Lr. W i. RoTvsel and Mr. J. A. Duplan -were visitor to New Orleans this wek. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Konssel aoi little Lonis have ret imed home, afler an extended trp Tbroub tbe East. Shr-veiMrt. Iau . - The social attraction of the weefc ws tbnt given by th ladies of th First Methodist hur"h, under the direction of Mrs. .J ha ShuTtlewortb. Mrs. Robert Pattermmi and Mrs. John , P. Scott. Tbe entertainment was an "old Mai is' Convention," aud hi eluded some of tbe niost prominent society belle. It was given at the Opera House Friday evening, before a moat ap precis 1 1 ve a omen-, v D-r tue soei 1 1 element was well represented. Mr. T. Leonard Pooley took the part of a tranafonn'b'er. and by nean of a patent mactine made bitishmg young girls of queer oid maids, just "rnn prisey" for any admirsfioo. The very comical convention was sand wir ted with mjste ht made it entertaining to all listeners. Mrs. John Oscar King ed as president of the convention, and Miss Rob Lindsay as secretary, Mr. Ernest Reams represented an expectant bride. Arrayed in -mowy white, he looked like a lil)y. Mlsse Willte Orsce Johnson, Louise Rule, Camlile Levy. Mynts.Me-Cutcben, Helen Wadley. Edna Brady, pennie eirze Hunter. Sybil Zodrag, Bessie Srrinc-fellnw. Matel Chauvin. Jennie May Land. Mr. Eart Singleton and Mrs. Br-'wning were delegates to the convention. The entertainment brought a g'od snra for the church. Mr. Howard Prescott nod bride arrived Thursday evenig and were jiiven a happy reception at Mrs. T. C- Marwden'e. where tbey have taken rooms fc the winter. Mr. Robert Krind of tbe ftrta of Buckelen A Friend, and Miss Virgie Wood, were mamed at St. Mark s Episcopai' . Chorch Wednesd;iv eveainir, Kev. J... a. perlng eftb taring. I fit bride is from New urreans. out has made this be home for the. past year, her father. Cait. Wood, and other relative residing here. be is a tall, stately aud handsome woman, and hsia TriflrriAil a-ma or !thratrraorr at moat hitrtiisr esremed citluens. There were n cards. Rettig's band gave a promenade con'-ert at Princess Park Thursday evenina. donating he pi-reeeds to tb Bcfortunate moslciana at Gal veston, The Axtreme heat has caused tbe posfnone- meut of manv social afftirs, cases of fev-r IntMeferina; with the enjoyment in preparing for sa n. - - Mr. J. G. Torakfns Is expected soon wtti hrs Northern bride. Miss Annie Aiisoa of Stone Point. N. 1'. The marriage too; place last Wednesday. . Mrs. liurresa Foster left a few daya since tt tUit relatives in New Orleans. Mrs. Ionna Timberlake of Benton was tbe guest of Mrs. Cal Vance the past wek. Iis thtavia ijewis or jnarsnaii. ix., is isj-t ing br sister. 'Mrs. W. K. Henderson, to" FeirUeid avenue. Mrs. Bakr has returned to Mansfield. 'after having pent a week at Mrs. Marsden's. ilss him rravle Patterson text for Uaiias to ftTnd the Srate Fair. Miss Same Seero llnrers la tfie orta. wvif-e she is being bsndotnely entertained. Miss Prescott baa given many musical even- to g at home sine- her arrivsl, which. thoaa b formal affairs, were none the reus euj-yjiJe-- B"t mui'- is divine. Miss, kdi'h Usvrs will accmpaeT tne t nitoii C' n-mert-ial Travelers and tbeir friends on tbe eeial excursion to Dallas. Mrs, O. L earner leav-a this week for. a Visit to relatives at Fort Worth, Tex. oslosqaf. Law One of the pleasaotevt social feature of t-w past week was a party of -rotmg Ladi tht wece entraini t'V r e .w. i.evrT. i tiruo was sp-nt very pb-sanly.' tb gs--' iu-difl;ing iu vsrfi fs aiu-is-ujent-. Among th prtsnt were: Mi- Vera snd Fuani- Foe. SrelU. Mary, Miy .aud uie Coli.iis and Maggie Mary. lite numy inenus) or .nr. ,iw nerrwc win be pleased to- learn of bis Recovery from a recent lliuem Ir. J. A. Flehsrd and Mr. Alfred MowA, two popular voting men of. Plai'jemine, were Peasant visitors here Suitdsy evening. Arojn ttioee w no attnu-'i uw grana oanctf ?t-ii t Sr. tarrid wre: M-S(rs. A. Ieve-f. B. Mnrr. J antes Jr. Ir. E M. I evert, Jchn W lllism and Mstel-s lVvert. jit Bt-lla Mary.. ora. Ma mi- ajid Ernt ine t--Vfrt. All r-port hiviritr bad n enj-yaj- r i iti Mr. Jdni's Hrnl-e. h w-i! known civil err ari-'eer, called on i lar w-k. lr is rumor.! w-P!mg i-'iis win ring pt-!ritjed nd merr"r-el in tbe near future1 fcr two of orr -hitr'nilog ldls and Wm. . - Mr. Kosseti liearty ai.d hts winsome nisier. Miss S-i!n. of i'on JWleasaat were vtu.w at 'foid!! Ktd.ce place. - Mr. Mauvezin of ew ur leans wae bere last inisv. Mr. Justin Bianehard f New Orleans paid ft short rail ta-cr T jesday. Mr. J. Bfnvenv made a business call la tnia vi'mity Tuesday. M.m Ada tt--rrt or A'-adi piaiTaTun wi:i lenve for Covington, La., to remain umd wti- ter. , St. Janes La. Msss T.nHle Bo' entertained a la-re Bnnwr of hT f '!:.: at- a p:-rr-isi v.- e-i :: -pa ry Friday n i r h r, w ns h was of St cMirnas.g r. jl eivwS'Or t ae WK; - it win , gi veo orn iiijnt j r v to M -ss Theresa Barr.e of New orleaus. TV nous- was de-srn'l w tloTVr and Chioeiwi lantern, wtu'-h add-d grva'ly to tbe a'trac-tlvenis of in -ene. lj.ii-s" first prt-. a irv'-r cup. was won by Mm Louis B'-tj'g-'oiB. aBl the i-ot.y bv M:s Lena Wnon The gu-tletoa s flr prize, a go.d t!'e-aoidr. w a gwarde! to Mr. A. ami. . and th- boohv f Mr. K. r'''harry. f.iu-i"u r-f rfsftmeum wre erv-d and daneire was -indMiKt in nntd a late hour. T. following pTt,ns wr" pr r M .- Irna aiwl Kussit- V Mairt' I t- crOi.1. 1 "iiM-ii i arTa1. J'-. nne l.a'f ;-. Ld,a GuiiC'iie! mo, T h-ia P.Hrre, Jjci;"! and 'Nntja Bowgois, - t-ToHut and rterr.b P''he, 'Fdna ami Neva l-urgols. tviije P:icbe. Iiie nd J -am H--i, x-1. i'ri !i aod Auz.a Mareme;- Mr. and Mrs. C. ln l-re. Mr. and Mr. Adotohe -!(ifi.K Mr. rul - Mr, f. tjidry: M- .s. IV' i-sijl-r. I "Tiaa i LH md',' ''iiari-y S.ltrm, Dpharry. F. P.-ha, Jo. l.nre-Ti. Van U oi. i..trse Mti'.g j, Kdiuotid M'Hjraw, Juno vvii. B. W'4Cd.i. A ... ii-ir-z. At! a-. nt snd -..r P'eh. l-il'-rard F. nWe!yr Arf m, Roe!, fA li'iiircw. J. 1'. i.-?e iwi i'. Maim i-w I'oint Bri:jtf:t vial iih has ars fr --pr-l art 'tit i)f--sj?'ii ;i l trs 1 f . Neer did Ksnf man fll! loot better It was " brilliantly dec-vra vd. and la tbe cenre atwt out the woid, VVekvaae. ' After a w

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