The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
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Served by the United /Vf.M BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS TJ " ; W)MINANT NKW ™^ ^^ -L 1AJ Y? k_7 VOL. XXX!—NO. !(j niyllii'vllle Dully News Illjlhevllto (,'rurlcr Mississippi Vuju-y fx .. 1Mk . r (jlytfievllle Herald Rl.Y'J'UKVII.I.K, A AUKANHAH AND HOUTHKA8T MISSOURI 20 DEAD IN SOUTHWEST SINGLE'COPIES FlVEiCEtiTS Bond Guaranty Voted Without "Spoils" Ban Pugnacious Words Fly Thick and Fast at Committee Hearinc, and Later WASHINGTON. API-, r, <UP>A- Fp":>i"r "iiev I' 1 imi! iDf-ni.. I»n.» fni-o'tt his M-IV ihrniph ihr- ci>\- ital tndnv, fir- r, nf!>< ni^ to "^ma^k" Ihe "-"v of an aitornoi- in the rrjinniile" i-i'OLii -i I'd Mien invit- >'n-' !i ixiliiical duel will] Ronalor Pat Fnriiso" item., Mi«s.) on lh rt se"ale fleor. On the flnnr T.nri'' iir-ceoleil a tin-own IT linn liv Reu- WASHINGTON. April The limuc p.iss.'d t.,. j^.i l:onic loan bond I'narantv bill today ;u tl-.e end oi i.arijs.'ui -li'lu:e in which nJin^erats were iiumi M with de.:erUnj the jm-.-.'.i!eiii in hiJ attempt to keep t.e -.spoils" ..:y : ,. j it-iii out of tt)i' riToveii < ; i up :i[j- Thu hill dH noi c-irry the Nor-' ris :unendi7Li-ni rei|iiiriiif; t_-nr- por:iti-n apiJOinliiit.u.s un the ba->!s uf -ellicSency" rallu- than pjiiU-al nlflliation. The |i;i-,s!i|..-iit ]|- u | fll) . proved Hie amendment :iml u u i-f- lort will be ma:k to irinsl.iie it in cwilerenee. (Ul'l— '' |r|li ''l Tiim.-s Up lor Voyage to Atlantic Mnrri'Mi r«r n ntci 1 in iT>(i in I of Mi^i"inn I on^'s f"iu b' ! M .-wnlil"r Rcnolor ta ouMde" the morn of D. Fdu-.ii,l Tl. \Tnn nni'ilral flshi risotrx )!om« stale ith Harrlton 1ms f^r t-rir-: offered to "slep Miiie titmice pnni- 5inari:'" ihr. imv us intc'- is oiinoi nichloi-. altoiiinv '^r •». v:liu'-.e amxiinlmeiil '"I revenue collector Long Finnl Cninil Shows Him Vic lor in hYst Ware! by Six Votes T:.C elecllon o[ M.irion William' :is llrsl \uird aldenuan over L. i; "Pele" Tln>iii|:«.iji. hiciimljent. ivas certiiied by t t-e county board ol ! c-lL-eiion L-ommi^io.iert m t 1 here today. His mruyln HIS i\ Old Suspension Lifted; Thomas Cases Continued, Indictments Faulty Suspension of two years of a previous three year term foi lury of otlici- inces were never <!oi:lji iifier l!:p uiiollli'iul re- IM tti-i-e rftcK'cil und tlie coui- ihUsion ci-riilleil us f!f:rtcrt llic fol- lowiu;. DDK•!• L-ity omcltiLs: Ham MH- nutl. c:ly aitorney: Ilumlil Slcrn- iK'i-g, second sv nid alderman: 1-J. u Jack.son. ihl u | waril uidi-rnmn. and Kois Heavers, cily clerk. TI'.C defeat of Att 28 «:is also certified. liiiincji.s 01 the ])0s-jibilitv of ;> fOiitc.-;t nl OstL'oli: wlien tlie inUsion ini-cts ll:eie SHnriluy rir.rn- ing at 10 o'tlort iu f.inv:ns iTsnl!: against Harvey Tanner. 'It was lilted by Jmlue. Nei! Killouyh ...u- i.ii-.-:u.-n?d rtiiMuor ju-,t this morninij when Tanner :ip-" f-ol. E. R. Bndlfiv. finnws pear.-d m circuit court charged in Ke-»'r -I Kinri'.iian. t<"=:iriod he a now ludlclmenl with robbery I contributed "i.Oflfi , n ,„„„.,, rain .| T . lr , nc] . had s<, n , e( j «evc-a|l pni°n for governor ol Louisiana in months of the year sentence be- | la . 28 - „ . fore being paioleil but the r'fmain- ' III Sma.k Vour Jaw" IIIIK two years of thc sentence hail , i r, \", }wenmr il ' ccnsctl ljcon M'spomled by the court at:,, vl-en Rightor referred to a New lime O f senloiice last year Tliis' .Orients i ace track as "your, mornin 3 Tanner .stood charged'' 1 ' 1 ' tr:lrV " l wltl1 robbery in a ho!d-up s in"ed 'Thai's an Infamous falsehood.": here one Saturday night -cu'raj I onp thoun-il angrily, iumning to weeks ano. lie entered a not~Kuilty his feet. "T have never been in- plea and was continued side a race Irack in mv life." lor ihe term. Rirlilor. a smaller man than the Tanner was involved in the senator, bristled willi anger and confession of Tlioums Hale and- ---_.., b ,„ lpr " 'o «iy: IVester Hudgfiis, who also neure<i ! wriri1 lm ' ^ tile d^'on board,re- "Ymir .stntemeiit that was 'an l» the- hold-up Hale also a '"""' " I.u.vorn and K.-IS- elc-c: lulls wese hlutrd hEre. If i!eveloj>s It will involve an Osceo race, jl was slated. Co un I Ansuiiii'c Vote Williams had led Thompson by only t.-.rcr vo:es on tlip face ol unofficial returns in Tuesday's clec- ilion. Thc vote nt the first w:<i-' is 111 for Williams to 10X for •inonipsmi. Absentee ballots opened by the election commission tins afternoon added three to Williams' t'Jtal and none lo Thompson's vole Two absentee votes for Williams were thrown out and a like number for Thompson. Botn of Thompson's were cast by persons living in —- -..., .... -..,.. JlillL . ;, 1S o a f " se<l lo consider them. The mah- infninom rnlsnhnod 1 is ridiculous youth, and MLss Hudgens entered " er '" v '' lliL ' n t!lp y nei '- marked left .r-nd vou Couldn't sav it if'there pitas ° r Bl'illy liils inpi'iiing but a P 0 ^"' 1 ^' tiial tVc b' cmiiii weren't Inlf n riozen i»iic«rje;i 'sentence : not •passtj' '[fnle wis't bcl> " voided lor otlteflKmj,ij< »nui^ here." caught al the hold-up scene when' °" e ol Wllli: '"'s' "bsenlee votes was I oils moved a step nearer the- fo many persons were robbed and p'lon-ev and shook his fist, de- crowded in a small shack on Scc- Senate Rejects .La Follette's "Soak the Rich" Proposal Ijlmrs ivcm struck, vjuiwlied j'esterday wiicn Denver !•_ wns Ihe .««coiid dav of :i hear- > Uiidley. pra^eculor, said he would in? on the fiinc^ of Moore for »°l late thc chance on what Ihe interim I revenue post. ""EM be a taiiliy indictment rrowrts thronged Ihe small com- T'ree indictmem.s agalnsl Thorn-is miner- room nnd hundreds more '">'' charged embezzlement 'or wailed for reals. (funds of the Agricultural Fiinnoe long was in a pugnacious mood i cor l«>ration and Max B Held O f when Ihe hearing siarled niirti'' L ' fl -' Ils L- counsel had indicaied thai , ... _ s)];ll . |) r]!isli (vjth hc , woi]|[| M(Mk l|ic illfi ; ctl] - irarrison immi'ilintely. The Louisiana renalor clnrp.'d M.xrrlson wns nreiudired airainst him and dc- iniii'letl thai the committee take nction on nublishcd accouius vi-s- iprdav whirh described ,lohn Sullivan. :i lon^j enemy, os onrsii - r "iiator. IlTrri'on refused and "'<• lull iiame of the corporation ihc iiuhetiuent niiplit be f-it-il I lie ivotthl ask that Thomas' be it Ihe next term of vis reprinnnded bv Senator James Coiizens i Ren. Mich.t _. court. Rlm , ling or l])p s ,. iuu ( lu>| l "i>>lnlioii.s inav cut off piaw lion ol Thomas In ore unofficial reluiii-i O f C:e r-'rction ,. ollicial. This left on; t!,e ab<fnlce nallous altcjet'-er except in th? Williams oi:d TJioui| tt o;i lote. ODieial Hguns The ofTlcial vot- here fi.l'ows: rit v cleik. R. 1,. jiicKnight. 151; Ross Ik-avers. 2(ia : s. C. Craig, 172- cily attorney.. Sam Maintt. 5a«: aldi-r- man. \\'ard one, ;u w \VilliaiiH "•I: I, o. Th-ni'i/nn w\' ^'-. n -. man. second ward. Harold Steni- UCrf. HO; J-loyd \Vi,i U .. na . .,1^,,,.. man. lt:ird wtird. B. R. Jackson. Gi The committee was lo rmilv re- WASIIINOTOS, April 5. (UP) — The sena'.e icday defeated an ef-- lorl to impure sharply Inrieasnll IncoiiiL' taxes upon taxpayer. By 47 lo 30 Ihc senate rejected in amendment to the $330.000.1)00 I™ bill, sponsoied by Senator ll'-.b-i M. L-.i Pollelte (He]>, Wis i "•liicli woufd have increased the normal tax rate from 4 to rj per cent and imposed a scale of surtaxes considerably higher than at present. Uy defeating the l/i Folletle 'soak tli» rich" .iinemlmeiit tlie Slock Prices NF.\V YdliK, April 5 iUP) — A lf.t r niiri-v in utilities and r-lrenBih |n fixcinl issues featur <l a dull session on the slock excl'anr.' to:lav. with prices mov- in" in a n.irrow rairc. ' A. T. nnd T 119 1-4 A'.aoriula Copi-er 101-4 U IhHieni Steel n 3-4 Cl'rvsler 54 1-4 Pities Service 3 Cora Cola 113 1-1 C.'eneral American Tank -10 1-v General Flertrie 2:M-4 General Motors M 5-P Inlernntlonal\T5{er -tl \-'Z Middlewesl tltllities .... r.-lii ilrn|«oinei-y Ward 31 7-S New York Central .IS 7-') Packard '.' r. S-B Phillips Petroleum 193-4 Radio Corn 77-8 Simmons Reds 21 1-4 St. l/>iiis-S:m Francisco -I \-z FTandard or N J 44 T <*:>s co '.;;;.' 27 s . f u - S. Sleel 5 , i.. ..sulls of the Manila and Uixora l|( :e!erlion.s Jaler t'-i s aflrr.-ioon NO matf \ fonlests over Ihe von- at either place had developed anj certlllca- tion of HIP unomcj.i: 1-f.snlts was certain. ,.,- ., ' .-niMiiii- nas not . ^V- F - M - I-Vrjiison cf Marie ' in -n,[| ,. xlS j Si Trln] ;a lhjs elLiirman. and j. j. Moore of Nuni Ar Ml ' S . "° W <i( ' nilill ' l i' ""'- ' I , N ' 1lL ' WL ' rc ti! " °" !v '" i """f" guarantee that liLs 'pels and all Iheir olfspriiij; would receive the best of care for the remainder of Iheir lives. He left the estate to his adopled daugl'.ler, Mrs. Jnanlta Thompson ^filler Scott, on provision tliat she jenalc relaincd n normal tncume 1 HOT SPRINGS. April 5. (Up)_|care for his pets and their di»cen- ax rate of -|.pe r cent mid n sur- ™ rs - Ann Cannon Reynolds Smith. <iancs ' If Mrs. Scott fails to carry York Cotton NFAV YORK. April S (UP) Co: ton closed easy. own hi«h Julv me 1217 Oft 1230 1233 1> c 1339 1S40 .'311 12-11 1245 M.ircli 1S51 If 57 low nns 1210 12^3 1231 1240 1249 clore 1IP8 1210 1224 1234 1240 1251 Epots closed steady at 12M,'oil Chicago Corn May July oj>en 43 SO 1-4 high low 47 7-8 SO 1-4 SO 3-4 Jills' or .-ses but Ihe receiver for the de- inict organization claims that basis for indictments for offenses which tlie statute has , After " 10 '»»' -ortly eliberating almost ah "Jury returned ;, verdict before noon findimj Otis of Mis board present here." K. R. Smith is t;:e oilier inemb.-r. New Madrid Gunwoman Holdup Attempt >' of Brand larceny | u the 1 of a pockctuook " roiil'iiiiin^ p . v - at a home where he room- m ( M,iIT J " rS ' llm ' m r lecjm" "K-ii'led a suspension of .sentence' N E«' MADRID. .\To.-.Mrs. Cenn thus i.,c court concurred. I cvl «ve Uari.e. aged 20. daughter of t»tt-s was rcpresenled by a' a fanner living near here, confessed "I :oung allorney* npijojiited '° boin ? "'c New Madrid giunram- Irio .Marcus, an i., . ,' .arcus, . . ae ,°' ">'':'"-'. i-ourt stenograph- ' to rob Hi! William llisb"nnc>l I'J' the 1'e or - F-^ay Mc-Hnney '•'endler of this city. Trial of Qlan H. Williamson, for- 'IT llitj]i;i;it] f.irtucr but ito\s ivst - wilh (w.i men. attemp-ef Oscar of Mfesouri. ch. daj. ™ was ' "'« convictcti ft --•-•i k.uiuk. uiu ai>j>caLed Tft* v "* 11 -M ^(.T;U ui'Jii «»s represeuled by ciaudi-T-- poop- 1 I *" is ' : "«I o™ o fr and Stanton Peppjr, ih,. i V' <;omn:1 nio:is wVik " Of TlnlTiiniii IK .. NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 5 (UP, Cetron c!o5ert easy. 0|vn high low 12M 1207 1193 May •nly Dot Dec Jan March I^U 1215 W3 1230 ISM 1^41 1242b — 1251b 1J07 1223 close 1201 stir' 1-ere Monday night, c-flirrrs reported. The woman was nrre.5l.-d at the home of her falher Claude Ke;!dick. near llornie. yiu- «-.K .s ,. ferinj from a bullet wound in the left forearm When Mrs. Ijirue. whose husband d;ed several months ago In St. of the two men .'d into the B!s- benne:t store, she drew a gnu an,' fired three times al a cl=rit who alteniplcd to rea:ti a pistol. Another r!er)t seized her and In the struggle another bullet was fired but Mrs. t.irue dropped her fun. broke away and fl.'d with her companion 1207 1^3t; 11 Spols sleady at 12\0, oil Lepanto Mayor Reclected T.EPANTO. Ark—Mayor XT. P. Smith of Lepanto was re-c;ec(cd Tuesday in one of the quietus elections ever tel Mai-shall recorder for cutive time held here. MLss M'l- \nr, re-e!eclcd cily Ihe elevcnlh consc- without opposition.: (Life of Former Local J Pastor Is Threatened ' HOT Ill'ltimiH, Ark., April B. lUl'i--l-Vdi'i-nl iiij.-nts twlay lnvi>.-:l!- •d a liuraU'iilnij iriun- r.?nt H..-V I- D. : : iiinmeis. mil tanl |ii.ilo r ,,f l.'i' Park ri:ir> I'.i.pilst clnircli. Hev HiimiiuT.-; is wiilMy known 'u»h r,i<lio biuinlrtisls as p'i'lor »f the "little tthli.- eliun-li In ill \ alley," 'Hie letler n'telved by Hev. Hum- uiers salil. "Your ehure.i will bi Imrned ami y"u will bj nuioiiij tV mlssliiK." It wiis sinned with r" mid n'UNs bulled. H "'is Is an ardent priihibl- llnnlsl. He upenly nppj«ed Ihe r'lC- Ing iiu'ft held here last iir-nth. The |(,.v. Mr. Suininvrs wa ; ; pa'i- lor of Ihe I'lrsl Hupllsi clmrc , her- for a munber of yeaia. lie reluniL..! ,>„„!„ I lor n vl.sli and prciit-hcd nt the lo- —Another nil cliurch Sfvenil months Uncle Sam's mighty men o' war .soon will be sieamini. preparina to welcome Hie in .ship:; and 35,000 nwiiy fiom Pacific wa tera. and East Cuasl l»ns are -..,-^« ...^.. .ILJU.UU infm ortiored I even.l nuHUh, i,, the Allanlic. , This uiclme shows ,he battle craft movln, majestically ination,- near KHH I'edro, Calif. men aboard them, ordered lor nloni slay ot In for- MEfi Trumps Partner's Ace; Lands In Hospital Bed , BOSTON. . Apr. .5 .(UP) — Mrs. .Tlitlma UalV. 3r,. .was'under treatment at city hospital loday ufler ; liumpiiii! her partner's ace in u bridge game. j . boctoib described her injuries as painful but not serious. Gives Birth to Child After Shooting Herself .,.., ,,,.- PHILADELPHIA, Apr. 5 (UPJ- tlie American j Two Ilo 'irs nflcr Mrs. Ceclle My. - ers. 2G, shot liei-ielf today, a son KILLS _ Li HILL I CLI "'' Boll FY Dmvn n, Sky Barficlrl Strikes Fanner While nt Work in Fidel Cm-Tin I, Alley, sn, llarlleld farmer, wns killed when .struck bv ilni: while plowing In n Held near hh home. 12 miles northesl of here, vestcrdav afternoon. A frightened [earn pulled Alley "• mmc distance when ho became "tniwled In the plow lines as he fell to the erouiid. He died wllhln a few minutes. One of thc handles nf Ihe plow Alley had gripped was ••"lit oiwn Iry (lie force of Hie bolt. A ncisro farm hand who \VHK only n short distance awny from the fanner when the bolt struck was uninjured. The lltjlitnlnn flruck ns a thunder showei owept Ihls secllnn al»iitM:30 o'clock yesterday uftr -.11. ' , • ,, '., . : • Mr. Alley hail lived lu'llib" scc- |llon for many vears and was well known here. He er an was cmnloyert In this city several $100,000 Estate Guarantee's Welfare of Memphis Man's Pets MEMPHIS. April 5. (UP)-Tliree dogs and a cat were beaueatr.etl a i , ^' *,\~ J "' ivl life of | lixiivy today In the vni o^'I'r , , • ""' ° ! M '"°' Temi ' Ulnl^ I . f^P 1^ nUn s11l-l'U;/lfl l.i- fnn^ ^l.l^..^ ftshcrman ns well as farmer and was emnlc years nijo. lie Is survived by his widow, Mrs. nelly Allev, two sons, Elbe.rl nn'l C, L., Jr., four brothers, Jake Alley of DMhcvlllc, J. D. Alley and R. B. Alley of Halls, Tenn.. iy died two ]jours later Mis. Myers Frankfort later. owner. John Miller wealthy bachelor, who died March Thc retired real Ihe bulk of also survived by four sisters, Mrs. Robert Davis of Memphis. Mrs. Ervle Unwell of Joplln, Mo.. Mrs. Clcni-ye Cresv.s of Colionwood . man left Polnl. M and Mrs ' •^' ; >estate as Carolina Towel Heiress Files Her Divorce Suit lax schetluh richer than in Ihe d «iHSlil(T of u millionaire North °' 11 provisions of the will by not •resent law hut hivier than l,a i-'ol- Carolina colton mamifactiirer. nied "bestowing upon them the care, at- leile's rale. . suit for divorce today against her 'entlon and consideration they are , second husband. R Brandon Smith llo w receiving." the w|ll reads, "ste — i it.. C.-arlolte. N. o.. real estate »'HI torleli all rights, interest and dealer. utie to [.he property." The complaint charges general j Should Mrs. scotl forfeit title to Infllgnllie*- and incompatibility. .'he estate Ihe property would go to The couple was married May 4. -Kosa Wood, n friend, who was left 1 ( J32, at Hie Cannon summer home n e' r ' of «i nnn Woman Dies From Fright In Denlisf Donald, of [Jeering, Mo. Funeral services will IK held al the home of Elbert Alley 0:1 Norf- Slxtb street tNs nflernonu with the Rev. Mr. Taylor olflcialliw;. Interment will be made al Elm wood cemeiery. The Cobb Undertakin? coiiip.iny B m charge of funera! arrangements. The following will serve as pallhearers: John Walker. John Ronev Ed Richards, Jim Smith. Hill Eil- svards and Mr. Ilurns. Bunn Invited to Join in Loan Negotiations C., high In the *' b °t the will -. parties neglect the pets Apr. 0 <UI'> —Mrs. »l Blowing Rock. N \Iarsiiret Bernstein, 29. had a hor- Blue nidge. ... t ».., .-,,^,1,^ •or of the ilenllsfs chair. i Meantime Smith planned a $250 -''<> Charles Galll Yesterday she went to her dent- 000 alienation of nffc-cJions suit closest friend. i j:e win dirtlier si (o have an achiny rye tuJth ' "Bainst r.Ls eslranged wife's father provides Dial Mrs. Scott musl live,? , cMraeled. The dentist adimms- Joseph P. Caiiiinn. Ti:e towel mau- "t her present Memphis home ami !"„„ (-•red an anesthetic and went for , "ale was notified here Ihls week """t l "e furniture must not be re'?.' llslr !"" cnls - '""I suit would be filed in char- arranged during tr.e llfellme of the \\henhecamebarktothechair 'oite unless he agreed to & set- I* 13 Mrs. Uernslein was dead from Henient. I r " :l " ' " r *|! e(i " ot 6lve hlm onc cent '" I Suspension of Hospital OSCEOLA. Ark, April 5.-J. TJ : Bnnn, president of the Osceob i he replied. *n in ,h, cutting oid.od inte-r. pe, n rees 'n New Hampshire in I9.U as 1V-, no' l7 1 ow <iei 1 un, ? y f U iiured with 1931. «>»o.,l,. nou dead. Wl.iston-balem ° fficials Is m«iK«e'^n^i clrtclrfuba «^™'««''^" ?m,n son or M cr's 1>ark " th ° Nortl1 "^ Arkansas \ i"";, ",n' " l '!"t- rccre »«<'n»l area site. I, I,, receipt letler from the slate centen- commtelon. inviting him to be of Ihc several representative iis wr.o will go to Washington - month lo negoiiale for funds to develop Ihe ten proposed recreations] area 1 : In Arkansas. Mr. Bunn was advised In the ime letter thai an early vis!' MADISON, Wis.. Apr. 5 (UP) ^an Family Seeks Escape From Depression in Sunny South Suspension of Dr. j superintendent of state ' " ' " Park site. duce o t „ O Seven members co sti- . K. Green, ; ti.te tbe committee Two ofen . . , the Mcndota'A. \v. .irliDro --------- — u . t,,^ .-iLjii,u,,ij--- .--. .a.r,^ j.iu ^^iii. QU iriuro hospital for Insane, his as- were here on a lour cf inspectio slslant. and 26 employes, was rec- several weeks ago. it is generally ommended to Governor Albert G. tnHterstoo<! thai thc Northeast -\r- Schemedeman today a.s a result of jkansas park will be located in Ml>i- sn Investigation of charges of , Msslppl county at either Orlder abuse of patient.? at the luslltii- | Park or Big Lake. ' tlon. COOTETi. Mo—c. P. Jones and tlon at the '"'""V Of , Dr ' l " ni , t - Mlf "" pTwrd " la - OT W he lu ., 811t ,„ llle IUKn - . "'e Tuesday, hiking to Jackson- sihools of Iowa for eight years whkh ' kl '. CAlryl ™ Uielr bascwe, 'Tin. Hoover depression put U s cllarges - oo nr \Actoic rt ».i o^| lpr etjalp- down and Mr. nonseveit pm. us T " *' of Caltfor- (aught In the hlirti wllicl1 1>as ^mm» Bar S e Lin « Pr «ident Invesllgating the Mr. Jones smiled i-ent In a box attached lo ihe:on our feel' vheels of a walking cultivator. I from under' a greasy .. .,. ,.,,.y ii-n.illy! kcons wl' poslwl on current Ind an empty house, Their food' ? vcnts ami fri> ' s Mussolini Ls the s cooked over an open fire, snide j r "' cr '" llw wor l'l to-day and In addition to Dr. Orcen the > sinneu commllw<! askecl removal of Dr. hat He Al>8U5t Sauthoff. assistant super. three suiwrvlsors. 2.1 attendants. ami whatever fur- hand r ' u io-aay and . ,,,,' of the United Local Water The five nldennen named were:! M- C. Walts, Jim lleadrli-.k. fiam | •leclded (o trv hir, luck hi o \rarm- T climate. Edward, who helps his father p:iih the cnit. is In the eighth grade and is 13 years of |age. Dorothy, who Is 8 and in Proposes Cotton Rate WASHINGTON, April 5. (UP1- A compromise rate for colton shipments between Memphis. Teun nnd .Ven- Orleans over inland wafer- way hues has been proposed to rallro.i:ls in th e southern and western rate conference. Genera) Siuldeii Rise in Streams Also loll in Lives Texas Claims MMNAJII) Tex,, Apr. B Bodies nf three (hirsons were.' re••-.v r-:d frnrn ncod waters of 'ii'lni 1 i ieek. w miles southeast .1 here, Ly Hhcrlt! Cecil Wal'iton. I31JC CITY. Okla., April ft. (UP) rise reported camln? ilo'.vn ihe swollen Washlta river, which apparently hnu claimed n or itmi'C lives Hud lnflictc<l oroiKrty dainogt! upwards of cure million dol- lais, Icday Ihreatened to bin..ler ieinch for bodies and elieck of .per- ious believed drowned. Seventeen )«rsons nrc unac- -Ictl for. Only nine bodies had been recovered, but hope bad been abandoned for luht others who were mining. The Hood struck during a heavy rainstorm iia-oiupanled by Ihe cr;i<!i of thunder early yesterday. So gieat was (he nolso of Ihe storm thai when the rirslilni; waters" of Hie Wichita left the low banks ol river Ille approach of tt:e flood was unheard. «;" of Hveslock was heavy. Wrecked farm houses or empty foundation..! on which they rested ilnited a seven mile stre'.ch of Ihe river bottoms. Hundred-3 of automobiles were Inundated. Federal Commission To Open Electric Rate Probe WASHINGTON, .Apr. 5 (UP)^The federal .j^wer commission prc- ••iri;d tn,ilaBV'to_-.beiin.::-ft. natlon- »iu •Jnv«M.iKaiiun Tbt- eitctnc Tutei charged by public and-private-interests. ' : A Joint congressional resolution directed the body to compile tht 'nfnrmtitlmi ami submit it (o congress nl ihe earliest date possible. The survey will cover service to residential, rurnl, commercial and Industrial consumers throughout thn country. The Inijiilry will augment v the exhaustive utilities • studies of the federal trnde commission to provide a detailed analysis of all phases of the power industry. Must Pay For Old War Before Borrowing Again WASHINGTON, Apr. 5 (UP>- Wnr minded European nations «-cre under notice lexlay from the American congress that they will be able lo borrow no money here for future wars until Ihuy .pay K-hat they borrowed to fight, the asl one. This, high administration officials believe, will be the significant olfect of the John-.on bill, now- being engrossed for President Roosevelt's signature. . '. The bill prohibits anj- persons n Ibe United States from purchasing or selling bonds, s?cuvi- ies, or other obligations of any 'orelpn government or political sub-division thereof. Issued, after lie bill becomes effective, while such government or political subdivision Is In default on tiny debt owed the Uulled States gorern- ncm. ! nsull Puffs Cigarette? While Attorneys Battle ISTANBUL, Turkey, Apr. 5 (UP) —Samuel Instill puffed al Turkish cigarettes and read Ihe London >apers today while his lawyers, armed with SIO.OOO from London, ought for his freedom. ncsrillc statements of authorities hat they mean to extrndile InsuM o Ihe Unlled Slates for trial no natter what his attorneys do. the Itorneys found new grounds for They protested today tothesup- rme court of appeals that Insult's arrest Itself was Illegal. WEATHER oc r-. » ui. ..^..^..., , n.ji.,- prs t on ioH _for Drinking ^rS^ffi?^^ % *-«« make The Blyllieville water l s free 1 Ashburn conferred with Score- Mempllls Arkansas— Cloudy, thundershow- rs tonight. Friday claudv, thun- , tn extreme east por- Id be going. inncs ^^.. v«j «^- ..w.t, 1.1/iiiA.MiLi^iiwii anu sunaoie' lal J "i war uern. He said rail i- stoi) to rest their feet for drinking purposes, it was an-1 roads had been given until Julv 1 a bite." Dorothy_put nounccci today by Dr. I. R. john-|<o make a decision. rteprc5en'ta- day be- from contamination and suitable j ' a T of War Dern. He said rall- cooler. Marcom. Raymond Prltcheti and hl cooking. . ] ____ JonM . who received his age. oroty, wo U 8 and 11 ; ' y r. fourth grade assists her mother ,, I ° lop lllc cart « c - p - son, city health officer. m e^nT,., moiner f, nd EdB . nrrt , v( ,, u O ushine thelrl Sneclmen nf I>P „-„!„. . Wl-tJohn Barnes. ,earlhly ijosses-slons -. sunny south. pushing their i Specimen of tr.e water was (sent toward ihe J to tlie stale health department as | Is done al sl»t«d inervals. - *• utv^j.u,,. ivc,ji c^eiuii- tlvcs of water corporations, the barge lines and railroads participated in 3 recent New Orleans meeting. and vicinity— Cloudy, showers tonight. Friday The maximum . temperature here yesterday *as »5. minimum 59, partly cloudy Ttllh .11 of «n inch rainfall, according to Samuel F. Korrls, official *««ther observer,

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