The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1944
Page 8
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VfAQE'EIGHT / BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMHER 20, Future Of U.S., 3 tf. N Britain Linked v;'« , ,' ^ Halifax Says Notions »>)tasKCo-Operote For * Postwar Prosperity J CHICAGO, Nov. 29 (UP)— Lold •Halifax,'.British ambassador to the United States, said lost night that lasting peace Is unlikely if the United States and Britain fall to realize they are economically interdependent. They must cooperate, he said,' for a post war expansion of world trade. The British ambassador, In an address before the annual meeting of the Investment Bankers Association, said, the fortunes of war had linked the post-war futures of the two nations; Depression for one, he added,' would hurt the other. The ambassador continued: "The Wilted States wants to ex port in order to take up the slack which cannot be absorbed In meeting the heeds of the American consumer;''We, on te other hand, must export if \\e are to get the Im- portants which are the food of oui people and the raw materials of our factories.'' •The ambassador said that an Increase in the voluriin of British cx- poits "must", be beneficial to the rest of the .world "for you can rely on us to use every dollar wi earn in exports to purchase the im ports we cannot do without" "The.crux-of the matter,' he added "is how to adjust the Amerl can heed 'tij'find overseas market for your surplus.with our, need t obtain wherewithal to buy what I indispensable to-our national exist ,'encc." ----'Bond Purchases In Nation Near First Billion WASHINGTON, Nov. 29. (UP) — Individual purchases of bonds the nation's H-bllllon Sixth .W« Loan Drive, according to Treasu Department' reports". on .;the fir v,eek of the campaign, are schedule. These purchases are nc the^.'one-billion .dollar, level A sick kid in Weston. Mass.. w Super-Planes' Tribute to Supermen ! Engines cut and propellers stopped, three B-29 Superfortresses glide over the Mnrine cemetery li on Saipan in tribute of silence to ihc heroic U. S. Marines who died In capturing the islands f.-- _which now provide bases from which (ho big bombers blast Tokyo. Sees Expansion Of REA Service Goal Is Electricity In Every Rural Home, Official Declares ATLANTA, Nov. 20. (UP)—The pipe clreiim of electricity in every form home will soon l« n reality, a group of officials ol Georgia, Florida, ami South Carolina cooperatives were told in Atlanta yesterday. Deputy Rural Electrification 'Administrator William J. Ncal of St. I/nils told the cooperative officials further, Unit studies of postwar 'desires Indicate that unprecedented demand for rural electrification-Vill materialize. The HEA program plans to extend service within the next five years to al least 3,100.000 of the 5.500,000 homes now without electricity. Ncal pointed out that the program within the next three years 'ill entail expenditure of somi 700,000,000. Tills is compared will 400.000,000) spent during the las Ine years.' Eventual plan of the HEA is scr ice in every rural home. And Nea aid there' was no reason why th! oal could nal be attained pro lilod "liEA Is able to forestall spit i«c activities on the part of jwl •ate utilities." • BBON IN WASHINGTON Well, Maybe It's Hoarding BY S. BUli'f ON HEATH NEA Sl:if( corrrsnnmlcnl . There has to be some explanation why, with 70 per cent ns many popular brand clgnrcts' available this' year ns in the smokiest, twelvemo nth our home front ever enjoyed, we still have so much trouble Betting a single pack of Luckics, Camels, Old Gold, chesterfields, or Pall Malls. ' Many of the best newsmen In Washington have worn down Honed shoes seeking the answer. They have produced plenty of facts " i and figures but no satisfactory ov- ast • three or four, nml stop at ft corner store for replacements. ; Now, fearing that he won't be able to buy when he needs, he tries to keep two or three or four packs tuckeil away ns insurance. . i. The normal dealer turnover In clgnrets is very rapid. He stocks for only a day or two at a time. When consumers, generally, becoming worried, tried to buy three, or four days' supplies at once, the raid cleaned store shelves and tlie retailers haven't been nble to cnlch up. profit by a sailor's part In the crB u explanation. Probably Joseph huge war loan drl\e j Colodny, executive secretary of the Machinist's' Male Third Class-1 Tobacco Merchants Association, wns Chaflesv~:Martiri: has. sent his mother .-'one hundred dollars from .the":Pacific -theater, with these in•structions: ' • TJ i i, nr t t *«•> fit ,.: veins iiujn iy^u UIIUUKII imo mv ^A^M^^fa*™^*^"*™^ correct when he said there isn't any one reason, i We ara told tllnl federal rcsliic- lu addition, Mr. Colodny says clgdi'ct consumption has been ri*- ing 14.5 per cent, a year for the past four yeavs. So, while falling a sub-distributor, there is a big chance that he can't get any of the popular brands at all, and has to rely exclusively' on the brands you never heard of until last fall. And finally there Is the so-called jlnck market .which government agencies are Investigating. Insiders jelleve that it is relatively unlm- ;ortaht, but does exist. Said one: "I've never been approached bj n black marketer, either. But I'm juosslng that if I were to go to a certain cigar store, mid say .'Se aside a carton a week for me; am I'll give you $3 for it,' thai I'd get a carton of my favorite cig arets every week." And maybe you, like me; have seen R pack of your favorites handed inconspicuously to the chap ahead at the counter, only lo be told, when you ask: ' "Sorry. All we have today arc Stlnkeroos." "• •' off of only 1943 in domestic shows n per cen supply, " .YOU TOO CflH' PLAY SAM GIAU5 In width. A reporter learned that the fa- thci had brouslit in the stalk grown by his young son, a 4-H club member, who sowed the mustard in a Fall garden. But the paper, on which was written names of the father and son has been lost and although every one in the office remembers all ibou't the mustard, no one can recall the farmer's name or address. Anyway, It was a big bunch of nustiird .and made a good slory— all but the ending. Day Rooms Provided • "•or Guards At Camps Lives of American soldiers doing iuard duty qver prisoner of war camps throughout the United States :iavc been greatly brightened through the services of the Camp and Hospital Service of the American Red. Cross, which supplies them with comfortable day rooms in which to spend their leisure hours. Mngnzlncs, boohs, writing materials and easy chairs usually are made available to these soldiers at Ihc prisoner of war camps through tlie services of this branch of the American Red Cross. Mrs. George M. Lee. chairman of the Camp and Hospital Service for Chtckasawba District, today stated thai the service is exclusively for the benefit of the guards and not for the prisoners of war. 4-H Boy Grows Mustard Stalk OfWPounds Wanted: The end of a good story lost in Ihc office of this newspaper. The story was to have been a good one—about the biggest bund of mustard believed ever' grown ir these parts. So elated were reporters when the mammoth bunch arrived at the office Unit yardsticks and scales were sought with measurements and weights taken. The stalk of Pall mustard weighed slightly more than 10 pounds and one leaf measured 24 inches Lowly feed sacks make unusual mtniris, says the homcmaklng department of Successful Farming Magazine. Hang them In double tier fashion, with rlckrack borders. New Theatre Manila's Fines! What have you done today that some mother's son should d[ e (or you tomorrow? ' —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Wednesday & Thursday "THE BIG NOISE" with LAURKL & 1IAICUY Foi News & Short TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Don't rely on makeshift methods of termite control. Let the world's largest ie'rmite control organization protect you against costly damage. Free inspections on request. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co. MEMPHIS . SINCE 1927 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Starts at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box -Office Ovens 1 Show BUrts 1:15 that represents a drop of 22.5 • per" leaves tao bits, and that Mai tin says,-can be-hts mom's commission. lions on tobacco acreage in the cent—almost one-fourth — agiilnst '- years from 1940 through 1043 cut | 1914 demand If we assume the 14.5 jer cent rate of Increase to have continued. Another major factor Is maldls- .rlbutlon. Or about i 0 cc , u u u t«o-year magazine subscription. for tobncco used lu c | g ar e ts now being lhal sJck kid on our street. .Tha.t mndc ^ ., rc!iul t, manufacturers Guardsmen To Resume Friday Night Schedule .Winter training schedule of Company, K, Arkansas Guard unit here, calls lor weekly sessions each Friday night, it was announced today by Capt manding O W officer. Coppedge, com- Durlng' the fall months the ' local guardsmen have done' their training on nights but this week Thursday return to their regular Friday night sched- dipping Into their reserve stocks. We are told about a labor shortage, aggravated because clgaret- •mnVlng is not rated as essential Industry, though tobacco-growing is.' Both these things are line. But they don't offset HID fact lhat more cigarets actually are being made, and almost as muuy cigarets are being, put oh the civilian market. • The . principal and controlllni [actor, Mr. Colodny believes, is a type of hoarding that cnn't be stopped and can't even Ije blamed very much. The average consumer IIKC<| lo buy a pack, smoke it down to the In the ofrt days the prime distrlb- Bingo Party Scheduled Tonight At Noncoms Ciub Members of the Non-Cominission- cd Officers Club nml their guests will. participate in a Bingo Party at theiclubrooms at BAAF tonight, .... - - - . Master Sergt. Vic Torncllo, presi- inerly the Hank of Osccola build Officers Are Named For Osceola I/SO Club Osceola is assured a U.S.O. Club Finns have been worked out and officers elected as follows: president, Mayor Ben P. Butler; . vice- president, Rev. E. T. Smith; secretary, the Rev.-L. T. Lawrence. This club'.wilV represent Catholic Jews and Protestants. The Clul will meet in the nctv City Hall, for itor, who bought from Ihc manu-I"", -"', Incturcr, made many of his sales |, %,„" „., hi'ough sub -' distributor. 1 ;. oought from him for less-than-re- dent of the organization, nnnounc-' ing, upstairs in the offices former ly occupied by Ivy and Nailling. ,, i Play will last from 8 until :iol Hostesses for the club will b o'clock and prizes will be awarded. provided., by the Progressive Club. paid. —SO HE CUT OFF ' r THE 5im-D!STRIRUTOK ' When clgnrcts became scarce the prime illst'rlbutor could see no reason for skimping his own direct customers, and taking in less;mon-' ey, by protecting the sub-distributors. So, in many cases, he cut them off. They hud no contact with the manufacturers, and ho way "of getting clgarels. If your retailer, used to buy from Oh Saturday night, the club will .All Inn I. remains to be done be the scene of a dance, Sergeant the upproval of the National U.S.O Torriello also has announced. ~ Mnsic will be furnishe'd-by n seven-piece orchestra composed of mi|- Director, Jesse Nathan who vlsitc siclnns from the BSlst AAF Bamli there Wednesday. Director and such approval "wa assured by the Associate Hcgio'iia CHICKASAW West Mala Near Zlit 81 Bat. BUrts 12:45; Sou. start! 1:« Night »how» 5-.4S Except Monday, open* 4:45 Conttnnons shows Sat and Ban. Last Time Today Bringing back Memphis Belle, by request "TAKE IT BIG" with Jack Haley Harriet Milliard Mary Beth Hughes RKO NEWS AND COMEDY Thursday and Friday "STAGECOACH" .! •..'.:'•"•' T -Vwilhv •••- • •with Claire Trevor and John Wayn Paramount News and Comedy Friday TIGER SHARK" Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature MRS. W1GGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH" '• wilh Fay Rainier * Hugh Herbert and "ATTACK" Actual Pictures of the Battle for New Britain Friday and Saturday Double Feature "OUTLAWS OF THE DESERT" wilh Cassidy A MAN'S WORLD" with William Wright SEKIAL:. the Black Comedy a's Largest Airline Relies * . ~ - On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively Select His Gift At Mead's Eric T^oinpiJR, tteicardett o/ /Imcrfrcn , Fenntylr&nia .WoJor Oil cxdutinty. Inc., tchoie planet utt Sinclair fc *> n America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to lubricate its great fleet of Flagships. Give your car the same protection given costly airplane ' motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. It lasts so long it saves you money—gives your car safer, quieter lubrication. SLACK STORY Kelo'w: What man ever had enough slacks? You can't go wrong if you give him Hart Schaffner & Marx slacks because they arc tailored wilh the important extras. Choose several pair to blend with the leisure jacket illustrated al the right. In fine gaber- dines al $11.95 JACKET STORY Right: You can give him easy going comfort combined wilh outstanding appearance if you choose one of these jackets by Hart Schaffner & Marx. Has a gaberdine front . . . sponge bag check t \vceii back, collar and sleeves. Wending tones of tan or blue. Priced al $25 ^ Afei! « irjtktrillt, Aft tM*lt«*t«O X^VA * y l v t < ; ,. ^ x - V ^ MEAD'S "' 'Id £•-.:. , ,./ :v 111 MAIN Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Wednesday M-G-M's Laugh Hit! FAY BAINTER ; HENRI O'NEtLL SPRING BYINGTON $Vttn Ftoy by Mlihotl AHm and WalHt K«lK>l ' Adoptalion by Hurry KiimHi j Directed by ALEXANDER HAlt rrwhittJ by ARTHUR HOUNSLOW, *. '"' ISc^of Ihe t)ay Selected Short WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS TURKEY NIGHT Thursday KWSC cmr MIPHY-SIMMS CUI1U .» C1H1I m mm. Y iMflnpM mUnbn ...jn Pfoy by Dorothy KfngiTey and Harry : ,| lorV; ' Slory by JacV McGowan * Bowd on , I i* Mutica) "Very Warm For May" by J«rom» ;J «rn and Clear HammeriTein, 2nd ' Direct«<^[| y Roy Del Ruth'Produced byJackC Selected Shortg Friday and Saturday 'Hands Across the Border 1 ] with I Koy llogers A Ruth Terry SERIAL: "The Adventures of the Flying Cadets" Short (

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