The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY -1, 194G Retail Outlets rel BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.X COURIER NEWS TODAY'S SPORT PARADE Unusualberby Handicap Faced By Math Chance Farm Entries r OPA in Emergency Move A«t$ to Speed Shipment Men's Suits. WASHINGTON, May 2. (UP) — Average retail prices rose to n now postwar^ high in mid-March, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported today. ... BI.S said that "higher yrlces for most i>rfneii>:i! items In the family budget" liad forced up Its consumers' price Index by one-half nf one per cent, between February and March 15. ' The index is now 32 per cent higher August, 1939, the month before the beginning of the wnr aim 29,2 per cent above Jan. 1. 1941 That was the base date of the wartime "little steel" formula limiting wage increases, • The Mnrch increase reversed n downward trend between last December ami Feb. 15. It. included a two-fifths of one per cent rise In tile food bill for moderate-Income citv families.. BLS gave this report on various major items in the Feb. 15-March 15 period: Sugar—Increased almost live per cent following early February ceiling price adjustments' by OPA to insure continuation of larue imports. Fresh fruits and vegetables— Prices rose 1.7 per cent. Hiptier prices were reported for cabbage, lettuce, onions and potatoes. Spinach dropped seasonally 14 per cent. Cheese and peanut butter -Continued td edge upward by 2 3 'and 1.4 per -cent, respectively. Clothing—Costs increased 1.7 per cent between mid-February and mid-March and are now S2.6 per cent higher than in August 1939. Residential rents—Increase one- tenth of one per cent during the first quarter of 1946. It was the first increase since December 1944. Miscellaneous goods and services —Increased two-tenths of one per cent. These include medical care costs and hospital rates, which advanced in 18 cities. There were upward adjustments In laundry charges In Buffalo, Richmond and Philadelphia, and i:-. motion picture admissions, hair cuts and beauty shop services in a few citios. BY OSCAR United Prtsji Sports Writer LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 4. lUPt • -Paddock patter as they run for the roses at Churchill Downs today. Maine Chance Farm, with the three top horses In the derby, can't alford to lake any chances e\'e.'i if It runs one. two, three. For It one of; the entry should t>e dlsqual- Tulierculosis control In Arkansas wns discussed by Dr. A. C. Curlh — — .„. .. .. ., „.,,., ol Little Dock, director 0 ( the dtvl- be ciin do ut n mile niul a quarter l*' 0 " o( tuberculosis control afllvl- und ho might hold up... (ties In was beaded. He went out and stayed out. He might do that this time, too. for nobody knows what Doctors See Tuberculosis \ Control Film Lnxora Society—Personal Only half of t he propnble M starters are eligible for next weekend's preuknoss at Hiiltimorr. knockdown, Lord Boswell, Alinnond aiul Rippey were original emrle.-. and supplement nls lit la.OOU euch are Miu'iitc Victory, Hampdm, Assault and Wee Admiral., .here's one yon probably didn't know. The: Infield post's along th c Inside pi the track art 1 spaced one length apart to make It easier lo judge the distance between rnniiers... As for the track It looks like the spot when-,. Isiiae Wulton caught I three trout instead of the place *ac Murpliy rode three winners, the rain keeps up they could make n fortune with a trollliiK ified in such a case nil three would be ellininnled—giving top money '.o the, fourth . horse...which pre- ,'ents any stable from using one or .wo as blocking backs for the third stablemate. No horse ever has been disqualified - in the derby, however, us Mice in the King's Plate where an ;ntry took win. place and show only lo have all thrown out. There was one rugged run for the juleps, iliough. That was the stretch whip jf battle when Don ^eade on Brokers rip outrld e ,uid out-belted Harry Fischer on Head Play in 1933... the payoff was that Brokers Tin was a mnidcn then—and never won another race afterwards... Marine Victory would pain other j owners if he won tgday. Cold Stream Stud discarded hlnj because .. ( William flelis, the buyer/followed \AJ(~\ r C^nQI irv I tipic suit for the same reason and pawn- N-/VJ3UVJ1 I ILS cd him off to Bobanet Stable...ay- ,,,.c-nrv,^.,,« . Di-cntlce Don Padgett, who rode WASHING ION, May 2 <UPi~ his first winner less than a yeav ™ csf . cleu y r '"»'an is acting to Imlt ago at Charleston will be up, and, if he wins the Churchill Downs Classic, will be thc first apprentice to score since Ira Hnnford pulled Arkansas, Wednesday njfilil ut the meeting of Mississippi County Doctor's Association. Meeting ut the city Hall, present lo hear Dr. Curtis were physicians from lilytheville and osceola. To explain more completely meth 'Is of tuberculosis control, Di Curtis showed technicolor flln'is. ,, Joe K. Beasley Is president of |j. the Association, organized recently in order Unit doctors of this county may work together tor disease control. concession nt the eight pole sloppier thnn the tojmlw o! u sodn fountain. ..they're off! Traffic Death |Toll the trick with bold venture In 1930 DoivYates, trainer of Jobar. started In the business six years ago with two $500 horses...Jobar probably won't win for Yates but it's Quite a come uppance . . .There's plenty of speed in this race, with Extra Primary No Longer a Headache Here Tlie Mississippi County Democratic Central committee already had found a solution for the serious problem 1 of -paying for • two extra elections this Summer, which yesterday was upheld as constitutional by Atty. Gen. Guy E. Wil Hams in Little Hock. In tliis congressional district, only one candidate ftualified for the office of representative, E. C. Gallilngs. It is not legal to writ-i in the name ol any candidate in a primary election so if Mr. Gath- 0 ings receives one qualified such sprinters as. Hampden, Spy Song and Rippey. Hampden has plenty, for in the Chesapeake inside of two furlongs—from the half to the three quarter post—he opened up 15 length on tile rest of the field.. .Perfect Bahrain may show all of these speed horses' something. His job apparently is to step out in 'front and kill off the speed horses while Knockdown and Lord Boswell pace themselves for that long stretch run. The funny part is that Perfec Bahrain has only strated twi^e and, in winning them both, never the battlc-si^ed toll r>[ death eac month qir the nation's hlghwnys. Some 2.000 experts will attend the President's Highway Safety Conference here next week to try to combat the alarming increase in traffic accidents. They will be spurred on by grim figures showing that Die highway death toll for the prst three months this year is almost double the '1,119 men the-Anny reported killed in action at Okinawa. Another comparison shows tiiht 3.000 men. women and children In traffic accidents In January 184B, exceeding the Army total of men killed In action on the Anzio beachhead. Other figures reveal that ihr«c times as many Americans were killed and injured in traffic accidents between Pciir! Harbor Vj-Diiy as were reported klili;.-|, wounded or missing in the war dnr- _ j in£ that period. Mi's. T. \\ Jin,:..,!,,, (he Three 'p.ible liridr.i' < ll "y "Wit with n ile.s. Ciucsls Invited lo piny members were Mrs. C. 1!. Woorl. Mrs lew. .M ] Maxlnc Alaska. i'il bridge with (lie — --^-.^ i.ii.j. *_).. u, ^ uun, H. J. Smith, Mrs. ». T. Hul- Crijwtord of and Mrs. Joe Hire .. ,TM. ,,i..,. wui- *),ii-?>. 1*1] r.. „, • . , - - ?fi ...-U'- KUlott Willlums received liluh score ods «,r tuberculosis vonlrol, .>>>•• (dub ,„-,,.,. „„<, Mrs _ ,, 0 ' L . V,Vre 3 re"-'•''d hlijh guest jjrlKi!. Mrs. 5. 'mitli won cut prl/e ami Mrs. Mnxinc Crawford was presented \( The Admitted: Walk George liray, Holland, Mo. Dismissed : Mrs, Joe Elklns, city. Mis. Harvey Smith. Manila. Mnxliv Deavers, city Mrs. liejt Wells. Su>«le. Mft. Itt.vthevlUe HiKplui Admitted: , Mrs. cia'nett Abbplt, city. Dismissed: II. E. LnShol, city. Mrs. C. II. Whistle, Munlla. Kalherine 'Richardson, Mm)lla. Odoll Kiiifihl. Osceoln. MllUm Prather, Osccolu. Ali'iriphijf Baptist riiwpilal Admitlcd: 'ravls Davis, Leiiclwlllc. Memphis Mvl.etnarr C'llnlc Admitted: Mrs. Julius Ralph, Joiner Memphis St. Joseph HMplUI Admitted: Roy cireenwell. Joiner. Bamboo sometimes Is used to make irrigation pipes by Javanese natives. vote the runof primary, he is the Deaf 1 ocratic nominee' for this district for Congress. At ^ "recent meeting of the Mississippi County Democratic Central Committee, ii, was voted that in the event Mr. Gainings had no opposition, the federal runoff primary would be made as economical as possible for the county by having only one box at Osceola, one at Lcacnville a"d one »t Blythevillc, at which voters may vote in t'-'- federal 'primary. This Is expected to result in savings of approximately $1000 Mississippi County, as the primary law requires tne to pay for expense of these federal primaries. The federal primary should lie confused with the primary for nomination of officers for towii- .ship, county, district and state of, fices, it was pointed out tidaj by | Jesse Taylor, chairman of the Cen- J iral Committee. The first federal primary, which will held in this congressional district, is July 16. Thc second or runoff federal primary, at which the three special boxes will 'Je available for voters, Is Aug. 6. The preferential primary for state, county, township and district offices will be held July 30 and this a to federal ounty died of burns suffered when a kerosene can exploded while he was kindling " a' fire Wednesday. He Is .survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyd e Swader of .Helena, two brothers and three sisters. Eight-year-old Henry Eunett was shot and killed by his brother, Leamond Epnett, 13, while the two were hunting on their lather's farm near 'Sheridan, The Older boy -was raising a .22 caliber rifle to fire nl n bird when his younger brother ran in front of the weapon. Joe Meredith, 27-year-old Hot Springs veteran, was killed instantly when a truck in which he wa.-i i riding crvjhed into a tree on the Fourche Loop near Hot Springs. Four others escaped injury. The body of Raymond W. Gres- hatii, 26, rice mill worker of near Humphrey, was rcco.yered from Bayou Meto. where he'was drowned yesterday while fishing. Landys' Beauty Shop 2003 W. Main St. Phone 3990 Rowlett Read Courier News Want Ads. I11CV " , ll.'n'l', 7 >l * ! ! llB » r Ljll IMIIIl) . f Fotirleoii gutftti r,»th«rt;d nroUnil the tutyle, ct'iitfrcd with u bli'lhiluy ' nilfi'. Atlci illimcr. \\it gui'Ms went' to (h L . IAI'X 'r'lieuh'4 where lli"t-| suw "The Brighton .slrnngler." mill R'nni R'rifti 'l, "The MtwsU'i' mm thf1 u rlul D II IM RHiney and Mr. R<t- tlie Mi's. John Ford uns hostess Titps- d"V night, lo the YiMUig Malrona' due club with a dessert brldxe. Mrs. Chester Uanehower was high scorer and Mrs, John KnuiKllu l!o\ven was second high scorer, I'lnk peonies in the hume ol Mrs. K. lj. llouck formed u pleus- Ing setting for guesU Wednesday •iftcmoon when Mrs. llouek en- i.'il|ilned with i, bridge luncheon In honor of Mrs. Maxlne Crawford 0| Anchorage, Alaska. Oilier uuests WIT,. Mrs. joe Hires, Mrs. Jesse Hi'own. Mrs. Klllolt Wllllums, Mrs. Kll/nbelli Silllnuiii, Mrs. T. I,. Klun- lonl,.Mi'ji. T. n. VVllklus. Mrs. Sinn Hiiwen, Mrs. T. p. Hudson, Mls'i Dltsy silllman. and Mrs. Diiluild Wcrty, of Osceola. Mrs. '!'. D. Wjl- 1 ' is was high scorer In the bildv 1 - CTIIICS and Mrs. Hires'received cut prlw. Mrs. Crawford was presented n sift. . Members of the Uixorn-Osccoliv firldge Club were entertained at suniier 'Aiesday night by Mr. and Mrs. Russell Uowen in their home'. Ill the bridge games hl B h scorit ))rl«es went lo Mr. and Mrs. DwlKhl M. ulackwopd. of 'Osecola. Mr. and Mrs. Herman I,. Splcer honored their son, nllly. with a dinner In their home, and n Pie. Mordac! c. 'Cooks', Jr., wlfo Is til home in HlyUii'yillc nil u au- dny lurlough, hnd Mis. Cfjoke .Client the »eek-end with l>rlvuu> on the hospital slilu. Ernestine Kn- M. a Cooke. Pilvut* cooke has been stationed (of the past nine months In Osaka und other cities In Jupan. iiecanse of Illness for the past four months, he returned to the Stales on the hospital ship, Krnstlne Ku- ronda .which took '.I'i days lo mnke the trip, prlviti) Cooke Is now slu- lloned ut San Antonio, Texas. Mrs. Minnie Kerry, u leacher In Klson College, Klson, N. C., arrived via pliine, 'rhurs(fii)', to be with ln-| mother, Mrs.. Aiigi'Hne 1'olls. who Is .sei'lpusly 1)1. Mrs. Allle Spann went lo Mem-' phis Sunday to be with her maud- daughter, Gladys Lee Cox of darks- daje, M|ss., who Is a patient In Ihu Methmltst Hospital. Mrs. (tail Roy Lake, of Memphli spent the week-end with her iiiolh- er, Mm. n. T. Hullt'W. Mrs. Willie Hownni returned TiU'sday from Clilcm(i>, whore sho hud bi'i'i) v)«)(l/H: T'er diiiiijhlei', Rabbi to Attend B'nai B'rith Convention Or. Alfred VKf, lUbb] of Tempi* Isiucl. will leave lontijht for Uous- lon. Texas, to attend \ the Convention of District OraiiU U>dg* No. 1 ll'nnl B'rllh. Dr. Vise hus (wen active In this orKunl/.utlun for muny yc.irs, huvlng Ijeen past vlm»|)ri>«i(i(»)t uild president of tin- Henry'Jones I^xlge in llnmbiirg, OormaiVy, and Olarks- vllle Utdge. Tenn. , Konnerly pintor of the largest Jewish Reform Church In Oernuniy, he now Is a member of the Ik« Miller ladtte In Bly(hevillo and Is the u Monitor be untM Mother'ii Z»y, May o'clock, ' ' ' '* ' ' NOTICB or FILING or CATION POB LKtVOB PtltMIT Notice If hereby (iren that the i urxleriil«ne<i hu filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stete •• of Arkatuu for jpermit to «n »nd dUpenao vlnou^ or spirituous liquors "' for beverate at reUfl on the premises described w| 2 Main St , Armo- ' rel, Ark. Application U for permit to be I'.sueU for operation beglnnlrrs on the 1st' day of July, IMA 'and to expire lin the 30th day of June, 19)7. E C Williams Armo rel Drug -far • The Poultry Market RK furnished by W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co, Hens — Today — Ox 24c 15e 1711 W. Vine - Blylhevlttc ELECTRICAL CMTMl Let us fijori your total contract inclu4 . ing labor. -..,.• ... ,".•".;•' Service and Repair 911 wiring and octet- soricr. , . • ,, ,-. ••• . •,: , . ;• "••'' Appliance Repair, WALPOLE ELECTRIC GO; 110 So, S«r. Aik Ui for Our Infertile Yard K(|«. $25 Reward for information enabling me to secure a 6 or 7 room i unfurnished house. Contact E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2335 — 319 East Ash the runoff Aug. 13. in those same offices is Four Arkansans Killed In Separate Accidents By United Press Funeral services were held ycs- dav for lour Arkansans, two ol them children, who died in accidents Thursday. At Helena. Jimmy Swader, 13, ATTENTION LADIES Cash Paid for Men's, Women's and Children's Used Clothing and Shoe-*. 415 W. Ash St. THE BEAUTY CLTNIC Marcaret D«CB Smith, Owner lD{nun Bldf. ' Phone UT« One soravinir with RRRLOU Mothnroot nrolccls clothintr iurs.' blankets, ritt's. furniture for 5 years, or BERLOU pays.'for. the damaere. BER- LQU a-ives sure. -low-cost tnoth-Di-otection . . only 25 gents' nervear for fur coat! Not affoctctl bv clt-v-cleaninL' HUBBARD Hardware Co. 21S West Tahkful up to Tankful (. MARTIN'S Super-Regular, Gal, Kerosene Per Gal 8c Barrel Lofs, Per Gaf - 7'/2C MARCQ-PENN 2000 Mile Oil, Qt. / Q*. FREE on Drains SATURDAY PER GALLON (TAX PAID) POULTRY FRESH DRESSED DAILY. FRYERS qOt UP Buy th« entire F»w| *r J«i» ili« Pieces V» W»bt ' Garden-Fresh Produce Received bally We Stock a Wide Variety of Pickles, Olive*, Jams, Jellies Viirleljr (Jrocrrr--C'o«w and HM > Pickord's Gro. & Market Phone 2013 ii>.|4 chickasawbft Av«. USED GARS WANTED We will pay you the fuM OPA Ceiling ' • ' . ' -• ' • • - 11 plus your extra equipment. It yon are RoinK you an estimate anil iiaintin^. Credit (orms can lie arranged. Tires, Tiib«s and- anto ' anil htimt radios for sale. '•• lo keep your present car let us on reconditioning your motor, body. Lee Motor Sales, Inc, Oltlsniobilc Bust Main CMC Trotks Phone 519 MARTI On Route 61 ot the State Line RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on war Reliable make o«Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Aitborfetd Ifc^m Rain u4 8trrV* 106 So. First St. Co. Where Your Flowers Arc—You Are! One cali to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. I^FLOWEH SHOP «.1M>. SentOT IX .«»t Mm, J. M. (Ha«) w« i RED RYDER ,._ FORA POSSE TO FOUCVl WASH TURRS What's lJp,.Gertic'i VOU LOOK AS IMPRESSIVE AS A BASS SOLOIST, ' AL—BUT THE GAS UNES ARE WJULDV.... WHAre yOURSONS AND DANCE A80UT<dteE WOBKINS FOR A RUM RUNNER NAMED CWK? WHAT soerop SKULDUGGERY 1$ THIS, SIRS;,,. WE'RE CURIOUS, <UH, WHV VOU ED THE FOTTUSHTS ••i.T«eo THE ustnviME STASC AH, VES... IT WAS CLWINS THE DEPRESSION WUE WAS WH& AHD WV GROUCH 6AS WAS E.VW-. LIKE A WATER BUFFALO i Is !f Out of Order? •' Our mechanics «r« Nol Factory Trained — but they are GOOD! • Their work is fcUARArttEED! • Their Prices are REASON A BLR! • They are yr«H equipped to do Flight Repair Work on any make of Car or Truck! • They Guarantee to SATISFY! NEWT SHORT in Charge of Garage. MARK'S Auto Service Hood S.^ic. l^ J,l j . ••" I I .1 Ash at 'Second Washinc, Greasing, f.l All Standard I'rodaets EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO

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