The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1949
Page 8
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' FAGS EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (AHK.)' COUKIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 18, 1949 £ yes and Ears Very Important H Public to Have Real Facts On V/hat Transpires in Congress fly anics ,"\l:uIoiT 1, WASHINGTON, April 18. (/!>-This story ha* a morn); Von have lo keep your eyes and ears open o) you'll miss something. The House was debating—U later apptovcd—a cleionse proKratn or about $16,000,000,000. Up stood Rep. clarence Cannon, Missouri Democrat, to led the House ha thought a big wad of the dough ought lo be spent on loiiR-mngc planes. This is where cars and eyes became important. For (he next- day the New York Tunes reported Cannon as saying, among other ihmys, that If war suited— *— — "Moscow and every rent or in Russia, we must hit within one week after the war .starts, and it can be done only by laud-bitted planes such as we now have, "We will not necessarily have TO send our land army over there. In the next war, as In the war. let us equip soldiers from other nation. 1 ? nnri let them send their boys into the holocausts hist end of sending our own boys. That Is what long-ranne planes mean. "We will absolutely demoralize the enemy. We will destroy all his lines of communiraiions. We will blast at the centers of operation, and then let our allies send the fli-my in. other hoys, not our boys, to bold the gtound we win." Our future allies, rending thai in the Tunes, might get the Impression that we are thinking nl doing the blasting while our allle.s did the dyinp on the battlefield. Congressional Record Is .Milder '"But when the ConErcs.sionnl Record of Cniinon's speech came out the next day, this particular part Century Notes U S. EXPENDITURES 1849 1849 APRIL (819 -T * $1,000,000 SI, 000,000 every 9 days fie if 12 minutes POPULATION 1949 didn't read the nine way. It tound- >d milder in the record. It s;iid: "Of roursi", a war could nut be won by air power alone. Them must be troops for occupation and navy ships for tran.spm luUnn. Hut under I he Marshall ,ilnn and the Atlantic pact we will have allies with troops tvnil .ships who should • bc given an opportunity lo scharfie their iii'liUK poweis "Why not let them ronliinule some of thrir buys needed to occupy enemy territory after WR hnvc demoralized and atmrhUiUerl the enemy territory from the air? Whirling Skirl, Gl Style Tlie firsl bagpipe band in the U. S. Army makes its Mist public appearance complete with newly authorized uniforms in Seattle, Wash,, as 1st Sgl. E. Cliatel, left, and Pfc. K. Loj-an do their Gl version of (lie highland (ling. Furnishing the skirling accompaniment are, left to right. Pfc. 1. Orenstein, S/Sgt. L. LeDuc, Pfc. C. Gardner and PvL Harry Katzman. * "We followed thul plan in the hist war and Amerirnu boys arc living today whose bones would lie mouldering in alien soil had we insisted on rushing them In when inn allies had an obligation to participate and were willinp to send m thrir boys as a fair share nf their contribution in UIP war In the defense of their people nnd their civ- ili/mlon." | Which version is correct? The one !n the New York Times, noted for ils EUT'trary. which is the same version our own Associated I'i'f RS reporters had? Or (he version which appeared in the Congressional Record? Only 1're pa red Text I'rinli'd I called Cannon and asked him. ; . , He said he hadn't read the pub- i s «" s cven foillld * llovise for one lished account quoted ahove. But ,' " ian aboul to Uc he also said lie did not know whe- 1 Belt, mayor of San Marino, said (her that's what lie said on Ihr J all the money will be divided among floor. I the men who participated in the Funds Pile Up for Men Who Tried to Rescue Girl Trapped in Well SAN'MARINO, caiir, April IB.— '/I'l—Heriosm is paying off for the moil who risked their lives to bring little Knlhy Flscns from the depths of an abandcned well. More than 4.200 leilers have been received and nearly $18.000 has been contributed, rescue Fund Chairman Clark Bell estimated. In addition, many Jobs have been offered those rescue workers who were unemployed. Sympathetic pcr- "^ (Sixf!mei« much) --23^00,000 US 000,000 (cihmoled) EXPENDITURE PER PERSON 184? 1949 $1.70 0 )>for 1NEA Ne .Tlhis newschart shows the differences between U. S. government expenditures nnd population in 1849 and HUE). During "the century, man h;is lenmcd lo travel 25 times as fast ns in 1849 and spend tax money 1100 times the rate spent in 18-19—or nearhr $1400 per second, Dala from Family Economics Bureau • ,of Northwestern National Life Insurance C'o. escue attempt. The three-year-old excited at the furl's body was brought to the .surface Sunday nighl tiflcr 52 hours of grueling work. Czechs/ Hungarians Sign Friendship Pact BUDAPEST. April 18— year pact offriendship, coopcrii tlon and mutual assistance wa, signed by Czechoslovakia and Hit gary Saturday. The pact called for "nccessiir steps to prevent a new attack o: behalf of Germany or any otlic eountry allied directly or indirect! wHh Germany." Read Courier News Want Ads Douglas Is Dismissed From Eye Hospital LONDON. Apil 18. (;>v~U. S. Ambassador Lewis Douglas returned to his London home in an ambulance Saturday for further trentment of his icff eve, ^nagged by a fish hook 12 d;iy-s ago. SiirReons said the condition of the eye remains serious. Ho had been undergoing trcat- Wliy? He snid he me. He snid he had gone on Hie with a prepared te\l. And hl5 prepared text which j\p- ears in the Congressional Record. The 1 Hsked him if he -n 1 ; ninny ongressmen do—nlierrd what Uie tenopraplier had inkeii down on flour of the House before 1L ould be printed In the Congress- onal Record. No, he hndn't touched the Cnn- egional Record after he made his perch, he said. If the historians of our times inie rooting around to find out vliat was. happening this ivcck. They'll linve to jnakc up their minds ment at ilie Free Eye Hospital in between the published Accounts nf! Southampton, ,'hat Cannon snid. and the Con- I Both of the diplomat's eyes have, i Rpcnrd. whlvh is a handy i been bnndaged—the right one to prevent .strain—since he, was injured i.i a fishing accident 12 days a tin. A fishhook lodged In the rinm- at:ed eyf Haspital sonrc&s .said it wns likely the bandages would remain on for some time. ;outL'e book of congressional dotng.s. res- Honey' No Sweet Term ] n Bee-Leaguered Home BOTHEI.L! wash., April IB '/P>— Honey" i.^ 110 term of endearment around Airs. Harlanti C. idetjcc. To her. "honey" is Ihe .stuff that ' soak." her ceilinp atid drijvs through Into her living room. She complained that the bpp,s moved in two years ago in a xcc~ tion untier the roof and just over the ilii^ini! room windows. They now have a cmnb 10 feel long anil two l »Md n li^lf fort wide. . "And these taees are really mean. \Ve*ve been stmiif ^ci many times we've lost cnnnt." Mrs. Pnige said. She snys she'd like lo have .some help from somebody who under- .stands bees. oung Farmer Admits Slaying :lderly Man DOVER, net., April IS. liVi~A IB- car-old farmer confessed Satur- ay ne and his mother murdered a 0-ycar-uld, man the woman mot iiBh a lonely hearts corrcspon- ce, stale Police Col. Herbert Bnrnes fumounceci. The Delaware Stale Police super- nlendent said Die youngster had naric a full confession that lie shot Vade Wooclridge, Bedford. Va., and "at his mother participated and iclped him dispose of the body No nolive for Ihc killing "--as revealort. Col, Barnes said the slaying oc- •urred last October 10 bul was not discovered until the latter purl of ast week. He .snirt the victim's boiiy vas burled temporarily In n pic. >en and later removed, burned and hrown on the novcr city dump, "ollce found charred remains on he dump last nl(?hl. 'Iliose under arrest were klentl- 'led by Barnes as Rohert Vernnn iiennnn and his mother. Inez Oer- rurie Brennan, 45. Robert's half '[other, Richard, was held as an accessory. First Ambassador Professor Resigns CONWAY. Ark., April 18. Wi— I. Glenn Metcalf, associate professor of music at Hendiix College •since 19M, has resigned effective next August, Dr. Matt L. Ellis, Hendrix president, announced Saturday. l^llhtt Elath is the first Israeli ambassador to the U. S. The new Jewish stale representative is pictured as he called at the White House recently lo present his credentials. Read courier News Want Ads. 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