The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1949
Page 11
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TtTESTUY, JULY 19, 1949 BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.T COURIER KXWf ELEVEN ' Chicks Win 9-8 To Leave Cellar Memphis Club Sees Daylight for First Time This Season AMEH1CAN By The AisocUled Crew The Memphis Cliicks finally climbed oul ol the Southern Associ- . •tion cellar wilh a 8 to 8 victory ovot the Chaitaiiooga Lookouts last Rocky Kiuisch drove in live of Memphis' nine tallies. He clouted a four-bugger in Ihe liisl inning with . mate on base. It was the first time the Chicks have been out of last place since Ihe beginning ol the season. The defeat dumped ihe Lookouts down I to the loop basement. -Memphis began its drive lo get I free ot ihe bottom a little better Birmingham than a week ago. Since then, the Atlanta Chicks have won seven out of theii last eight games, including a couple t from the top-spot Nashville Vols. Vols Nip Travs The Vols. meanwhile, beat Ihe | Little Hock Travelers, B-3. Big Bube Barna doubled to brins in two I runners and put the Vols ahead, 4-3, in the seventh. The Vol.s ncidccl four more in i. bit: ninth frame, i Tlie win was Ben wade's ninth | against four defeats. H was a brand-new Baron that I won for Birmingham, 1 to 0, in a game with Mobile's Bears. Ed (Red) I Lavlgne, obtained from Louisville, smashed a homer in the second. Jim McDonald sei Llie Bears down on three blows for his tenth win | of the year. Charlie Clock, who used to play tor Atlanta, and Pete Modtca, teamed up to give the Pelicans of New Orleans a 3-2 win over the Crackers. Glock tapped in the winning run and handled 11 fielding changes 1 without a bobble. Modica limited •^Ctackeii, to thiee hits NATIONAL LEAGUE w L Pet. Brooklyn 61 32 .614 St. Loui» 49 35 .5*3 Boston *« M .Ml Philadelphia 43 41 New York 40 41 Pittsburgh 38 43 Cincinnati 34 48 Chicago 31 54 New York Cleveland . Philadelphia Boston .... Delroit .... Chicago 31 Washington 34 St, Louis . SOUTHERN LEAGUE W L New Orleans 48 Mobile Little Rock Memphis Chattanooga Yesterday's Results AMERICAN I.KAGIIE Philadelphia 13 Detroit 8 (10 innings). Cleveland 1 Boston 0. Chicago G New York 5 (10 innings-night). Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh 1 Philadelphia '1. New York 7 St. Louis 4. Cincinnati 6 Boston l. Brooklyn 3 Chicago 0. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Nashville 8 Liule Rock 3. New Orleans 3 Atlanta 2. Birmingham I Mobile 0. Memphis 9 Chattanooga 8. DOWN TO EARTH—When George Hausmann is at bat, Umpire George Barr goes into t crouch with the calch to gel a better perspective for calling bolls and strikes. Just under five feet, five inches, the Mexican Jumping Bean at second base for the Giants is the shortest player in the National League. loday's Games AMERICAN I.KAGUE Washington at Detroit. Boston at Chicago. New York al Cleveland. Philadelphia at St. Louis (2). NATIONAL LEAUUE Cincinnati nl New York (night) Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Chicago at Philadelphia (night) St. Louis at Boston (night). SOUTHERN LEAGUE <A1! Night Games} ChaUanoo^.. al Memphis. New Orleans al Atlanta. Mobile at Birminghiim. Nashville at Little Rock. El Dorado Police Ask Ouster ot New Chief EL DORADO. Ark., July 19. (;P) A petition protesting the appointment of Sst, Ross Martin as acting chief of polire has been signed by H of El Dorado's 15 police officers. Spokesmen for the police said yesterday the petition was addressed to Mayor A. c. Neel. members of the City Council and the Civil Service Commission. The petition said the appointment was not based upon seniority nd urged that the department be pl»,eed under the joint control of Capt. M. B. Southall and Capt. F. E. Ross. »Ye/c/i Bros. Mn Decision in Mat Events Joe and Roy Welch, bco ot the our wrestling Cherokee Indian brothers, cut mother notch In their amity tomahawk. Last night when hey gained t decision over Bad Boy Brown and Stocky Knellson In tag match feature of the American Legion'* wrestling bonla it Memorial Auditorium. The Welch brothers twined the ?rdlct by taking the first and final falls of the best two o( three falls event. Kneilsen and Brown won only the second round of the main event match and both lost their preliminary bouls. The main event t>out. booked Rt Vhe request ol Brown, was frequented with free-tor-alls as the two rival teams swung away at each other. Ill feeling between Brown and the Welch brothers, which was the ca use of Ule request book ing, highlighted the event, and blazed huo open (isMc warfare on several OlTHSSlOn.S. The Welcli.s \v<m the first fa" after a rough 13 minutes with Joe Wcleh eliminating both Brown and Kneilsen. Brown was the first lo go in 10 minutes, the victim of (tying UickLes and t\ body pin ! and Kneilsen WHS defeated three minutes later with monkey an (I a body smother. K neil sen a mi Brow n y n 1 tied the decision hi the .second fall in 17 uncmtes. with Kneilsen pinning both EL DOUADO, Ark., July t9. (,P>- i of the Welch brothers, lie cliium- Ncgotiation.s will continue iti nil : aicci Roy In 13 mimHc.s with effort to avert a strike of more ' Ixjcty slams and a pin and relurnfd than ^00 worker.- nt the Knot PC- j to take Joe in font- minutes will t role inn Company refinery here. 5 a stomp hammer lock. Rioting Follows Negro Arrests 3 Houtcs Burned By Mob a* Rap* Cast Susptctt Arc JaiUd GROVEliAND. P)a., July 19. (AP) —A riot ol .shoo) in K and burning flamed in llrta farming section last night after A man \va.s beaten and robbed and hLs 11-ycar- old wife raped early last Saturday. Three Negro homes two mile* of here were destroyed aft PI MI) aitned mob aet fire (o Lheni. So far H-t could be determined, no one was jn the build in R-s wlitch had •en evacuated by their occupanLs jetore nlghUttU. Earlioi, Lake Comity Sheriff W. MrCaU hurled a lear Ra.s bomb to Ihe midst of s heavily armed lob of Rbou| 50 men who rode looting through SUickey'x Still. H esro community about five nu'Jpji Ktl of GvoVeland. Throe Negroes have been arrr.sU- it nud charcod by Sheriff McCull •Uti rape, kidnaping and causing otlily harm in connection with the Liquor Fair Trade* Act , It Target of Lawsuit LITTLE ROCK, July 19. (AP> — The 1W9 liquor "fair Uadc,s practices" act U under legal attack toil ay. Rep James A- Gljwon of Saline County filed suit in Pula.sicl Chancery Court yesterday asking that ihe law—Act 289—be declared xm- conMiUitiounl and tliat officials he .slopped from enforcing It. Revenue Conimi.vijoner Dean R Morley and Slate Treasurer J. Vance Clayton were named defend- nni5 I The act -^liecifieri liquor price I mark-lit)- 1 ! allowed wholesalers anr I retailers A general price rise fol- owed iu adoption. Negotiations Continue In Oil Company Dispute The employes, members of Local '.i-!. CIO International Oil Workers Union, had set yesterday as the inal date for mediation. Negotia- ions yesterdaj' v. p ere unsucce-ssful. )Lit at telephoned request of the Livestock TOP TANDEM—Willa Worth- Mfrton and Dick Pope, Jr., cool dS at Cypress Gardens, Fla., f practicing for the defense of [ their women's and men's national water ski championships ' in Baltimore, July 22-23-24. Arkansas Woman Dies Of Accident Injuries WEST MEMPHIS. Ark.. July 19. (>l>r—Mrs. W. B. G ration of Vanndale, Ark., was killed and her husband was injured seriously in an automobile- truck collision ue&r here yesterday. The truck driver. Clarence W.vatt ol near Louise, was injured only slightly. Mrs. GraCton's death was the sixth from accident and violence in Arkansas this week. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. July 19. l.'Vi—IUSDA>—Hogs 12,500: weights 180 Ibs up mostly 25 to mostly 50 lower; lighter v,'eights steady to 25 lower; cows uneven rage 'abouf steady; bulk Rood ami choice 180-230 Ibs 22.15-21.00 lop 23.00: 240-210 Ibs 21.25-22.7S 270-325 Ibs 19.00-21.25: 340-360 111 n.15-18.25: HO-HO' Ibs 21.00-22.50 100-1SO Ibs 19 VJO -'21.00: good sow 400 Ibs down 17.00-18.25: (civ 18.50 over 400 Ibs 12,50-16.50; stags 10.5013.00. Cattle 4800: calves 2000: opening trade slow; initial deals g«nerally steady on all classes: tew choice steers 27.35; odd lots good to choice 25.25-27.00: good heifers and mixed j yearlings 24.50-26.50: common and ' medium 18.00-24.00; common and medium cows 15.50-17.00; c;innc~rs and cutters 11.00-15.50. The Ihird fall, although tin shortest or the three, was by fu the roughest and the Welch Brolh- ers outlaslCd the opposition in 1 minutes. Joe Welch defeated Browi in 10 minutes with s front crotcl Root preside.nt. Dwight F. Bemou. )"*"<* torty sl]aitl al V\ nl °- vj w ,^} ch de com Shrevep i't. the employes agreed Lo continue with negotiation!; tomorrow. Workers are seeking a 12-ceni an \ the cme-foll preliminary ^bouts wit unir raise. Present scale is from $1.04 to $1.88 an hour. featect Kneilsen with Ijody flips anc pin. The Welch brollici's won both o Named to Road Agency LITTLK ROCK, July 19—f/Pi— Barney Smith, Nashville farmer, has been named fa!' Governor Me- Math to the Arkansas Highway Joe defeating Kneilsen in 10 mln utes with a double jat:k knife an Hoy Welch won over Brown S fspven minutes with a front crotc and body slam. Sout >l;ikrs Mud N' When ccirtain tivei.s i Africa dry up in .summer ,a ci rlous kind ol llsh, called mtidfisl Commission. He succeeds L. a j makes itself a nest in Ihe mud an Honeyciitt, also of Nashville, who • waits for the river to ill) with wa died last. week. I ter aaaln. '.voultl Ur no more trouble- Tin house bunting followed .soon afterwards several miles away. The situation cooled off a.t Quick ly a.s St hart flared after the, were de.sttoyed. One of the home, ua.s said to belong to the talher o one of the Mi.spect.s. The whereabouts of a nine-year old girl, reported to have been i one o[ the houses earlier, was mystery Highway patrolmen siu laturriay The .sheriff said hf 1 Uirf-c- had admitted Ihe crliniw nd Dint si fcnirlh suspect WHS onyht. r»ii:irtlsnifn CaHt'il He Ux'cd Ihe prisoners n.s Charlie ."Srrcnlee. Samuel Shepherd and \ Vahor irvin, all about 20. McCivIl | aid thry admitted they bent and ' -obbrri Will Padgett of Orovt'laurl, . hen klutiiipcrl and raped his wife . •ally last Sntnrday. National Guardsmen, called out >y Sbeiiff McCult for the .second li^lil in n row, last ntj>]it (lie NVcro sec I ton here some distance fiom the flaming structures. There were 35 In the detachment which came licrr from Leesbui'K. A crowd of 150 Vo 200 men con- cregated at Mnscnlt, between Grovfinnd and Sluckey's SUH, following the shooting there but they caused no trouble. They (old officers tliere would be no violence If 'he officer, 1 ; left. The mob at SUickey's Still dispersed after Ihe gas wn.s thrown by thr sherifl. He foilowcd thorn lo a country Toad where lie talked Mii'in info disbanding. As the cmwd broke up. one unidentified ninn .said: "On n't Fl^ht IJiw" "We know we can't fight the iiivr". Hr and several others .said there AT PLATE—Dlno Restelli, th«j Pirates' ho me-run hitting re- i crnii outlielder, stokes up on• spaghetti sent him by admirin^j Pittsburgh fans. they luid sea relied Die house fial lion i.s befoi e ttie fii - e.s wer -t;ti;cd d t the request nf a ineitiber of ilu- family but she could not be The child had been left behind In Ihe confusion when the family loll, uEficer.s said thoy were told. Second Negro Admitted To U. of A. Med School LITTLE ROCK, July 13— tfl> t — A second NoRi-0 has been selected »» a University of! 1 > Medical .School -student. Morris Andrew Jackson, 24, of Little Rork. whose father is a lah- otcv, was one ol the H9 persons chosen by the school's committt* on admissions yesterday to com- ne.xt fall's IreMirnan claw. i Kdlth Mne irby, Hot Springs Ne- 1 gj-o girl, entered the school last mil. NEW thiv U|<em Week l>aT> >:(IU P » Milinee Saturday & San**} taL-Sun 1 p.m Cont SbowiD{ Manila, Ark. Sl.uws tVEKV NIliHI Tuesday Only "1 CHEATED THE LAW" Tfith Tom Con way SKY YOU'RE INVITED TO A DEMONSTRATION OF THE LINE FERGUSON TRACTOR The SECRE'I ol Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. PHONE (451 RENT A CAR IJrive Anvwher* You PlriM Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 DRIVE-IN THEATER Wednesday & Thursday "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME" Kith Esther Williams, Frank Sinatra, »Tid denr. Kelly Also Short till i «'6J Bui Otfkr Optnt «l I Show Starts »t 7:30 Tuesday "RUSTY LEADS THE WAY" A boy's best frirnri... and a kid's only hope Teri Donalrisnn MoffeU •S .Miles North of Blythnille Box Office Opens at 6:45 Show SUrfx -:SO THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE B«i Office Oprm at 7 Wmk Nights Shri* Starts at 1:3(1 ^Maliner. Salurriaj & Sunda.i '!&• P-m. wilh ci>n<inunH* nhnwint. Wednesday & Thursday "THE STRAWBERRY ROAN" (fn Cinecolor) Gene Autrjr Gloria Henry Tuesdaj' Murr> Bargain All Tickets BLVTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Show Start* Werktiart 7:M p Saturday and Sunday: C~on(ip«» showint from 1:M 9*11. "BLOCKHEADS" Oliver Hard? • Cartoon & News Wednesday A Thorsdav "THE LUCKY STIFF" n«r«(hj fotmtir [ i BrtM. I>.nk,j CU*r« Trcw Ab» Slwrts TursdJtj "DAISY KENYON" with Joan Crawford, !>ana Andrew* • nd Henry Fond* WednesdiT A (DOUBLE FEATURE) "SLAVE GIRL" Kith Yvonne DeCarlo and George Brent "LOUISIANA" with Governor Jlm«ir l>«vl» »n<( M»r«»r»l l.tadu; Serial: "G-M«* Nerer Forget" Chapter 7 Al» Short* Tuesday and Wednesday "BLONDIE IK THE DOUGH" with Arthur Lake atirl Penny Sinjltlon RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. I-asl Time Today SHOCK f 1HRIIL/ PUNCH.' . K.r Vi IK IMIUI M I1IHI It'll llm» Warner \ew.t ft Short Wednesday * Thursday "IN THE NAVY" with AMnti •nd CMUIt* Netn * Short Wed. -Thurs., July 20-21 At the J. A. Godwin Wheat Farm Vi Mile South of Keiser, Ark. (Weather Permitting) Sec for Yourself Why the Ferguson Tractor Offers Much More for Your Money Thit Demonstration Sponsored By JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. "Your Gtnuin* Ftrguson D*aUr" BlythtvitU BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! Thai's why you'll .save yourself nintiy a dollar by Imving your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us. H-flLTCRS QUflLttV SHOC SHOPi 121 w M a i N s T Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasnwba SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groc*rie» We Oe/iv«r Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking HAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service K»r Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, etc. Licensed & Insured Licensed & Insured fo» Your Protection Call for Our Schedule Phone 2:(ill or 4152 Radio Repair II work dune by a licensed arlio-Telephone expert — very job Ruaranteed. Why a}' more for less? Piano Tuning )one with lite famous Si roboscope" — Exclusive ci this area. \Vhy take less han rieiTi'fl I lining when l»e best is available! Sheet Music - Record* Supplies-Repairs PIANOS New and Used Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 K. Main Tel. 81 GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on your Soybeans, Corn, Wheat and olhcr Grains. Our liins are Government Approved, fior- " eminent Financed, 5 years lo pay For full Particulars—Call or Com* In. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville,Ark. Phones 856-857

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