The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1931
Page 4
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.VAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (AHK.V COURIER NEWS HIS BLYTHEV1LLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAIKES, Advertising Boie National Advertising Re>eKntative»: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Sm francLsco. Chicago, St. Louie. Published Every Alternoon Except Sunday. Entered.«s second class matter «t the port office at Blylheville, Arkansas, under act ot Congress October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By currier In the city of Blytheville, Ibc per week or $0.50 per year In advnncii. By mall within a radius ot 60 miles, 13,00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 65o for three months; ny mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, f6.5Q per year. In zones seven cid eight, |10.00 per year, payable In tdrince. Saving Public Money '• Some interesting comment is contained in the biennial report of Hownnl Reed, shite auditor, prepared for presentation to the legislature when it meets next week. We have not in mind pm'liculai'ly Mr. Heed's warning that the strictest care must be exercised in making appropriations if the slate's budget is to be balanced. Thai merely reflects ti situation of the existence of which everyone should have long been aware. Of more special interest to us in Mississippi county, and presumably to the citizens and taxpayers of a good many other Arkansas Counties, are his suggestions concerning county finances. It is obvious that our county governments, 75 of them in Arkansas, arc a pretty expensive proposition, and anything pointing toward a reduction of this expense is worth consideration. There has beep some talk of county consolidations. The idea is soilnd, but local pride and the fear on the part of county officers and employes that they may be squeezed off the payrolls present exceedingly serious obstacles to any such program. Mr. Reed makes no comment on this proposal, but he docs point out other steps by which a good deal of public money might be saved. Ho recommends that the office of county collector be abolished, the duties being transferred, to the county treasurer, at an estimated annual saving of over $500,000; lh.1t tax assessors be required to make up the tax books, thus saving 5.100,000 annually paid to elefifsf'ahd that all county officers be placed on n salary basis. We believe all of these suggestions arc EOUPU. The livsl, if \vj arc correctly informed, would require a constitutional amendment, and thus is not immediately attainable. Of greatest importance from the standpoint of economy is the recommendation concerning compensation of county officers, and that is something that can be had at once if the legislature will only act in the interests of the people of tho state. The attorney general has already held that county officers arc limited to $5,000 a year under the fee system, but apparently his ruling is not going to be applied until it has been t; = ted out in court. Tlic legislature in • the meantime could save time and money by enacting a stale-wide salary law, either- fixing the pay of county officers by a scale in proportion to county population or assessed valuation, or leaving the fixing of salaries to tlie quorum courts. Thousand?, of badly needed dollars could be saved flic truiis- ury of this county by such legislation, while for the state at large the total would run close to a million. There is no excuse for delay and there will be no delay if voters of each county and district will put the matter squarely up to Iheir representative!; Jrml .senators. Another recommendation made by Mr. Reed we hope lias no bearing upon Mississippi county. Thnt is that all coiinly ofl'ifcrs be required lo make surely bond, A personal bond, no mal- lei- what the character of the signers, is a mighty I' 001 ' sort of bond, a.s experience has shown. The officer who cannot make a surety bond in a reliable company had best resign his office. Where More Light is Needed Alfred P. Sloan, president of (lencr- al Motors, recently made u remark in ;i radio address thai comes as a welcome relief after the gusli thai so many would-be business oracles have been favoring ns with in recent months. Speaking of the business depression,' Mr. Sloan said: "No one hns as yet been able lo explain, to-the .satisfaction of all, what has caused the conditions which exist. II is to be hoped, however, Unit through evolution and a better knowledge of the facts we shall be able, in the future, to determine the underlying causes of what we call the business cycle. With the real causes established it is reasonable to .suppose that industry, co-operating with 'government, can devise ways and means ... to reduce its severity." It is a wholesome thing to'find a big industrialist stating bluntly that we cannot really remedy matters until we give the whole problem more honest study than we huve yet given it. , JANUARY_ SIDEGLANCES By George Clark «<! g-i.f4i.TlF~ *tf/% V:.f^»f«FV.A H ^¥^AEk ,\ ^rxwt > ^i^ W^T» '?' I'V-'S- 'iwft 1 - 1 ' I- \^M'W^MJ ,y i7* IW jW-Mi ;/•/ i-.-.••//.- '•'!. -.- .=• \ ' •: I M, - spol in which Hie pain is localized Tor years it has bt'en understood that In feet Ion in the teeth anj in ithe loiiails mlyhl be rei;nn;Iub fa.- j setting up inllatnniations -far d:i- j lam. Ii Is r.'j'.v recoBiiiz3d Hut ! Ihese fauors arc of the sreiust j Importance and should bo controlled when present, tut tint in- ; feijtlons may ulso exist in ctf.:. ' parts of the budy and te direcjly related to pains in (he joints. Apparently tr.c- blood supply IE j the rheumatic person is not up u ,noim3l standaid. The fict'tiia: I there Ir, a decrease;! blocd llo'.v in '• the parts of tile body aftccted may i explaii the added discomfort ex- j preised by people \>:ilh rheumatism when there are changes in ine I wcalher. ; Dr. Pemberlon has cmphaslE?d : for many years the relaiicmiu-: | which tl-.e foce; inlake ol Ui3 b::ly i bears to rhiiiniat.i; cii.--.avilr.-.-c. i, | ti:e yas'.ro-iiilestiiml function s r.n- j I proved, and the burden lowered by < cutting down the Intake cl fo:>:i. i particularly subslances which are I diilkull to digest, (here comes not j infrequently improvement in t!i: . rheumatic condition, i II is llnis obvious thai ihore is i no single cure for arthrilis to bo ! fcnnd in a bolile cf any kind ot medicine, but llui every pnion: ; with the disease must be studied ac j a unit and treated according to the I condition which exists in' him a 1 ; j an individual rather than In ail • human beings with rheumatism. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO «W&5AK.y| 4#HHr4n -*,''.,-J.*-*'-^.*. f^f mii^J "Now I'll tell yon why I wouldn't own an imported car—" DECATUB-S BIRTH • ._ i On Jan. 5, 1179, Stephen Decatt.r, i American naval rsfflrer, dislinguish- | ed for his services against Tripoli. j wns torn in Siiinepuxent, Md. | He entered lue navy as a midshipman when but 19. Six years later he led a small party vhich burned, in the harboi of Tripoli; the American frigate Philadelphia. WASHINGTON .ETTER has ragr.pod in a long, defi- OF INDIA •• HIGW, HAS 7CJSKS WHICH IfOSfS AS WSlftoNS, A& W5U AS AND GETS iTi?j NAME FROM n looo I RESCNtU PUfJ? PAPSK. •" SV SHAVE OFF THE .-TCL SURFACE OF F£t-lCES,OR OTHEK- 'STRUCTURES S£AGONEP \sOOO, AMD WORK IT INTO A PULP lor the battery will pound the lights. ant r-:mb-u , after if, had fallen inta the hanis the organize:!, of the TrSpclitans. Par this exploit. '•-• ! but they may also be a danger sig-j The Windmill Cuba M. Higdon. BY RODNEY DTJTCllEIt NEA Scn-lc-L- Writer WASHINGTON—Chairman Alcxande: Bo u hardest e be L "' -t ..........t^u ....i.,... ..-; ln ivun A-m.u jjudiu intuiK's aimi capiurcu til* linsllsh Ir'uat* 1 wouldn't eventually qualify as the! recently intimated thai certain 1 donian Dc-catur later vis "sent ta hardest-boiled guy in the United, Farm Br.arcl critics In the Senate; operate againstAlgiers He cap- i to ex that hav ever there is also a feeling Lnscf! may not be nb!e to get away; Simpson that Legge had tcsiified! with it forever, especially if the tlie board had stopped the decline farm situation— even though thru! of wheat at G9 cents and stopped no faults of liis-Inlls to improve. ! its ri ;fi ,173. , first veal comeback 'in kind Simeon offers to . ^irov ]',V 1SKAKI. KLEIN Peiciue Editor, SKA Service Burned nut bulbs in l-acilamps or J;=t the terminal of , ether Hunts on tile cor may point to ovcvchai'cing by tl-.e generator. . !o:5e, or any other . br._>a!. i such as those 'at the ar.inicter, ar Ordinarily, even with the gen-1 When a light burns cut. there mel ,, h . rep!aci . lg u v , ith n , Otto Tyre, a very close friend of mine (lie Is a Scotchman) says It is all n. mistake about salt, raving fresh meat. He states that he killed hogs (he other clay and salted all the meal good but somebody, during the night, stole soml 1 of it anyhow. I acrce With Otto along that line. I have put salt on my money to save it, but it didn'l do any good. There's something wrong somewhere. YE KESOLUTION The Editor's Letter Box generator. that is ail ri»hl \vhile ,. the , , Mo<t frequent faults ar.^ found i in the and igni- j E t| that The . . which the chairman has had U'om I.-eGSc said he wanted the price of!' 1 "" cf 1931 cm I on Crop D. anyone is tho veiort of Mr. John A. v.i-.cut kept low so It would be fed. On ,\c-,ea^ Simpsoii of Oklahoma, the new' to hogs instead rf corn, and !ha:j <To the editor:) prpsldent of the Farmers' Union cotton prices should be k-?pt atj There is 10 dDutt of an uii:i:r- which claims 500.0CO members. prrseui levels for the benefit of iitandiiiK in the minds c.' tha;e Mr. Legae directed the expression textile mills. Thai's the sort of. are interested thai a most serbus "unmitigated liar" at Mr. Simpson (bing that made Lcggc £ay anyorj and critical situaticn nxisLa fcr liie | Bureau i , , , , ., I I 1 "" f f .""« »™ * m Plee and there " "fhmu in \\-~. way ta cause the breakdown ,-f one o; tiiem Let a battery terminal coriode. fer ex- term ,, lals V ;!:ere p]ace _ T)l( , sc scraped clean and tightened. ' limes th» ammeter terminals. \vhiLJ are in series between the Fonerato! , , , . ar.d battery, Till jar 1-ere an' to the extent o, brewing | cause - ^ Wat ,„,'. tw conia.-t,: anil opening t,mj j , a con, ail ihe juice jntenaeil, t t bt ° ' tn lNralml s , vitc i i and Hie switch pests -„.--.. . — . Credit Corporation can These should be i::tcd after . i and Mr. Simpson hns cnni? down who said il was on "unmitigatud, cplten fanners cl the Scuiii. Tho j pledge not to lurr.isii any farmer j i-. as been tuen thai Hie balltry i ' cn Mr. LcKgc witli both feet, not: :iar." j situaliuii calls fer somclhins d:f-'; unlc.-..i !se f.ijns the pledge to cul ' nol tlv cause of Ihe trouble. i only tossing a few bushels ol rasp-! "Vcu may have acquired some, (erenl. even drastic, to be at j his CDitoti uueagc- ;u:d feriilU:r 30; By keeping an eye on Ihe ainj berrit ~ ' "* " '""' ~' -i.-*-i ... _i.~.. «~ «.i ^.,«- ..^ r _.. . lllllll; I aiul nieru in tur. L-vyyi- ui im.j nu.-i. cjimpsuii wroit-, UUL i n;n^ js oL-ing inmngen in. ir.:L r.o action can pic-'J^c ivy. login I Kimpson. It seems tlinl Mr. Simp-, driven mules and called IIOBS (c-the| has be;n taken; time ii qiiiukly ! ten iha; = :s over 50°per c;nt of Ihe ' FOH is turning out ol bn a hard-j feed trough-" Legoe. he- said.| passing and the davi: ' crai be suspected as scon a ot 1831 cro-: cr?ar» c;- imo ' bnilcd g'ly. himself and there is a coulein't get- away with dragging nnd then helped a lol of fellow.': break a good many of theirs. I can't understand why all my rcsohillons nre so easily broken unless it Is because I make, them out of poor material or 1 am a (unity workman. OUT OUR WAY WA-& MO WHO HA-i A A FMS-MLV, SHOOLO ABOOT -TRAFFIC FOOT TRAFFIC . That just about ilab- an investigation and more ah-nt H The proper rate cf generato charge depends upon the conditio under which Ihe car is operated. Is Ihe car operated mostly ? night cr b'y day? Is it used chic-; than a willingness lo posilc of what he t-.lrt Hie aiipron-' ; alse ccttcn at Ihe present ;:r:r:-; ;c.:tnctcd arre.'.jc. for 5 ysars. can jy° cn > cn g trips with comparative! ner.«. He kicked up a ; riallcns crmmif.eo. hut no s-ennicrj hei:ce. why t.m't ti-.n slMi.i!i-:i b: be seen i:t snany wnys. First, fner: fl , v; ,;-: cr , s , or on short trips wit rlnwsi more fight all coiv ' iireat fusoro in Kanrus when, in hi^ ' ;ampalsn for wlv;/. :iere.i!;e rediie is suppCFcrt to disclose publicly; c'.:n:i|;e:i. pri:.i nr.rd by p:.-.:i::ii3 i.jn \ K ;• ikinand for more cclt=n numerous stops? ,....„ n . wlial is sMd al ?. commilU^'n cxe-jl-s-. c:-,:cn. a'.:;l niakiKg a c:::r..iu:i tro:! from which ci! ii made. an:i Being driven mosl'.y !:y day an lion, he likened the stale or !'.s ciilive f.cs-ion5. and il apiwars lliatj for th; o:!>rr prD.i:i:i,>i? Th? t :.-.v-;»-.-,,< be supplied. Then is whMi on long trips. Hie car nteJs a Ip^c svcwcrs to a "ho:; in it trough."'m slcnorraphic notes were lakni.. ernmer.i has airer.dy ssid -,r.-,i I:ie; IHHI-.I;'.;. Ir.e only siibstitnle. will | chargj than if il were drivfj*i Aisci when a couple r-.l Kansas pub-: So what I.cesc actually said i; lil:e-j cculdn': help -is if v: didn't cut h.ue a chance'.o get on the 111=1 :•;?'-1 night, or on short trips v;iih 'man lir.hers assailed him he fent word ly to remain a mailer cf argument'the- ncreage 1:1 c.r.t;n. i a: .1 high price level.'rherc will b^ i stops. The generator should be at: thai they c r nld 'go to !vi!." : Tl:,? qiifrliun wiirther the Farm There is a tvdcncy '.:,•: i:-.^ :.;rm- n. demand for more stscK. nna H'- 1 * i justed accorclingly. In a . c pe:ch in New York slate. Board Ins done ngricuitnre aiiy,er; rf Eiie ' - for ir.ore feed to be 1 | j he raid, higher vvugcs for labor and gcod remains a matter of ar[!ii-' ?.iy: ' \Ve 'J:.;i"t ni-:. 1 ;; n cut ari^- ' m.-i:>;et.^rrj | higher prices for manur.irlurcri ar-. inrnl, loo. Simps-)!! rays it lia-ijisso. '.'. is i!:? l,"r,-c;- .-=lii?s. r.r, I.':-:- ' Sorue action must be adeplc'.l i'.i lii-les were laying heuvy bi-.nlens on ' drjir ni:ririi!t\.rc . much har:n.; ns. t' j; m.v-: n:i:i isis^i 'onii-r lo get this -voik dane. I plead, driven in whiter in order to ;. stiiring >ip n:uvv prctesi Ki-.cwing Simpson's characteristic;! :.o much tha: r.c.cis t.i b.> eu'.." Bui i d.i !.;i: sit Flill. «ail ar.d s-y: guided as lo the proper rale < The service man setting the ger ci'alor shouid be told of tr: cxac condition:, under \vhich i'.\? car •ctesi Knowing Simpson's characteristic;j:.o much tha: r.c.cis t.i b.> eat." Bui i d.> :.u; sit Flill, «ail ar.d s-y: from Prcslc^nl Green o! the A T. and Lej.;e's Wnsliinalr-.u looks; is of ;: :-.-.::-.-!!:-.-M ;,!?/. i "Scr.-.cbcdy else will go ahead, an! . charge. Hi Ic.llov.-," but gel 13 work, aaver- I cl L. In the, same speerii he said ward lo C.i" (ormer's arrival here]w> must rc:;:ei.ibtr (arm relief couidn't co:-.:? tlirnu^h and a re.iliy thrilling ie:islation. bringing anr.llicr retort u hen llr.«e two actually slart alter 1 other from Governor Rco=cve!t. j each oilier' s Infected Troth and Tonsils ; May Cause Rhcninalic Pali reclame rne tl.ius larger lli.v.s a!:y •„: t!i? i '.:•.• -i,n;ui'h your county papcis an:i I.OSCON. lUE'i— i_:n:n p:-3cU:c; rt alter | other state=. r.-s:i dr-; il;; raiss ' u:sc t'.ic mipbrlance of those-pbuv V.OOO year ago was cl higher star more rottor.!>•. :!-,,i:i \ve'c-. ~,:-,ri c^t a date Icr a m^?tmg at dnrd !ii;ni til? linen cf Icday. B; lie. We all use:! Ic cm :::.- a-rea?.\ !y't-.'r co'mily scat: appcint li:c m:ti ' cordiiii' tu I,-crri Pnrmc:r. in H(,\vcv£r, Hi? rcsirictijii ••: t!:? col-'.to -.iork the beats and get ll'.cso srrcrl: o|K!iinc :,n e:;.-.ibitioa - nv nn. MOKKIS VI>II«EIN vi. Jr;trnal rf thr An'^rica iHeal Asrcriation, nn^ nf Ily- 'cria, tbe llc.illli 3l:r-..-»lnc method ol a::,!ri; cn tho first to discover ;he eu.?e and thciilV to atlcmpt lo ejimiiu'.e ih? cius? ratiicr llian 13 tij» syrip'.cnis jl:-n r.ercnge cannot bo ;! :v : fort-.-.rr a!o:ie. but can t;- ? as- '-,Msiance cf all bank:r.-. ;,-.--i own- 'Ii:e rarryin-:: 0:1 <si '.)!:- vir'- L-:d-r to gel the :,c:-ei;: ctu done by the farnrr-. •: 1 .n^.if the bankers. mc-:-ch.i:\i., !-".-.rm Bureau Credit C.:rp;.-: '.'.? i i;:-..!-'rs 'staled bofo-.e any arranji- hnen. here recently. imi:t<; arc made for ti-.e eii?::i:ii . is--:> of 1931. This appeal is beinj : »<• in cverp paper of each caimty '"•:•• :: "state In tho ("Jlton slalei;' -' !:,::(•!• il is :mis:rlant th:.: ue all ">" f..-it iininecliately mui ti?;:thcr. - : : '• As I've said above. I'm r. farm- ii-' cr and r,:n willing to i::eti '-'-' i.Miiers ol any cctt'ii s'..ite. at my ; linlcs rv.-rv Inr^e isiedicisi i-:-.ter for mntlc to ii: fli:<iyi:r.; and treadns I!--. disea.'=. - II is alivadv i:vajs-,:iO-.i tint a -"!i r n( the i-rasrii- Ii.-.- this at- tendency \r-. tl:i.- di=0:'cler m.iy r,.;i! pointed r.'.it by Ur. R^iph In fiir.ihr;. b,-i-.v.:?c coitsin typos I'eir.'uortcsi. is the reali/.,; : ,-.:i ct the , of perp:r- m? n-.csrc Iivqis-'iit'.}- .1'-; lue: ;'r.:it p.'in in Ihe jo::.'s and in lacked by the ciise, 1 .'? ;hai-. ;-,:".;:;.;.> she nuuc'ics ,-,:-,.1 many r: ;'rc othor It is r:ccpi-,i/:-n il:.u 111.- c.:i-.4:;-..". ] cc:-.-.iit:oiis 5;ner.illy r:.. .ificcl o^'k not merely iiiflainr.ialirsn in cr.r : rl.:-.imatlc arc- re;pv.-.t;:;'.c for a joint, bs:; tha: p-\>fo;:nd cV-i:ii7:- ;s; .in:, cr pretend lo help u- bu^y and do li',c W;M:: -:::.--• . ;i .sin vitally i:.;cri tins proolem. ai;d ,i:« i.:;i::i i~i ar.y anio'nl o; ve:,: -..^ _:. t-.. -. This is my pbn: Ai; c[ -,ii owners ,u:n '.v::'.cvs. i.'~ '.<•• troniendc'.is aniovmt o! c:>.ibility in take piaec- " l!'.c humati '• P-"i'.c;i. 1030. r.;:,1 t.i.-Suslrii-l wcrker.- nr.rt t^iat " Ihe bcriy. affeclint the bl.'O'l. tlie n:h-r =3 p:r co;il of ti'.e fertilizer -,i>:-:i i- In tr,;e ;c:;:-.;ifse :-.-.';;'-ir.e" the sc:r, :.v.- rencvc.l IL-CST. tht-'-""'SiiiiiS n-.erc'r.aiUo ana rj;;: - ::n,:i. I'.iuv. Bt-r;an C:^C.: C^v- i.Li.-tion. hereby plcrixo u... ;•> b:;t r.O per ci'r.l Gl I'.jj cjll.~:: i.-r:- ! .-.,- r.;' thai i;-, IdSO. .-.,-.-I -,:-• i' u = : !.-.:•. SO ;:cr ce:i: c; th.- ;,-:-.:;,,•.:• v-.ri i;: 1030. for 5 s:.;c:, .• •• > l -.-,,-... : I'ie.isJ inVr:c lin;'::er ;>.;p::,: n • til:- ci'.cs wl-.c r.r? in'.r;Y-ir:; m yr.-.r; i ^t :-.:y artrl itato. r.:r,-u.;:i ycur p.-.-' |:c:-. v.itVin ti*.s 110.^', iC'^- :i.i\s ?.:u! . i 1 .'.'; get b'.isy. '. OTIS PAL-;.. GodV.u;, Aiuiiiii?..

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