The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1938
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VOI.UMIC XXXV—NO. 22. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS -——___^_ T «E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTflF'qT *^~^ ^"^ llvrhpvllln n/M.ri— .., ., , ~ .. bUkflltkAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi vnlloy Leader HID PEflCE Moderate French Cabinet Expected 1 o Britain's Stand Bolster 5> Will Seek "Mystery War Fleet MANILA, Philippine Islands. Apr 13. <UP)~Two United stntcs d.- .stroyei-.s were ordered lute tonight ™ 11 ' 1 '' 1 '. ARKANSAS, U'BIWKSIJAV, APRIL Cloudburst Swept House From These Fou /«**JMB?>MWJW»MU»>a&t.>M* x v, MHt***^...*^. ...... liy United 1'ress The linn liand of French Pre- appeared niler Edouard Daladiei likely today to aid in stVbilfea- tlen of Europe's peace. The senate voted overwhelmingly this afternoon to give Dataller full powers lo rule by decree in the financial and economic fields. Tliis and an unexpectedly large vct« of confidence—SG8 to la—In Ihc chamber of deputies—gave Da'adicr drastic powers to meet the financial crisis, opened the way for settlement of strikes pn- lalyiclng the defense program and illustrated again Hie ability of France lo unite when facing dan- go- from abroad. Tlie cabinet turned to the moderate conscrviUive.s for support. Tlie new regime went far toward ending internal strife, which 1'iis weakened France's hand in international alfairs. It also was l-Fllevcrt likely to facilitate Great Britain's effort, to deal peacefully and realistically with the Nazi- Fascist dictatorial bloc for maintenance of peace, at least UiroiHi out 1933. French national will bo given greater emphasis with alr- I'tai'.e factory workers already agreed to go back lo their job anil work overtime in return fo a seven per cenl wage increase. Meanwhile, the United State got a taste of war lime atmosphen in connection with congressiona charges that Fascist. Nazi anc Japanese spies were active In the western hemisphere and the ap pcarance of a mystery fleet of 2: vts.sels, reported to be warship, and presumed to be Japanese. Ii Dnvno Ba.v. Philippine Island. Suggestions were made at Manila that part of the United States' Asiatic fleet be diverted to Envoa lo investigate as no stiit- nl'le boats were available nt Dai ao. RenorfS reaching; Washington but denied at Tokyo, sat;l tha Japan was constructing a new "hit and run" fleet of high speed C't'lsers, ranging up to 18.000 tons instead cf the customary 10.000 tons and/ which would carry 12- inch -ginis. Naval ofiiclals said - -••-"• vn Hlit lAllll^JJl, ^ to proceed lo Davao, on Mindanao ki'T island in connection with reports i that 22 "mysterious" vessels weic i anchored in Uavoa Hay in the southern Philippines. It wos also revealed llml tho Philippine army had dispatched three planes ' to Davoa after the I'ollcctor of customs there said liie vessels were either tlesiroycrs in rine.s. Miss Haynie Urges Board Be Kept Free of Political Influence . .veil vessels would be the most powerful offensive weapon at sea Elsewhere: China -The recent successes of rhtnese armies in Shantung province appeared likely to be nullified by strong Japanese reenforce- nie-ls, which were reported to Iwvc stopped the retreat of invading troops and prepared lo open a drive on the Chinc?e provisional capital at Hankow. Spain—Nationalist troops made ai-otlicr small advance in theii I animering march toward the Mediterranean in the Morella sector, pressing almost, to tlie final step in their "win the war" of- f'TKive. in the Lerida sector to the north, however, loyalists ad- i anced n counter, attack with some xrccpss. . Jonesboro To Give Free Testing Service JONESBORO, Ark., Apr. 12 — Free testing of automobiles will be Given at the municipal testing station, starting today. The city council decided upon Ibis procedure Monday night at which time 525 as Jonesboro's pan in the expense necessary to a cfiiirl test of the testing station net repeal by the recent special session of the legislature was appropriated. Jonesboro has joined with other cities in the state l n a light to set- aside the repeal clause, attached to the toll bridge measure passed by (he special session. — ROCK. Apr. 13 I UP)— Essential factors in.proper administration of welfare work In Arkansas were outlined by stale officials, at the conference of social worl held here today by (he Arkansas welfare board. Gusslo Ilaynle, welfare commissioner, traced the history of welfare in Die state and urged that its "future development" remain outside the reaches of "political pressure or influence in any decision oil any situation or "policy which has arisen." Main objective of the welfare Program, Miss Haynie concluded is the unbiased effort lo assist ami •benefit Ihe indigent, the under privileged, the maladjusted and the sick in Arkansas." A. c. London, director of rsearch statistics, reported that approximately 25,000 people received public' assistance and 4,000 received gen oral state relief each month in Arkansas. The average amount of the grant in February was 59 38 for public assistance and S588 for general relief. The prolmdinif timbers seen above were nil that- w ns cloudburst struck like n (jlnnt knifi was tlie greatest single irngody in Georgia and Mississippi and mining , sl ,ce<, the hou the spring flood, clranly which, crops in though dispossessing 20.000 . the. region, took suiprlslnylj, sm ,i|l people. This In Alnbamu toll of life Campaign Slogans Roar Through Meeting Room As Election Nears Tlie opening guns in whal promises lo be u very bitter politica campaign were fired yesterday al the weekly luncheon' meeting o the Lions club at the Hotel Noble when John c. McHaney jr W. J. \Viinderlich, and Parmei England, campaign managers foi various nominees for president of the club, began a "desperate light' to elect their candidates and running males to the oirices Tlu election will be held April 20. Before the political speeches - i ....j |jm-i K ' crc made, Bobby McHaney who alyzed, has not been able to sit tip recently won first place in boy.s Knifing Victim Removed To Hospital At Memphis Alton Pressnell. 17, who has been critically ill since February 13 when he was allegedly stabbed by J D Alley, was removed to Campbell's clinic, Memphis, today in a Cobb ambulance. The youth, whose mind is affected by an injury lo life brain and his left side is partially par- ui bed. He was taken lo the Memphis specialist for an examination which may lead lo a second opera- AHey, 18, who fled alter the altercation, has not yet been apprehended. When the trouble occurred it wns not at first, believed u )a t Presnell was seriously injured He had numerous knife wounds about .he neck and hands and his head was injured when it, struck a rock as he fell. A delicate operation ivas later performed in an effort to relieve the pressure on (lie brain The attack occurred near the old site Jf the Chicago Mil!. First Use of Hoodlum Set In San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO I UP)—Local philologists believe San Francisco has enriched the English language with tlie addition of the word •'hoodlum." It was used by the local police In connection with a. gang of bullies leaded by Billy Hood. Police. Identified them as "hoodlums" because voice in the junior high district meet, sang (wo numbers. He was accompanied by R. N. Hill The Rev. George Bell, o/ Memphis, and D. Ward Milam, of Lin- cointon, N. c.. who are conducting Ihc pre-Eoster services at tlie First Methodist church, were guests of the club. Here is the "party ticket" as explained by club members: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is the party supported by Mr. Wunderlicli. "Snow While" is typified on tlie ticket by r B Joynev. His running males, the seven dwarfs, will be: "Sneezy" I James Terry, first vice president- I "Grumpy," E. it. Mason, second vice president; "Sleepy," Murray Smart, secretary; "Bashful," Rodney Banister, lion tamer; "Happy """ " " -- - - nn( j party is: "Vote for "snow"\Vhllc and the Seven -Dwarfs." Because of the "old men" running on their ticket, the candidates from Farmer England's par- f their leader's name. Tliis was in the late 1800s. Tlie . !nng was described as wearing ' trousers." a typo S'LLT€L BY BOP BURNS profess other gain favor. It must be terrible to live In one of them foreign countries where you can't follow your own religious belief and customs. Over here the quickest way lo lose respect Is to people's belief to , One cold winter night a political candidate stopped at my uncle's house. Alter supper grandpa pulled his chair up lo the fireplace, knelt doK-n with Ills elbows on the chair, and his back to the fire and went to bed. The candidate thought grandpa was pray In' so he dtd the same thing, After he'd gone, my cousin spoke up and says, "You know, there's a funny lella, He hns'ta warm his pants like grandpa." 'spring bottom narrowing just . above tiic ankles and wide at tlie bottom, after early Spanish styles. Coats were double- breasted and the men wore broad- brimmed black hats. Hood was killed be some ruffian according to philologists. Stock~Prices , and Doc." Dr. L. II.- Moore Dixie Crawford, directors. The campaign slogan of will make up ivliat Is known the "Townsend ticket." Their Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar YORK, April 13 (UP)— Atchlson, Topekn and Santa Fe railway bonds and stocks dropped sharply today on deferment on the interest of the road's adjustment 4 per cent bonds. These declines unsettled the railroad issues but elsewhere the market met support. A. T. & T. Anaconda Copper Associated D. G. Beth. Steel 127 1-4 27 7-8 G 1-4 48 1-2 Boeing Air ... 25 3-4 hrysler '.. 44 5 . 8 1-4 Coca Cola 119 [_o General Electric ".'.'.'.'. ...''..' 34 3-g General Motors 32 7-S Int. Harvester 021-4 Montgomery Ward 31 1-2 N. Y. Central .'. i 2 1.3 Packard 41-8 m-^ti,, j m:» candidate for president is W. J Pollard. Other nominees are: E R Mason, first vice president; Frank Whltworth. second vice president- Murray Smart, secretary; directors' Dr. Fred Child nnd Jesse Taylor- song leader, W. o. Guerln. .The platform of this party has not been definitely announced, but it is known that they will concentrate their effort.? to reducing the Sl.OO a week lhat Ihey now pay for their luncheon. They will knock off a nickel a week until Ihe dollar vanishes, they have promised. John c. McHaney is campaign manager of the "Mozart party" They received their name because the group is made up of "music tovers." Their ticket is: Russell Parr, president; Edgar Borum, •«> first vice president; Farmer Eng- Jut land, second vice president- Mur- " ray Smart, secrelary; Oscar Bailey, lion tamer; Dr. Fred Child and E. R. Mason, directors .™ C . c ."?««%? SI ?i*ii of this Schooner Destroyed By Fire In Bay of Funday ST. JOHN, New- Brunswick. Apr 13. (UP)—The two-masted schooner Lauras, was deslrojed by an explosion and fire 20 miles east of here today. Her captain. R. Hnl- fleld, and a member of the crew- Roy Winters, were injured. The schooner was sailing under ballast to Parrsboro. Nova Scotia across the Bay of Pimdy. Cnnso of the explosion was nol known. North and South County Groups Joined; Autrey Heads Merged Bureau Council Also Sets Dale l-'or llospi'Uil I'rolosl Hearing Last Night Tin- city rmmdl hist nielli: I'llfSI'tl, \vllh I-111 »• V K if u ,' y i'ljtii«. imikJnif ll t'fTcctlvit lin- mi'illalrly, nil onllimii,-,. ,|,>- rliii'liiR the movliiK of house's "r other sliiicturv.s to lie -i I'lluU'Kt- uinl IKhi),' u in-null fi'i- «f SICK fin' Mich mnviiii;. Sfl Tlmrsilay nl^hl fm \ lfm . ln»' on u pmtc.'.l i,r I'vrlntii piupoity owiim iiKHlnst tin- Proposes New Measure In Wage-Hour Shuly In- WASHINGTON,-Apr. IN, UJP)- Chiiiimun Mary Norton iDem. N .1.1 l<wlny iHTxcnk'd her i' t-dmiiiltlre ft now n'jii;i'-l bill nml predicted Unit tlir c tnltlce would report ;;omr bill vunibly limnirrou'. Mrs.' Niirliurs hill, i iil:r,t>lu(i> iioor lor wanes mid' I'liu'uii! udmliifolriiiiun In immfct ol fa- .VITI'lHI'V tlf bill tin i ., ,it n,. : , ni llml Walls I IMvlslun , Set for Tlnnsilny nl|;ht Iliiul ill-vision l)n |i r o p o s n I fin IMirrhH*. of Illythevlll,, Water nmijmny proiiwllrs by diy (1 | l»-i«« «t 5300.001) lo lie imlil thriniKK sale of riivriiiui bomls, I'iiil Sam C, Oivi-ns Insliilleil ui new ll«t ward iit,| urmall llml re-i'lcclcil uftlflnls also imliicl- >'il Inln (illli,.. J'nssi-d ri'Miliidon deslKnulhiB l-araiers llauk am) Trust rom- I>"ny n.s ili>|H)sll«ry for riiy funds. lli'anl pliuiH for crrrllini of 515, (WO (ireyhounil «u s »|alli m >'l Wuliiut , ini t j.-ifd, MwU J'xjilaliud, n-lll, bus eoiiiimny wliiB iiilvlst-il iiermll anplloa- Hnn would lie necessary imtlcr d'y's -t.oHtng ordinance. The city council lust, night sei lliursiluy night, as the dale «„• mrliig protests against location ot "• J. M. Walls' ho.spiuu, recently ot Division ami Heir, Ircc-ls. and decided to ulvc Iti - J -," (!n ' 1 " 1UKl com I" l »V nock, the city's final an . t-'lic (illi-ri'd l.ln> inmsuii' us •0!ll)llllll'<i Illcl. (I) (l.'ljllt(! th(. I'Uil bill a Ilrxlblc svufji'- iiatulatil pivsi'iiti'il pri'Vlnusly tin by Gross Deficit Passes Mark, SldtonuMil of Treasury SI)0\VS WASIIlNU'l'ON. Apr. IS. (UP)— Tlie r«ii>i!il moss dchclt a«nlu hits erasswl tin' billion dolliii- iHurli, tli t . viiRUry dlsclosnl ladiiy, Thi! trciisury's dally statement tor Apvll II siuiwed that .spc-ndin-j no fni' (tils (isciil year has cxceeili'd hiconm by Jl.l)()i( 1 .||0.'!i)l. President Uoo.sevell's Jnnnnrv hudiiel ivitlinaled tiiat the RTOW nctt fur this llscal year wunld bo 01.1!9'l,84»,300. This fliiiii-i! wns exceeded 1'iirly In March, but a Hood of Income lax collections nnUicwl the dellclt tcinpomrlly. Total rcceliits. as of Ajirll 11. wns $•1,010.540,1:10 wlille spendln;.' nei'rc- gHtcil $5,025,08(1.850. on Ihe proposal lo pnrclmso today limilnr liw ~f IK_ ,., .. ... I ^wvaiy Tlie properties ol the nlyl'hevii'ie vnter company the snmo n | B | 1( The council p nS3C d. with a lono llsseming vole by Alderman John C. Mcllnnoy Jr, In the Whitney's Wife Wants Her Jewelry Returned NEW YOIIK, ADI, 13 (UP) — Richard Wlillney'r; wlto appealed LEWl-M Roosevelt Disagrees Bluntly With Harrison, Will Fight Revision VVM.SIIINflTOK,~Al>r. 13. (UP)- reddi'iil Hoosevell in n sharp challenge to his lax opponent today called upon congressional tax conferee:; lo rclafn thft skeleton or Hit- undistributed profits tax 'imcl liiuie Koiv.ito modifications of the capital fialns and losses levy. The president in n, letter lo Cliiilrniau Put uan-lsoii of (lie sen- iiUs finance committee nnd Chairman lioberl L. noughloii of tho hiiiicu ways anil means committee, de-dared hi;; proposal would help, not hurt, business. "Tho repeal of tho nmllslrlbuled Ih-ollls tux and tho reduction of the tax on capital gains to a fraction of Ihe |ji.\- on other forms of Income." said Mr. nooscvelt, "strike al tlie root of fundamental principles of luxation." : •: Mr. nooscvclfa Intervention In 10 lax sllnnllon, lightened lines of fonnlcl between the White[House ami Ihc president's congressional ' opponents. Harrison, who sponsored both changes objected to by tho presl- lent, Immediately defied Mr. Roosevelt nnd made plain that ho would flfjhl for adoption of the. senate, version ol the bill. Mr. Roosevelt stated his tax views bluntly. Ho characterized elimination of the undistributed, in-ohts levy "contrary to tho spirit' of the iirlncljilo that every citizen should pay taxes In accordance, with his means." ., ,, -j j vm. jiLciiiiiiniuy nomg, (in ordinance, sponsored north and south Mississippi pTo^^mM." 1 f^ 01 '' «">'* comity n, rm BurcnM WC1 , „„„•, Z 1 ^^^™^ Fire Destroys, Little Rock Boat Club House Early Today LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 13, (UP>Ihe exclusive Little Ro=k boat house club, said to be the oldest athletic clubhouse west of the Mississippi river, was leveled In nn early morning fire today. Only (wo charreiPwalls remained standing to mark the historic spot r "-'-'- reported that ,jie Into the Mississippi County Farm Bureau nt a meeting here yesterday of the board O f directors from :both of the old organizations. Tlie following officers were clcct1: L. H. Aulrcy of Diirrielte. president; i. 0. Hoy 1. Jr., of Leachvlllc. vice president; Ira Crawford ot Blythevllle. secretary; W. J. 'Driver jr., of Osceola, treasurer. A drive Is being mndo in 2fl communities in the county to organize local units and to increase Mississippi county's membership to 2,600. Last year there were COO cmmes and two radii* shells were burned as the conflagration consumed indoor gymnasium cqiiio- JOfl 11 " U>S5 W " S ostllm " Ml nt ttO.- ti F) ,"!?L '""' Sprclul ll »«>llghout the building by the time the Little Rock nrc department answered Die first alarm, which came al, 3:33 am Authorities were unable to dcler' mine definitely the cause of the fire However It was suggested that it might have been defective wlrinz or a faulty (inc. s No one was on night duty at the time the fire occurred, club officials New York Cotton NEW, YORK7 April 13 Cotton closed steady. open 872 817 883 889 891 897 high 872 879 891 897 low close 865 805 870 871 830 830 883 883 885 893 Spols closed quiet at 811 oft 8S5 8900 NEW ORLEANS, April 13 (UP) —Cotton futures closed steady today, off five to seven points. group who win advocate "More and Better Music" will be "\VP Are Fnrr Hai-monv" ;* Chicago Wheat ™I»1B --- „„ Radio g Schenley Dist. 20 Shnmuns is 1-8 Socony Vacuum "". 135-8 Standard of N. J '.'.. 473.4 Texns _,., U. s. Steel . . . Con) " . 33 3.4 "I'V'« ILJgH May 83 1-g 83 3-4 Jul., 80 1-8 80 3-4 low close 82 5-8 82 3-4 79 3-4 79 7-8 Chicago Corn M., May Iow rA , * -"ft.. iuw close ™ ,-.. —„ w 1-4 60 3-8 69 3.4 59 7.0 457-?!J«l. 613-4 613-4 613-8 615-8 >Iay Oct Dec Mar open 884 883 897 893 900 907 lilgh 88G 891 833 899 900 907 low close 878 882 892 893 895 901 878 8M 892 893 895 901 members in Ihe entire county an<l Ihls number has already been exceeded Oils year. It was believed by the board ol directors and other members that a stronger orgnnlpjilion could be made by having only one organiza- i 10 '! .'" lll . c count J' aml ll wns Ibis ic union. will Detection Of Spurious Money To Be Explained Local merchants and business men are Invited to attend a lecture on detection ol spurious coins and currency and incidental subjects by Charles II. Ellis of Little Uock. federal secret service agent, at the city hall courtroom at 8 o'clock tonight. Postal employes, bank employes and law enforcement officers also ntlc-nct. The lectures to be given by Mr. Ellis (s part ol the recently announced program of education by the federal agency to reduce the losses resulting to business men through operations ol counterlell rings. Mr. Ellis will discuss the production of genuine notes and obligations of the federal government, detection of spurious money methods of procedure when confronted with bogus money or forged Instruments nnd the rights and risks Involved in such procedure and In forged check risks. Local police nrc cooperaling in tlie program, which has for Its national aim the inMnictton of more than 300.000 merchants. < , ' """"ii'ioon the streets or from "pi noe U, place" • (interpreted as covering moving ' ™" «« location to nnothor on Urn snmu lot) and providing for nn indemnifying bond for ,,o.«lble dam- nge to private „,„, , lUm m . 0|imy By moving of structures naT^%K™^Sk'" < nd'S!f t I rZlr" 3 :,,, 1 !?. .!°? e ii'l^'tory for city c!ty and n |d do i,, . '-•"•»". m-jr utuor ami aid n oimdlng out n south 21st street • Highway 18) curve, imd heard a rcprcwnlntlve of the Oreyhound ""••> Lines explain plans for crcc- "011 of a Jis.oo utis station at Fifth and Wabml. .streets If mr>«~ r . cs , tr ' ctlons """ 'ntorvcnllons not Athwart such plans, an Jackson expressed some -» M ' f as to the validity of Us -house moving" ordinance as passed but said he believed it would serve the purpose ho Intended— t old dilapidated buildings - being moved Into c!o.w prox- mlty win, more substantial struc- tures—nnd that discretion could be iisecl lit enforcement of the mcas- Uie-so that it would not handlcan such moving where 1,0 objeclions nrose. The railing ordinance loomed "' ns , "x 1 »a*'s of further possl- controvcrsy when Ihe Oror- nounn b, ls Lines rcpresenlalive was p «civ sod mat he would have lo pro- | rnn,, ,„ nl ... „„„,.,, Qf j,,,,,,,,.^ ^ „„„ . • , 10 bl "W .«irli o station because the proposed site, the southwest corner of Fifth i.iut Wwliuit streets, is („ |i, c restricted as ((escribed in the for her jewelry, help Whlliiisy le'ft whel n lie seized to In debts went to Sing Sing-prison yesterday Fined Five Dollars On Liquor Charge .Hinmle Boston, negro, won flm-il five dollarii In miinlcliial court today on n choree of-,possessing unstamped liquor. Tho case of Brleo Darling 110"i-o who wns eVmrned with selling liquor, «-ns ctismtsscd by the -stale. Cravens Files Pledge For Representative LITTLE ROCK, Apr, 13. (UI 1 )- Congrcssman lien Cravens of Port Smith today filed his corrupt practice pledge for reelection in Ihe office of Ihe secretary ol slute. Cravens Is reprcscnlallve from the foiirlh district. John L. Lewis in Full Charlie Edward Jones, 32, Of Cooler Dies Tuesday pOOTEft, Mo., Apr. 13.-Cliarlie Wwnnl Jones, ago 32, died in tho Memphis Methodist hospital yesterday nflcrnoon, having been earned to tho hospital only a. few sick less Mian 24 hours. Mr. Jones wns born at- Cottonwood, the Bon" of tho Into' Frank and Allle Jones. , If a lias lived In lii! vicinity, ot Cooler nil of his fc and vvns considered one ot- Ilic most useful oHIi-enV there""irii -; has bceji Jiwnager of the Planters Ciln of cooler for a number of years. Is survived by his wife and two children. Charlie Jr. and Frances, five sisters, Mrs. Basil McCHiro, Mrs. Chas. Stiles and . Mrs. W. J. Evans ot Cooler, Mrs, n II Bailey of Blytlievlllc and Mrs Clyde Crnnimond of Putmaii Sta., New York. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon nt two o'clock at the Cooler Baptist church with he Rev. Cecil Meadows and the- Rev. C. B. Hunt officiating. Active nnlbearcrs will be Jack Rushing, led McClure, Floyd Wagster, Paul 't-ocper, Ralph Burnett, and Lewis Lester. Honorary pallbearers will be fJen Holly, Cnrathersville, I, VV Turner, Marlon, 111., w M Bark- ble ordinanc _ e. Tlie Greyhoiu.d repre- . representative sliowed. architect's draw' Spols closed steady at 888 off 7. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111 Aur 13 (UP)—Hogs: 8,000 Top 8.40 170-230 IDS., 8.30-846 HO-I60 IDS., 7.75-8.10 Bulk sows 7.25-150 Cattle 2,000. Steers 7.65-9.00 Slaughter steers 6.25-1000 .Mixed yearlings, heifers 700-350 Saugbter heifers 6.00-900 Beef cows 5.50-6.50 Cutlers and low cutlers 4.35-5.W. Discuss Plans For Aiding Oppressed WASHINGTON. Apr. 13. (UP)— President Roosevelt today met with government, church and social leaders to outline a plan of international cooperation to offer haven to ORVfessed political minorities in foreign lands. Yarbro Woman Fractures Hip In Fall On Rug Mrs. Tom Crockett, of near "arbro, fractured her right arm when she slipped and fell on a is lns:t night at her farm home. She was brought to the Blythe- vllle hospital, by Mr. Crocltclt, ' she Is resting verv well today. Alderman McHaney suggested nut the council proceed lo act on the hospital matter last night because parties Involved and their attoineys u-ere present. He wns Informed that continuance until Thursday night had been requested oy counsel for some of the parlies ' Several property owners In tlie vicinity of the recently opened hospital arc protesting, claiming that "'" hospital loners value of their property. Sam c. Owens, succeeding: Jess M. White as first ward alderman was inducted into office as were me following rc-etecl«i officials: Loy H. Welch, second ward alderman- t. R. Jackson, third ward alderman; Roy E. Nelson, city attorney ' and Miss Ruth Blyihe, city clerk!' Printed Cards Explain Reason for Black Eye MINNEAPOLIS (Ul'l — A friend approached Sid Olotter. who had * black eye. The friend asked the Inevitable question: "Where dldln get it?" Glotter reached in bis [rocket and drew out several cards. "Take one," he said and walked away. Compliance With Health Ordinances " r - °: E -, Wilson, city health officer, has Issued a public state- mcnl concerning the sanitary conditions of the city. The statement follows: "Why do wine people-wait to be made to do buys? These open toilets must to moved, your alleys must be cleaned, your overflowing cesspools must be remedied It you are In 'egal distance of the sewage system, you must connect your lollets ivith (hem. "We certainly do not want to cause you unnecessary expense but please remember that the law demands that you do these things." Jewelry Stolen From Miriam Hopkins' Home HOLLYWOOD. Apr. % 13. (UP)_ Theft of $15,000 worth of jewelry from actress Miriam Hopkins' home was rejMrted to police today. From a. wooden case in her bedroom clsoet a burglar took a dozen j diamond and ruby studded platl- j mini ornaments, two platinum- jeweled watches, worth $1200 bracelets and rings. Miss Hopkins was not at home. WEATHER The friend read: "A belated Christmas present." A rare sight is tilts— slern C. I. O. Chief John L. Lewis decked out in white tie and tails— the. formal costume the usually ln- formal Lewis wore to the annual - e annua Gridiron Club dinner In Wash„,;,_- r n i *" fty cx » lBna ~ ln S' on - f n which capital j Arkansas —Increasing cloudiness t tonight and Thursday; warmer to! night; showers In west portion Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight; Thursday partly cloudy to cloudy, followed by showers at night; not much change in temperature; lowest temperature tonight, 63 to 66. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 80, minimum 49, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor. rls, official weather observer. tton later, "Saves me about 50,000 words a day."

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