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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, October 16, 1932
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SUNDAY, OCTOBgR It, 1K3 me lvamas sports- r j 'ns Mock en are JSifcH" 85 P 5t of Pennsyl hunters? To pro 'd h 3" mSt f em are bun"y xxie necestar , "" cvcr-mcreasing array wun is a stupendous undertaking, the Board of vummissioners usmer everv available , source with which it may keep the covers- For the past two years extensive experiments have been conducted at the various game farms in the propagation of the cotton-under natural conditions. Mr. C. A. Hiller, in charge of propagation, reports that -uuiuiib5ion nrsr. experimented in such propagation at the Fisher State Gamei Farm last year. There was available for this purpose one of the pheasant holding fields comprising about four and one-half acres. This field was almost square and along the east . and west sides there was a thick growth of green briars' and other brush which provided ample cover. Both hrush rows were about 40 feet in width and covered a rocky formation which provided "numerous burrows for the rabbits. The center of the field was tillable and this. was sowed in sudan grass. During the month of February approxi mately 40 cottontail rabbits were released in this field, and while the sex ratio was not definitely determined, it is believed that there were more bucks than does. No attention or special care was given the animals throughout the ensuing months. x rum reoruary unui mey were trapped in December, 14 bushels of oats and a small quantity of beets and cabbage was all the food given them. A few dead rabbits were found and examined. No disease of any kind was noted and as all animals seemed to be fat and In a healthy condition, death was attributed to fighting. Such fighting among themselves was no doubt due to the vercrowaed conditions as the type of fence surrounding the field would not permit even the young to escape. To correct this condition to some extent 45 young animals were trapped and removed during July. No more were removed until the latter part of December when 104 were trapped and released in the vicinity of the game farm. When these were removed, there were approximately 25 rabbits still In the field, but these were trapped later and held for breeders the following year. "Hole Found Detrimental To Rabbit Breeding , During the trapping operations an accurate record was kept of all dead rabbits found. These totaled 53, the majoritv of which were found in holes. Therefore, contrary to general opinion and ideas on this subject holes are detrimental rather than beneficial in this wort. It was noted daring the trapping operations that the rabbits bad their own favorite burrows to which they scurried when distorted. There being an insufficient number -of holes for the number f rabbits, this holing-op process resulted in many of them smothering to death, a mim!vr of holes which were dug out furnished proof of this and HARVARD) vSW?5;RS?E STATE", -46-13 Lions Put tip' Great BattSs Against dills Marker Scores oh 98-Yard As West Virginia Wins, 1 4-0 Mountaineer Halfback Intercepts Bobcat Pass on Own Two-Yard Line for Long Dash Allen Makes Other Touchdown Early, in Game Navy Loses excessive construction costs. How ever, by setting trans in cubbies along the outside of the fence to catch the four-footed enemies and the use of pole traps for the winged preaators, such vermin may be controlled. Since burrows must be provided for the rabbits and since the natural ones seem to be disadvantageous, substitutes are being provided. For this purpose is being used rough lumber in about six foot lengths, 10 or 12 inches in width, two lengths being nailed together at their edges. This provides an inverted V-shaped shelter, the angle at the top being so small as to permit the passage of air the entire length of the cover. These shelters are placed at random throughout the propagating area and kept covered with dirt and brush to keep the interior cool during the hot days of summer. It is also considered advisable to stretch poultry netting at the bottom of these shelters to keep the rabbits from digging small squats in the interior of the runway, thus encouraging crowding. The employes of the commission conducting .these experiments look forward to them very optimistically this season. There Is a greater de mand for cottontail rabbits for restocking purposes than any other small came and if it . is possible to successfully propagate native stock.) natursxiy, sportsmen wiu oenent a great deal.' Orange Bows To SJVL U. Southerner's Score 1 0 Points In Final Quarter to Break Deadlock Special to The Pittsburgh Press , . . - MORGANTOWN, W. Va., Oct. VS The Mountaineers celebrated their twenty-fifth grid encounter -with the Wesleyan Bobcats by turning in a 14-0 victory, the first for 1932 season. West Virginia had four scoring chances and cashed in on two for touchdowns? Wesleyan threatened but once, when in the final period Art Bachtel took a short pass from Hall and zigzagged his way for a 51 yard gain to the' Mountaineer five-yard stripe. Three line plunges lost three ' yards and then Paul Beveridge tossed a short pass to Han, but Harry Marker flashed m and intercepted the ball, continued down the sideline for a 98 yard run and. a touchdown. Bobcats Hold , West Virginia forced the "Bobcats to punt after the Initial kickoff and then proceeded to parade down the field to the Wesleyan three-yard line where the Methodists rallied and took the ball on downs. Again the Bobcats were stopped dead and the Mountaineers obtained the pigskin on the Wesleyan 37 when Hall punted out to Marker. This time the west Virginia attack was not to be denied. A 20-yard forward pass, Parriott to Marker and four line smashes by Benny Thomas and Eck Allen wound up with Allen going over for the first touchdown shortly before the end of the first canto. Stage Panting Duel The second quarter was largely a punting duel with Hall outbooting Parriott but Harry Marker gave the Mountaineers the advantage in this aerial duel by his fine return of punts. Early in the third sesion, Allen and Marker worked the leather down to the Bobcat five- yard strip for a first down but here Allen was stopped on three tries at the line and Harriott's pass was grounded on the 3-yard mark. Hall immediately punted out of danger and the Mountaineers never threat ened until Marker's sensational 98 yard dash put the game on ice. west Virginia registered 12 first downs while Wesleyan accounted for only four, five thousand spectators turned out to see the battle. Lineum Again, 14-0 Ohio University Uses Air Attack to Upset Naval -X caden.y ' n Bp The Vnned. Press ' ANNAPOLIS, Oct. 15 Using an air attack to good advantage. Ohio University today defeated Navy, 14-0. The Mid-Westerners tallied in the second and' fourth quarters. 'Both SYRACUSE. N- Y. Oct. 15 Southern Methodist University scored 10 points in the final period today to break a 6-all deadlock and defeat Syracuse, 16 to 6, before 15.000 spectators. Bert Baxter, with perfect interference raced 43 yards for a touchdown. He made good the kick after touchdown and also accounted for a field goal later. . Syracuse started the scoring in the opening period when Wamsack intercepted a forward pass and raced 33 yards.- The kick was bad. However, the Southern team came back to temporarily tie the count in the same period. On their own 13-yard line, S. M. U. registered five consecutive first downs and then plunged over Syracuse's goal line. The kick' was bad and the score remained tied until the final period. Southern Methodist was stronger on the offense, making 14 first downs against 10 for the lc opponents. Syracuse played better in aerial passing, completing four forward passes and two laterals, against two forwards and two laterals fo&S. M. U. The Southerners gained 256 yards against 161 for Syracuse. Lineup: Syracuse 6. Southern Meth. 16. Sinser L. E Mill W. Sinpsr.. I T. ......... ..Bray H. Stark L. G Jackson Wamsack ....... . C. .......... McLeod Tinrtall R.3...... Riley Lombarai .......R. T. .......... Smith Stefanelli . R. E ... Fuuua Tisdalo Q Sprague Nona L.. H. ......... Baccus Cody R.H Baxter Dinunno r . ........... Oliver Score by Quarters: Syracuse 8 O O O o Southern Meth. C 8 O O 10 16 Scores for: Syracuse namsacR. soutn- em Methodist Baccus. Baxter. Field oal Baxter. Point after touchdown Baxter. Substitutions: Syracuse Hprdine. Si- chnntev Fishel. Kennedy. Korch. L. Stark. Johnson. H. Stark. Southern Methodist- Travis. Jordan. waiKer. Mfiron. Bsvn. mre X. J. xnorp. Lotammi. rreia judie H. L. Mamma. Army. Head lines- mwt w. M. Houenoacn. r-ennsyivama. J. R. Rodgers. secretary of the Slippery Rock Sportsmen's Associa tion reports - that, while walking through a woods near Slinoery Rock grees of decomposition were jouiiu. Examinations of these also indicated that suffocation caused their death. There was one short tunnel-liie hole having two entrances, or exs. inspection of this hole revealed the center completely closed with remains cf rabbits. Another agency also tended to retard the experiment. For instance, a great many young were found dead In the nest, apparently from head wounds inflicted by field mice, the nests probably being near some mice runways. 1 Commission Plans v Rabbit Farm Experience is a good teacher and I the commission is dPtln,ff which will overcome the dlfflcu-ties 'jSred. Tobegto with. anarea f about 40 acres cf typical rabbit country, where spring water is ayail-Sto and where it will be possibleto lew rape, vetch and clover for food. be enclosed. This area win contain sufficient brush to furnish wn as the necessary rough- ge to keep the animals healthy. ' All teles wui dc vavsv r : ?r.,rit to nrcvide sufficient dexiround space for the number cf rabbits procrawc Since fighting occar chiefly umbt the adults, once the ywing 1t the nest the breeders will not be permitted te have access te the entire rabbit arena. Th wfll fee effected by cenfmxng hemt 0Bi "nd f the arena around wit - piaeed a fence of lH-an bm, pooitrr wire. This mesh is enoos t permit the yonn t pass through into the mam en-ost and at wt the matured rabbits from leaving their arena. some of the rab.blt? v fcare to be trapped from the breed-lnr arena. By having sup-tni food in the mam enclosure these younj animals ran be held there unm uiy large to re-enter the breeding sec- ' special attention ar lias been Siren to the censtrocttott of the tone which; surroursis both tne Ceding and develop-in arenas. HnTwirt be used one dth of hexagon pocftry netteg :ct Navy Plebes Win Over Kiski, 14-0 ond Quarter for Victory rabbit squealing and went ro investigate. Hi frwiTir! several vnnn? in a nest and an of them cut and bleeding Middies SCOre TwiCfe in SeC and while he was examining mem and wondering what had attacked them a shrew stuck its head out of a hole in the nest. When he ex amined the nest again. Jtwo days later, all of the rabbits were gone This is an example of what shrews and field mice, as already stated by Mr. Killer, will do in destroying young game, an act ior wmcn me ringneci pheasant usually wrongly gets the blame. Oil Saves Trees From Gnaw in sr Animals Keeping on the good side of the farmer and co-operating with him wherever you can will provide you with better days afield for, after all. he is tfce one who really makes pos sible your sport. The following, taken from Pennsylvania Game News will keep rabbits and field mice from gnawing trees and should be passed along to him. Rabbits, field mice and other rodents may be kept from gnawing young fruit trees by treating them with sulph- ocated oil. which may be prepared easily and cheaply at home. Beat linseed ou until it is smokrag hot and while keeping it at that temperature slowly and carefully sift in flowers of sulphur in the proportion of one part, by welarht. to nine parts of a. stir ring briskly aS the white. If sifted in quite slowly and sufficiently stirred, the sulphur win dissolve in the oil and leave a clear fluid. When cool, scrape the roots near. the surface clear and spray or brush the tree with this oil from the roots up for some two feet or so and then replace the sou. House Cats Destroy Small Game One of the greatest, if not the sreatest destroyers, or our mail game, especially ra&feits, is therov-ing; house-cat. Miss no opportunity while in the woods during, the coming season to "knock-cfT every one touchdowns were the result of passing attacks although the first score actually was recorded on a one-foot plunge by Fehn, substitute half back. ,. , ChunK-Hoon. the Hawaiian left halfback of the. Naval Academy, was the outstanding performer for the losers, rnakmg several fine passes and getting excellent yardage with his punts. Navy ran wild In the first period but four fumbles prevented a score, Four more, two due to low passes, stopped the Middies In the -second quarter after Chung-Hoon and Walkup had gained considerable ground around the ends. Ohio's first 'touchdown began In mirtfleld following Walkup's fumble. Af tr a gain of 9 yards by Armburst, Brown passed 3$. yards to the former who was nipped on the Middy 11-yard stripe. Ohio lost five yards on a penalty bvt Brown made up this loss with a pass to Corradini that was good for a first down almost on the goal line. Fehn then went through Heilman for a touchdown and Armburst drop-kicked the extra point. The final touchdown came on the J second play of the closing period when Brown, Ohio backfield ace, dropped back to the Navy 30-yard line and heaved a pass to Sintic who was parked over the goal line. The latter then drop-kicked the point. Lineup: Ohio 14. Nayy 0. Lu E Murray L. T Brooks L. S Beedr C. Harbold Burns Kane Pray Becht Hilbert AfeCashen Priode . Colvin Pnlhnr . . R. G. snyaer R. T. . . Collins ......... R. E.. Corradini . O ftntic L. H Chunr-Hoon frown - R H Walkno Sudosky . . . F. B CampbeU Score By periods: Ohio 0 T e T 14 L ....... 3!M No. 3 Tkfe Co mrtmr.V 4 5 G 7 0 9 10 11 12 24 15 1G 17 115 19 20 Pitt ......... Carnegie Tech . Val. ' .... ...... u .. Washington Georgia . . Stanford . L. . . Navy Oregon state . . . . - , Northwestern -. i LL Georgia Tech EZ Colgate ......... I Marquette . Bates ......... , Louisiana .J... Iowa .... . Dartmouth . . Fordham ...... Bethany Bucknell ..... Chicago Ohio State ...... ? Notre Dame . . . .. Army . . California . . . . . Vanderbilt ...... So. California . . Princeton .... Washington States ,'Purdue .. No. Carolina ..... New York U..... Boston College .. . ' Maine Arkansas ....... Minnesota ....... Harvard . Michigan State . . Thiel ......... - Lafayette Indiana ......... Q ID a EDO D Name. Address. City Nittany Eleven . Wilts After , Making Fins Early Stand : r: LONG RUN FEATURES Hardy Score cn C4-Y ard " "Dash Following ; Fumble Third VVeek of Press Football Contest Opens Today; Pick The Winners and Get $100 Try Your Skill On List of 20 Games 45,000 See Penn Eleven Upset Dartmouth, 14 to 7 Masavage's 54-Yard Run and Intercepted Pass Give- Quakers Edge -First Meeting Between Rivals Since 1921 ' How would yu like' to win $100 in cash just for predicting how next Saturday's football games will go? That's exactly what The Press offers you in the Footbal Contest. All you have to do is fill out the contest coupon, ap- peanng on this page, marking the games the vay you think they will Sewickley Flattens Turtle Creek, 14-7 . v.-.w. rryaft r4 OEe ene ana ccsuau.-w - fhe-foot width cf one taefc inesh-incfa mesh- win hei jrJTw rrri will extend one foot SrSd. This., thereto will prcTide a ve-fcct rencs cf net-nround the top of which three gof four-pomt barbed wje K stretched on T?SCllit?; wZf i mosts iaixt feet m height abased every Id feet, betrw cijen rf and a ha. rses talKcareof tne wire the brands of barbed wire. Nff SsSWl posss axe e ai tSmc tied ts the posfis wxth gal-JfSSSI Swires. The two. widths cf netsangr re tied taeesser wxw Selee-m ate manner permg -W heimr torn dowa eaaly and the SnSagaia. Whi seme SSsctwe netting or where tb net-wouM rast wndergroocd woaid Srr, cost of maintenance.. TrojW Wul Capture heUL ttere y m ac. Teak rw Ettemie - I Maria maj peta wheat they - TTTTT. H.nnsiMe to erect t te th hoosei. pwiL at ANNAPOLIS. Mi, Oct. 15 The Naval Academy Plebes revealed in a clear-cut victory over the eleven of Kiskimlnetas School of Saltsburg, Pa., in a desperately contested game here today. The score was 14 to 0. Kiski is perhaps the keenest rival of the Plebes. The Plebes did all ol their scoring In the second period two touchdowns, from which the resultant tries for point were successful. The Navy yearlings put on a fine open attack in this session, and both of the counters were the result ox sensational plays. The first was tallied on a 40-yard dash by Rankin around the visitors left flank. Bun added the point by placement kick. A few minutes later T. King swung around Kiski's left for a sprint cf 25 yards to plant the ball on the invad ers 20-yard hne. Three line bucks netted five yards, then Pratt un leashed a pass to HoTman to cover the remaining 15 yards for a toucn- down. Bull again place-kicked for the point. Kiski made its strongest bid to score in the opening minutes of the game. A pass from Marks to Lehman was good for 20 yards to Navy's 25-yard line. Line bucks by Batdorf and Sahatino ripped off 12 yards. The Plebes defense tightened, and Batdorf failed in a try for field goaL Lineup; SATT PLEMS. snsin Hoirnaa ........ -J-. K. ........ . Ihc: BUii ...........i. r.. .......... Sonnirer .... L. a . Bnkn Hateinn ......... C... ....... Gasourm ' Arnold .........R- S. .......... Morris E. Kinsl ........ R. T... ...... SeTToLis Short ..........a. &........... G'-bmio Prar.t ............ Q. .......... .. Xaru Rankin ........ .t. H.. ...... . Sahntiuo T. Kjis . R.H ...... frunu avail P. ............ B-.uaort S?or d.t setUMa: Nvy Plebem 14 O O 14 Kmltt Sn bst. tti ttann y irr Plebpa Zabriski for Arnold. Arnold fur Zbnsiu. Wbttm.Tr for aanicia. Manning for Short, nemmrsc : for E Kin. Huisoa for Bull. Kiski : Keii- for tejje. aaimaaer for Batdorf. Ijpwia for XtItSl. T-ods for Sbatraa. Soltos far TOri rneet yoall better your future I Sorr-. Huston for feljender. ToaclkdO'vit 'T v . . - !UntalL Solium. Pamta arm toaeh- sport for ts. Is is reaay surpnsmg r fovna soil 3. tB;aeni kicks afere : tcarirsie. cm pit- uimt itn msit r tout miner w w tu.iti - Lass fall the wrtter and one of his rials killed 23 in one wees alnrg tne roacs Between iiariaiisoars rn' rvsviHe. Thoeft ox cur readers ws uav refrained from doing tfcear bjft m desirovtme these marauders may be interested in the f oilOwing quotation ttm from a radio tali, by J. Ai- lHiKhborouxh over WOT. tMr. tfusrrisojro3jn la secretary arsa-n- . Twrowirinr! ! ToAniLua 1L. K .... ;ji ...... 6.. ........ Thomaa AWmmm . .... sMonar Pan ....B. S... ...... erwte X mt. ...........ft. T........ TtomOMin witilfc . . ... 8- Smith r.-l.Mt- ...... .Q.. ...... Clinlr Vudumtila . ..T H.. . Vim Ots ......... .-..."a. H ....... "Wivrn uoesnJt . 1 f ...... Hacro "RlTOul Otl. --T tfrowr Clcr 9 nfwi u.ui mil TITWHKf Otr: Slowrr. ttnvlunaak SusseO. ero-v dry- Moon, TYrm mm Ttrai-luiowiw Luwwnhnr. h.wmJ. IXsina mftr Uiili-hdnwn JbIibwob. By The United Press PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 15-The University of Pennsyl vania defeated Dartmouth College, 14 to 7, today in their first football meeting since 1921. 45,000 fans were in the stands. Penn scored early when Eddie Masavage, quarterback, re- wversea ms neia and ran 51" yards i for a touchdown in the first ten minutes of puiy. Don KeHett. halfback, kicked the ztra point. In the second period, when Dartmouth opened up with forward passing. Spike Collis. who had been substituted for Masavage, intercepted a pass on the 38-yard Hue and got the second touchdown. Carl Perina made the placement kick, which ended the scoring for the Red and Blue. Dartmouth, unsuccessful in line lewidSey beTa fSe fining throughout the third period. usauc uieir iaat siao viciory in the final period with, continuous Winners -Store Safety Blocked Kick on Turtle Creek High lost on its home field yesterday to Sewickley. by a 14 to 7 score. A feature of the game was McKeag's pass to Con- golL who ran for, a touchdown. punt. McKeag recovering back of the goal, for a safety and two points for Sewickley. Srwrckley 1 Turtle Creek T Hs-fferiia ...... .L. E. ......... Stewart Zenker .........L.T........... Shiner Soman ........ .1. ........ . Boom X cAIpiae ...... ..C. ...... Matulon-b Horkrns ....... .R. 6 ...... . Arecdas Stefanon ...... .B. T.. ...... . Zet-hoekr A. KeUr .......S. E-. ........ CockoU Painter ....... ...Q. .......... Worrier Herbert ....... -L- H . ......... Cotter Snoaf ... B. H. ........ MeKea P. Ki-IIt F SUiirbein Toichi?OW7i CobtoIi. Herbert, Soaf Safety Turtle Creek OCeKe-7 Potnt after toacrMowr ConaroB . Referee. StaM. Umpire O'CocaelL Head Luesmaa go. You donx have to predict tne scores Just indicate -which . teams you- think will win, or tie. ' Now "is the time to get in this new fun gamer The third week 'of the Football Contest starts today, and you can begin - with today's coupon. It makes no difference whether you've competed in the Football Contest before or not; you can start now, for each week brings an entirely new contest. How will Pitt make out with Ohio State, and how will ' the Carnegie Tech-Notre Dame game turn out? And what about the Army-Ya'e game? These are football questions of the day, and your answers to them, and to others of the 20 games appearing on the coupon, may bring you $100 in cash. Dont miss this opportunity! The person who predicts each of the 20 games correctly will get $100 in cash. Should two persons get them all right, each will get $100. If more than two. then $200 will be evenly divided amoagthem. There's still another chance to win, even if you dont get them all right. In case no perfect coupons are received, then the contestant having th highest number of games right -will get $10. Should as many as 10 tie for this award, eacr. will get $10. If more than lu teen siuu will be evenly amoea among mem. Start today in this new contest. It's lots of fun "doping out" the games, atd your predictions may be worth $100 to you! Scores of Games In Press Contest Scores of the games in last week's football contest are as follows: 1 Carnegie Tech, 6; W. 4c J- 6. 2 Pitt, 18; Army, 13. 3 Washington State, ?; California, 2. 4 Alabama Foly, ; Georgia Tech. 0. 5 Holy Cross, 9; Detroit, 7. 6 Northwestern, 26; Illinois, . 7 Indiana, 12; Iowa, 0. 8 Kansas. 26; Iowa State, t. 9 Colgate, 35 v Lafayette, $. lft Kansas State, 25; KlisoaTi, 11 Minnesota, 7; Nebraska, 6. ' 12 Idaho. 19; Montana, 6. 13 Western Reserve, 26; M t. Union, 2. 14 Maine, 7; New Hampahire, 7. 13 Rochester, 2; Oberfin. a. 16 Michigan, 14; Ohio State, 0. 17 Penn, 14; Dartmouth, 7. 18 Pnrdne, 7; Wisconsin, 6. 19 Southern Methodist, 1$; Syra cuse, 6. 20 Brown, 7; Yale, 2. CAMBRIDGE, MattL. Oct. IS Outweighed and t outnumbered, a wen-drilled and fighting Penn State football team bowed "before Bar yard's , powerful outfit here tola afternoon in the Harvard Stadium. before some 20,000 persona, 43 to 13V State provided Harvard with a busy afternoon until Captain George Colin. Bill' Lohr. Harold Brewster and the other leaders of the N cause for the Nittany Lions, tired. badly in the second half. " ' Score On Famble ; Harvard led 19 tc 7 at the half, but one of these scores came through a 64-yard dash by Irad Hardy, Crimson tackle, after he had grabbed fumble in the air and another came after Casey, center, had Intercepted pass, state repulsed another march on Its very goal line and then had startled the gathering by going 70 yards in four plays for a touch down. In the second period, a 40-yard pass. Wells to Hageman, gave Harvard its score and the other tally in this period also was through the medium of a pass. Wells to Cndcard. after three smashes at State's line on, the one-foot line had failed to carry. Harvard capitalized on a blocked ' kick for its fourth score, in the "-bird period, but State came back and marched 65 yards down the field for its second touchdown. Then Harvard's reserves, second and third stringers, entered the fray and these Nittany Lions, who ' had played so brilliantly despite the ap parent topside score, just couldn t cope with the attack. Throw Many, Passes State's 13 points comprise the highest score made against Har vard's great line in two years of play with the single exceptio i of the Army game a year ago which Har vard won 14 to 13. Harvard made 23 first downs to 11 for State and ground out 397 yards by rusning to 125. Harvard completed five passes out of seven for 91 yards while the Lions completed nine passes out ox 16 for a net gain of 107 yards. Lineup: -,; PENS STATE. passes. - Completing two passes when well in Penn territory netted their only touchdown early in the final quar ter, iine-up: Penn 14. Dartmoatii 7. gnraett Marker Paiombo .. r. -L.T-........ Baldwin Taoionia .. .-L-G ...... Michelet En! ....... C. ......... Brarv-tl iun ......... K. ......... . Hoffman Colehower ......R. T. ....... Giaxer Hemeon . B E ..... . Trout MaHe Q ........ Fishraan Keliett .. 1. H ..... Clark Lew .-.a. H ...... Hortoa Pecma W .......... Hedjre Sxr by periods: Pnn T 7 O O I Dartmeiitb ...... ... O O 7 7 ToaefcrtowBu Penn. SCaaa-rase. Colli : Dartmouth. Embcj- Potat after toacb-4wns Keliett. Penaa. HofTmaa aa pla mental. Sabsutnuocs Dartmoath. Ma-honey. Power. Hill. Silverman. Chaptnas. Emory. Dursra. Huntley,' Haaeraiaa. S tan-tie; Pena. Powell. Nanlx. Xoner. Trere-tola. yinihjn Colia. Onderslank. Sweeney. JteCafirey. Ciberson. EUne, PennyiMcker. Enstic Doherty. Befenw W. S. Cro-weii. Swarthmore. Crrroir- C 3. JCcCart. &-rnaatwa Aeademy. Thwiimiii ft a Fisher. Columbia. Evergreen Pfays Springdale Defeats East Pittsburgh Forward Passes irr Final Minute Turn Tide Schenley in Tie With JnhfltflWIl Kt111-11 e yesterday at Stone llf 1U1 JUlIliaiU WH fieltL score was 7 to e. A surprise forward pass in the final minute of play enabled Spring- dale High to win from the East Cat Society. Cats a loefc at aiag ajtsu eat eaaarwra, The or wrntr cannot hkl repaibi . fee tfeeir asetita r thetr raJkia va !bra aa caga. Mimlctpal Jadze Kwbert W. Keujt this e4ifa MniHy aftar tracnuc vat U" baek 4 years ba hJUtxag that Ura. TWS fr th death at three silted y ar cak Fctttt are -awewticated b their hatrita aad f taia ceatMMa their ewaer are atet ba!te fee Tim at periods 1 S nuaatea aaclx. - Last-Minute Rally Beats Grove City ELLWOOO CITY, Oct. 13 Stag ing a rally in the last period. EH-wood City came from behind today to beat Grove City 13-12. EQ-woaaf City 13v rav aty IS. T . Baby Arizmendi Is Aided by Solons By The C'ntt Press LOS ANGELES. Oct. 14 Baby Antmprrfi, Mexico claimant to the world's featherweight cnamrtiomftipw cleared the first hurdle in his fight to secure official recognition when his claims eie indorsed hv the California Boxing CXrnmission. I Evergreen Olympics will travel to Ttv KHnmissiori- which is not af-1 irarxora iJuy toaay to ciasn wrtn filiated with the National Frrng f the TrafTord Indians. Ffcst class A,yyja tifT, then recognized the I lightweight teams desiring the Arizmendi-Newsboy Brown fight I Olympics as an attraction call here next' Tuesday night as a ttto-t Cedar 9606 and ask for the jnan-lar engagement. ' ager. JOHNSTOWN. Pa, Oct. 15 Johnstown High battled Schenley High of Pittsburgh to a scoreless tie here today. Schenley lost it best scoring opportunity in the last quarter, when a 35-yard pass, Robinson to grrritrt. put the. ball on the three-yard fine, but three line plays failed and Weingarten fumbled on the fourth down. Schenley made eight first downs to five for Johnstown. Schenley was repulsed on the 12-yard line early in the second quarter and in the same period an attempted field goal by Cates went wide, uneup siotismm a. ...lZ T. gerSin . . . L. ft . Erawoiiw ...J.C. ......... Vernm . -.R. O...... .... Itt a. -r Cate . . K. ....... Koalski . Rohiiwoa t. Tt WeinrarV ? .r-vtr4r .....T Patrv-B " ..... v;.vwi?im lew r.ruik tB-MMe ne fticwtrt. StetTan for rilliM. -Abrtena for Keller,. Beerei foww. Cmutia ger1y. geedli mm. J oh n to w a 0. jrnikiMiaiitt Btia . . ?etr ocitora , Wiier feyer ... . itewart ... bdalla ... Quarry Brumbaugh heaved a pass to Fry, substitute halfback, who ran 65 yards for the tying score. Brumbaugh then passed to Sabatinl for the winning point. East Pittsburgh scored in the first minute of the game when Taliscak intercepted a pass and galloped 65 yards for a touchdown. East Pittsburgh failed to realize other scoring opportunities. ':,-'.. East PUutrarrb 9. Sprint dale 7. 9te-rerMon L. E. . . . Lalerre Hodman ....... .1. T ...... . Zdaxowslu M. Rioaha . ,.... I. 3. .... ., Armrong F.llintt .... ...C. .......... TronoH Balantle te).....R-9..... Storer Batenan ........ R. T ........ ... Tyjerki CTornrhwrty ...... R- E. ....... . Sahattnt Walesfci ......... .Q. ....... BrafniKtucb raiiaeak ....... J H. ......... Boii arey ...... lH....... Leii Prwwer ......... ,w. ...... . Dalcherone Seont tr onartera: Eaut Pittabtrrsb ... O 9 O Spriaa-dale 0 0 9 7 7 ToikMowoh Trisrak. fry. Point after tOTf hdown Sabatioi fpassK Referee JtcCarraey. Cmcirw Hunt Head man Reilefeer. - 'All Outdoors' Queationo, AnoyereJ by John G;! Mock fj9h Cr. Jkfoc. armductor of the tn Outdoors" coIm rm The Press each Snnietf, wiU fre tVaA ta GJirtcer any questions cowcerw-ing the subject he report. If jro tcaitt to know ichere to eK h&te to get there and ichat ta taJte Zap or anything else pertam-ing to the ea&ioora. tcrite Jf oei. core f the Snorts Department ef The Press. Enclose a stastped. selt-&&rese& ewreZepe if vita a perraiKzi repl.) nM k iatwtia) mmm Om mthmr tm l J Clefce- 33. yt thare wwwi k awlr lee am- aw ta wHl tmm jeer tkaw mm mmm im tia bwirt. Tm wmmtm aetttteit aeawr keewe beiC . -'' tmOmm mm mm Bmm awt. wiali m whl fcrVk rtiiii. eeaaf mmm. fa tSm a n.fc mm li. bia mU a mmmm amUan. mm tat itliM mmm hmt Ma e feat av S'w. wlkleaivvar tt hwea4wae m a, ywt i n w id mm mm 9m rnirnm je kr mmm tm eae eraeetf eae tOmmm ta W rmm mm a tee I Hamsby Cfeint Dorferi CHICAGO. Oct. 15 Commissioner of Baseball S. AC lanrfls today tte jsjed Roger Borasbys daim. far m scare i& the Chicago Cubs World Series receipts. Boraany. rnUmm hjiw j the- curh Ans.. 2v aaaad that nimmiiiajnnTte S. K-. T , City In raferenccr t tbc teto. plmna call mt Xondaj' atent tli ftahm lam mm-erruuir Bunnows. The law reads a followa: f the hac fUiiiiia- law serait an anifier to have. ia bia anaaemnna flfcy bait flub.' at; any one time r 9ppne minnow hnokec ta awnert ioiaOY t eve or more ineit tle imm dnns not dMieaetei aow manv mianowt to- one tmritet. Qnent. : AbooUt my faiaer nt 1 flHh toeetber all da. would i be. illea-at Woold 1W be open to .Sne foe 1wvt the in- hi tKiwrnwion? , The wwae for huntinr at tb enl of e Htmtinr tri-' if we were to pqt air got rane i a mtr3c to transport tlreta , home? WcraV the nej of tne - car be res5KcvTWe because the bar wtwild-' reaHy be irt his pOBsessUm? Pleaee atmwer these ruestton as they won 14 settle m lot df aTycrttis'. . To beeln with.- ecrordinr', fd eeaf nenie way mr miaxniK, we are ot me had 5" wiU "aw tmm'iLZmm rmm mrm mm taw .wwj. mtmm mmSOm mm aeaw mmm atwaWaflBwSVartMMa twtMkf mmm WffwV 4M49 tfcw team nal tm awiae pananMiw. nam ill uii m mmrm ease tte ere w ttee mil, mm awa't tkink tkeve mtrntf mm uaanu fe eueertiee Be e far Swhiae. kr m wSiTereae etery. lim mm mm'tn anarlawF ie tm eiwwtne. At Im ami mm fc'eartU F. Caejeridee. f.Whe muft eee-SH em? Siva w aeme reeelete Vt home meoe ba it yo cae. Wj eefnslt bKe m the winter Whet w nte Isrre ones Mte on ? , wnat witr eerp pn, o f sea me some ome-mwSti . receipt opinion that a. tVe ellce to the tnenrta be , JeW nees Jtme mmmJ . oalr end rhrte ee aeerlsleB fee , Wot . imwrt 1. wn-rt, is aseee rerf r-waa la e ' faeTee" wee-v, Twe et Jf-1 e f. v m m a 11 sn aafy. f -ee Jh V e 4 f w" t i t -mmm r ' - . eVa.. f ) - if . a, reed dan? What times do h btte ,htt zve the wiad and moos Ana ant IiT- ferenoe as to wh, flah we heat? Seofl me aU the dope text can' on carp ana eat- TtfaJiffc mmMjotij &J& m cere eetadaa baf the eld jataao. , t,lst, efewiM.. toaaa elaee, fee U im Kctbaoaosav we e eera-ew. i-lawt ww tM mm t w - it -caiiiaa , al eey t t a ma..' amrn. I . . r mm t- .r t 1 h 1 X t t U I t t , ml Mm deatoew atae. A fawerM sad aiaae tlte Coaanaae CrmttL inaie aw jaes saw awi a Urnttm. Sl i ito haf weeh. at imtm tmm awaaraw mmm mmm laf UmI eetil M fciaen ft eet etrawe. mm m MewteV aeeMkte Bjale hfewe eeeee lft sev aPRwF fA? WW- IwWIW sWfwfeV CwaitWe' flr0 sVnt 1 t&Gt&Q aMtW aCwMaaV -Ml flMMIWf rVrTw Riff fit C 9t4rW09&me mftfw 4m4 wHfr mm ygry w frmtc eiaiae wt l the Hoherwee.-, Prefcefcry, the 1 wWh the 1 (rrTVWSwW . Thie feWjvw be4 jt eet jft eeW wew mmmmm eieeeef eee jf awtalf pfeeea. aaeaeee id' bh see rwerit ee voew re the wenfree! shsae er slee h wee -eetrbie ,eere. , Brel. eerie ane seer mrrea mnn rm irad hone er racer esrzcw 1 OT RTaslB erthTetter eeJrrfH tnr.M .fee water, .tyeeat mmm mbrnm. cse front Wish It- Iters reO tti eee hy.M . .water. -C?eee erei ml lotm a floor ana tle ead mf taffh makes a ceJ bwrt. AM teWsej aS's JMTae tateSie3toi7 H eit Ttm .eee -ror eattiea eee reret . oecteaa . ittmtrs. iA Trr sreewe mt .katt yae.inteni earne, tm thle ere aeree ye eetie ta actraet te hmk te the ealsh- Wl HUfJla fir So" V -e t vVed 1 V CKe win he th mm werfe ef See. aa4 ewt draw htae A1 eae set te Uaa mm. Saw at far ba awt Wfe9 Chrhtsi I L acia T. W Wtlaw 1 wncld Eka tv jkm fhie fafeentatioo sheet hootinc Uua tall. Will I need a In nae to hast am bet father's farm and adjoimne lams Uus seaeoef Thie fane te leeeted ta Bedford Ceenty end at th present tune 1 sea not tarine at home. Alan wbe ie taw Ceonty Warden t Nat hrlne a lian 9mm naieant mr me-Mltr Manners' in tiUias saw naH. yaw will awt he twaHhi tw stwa wttamnt e Wet net. If ninn j acrrna ee risht. Bfi aMrhle ef Rverrtt ta ynee Cnwnty rreeeeter. me ns the Bwai Uarrtawnrs. Weehteeton Can yon provide in your a. o . a reeeipe for ran Wainct Woald elate readme uue wlormauon damns. nnrta nf awUd eninrtna af and 1 eert er sane ecu hi er a ef water. ThJs'eaa he eeetied HARVARD Sure ...... i v. .L. B... Sloi Hardy L. T . Cn)m Esierly L. 3 Reach U9aet ............ C Zawarki Gundlaoh R. G. ....... . Kreizmen Bancroft R. T Wootbert Hnsremaa R v Well. . Q Lhr Cnckard ........ I. H. OrfUns 5Ta R- H 8keme Dean .f ........ Harper Swe by periods: Harvard ..7 12 14 1.1 Penn State O ? 0 fl 13 Touchdown Hardy 2. Hacenian. Crtck-ard2. Jierin. Barrett. Peter. Lobr. Collins. Points after touchdown Wells '2 tplace-ment kieksl: Whitney 1 plaeekck. Peee placekick. CoHioa 1 (placekick). Snh titntions .Harvard: Grady for Criofcard. Crane tor Eaferly. Rogers for OSndlach. rraoeiseo for Bancroft, barrow tor Hardr. Barrett for Ne?m. Barton for Nro. Lone for Hsrerian. Whitney fr Well. Waters fo. Dean. Loeke for Crtrkaad. Leonard for Barrett, rasales for Casey. ' Healey fr Esterly. Shnman for Gundlarh. WoU-ntt for Nazro Peaeoaolido for Grady. Peter for Whitney. Caumdy for I -owe KiddT for rntin-o, LoHiwood for Carales. Werner - ior tsmajr. Sherman for L-ke Hphlhnrt for Barrett. Cnllen for Bnrrowa Penn Berry for Woorbert. Wantuhonee for Skemp. Conn for Harper. Morrison for r.itnn. Anderson for Zawarki Park for Wooibert. Kane for Heach. Lons for Morri. win. Johnson for Kreizmao. flood for Parker Rich for Zawr-ki. MerMrih for Slaaaer McKee for Brewster. Wjlle for Cono. OffiHal: Referee 1. T Hxlh'ran. Providence; Kmpire H. C McGrath. Bos ton Colletre: Lineman O. N. Ban' hart. Dartmdath: Field Jndaro S. S. Svntt. Michisaa. Time of eoartera 15 minatea. Beaver Falls Hi Defeats Midland BEAVER PAIXS, Pa.. Oct. IS Beaver Falls High's W. P. I. A. L. title aspirations advanced today by a brilliant 13-0 victory over Midland. The Tigers employed straight football and effective passing for their two touchdowns. Beaver Falls 13. W Miami A Olzack ...... U. ..... . Schmltt Bramineky ......IT Aaxskanoe Straah .. S.. . . . eteff Gomsalo ....... . . C. 6. Komora Zmearro ........ K. Z.. ........ . Maneft Leeeh ....... a. T Tepovica. Stoops , a E. . Jf. Torteh J. Thaeik ... ,Q. ... p. Benedict Marconda .... L. H Mirniciak Vawes ... . .... R 6 PuitanovirH tjMh .'. . . r . . . MeComha Score h oerieds: Bearer Falls tt O 7 IS 3notitntun : Beaver Palls Bot lex. Cameily. Toe Tkacik. akraida. Midland -Monae. Da via. B Komora. Tooohdowns . Stoops. Lash Point after touchdown Marennda. Referee Hoskine. Cmptre Johnstofr; Head linesman Rncb. Sportsmen Enjoy . j, : First Annual Qutins The North Boroughs Sportsmen'. Association held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening. Oct. 11, at the BeHevue Y. M. C. A, with President A. P. Menzemer presiding. There was a general discission of the success and also, the interest shown by the members at the first annual outing held at the George Ruehl farm, Saturday. Oct. L. The association ia on the lookout for a permanent place where future field trials and meets may be hekL CANJfJLfcXD, Oct. 15 A pass. Blunt to Lambeth, over the goal line in the final Quarter gave Canfield a 6-0 victory over How land here yesterday. Howlahdhad" the bail on the Canfield two-yard line as the game ended. Canfield a. Lambeth ..... L. E . Bare .......... .L.T. V. p. D.. Oty If penaible 1 woeld Hke te obtain a recipe for preeervm and water-proonnr hantins boots. MeH renal warts mt h asanas end sste at ewtter and rah sslstere well astevth dry leather. This reeisw is erneehly-ns ewsd es any ef the hish-prtced tsntsf tlees that yen weald bey. t. t K . Cfty Where can 1 obtain Itteratere resardinr a flesbltg-ht which eneretes without batteries? I have seen s ed eomewhere. but fail to locate it. .,j ereetete an early reply. Morris . ........ .L. G. McDonald ....... C .. Miller ..........a.G. Kamn .......... .K. r. . MiskeU ... R. E. Blunt Q. .. Grose .......... .L. H . Mellon ..........R.H Haines - - - . ....If.. Heieree Jonnson Hawlaud O. Owen .... Klovanrck ..... Gardiot-k. ...... Bar tie ........ Woble ....... Wilson ......... Ha.- ....... Harreil ...... Hat"K.v ....... Berry Orroe Umpire Boyd. Head Iinemu Chubb Touchdown Lambeth. . A d d i t ion a I SportoCmm Page 7, r i, hi 4 X v . t- f I It. r. i J- - J .1 - 1, yT4 A ms aasVaV f c- r m .-L..AUyeV eflgihia for mtjcsux . . I ft TP- nt ee ewetrJ

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