The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1949
Page 7
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MONT) AY, APRIL 18, 1949 BI/VTHEVTLLE (AKK,)' COURIER NEWS PACK SEVWf Leaders Protest Big Grants : in-Aid State and Federal Officers Say System I Less Independent WASHINGTON—Grants of federal money to the states ore becoming larger each year. Anrt many leaders in Ihe state and federal governments don't like It. The itrants- Iji-ald gradually subtract from the independence of the states, they say, weakening Uie whole federal system. Last August the Joint Conference of Slate Governors and members of congress at a meeting in Chicago resolved that the grams should lie reduced al least '20 percent In the fiscal year 1850. But President Tru man has proposed in his 1950 bud- KPt substantial raises, rather thar reductions, in the total of grants The largest increases he ? were 5290.000,000 for federal aid to ertucalion and $65,000.000 for Increased general assistance. Even without new pro grains, however, the 1950 total ot grants was bound to be higher rather than lower. This was pointer! out In a speech In December by James E. Webb, director of the budget. The federal government was already committed to supply Increased funds in grants, in accordance with past acts ol Congress. The practice of giving the states Jft Erants-ln-ald is as old as the re" public, but it has taken on major Importance only in recent years. The biR boom came in the 1930s when the states and cities were unable to cope with the needs for work projects and other relief for the unemployed. -The peak came In 1939, when S2.908.999.000 Was spenl in federal grams. Since 1946 they have been rising again: 51,622.0(53,338 In 1948; Sl,941.784,566 estimated for 1940; and $2.458,202.454 In 1950 If the President's proposed new legislation Is approved. This would not include 5100,000,000 In contract authorizations for the new housing program •nhl<-h Ihe President recommended as another grant measure. Th general Idea behind grant.', Is thatthe federal government shoulc pay part of the bill to enable the Canadian Asked to Leave U. S. FBI Recovers Funds Stolen By Ex-Banker John Goss triglit), Canadian actor and thcatw director who wns ordered to letive the United States while uitending the controversial "pi'licc conference" in Now York, talks to a reporter al the Chicago Airport, He was changing planes en route to Vancouvei, B. C. He termed his treatment "unjust." <AP Photo.) State Police Director . Announces Promotions LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April 18— /Pi—Four changes in tile Arkansas State Police Department have been announced by Director Herman Lindsoy. Capt. Earl ScroBgin, head of Ihe Criminal Investigation Division, has been named chief ot the Identification Bureau. ScroRgins will be replaced by Sgt. H. R. Peterson, who has ucen '.serving In the criminal division. Iloth will retain their present ranis. Patrolman Patrick Wyntl, Jonesboro, and Guy Grant, Benton, have been transferred from the traffic, jwtrol to the criminal division. They will operate in the same districts. over, must necessarily establish certain minimum standards for programs it helps to finance, and tills means a measure of control ,.__. , _____ _. .... ..... ______ . .over local administration. Rcpre- state.i to conduct certain programs | sentatives of the Council of State in the interest of the nation as a whole. The states themselves ad- . , ____ , mlnlsier the grants. The programs | accepted political principle that the chiefly concern health, education I unit of government which spends »nd social welfare. Grants are sup- \ money should be responsible lor posed to do two things: eolleo:ing it. Neither the Council nor. the Governors, however, want the grants program abandoned. They only want it minimized. And they want the federal government to withdraw from tax collection* In cer- Valuable Lincoln Bust Presented to Museum On Anniversary of Death WASHINGTON, April 18 (f)— A plaster bust of Abraham Lincoln, bought for «5 in a Brooklyn neconrl han& slore 30 yeai* ago and now valued at -50,000, was presenled to the Lincoln Museum here last week. Henry C Roberta, New York author and antique collector, marie the aift on the 84th anniversary of the death o! Lincoln. Presentation was in tbe museum which used to be the Ford Theater, where lancoln was Mi.H. Rc.beri said he did not realize the value of the bait when hr found It wmle browsing In a goodwill In- dustrie.! store. Later, however, he laid he learned it was made frotn th« famous NEW VO11K. April 16. M')-The FBI's piecemeal search for almost a million dollars stolen from n branch of the city Hank was just nbout over today. A new batch of ciuTcncy--$C,fi'.!0 —was turned up last week in the home of ex-banker Ulchard Crowe by his wife, Honora. That virtually closed I he books on the tracking' down of the I88:t,- 660 In cash and bonds which Crowe on March ?5 carted out of a Branch of the National Oily Hank where he was assistant manager. There Is only 16,500 sltll not He- counted for. the pni said. Bit by bit. federal agents have ferred out all the rest in En.Mfr- egK-hunt fashion. The money iwovMTd Fridaj' In »5 and $10 bills—wr.s found by Mrs. Crowe In a cardboard dress box on a elasel shelf in the family's 11-room Stnlen Island home. Mrs. Crowe notified authoriUc* of the find. She said her husband had whispered to her when shf sow him recently, aiu> told her of the hiding place. Other portions of the ml funds have been found in a variety of places—In an atlic, buried beside a coffin. In Crowe's parent's home, and scattered to hl.s creditors through I he mall. Pre-trial mental tests liave been ordered for the personable 41-year- old ex-banker and civic leader, who faces four federal ernbcw.lcmei.l Indictments. Conviction on all the charges could put him in prison 4fi years. When he was arrested April H. In a Oaytona Beach. Fla . bar. he had nearly $55.000 In cash in a suitcase with him. An additional some $61.000 was recovered from creditors to whom Crowe had mailed money. Wide Search is Made for Woman in Red Coat BROOKHAVKN, Miss.. April 18. ul'j—No tr.vce lift.", been found of a BO-yeM'-nlc! Arkansas woman ml.«'ins since Thmsday night from the home of her brolher here, Shflid Solon Brltt said a ground and aerial search wax conducted over Lincoln County. The nii.s.sinR woman Is Miss l^cim Drew, of lakf Village, Ark,, who \vn.> visiting her brothel, Guyden Drew Hie sherlfl .said. Hr added that the fterlnl search over woodlands on Brookhaven's oul.skirU was attempted the \vomnn was wearing a bright red coat. Bird I.over Australia has a bird that Is ciuHf a gallant lover. 11 Is Ihe bower bird, which builds a bower of arched ,twiss in the forest and U.S. ftcfit f Worker Frted horn Czech Jail PRAOUE. CevhoAloYftkla, A'tttl ul'i—Mlu \Mnsta VeiflE. an Ampii- CBH i flip] woifcer k WHS released from a CwhslovaV nrlsou Saturday, shf hao 1 )>c,?n JieJri for « wcrk, ihr- told tin American consul «iuK(M Ihl* week, wficr bfkug hrt<1 Incomnuinlcrtdo three duj'.s. (\\i\\ she thought -she was Iwlug detained for R), invtAligallnn of ih< |x>- Litk'rtl nctlvlllr/; of other.v Tlii! Atnrricfti) embassy i u id de- mnntioft I»PJ farly please ftiul hivd u.skpit (o br Inrormed ol Hie ".i])p. clMc chRieffi, If uny," ftRrtliiRl MLss Vctax nf nrrwyn. III., who hcivdrtj lh« Pi njtuc officr of AI.IPI Lcati r tllcf for Czrcho-sloVRkU. Bank Notes Forged serve bank notes believed to have been made In Tehran for distribution Ihrmiglioul Ihe Middle Kasl. An Irnqul. Indentlfied by police as Mn«dal el Bluwaf, wan arrested. 4% HOME LOANS Klhcrl 8. Johnson The K<|iiiUi)lp |,ife Assurance Soriuly i'linilr B'Z'iH Sleep COOL this summer CAIRO, April in, W>—Egyptian .. llcf have Mlr.rri $12,ROO In frudr- decorates it with blight .shells, ly forgrd Unltrd Stst.'s federal re- 1B60 life of IJncoln in Chicago, 111., before he was nominated president. The sculptor was Leonard W. Government feel that the whole j Volk who prepared a second bust program tends to violate the well Iron', the same mask. It also Is on ......... --' "-"'display at the museum. 1. Stimulate the states to conduct programs they might not un- rtertake If they had to depend en- 1 tirely on their own funds. The federal government dangles large sums of money in front of them. It Is theirs to use It they match It, usually putting up from nlwnit 25 to 50 percent of the total sum to be spent. 2. Equalize, the burden among the rich and poor states. But that's where the critics begin to differ with the advocates of grants. There is very little equalization of the burden, they claim, and some experts In the Federal Bureau of the Budget agree with them. In fact, say the critics, grants discriminate, against the poor spates, To get the big hunks of federal tain fields where states can itep In and raise money to conduct their own social welfare programs. But federal experts, and even Council representatives, admit that this probably would not be the answer. Localities hate to tax their own people, and states try to keep their taxes down because of interstate competition— the effort to provide tax havens for wealthy corporations and individuals. The programs now financed by grants-in-aid might lag or be abandoned. And even if states and localities Impose taxes as heavy R/Rd courier N«w« Want Adu. Extortionists Blast Theater in Canton CANTON,- April 18. (,1>i—Bxlor- tlonlsts last night dynamited a theater killing three persons and Injuring more than .Ml, Many persons wrre trampled In panic that swept the theater after the explosion. It was the second Cnnton theater explosion In a week. Eleven persons were injured In the last blast. Both theaters were blown Up after they had refused to pny "protection. 1 * UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball fiel Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors • Gnlmrdine $12.95 HUDSON Cleancr-Clothicr-Tailor IT » more si eeples» iiififils when you have a Coolnir I'iin! KHA terms. Ask for inst*MMion esti- ni.-ue. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. V. H. 1'east J. Wlbon Henry Smith Highway 61 l'h,me «.M Say if .... With Flowers The Flower Shop (Jloncoc Hotel Hl<ij;. 1'lume 4491 or 2747 BLENDED WITH GRAIN NEUIRAl SPIRITS KNUINt PRE W« OUAIITY BtOKCT WHISKEY, K ftOOf. TO STMIOfT WHISKIES Wl THIS PROWOT ME S rtA»S OK MORE OtD. 35% STM16KT WHISKEY. «% CHAIN «£UT«AL SPIRITS. SCHtNLPf DttTIUtRS CMPORATIOH. HEW YO*K CUTt, GENTLEMEN: To hare * .»li lint rralij fi(j, lie measured hy a laNAr. Now •hnwlni all I ho latett iprlnj and lunimer Imported and 4»- m*Mlc wiwlen*. Dnip dnwn t» nur thup anj day of thi week. GEORGE L. MUIR "Blylhevllle's Only Tnilor" 109 Railroad // the headlines say... money they obligate themselves to j their people cnn afTord, the poor put up matching funds which leave j states will end up with revenue holes in their small treasuries. To ! which Is inadequate for «uch pro- engage in the federal program they ! grams as ( now Sn effect. None hftve to neglect nome locnl pro- i of the critics seem seriously to ex- prams which might be more lti>- : pect any development except » portant to them. | gradually expanded program of The federal government, more- i grant-s-ln-aid. At the New MURR Theatre OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS Monday and Tuesday B ILAZINR IN ITS ACTION- THUNDERING IN ITS DRAMA- STIRRING IN THE SWEEP OF ITS MAGNIFICENT PRODUCTION . .. YES- IN 25 YEARS ONLY THREE. "COY! H EH CIMARRON" and now... '25,000 000 *wir COMES ARKANSAS Till; dl{\\1\S COMPAY. lU'rtl F «• tfll I - Mi>rtll.]' Phont 521 Phon* 30751 CAMERAS FOR RENT Flash or Box T,vpe Cameras. Also a complete •lock nf flash bulbs In all sizes. Barney's Drug Store ZOOfi Wesl Main Phone 3647 newi «^s ot ;T d ' today ^^ t0 inve « wi Sn, /"I""" d ° llars - U '^e r e, arde ° dm gv : vA ^nsa, it n* • will h Cn ' arge te '«** " e *^ 1,100 . «n'»'on s of dol . new dia , . „ -s, new cablel DJe ' mor « distanc t, for KEROSENE AND F U E L 0 I L Phone 2089 Phon« 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry telephc Of of from mimon d women in al « their savin" s direct,;"? s in the buJi ' "ot have th . * «,me ii ter _ veSt0rs - me n ° f '*"• ^o te le p hone ' PUrchas * of othp K • O( ler ousinesses with , ssxr- ^ to fl '"n'sh the i. e kind and am, ICC tnf*i/ an ^ prosperous i s t llG PGDPTal Progressive lon^i'lT 8 " ^ Ca " not *>* K not prosperous. 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