The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 18, 1933 · Page 18
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1933
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN Want Am Headquarter. Cuurt 1900 .THE PITTSBURGH. PRGSS Other Press Departments, Court "-00 FRIDAY, AUGUST 18. 1933 OUTLAW MINE STRIKE ENLISTS 15,000 WORKERS Anthracite Men Force Closing of Workings in Panther Creek Va'lev NRA MEDIATION ASKED POLICE, FIREMEN SAVE LIVES OF TWO FUMES VICTIMS ; w I hi L. " - ?' : To Frofe t.xivr Urn est J',- S Y-- . .. - 1 - ir 1 " ' " -.w... 1 1 OFFICER DEFIES BRADDOCK 'BOSS' Lieutenant McDonough Quits Job to Oppose Verosky Men for Council PHONE GIRL TURNS mustering just a bit more than five J eepS Old PfOmiSSOry Noti feet, she spends her summer and fall 1 DAUGHTER OF HILLS!- n w ' Zl Z sept. V ZnTTT vv 1817. almost 116 years ago.Ua keep-11.000 feet altitudes. - .;. h.-h f sae nuiiam -..--. - Mexico. The note was lor u.o. payable to Andrew Steel te Company, a concern doing business in iiirls Figlit Police With Umbrellas ? V Tie V !i , fd P' f.-.-,i PHILADELPHIA. Aug. 13 Twenty girls, en strike at the pkin of the Eclipse Shirt Corn-pan v, were arrested today after attacking police with umbrellas. The disturbance started when strike breakers attempted to pp.'.t-r the plant. The pickets, mostly girls, charged the nonunion workers and beat patrolmen when they interfere i. l!if .in J lirrmon CiWrryJiiij out the firt victim o( iuiiu-n At the ttHTh.rdt ami Ober Brewery, Troy - - - Hill. Quick work saved the lives of the two men who were trapped while painting a huge tank. cation Coal Company. More than 1.2C0 miners from the Cranberry colliery joined the walkout in a demand 'or equalization of work. The strikers planned to concentrate this afternoon on the giant Locus: Summit breaker, near Ma-har.oy City. Ths Lansford, Coaldale, Summit Hill and Nesquehoning collieries were closed when an insufficient number of men reported for work. Tw;nty state troopers from the Reading barracks were on duty to rreerve order. FUMES VICTIMS' LIVES ARE SAVED Painters Trapped in Brewery Tank When Ventilation System Fails LEVINE FACES TRIAL ! IN BOGUS MONEY CASE SENATOR JAMES DAVIS GOES LITERARY AGAIN Mine Union Leader Seeks NRA Aid By T'. VmteA Press WASHINGTON", Aug. 18 Thomas Kennedy, secretary-treasurer of the United "Mine Workers of America, conferred with Labor Department and NRA officials today in an effort, to settle the Panther Valley. Pa., anthracite strike. Governor Pine hot of Pennsylvania telephoned Edward F. McGrady. assistant recovery administrator for labor, asking that a representative be sent to investigate unrest near Scranton. Mr. Kennedy said Mine Workers hoped provision in the anthracite code which would do away with unequal-ized operations. "This is one of the most serious problems confronting anthracite mine workers." he said. "Not only ! does it occur m Panther Valley but j also in other sections of the hard 1 coal field. 10.000 Garment Workers To Quit in Chicago Two painters were rescued from a huge tank at the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery. Troy Hill Road, today after they had been overcome by fumes. Policemen and firemen effected the rescue after the men had been inside the tank about 30 minuts, revived them with inhalators and removed them to Allegheny General Hospital. The two victims. Frank Oberleit-ner. 1314 Federal Street, and Urban W. Stapf. 326 Forty-fourth Street, wore masks to protect them from the fumes of oil with which they were treating the inside of the tank, located in the cooling room of the brewery- A fan blew fresh air into the vat. But apparently something went wrong with the ventilation system shortly after the men went to work. Other workmen noticed that no sounds came from the vat and. investigating, found both of the painters huddled at the bottom unconscious. Unable to reach them because of the oil fumes, policemen and firemen were summoned. They brought the two men out. me tans, usea to compress gas the United I to supply pressure in the manufac-to obtain a ' ture of beer. is 10 feet high and aoout eight feet across. The masks the men wore were not regular gas masks but simply covered the nose and mouth as a protection against the fumes. First to Fly Atlantic as Tassenger Tells How He Got $100 BiU By The United Press JERSEY CITY, N. J.. Aug. 18 Charles A. Levine, who flew to fame as the first trans-Atlantic air passenger, and who has had nothing but trouble since, insisted today he could explain why he was charged i with attempting to pass counterfeit money. Levine. who made a fortune in junk in the World War, was arest He Plans to Write Book on Strikes And Labor Problems Special to The Pitts&urgfi Press SHARON, Pa., Aug. 18 U. S. Senator James J. Davis, his health restored, is going literary again. Here to visit his father and friends, Senator Davis revealed he had been gathering material for a book on strikes and labor problems. During his investigations he lived in the homes of workers to gain A bitter fight against the rule of Michael J. Verosky, Braddock bOM." beitan today when Police Lieutenant Edward McDonough quit his job to make a race lor borounh council. ' McDimough. It was reported, had been told by Verosky either to quit his Job or get out of the race. His decision to make the race In the face of Vcroskys opposition came as a surprise to political observers. While Verosky, a borough councilman, is not up for re-election, five of his councihnanic followers are running, and McDonough will head an opixsitlon ticket. James W. Milligan, incumbent councilman, will not seek re-election but the Verosky organization has R. Limbacher as a candidate for his The five councilmen seeking reelection are Albert P. Shedlock. Joseph F. Styk. V. C. Kolski. Dr. I. C. Harris and J. L. Sheekey. The opposing candidates beside McDonough are George Mehalick, not related to the police chtef : Mike Sversy, Ted Davis, Joseph Piutka and Carl Edstrom. Burgess J. H. Rose Is opposed for re-election by Fred Seims, former police chief, and T. L. Howard, organization tax collector, faces opposition from John Whitfield. Verosky, former county purchasing agent in the Armstrong-Bab-cocb regime, has been undisputed political ruler of Braddock for years. Tires of City Life. So She Goes to Work High in Sierras SONORA. CaL. Aug. IS Tiring of plugging "wrong numbers." Mrs. Lynn Llewellyn has found her ideal vocation high on the bleak, windswept Sonora Pass, 7,000 feet up in the Sierras. Mrs. Llewellyn spent most of her 30 -pi us years training telephone operators in Portland, Ore., until wo years ago. when she assumed command of a hazardous pack tram industry. Weighing only 80 pounds and EX-ACTOR NAMED IN BOUDOIR BRAWL1 i Teeth Marks to Be Evidence Against Jack Mulhall By The United Prtss HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 18 An asserted midnight melee in a woman's boudoir reverberated today In a $135,000 damage suit filed against Jack Mulhall, former film actor, and a friend, Charles Fredericks. Maurice Fine, his wife. Patricia, and two women guests, alleged Mr. Mulhall invaded Mrs. Fine's bedroom and precipitated a fight in which feet, fists and fingernails were freely used. The suit intimated Mrs. Fine would exhibit a teeth-made scar as evidence when the action comes to trial. Mr. Fine seeks $50,000. Mrs. Fine. $35,000, and each of the two women guests. $25,000. Mr. - Mulhall and Mr. Fredericks, described as a second unwelcome visitor at the house, are at liberty under $100 bond, pending trial Aug. 31 on battery charges. Frequently riding with the pack trains, breaking trail, fording icy, mile-high rivers, Mrs. Llewellyn now work. 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Aug. 18 A strike of nearly 10.000 garment workers was anticipated here today, although a definite date for the walkout had not been annpunced. A decision to strike for shorter hours and higher wages was reached last nizht by officials of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. Union officials said they had hoped to comply with President Roosevelt's plea for a moratorium on strikes, but because employers failed to listen to their requests they were forced to walk out. Educator Named Bishop VATICAN CITY. Aug. 13 Consignor James Ryan.- rector of the Catholic University of Washington, was nominated today to be. titular bishop of Modena, Italy. By The United Press NEW YORK. Aug. 13 Sixty thousand dressmakers continued on strike today while another dressmaking union prepared to join the general walkout which all efforts of NRA officials have failed to settle. 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