The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 3, 1933 · Page 5
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 3, 1933 Show Shops v 'You Made Me What I Am Today, ! Hope You're Satisfied Sings Vince to Luke By KASPAR MONAHAN , yiNCE BARNETT blames it all on his Dad ! That bald head and those comic propensities are in herited from Luke Barnett, he asserted as we'sat over our , tea the kind that foams on the lofty front porch of the Barnett home in Edgewood. "All that I am or ever hope to be." he elaborated, "I owe to my" ijuni cau me an angel father," broke in Luke, of a bald angel?" "What I mean Is," continued Vince, ignoring the i n terruption," is that the old man is respon-s i b 1 e. I wouldn't be a screen comedian today if it weren't for Dad. "And I'll never forgive him for it." ' "Forgive who me? Listen. "Whoever heard Mr. Barnett kid, what were jou, where were you heading be- 'uie xaugnt you how to rib and how to speak all these dialects?" A Bummer Huh! TUST a potential bum." J Vince turned to me, repeating, "Yes, just a potential bum, trying my hand at selling autos, this and that, anything. Then Dad took me in hand, taught his waiter act, coached me in ribbing, to speak any dialect. Finally it got to the point where I filled in for him occasionally." "And you were a hit, too." chimed in Luke. And Barnett the Ribber, pater, and Barnett the Ribber, fils, gazed kindly over their beer mugs at each other, until the latter emitted a very bad pun. "Don't print that, Kap," admonished Luke. "What a bum pun is that what you learned in Hollywood?" At any rate, Luke's coaching bore fruit, Vince landing a comedy assignment with Earl Carroll's "Vanities." Next we find him in Hollywood in 1928 hop-in? for a movie opening. His inherent "ribbing" genius came to his rescue. Pretty soon a young man was infuriating the movie royalty at the film center's soirees. When you make a movie celebrity mad that interests him. So the "ribbing program" worked and Vince was admitted to the ranks of the great not as an actor, at first, but as a writer and adaptor of dialog and plots. This chore didn't suit him and he finally succeeded in convincing his bosses he was an actor. Small bits were given him but Vince remained in obscurity until his big chance came in Paul Muni's "Scarface." Remember him as the dumb "secretary" of the head mobster? After that role Vince was in great demand. at Wise Vince Plays Dumb HE'S GRATEFUL to Paul Muni and to Howard Hawks, director of the film. "Muni," he related, "is not like many stars who order scenes cut if the supporting comedian shows up too favorably. On the contrary, he aided me in making my comedy scenes more effective. He's one great guy. 'The same goes for Director Hawks. He selected me for the comedy role in the face of Pro WILL GIVE CONCERT 1 rar v. MATHILDA FLIXX Miss Flinn, soprano soloist, will sins in a popular concert on the Hotel Schenley lawn tomorrow evening. The program will consist of selections from American composers. Victor Saudek will be conductor. Chevalier Is Walker Maurice Chevalier, starring in The Way to Love," walks to work every morning, from his home in the Los Feliz district to his film studio a distance of five miles. 3 CENTS a .. 1 1 s r . J- ri- . Ac Want Ad Headquarters, Court 4900 ducer Howard Hughes' objection. Mr. Hughes didn't think I could do it. Hawks is the equal of all the directors in Hollywood." Vince, unlike virtually all comedians, has no aspirations for serious drama. He has no yen to play Hamlet. "I'm satsified," he said "to stick to my dumb characterization. I couldn't play a serious role because I couldn't believe in it myself." He felt gingerly of the big toe on his left foot. "Broke it," he said, "when we were making 'Man of the Forrest' in the high Sierras and I fell off a mountain jackass. That's one thing Dad didn't teach me how to fall off a jackass." "But what he taught me equipped me as a screen comic. " Vince is now a free lance in the feature length field. He has, however, signed a 5-year contract with Universal to make eight two-reel comedies a year. He'll star in each one. This program will not interfere with his work in features. He has appeared in seven features this year, including "Girl in 419" and "Sunset Pass," not yet exhibited here. He left over the week-end for Detroit with his wife for a visit with relatives and soon will resume his film work. "There's one thing I wish you'd say," he said. "What's that?" "That Genevieve and I are the happiest couple in Hollywood.' But happy as he is there's one thing that frets Vince Barnett. "I get my share of fan mail, he explained, "and from cities everywhere. But I get less from Pittsburgh my home town than from anywhere else. I can sympathize with that prophet without honor, etc." Here and There PAUL WHITEMAN'S "King of Jazz," a tuneful eye-appealing musical comedy splurge opens tomorrow on the Fulton screen . . . Robert Garland believes that the summer theater in the rustic nooks around New York make the countryside bearable to the Broadway moths . . . "To us," observes Robert, "anything is a relief from the owls that ruin the darkness, the birds that ruin the dawn, the heat that ruins the noontide, the thunderstorms that ruin the afternoon and the applejack that ruins the evening" . . . The revival epidemic, in addition to many other old ones, will bring to the screen six of Charlie Chaplin's most popular two-reel-ers. . . Music will take to the air in "Flying Down to Rio," the first musical aerial film extravaganza, to be made by RKO Radio. . . . The New York theater hits a new low today with only six attractions on the boards. ... A Paramount studio blurb says anent "Design for Living," that it is a "daring presentation of a different human triangle than any the screen has yet shown." ... As Bert Williams would say, "Ain't it the truth!" r-t To See OliOWS: and When STANLEY "Baby Face" Barbara Stanw.vk an1 Oeorpc Erpnt. Feature begins 12:08, 2:23. 4:29. 6:35. 8:1. 10:47. PENN "The Barbarian" Ramon Novarro and Myrna Lov. Featnre brains 11. 12:55. 2:50. 4:45. 6:40, 8:35, 10:30. WARNER "The Mayor of Hell" James Cagne.v and Madse Evans. Feature begins 11. 12:55. 2:50. 4:45. 6:40, 8:35. 10:30. FULTON "Made on Broadway" SIlv Eilers and Robert Montgomery. Feature begins 12:07. 2:08. 4:11. 6:08. 8:11. 10:24 DAVIS "Strictly Personal" Marjoria Rambeau and Eddie Qnillan. Also "The Big Brain." Complete shows begins 11:40. 1. 3:31. 6:02. 8:42. ENRIGHT "International House" Pejre-v Hopkins Joyce and Stnart Erwin. Feature besins 13:50. 3:41. 6:32. 8:29. 10:26. SHERIDAN SQUARE "Strictly Personal" Also "The Big- Brain." Complete shows begin 12:04. 1:35. 4:16. 6:57. 8:38. Film Cast Grows Sharon Lynne, Dorothy Peterson and Barton MacLane will appear with Ricardo Cortez, Elizabeth Young and Richard Bennett in "Big Executive." SUNBURN Relieve the soreness, prevent blis ters, dryness and roughness by using esimo For m full-fljvoreJ, cooling, Amlt steep Rvt teiipoonsrul of Salad Tea in a quirt of bubbling, boiling water. After five minutes pour the tee off the leavet into e pitcher add the juice of half a lemon and half a cup of sugar and put it into tha refrigerator to chill. Don't add ice until it is ready to serve and then just cube to tinkle in the glass. ( Pure wholesome and delicious Safade Tea Iced really refreshes. S2I Happy Days Are 'gttr&ix wis Z. iK Fifty count 'efn ponderous yesterday u hen the combined Ringling-Barnum-Bailey Circus pitched grounds. Fifth and Penn Avenues of the "biggest show on earth." WHAT with the Fourth of July tomorrow and the circus opening today. Young Pittsburgh is in a fever of excitement and the contagious fervor has spread to the old folks, too. , The fun began yesterday when thousands of young and old went to the East Liberty show grounds, Fifth and Penn Avenues, there to stand in pop-eyed wonderment as the scores of tents, Including the "Big Top" sprang up mushroom-like on the big lot. Small boys clamored for the chance to tote water to the 50 elephants. Others ran after the big wagons where jungle beasts snarled and grunted and roared. And not the least of the novelties was the spectacle of the 1,800 peo- EAST END NIGHT CLUB BRAWL INJURES TWO Both Victims In Hospital With Possible Skull Fractures A brawl in an East End night club sent two men to Pittsburgh Hospital with possible fractures of the skull early today. One of the men, William Ritchert, 51, of the Penn Motor Apartments, Penn and St. Clair Avenues, said James Northcliff, 45, of 407 Peebles Street, Wilkinsburg. entered the Rural "Club, at 507 Brushton Ave nue, and started an argument. Ritchert, club steward, also has lacerations of the left eye, forehead and nose, and 12 stitches were neces sary to close his wounds. North- cliff suffered a lacerated scalp, re quiring five stitches to close. 'Nudity9 of Americans At Riviera 'Shocking By The United Press NICE, France, July 3 Police today charged that American women in abbreviated bathing suits are ruining the reputation of the Riviera. Authorities started a campaign from Cannes to Mentone to make the bathers "cover up." Mrs. Billy Arnold, wife of a United States orchestra leader, was a victim of the drive, being served with a summons at Juan Les Pins, bhe hurried to a hotel covered with a policeman's tunic. Her companion, Mrs. Gordon McAlpin Pyle, socially prominent New Yorker, was warned. The police said that - "American women en route to cocktail parties attired in so-called bathing suits are the worst offenders and are giving the Riviera a bad name." HOLIDAY SPECIAL July 3rd to 8th Inclusive House Furnishings At 20 DISCOUNT From Present Low Prices CURTAINS DRAPERIES COMFORTS PORTIERES BLANKETS Etc. DRY CLEANED, DYED, STORED Free Delivery on Above We Challenge Anyone to Equal Footer Quality at Any Price 110 Sixth St. 4002 Fifth Ave. 3225 W. Liberty Ave 2885 W. Liberty Ave 525 Locust St. Watch The Press for .THE PITTSBURGH PRESS Here Again For pachyderms with consuming thirsts Insert Samuel Gumpertz, famous pie the big family of the Ring-ling and Barnum-and Bailey Circus being fed in the commissary tent. Four shows are scheduled at 2 and 8 p. m. today and tomorrow. By PAUL N1 'EW YORK, July 3 Curious people, New Yorkers. So curious, in fact, 'that they Broadway the other evening by clustering around a young man who, apparently unmindful of them, was fiddling with a gadget that looked like a stereoptican, and from which wires led into a suitcase he was carrying. Now and then he would hold it up to his face and call ex- citcdly: "Hello, Bill! I see you now. Bill ... I can see you smok ing a cigar . . . Do you see me alright; and can you hear me OK? ... It works, Bill, it works I ..." Suddenly seeming to notice the crowd, he opened the suitcase and began selling "as souvenirs of this great scientific triumph, a marvelous little device known as the 'television-scope,' only 25 cents." These turned out to be tiny cardboard boxes containing squares of mirror and with full directions for using them to look around corners. The salesman, however, was around a couple of corners by that time. Knowing Looks A MORE exciting hoax was perpetrated by a young joker, who has an office in the L of a big building and can look across Into the offices of several of his friends. He called them up, one by one, and glowingly described a contraption he was planning to finance a machine enabling its operator to see over the telephone. After that he'd announce a demonstration. T can see you now," he'd say (and he could, too, through the window. "You're wearing a gray suit and a blue tie, and your secretary's sitting there waiting for dictation . . ." Within an hour he had gotten promises of well over $100,000 in subscriptions, and his friends felt pretty badly when they learned they were not all going to be rich. Manhattan Folk-Lore MEANDERINGS: Al Smith's pockets are always bulging with scraps of paper on which he has taken notes of this and that . . . Thomas Meighan calls his wife "mama" . . . Thomas W. Lamont, of the House of Morgan, must be taxed to the utmost At. 568? Ma. 5032 Le. 8733 No Phone McKeesport 7451 Next Week's Special the Youngsters gave jobs to scores of small boys its tents in the East Liberty show Coney Island shoicman, director Scores of the world's famous aeri-alists, acrobats, riders and clowns will perform in addition to the hundreds of beasts of all descriptions. Among the wonders on view are the "giraffe -necked" women. HARRISON blocked traffic on one side of that is, must be having a difficult time of It to maintain his equanimity in the face of the go-ing-on of his son and daughter-in-law. For Corliss Lamont is a Communist, his wife a Socialist, and the two of them have just written a book hailing Russia as the ideal state. While Thomas Lamont was floating Japanese bonds for the Morgan company last year, Mr. Corliss Lamont was just as determinedly heading a movement to boycott all Japanese goods. Now she and her husband are forecasting the overthrow of capitalism. For all that, the younger Lamonts and the elder are said to get along very well, in private ... Libby Coming Back? LIBBY HOLMAN REYNOLDS, ' it's whispered, is considering a return to the stage next fall: a rumor that gains credence from the fact that Dwight Deere Wi-man is gathering material for a new "Little Show" . . . Up at the Museum of Natural History there are some mounted fish trophies that were caught by a "Dr. Grey." Bespeaking a rare brand of fisherman's modesty on the ; part of Zane Grey, the writer . . . There's a Greenwich Village artist who looks and dresses very like John Barrymore. Which is reminiscent of the fact that both John and Lionel wanted to be artists. And Ethel Barrymore Colt made early plans for a career as a concert pianist. i Advertif5mpnM TWO WOMEN MADE HAPPY HealthlmprovedAfterTaking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound "I am forty-seren years old. I have been suffering from terrible headaches and nervousness. All the time I felt weak and tired. I have taken a number of bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and it surely is helping me. My nerves are better. I sleep weD and feel well and strong." Mb3. C. Richards, 870 Coney Island Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. "Since I took Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound, I feel better in every way. I took it as a tonic anc builder. Now I sleep better, have a better appetite and more energy and strength. Your Pills for Constipation are fine, too." Mrs. Lee Goodwin, 215 26th StV Columbus, Georgia. Other Press Departments, Court Ingram Hits At Hollywood Director, Now Mohammedan, Raps Picture Colony As Lacking Ideals By The United Press PARIS, July ? Rex Ingram, film producer, who in order to get away from it all renounced Hollywood and its. "concepts" to become a Mohammedan under the" name of Ben Aalem Macir Deen, will go to Morocco late this month he said today. ( His wife, Alice Terry, film star, will accompany him, he said. Ben Aalem's new name means "Son and savant of the faith," and his exodus to Morocco was in line with becoming a savant. He urged the Christian world to adopt Mohammedanism as a cure for economic troubles, instead of depending on conferences and inflation. "I disagree entirely with Holly wood and its ideals," he said. "I am glad to get far away from it. Hollywood doesn't know what it is after. It has no definite goal. It is merely running in circles, and so is getting nowhere. At first they thought they were after art. Now they are after a million dollars upon which they can retire. SIXTEENTH WARD TO OPEN NEW PARK Recreation Center Built By Jobless With Help of City The opening of the newest park in Pittsburgh will be celebrated tomorrow by Sixteenth Ward Citizens who united in building the recreation center at Thirtieth Street and Arlington Avenue. City Council sent out a steam shovel some weeks ago, on request of the community, and a side of a hill was dumped into an old reser voir. The new park Is about by 400 feet, and is the first 200 the community ever has had. Much of the work was volunteered by unemployed, who also w'ill celebrate securing new jobs, since many 'have started to work again. Prizes have been donated by merchants for races and other events. Dreiser Praises Film Reversing his attitude toward "An American Tragedy," Theodore Dreiser has issued a statement praising the production of "Jennie Gerhardt" which stars Sylvia Sidney. AMUSEMENTS NOW Better than a Ringside Seat Blow -by- Blow Motion Pictures CARNERA mi - mi SHARKEY -NOW- STANLEY He has a growing APPETITE AND how he likes his bowl of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. Bubbles of rice that actually; crackle out loud in milk or cream. One of the best cereals for children. Nourishing rice in easy-to-digest form. Always oven-fresh. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Listen! RICE KRISPIES crtcUs in cmiam a. ii itr Km . e i 7200 NEWSPAPERMEN ; START AD AGENCY Formation of the Pittsburgh Advertising Agency, devoted to sales promotion, publicity and general advertising, was anounced today. Offices were opened July 1 at 401 Grant Building. Partners in the new firm include Frederick W. Walters and A. P. Grant, former local newspapermen, and A. P. McKim, formerly advertising manager of the Coral Gables Hotel and Ambassador Club, Miami, Fla. AMUSEMENTS f TODAY HHouiNo "MADE ON BROADWAY" I A Luxurious Feast of Blazing Beauty And Magic Music. I I; ONLY ONCE IN A WHOLE LIFETIME CAN YOU SEE A SHOW LIKE THIS MUSICAL TRIUMPH. the finest and mon? rntranrinc nert,le vHft ronMc tin prmltired for th screen. The world rants mosle laughter splendor and here H Is nnrt all DubblinK wit" . Km toy. r? & iR'9JkSU JfA kinsly treat for eye I i Because vou loved them I I 1 TOGETHER In 44 Red Omsv" Jean HARLOW i -71 I Clark GABLE : j I "HOLD YOUR MAN" H f- 1 ii - STARTS KK1PAY sf 1 Y$tfeh 1 STH TMn avenues JULY O JULY J" This year Celebrating the RINGLING BROTHERS' GOLDEN JUBILEE with 10OO AMAZING NEW WORLD-WIDE FEATURES INCLUDING THE MOST STARTLING DISCOVERY OF THE CENTURYI PSXSiiG GIRAFFE-NECK WOMEN POSITIVELY PRESENTED IN MAIN PERFORMANCES OF THE BIG SHOW THE DURBAR, Magnificent New Spectacle of the Orient 1600 People, 800 Arenic Start, 100 Clowna, 1C09 Menagerie Animals, 50Elephant,700Hores Twice Daily: 2 &. 8 P. M. Doors Open at 1 &. 7 P. M. PRICES f Admitting to Circus. Menagerie and General Admission Seats) Adult 75e. CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS, 50c. GRAND STAND CHAIR Tickets 75c Additional. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX TIckt now on sale at Glmbel Bros, and on July 4 9 A. M. to 2 P. M., Smitblield St. Entrance. (denetal store not open this day). ..STANLEY Barbara STANWYCK ln ';BT. Frfra f Blow-bv-B!ow SHARKEY-CARNERA Boat James CAGNE Y n 'MAYOR OF HELL' jefn? Always 2 Good Firxt Run Pictures t "STRICTLY PERSONAL" Eddie QUILLAN, Dorothy JORDAN"BIG BRAIN" George E. Stone Kay Wray hT, 'INTERNATIONAL HOUSE T" TOMORROW. "PEG O' MY HEART" CELEBRATE the Glorious FOURTH at&ENNYWOO BIG GATA PROGRAM Bathing:, Dancing, Amusements SGGl.OO CHEVROLET AWARDED FREE Free 4 Queens off the Air Bring tha Family and Come Early FOR A GOOD SHOW CALL Atlantic 9200 REGENT "LITTLE GIANT and ZOO IN BUDAPEST" ROWLAND FREDRIC MARCH CAROLE LOMBARD la "EAGLE and the HAWK" SO. HILLS Claudette Colbert KENYOM Rrn Lynn In "I COVER THE WATEKFBONT JANET GAYNOR in "ADORABLE" John Barrymore In "Rennion in Vienna" Fredrlo March in ETNA SCHENLEY MANOR "Eagle and tha Hawk' ARSENAL JANET GAYNOR HENRY GARAT BELMAR 'Adorable' PLAZA WM. PENN "Ss This Is Africa" and "SECRETS" "White Sister" RITZ CAMERA- PHONE "life of Jimmy Do lan avnd Sbe Done Him Wrong PALACE "CAVALCADE" AMBRIDGE Barbara, Stanwyck Grorce Brent la "BABT FACE" AMBRIDOE 3 i i i i t i s i i sjj at a FIVE AMUSEMENTS TjViillT'lkl;i,a"'-"bM- RAMON MVRN4 NOVARRO LOY in "THE BARBARIAN" find a I.Al itEL JAKM lonwdy Clark GABlE Jean HARLOW. in -HOLD VOUK MAV EL PATIO.- Freeport Hi., Above A spin well -Thm Coolest Spot in Town" 1 NO COVER CHARGE Marty Irwin's Band, Floor Show tho Plaem to Co Ovor thm Fourth Srf WAftKEM Vr UOA' -r THE PLACE TO GO! WEST VIEW PARK JULY 4 YOU MUST SEE! FEARLESS FALCONS Ace of Thrillers FIREWORKS! DANCING CHARLIE McCORMICK'S ORCH. AMERITA BAND AFTERNOON AND EVENING Today's NABORHOOD MOVIES GARDEN (North Side) Charles Bickford and Richard Arlen, "Song of the Eagle. Also Shorts. HIPPODROME (North Side) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Life cf Jimmy Dolan." Shorts. -The Also BRIGHTON (North Side) Columbus Ave. and Brighton Rd. Joe E. Brown, "Elmer the Great." Matinee 2 P. M. PARAMOUNT (North Side) 3240 Brighton Rd. Ruth Chatterton and George Brent, "Lilly Turner." Also Shorts. BELLE VUE- Wheeler and tVoolsey, "So This Is Africa." Also Short Sub-. jects. BRUSHTON Ralph Bellamy and Fay Wray, "Below the Sea." Also Shorts. LIBERTY (East Liberty) Carole Lombard, "From Hell to Heaven." Also "Secret of Madame Blanche." TRIANGLE (East Liberty) Walter Huston, "Gabriel Over the White House." Also "The Sea Ghost." MELROSE (Carrick) Leo Carillo and Kay Hammond. "Race Track." Also Comedy and Shorts. f ROXIAN (McKees Rocks) "International. House" with all star cast. Also Shorts. MT. OLIVER HARRIS "Adorable" with Janet Gaynor and Henry Garat. Also Shorts. 8

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