The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, fiii FT IS II m.YTHRVII-LE. (ARK.) COUltlEK NKWS . PAf!F. TH1M' Six Watcrspmils- All in Action at Once :y ft:- >.v. W. Pro-.v.t-.. •> ;.- • tcr of lh* will an-.! A. £. R; 3 :r- : ' minl£'.:c!or c.f the Girncr rstj;. 1 . The P/-:.viLk-Ci'eylnund «u: cofiipii-.y a:vj t!;» A. i'; V. "»!»' r~v- pany are Involve--.! in a asn-sj. 1 'U'.i. cm cf an allcj:! a-s..:: 1 '. : of the A. /j P. !ig;:it .1 C,v •: • . vipcn ilu o/ey'nouiul a-, .H. v". :: Pa;?, C:t" ! i;'.:n-; ag'-ii 1 . .'.'.I:-:-.--M: Ji:« C;:nsii. A. t"; P. ~~':i . r 1 .' • -i • cd him v.'hi:? ; 2 >Y9.5 valiin? the f.' in Oj;?'-'!a and infli.-:e' injuries to his fact p.n.l hr: •:. / a irir.l :n tn:ivt--'s e: 1 ..?', v.-h" : c 1 ,-• lie;: anestsil f~v ='" "' asrault, It '.viis csn'.c-.v.b.! I' 1 "' i aKiult grc'A' cut of P.ic:' 1 :: fi'.i.i ">• fonnaticn wlih officers liMt .".-r- "elt -j,as soiling liquor. Cc-i-!. hcivever, claimed t>'.:i'. Tic • •-•' lal:en taseagc from his bus strtti'J: 1 . geis. and held il fo:' Ky-:::>»'' • • the Greyhound line. Tho t -•-..- '.;; stations are |~catod in tin sir.i • block'en Highway 01. The i.'.ik : bicuehl ly Oladisl!. Taylor f:. ray-j lor. attoMiey* rf Ose:r-la. i h:c of S25QO is placed en uir.j i Itces l:y Jafin R. and E-.v;! Miller in a suit >>rai.;l:l i against Ihe Brtice Termlnl:< corn-! pany and the E. L. Bruce Harj'.vr ' > l-'lco'ring conioany of M?:n'>!m. in j which they allega that a roprire^n-1 tative of the Terminix romp-iny induced them to spray .th^ ircos f«r termites with the result tint th~ trees'-'died. The trees were in tlv; avenue,'in Osceola and were sprayed on advice of the company's agent while he was on the premises to treat their house for an in- v " : cn of the insects. The pl-iin- ."".ve represented by A. \V. '. of Lake Oily, Ark'. - . \ '.'School District Sues 'A'Aili for S20.000 is brought ty ! Mississippi CDimty Sclia:! Dislrici' No. 30 against Clinton Frazlor et al for breach of contract, I'ne cas? j involving the sixteenth section school land lying wesl of Osceoia. i E. S. Wildy. M. R. Slsco and Rufus Clay, directors of the district. ' allege that in 1919 they entered into a five year contract with Fra- zler to clear the section and put i' ill cultivation, the contract providing for certain improvement in '•" way of buildings. That I-Vazic.- brcachcd the contract and that li. E. Lee Wilson, one of the sureties on his bond, took over the prnpsv- ty, that he has denuded the lard of ' Valuable timber and failed t3 comply 'with terms of the contract. Mr. Wilson is mide a p?.rty -!2- fendant tc t!:e suit, which is rdej by Oladisr; Taylor & Taylor of Uniontown, Pa, Hit D T i T J By tornado loday •' 'lil/J /> 1 Ti^c/kt riir«i«nli f- -itUlCllC UPSCI, V.JHUICI1 IS . - 1 •—A tunuuUi of input vi'lociiv : truck Unloiilnwn shortly nft-r .men iu:i.iy, b.nUlinv.s su'n- \ur-ck-! cri. :iuiu:i .L>;n:: blo«ri Hum tin 1 ;:oles Wov.n O i!-r. A wisni vi-lu-ily of 101! miles nil i io»r v.-.-.s iTco:dt,l tin lulei diop-' ;icd tc i;) miles ;m hour. Th-. 1 nule I .va; n^'oinpaniiHl by driving rain.! Here is cue of the slrans:e:,t photographs ever taken — n rmol'jRi-aph action in tlie same iv.otnent.- Each siwul can be seen beneath the •Tlie pieuire \vas U'.ken near Borneo, between Sandak -i and si'-.inl.-ua that Great Ultes Ships Plan for Annual Spring Race; HULUTH. Minn. tUPI—Partially diEinamli-d to prevent freezing ot! I'quipiTH'iil. nine vessels urc licd-ir)' • In the Diiluii-Supcrlor hurluV. lUwaitin^ tin- lelcaxc ol spring. i One u'. the bjals will store grain ! durlin; ilie Minter months, win!?! the others will u-maln li B hl. I Arrainemenis are belnu nuclei I for. the annual race of the vessels i i to see which will be first out of Hie shows six waterspouts all In |»rt wlu-n the ice breiikj, up. 'riie iigliii! canopy of 'storm clouds. Chambers and Alterbury have brcn i Sii'ii: Aichil^higo, Philippine Islnncls. 850,000 in 1 Each Box! rainrt iliis • H'.ly City on the Hill." Th? national committee In charge of obtaining funds for furlrct 1 work on the entheclrnl is headed by ' Or-neral I'eishuij!. Visitors already npproxlinntc 1000 daily deslemncd as Ihe first bo.ils lo sail. Tlipy are expreled lo It.ive on the same day that slblei parkols f.lcom fitim liuiialo and Detroit fin Duluth. FOEsIlD qf sea-going whales have found in two localities In llchtgan, one In the northern pavt f (he state and the other not fur rom Ann Arbor. ftASSIFIED" A cniullc In Si. Jiwnh's Roman Ciilliolli- Cluncli :it Otlswii, Out., wns upset accldentiilly by n parishioner who wus pmylnij the other day. iThe candle Marled n (ire that r.m the trholo chinch nbhze, and the i'uvUuon Geese Swell Flock of South Dakotan ! ONIDA, S. D. (Ul')—Decoys that : work 2i hours a day are the Ca' nadian gce-'e of Bob Hurry, living near here. Using them to attract the wild high flying Cunadlar. ! ecese, Harry as a reward allow: 5S | his domestic geese to range a near- Virginian Makes Political Spcecb from GalloWS' bu " l "" B Wlls almost coinplclcly deslroycd. wlili a loss of $150,000. This i picture shows firemen sliusglliiH wllli ihc llaines. ' by ])asture." i Recently he returned home to : find his Hod; tremendously crown. A number of. wild (jeese had joined i them. As Harry watched, the do- I mcstic fowl led tho wild birds to ! tlie barn. The wild honkers were timid but followed their hosts Into the building. I Harry Ls worrying whether he I lias exceeded the game limit by j closing H'-C barn door. ! Vancouver Liquor Prices ! Make Seattle Mournful MAHION, Va. (UP)-Southwest Virginians believe lhal us tin- as I unique campaign s|iecchcs so, Pay- ctte NTcMullin, o Southwestern politician for 50 years, in the half century from 1830 to 1B80, takes first prize. Near Marlon a man was about to be hanged for murder. On tho morning of the public hanging, 10.000 men gathered to watch t h c event. McMullin, us a friend of the sheriff, occupied a place en lhc I platform in the rear of the gallons.. When everything was ready, (he sheriff asked the condemned man ! if he had anything to say. The prisoner said he had not. Whereupon, McMullin stepped forward, nibbing Ills hands, and remarked. "Mr. Sheriff, if the gentleman will yield his time to me I will embrace the occasion and make a few remarks on the political slluallon ami to announce myself a caiKT«<i |: for. congress." scale-imxlcl form nnd: of .sixes and . shnpoj. will be restored by the Uockeftllrr Tlie cnpltol sloart lit llu' eastern end of Duke of Gloucester Street, thrce-tiimrtcrs of R mile from Wllllum and Mnvy college. Clay shingles, water-proof as well | as fire-proof, constitute a recent Children's Colds W jjk . Checked without "dosing." Rub on building product mnde In a variety OVEB >? MILLION JA^S USED YEARlV New Oklahoma Gox'err.or To Revive Dance Steps OKLAHOMA CITY. Jan. 5 U5P1 —Dance steps of by-gone days will be revived for the inaugural ball of Governor-Elect William. H. Murray the night of January 12. A contest between "Alfalfa Bill" find Gen. Richard A. Sliced, 85, known as the gianci old man of Oklahoma Democracy, promises to materialize. All the "common pec-pie" . wha put the Sage of TishohiRo into office by the greatest Democratic ma-ority in ji^irsi have been invited to attend the ball. | SEATTLE. (UP)— Seattle holiday I celebratory licked their lips and I thought mournfully of the cost of i "imported" Canadian liquor us compaicd will low quality moon- It would have been a golden opportunity for bandits—excepl for the sm 'nc. then showed evdlences of tact that a small army of policemen was on guard when this cargo of frothing at the mouth when word $1,650,000 in gold was unloaded at. a New York pier. There was come about of special holiday of- SM.OOO in each of these boxes, which were brought from Cuba aboard a coast-wise .liner for delivery to a New York bank in payment of the semi-annual interest due on 5-18.000,000 worth of Cuban bonds. Vancouver, metropolis ot western Canada. Prices were low in Seattle for the holiday trade, 1 but the quality was poor, while in Vancouver: 1 ' Sp;cia! hampers were sold for S10 t\nd $20. Tl:e $10 purchase ln r * •>•> Towers High Over Capital City i ! Copter Store Fire Set By Robbers Is Belief COPTER. Mo.— L. L. Bushing's store was destroyed by fire Saturday night about eleven o'clock. When the night marshal reached the .building he found the back door torn off tK? hinges which led him to believe that the store had teen entered and robbed before being -set on firs. Mr. Rushing car' red around $1500 stock and had The total loss to! building and slock was cstiir.ateil at i'SS.OOO. ! each gin. port, loganborryi sherry, burgundy, light wine, and one dojen ale. For $20, one could purchisa two bottles of Scotch, two bottlco j of claret, and one each of gin, ver- i niiilli. liqueur, loganberry, port, champagne, and light wine. - Famous Mint Robbery at Denver Unsolved DENVER, Colo. (UP)—The Bth anniversary of the famous Denver mint robbery has passed with (bs crime still listed as "unsolved." On Dec. 18, 1Q22, five desperadoes robbed, a federal reserve truck In front of the mint of $200,000 in 15 bills, killed a guard, and escaped. Four of the gunmen still are at large. The body, of the flfth, Nleho-; laa .Tr'ainor,' was found after tho robbery In a. small Denver garage. He had been shut to clealh. Recently the four robbers were traced to a foreign country'- Then the trail doubled back to the .Unit- 1 ed States-where the men nov; &T: believed to be in hiding. Ilaekaclie Itoiliei* You? Il May Wnrn of Diinnlcrcil Kill nays. HI'', you ImlliiTl (1 \villi(.111.l.inlI.nck- ' m'lir,lil!<il<icrirriliit!oin uiul Colling nl iii^lil? 'Him ilim't tukn rliaiu-nl ]|<'lj> yuur killings viilli Jjouu'j Successful fur mnro tlmn 50 yrara. I'mliirHi-d Ilit; wurlil over. Sfil<l by ilculorri r.viT)*Jit:rf. 50,000 Users Publicly Endorse Doan's: J. R. MORQAN, 3455Q1LP1N AVE., DENVER, COLO., nyi:"I h*l i ccinUnt IQUKIICII Drroll lirj baclc umlat u:ie lliue wnilftlil un forttn dayi. Hi: t-ijn:y iiXEelioni were »ci:il mill smEiling: I hntl pitlni in the back o( ' ::1 T=U [ilnyeil mil nil (if Die tiir.c. Doan't PjtU K:lptd ir.c to mucti xiirly iccomtr.cnd llicin." Domi's A Diuretic for the Kidneys 1931 The New Year Brings New Confidence We arc all of us .ready to forget 1930; and wo believe that the'.construc- tivc factor*, are now frep to O|x;rate ini'akinjf up tho ".slack" caused by 1930. We will continue our customary messages in this paper, and hold ourselves in readiness for vails for sen-ice on new or old homes. A. G. AITKEN PLUMBER 1211 W, Main St. lllylheville, Ark. I Two million passengers wero j carried safely on steamships dur- ; ing 1929 for every one who last j his life, according to the Btcun- i boat Inspection Sen-Ice of foe U.,3. Deportment of Commerce. Sets New Record U "ill Icok when I KENNETrr, HO..— A warrant for Dan Wiatt of this city has been is'iued in Ne\v Albany, Miss., it was learned hers yesterday. c'naTg- im him with kidnaping Pattic Rlica, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rhea of t'lls city. The s:irl mid her family went to Myrtle, Miss.,' December 23. to sprnci (hi Christmas holidays with relatives. It is charged that they were followed. Qier^ by Wiatt i,ho tooi the fir! away In his machine Dec. '23. laiting to return cither to the hcrne of the relatives in Mississippi or, (o Kennett. Although the general outline of the "Daren fabric ba^ b=cn visible from the air for innny years, it is cnly <v]lhin r'rnit months that the lu- lap Case Principals . , 7 n ' -J i IJ >' XEA Scn ''fe Are Kennett KeSldeniSj- Gcorge i Washington's dream of a great "national church far all" is coming true. Towering lu>h over the capital, [nro cnicllorm r-!")»rtiono have is a great reli§inus center con- cn-vc noticeable. Etructccl on Mount St. Alban. in 'he heart ff a 67-acre tract. It is the Nalior.r,! Cathedral, also known as V.'a.'hiiislcn but for- mallv cc;i:ca'.cd the Cathedral oi symbolic The cathedral is of Gothic. Tip design virpiu-th. -—are :<:<A upward growth i fuch ns i; f-i:nd in ll:c works ol The girl Is 17 years of ace and! chllrch ailcl al1icd . . . ._-._ I . . .'lT^HT-.--\r,1> tlft AftA V SI. Peter and St. Paul. Th-; cathedral and associated in-| stltutions eventually will pre. r ent Ihc mc?t crmprchensive rolijious planl of Europe or America. The : cathedral itself will cost aboul $10.000.000 but the full rapense of construction and endowment of Ihe will MO000.;K)0. Tb:-> cathedral is in the form of a cro?s. the arms nf which are knov. n as the north nnd foiith Out- of the inert ilartlini; cxam- nlcs c.f Rvmbolhrn if 'o be seen in the carving <-.f seven fins, depicted a$ fiffnrcs in modcrti clothos. Inti the. cathedral's stone fabric. Two tower.-) al the we.-tevr. end. or on- iranee, are !9(i Jcet hipb. while Iho cf-ntrsl tower will be 292 tot high. had for seme time bsen f uiployed ; a In this city as a si;nographcr in !' the Dunklir. County Farm Bureau George Washington, when prpsi- offlce. | <*?"*• dreamed of a national church The Irnstli Is 534 feet, the span of •Wiatt is 30 years old and is said : or thc frcr worship c! God. a c.i- the nave 40 and (Tic height of the to bo married. It is understood ' t: "' tlr: " in Keeping «' ith ".'" rii ' :l!t v that Ihe parents have offered a sum of one hundred dollars as reward for the apprehension nnd return of the couple. The moved to (his city from Mi'nfc- sippl about two years a^o. nave E! 1 ). Tl"? ar^n is 71 .COO square beauty of the nation's capital. f cc [. The aoso :i<es 147 feet. This , One hundred years later mem- means It Is larger than the cathe- bcrs of the Protestant Episcopal nr^ls of Rhcims, Weslmlnster Ab"' — • • • - [,,,1 canterb;iry. Amiens. Cologne cr Notre Dame number, decided to sponsor a "na• '.icml cathedral." i l.i 1803, congress frrantcd a - .. .. . rt . ! charier to the Protestant Episco- Cascs of suicide liiroi^h clisjp- pl , C j,| lcdral Fol , nda(ioil .. {0r , he rifino'.inn cf pointed love arc becoming so nit- ; The Cathedral is democratic America's nearest approach to Westminster Abbey. Here already are bnr,?d Woodrow Wilson. Admiral religion, education Dewe'y and other famous men. Scattered ab"ut tbe close merqus in Japan that authoring, rnr! c -, unly -are issuing propaganda films-and , In 18as PnMmi McKinlcy Mount St. Alban and conliguous to posters warn In? tnc iwop.e not t? ff 0 ^ c m n,e dedication cf the "die-of love." Pcar^ Cros-i which marked the consecration <-f the cathedral site. ix:s Angelos aviatrix, .who is believed to have gained a height of ap- rroximately 28.000 feet In an open 'ALAMEDA, Cat. (UP)—Lots of persons have made single parachute leaps, :but Frank Brooks, 47, has th» distinction of making three all In on« jump. Brooks went 4.003 feet abore San Franciico bay and lisaped. - Three parachul&a were at- tacted to hit body. He floated down a while on one, cut loose, and after filling farther pulled the release cord of snolher one, doing this until the three parachutes hnd aided In slowing up his downward drop. WHAT A WORLD OF GRIEF IT SAVES WILUAMSBURQ, Va. (UP)—After three years' research for authentic data in America and Europe, the historic colonial capital of Virginia in Wlllkimsburp;, complete! In 1705, han been restored In | HELPSINCOLDS, j CONSTIPATION! I Ulack-Draurrhl Used By Virginia Mother In Keeping Childrtn Well. , More than frt.OCO physical ex- i n mi the i OU n^ n t!on Mono of for I' 110 ' 'Censes have ihp cntliedral was laid and great made by tlie U. S. govern- progress has since been made, but on cockpit monoplane over Los An , u „-. lo '•'•'• Mrs - Bllm s, shown b^ro in the cathedral are several buildings' her flying togs just before she to* already in use. Tl:?se include girls'. orfi 5ays she climbcd for hal , an ard toys' schools, a library with. hour n{ler her ammet?I stopped 'M.ntn volumes nn open-air theater recording at 26,000 feet. The of- 2nd athletic flclcl. fl c i a i women's record so far is 21.- LYNCHBTJRO, VA—Mrs. Sam Lloyd, of 439 Page street, this city, writes that she has been using Thedford's ' Black-Draught, when needed, for about twenty years. "My father used it in our home before I was married." says Mrs. Lloyd, "so after I went to housekeeping I continued Its use as It is the most dependable laxative I have found. "I used to suffer a lot from con- Istipatton, but I discovered that n few doses of Thedford's Black. Draught gave me quick relief. I keep this medicine In the house all the time, as I have found It a great help In keeping my children well. I give It to them for colds and constipation and little spells of upset stomach. I don't see how I could get along without Black- Draught In raising my family. "When I begin to feel dull and' bad. or bilious and dizzy, I lake '• Black-Draught. In Just a little I «hilc I am feeling fine again." | Thousands of others have re-' porled the relief of many disagree-; able symptoms, due to constipation, j Indigestion, biliousness, following i their use of this medicine. WK KNOW a sued 'muse Ihiil proves with .season's orop of seeds in their own (rial Kiinlcns hcforc- they offer them to the public. Flowers and vegetables (frown from these .'seeds must measure up to definite standards, or else the entire crops from which Ihp samples wersf taken are burned. Wc» know a mamifardircr of rlry batteries who tested a new product two years before be Mill n single, buttery to a single dealer. We If now a manufacturer of an anti-freezc solution (or automobile radiators who siicnl two years testing his product .under all conditions before lir raiil ;>. word in advertising about the merits of his goods. We Know a manufacturer of household pharmaceutical products whose self-imposed standards of purity and efficacy is even higher than that laid down by (be United Slates I'hnrnnicoparia nnd the National Formulary. If we mentioned their names you would recognize them immediately. You probably would «ay. "1 plant those seeds," "I use that battery," "I use thai anti-free/t 1 ," "My medicine cabinet contains those products." The four instances cited arc typical of vvery reliable manufacturer in America. Millions of dollars arc spent annually to develop, to improve, to standardize, and to talfe the guesswork out of merchandise. Othtr millions of dollars are spenl in advertising to tell you about them. All of winch is to say (hat in putting your trust in advertised merchandise you save yourself (he bother, (lie expense, the disappointment—yea ' the danger—of experimenting nnd discovering for yourself which make of soap, breakfast food, radio tubes, lingerie, gasoline, tea, electrical device, stationery—or what-not—gives you the most service for your money. The news columns of this paprr keep you informed of the latest international, national and local happenings. The advertisements keep you informed of the newest, most advantageous, most reliable merchandise that America's most progressive makers arc producing. merit. A stone wall with 12 gates, nam- , , I 'I' 1 - cathedral is far from finished, ed after the 12 npostle?, will sur- feet, held by. the lat« Alexander. Uulh Constipation, Indigestion. Biliousness

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