The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1938
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTTIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS United States' Formidable Military Out nost : Surve y Show* Funds •'I ' Snont n» W«i,l, TUESDAY, Al'KIL .12, 1038 Recent Secret Maneuvers Spollighl A m e r i c a's "Gibraltar of Pacific" By NEA Service SAN FRANCISCO, April 8.—Military and naval maneuvers now taking place in and near Hawaii In an atmosphere of unusual secrecy have centered attention on tliat "Gibraltar of the Pacific," certainly the mast strongly defended position under llif American nag. Hawaii's importance in the eyes of Hie military is suggested by the fact 'that almost $CO,COO,000. )m been put into developing the naval base and yard al Pearl Harbor, that $18,000,000 is going into Hie greatest army ntr field under Die Stars and Striiies. and that the . maneuvers a'nd practice movements in the vicinity of Honolulu have become more secret, more frequent, and more reali.stlc as each year passes. '.; From a strictly military point of iew, the Hawaiian Islands urc KCH.E-KALE I PASS-NEiVf" ROA_D j [ -roar Spent On Work Relief 'Continued Prom Page l) und home economic cottiers built, old ones repaired, athletic; fields Improved, campuses beautified nnd libraiie.s I'.stnbllfilied. There has been n total of $145,U .spent for drainage districts' '.fork. "flow has Hit c'ty of niyllievill:' la-nclUnd by the federal government relief program?" is ,1 ques- ihe si reel can Legion lint, on which $20000 was spent, n malaria control program coslliiB ntoout $32,000 the airport, itiijch cost .$23,171, Wnlk- er park and fairgrounds on whicli more than $150,000 ua.s expended. At this time ihe major protect "i Ulythevllk- Ls the no* Madmm aw syn«)n.sliiiii being constructed at the high school. This project when completed, will add another $45.000 or mere to (ho total expenditure for relief work here. Cther projects Include approximately SQ.OGO spent on hospital hall, $12.000 spent on ony . l.s a .separate project than! (lie roads and (lie schools, which these, except, for Hip building of I mis Included In Ilicso figures ")Hi I (ion often heard on unit In business houses ~. u,,.-, V uy, i ••>«..M .M.-WITS s.ti 'I he nnswor to this cmi-Mion is n>. , .streets ami ilk-ys.' $5,500 mi re- unlcd ,n n smti-mcnl Issued Hairing school hull .. .. . l)eil of this city, storm sewers, £8000 M cnl listliiif the their casts -,- « -.~....... ....ildiny, $li,500 on various v.--ojects mid I repairing negro school building $5.C«J on city high school build-' .Since the brijlHiiliig o, relief activities with the Civil Works ad- tlic Emori>en- Ing, sn,000 on .sewing rooms, $10,- OCa on romiriiiB streets, $4,000 on '-••nlng kilclmn $:i(JO on school li- mnislrallon, through Ilio Emei'!>cn- 'annlng kilctmn $:i(JO on school li(.')' Administration program f.iul up bnuy. $700 ou armory, SB.01IO for to February 14, under the work", snnltni-y privlrs. $7.500 for reiialr- i' Admintstratio-i, tliwc "'K walks, M.OOO for rc-|)airin» and Unity lii-UI, $8,500 fur" mat factory niul $(5,000 for roc- to base a fleet. Therefore any fleet wishing lo attack the United Rl "s practice defense jj'xnwa Una Slates' west coast would have first •. near. to put this ndvanre base. out. of Coneeiilralloii fainnx business. Otherwise the enemy Many Americans in Hnwnil bc- inlghl be attacked from the rear, "eve thiit the most Imminent as soon, (is it got closer to the i menace to Hawaii In lime of war United Stales mainland tliau (lie might be wllhln Itself. They note Mantis. that In Honolulu aJono, which 1ms only about 45,000 Americans, there arc 14.0.000 Japanese. While the Americans believe that perhaps nine out. of 10 of .such residents The map above locates the main points of Uncle Sam's K defense works concentrated '""•.I of oahu in Hawaii. i'e,,rl Harbor, on which the United States has spent SGOOOOOOO anchorage for the entire American fleet,, other huensve preparations have nude ' ' Ely defended position under hir Amr>rii-<in n n .. on the have been 4!i .separate relief proj- uts in BlyUitivlllft. The toul c«st ol these, up ( 0 tht; l.imt has Uen $350,305. of the cost, S'tfU,- ')C9 has been ccntrlhiili-d by the federitl KOvernnifnL nnd <w>*)iv, \w II, n ,11. r .,, , vtli.JJI I)J „>„,, ,,L (.liu.oUU, V/lliril ll:\S ihe city of Hlyiuevllle and by l;eoi spent in and ntiii- Wilson iiKC-iicies IntercslPd in thrr varl(ius| includes Sunset park al I>V<I«U ' J10)ccLs ' R»<1 Is Ihe sf-coiul Im-Rost total for mlli'i IOWIIK i,) u,t! prolltcd by tho program sum of Siao.800, whlrli has . Aside from (ho Improvements effected Ihe proeriiin hti.s B |VCII work to a large number of men and women who would otherwise have had no means of livelihood. In addition to . numerous Improve- Kej-stone To hold and keep functioning as a naval base the Hawaiian Islands is therefore the keystone of Atner- ---- - - ,ic.ut,.i., lean military policy in Ihe Pacific, would be loynl to the United States " '- ' '- 1" n crisis, they arc sure that, many might, not be, and the (Inmngo they miglt do from wllhtn might be more vital limn any an enemy could Inflict from without. Plans nre therefore already In existence for strong concentration camps into which any whose loyally seemed questionable could be placed before they could do any damage. Knhoolawc Island, seven miles olf the coasl and separated by R slrong-ciirrenled channel, is regurded as n good place for such n camp. Nearly all prominent American residents are reserve Army officers who would slip into uniform ni tlie first, sign of trouble, niul handle the civilian nnd interim! problem, leaving Ihe regular army fore- II Is largely to protect thtit naval base that 20,000 soldiers, the largest single unified military force of - the United States, are stationed so far out in the Pacific, Defense measures nre concentrated on the island of Oahu, though Hawaii it-self is larger. But, Oahu has the city of Honolulu and . the magnificent .Pearl Harbor, stretching Inland like tlie palm' of a man's hand with deep inlet-s and 'safe anchorage for the whole United Stales fleet. It is to defend this harbor and the clryflock, repair, supply, anil ; other ; fleet base facilities, ' that Oahu 3ias been turned inlo one Breat.fortress, Yet ninny tourists go to Hawaii and return without having been conscious of any military display, at all. : ;,;That.. is because, first, many of the, strongest fortifications are so well concealed as to be Invisible to .tho •untrained, eye, and second, •, because -Ore Arnjy anil Navy, especially of Into, have become secretive and barred even approach within a mile of certain new defense works. Great Defcasc Three great airplane fields nnd bases aim to make .sure thai im enemy nir force should be able siic- ce.ssfully to bomb the island. The more than 200 planes now slnllon- ffrt in Hawaii are also charged with seeing to it that no invading navnl force shall draw near without adequate warning to the land batteries. both coast artillery and antiaircraft. The great pins should be able to outrange and oulsr.oot anything now mounted on battleships. Mounted in Forts Kamchameha. deRussy, Riiger, Weaver, Barretlc! and others, they are su placed as , to command the best proaches. ap- Special new military roads with easy gradients, and a narrow- Gauge railway, make it possible lo bring mobile artilleo' to bear on any point of approach to the island. es free to face Invaders. The ..Arm and Navy nre pre- pared (o (urn (lie Paradise of tlie Pacific into n Purgnlory lor nny power that decide* lo disturb the Wyllic peacefulnexa ihal. the island's nickname. earned mc-iils .such a.s repairing sidewalks, .streets nnd alleys and repairing of public bin-Minus, there have been a number of major developments Among the larger projects al Blyihevllle have been the Ameri- first place winner In this conlest amnnuliucd 4-tfi points, while the •Ulytlievllle boys had -MI .points. Poultry judging: 25lh. Jninns Rodgcrs,. Charles Abbott, liillie Mehiu-j-. Livestock: 36Ui. Eugene Hood, Thomas Gibson, Harold Lloyd, Fnvm shop: 37th. Thco Clnrley, Chnrles Abbott. Horticulture: -list. J, r,. Gurley Frank Ashby, BIIHc Mehnrg: j. U Onrlcy made a perfect score on tire soil testing division of this contest, Dairy ' fudging: 51th, Everett Grain, Harold Lloyd. Cooter High School To Graduate 15 Students COOTER, Mo.. Apr. 12. — The Cooler high school has a graduating class of fifteen this spring, accovd- ini; to Snpl. Jnck Wimp. Commencement exercises will be held on Thursday evening. May 12. The class Is as follows: Glenn Michie, Glcmla Chambers. Louise nocklmm, Adinc Copeland. Georgia Elcnnor Pound!), Ruth Piindor- burk. Cora'Mac Brown, Virginia Fowler. Wcstal Rlcldtck, James A. Bros™, Emvin McClure, Woodrow CJayUml. Tsaae McKay, jr., Blan H Williamson, jr., uiul cimrles \Vae- stor jr. - Awarded Several Honors In Future' Farmer Meet Twelve Blylhi'VlUe high school students competing wilh approximately 1100 boys who mndc up 89 learns in Ihe stale Future Farmer contest held Friday mid S.ilurdiiy at Fuyetleville won two seconds, one seventh and never went below 5-lth plnce in any of (ho eight conle.sls. , Rogers wn.s lirst in the sweep- i slakes. Texarknna second mid 1 Wilson third, { The local teams were co.iclicd by ' Freeman Robinson. Smith-Hughes instructor in Ihe city .school, who accompanied diem (o Fnycltevlllc. Members of the teams 'nnd the places they received were: Meat Judging: second. Thomas Gibson Jame.s Rcdgcrs. F.verclt Craig. Kv- eretl Cmlg wn.s fourth hi-h in the individual scoring. Milk: Sfcoml. Everett Craig Ku- peiic Hood. Harold Lloyd. Everett I The postoltire at Dagcnhnm Essex, England, has n skylight which tnkes the glare and most of the heal out of the sunlight. AGAIN THIS-YEAR WH WIl.I, «!•: HEADQUARTERS FOR AUTO SEAT COVRRS the great guns silenced, say by air bombardment, an enemy would still not.have Calm In his hand He.would have to get through nn extensive submarine nnd mine defense. He would have lo laud troops, and actually occupy u, c Imbor and naval base. Here again, it would be difficult. "Every possible npproacti. every beacli that offers a chance for landing, has been perfectly ranged for light artillery and machine- gun fire. It. therefore seems certain that any attempt to put ashore a landing force would make the Austrian landing at Gallipoli look like n tea party. Secret and well-protected ma- chine-giin nests and gun emplacc- | ments. safe from air bombing make the prospects 0 1 landing «ry unpleasant. Nine landing boats were wrecked and a mtmuer of men hurt in merely trying tt out In maneuvers this year. The loss o: five long-range bombor.? with a clrat!) loll of about 24 m»-i shows 1'ow desperately the Navy "p.'ayed" „- ...... ^.,. , t HILL. UkJILII 1*1 UK Thra Giirley, J. L. Gurley. The li^LMi illlffifiraMTT OAK LUMBER For ,S;i!f—100,000 fl. of £001] hill oak lumber delivered :il very tu\v prices. See .1. \V. llnrrnn Blylhcville, Ark. I'hime 3!I8 * NKW PATTERNS * NKW STYI.RS *NRW PRICKP Tn make room for our nev slork «r seat rnvfrs wo. are closing out our present stork at Iwlou 1 rest jiriees. COME IN TODAY. . SAVK fiO'r WI11I.K THEY I,AST. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pa.v, Highest Prices on Poultry af all Times. GAINES MKT. SAVINGS m USED CARS ALL * 1931 Chevrolet Coupe .......................................... $99.00 Runs good-Good Tires 1935 Plymouth Sedan ....................................... $199.00 Good Shape ... No Trade 1937 G. M. C. y a ton Pick-Up ................... $575.00 Clean. Low mileAge. 18" Wheels. 1935 Chevrolet i/ 2 ton truck .............. '..'. ..... $175.00 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. 11/2 ton Truck ........................ $395.00 W. B. s| fl |( B to(lv Rcjll ,j lly ' LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. K. M»,n a town. Osceola has Imd $|15.03» spent UHTC in tills program, but, this sum docs not include Die other Isolng on there for several years. government work which lias be™ Luxora hn.s received $:i3,5lO for various projects. Munlln lia.s lm<i S23.5SO spent there, exclusive of roads in that section. Ij-achville lias received $20,811 as a town. The development of Dypss col- Iceepqrouiinq *** appetites? WJten your cliild docs not cat as he should, with "agrowinjj appetite," il may he tlic warning signal i/fc()iisli|»atioii. Jf so, try Syrup of l to set him ri.i;lit now Your has Syrup of Hlnck- Drnught in the 25- ccnt size ;is well as the 50-cciH size. Syrup is manufactured by the folks who make BhACK- DRAUGIIT, the vegetable "laxative of the South." Childrcii <!o not iniint ta!;iiij; this laxative syni])-— its ttijjtc is flitiisaiil! It is prompt and elTco- (ivc, ton, lint (iu-re is nothing in Syrup of lilack-Draught Unit can harm a child's delicate intestinal system when (•ivi-n according lo directions. The -ills of children usually come suddenly, unexpectedly. Keep SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT _reiuly at all times. T'S CALLED THE great Plymouth cat- has a new ride that is causing a sensation in the lowest-price field. new Plymouth is by far the biggest of the 3 leading lowest-priced cars. PP* It is nearly 7 inches longer than one; over 10 inches longer than the other! 2n aii Plymouth models is a big, 82-h.p.,"L-head",en- gine-giving futl-powered performance with economy. Owners report 18 to 24 miles on gas...big savings on oil, tires, all upkeep. Plymouth has highest resale value because it's "the car that stands up best." 1 T HERE'S justoncwaytofimiout about today's lowest-priced car values. That is to see and drive the big P!ymauth"Roadking"! Never before could low price buy such an amazing ride. Plymouth steers faster, handles far easier. NEW RIDING COMFORT The new Plymouth has airpintie- type shock-absorbers..."live" rubber body mountings..."radio studio" sound-proofing...Flouting Power engine mountings. Nootiwr lowest-priced car offers all this. In a Plymouth, you are protected by an all-steel body.. . a Safety Styled interior ... double-action hydraulic brakes. Great engineering makes Plymouth,the most economical of the leadinglow-priccdcars.Ithnsfour- ring pistons, valve seat inserts, 1 iy- poid rear axle—many features that most manufacturers use only on their higher-priced lines. DRIVE THE"ROADKING" Get the mostfor low price. ..try the new Plymouth ridetoday. Gail your nearby Plymouth dealer fora demonstration. There's no obligation PLYMOUTH Dmsto.v oFCHRYsr.Fii CORPORATION, Detroit, Michigan. TUNE IN MHIOR BOWES 1 flMAUUR HOUR, COLUMBIA NtrWORK, THURSDAYS, 9 TO 10 P. M., E. S.T. j INVEST IN-THE CAR THAT STANDS UP BEST VT— PLYMOUTH 5 PASSENGER SEDAN - Detroit Jchvered price," Including front and rear biurm. crs and hiimpcr fiuards,spare wheel) tire and tube, foot con, crol for liradllglu beam with tndlcator on instrument pane ash-tray fronrandrcar.sHnvisor.safctyalnss and btgJngo.Jc c,,,npar,mcnt(l9Jcnl,iefe< ! tcapaci..v).PIy m outh"Roadkln|» i«odclsstaniU$645!"I)8Uisc"inodcls slightly higher. Pk ni <mtl, prices INCII.UDU ALL l-'KDEKAI.TAXES. Stale oc^ tas.-s not included. Convenient time payments PLYMOUTH BUILDS THE "ROADKING" THE "DE LUXE"

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