The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, • APRIL 4, 1934 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)] COURIER PA<JE SEVEN " CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»Uy rate per an« ror consecu- ttt Insertions: (fin average woros to a Unc) at time per line 1'ji •wo times per line per day .. 0& law times per lin • per day ., 0& a tbnes per line per d»y .. Ox Itaatfc nte per line «ft Minimum chirje He Ads ordered for tnree or sa me* and stopped, before expira- oa will be charges for the number ot lines the ad appeared ana of bill made. All Claimed Advertising copy itanitted by perseM residing outside ol the city n ust be accom- •Bicd by cash. Rules may be •tily computed from above table, MO responsibility will be taxeii 01 mere than one incorrect In- lerUcti of any clarified ad. Adrertising ordered lor inegu- insertions litkp the one time BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. G. MOGS, Undertaker Ambulance Service Phone 3ti WEAR-EVER aluminum is better and costs no more. Sola e.xciu- irely at Hubbard Hardware Co. 5-ck-4-5 We specialize in Floor Sweep Spedal kinds lor special floors Hnbburd Hardware CD. 12c lsl-1 Mrs. J. J. Dark, Phone 421 Spencrr Corsetwrc 2fic k4-2 WANTED TO BUY Ve 1'ay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hides, Srass. copper, ead, etc. Wolf Allan, Plionc 116, 28 E. Main. 2Gck4-2G Vant to buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, stoves. Highest Cash prices. Lelghton's Second land Store. 320 E. Main. 10pk4-10 iVathington College Head Names 10 Great Books Students Complete Statue Of Famed Indian Warrior TlM 1 Malm' lias uci'n iniuie n.s a IOWA crrv tuw—AH u-ioot high Mimic of Cliief muck Hawk, liniious bac Imli-.iii wliu fouulit until (taith tryiiia to halt the in- msioa of the "piile-face." lias been completed by studrnts mid iitstriic- lors ill tlie Univi'isity of Iowa. jproji'ci under (he Government student relief proernm. It wax first made Into a pliiitic likeness modified .after n minlaliire by Harry •Sliiisoii, Instructor In ur.-iplile mid public mis, mid then imired In ; coisc-i-fle. Alter it short time it is j In he.take In Ijiike View, In,, where It will be placed in the park dedicated to tlic famous mirrlur. 1 The completed work slww.s liltu Hawk with n bow in his led hnndlto da when pmiikstm, piny liob aiict a hawk on his right aim.. I Miniature Auto Owner F.iU Joker, With Anchor AS!1TA11U1,A.O. (Ul')-Al tenst lone owner ot a midget nulimiobile PULLMAN, Wusli. <U1>)—E. O. lollanrt, president of .Washington State College, named tin 10 mast mporlttnl books that should be on the shelf of every college student. 1—The authorized version of the Enslfeh-Bible. Because of the jreat spiritual, ethical am! liter- iry values. 2—i'lato's l-Ssays. 3—Dante's "Divine Coined;'." 1—Shakespeare's Plays. 5—Bunyan'.s "Pilgrim's Proj- vcss." 6—Milton's "Paradise Lost." 7—Goethe's "Faust,' 8—Darwin's "Origin of Species." 9—Life and • scientific contributions of Louis 1'astcur. 10—Lord Bryce's "The American Commonwealth." with his machine. C. T. GoelH'iioui 1 mndc nn anchor lor Ills. Now, when he psrks il, he Unows out (he anchor, which is 11 bright reel. Gui'licnoiir hit on this plitn after lie had been annoyed by pnicliciil Jokers. Once, "Hie boys" lifted It over ilo the middle of (he sidewalk pushed it t<i a mrauG, wliero Gochenour cmilually hud (o pay storage to get it out. Anolhrr tlnre, It wns pushed around a corner out of olglit, At least 150 dejx»IUi of various nilm-rnls arc contained In 'a Mrip of land 200 mllis long nn d!5 to CO miles wide In tlio Knlimsa (Us Auuthcr lime, Uieyi ilcl of the Ih'kiaii Conv,o. C«vc f» HKIllilN, 111. ll)P)-Seven homes, located above an abandoned niltie. were dama«ed when the shaft, several hundnd fett below, caved In. Although no one was injured by the care In, which occurred while the residents Were I asleep, the damage was reported conMdcialilc. If a glass of \vnter were poured into the Atlantic- Ocean and thor- ougrly mixed with the water of the ocean, it would tc impossible to dip up a filassful containing none of the original molecules. TjptwriUt and Adding BbcUm Kepatoing. 11. S. HluU- tmblf, 116 E. Rose. Call 1M-J. ROOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Goad meal, clean rooms, rates low. Close In. Mrs. Loflin Ol S. Second. 8-ck-4-8 FOR SALE BUN ROOM, portable flame, eau- vas covered. \^ price. Mrs. McCall 959 J. 30-pS-6 pne second hand Burrouglis ADDING MACHINE in good condition. CHEAP. J. II. Elklns. 29p-k5 FOB SALE—At Bargain. Good upright piano, also the only ice cream wagon in town. E. H. Deattc, im Chickasawba. 29p k2 ONE BARBER CHAIR CHEAP. Airs. M. W. JLee, Joiner, Ark. Up k4-12 POULTKY & EGGS Fresh eggs daily. R. I. Ked sf.tciiii fKkard Store. 10M Chiclta- 8p BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY haiciiery Code- Cer. wo. oo AUTOMOTIVE 416 5fiberHns Tiro * 'la ten, Replacement parts and accessories ol •It kinds fur any make uf car. AntotnoLivr I>tpt, iiKbDard Haw. Co. ic Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc BA'iTEKlES New t\)rd Batteries Keatal - Recharging - Keiiairing yi TIKE & BATTERY STATIO i > 26C KEEDS We specialise in seed corn. I'armcr Fnd and Seed Co. Phom I9p jr Sale: CORN delivered to you W. T. Rilcy, New Madrid. Mo. LIVE STOCK For Sale: 1 Jersey HEIFER calf 8 days old. Apply Hayncs Men's Shop, 206 W. Main. Call 21 27ckl FOK RENT Rooms with or without board, steam heat, hot water, reasonable rates Thonc 23'i. Ritc Trice Oro. 25ck4-a f Five Room FurniElicn APART MENT, bath, downstairs. 700 W Walnut. 28c k( 4 room apart 327; night 55 23ckt UrfFURNISHED mcnt, balli. BEDROOJl for 1 or 2 gentlemen 001 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-ck-t FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W Walnul Mrs. E(i HBrdlii Hfler P. M. ' lc kt WANTED WANTED— Ckan Rigs, fnc of but i, ( ons . No panls or hf.i\-)- under wear accepted, Coorier NCT™. d h tt (he United States know OUR BOARDING-HOUSE fEARfnAUP.BOVS CAN'T GE IN YOUR S/VBtL.YOU YOUR MONliY IN A VARM IN AND RWSING SHtEP-wAH-UrV\ rAEAN TO T3l < &COURA > <bt YOU, BUT THAT IS HOW I LOST (V\Y P\RS1 —^ TORTUNE—YES—KA1S\NG SHEEP, A RANCH OF •200,000 SWEEP-^-THR&E WEEKS "BEFORE SHEARING SEJ\SOM,A MALADY T IN WHICH CAUSED THE WOOL TO CRUMBLE INTO DEUCEDLY AWKWAP.O, T-. WASN'T IT CtoVE.-THEN 1 l\U RAISE PiCbS J ] NOT QU\T£ SO I PICTURESQUE^'BUT ( BUGGED BU&KTERS, ] -EVER j ANYTH\N6 IN WITH PltSS, Calls ( Love Nest Killing Accident BOOTS AND HICK HUODIES HOOTS HAS IT DOI'Kl) OUT! 10«NiT CM7E ABCHSV toftx.lL BOM-OOUiW Mi ABOUT ttOPWOOO, WASH TUBES TROUBLE BREWING! HOLD UP SOU SAV OlO PEDRO, THE SHEEPHERDEft OLD MAM RIVER'S duesrs, AN' TH AN' VOU SftV HIS GUESTS HAVE A LOT OF MC5HEV3 HEN,WWtrr.lM TARUATIOM'S TO KEEPUS FROM BE*(W'OtO PEDRO> THE HOLD-UP, AMP G1ITIN' THEM THINGS 6URSELVES? Fighting n iirison term. Mll>>. (;crniaiiic Huoi. pre-war lr>ast of Paris, above, declares 4lio killed 1'icrrn Causcici. oliicial, by accident, lie \v;m s];iiu iliirin:; n for a gnu sli<? held. Mllu. ITuot contetiris. Police, in her Paris trial, liolil that sl:e sluit liim-vhen ho tali tier their ro- eadcd. = TH? BOVS AT THE RANCH ARE LAU6H- IWd AT WHAT ASk'JtLLJOKE TH€ BANDIT PAID VJItL B6, SOME OF HABD THsrs E6<izAt:(<w VMANK WHUT ME'M'PANOO) -<X1<ARE >*JU7. THWKIM'. CHAMOMDS BWQER'N No Fun in This April Fool Joke SALESMAN SAM HE LOOKS THE I'AKT! OJHftT CAW 1 DO 1 I \ <Op,MT O i-uy ^ PSfi „ **~ ; ("HERE, sp\t^ I Mows ^ overi fvr Tt? SHOP TUES& HULLOjRIGHT ftTCHft,Sftr-\|^M' TH<UG£ I tOOR&OUT RRUSH OFF! &oTTft H£COoMe.1 GO-TUN HAve A 'Peopue OFF I KRECKLKS AS T D ins FRIENIS LOOK PLEASANT, PI,EASE! Ol<rAY, OKAY! I'LL JUST DSop WHAT IM DOING ANO AND GET YOU A FLASHLIGHT! How CAM I ERRANDS K>K YOU KKW, YOU DIMWIT ? IP I LET GO, BREAk YOUR DARK IN HERE CANT SEE A THING! HEY. AWFULLY DAPK COOLD YOU GET ME KIND OP A LIGHT, i CAW SEE WHAT' *'M DOING THEN THERE'S ONLY ONE THING LEFT R>R ME TO Do, THAT IS To OP EM MY CAMERA SWTTER AKiD UK THE FLASH LAMP, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS....! STAND TWE AIR IN MUCH LOMGCR... WELL, HERE HAD HIMSELF WTO AM OIL TANK, IM AW 'THE MVSTBJY 86 SOLVED? A CLUt AS - TO THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE THOUSANDS OP GALLONS OIL.... April fool Joko bounced uack. Tlio Imllallon and pi'otzels which llio jouug J»dy Is examining were made In Japan, o! rice straw, paper, and cotton, tnd were halted (^ New York by nusranllne aiithorilic.j, ,wlio held tuem a menace to riUint life, u the rite straw ml^ot contain »uy on» of 90 J)acterl» and fucgl,

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