The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK 2-1, 1936 BLYTIIEYILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS King In Militar Dress Subjects Are Impressed by Humanness of Their New Ruler nV MILTON mtONNKK NKA Service Sinn' Ccrrcsj>i>mlra' LONDON— E'Jwur.1 till' l^ntl) who has Lcen sovereign of the United Klngilcm since midnifji: of January 20 ami who VMS 42 years old Tuesday, ' has already In liis brief 1-0:311 cf live months Impressed upon tlic British people llic fact that lie is prharuily a human beln't of warm hnpulM.' and direct manners. lie neither is nor wants to b" a mere stuffed shirt nor Kymbo' o[ empire. He put it tersely and sympathetically in ii recent, .slit.;'! .speech in which lie said: "I n m the .same person I wa when I was Prince of wales." Per the British that simple sen- j'wuce had n wealth of implicn- f/lfcns. As Prince of Wales hr %Jtul always been as out-spoken as his rcyal position allowed him to lie. Known the world ovei as the "Prince- of Snips." Bvit- ain's best commercial travcllor, at Iicrac he always seemed to hay especially at heart three things: 1. The ucE!-lji'ii>£ of Hit: fnrmiir sclclicis whose deeds uf valor and endurance he witnessed in Fr.imr liy being in the' trm<'li?s with them. 2. rushing by all the menus in his power cvcrv effort to relieve the ttb£i*dy ,cf unemployment, 3. righlini? the .stum evil urn 1 . Iiraclicinjj whul hn preached by teuiing down Ihe IcncnWils on his utvti estates anil pulling 1111 mcdel Hals for working men ami their Families. Sustains Old luleresls At eveiy opportunity he has had Eliice he became klt-.f, he 1ms shown tiiat ( things slill lie very close to his heart. For instance, in April, receiving . Deputations representing many classes and creeds of his subjects. he said earnestly: "I have witnessed the horrors cf war... I got to know the hardships of the men nt the front... I realize the hardships of those since then who,' through ho fault of their own, have had the ints- fortrnc to endure long periods of unemployment. ' With all sincerity, therefore, I not only join in your prayers Hint, the futur-: .straw hat, thereby doing a. good was all, it Is miserable for us amateur gardeners, but 1 suppose you professionals do not mind so much." Acclaimed ]s y shl|>irork?rs J'arlly. pciluips, to bocst tin' steamship Queen Mary and r>c- lually Just as much bemuse hi- was genuinely Inlercslcd, be pnld two visits lo Ihe great vessel. One was early In March when she was .still lying in llic yard basin In Glasgow, only completed as to her exterior and her enoins rooms, The bis Scotcji city Is a hotbed of radicalism, but no- whne did the king get a warmer reception than from the men who'built the ship. This was ro- poatcil when hn paid' n surprise visit ' 11 the slum • dlslric;' of of (he worst in before tho Queen asjc'* 1 . GUI; i the world. Two days Mary sailed on her maiden voyage, to New York oil May 27, the entire loynl fiuiilly visited her in her nmv ccmpletcd slalf. The king came to Southampton In his UK airplane, ha;l his pilol circle c'.er the ship several times while, he photographed her Irom" the air Jutt like any other phot-, fan. and ic.seivoir.-i or water pocket.s . alone any of the rivers. H Is Ml up to the properly owners contend, wrangle- nnd law with Ihe state, county and honrds for live years mid no! net one cent out of this destruction, Congress- to pay them but congress said no. We also nole that 'Congressman Rave In n .speech on Mils bill, assurance the people In his dislrlct ivould give k all this land for levees and reservoirs free or I chaise. Now tin.' destruction In I his district of land and properly With will KO up in millions Wo want l.fagnc published in MIC courier the cd up I'AGE THREE roclamn.lion To- clay Asks Support for Con lent) liil Program 10:i Arkansas In niyihevillc. niul loyally ivttcndant benonis to all business throughout Arkansas. "CECII, SHANE, •Mayor of Dlythevilh' 1 Is being voluntarily comluclwl hy cillxcns llirptifihour Ihw state this wci'k. June 21-21; "Now. therefore. I. Cecil Shitii". mayor or tln> city of lilyihi.'- vlllf, by nulliurlly Vested hi ni<>, do bereby iiroclnlin llic week of Jun<> '.II-21 Loyalty Week, .null lol "' ei1 tllc »' orl 'l f°r 20 years, but carne.slly vise nil citizens lo Join " OVCl ' "Piwavcd'ln Hvissla. In this splendid iinderlaklnj in Ihe i'ud that this fund of one hundred thousand dollars to mi-, vi'illse Arkansas nuiy be speedily] secured nnd advantage he lakini tlu> opportunity ollered by Hi'st C. The fftinous Russian' Bnltet i:i,i!CTitia * ACKTVLDNI: WELDING \T I1EST PRICES 'ROMPT SERVICE Ciulennlul year lo bring 'omM 1 R<|l'b-efl«lln Mfrf TA imll'lf and new people with neiv' »><" I\oUait< llilli. LU. Jilps cost SIO with, Half , , , ,, .. ,, . I (>f U>«' money will i»> t.> t,u- «e Jusl cite Mr. Driver to; Arkansas Centennial Cumml.slon ILSK In udvcrllslii"' ri'sctirces and oppertmiillr, ID (|i^ nation at lariso. The Cue other thing :n his live months' reign stand:; out: I'ailia- rneiU dl>:cii&s':<l and passed the king's civil list. The crov;n lands whose revenues once went entirely to the sovereign, now hy agreement, yield that mousy to the country's treasury. In return, parliament votes - grants for the civil list of the royal family and the slate wins on the deal. Kin? Edward's, at his request, was fixed al $2.050,000. But wh* 1 . (ir n fow days caused excited tongue-wagging was the provision that, if Ihe king married, Ihe new queen would get $125,000 per. annum and if a son and heir were born Ihe baby would get SJ25.000 per annum. It wus thought by some this was the prelude to an announcement, of the king's betrothal. Cooler second thought saw it was ji'.st one of Ihosc Icgnl provisions—in case. But there are no "in case" indications as yet. At 42. the king still semns a confumud bachelor. alour-. any of thesi! rivers, 1 talk- chairman, expressed roundi'iirv to. ;d wiih a big land owner In Mis- day that the n«ola of 250 nie'n. s.sslppl county. He said Ihere Is 1 bcrshlps assigned MKsl;,slpp| win- no! n man In Arkansas who will I ty would b- mel p'ojiTtT ""•' ° f lft " U fol '' Ulo ' SL l "Memberships cos. Now some ot the bends where the land for at present is worth $200 per acre and in K S present state will produce 1 1-2 to 2 bales of cotton will ivory year. Tukc the bend at Newport, opposite Is Oil Trough bottom. 12 miles long. These bends lire the finest colton land in the world. Now arc the people to give lands for levees, reservoirs and wnter pockets. No. (hey will nol give one acre. Now they cun ruin every acre of the mast fertile, land in the world from Ihe mouth of While The Editor's Letter Box together to London to make ar- inay- bring peace aritf prosperity rangements for the funeral. Lovnl " ' Ei;.3lish held their breath, ilad tiiat plane had a fatal eras],, lil(le Princess Elizabeth, the Di-is of, York's, eldest daughter, would Jo this country, bill r would assure "-voi-.' thai'* 'my .constant .-'en' dcavor v will' be ' to promote th2 establishment of peace throughout the we rid... "As Prince of Wales I bora a device with n:i ancient nntla: 'I serve.' 'As king. I shall hold this in c^Aotaul :{in:?mbrance, for a king can perform no high- function than that of service." Buckles Down To Job The people of ^ngland have seen n new young king who lias buckled rijhl down to his job with intense seriousness. In his working days, he spends long hours going over slate papeis Wjliich fnust/ come before hi:n and doing other formal things demanded of English king. have been sovereign of England. The king has flown a; number of limes since then and shows every inclination to continue doing so. _ He has broken kingly precedents in other ways, too. If he wants to visit the offices of liis Duchy of Cornwall, not. far from Buckingham Palace, he walks just like plain John Smith. He doesn't wail for his car. It is 'raining and, like John Smith, he hoisls his umbrella and Irudgcs along.- Amalcur Gardener : Early in May there was • the annual flower show in Louden. The king is an ardent gardener One of the most touching of these was on April 9 when he went lo' Westminster Abucy personally to bestow Maundy money on 42 old men and 42 old women, tho number 42 equalling that of nis years. It was the secoiul time in 250 years that an En sovereign had "made his maiind" in person. The last, time was when his father did so in 1932. In nil such state mailers he sho\vs an inclination piously lo follow in his falhcr's foolsleps. Bi't in less formal affaire or in affairs Ihat he chooses to make informal, he has already shown himself lo be himself and no shadow of King George. It is lor tliis reason thai when llic official period cf mourning for the royal family 'is* over many expect a rather new deal .with a icw slant on things giveji by Alng Edward himself. Continues To Fly Pccplc thought when he came, to the llirone he would give up] WAKEljPlOUR LIVER BILE- Wiltaldtorcti—And You'll Junp Oil >l B<d in iht Morning Rarin la Co Ttifi liver should pour oal tjvo ponnds of Jiaiild hilo into yuur bowcb dnily. If thil Ule l»r.?» flowing freely, your food doesn't digest. it just det-nys i.T the bowels. Cas bloats up your stomach. You set consti|.&l*J. Your •miole gy^tc;n is poisoncil and you feel sour, sunk anil t>,e wjrtd looks punk. laxatives arc only makeshifts. A mero bowclmovement docs n't taWs those ^xx). o |,| Carter's Little I.lvtr Pitlj lo (rel those two jxilinda of bile ITowinit freely and maVc >-ou frel "up ami up". Harm- loss een lie. yrt amazinn in makinn bile now f roely. A«k for Cnrlor'i I jlllc l.i»cr Tills by %amc. htuobornly refuse anylhinE eUe. 25c. in his bachelor estate at Fort Belvedere. Without, e-n[/ previous announcement, he paid a surprise visit to the show. He .thus cut the fuss and feathers. It. Doesn't Like Flood Hill (To the editor:) Since I wrote an article on flood control of the Mississippi river and Its tributaries, the great pork barrel bill has passed congress, providing about $500,000,000 for rivers, harbors, reservoirs and levees. Senator Vandenberg raised- the vest—a.gain jrst like plain John question thai it' wns a pork bar- rlvcr lo Cairo with setbacks, wa- west side of the river. It will not lower the river one foot. It looks rciluhwcl In which for use In iidvortlslun tlcular ndvanlrjcs. Mayor Cecil Shane clhi.r hall Hit 1 r;>m- was ralsiid like COO in Washington would have had more sense than lo advocate such fool projects as to seek lo control these livers by pel reservoirs and water pockets when the Mississippi river In 11)82 was 75 miles wide at Collonwood Point [rom Flnley. Tenn., lo Paragould, before any levee was built. Now such fool ideas as these water pockets don't make good nonsense. There should be an asylum liulll big enough to hold all thai COO men In \Vash- inglou for such bills as this one known as the Overtoil Hood control 1:111. II. W. Kyle Cariilhersvllle, Mo. sued a proclamiillon railing ' upon! local clll«'U.s to suppiul tho I. iy-1 ally LiMtiii'o imwrnm. H iollnv.'s:! "Whereas, Arkuusjis Lu '.lit; 1 hundredth year of 'its s!:tirh(.ol llnds ll.seir not only with n ulnr- lous past lo celebrate, but with Incomparably rich assetr, of Imui- othcr splendid travel fai-dllit's Ihat can be made, if the foundation for u greater |ini:i- pcrllv during Mure ycms; un« "Wherca.s. the Arkansas Loyalty I.CIIKUU has been organised liy the Arkansas Centeiinlnl C'ouimlsslg,.!, with the sponsorshlii of the: Arkansas Hunkers Assoclsitliin In which llH! Arkansas Press Association has Joined itself, to create a fund for inlvertlslng Ihese travel and recreational facilities. Crea-( lion of said funds Is to l;u effected through obtaining th'J memberships In the Loyally Ua-j Sue of leu llioufnncl loyjl Arkansas citizens at ten dollars' each; and "Whereas, Ihe campaign to tie- cure this len iboi'fiind inomlicrs Mvllhig kc ran'I kill the Jin vor if you use KING AimiUR "SOII-'-STlLLliD" GIN On lint MiituiuT tlays, nicliuin ict ilri)\\ns itic ll.ivur i>f innsi inixitl t^in Brinks, Unt 1101 if you list' Kiiij.; Arthur "Siifc-SliH«r ('.in! l ! or "Sofl-Sljllinj;" "H-nns ll;n r ur ilim lusis ri^hi up [o (he filial si|>. The Il.ivur of your '.iriitk si.iys die i.uiiL', no nuttur luiw hoi the d:iy or tnuv nuith ilit; ice melts. KING ARTHUR GIN /00% Diililleil from Am mean Grain SraKnniDUliUersConi.llislillcry; l.n\vraicclmru, liiil.l'xcciitivcOrficc: New York . Smith on a hot day: He Sit, ami rel measure, then some old broth- , - pulfed away at a cigarette and | er got up nnd told him there wa:i chalted easily with the garden- 1 ens in charge of some of the exhibits. . To one discussing weather. which had been rather dry, he said: : "Thank goodness did have a half hour's rain out at . no pork in the barrel. Just brine. Fie had shook the baiTel—no pork there. Then he said, "Let her go, Bill." We note very particularly this bill does not pay or offer to pay . one cent damages for land, build- place at Fort Belvedere, but .that Ings and property taken by levees '. I,a\vn Mowers 'SHARPENED On llic Ideal Sharpener This machine '-automatical!^ ynnds the blades of your .in'owcr,. to just the proper bcvcf, assuring ii perfect cutting job. '. " • '. .Your mower will niri -like new anc! stay sharp longer than wher- .sharpened by any other method Give us a trial. . - ; Trice SLOP lilylheville" Muchinc Shop rhone 808 or 8-18 HOT COFFEE SEUVED WHERE IT'S COOI. Have your rnld-morning cup In Ihe A1E CONDITIONED Coffee Vjnop at HOTEL NOBLE OKDERS TAKEN FOB "BERN AT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE f»frs. Leslie Hooper M's. A. 0. Haley 1109 chickasawba Phone 192 When you (anbuy a whiskey (hot b 50% 01D5R than nKKt other whisklts al the same prke-and o Notiodol DbHritfs product hi the bargoin-tr.ot's valut thai IS value! PENN.MARYIAND DIVISION .. N«ii<,t»I DiuiH,,, f,^ aa , Cere . N. Y. C to a . cigarette ALL AROUND THE CLOCK Chesterfields will give you downright pleasure -they ivtll satisfy you , LIGGITT &

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