The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1949
Page 9
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fUESDAY, JULY 19, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE HOUR HOME--REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENTS-'RE Full Insurance Coverage Urged ^Protection Needed Even Though Fire Losses Are Down Although Amu-lea's (ire loss in the first 5 months of 1949 was 10.4% below the first i months of 19-18, it Is estimated that one home oul of every 100 will be damaged Ijv fire this year. For that reason, plus the fact that it Is estimated that about half the homes are under-insured today, It Is Imperative that home-owners carry insurance to cover them fully In t-ase of damage, according to the Construction Research Bureau. New York clearing house for building in form a I ion. '11ns year's lowered fire loss is lir-llcvcd to be Hie result of better c'onstnictioti svhich nas >re- ventcd large-loss fires .Such const! tiction includes greater use ol fire-resistant materials and t tl e closing of all hollow spaces in walls and ceilings with such incombustible material" as mineral wool Insulation, the Bureau said The need to carry adequate insurance is stressed, replacements costs of Jwellines and contents having more than doubled since 1940. What was adequate cover- ace nine years ago may mean large lost to the property-owner today. When bringing insurance policies "fc to date, all items of the prop- ^eV should be protected, including tree* and fences. A rider on the , fire policy at small added cost will Modern Homes Now Okayed by FHA for Loans The Federal Housing Administration has recently opened the way for accelerated construction of flat-roofed modern houses. This brings to an end a 15-year- old FHA policy against insuring loans on homes of modern design on the grounds that such homes were unsuitable In established communities of homes of more conventional design. Banks have been reluctant to lend money for modern-style liomts on the ground that such houses had doubtful resale value in case of foreclosure. Now that the FHA will Insure loans. It is expected that lenders will enter the field. Six-Room All-Steel Residence Erected in Hayti; Only One Between St. Louis, Mo., and Memphis Ownership Affects Policy Change of ownership of a home such as transfer of title from husband to wife 01 vice versa, usually will void the insurance on the house It is suggested that the insurance company be consulted in advance. In making any transfer of litle, it Is important that Lie change of ownership be recorded Largest Carpet A London theater has the !ar%es one-piece carpet ever made in Eng land. It weighs a ton. is 100 fee long anc< i3 feet wide, and require 20 men to lil t it. cover losses caused by hail, wind I storm, rioting, smoke from nearb conflagrations, vehicle damage an 1 falling aircraft. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Jut think, lor a unall umnt-monri depot!! 30* m»j now M«r« one of thw« n«w modern two bed room homes, DOW nndftr ooutraetiBn. Manj art making Ihelr selection. M eom« while yo» may choox. Beautlfvllr designed, »tur<itlj built, >om* hire picture w:n- downa. In new *ubdiriaioB. Call or Set MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Holly Development Corp. 1801 Wes( Main Phon« 4445 SERVICE GUARANTEED 1) CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South 5th Phon. 2993 By Nan Sutton | Courier News Correspondent HAYTI. Mo.. July 16—The home of Mr. mid Mrs. Ellis Kohn here is one of the unique residences in tliis part of the state. It is built entirely of steel that has a hard, porcelain finish which will never have to be painted or repaired. This same finish is found on both the Inside and outside of the house, which is shipped in sections that can be rapidly assembled. The buyer his a choice of four pastel shades. The house consists of six rooms) Courie heater News Photo The master bedroom features a i water built-in vanity w'"- a 21 -square-! rrfrigcrnto foot mirror, overhead cabinets andjlroner. with frozen space left for food locker or large closet. In the kitchen there are overhead built-in cabinets around the walls. All of the cabinets have sliding doors. Many Special Feature* Other furnishings in the kitchen 'all Included in the purchase price of the house) include a large work bench, exhaust fan, automatic dishwasher and clothes washer. The utility room contains (he The bathroom is unusually laiRe tuirt fully equipped with standard appliances ami has a handy built- in set of drawers. i Also Included in the purchase i price, which is around $8,200, e.\ plumbing, heating, Insulation.! screens, storm windows and the! polished asphalt floor covering. The house is set on a concrete foundation. The Kotm home Is the first ol Plons Give Home Seller All Cash Tlie seller of » home seldom need take back a mortgage from the buyer as was customary a fe\v years ago. It was pointed out today by the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing house for bull "tig lnfor» tlon. Under present liberal lending policies of financial Institutions, augmented by FHA mortgage Insurance, the usual practice Is lor the buyer to ^ >rrow the entire a.'king price, pay the seller In full with cash and thus have his loan all in one long-term amortized morigage. In' very few areas, or only under unusual conditions. Is the second mortgage used. The single mortgage hrnpfity seller and buyer alike became most sellers of real estate want cash. The only way they could Set it in t'ic past was to sell a( n consldernble discount the mortgages given iliem by buyers. Purchasers are not burdened with two mortgages. automatic heating and hot I Memphis. between St. Louis and Reconditioning Restores Oak Flooring Even after Years of Severe Wear An advantage of having oak flooriiiR In a home Is that it ran TO sanded and reflnlshed to look llfee new even after many years of severe wear. \Vilh the electric sandlnif Real Estate Transfers (OHICKASAWBA DISTRICT) .... T. J. and Altie Smith to C. S. Baggett, Lot 18 of Block "B" of the J. P. Pride Subdivision, 1200. H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Joe P. and Marilyn p. Davis, Ial 3 of Block 4 of the Country Club Drive addition, SSOO. John B. and Doreen A. Flowers to Lawrence Keeban Ashbv and Ruby Ashby, Lot 4 of the RepJat of the o. S. Rolllson Subdivision, in NE4 of Section 9-15N-11E, $7.000. . H. H. and Lucy Houchins to William H. and Mary E. Pease, Ial ! of' Block 1 of the Country Club Drive . Addition. J2.000. Susan Moore to Jame.; Lee and Dannie Mae Dunn. Lot S of lock 8 of the W. W. Hollipeter Second ' Addition. »200. I William J. and Cliffie Wright to Kenneth and Dora Oaye Matthews. Lot s of Wright's Addition to Manila. |500. William J. Wright and Cliffie Wright to Kenneth and Mildred McWirter, Lot 4 of Wright's Addition to Manila, MOO. William Lee and Roberta Walker to Max Logan and Harold B. Wright. NE 4 of Lot 14. Block 4 of the William Lee Walker Second Addition, tl and other consideration. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to William Lee Walker. Lot 22 of Block "E" of the John B. Walker Subdivision, tl and other • consideration Susan Moore to Harvey and Louise Colbert, Lot 16 of Block "8" of the W. W. Hollipeter Addition. S250. Cecil Priest and Erby to Georgia Gish. Lots 1. J. 3. of Block 1 of the Maybell Subdivision, »1 and other consideration. W. C. and Anna Gates to Thomas Chin. Lots 8. and 9 in Block 6. Lot.s 1, 12, 8 and 7 of Block 7. and Lots 1 and 18 in Block 8 of the Elliott Addition, »2,iOO. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Connell A. and Patricia Miller. Lot 9 of the Rcplat of the J. P. Pride and Gateway Subdivision, »1 and other consideration. Paul Yelverton to H. R. Crawford. M. J. Koehier anrt Cobe Bowers. Lot 2 of Block 8 of the Spark's First Addition to Dell, SI.OOO. Mrs. R. B Durham to Harvey E Durham N 2 of Lots 11. 12 and 13 in Block 3 of the C. D Ashabranner Addition to Manila, II and Seven Building Permits Sought for $28,500 in Planned Construction Applications for permits to bultd an estimated $28.000 worth of houses and a business building valued at $500 were placed on file during the past week In the office of City Eng'-ieer Joe Carney. The seven applications were filed by: Wiley Smith 'two applications), for five-room frame residences on Birch Avenue In David Acres; estimated costs, $3.500 each. . E. Jones, for a five-room frame residence at 704 Hardin (Country Club Area); estimated cost, $8,000. T. C. Cochran. for a three-room frame residence in Maybell Addition: estimated cost, jl,000. Homer Tucker, for a one-room concrete block cab stand at 119 South Fifth: estimated cost. «50fl. K. E. Whlsenmml (two applications), for five-room frame residences in David Acres Subdivision- estimated costs, $6,000 each. Applications filed for A. J. Thomas and R. Brooks as owners. Agri Extension Workers School Gets Under Way FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. July 19. <fPi— A three-week southern regional training school for agricultural extension workers opened at the University of Arkansas yesterday It Is described as the first of its kind in the south. The 175 "student*" who are enrolled represent 15 slates. other consideration. V. B. and Catherine Osborne to Leonard and Beatrice Perkins. Lot 7 of Block 2 of the parkview Addition, $6.750. 5 Features Listed As Important in Home on Farm Hundreds of new homes continue to go up in North Mississippi Coun- ly. Families planning to build or remodel their homes find there are five features that are important for- convenient living and working arrangements. Home Demonstration Agent Mrs. Gertrude B. Hoi i m an listed these as: 1. Entrances to both living and work rooms that are convenient to the main driveway, which also ihonld be well located In relation to the farm buildings. 2. Well-located kitchen. with view of drive and farm buildings. This has a number of advantages. such as enabling the housewife to ;t?c persons arriving, keep in touch with children playing outdoors and have a watchful eye on the farmstead when the men are In the fields. 3. Good traffic lanes, .10 that All parts of the house may be reached without passing through the Jdtch- en work areas and other centers of activity. . Adequate work areas for preparing and preserving food. 5. Adequate dining area In kitchen- enough space to serve and eat regi'l?r meals. Tf your house does nol Include thesp "farmhouse specials," let your 1 county Extension agents help you I plan your building or remodeling. '• Mrs. Holiman stated. ' Among the many plans that may be obtained from the county Extension office free of charge are those for houses, kitchen cabinets, lawn furnilure. and homemade laundry equipment, she pointed out. machines now available the task if sanding a floor Is comparatively easy. Such machines can be rented at nominal rates from hardwar dealers or paint .-tores In nmn communities. Usually three tra verses are recommended for rr- nioviiifr the finish and restoring the smooth siuface of an old floor After sanding, the refinisliing operation Is practically the same as that for a -tew floor. Oak floors generally require a wood filler. Whether [his should be applied before or after the finish depends upon the type of finish (o be used. .Just follow the manufacturer's directions. PAINT PRICES CUT! Benjamin Moore House Paint Was 5.^5 (ial. Now $5.35 AM. HK.N.IA.MIN MODKK PAINTS UI'.Dl'CIOI): Deal's Paint Store 109 E. Main Phone 4469 WARNING ORDER In Ihe Chancery Court. Chirka- "ixba District, Mliulsulppi Counlr. Arkjinui. J. D. Lxmg, Ptf. v «- No. 10.940 Joetla Long, Dft. The defendant, Joetta Long. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the cap!inn hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, J. D. Long. Dated thK 1) day of July, 1949. Harvey Mori-is, Clerk By Pat Morton, D. C. F. C. Douglas, ally, for pltf. C. f. Ccoper, atly. ad litem. 1 19. 2«-82, 9 A REAL OIL BASE WALL PAINT! PITTSBURGH WALLHIDE One Coat Really Covers Real "Vltollwd OU" ban paint thai coven moil any milnc* In out coat. Can be washed i*.- pealedly — anil palntocl over wllhoul ilisaking. Try M one*—you'll never u»« ony other. Comei in Tlnl. SamL-GLoAi and Gloi* $O78 0 GaL PITTSBURGH PAINTS «-°££ BETTER LONGER' (or Your Horn*" ZI3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM h»vlti| wift water on joir farm It jo» |et a modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. S». H1(hwa; «t Miorw J«4 Fresh Styling,.... That's The Secr«t of A Crane Bathroom Yes, fresh slylinjf (hit assures vow of having a truly new, modern bathroom . . . \c( never s«ciifit;in K economy. For a Crane Bathroom is hnill to give you years nr (rouble-free service. Come in and see for yourself. "PETE" THE PLUMBER 109 No. Ut. SURE WAY TO BEATTHEHEAT Drink Lots of C-o-o-l Refreshing Pure Water There's nothing so cooling as clear, pure water, during fief, sultry weather. Most pco- ple never once stop to realize that a plentiful supply of PURE water is one of the most essential things in our daily living. In this respect, Blyiheville residents enjoy the purest water in the world. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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