The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1930 ni.YTIIEVIU.F!. (ARK.) COiIHIER NEWS First Photo of Race For America's Cup rovision M,r!e for C.IIT '• ing on After Inihal F-YT Year Period. nv NOI.KX I'lrlfd l're-s Slaff Corros :oiuU'lil I.ITTI.E RCCK, Ark . Sept. 10, i UP)— A gorn-al impression lulls in the state that tlic Martin- rau Rose' law ends this yt'ar ami HUH in order for the highway dc- nriiiu-m to continue its program. addii[onnl legisla'.i'n will he fvce.s- •:a-l by the 1931 legislature. This is not Hie case, a study ol ilie road law shew?. The Hane^son roarl law- -Act 5 of Hie Special session of 1923 — treat. "d a hlghv.-av '.omniissi'ii for a ]>criotl of 10 years, limiting Hie work [or a definite period. The !\tar:ineau read . liiw, liowevsr. ri'uea'.od this :ection r.,-**^*.- ^vir-^'^rr I.*:-.*:: *:;.:^-;;%4i,;;; •^-^^*M.,.|.^..^f^;Jf.^^*—i.;.;- •.*"{. d>i>»:.::-.::.; - ,Sv>-" : J':.: •'••.-•» mode the hlghway_ilcpartmcniJ3 Ctt i,,g (hejj.ja)],; to ii, e breeze In a contest for Anglo- American yacht, Ing supremacy, Harold S. Vanderbllfs (rim Enterprise idermUely 0lr8a " li< ' ltl0n ™" • rhomas LI P to "'s British challenger. Shamrock V. here are shown as t lie Yankee boat tat right) shot awny (rom her rival In ' lace tor lilC Ameiica ' s c "l> ofl Newport, R. I. Enterprise, with Vand erblH at the helm, sped away from her ' e B °' the 30-mile race .crossing the finish line two minutes and 40 seconds ahead of Shamrock. Twenty-five pleasure craft witnessed the epic event, which was' held in a. heavy fog. Pnnitles for (.'nntinuance : Ar.o:V.-?r erroneous Impression is; that the Mirlir.eau Hoad Law er.ds with a four year program. The Martinean act provided that the; state mils: spend $2 for road con- | stiucii' n for each dollar used to nay off road district bonds dnrinpr the year. 1927 lo 1930. inclusive; inid thereafter until parity was readied ,at least 51 mils', be spsni by road construction for each dollar paid on maturing principal ani interest of eld road district bonds. Therefor, it is seen that Hie law expressly provide:! for a continuation beyond the 'four year period. Another prevailing impression ir. that the Martincau law limited tb; niiKUnt of bonds thai could be issued to some specific sum:. s'om? say S52.C01.000 others S72.0"W.(MM. The road law, however, does not. mention llv? exact amount of b'nds Ihat, can be is-nrd. There if, no mention of a specific sum The law. however, does limit the amount of bonds that o-ultl- be issued in any or,-? year. In the original Mai'tincau law, it was limited to $13,000.000 a yc?.r. Then the department was asked to rush the work in order lo com- j plcte Ily? sv. c tem, s r at n .'prciiil; session in 1023 the limitnilon was i am! sir the first competitor on the second million dollars' worth of ami failed :<i du." was the succinct n-ply lo wiiat tlic Army's in-cgrtitn wntild IM-. Tin- rhlff nf tiie nrmy was de- •crilicd as liavinij "t?en sieunlly l-r:icied by Hie .sinic, Gloved, and v li"Sc Inin-i-ii in (lit- urganl/ullon K tin- ni-i.iiiiipli-.hini..|iis that should The rhiiit -I-IIH; of (|K. two inean- " HAOR THRRt- .Machines in a watch factory will cut screws with 589 threads lo an inch. These threads are invisible to (he eye and It takes H4.000 screws lo mako a pound. ' Iii (lie Valley Alone As 1 walk through the Valley, alone. On the banks of a :lream; No fo'tiaUs I hear, save tny own, For life. Indeed. Is a dream. The wild waves dash on the harbor bar. And the sheen thereof glistens far. Lon-j ago I pined for the best, The Increased lo SI8.0CO.COO a year. i Ilere The amount (/f bonds Ihat can be Issued, however, under the law- is ('^finitely limited. Under the law the state pledger- that it will i Tn tne husri nnisie my heart could not win: Hut now I walk the highway lest I perish, alone, in the fen. As we journey doivn life's broad track, With eye.-; sad we are looking back. I have tolled with the weak and lowly, And mixed with the brave and true; I long to walk with the pure and holy, happiness be veiled from view. e must sever Hie bonds that bind us, weep for thcic behind us. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 214 3-4 Aviation 53-1 Chrysler 28 Cities Service 28'.'.. Coca Cola 1843-4 ,Pux 50'3-8 General Electric 74 r . General Motor: 44'i Urlgsby Grunow 10 5-8 I. T. and T 42Vi Montgomery Waul 373-8 Packard ..'. 13 Radio 3D 1 .;: Simmons 27 Stewart Warner 20 5-8 United Gat- U. 3. SlLel 1G7 7-8 ^'•n- Vorfr Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 15 lUP>- Cclton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Oct. (eld) Oct (new) Ucc (old) Dec (new) Jan U!il) Jan incw) Mar May Jill 1091 1085 1110 1102 1122 MIS 1127 1143 1162 1110 1100 1127 1118 113S 1125 1140 115!) 1175 Spots L-lo:ed quiet a 1091 1091 1085 -1035 1110 1110 1102 1103 1121 1121 1112 1112 112G 1120 1143 1143 1160 1100 1095, off 5. t.e:,t And Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS. Sept. 15, (U. P.)—i Cotton Seed closed steady. Sept. 28.50b: Oct. 29.25b; Nov. 30b; Dec. 30.25b; Jan. 30.50b; Feb. 30.75b; April 31.2Gb. No .sales. Cottonseed meal closed steady t:day. Sept.. 31 to 32; Oct.. 30.75 fiat; Nov., 30.75 to 31.25; Dec.. 131.25 flat; Jan., 31.50 fiat; Feb.. 31.50 to 31.90; Mar.. 31.75 to 32.50; April, 32 to 32.75. • Gales: 2500 tons. THHII.I.1NG AGATHA: Weren't yon Ihrllle:' when yen looked down into the depths of (he Gram! Canyon? AMANTHA: Yes. the guide had The amount of natural and artificial s;as produced In the world In a year would find a dirigible a mile In diameter and twenty miles long, powerful eiicugh to lift the &0'p- linn pjramhls. Cubes of translucent glass Ihat can hi- arranged to form steps or deHfci!. 1 : of various .klntls have iici : n Invented for interior lighting pnr- world. it Is the bedrock ot the pases in stores or residences. his arms around inc.—Pathfinder, month. Tile correct name of wVmlebrau. 1 Is balrcn and it is not a bone, having I'.otie of the properties of bone. U i.s found attached to the upiwr jaw uf the whale .and servec to strniu water taken Into the whale's (Continued from pace one) Ilie urii'ini/allim also will be krp: a :cn-ct The li nsU'u.s are listed V. W. Hi. John. C. K. I'Vrgiron. Al'-Mi Onu-.s. A. C. Wilk.'rs 'n. Harry Lee- Williams. J. A Livingston, O. T. llrndci.Mjn, .1. L). Sparks, and MorKitn McMirhael. C:ir of tin- trustee-; (old Ilie Unit- id 1'rcss. "1 don't know wVuit tlr crpnnl/ulUiu Is (or. 1 was asked luVK'iiH 1 a member. iM'lni! usMired Us wcrk wmild be o( an excellent nature, and so I consented." Tlu 1 supreme officers of Hie S?c ret Emul!.;> of '.hi 1 are: Stair icmitor John M Quarlcs. llcl'Mia. I'"' 1 'ruprcinc ruler; William W. Shi-p- Vierd, Lllttc H>n:k. supreme sei-r>- tary: L. U Mur:.lmn, Little IM'-k. supremo trca-urer; U'. H. IJorhatn. Little Hock, supreme vuunsel. Will Iiivlli- l.eslslaliirs "The membership of ;he H-'.-n-i Kmplre of the East is .se'.-i'cl and :elective," SliL-pli/n-d told the Unit- oil Tress. "Members (ire Invited to join the organi/ati'Mi. They reinvent men In all walks of life. There are sccre: identillcultons und the list of members will not lie known. All meetings will be In secret. "The ir.?inbers of the organtzi- llon will bi- kept in constant lunch with len!slallou nfrcclhiB their | bnsiiiess." II was learned that members uf th? Arkansas legislature will be Invited Into the realm of the Km- pirc. "From time lo lime." Shepherd nld. "(hi' spolllRlu will i-a turned tilion officials, iwrsuns nud their records. Many Interesting (hliiES will up|)eiir In the light. The people will be kept award of what. Is happening." Members of the Army said list also was selective and its members would be carefully "handpicked." "The work will be useful am! consltucllve It will be work (hat governmental agencies hav? trite! '•'•> pn-.lU'l .i M-IIi'1'inini: Ark.ii:>:i:. r.thPr lei'.K:.i:iirr '.ii'biii 'In- In it), f(ji- 'H.i,ns LUC Pcy. Is bvllcvcd session ol the ICBislalliri 1 . Will! fiicing Hie same liituio If tin- •:|).in-.iiin o[ (he ordiinl- liimili'i! i' African tnljcs. :ir:ljtl as n dreadful i;:;l reslvicllons ni-e i-iilidiTii and m<itlv:r •lin-. aiialn their sixth »h!rh they are treated Vibrations of i: u . oanii us sli-jlu us um>.!i'ii-!iiiniv:iiuUh of an inch !-n-ucl m n mni- recordlnij device Inslall-'d in a United Stales Linii-n With a lota! length of almost three miles, the longest cable railway In the world was recently put Into operation lip the 7300-foot-_ high Ncbolliorn mountain . near Munich. No More Piles IlKM-noiD. (lie prescription of I5r. J. S. l.conbardl, Is guaranteed lo banish any form of Pile misery. U gives cmlck action even In fid,' stubborn cases. IIRM-RO1D . sue-, cceds because It heals and strength-' ons the affected parts and" nlcod c.-ngc.stlon in the lower bowX -'1—the caiM of piles. Only an -iitcrnul medicine tun do this, that's v.hy .salves and culttiig fall. Klrby "}tug Co., and druggist everywheie Til 11EM-ROIO with Buuramrie- (lint It ctsl you nothing II It :esia end I'lle nsony.—Adv.--No. 1 'he Valley of not Issue more bonds than can be fully paid off, bnlh principal aurl interest, from the maturity date of the -first bond to the maturity date of the last b-nd, out of an annual revenue of $7,500,000. The state [ has entered into a every .purchaser of .shadows, The breezes whisper, goodbye; Then I wiji for the golden lad- Tint reach past tile omenilcd rky. contract wiYli! DEhi »d the veil of bygrne years, i state bond I Are lovely smiles and bitter (ears. the mist. To my Father, on high, 1 pray; For a maiden, long ago, who was kissed, And covered with the flowers of May. 1 For long a^o we trod the trail. Beneath the twilight mystery veil. bil- nnd if the state should attempt lo | i sue more bonds than could be i As ' "''earn in the shadows 'neath paid off, both principal and intcr- fi, from an animal revenue of $7,500,000 any bolder of 8 bond could enjoin the state from isuiing further bonds. Al the present the state has is- rucd 5C7.000.COO of a state highway b'nds. About S5.000.000 of this nmcunl is yet unexpended, though IVo. brtlk of it is covered by con- tiacls already let- The stale can issue and pay oft j v.-ith an annual revenue oi $7,500.- CQO. upproxinialcly $36,000,00 add itional bonds. j The highway levemie now fromj Q auto licenr^ feos and gasoline tax , k approximately $11.500.000 a year cr S4.000.000 more than it was at In 1927. Despite this increase, the the beginning of the Martineau law state is bound by tVv; original covenants in the Martineau law and cannot issue mere bonds than can be paid from the annual revenue of S7.000.000. Nrir NEW ORLEANS. Sept.. lf> <Ul'» —Cotton closed steady. Open High Lov. C!o-." Poo. 1103 1121 1103 1108 Jan 1115 1123 1115 1116 Mar 1127 1124 1127 1130 ^fay 11« 1164 114-1 Jui 1102 mo 1102 lies Spcts closed steady and nuchaiis- :d at 1000. iHE stilting gun! Two gtcat white birds glide, bow to bow, over the line. A perfect start! And may the best skipper, the besc cte% the best boat win I - ,. . _ Far cut on tllc Dl!e " - VOK ? S , no morlal - ! Elk ' an ""> Iong silenl ™'<>ws, sweetly falls on To cherished again. Hint we loved and then. —George W. Alfred. Ccolcr, Mo. 9 Plncccc \Y/ "" vTl«l!?SUJ> \\ i Not Too Cold, liclp Conslipaiion One glass water is not enough take 2 glasses n half hour before breakfast. You get quicker and better results by adding, a little simple 'glycerin, saline, etc., (known as Ad- ;lerika) to one glass. I Unlike other remedies, Adlerika | acts on BOTH upper and lower j bowel and removes old poisons you .neve r thought, were in your system. | Adlerika stops GAS and sour stomach in' 10 minutes! Relieves constipation In 2 hours. Ci!y Drug store. Adv. b Danger of— Typhoid Fever Scnrlct Fever Diphthei'ia Tuberculosis and Diai'riieal Diseases can bs greatly reduced by using Pasteurized Milk from BENNETTS DAIRY F'hone 7'1 (Rlevcn years ience in ii plants.) exper- O ways Jocclyn I..?e, movie actress, who • married Luther A. Reed, director, three months ago. now faces a divorce suit, filed by her husband. 1 who accuses her of possessing on uncontrollable temper. His attor-', neys tay he was forced into re lirrment for more than a week lo! conceal scratches his pretty wife inflicted on his fncs. Buy Coal Now and Save September Prices KENTUCKY $6.00 SIPSEY $8.50 BUCHANAN COAL CO. Phone 107 'NE will ah stand ou A BOOMING SALUTE for the skipper who first crosses the line! His victory is hard-won and deserved. No less deserving is Chesterfield's popularity — here is one cigarette that never leaves the course of Milder . . . and Better Taste. MILDNESS— the wholly natural mildness of tobaccos that are without harshness or bitterness. BETrERTASTE— such as only a cigarette of wholesome purity and better tobaccos can have. Cbtsltrfield Cigarettes are main/faciiireil by LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co. . - . • " v . v • if *^^K7 » < S=^-\ MILRER^

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