The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1934
Page 6
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Mtifcftft BLYTHEVILLE. (ASK.) COURIER IS Board Fence, Addi- i tional Bleachers and ~] Ground Work Sought. Improvement of Haley Field, athletic Held of Blytheville high school, by federal relief workers . Under the new set-up by tlie gov- frnment Is to be sought as one it the projects to be undertaken In BlytlievlUe. T-i Such & project, It Is understood, would Include erection of a high wooden fence along part ol the field now enclosed only by a wire barrier, construction of additional bleachers and filling In of the low, sunken sectVm of the field in th< northeast comer. | John Smith, business manager ' ol th« Blytheville Tigers, local in- xpendent ball team that will use 1 the field this summer, said he had made arrangements to secure ma- ferlals for the board fence and bleachers « the relief work directors approve the project. L. E. Pull, city engineer, said the project met with his approval and he would ask that It be Included in the relief .work projects here. ; Smith's team went through Us first workout of the season Sunday. • While the aggregation has .not jet taken definite form quite .» collection of local candidates for the team and some who are expected to be regulars got in on the workout. I Hopks Slides Bill Braucher The Great Raor Starts the Grind WEDNESDAY, APP.IL 4, 1934 There can be only ONE first! combining Bigness,. Performance.. Economy .. Style — arid in the Loiv Price Field. . it's the TERRAPLANE 6 Par from the nlghl life, of Hie city, and surrounded by Iht mak'Mlc ir.oi'iualns that for,,, „ ,»in, , Max Bacr is hard at the rind o e ' "*""* Max Bacr is hard at the grind of B etli,, g ,„ s ,,apc fc, hi, con,',,, ,1 v,i h v, ling of the night clubs in train!,,,, high I,, ,,,e SI.TM Ko,m,,,t».s. At I. a I'c l he „ shown p,ayfu,, y U ;l n 3 l,, 3 snowball on the nee, of M,,e Cantw,,,. ,, is , ra Iler up u puor, (lc-Jens:-|(.tt Jo Sun; Davi-; 'Cup liol T*t IUM.II '•Ten years ago the broken leg pwt has put .Rabbit Maranville n the shelf would hate been just » twisted leg ... the little Bos- Ion second -saclcer alw»fs did have hard luclt with catchers, however •• • . he would come crashing Into, them at home plate no matter how they blocked that dish or how big they were. 1 About 28 years ago ihe Rabbit "*n a roistering rounder, hurt m« leg In _ a cojlijtocwlih a bi({ Cincinnati • catcher named Jack^ 1'ttch ... and had to wear hi* K!? ' ' ' bul t)la t "I8ht In n(s .hotel room . h« made whoopee £, - •'"opri.Ny.. that the night jvaichman laxicked on the door ind ordered him to desist Enn Tikes the Bap i Rabfclt cllinbed out of bed, open- W the door suddenly and socked fhe watchman . ... then chased ^m.down lh« hall . . . when the •ops came;. Rabbit was in bed "id pointed to the crutches to sustain hla allegation he couldn't nave been 'the man because h« wouldn't - run, ! So they _' arrested John Evers .*«>. was rophilng with the Rab-' 5it, .»nd clapped him Into the ' ^,. to »»ethlng with real fun In n. \- -I remember an exhibition r«»e witli the Yankees.' . fliith slammed a terrific foul on a ,«»chtog .line to right field "^ 1 mClled UP ani his cap around, put a kx* on his face and "to BE 1iC FAStfeJf Tb 60OO HTEC-f to R6CEWT NOOOH 5IMSI-ES BY PEFENDIU& B RA»*S THiRD UlrtDM He PtFEATED IM THE SEMl-FIAW-S Cf THH IKOCOR Meer, ANO wiLHt ALUSOW, WHOM «e «>;t£s FRbrt THE OJUfffi IM BERMUDA LAWN Camera. Here are three shots of the former up one of those big California redwoods; center, his brother. Buddy, itoks on; and. il-ht, he 15 Lose In jiniior Soft Ball LOOJ: The H-A3 .team hn.s been knock- oil out «f leading position in the boys dills-ion of the junior high .'•chiKji son ball league but the 8- A3 Kills have managed to retain their position at the top of the •Iris division. The 7-A toys Jumped all over Im- 8-A:i boys, who were comfort»Wy ffulnl at the- top lust week, lo k'ivi' them u surprise 4 to 1 chubbini;. This placed 7-B2 and B-A In a Uu for first place in the >»V division. Pi-idav afternoon at 3:30 o'clock u picked (rroup from the girls' I rams will clash with a team from .'clioo at Haley Field. Knv.s Standings W. L. Pet, .750' .750 •.COO 3 Ten in 17-02 I8-A1 i«-A3 1-K2 7-A1 rarered on his legs. . 0,1 the . ... ,1 te Pitch the B»be swung at the «'«• ... the Rabbit Uy / hin ta his « love ln an of utter Indolence . 'hese things made the /Jn ds ^owl because the Rabbit could do «m In a way no other man in WMball could copy. OM at Zte * sometUnes the , Rabbit »*U known Fhlnker. . . '"e Pasture of Rodin's • • • Now and th»n h= «* very toi Into burly «* n»n,.who outweighed »m had |2 i mm , r . hta ao knocked By NKA Service LOS ANQELES.-He broke a ollarbone playing football, and usted a finger on the diamond— o 29-year-old Oeorglic Hansford if Los Angeles, look up the ••genie" art or prize fighting and has- I't been hurt since. "Boxing may be the most bruis- ng of all sports," explains Hansord. "but for me It's less dangerous. You don't sec a broken nose, scars on my pan or bulging cars. And I've had 65 fights, winning 9 by knockouts." Hansford stumbled into ihe box- ng game four years ago as an amateur. He started as a bnnlam- welght and is at present a fult- ;n his •ne of fcttwten the legs of while • and Jlaylng of OTtey _..„. *»T to lecond. . . hil ttunts was t ^, W^VWCTII u»e legs of ,-ong Oeorte Kelly of the Giants : N«y, two ,»alkxs held -noor how w uas in him " •area ,to drop him. His return from the Navy, ™ '~ P 1 * 1 "! Central stall.. York must .have been •> Rabbit, with >»*. » parrot, Owe* sheets in the nd the fountain in trard in St. Louis ------- 4'bere th* Rabbit, Hwi far (tab . fully clothed And J«ck '. tbM h* never may pjay bal * *»*" • Grid, Diamond Too So Georgie Turned D GOLF ^^ Rv Arr^ Kr*n, By Art Krenz HIIEIIE TO TEE BALL IS PUZZLE KOR KEG1NNEK Where to tec the bull in regard lo the position of the feet is u puzzle to most beginners. Many tc Hie ball off tin 1 left instep. Dlliers play the biill farther bncic towurd the right loot. Lending plnycrs ol the game Miry greatly on this position. The main thing is [u tee Hie ball at Hie spot where it will be hit by [!ie cluuhead at the lowest IJOUK in the swing. In iron play the ball must lie slightly more toward tl:c right foot '• so that it will be in position to be ! hit while the clubhmd is descend- i ink' o.- Just before it readies the ' lowest ix>int jn its arc. j ! r- Cuylrr a Wall/ King ' j '! In adciitiou to his grace in the ' .„„„ PI"*' outileld. "Klki" Cuyler Is' .500 f jto ••> (fniccfiil dancer. He has u .4Mi> vllolt ' roomful of prizes won for ruuj waltzing. There are always two sides it> an opinion. There can only be une iidu to a fact. 1 f ymi are considering the purchase of a car — weigh these fuels about the new Tcrraplane 6. 1" in BIGNESS By foot rule, yard slick or tspc measure, there can he- only ONE carihat's HIGGF.ST. In the low price field today, that's Terra- plane—15 feet 10 inches frum bumper 10 bumptr! 1" in PERFORMANCE Performance is just another word until ii'sfjiotctf. ThfcTcr j- fttitt. The new TcrrupLttic \\ 11 even out[H.rfiirn] ilic Ttrriipln ic 6 that broke official AAA rtc< «.! afitr rcconl la\t yt.'.ir. l'« in POWER Of two tiifTertini figures — one is cither greattrorItssihanumHlitr. With 85 horstjxjwcr, iliu Term- plane 6 is the puwL-rfuE 6 in (he low price fitld. 1" in STYLE A car cither lus n lite carrier or li.Ljfti-'Kf irnnk in itic rear —or i!iu rear lines arc clcjn. With tli-uii, nowln;; rc:ir hocjy -Jines atid a front tiul frtre of air pockets, the Ti-r.rapl.iiie f> is first ij fully udvLinued iUL-jnilined ityfo 1" in ECONOMY 'I erraplane ccunomy has been provtil in -actual owner ^ervicc — by owners* iworn itatenietus. 14 MODELS . Main & Mb Prices suhico iu c>i2ngc w idiom notice .TWO \VHEEI.DASES...Sl> AND 85 HOKSUPOWliR KNCINFS Slight txlra elmrgf far ncftnary equiftmtnt " ' -. J. C APPLEBY MOTOR CO. Hlvdicvillf, " Arli. Head Courier News Want AUs featherweight with nmbi- tlons to meet Freddie Miller Baby Arlzmendi arid Kid Chocolate Only twice In his career has lansford boxed out of Los Ange- es, his home town. One of those scraps was in San Francisco where he knocked out VIdal Grcgoria in seven rounds. At Portland he beat Clever Sison. Hansford has a younger brother, Herby. 16 years of ago. who recently started to box In the nma- ttur ranks. Jonesboro Will Face Newport in Dual Meet JONESBORO, Ark.. April 4- Jonesboro high school's 1934 track team will ma ke us deb , lt ^ {(irc local fans Friday when the Newport high fracksters come here for a dual meet. In a workout Friday with Arkansas State college and the State <«e high team, Coach Ralph ^^"P* ^s looked good. One of the best balanced teams in the N«tory of the school looms Oorgt Glover, ,the Blond Bliz»rd, and Robert "Bo" Johnson . 220-yard event at tile district meet To Organize Soft Ball Loop on Thursday Night A city soft bait league will bo <>M!iimzrd n[ a niccllni; at the city • hall Thursday night if enough In- icrrst Is shown In t| le proposnl.. i •Are" Piickctl and Charles T ! Kniincr nf the ),^|, xtwol :lth . ; 'Hie slalf announced today The meeting will open nl 7 1'iirkctt proimses that various biislncssas in the city enter teams i! Ihe Ii-njiiP and says lit already has promises [rom a number ot! linns t(, sirausor entrants. A ten-• liilivi- plan calls for the games in. n- plaved at i-.i g h( although a liwiiu-hl wsnon may develop later' Sandy Ridge Will Hold Tryout at Park Sunday The Snndy Ridge baseball cim, 1 has organl/od for its nnmial'earn-' iwign among (he independent and I semi-pro circles in the tri-slatrs ! B. n. Robbins has been elected: president of i| lc c ],,|j, nu.wol!', Games, secretary and Charlie Bar- i Ker. manager. Jcrrold Wcisbiird lias hern named .scorer for lion- • : nics. " i Tho club will hold a try om • the Sandy mage ball park swill: • of Ulyihcvllli'. on Highway Gl Sun-' have nt niythcvlllc running under the colors of Earlc boys division high. Box Elder Girb and Boys Win Cage Meet MANILA. Ark.. April 4.-Bo x Elder boys and girts emerged v'r- torlous in a recent basketball tnir namoiit at Manila for schools i,", he sec! ion of the counlv west of Little River. ' ' Bos Elder defeated Brown 29 L H to en;) the title In (he Iwvs -li vision and trounced Slnd ' 12 title. Results to 8 to win the of other games 1;lr ' .re YO as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what it! you had the house 10 run, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does? On the same amount ol' money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time and effort and money, it results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read Ihe advertisements. Read them everyday. Through thorn we can know exactly what we want'be fore we go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend. Great Oklahoma Pawhecn 8. uiack- Box Elder 13. Boynton Track Kcccr.1 |er' t ~"S^ U Tit^e Kt University has won girls division, Dos Elder 14. r>a«^ Grove 18. Li'itlp Elder 13. Shaiiy thicO Big Six track titles, tied Jor a fourth, and was runncrup In R fifth and sirlh In the last seven jcars. .--*» 8; Shady River 15; Box „._ Orove 8; Brown 42 ,.„. Shady Grove 22, Brown is'

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