The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1936
Page 2
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PAGfe TWO COURIER NEWS CrCLetJJ Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS W. M. C., Lake Street. Methodist chvrch, having ice cream supper fit church Mrs.. Joe Ltbelfclncr, of Washington, D. C., Mrs. J. W. Adams the devotional, from the 28th and 29th chapters of Matthew, nj which Mrs. Will Rogers and Mrs. W. M Crow offered prayers. Mrs. J,!oyd Slickmon conducted the uuslnes; session. Circle 2 met at the country home of Mrs, E, L. Hale when the 10 jr., anil Mrs. Carleton Smith, of present Included • two new mem- Itov Orleans, having bridge party, Iws, Mrs. Floyd Simmons uiid Mrs, lor Miss Sue Butt, 2:30 1'. M. T - J - Barnes, and n visitor, Mrs. | Co/inc Utackwoll. Mrs. Walter i Bishop used the t».i{h chapter ot Hazel Gertrude Fisk i Corinthian? for the devotional nii;l ,'c\l^ Donald Nutter also had the business session. MM. The marriage of Miss Hazel Alfred Carpenter said Tne conclud- Gertruclc Fisk and 'Donald Nut- Ing prayer, Refreshments, were 1er, of Needles, Calif., was sgl- served In a brief social hour, cmized at the bride's home on the The nine present in circle 3, who north highway, Tuesday al high met at the home of Mrs, w, M. 1:0011. The Rev. M. A. Massey, pas- Williams, heard, Mrs. H. If. ii]ay- ior.of trie Methodist church nl lock give the devgtlonn) and tlic Eteelc. Mo., performed the ring business session. Mrs. Alvlu Hiilf- Bits of News Mostly rersona Misses Anita SUacke and Mary Josephine Hall lire in Memphis I") several days as ciicsKs of Mr. and Mis. C. W. Bealc' and family. Jnv Applebaum went tq boro this i\flerirx,n to meet Dlcce, Miriam BerKwn, of AtchlsQii, Kan., wl'n will spend o week or ten days here In the home of Mr, and Jitrj, Jack Applebaum Miss Mildred Bides, of Armor?!, and Miss Clee Alice McNelll have gone to Austin, Texas, for, an ex- fcndcd visit wjl'n Mrs. HUly Sand- prs, wl)p was (ormerly Miss Ixiulse "-•--• • | man gave 1'ns mission Icssgn, fol- Elides, Sho Is a B!S(I frock of navy lowed with prpycrs by Mrs. Wll- and Miss McNclll'i service. The bride wore a fi blue cliilfoi), lasliioned In tailor- Hams ami Mrs'." Blaylock. ec! .lines, with n . white starched j Miss Cordelia Willilte entertain- chiffon collar and silver clasps, ed circle •) ivhcn 12 attended. The on decorative bows. Her corsage 18th chnpler of MuUliaw was nse:l was of roses and swectpeas. . I for the scripture reading with Mrs, dii'iirfiiter pav are In Menmhls Iimm-drntely after Ihe ceremony. o,n Howard In charge ol the lie- where TOY receives ireatmch -it Mr. Nutter and his bride motored vollounl. Mrs. Tom w. Jackson Campbell's clinic for her ICP to Memphis, whore they look the ami Mrs. ,!. II. smart ollcred pray- °" m| " )e " s l/|1 " u - IQr " er 1C8 ' (rain for Long Beach. Calif., their jcrs and Mrs'- Harry Frllzius gave future home. Miss Alice nii(l Mor-ithe mission study. Mrs. Jackson .«• of Miss Bndes 'h cousin. They were accompanied lo Memphis by 11. A. Eades, now of (hut city, who motored up for (hem Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs, T. A. Held and Mrs. A,. C. Gable, of pclrolt, for n short time was j,...,... .,u,,,v. ....J., ...,tv «>,l\. .'.". ' ,.,..- «J,->.}IUJ. al*LIU>. MIS. J]KKf,U!l t/vHn A.I.. + I rt' If II, ns risk, sister and brpther of the presided i,i the business session.' X?l,™ ™ v^l^i '' i,, V • - •• - - with |icr son, Frank, she will re- lurn later for q longer slay. Charles Etir] Donti, of Leaclwllle Is a patient at thc Memphis Bap- bride, accompanied them lo Mem- 1 Cold drinks were served In a brief " Mrs. Nutter, who Is the daughter of Mrs. Claud Eugene Fisk, sodnl hour, Circle 5 met at Ihe church when H attended. Mrs. W. A. Grimmctl nnd the late Mr. Ftsk, of the led tlic business meeting before a Stale Line community, attended program was given by members of Southeast Missouri Teachers col-j the Y. W. A. Broup of girls. Mrs. leye at Cape Girardeau before Haltle Heece nnd Mrs. H. |,. Heedor (tint! to ihe University of Mis- offered prayers. An Ice course was .-.t Columbia, from which sewed. fir (U'.-.iHialcd. She later took • • * ci'iHc",: mining at the West, Club Meets. Pennsylvania licipital, Pittsburgh. 1 Miss Peggy McKeel had tile Tho bridegroom • attended the Younger Set Bridge dub Tuesday Missouri University nnd later when Miss Margaret Keck was Hie an.-l Mrs. w. high score. graduated from t|ic University of California School 11 ; of Elcclrlcal Engineering. Ho is now connected .with the Shell Oil Company al Needles. « » » lUi 1 *" \YulpyIe Weils John Clyde Wilson M' and Mrs. Herman Walpolc have announced the niarrumc of their daughter, Kathryn Kllznrjclh, to John Clyde Wilson, son of the late-Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson. The wedding was solemnized at Kennctt, Mo., oi\ Friday, June Fifth, at the home of thc Rev. J H Chandler, pastor ol tlic First Mrs. T, ' Baptist .'church. The, bride wore a frock of navy blue eyelet embroidery, trunmcil )n white, with white accessories, and her corsage of sweet peas and roses vaa worn at Ihe neck ol her frock. Miss Jcssitlyn Blomoyer and Eugene Blackwell were their attendants. BoUi Mr. Ayilson and his bride are graduates of the city high rchool. Mrs. Wilson having been a member of this year's class. The bridegroom is now connected with, the stale highway department with headquarters in- this city. only substitute. Garden flowers decorated the house for the afternoon alfair with a salad plate served after the card games. Mrs. J. W. Adams jr. won high A. Allllck. second .•VllcnJ Diniirr 1'arty Mrs. Claude n. Stewart, Mr. r.nd Mrs. Paul Lipscomb of Kllz^- betli, N. J., ami Sirs. W. E. Franks were guests of Dr. W. L. Sull- vnnia, at 1195 Dorothy. Memphis, 'or a dinner party last night. Other guests Included Mr. Austin, Mr.s Frank Hcnze, Mrs. Cosllc and Miss fliibye Pcnnlneton. of Chicago, 111. tist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Pollard and Luxora Society -~ Personal Ficmtnlng-Lauilerdale WcilIng Plans Tiie wedding plans of Marilia Virginia Flcmming, attractive daughter of Ihe Rev. and Mrs.. L'. I 1 , Flcmmlng, and .James Malcolm Oeceola Society — Personal At the amateur hour program held at the. high ischool auditorium WE&NESDAY, JUNE 2<i, 1930 morning tg take his (laughter. Frances Elaine, Mary Virginia Se- w)f« will maXe tJxlr home in this city. ' Mrs. summer. Mis. Adolph Welnlierg entertained with '.'.TO laWes. of ' bridge- Monday night end .sponsored' by, last night at her home ' Circle 'A' of the Methodist mis- 1 menttng her daughter, Mrs. Louts denary society Miss Ruth WIU | Miner of Flat River. Mo, Highest- Hams ot Driver won /i«t. place > {C orc was made by Mrs. Dave the acrobatic dwiclng contest., nml silverblnU, second award went to nil! he encred |n the state co»- 1 Mr 5 . Mgrris Nlckol and a gift , (igunced lody, The wedding will bo folcmiilieed al ,4 j>. in. ' lest. Miss Jean and Jane Williams, Iwlii sisters of the, same family won Ihe beauty award. In , the Shirley Temple parade little Virginia Lee Best wa-s awarded first, prize — a Shirley Temple , ilrcss. Oilier popular numbers" ..were a by Jenntp presented Mrs. Sleole-Cootcv : -'3ociety — Personal the First , \v|lh the "bride's' June -28, church of father, the, nev. 'i,'.,'i'. (jfflclallng. Prior lo the ceremony, a ; pro-' (jram of nuptial music w|U be pjnyed by Mrs, B. Q, WHklhs, .pr, Banlsl. * ' Miss Flcmming, who with Her fumlly recently moved from Pprl- ngcuilc, Mo., lo Liixoru, (s a grad.- uiile of Union university, Jackson, Teiin, f/ic is a member of the Clil OincEfl sorority. ' Shu. iia$ ; "Sietis of Kingdom . \vas thB subject .Q{-the i program led by Mrs.'H. H, Jonc: at the Ilaptlsl church Monday aft The devotional from Luki graves and Blllle Langslon oil Luxora to Camp Dixie at Clayton, | 03.. where they will spend the j Mrs. 'a'wilcTB'rooks'on'he'r"'twelfth TOddlng anniversary. . The party was a surprise lo Mrs. Brooks. The guests were Mines. Ruth Lawhon Newberry Jo'nnEon, sims Mlchie, J. W. Robblns, J. w. Reno, pew»rt Siiillh, ,qf sleale, and Mrs. II Hutchlnson, ot Carnthersvllle. Mr. and Mrs. Newberry Jonnson celebrated their (hirleenlli wedding anniversary will) an Informal party last week when they had the following guesls: Mr. and Mrs. 61ms Michle, Mr. and Mrs. Pe,lcr Colemsn pud Mr. and Mrs Gerald'Brooks. :.• > *; * , Mr. and Mrs. Joe Poumjs are tlie parents of. an STpound spn born at.their home in Slcelc last week.' Before her marriage Mrs. Pounds was-Miss Geiirude Frakes, The baby lias not yet been'named! Mr. and Mrs.; Raymond Nprfncijl announce the arrival of an 8-pound Singing Convention to Meet Here Sunday TJie Pemiscot and Mississippi Counties singing convention will meet at thc Full Gospel church; Lilly and Vine Sis., Sunday. Sing- E will begin at 10 o'clock in the owing and continue all day. Several well knpwn quarlcts in ils section are expected lo attend ie convention and'an invitation being extended to all singers to ke part. * , • , i£.s| LJJliair TMcker, pf Venice Cooler,, .yere married ln the eli-on by .Mrs. °' i , • nith iat,- Jus[ice ' of , Downs of Oa, daughteVaT th^'hime , I Downs .was best, plan lamci'iis given lo! DowiiV.w'as'matron of h Sunday morning by CD Ed Huffman. Mr. and Mrs honor. The crepa coe. Small paper members of Ihe opening" carried wide' wore a:: tortoise Items of information VesardinB d fw s' vi\Ca wjiile accessories. Ihe progress 'of clirlstlanlty mj The bftde'ls.the'(laughter of Mr. i'«rwu.vcoii|iUte. . j and Mrs.: P. E. Tucker, pf Venige. Included hj (l)p proeram' was She has been employer} )n St. la\\is * ''net entitied "Wntqhmaii, Tell for several mbnlhs., The brlde- " " .' W. C, Mnson and daugh- Cqmrjliments Hpiisegucst ^Sitb "Hobo" Parly Here, Instead of a formal arty, Mrs C A Tont entertained 12 guests with a "houo" affair Tuesday afternoon in complimenting her cousin, Miss Leatrice Barrumi, ol Bloomficld, Mo., who is guest of Mr. and Mrs. Taut. For fnc card games the gussls were given tallies, tied to miniature bandana handkerchiefs, which held mixed caudles. T'nosc were dir-tributcd from a garden basket The prizes were wrapped in newspapers, tied with string, wit'a Mrs. J. C. fillis receiving a print breakfast cloth for the bridge prize nnd Mrs. E. L. Hale a similar gift for high iii the, rook games. Tre cut priLe. gingham 'hand towels, went to Mrs. W. W. Shaver and Mis Barham's'gift was the same. Tiic refreshments of potato sabd, sandwiches, pickles, olives and lemonade,' WEre served in picnic fashion from paper, sacks wirii picnic napkins and fo:ks. Tho sack having no fork went lo Mrs. shaver who won the cut prize in till' manner. * • * Sunday School Classesjj- Havc Picnic. Tne Ihree adult classes of the Sunday school ol the First Presbyterian church had a picnic supper Monday night, which was planned oy I'nc Bcrean class for the Men's Bible class and the Beta chi class. The 21 present had supp?r on the lawn of the s. E. Vail home on ths East Herman Davis Yiighway. After supper, games and contests were played on the lighted lawn. o • * Circles Jlcct. Circles of lha Woman's Mission- Number Nine News. Mr. and Mrs. Dob Slovali and daughter, Alfrcdn, spent the \vecj; :nd in Cnimlou. Mo. Alice Collins, spent Sunday,nigh,'. In Yarbio with Mjlllc aiid fidslc McGhce. . Mr. nnd Mrs. Bradshaw nnd faintly, of Blyllicville, spent Saturday nielit. with Mr. and Mrs. .\"rcy Stovall. Mr. and Mrs. Baric Collins daiiEhler, Barbara Ann, of Lll- bourn, Ma., are visiting relatives '.ere. Elizabeth, small _daiightcr of Mr. and Mrs. Torn liatton, has .een quite ill. Lucille Oldham, of Yarbro. spent tevernl days last week with her lister, Mrs. Lena Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Collins cn- iertaincd (he young jieqple of the community with a dance Saturday night. Mr, Pollard's father, T, P, Pollard, of r/>ng Bench, Calif., lire In Memphis today. Miss Helen Allpo stcrnlierg, who has been employed in Chicago, lias returned home for a visit. ..Mrs. A. M, null and daughter, Miss Sue, and Mrs, O. E. Kec!( un'd daughter, Miss Margaret, are in Memphis today. Mnx (3. Held will tiltcnd to business In Joncsboro tomorrow. Miss Anne Fisher lias gone tp St. Louis to visit Mr. and Mrs, nr«x Smith for several days, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Burnett and children, of Colkmport, La., have arrived for a visit with liielr par. ents, Mr, and Mrs. E, A. Pislier and Mr. and Mrs. H, E. Burnett.'.' Mrs. Charles Penn Is visiting relatives In Lake Villafe, Ark. Mr. Pcnn will meet her In Memphis Saturday. Mrs. L. M. Carney nnd three sops, L. M, Vnncc ami Howard, ol Jackson, Miss., arrived Sunday from n' two weeks visit with Mrs. Carney's parents, Mr. and Mis fc C. Smith. Mrs. Smith ; will accompany -Mrs. Carney home lor n few days stay. |fr. Eml|y, Tonnnle Florida Imigtit school at Clarendon and Us of ''! le "NlEhV".by 'Mrs. M. c. groom- is the; oldest son ol Mr. and foe (he. past year has been . a McDwihan and Mrs. E: I). Rose. "Mrs. B.J.L'. Hadley, of Venice, where member of the school fi^ully ul Mrs, b A Slriiigfellow of Lililc ' ic "i"" 1 J',his-lioirtc. until a month West Memphis. .. " ficck who is (he giiest :; of liei-;: 150 w' 1 ? 11 --^ d "'^ t« "Cooler and Mr. laiitlei.dale, whp Is a grad- daughter, Mrs. Robt Summer'; < u °i'8ht °utUHe Ashcraft Cafe, now uatc of Union University, Is Mi. m i s Hie only vbltoi tllc "Idle Jlour Cafe." clpul untl atlik-Uc director o/'ttic ' * '• '- * " * school at Ropk Springs, 'Texas where he and tits brido wllj make Ihelr liome. ' .The Urirto-elcot has been - wm- pltnicnleil with a series of deUurit- ful social ar/a|rs since announcer meiH of her. engagement. liliilo Coinpliiiu-tilud ' ' Mrs. Charlie Ttiomns, who 'w-as formerly MI&5 Wllmoth Tcnny^jii, wus ijuesl of honor lit a brldijc luncheon ylvcn by Mrs. Tliomas Dale Wllkins. Roses and Mid'Weck Service Miss Virginia Plijridn are at- IciKllng (he Tesiis Centennial Ex- LoHTcy-Lurite. A pretty wedding look place In the home of Rev. and Mrs. M, A Massey of Steele Sunday afternoon when Miss Dorothy Lunlc, of St. became the bride of Burril povlllon In Dallas nil this week. Mrs. W. B, FlnnnlEiui and grandson, pen Flamiigan jr., left, Lower/, of §lcele. The Rev, M to<lay for McLeansboro, III., to Massey performed the ceremony in spend MIC sunmier with her daiigh- tllc prcsnce of a few intimate other garden flowers decorated the room where the two tables were arranged. scarf for high score and low went . Mrs. ft. w. Nichols won a lace to Miss Margaret Moffet, a lace vanily set. The brido 'was presented a luncheon set. A salad course was served with hot rolls. Seme idea of the size ot the Union of South Africa can be hpd from ihe fact that It covers an area equal to the combined areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico .and Nevada. ter, Mis. Val Campbell. Mrs. Ed Teaford and sop Ambrose, Mrs. Hoy Dillard and son, friends and relatives. Thc bride graduated, with high .... iionors froin high sdioo! in SI Jplin Thomas, anil. Mitchell Louis and for three years has been Moore are attending i!\c Tcxns attending State-Teachers college at Centennial ii) Dallas , Oils week, Cape Girardeau. making the trip with the Mauley All-Plensuro •Totirs.- Tho groom, is the oldest son of j Mr. and \Irs. .1. R. Lowe.ry of this ,). B. Uinin drove U> Leac|iville' city, where he lias lived all 'his hf>. today to. make the principal ad- ! HE graduale<l from Stcelc high dvcss held at Ihe Centennial'" picnic school, where he was a star athlete, by llic Maspnlc lodges of po r three years he lias been at- Leuclivlllc, Manila, Caraway and (ending teachers college in Cape Monelte. E. M. 1 Jaffc, iiccompanlcd Albert Arndt of St. Louis, left this school near' Stccle. I Girardeais. He has accepted the by' position as teacher In the Call He and hir ast week. Driver Grove i\'ew$ A large number of people from " Ihe" service, held Sunday, when a here attended at Lone Oak number of people were by the Rev. Rsece Dlckerson Everyone is invited to attend (he services held by, ihe Rev. Dick- ei'son each evening at 7:3l>. Buford Maxwell, who has beei: 111 for several weeks, Is no better. Miss Ljivada Hoskins, of Pccai: Grove, is spending the week with her sister. Mrs. Charles Springer Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Slarnea of Blytheville, liave moved to their new home In this community.. Mr. and -Miy. of Pecan Grove, L-arson Crump were guests o. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brock Si day. . Mr. and . Mrs. Frank Hall and Mr. and Mrs.' Henry Gaincs, o Calrmel. spout t.he day with Mi and Mrs. Charlie Springer Sun rtay. Onions peeled under \\alcr not bring tears lo the eyes. will The regular mld*\vcck service wl|l be held this evening at 7:-15 In the hall; of the Christian j church. J A discussion of the Declavallon' and Address, t|ie Magna Carta ot the Christian Church,' will be given. th e tfOUl AJew C/uedni home Tastefully furnished rooms Bcautyrest matlrcsscj Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms Those comforts are yours \vhelher you occupy an ex- psnsivo suite or a minimum priced room. And the samo friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. DiYcci/on DINKIER HOTELS CO. IliCCSPWAlCD CARL1NC DINKIER FnEStOEr;TA:,DG£.'<ESAL HAIjaGtR Tlie Anslej ATLANTA Tlie St. Charles IJEV/ ORLEANS ary Union of fc First Bapllsl chreh held meetfnjs Monday after- neon, Tii» nm grouii was cnier- tair.ed at the home of Mrs Joh-i i it r> • Eucfianan v&m ten members at- J6''6rSOn UaVIS MONTGOMERY • tended. Mrs: J. o. Fullerion gave " ' " ' The Savannah SAVANNAH TheTutwiler BIRMINGHAM' FULL DELICATESSEN LINE Cheeses for all tastes Cold.Meats ot nny kind Fruit Jnlce & Ginger Ale FRESH YAFiD EGOS DAILY PICKAHD'S GRO. & MEAT MARKET Phone 073—\Vc Deliver IOU Chlcfcaiawba ATTENTION CANDIDATES! I , can lurnlsh you correct llsls ot bona fide voters, arranged alphabetically, by school liUlricls. CHEAP. 0 J tmi,E, Andrew iacksori NASHVILLE LONG DISTANCE RADIO GIVES YOU ALL THREE EASY -TERMS;, IF =.• DESIRED THE ST. CHftRlESjirw oa • TELL-TALE CONTROLS-Te'f y OH w h a t when you Itirn th e diils. » LIGHTNING STATION TINDER-A new sensation in station lunir.g . . . . lasl!!! « SPLIT-SECOND RE-LOCATHf? -Makes loreign stations easy to Ipg and re-log. AND A SCORE OF OTHER r'KATURES! . Don't buy any radio until you have s .•;,,, | lea[{ j and opfir _ ated the^e new Zeniths. Models $29.95 up. Amsrlea'a Molt Coplld Redlo — AKj,! A Year Ahead Hardaway Appliance Co. Phor.e 233 \ »g GREAT .CLEARANCE : , '';';; !; W SUMMER SHOES" . / STARTING JUNE 25th Foremost Lines - Uroltcn Sizes ^ Discontinued Patterns - Outstanding Values RICE.'. O'NEILL Rc§.' $8.50 and S8.75 Giajles Summer shoes in combinations -.of white ami blue, while and brown. Also 'natural linens and broken sizes of white. FO.OTSAVERS. licgiihiv §8.75 Grnd'fs' , Summer styles, in broken lots ofi \yhite shoe's: • , . 95 s?' S4.95 and 8B.85 "Shoes..-. Samlals, Ties and Pumps fir al whitu $95 1 LOT.LADIES-SHOKS Cdds and ends, broken sgl dies. Choice ...:.... v*- Pawheen News A I R - C O N D N E D All White •Styles On Sale A l $5 Holland's Men's Shoes All White $3.95 ;.S Boys' : ' Oxfords Solid' white,-brown' and white. Sizes t to G; . ; -. $765 " ; Slock Up Kor Vacation Time • - It's Rcal Kconom.v At These Savings '•-ALL SALES • CASH - NO LAY-AWAYS NO APPROVAIiS An old neighbors reunion was ?ld Saturday nielit for Mr. and Iis. Boyd Tomlinson and .Mr. nd. Mrs. w. D. Layson at llic ome of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Shoe- lake. Twenty-three were present. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McCullotn, f Horaersvlllc, were guests Sun- ay of Mr. and Mrs. McNalt. Mr. ami Mrs. M. L. Cude anil number of others went to Ihe Id river for a swimming party unday evening. Mr. and Mrs. "W. 13. Layson pent Sunday at Poplar Corner .'ilh Mrs. Layson's sister Mrs Dan Minerlh. Mr. and Mrs. B. Lane and Mfa, :vclyn Tomlinson, of Caruthert-! ille. visited Doyd and lithcl Tojn-' inson here Saturday ninhl Joe Hodge lefl Sunday" to take logging job at Rivcrdnlc. Mrs. lodge, who is lo join him soon, s visit ing her parents at the state llie. ' . • Crojii in t|i| s vicinity have been leavlly damaged by the drv 'eatlicr. Honolulu Junks; 01^ Aulos HONG/LULU. (UP) — Honolulu claims a belter average class-of motor cars fhan any other'Xmer-' lean city, obsolete machines are Jumped immediately into ihe sea instead of bjing reconditioned. Courier News classified Ads Pay. O • COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN'! Weds. - Thurs. .. A cast of hundreds ... in a gay and glorfous romance " screened in a sun- ' 'burst of color and song!...A swinging love story of daring ( hearts .aflame in 'a \ ., landot carefree ad-f ^Venture. sT Diltcted 6/ Lloyd Cor/i$6n « Dcjigned rn co'of by Kobctl [dmcnd Jonef • Produced oy 7odn Sptltl • ficculn'e product^,' Msiitn C. Coorxf • Dfitribultd 6» KKO-Kfdio r<ct<int, fnc. ; J Farah'ount News gnd Sclciled Shorls —Admission— Malinte—10 * 25?—With i c Tax l—in ft 35r—With le T;is TUESDAY, JUNE ;io_ .¥75.00 HANK NIGHT: Last nisht Mr. Cecil Gnlowcotl n.f Mils city uas called for Ita S5C.OO. He was nnl jircicnl—Mik- ing Bank Dcpcsit ncxl Tucsflay— S75.COI ! ! —COMING SOON- "EU11ETS OR BAtlOIS" «|Ui Edward G. Kobinson. "SKY PARADE" xvilii .Jimviy \llen. "CRIME OF DR. rpUlSES" w(!h O!ptw Sluatl ar.d EpJ>«l'K,enl.

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