The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE .TWO 7116iSIER HI BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER.NEWS Classing Studies 'Will End -At Caruthersville Satuv- " day • CAR OTHERS VIIJjB, Mo., Aug, 3. ' —Seventy-one registered for the Misscuri's third annual Cotton Classing'school which will to concluded here. Saturday.: The. classes are being held at the high scho;!, and the students aie -cotton growv ers, glnners, 4-H club members and vocational agriculture students. Students dally receive six hours actual practice In grading and stapling ,and a lecture by some outstanding cottln" leader is being given at each morning session. Government licensed classers from the Mid-South Cotton Drawers As- tociatUn, Memphis, are giving instruction in classing. They arc: Lawson Ballow, B. B. Goodman, R. U Head, J. S. Cotner,Tcimny Alexander, W. L, Thompson hiid H Vandtver These registered at the school, are from Missouri, Arkansas nn'd Tennessee. Ptmiscol county leads .the ; l!st with 40 students. Students are as fellows: Pemlscot County: Cnnilhcrsi-llle —Ancll Robertson, Enircy Morgan, Jack Woodson, Danny Dobbins; •Wardfll-iJ. D. Till; Bragg City— William Ttciwell, Richard Tidwell. Luther West, A. L. Sandcrscnk, C. E. Venable; Haytl—Waller Kiink- To Compete In Memphis Soapbox Derby Chnrlcs "Eonny" Ulllc, above, 11-ycar-oiil son of Major and Mrs. C. J. Lltlle, will go to Memphis Simdny to iiartlclpnte In the Soap Box derby races. New Year's Census Is Held Most Important Since 1790 hardt, John Gale; .Moody;. Steele—P. Tyler— George W. Coleman, Hays Smith, Verhon Jones, Frances Glllam. Kathleen Olllam, Rcdell Williams, Ijcuisc.Mack Bain, J. C. Lucius, Leon Mctinrntj, Deeilng —VI, A.: Hudson. Bill Hornbeck, Claude Day, Bert Rlcliardst-n, Roy Hildebrand; Center—Lewis Lester; Braggadocio—Joe Bcb Coppagc; liolland—R. E. Ricise, U Berry, ... NewMadrid County: Portnscville —Dewav-cn Adams, W. B. Tanner, Buoll Clendenln, Avery Gardner, Clarence Sehoolficld, joe Ge:rge Neuinan, W. T. DeUsle, Sample, Avon Stewart; Canalou—G. II, Northcutt; Gideon—Preston Utter- hack, M D Parrell, Conran—Chas. •Pickoj; Lllb:urn—Enoch Tolleson; Catr.n—R. M. Miller, E, U Allstun; MsTEton—Arllne Aver;' Dunklin county: Maiden—O. E. Stokes, J. E. Hunt, Marion .Alexander, R. .V. Beall; Konnetl — James Green, Virginia Spenrc; Hclebmb—Logan Dnvls, Delols Birdie!!, Van Wright, Winston Marshall; Cairo!' I'—Biiel! Icgrau A AVJ- Lemm ns Carl c.mer, Allen Cnr- :roll, : : Elmer j.Headden; Mississippi County: Charleston—W. E. Frnzier, Jos;McCracken.v-East Pralrfe-^Joe Wefib, Stoddarrt Count) kssev— B.' 'L. Suss; §t. -Louis, Mo.—R, -P. Simccke; Blytheville, Ark.—j: S. Asnlej, i'uma, Tenn—Ben Birdwell,' Bill Birchvell. Poultry Farm At Jail Nets Good Return ; BOSTON (UP)—An animal profit of $6,000 nas predicted by city cfficials.after tlie first four months .operation .of an experimental poultry farm at Deer blind jail. The project has been so success- 1 , nil, it was said, that the ?20,003 provided from city lunds to.initi- ate the experiment will be repaid within a. decade. More than 2.500 p:unds of dressed fowl and thms- ands of eggs have iieen provided for the Long Island nntl City hospital and for city and county wards. Henrj Drews, supervisor, not only is,pleased f «ith the rcsnlls cf the scientific principles applied to the farm, but Is confident Hint the ' 20 prisoners working under him' will receive sufficient training to operate their oivn farms when released. The farm n:w has more than 4,000 chickens and some 500 tur- keys.-whlrh are beinj fattened f:r Thanksglvine.' With the farm's chicken house now covering only 4,000. square feet of ground, a n'annM increase in size will permit, placing of 4,000 fowls en cgs producti:n . and allow raising of i.Ov'O broilers a month for market. WASHINGTON (UPl—PInns an- u'uunced by (lie- Department ot Commerce ([or tlic Sixteenth Dccenntnl Census, to be tnkcn In 19W, indicate the most Elgniiicmil and comprclicnstvc statistical project ever nndfrUkcn In the United. Slates. .Tire census, to- cover the c:uti- ncntnl United Slates, Alaska, Hfl- Ihc Virgin Isliinris, Puerto Rico, rinil £0inc small Island possessions, will reveal the transitions In national, social and oc:ncnilc life 10 eventful years since the Inst census. , Tiro records will be broken Into four main divisions— population, manufactures, agriculture and business—and will afford an InvcnUry of the human and economic resources of the country. The business. and manufacture count will commence In 'January'. Tiic po)iu- laticn and agriculture tabulation will begin April 1. Importance Is Stressed "With the possible exception ol the first census taken In 1700, the Sixteenth Decennial Census will be the most important, ever tnkcn," an oincinl said. "11 will bo an inventory 'of the human and ec:- nrmic resources of (he country, since every person, every -'homo, every /arm, evciy factory, and every ' store In the United .States will be recorded.". A preview of the . census will be conducted In two counties, starting Aug. ,15 (9 test Held procedure and to ascertain if questions now under consideration can lie an- wured easily and \vllhout antagonizing Hie pumlc. - ;• Tsvo ludiaim .counties , wore' - ' .Insane to He Listed Inmates of these Institutions will n:t he listed separately In the figures, nor claGsincd altogethei as to rural or suburban locations, selected testing ' grdimd. They are St. Joseph and comities- 1 with ' a combined pcpuln- tlon of 185,000, as of 1030. This area is said lo include representative rural and urlwn com.inunl- Hes. Both criintics arc within 200 mlle.s of the exact- center cf the nation's population and they represent a cross section of industry, agriculture, trade mid professi:ns. South J3end Is liie largest city, with n 1!I30 pcpulalion of 101,000. It is in St. Joseph county. Mlsha- waka, iu Marshall county, lias a population cf 20.000. Secretary of Commerce Harry L. Hopkins said .a field office wc-«lrt Ix set up In South Bend. -Six field inspector and 15< eniunerators will be employed In the" two counties. Approximately 8,000 office workers will increase the permanent Washington slnit ot 100 to facilitate the reception and tabulation of rcp:tts from Hie cstlnvjlvd MO.OOO field . workers in the general census. Ulvil Service appointments will be necessary lor the Washington jobs:. The country will be divided into enumeration districts according t; population, with cadi 1,100 residents of n suburban area comprising one district, and 000 set as the •*COURTS John M:ore was fined $25 In municipal court today on ri chatgc of reckless driving. He was granted for a rural district. In nil cases, tlic Census Bureau said, district inarXings will follow, Ins'.tar as possible, natural boundaries in rural areas, as mountains, rivers nnti sea coasls. . Preliminary \\ork of mapping the country is in progress nnd will not be compiled until lire bure«ii has an accurate physical description of Ihe entitc ccunlry, \vltli n check en all village, tmvn mid ward boundaries: All liospitels, insane an appeal to circuit court and bond set at $100. I Mrs. Ira CaMwelt wns nncri ten! dollars on a charge cl : disturbing I the peace. j .One maii^wns flnsd on a puWlc I drunkeiincjs, charge. ' Abe. D. HnUsmnn lids liied suit in 'chancery court here ngairrst' Christine HoHcman askire; fur .1 divorce Virgil Greene is nsi at- : torney." •' . . , i , asylums and prisons will he located. II.' the planet Jupiter was re- ducsd. fo the siz- of an orange, the earUi, redueed to the same scale, TouW be the size of a pea. A little of D-8 GOES a LONG'WAY.' Kills f«t. Is SO CLEAN 1 to use Harmless to humans and pets Big 6 oz can only-)0c. w .'"' \! 1 .if there is a Huge Warehouse . . ,., pocked lull of every kind of merchandise — a greater variety than you'll find in Ihc biggest deportment storesl Thai's why you always can find what you wont at Wards, QltfCK.V AND CCO- NOAHCAUV, CATALOG ORDER SERVICE BRINGS VOU THOUSANDS OF THINGS WE /MVf NOf ROOM TO STOCK IN OUS SJORE. Your goods ore rusfied here by our fast daily service. You pay no lollcr : postage, money-order or C.O.D. fees. You can save up . loSOfjJ of your shipping cost. SAVE JIM, MONEY AND EFFORT . . . 'BUY tVERYIHING YOU NETD AT WARDS. out will \x enumerated -with the 'institution as their address, . ', Census Bureau officials estimate the average time for-completion of city tabulations at 15 days; and for rural areas, 30 days. Unfavorable weather conditions *ould nat- irally call for an extension. Sui»rvb:ry districts will be hufflcd to embrace approximately 235 ciuimcrnlors' districts eacli. An almost universal rale of 4 cuts per name will be paid enumerators, both city and rural,' but he rate will he boosted In Borne xceptlcnal cases as' In mounlaln- lus country or other territory with adverse physical factors. On this bnslo, .hose work will last six mpntlu, r mere In contrast lo the 15-dar ivorage of tlie enumerators—will be paid an approximate $2,600 on an annual basis. All Data toiUldenllal '» Us nlaiis, the Census Bureau cmiihabizea the confidential note. iar<c white posters placed throughout Ihc scctlcn of the Commerce building In which the bureau Is located proclaim In red and blue lettering the confidence In which r-HOTEL PEABODY — Air Conditioned l-'nr Vour Comfort Lowest Rates 111 )•:. iltnln St. — Blyfhevillc the bureau win hold the record, 1 !. AH« tabulation Is complcto: 1 ,. all Identities will Ire obliterated in the long p;«'s cf figures. The bureau repeatedly stressed that no federal or stiUc. agency can use the census/for 'Investigation,/ taxation or'regulation. This stringent restriction applies especially to the Federal Bureau c[ Investigation, the Internal' Revenue Division and the courts, Counting and indexing Hie re- purl will take place llrst In Hie office of the district supervisor, who Ims the privilege of announcinc preliminary figures fcr his district 3f liny enumeration district, uiidur lira. After his office has tabulated :)ie reports Jrcm the enumerator!;, the district supervisor will forward the figures to Washington, where they will be announced nttci 1 Iliiiil I Inliiilfttloiis. • I It's nnsnrj)Hssctl for every cooking purpose HUM£O The Dainty Cooking Fat "It's Wonderful!" 406'W.; Main. SI. , Phone'.676 SEEING IS BELIEVING! Visit Us and SEE for Yourself Where the Grocery Bargains Are! 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POTATOES, Large Fey. 10 llis. KRAFT Cliccse Large Digs CH.OCOLATK DROPS, Ib. .. T •PUJRE- Hcil's LAUD ALL-GRAIN FEED S|.75 Sack I PICKLES Green .Beauty Sour or Dill, .Fvill Qnnrl fi^APF FRfiET J»'CE,'n or'Tcssim utirii IN j lam j ,|c, o, FREE SHOW TICKETS or Cash Discount Ask For Details Rite Price Stores ! *'• iu Blylhevillc ....... . STORE NO. 1 . -STORE NO. .2.. Ill E. Main St. Phone 231- .; 3 20 IV. SMin 1'honc 767 REMEMBER, FREE DELIVERY! 1 — ... • , I,,. ..- . THURSDAY, AUGUST 3,- 1039 CASH GROCERS Prices l-'or Friday and '. . . S;t1 unlay nvDs! 1'ricos !« Town 1'ricos For Friday PINEAPPLE Crushed No. 2 C:in H !/.>c. .Sliced No. 2 \' L Out |7c Sliced No. [ I/, Can 9c SNOWDRIFT 1 II). Tin 2 Ib. Tin .'i Ib. Tin (> II). Tin ]!)c ;j7c 50c 98c No - 2 Can I? oz . Can 2k HEINZ VINEGAR •«' Silverdale TOMATOES ROYAL GELATINE,„;' 14 FLAKUS No. 2'/i '1'iti EGG PLANT Fresh 191° Pound Shoo, Ice Cream and Gutil Cake Itich, CrcaiHySmonfh Chocolate Ice CH uni with Slices of Gnltl Cake. I Here's What You Need: Hershey "TJ < '4 11). Can I 2 MARSHMALLOWS 1 Hi. Package ........ CAKE FLOUR Swan's Down, I'lirj. . GRAPE Rosemary Brain] • : - ,.Quart' '•"'•' BLACK HAWK Kind On Pound ib BEEF.. (b. 15c . Ib. 1lfe| Bailed am Ib. 'i II). lid.X Sunlight Long-Horn ftflc Pound . .. UACON Kuncy Slicetl 11). 171c Thick Uilj 17I_^ romid 1*2 Shoulder Clod I'oiind „ Shoulder, llj. .... ..20c 'jChoiss, Ib. ..22V.C .cir,' Hi.' .'.'.' r . 25c Spare Ribs Ib. If am Ib. Puritan Center Cut, ID. Half or Whole, ih. Flour, Pliiin or Si-|f Rising 21 Ib. 12 ]l>. IS Hi. iOO Hi. Si.fld SHORTS St/Zr. S| I 100 Ibs. ^•^••^KV •wwMraw» THE SOAP OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN for Stim-lctting •I II). Crf. 8 Ib.' Cri. Gen cloth i up lo i<j% whiter 1° 2 Crystal WUHc SOAP . 3 For ' Ik IVmoIive'Soiip, 3 for I7c Sti|ier Sutls, Hmall ..S'/^e Super Suds Ige ', 17c Oclagon Soap, 5 for Iflc Octagon Chins, Pkg. 8Vie lit- 1 :'

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