The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'EH OF NOHTHEABT- AllKANBAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL XXVII—NO. 2<iO BIyllievllle Courier, liiythcvlllc Dully Ne-vs. PI VniKVH I i' M{K.*\'SAS UdVll'Y 1\VII\1"V r i ivn nlvthevllle Herald, Mississippi VAllcv Under. ljl.\ J tlU\ 'I.I.I,, AH^t.^/so. •^•_^^_> J _ .JAMJAlO !>, S1NGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS !<] : Sought iti Killing Of Marines I Evans Promises lo Rclievci Situation in Vicinity ofi England, Ark. ST. LOUIS. Jan. 5. <U1'>—Til? American Red Cross is prepared to feed nil destitute families in the England. Ark., section, where food rioting was narrowly averted Saturday. Albert Evans, dlslriel :!lsas- tcv relief head, said here lodtvy. Evans returned yesterday from Arkansas and said Hint no further trouble was anticipated. "All families in need can obtain requisition for food from our local committee in England," Evans Slid, "and \ve have funds on hand sufficient to keep ll:o:n fed n month or more." lly SAM S. FAUIUXGTON -I'nited l'm.s Staff Correspondent ENGLAND. Ark., Jan. 5.—A feel- I fj&jjj: *• ••.;'/. U •n^ of liopelewne.'s surrmmded this i ^5ST%;-^ :''~^ .X " § SUN IN FUTURE School at Wilson Seek! Democratic Leaders little Arkansas community today •. following Saturday's food riot, tlir fir;' of its kind in Arkansas one possibly In HIP United States since the present depression fcinkruptin? many hundred farmers, and caus- j inp untold sulfcriuij on the part of their families. Actual fighting between a crowd of 300 persons, a majority of tl'.^m job'.efs share-croppers and tennn' fanners, and merchants \vho=? stores were surrounded by the men. j Oeneral Augus[o gandino, above, was averted by th» prompt i Nicaraguan ' v ei, e i leader who has acr-on of England citlzeiiF j defied capture by United States Ma- Merchants Furnish I coil | rjn( , s was be ,, cvc!j , 0 havc insti . .The crov.'d was dispersed when merchants agreed to dispense food supplies to them, but tc'day it was said food stocks would not last tw- mnre days. When the supplies become exhausted it is feared anoUnr outbreak will occur unless aid froa- outside the community is received. GeoTJe' E. Morris. England attorney, instrumental in dispersing the cro-.vd Saturday night, estimated that 500 families in the community were in destitute circumstances. Morris expected anothe" demand for food today from d-3^- titute farmers, saying aid must c? expected -from outside the community. An investigation of conditions in the community was made by this correspondent yesterday. The first home visited was that of a tsnan', farmer. An empty garage brou^h' the explanation. His automobile had been repossessed as had ra'clio and everything his family c' gated the bandit ambuscade which resulted in the killing of eight marines and the wounding of two others. His rebel forces have operated for several years in the semi- tropical'jungles of Nicaragua. I which has been threatened due to! i exhaustion of fends. Mill own lo-: j morrow, but whether they wilt lie I From Disasters of Recent'« 1<lc lo linhh onl thp - vrnr dc ~ *, , ! pends upon lhe sin-cow ol nei;oli»-, lUOIHhS. I tinns lor a loan. | ! I'or two or three week;; teachers'; LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP>—Ar-j valnrii-s and oilier C.MHIISPS will U'j kansns bankers, whose houses of paid in win-mils, which l.ce Wll-; finance withstood vicious thrusts |sim i'.nd Company lias agreed it>' bv hysliiricnl deiwsllors, have .set aocopl. In the meantime ngents about to steel theh' resjtcclivo ol the sta'.n depurliner.1 of educa- j structures against n recurrence ofitlon will make un ImTsllg.itlaH the most disastrous banking year I which may Itnd to a loan of state in the history ol thc slate ; muds. There is also a possibility; One hundred and twenty-five lit is siiid. llmt in case the state, state banks and a quartet of NB- | loan Is refused an nlUnipt may ;>aj tional inbtituti r n.s were forced tojninrie to borrow money elsewhere,close their dcurs during the year. Tho full teaching force, is here; records on file in the state bank-: ready to conduct lhe school.-, on department disclosed. Of that the usual schedule, number, more than 75 per cent were caught in the wave of financial difficulties beginning November 17 and continuing until the middle of December. Two banking groups—one headed ' by A. H. Bonks of Little Roek nnd ] consisting of more thnn 40 banks, find the other, a group of 1-1, di- rn^tAd i ]V A. P. Hurisnelh. of Harrison—were victims of the upheaval. The Auifirlcnn Exchange Trust 'iinv. -f LitMe Rock, "King Pin" of lhe A. B Banks group, Tc'oitated the November ' run '< r=j which resulted in the closing ot | A. C. Drown, salesman for a more than three-score bank?. Tfe Memphis bakery which operates a Itudspeil: sroup. nil members of j daily delivery service to Blytheville which wore located in Northwest-1 merchants, will face trial In police! c;n Arkansas, cnuhed early in Ue-j court tomorrow on a charge of, member. ! failure to pay $250 privilege tax.' i A multiple rf causes for the crash \ Brown was arrested late last week have been advanced by officials ot. by C | 15 . police charged with failure thc affected institutions, members; ( 0 comp |y w ith ths city ordinances of the state banking department | passcd by the citv counci i i ast (an.. nnd prominent " '-' '" J — ' Virtually ail concur in me DCIICI . 0|) f orc ] g that conditions directly attributable prO( i ucts to Blythcvillc merchants to last summers drought played a.. whi , c nol(Ung (he ([1Je on loca , e\v Privilege lax Law In-! vokecl Against Memphis Concern's Apcnt. Paper Finds Kidnaper of Busch Heir ST. LOUIS. Jan. St. Louis Star, In ! story today .-.Igncd Ihundlduc. xrilil 11 5. tUPI—Tli?', a <.'<viv-i"U>- by Hairy T. ^ ,„,. ,-,. . had foimu! faraway Wins ri^hl to Have Bill Increased to $60,000,000 In Senate. iOliurlos V. Abi'rnolliy, ncgu) kul- . nnpcr of :-yenr-ohl Ailulphu:- : lluxch Oriliwflu. liL'lr lo Ihe llussli [ ibrekinE million 1 ;, who was returned ___ .to his home January 1 lifter bclns , WASHINGTON. Jan. 5 (UP>- hckl cai.llve 'JO hours |. n , c , ctlnlc „„,, ,, ol ,,. t . | W(ll , iasic;1 | Abvrnelhy made a sinned coiifri- , „„, ,,,.„„„, n , lu , r bm lm |. ly bl|l MOII. tin- Slur said, denied llii- kid- lllc .,.„.„,. , uWe ,, $15> for jnaplng was nrrniKlltnlci! and said lo . llls (m | mnlol , , 0 'eve | llic Star did nol reveal his wlvcrc- abouls. ' " mnn " a \ h . be "e ( , whl * Placed a $250 privilege tas I Thf5e n will ,„,,,„„,„ cllalrmeri 0 , important committees In Con- .uiiLui in me uLiit.i f... fnrp]pTi hakeries ^ellintr t h e i t ., .. ........ ., ion lorcign naitenis ..nnng inen !ho hnd IL-II his home New Vcur's j COO.OOD \olwVby lhe, house and ap- h thc Intention ot holding, 1)roml |, y (| 1L , p rrs ldent. 't,ome rich (oiks up" localise "1 • needed money lo feed iny chll- WASHINGTON, Jan. 5. (UP)— dren." Congress reconvened at noon lo- Abcrncihy has been sought, by ,i rty n f (01 . u, chrlstmns recess hnd St. Louis county authorities un n | n a uttle more thnn nn hour ths warrant charging kidnaping mil \ mia> nnnlly disposed of the nd- inlnlstratlon relict program. It, passed the Joint resolution ap- pioprlnttnc $45.000.000 V-jr letuij lo drouth stricken farmei.^ 'in:l tire | resolution now goes lo lhe senate. jThe $45.000.000 wns authorize:! jusV I before the January recess but lhe ' resolution adopted lodny wns necessary lo provide the funds. Meanwhile In the senate Senator Carnwiiy. Democrat. Arkansas. Introduced a resolution to Increase lhe appropriation by $15.000,000 nnd lo make lhe entire $69,000,000 available for human as svell as stock food, thus reviving the old controversy which war, sharp before I h e. holiday recess. Thc human food lean provision wns stricken from lhe bill tU the Insistence, of President Hoover. :l)lttcr Flghl in Prospect Congress resumed Its session an atmosphere of political bitterness. T IS LIGHl The orresL of. Brown is almost | 3 certain to result In a "tesl case" If the Deocrats succeed In gaining control of tho House when the new Congress comes in after'''March 4. 1—Representative Hat- j ton W. Sumners of Texas, sjated to ..Head the Judiciary Committee; - delendant Another'can?e, probably more d! icctly responsible for the failure of: the A. B. Banks nnd Hndsreth; groups, wns the downfall of Cald- , . well and company. Nashville. Tenn.,1 court the ease will be appealed by j Percy ( Inveslmcnt banking hcuse. which.."* firm'by which Brown Is em- scntntlvi held extensive Interests In Arkan- j Ployed, banks and created fear in the Representative Joseph Mansfield of Texas, In line for crmlrman- Gasoline Station Operator Gives Only Clue lo Missing Society Woman. MEMPHIS, Jim. 5 (UP)—The re-' |»rt of a gnsollne filling station opernlor lhat a woman answering the description of Mrs. Dlythc Thompson Long, 24-ycur-old prcm- iiMnt member of the Junior Lcngna sought lo use a telephone In his station last night, spurred possmen In their hunt for her today. The young womnn, n daughter of one of thc most prominent families i<l Memphis, disappeared last, night tier telling friends she must hurry ionic to care for her 2 1-2 month old. son.'-;Tier. p»T>ai! _ _ Inter foinifc the b'rldge spanning the Mlistalpp.!. In It ofllccrs allci I'.on: Controversy ith and unemployment.. /,, '.• , rently is far from nn end' nim • ..>w developments lend to a' grenter aggrova-. tlon of political disputes than v/as,the cose when lhe short session 'i In rf.ul! in n "tp-" fie*" vi HIK lilt ;\iij:iixiiijj]i, i(l "" W.I.V^LO s been Indicated that If" th»i sl ' lp a( Comlnltl(!C on Rlvcrs and ""tors; 3-Representatlve n. J. fclmd llcr CORtt money nnd other idnnt is convicted in pollc*' Wilson of Louisiana, Flood Control Committee; 4—Representative personal belongings- Shoe prints Qulun of Mississippi, Military Affairs Committee; 5—Hepre- r e James \V. Collier of Missl.'slppl, Committee on Ways and In the soft river bank led to the water's edge and then were retraced back to the machine. IniUl'V SllltS Pfin- \ mind- of depositors whose funds - J • -- — were in institutions known to have' five had purchased on an install- cipal Matters Up For Civil Term. 3 ,i 7 i OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 5.—An un- l,: s I usually light docket. Is on file for "the civil division of circuit court which convened here this morning. rad a connection with thc Tennessee concern. It further was revealed that nj number of the smaller banks caught J in the run were tittering before: the American Exchange started th,?'. ball rolling, and probably would i Means (tux m:asurcs>; G—Representative Samuel Dickstuln of New; p ^cc snlrt the gasoline station York, Committee on Immigration. A possibility that the term will not ' S ! continue longer a rong, an proay r . ( „. , „ . have been forced to suspend even j ••'rtV-lMBm teachers ! San Francisco Bay ! Feels Slight Quake SAN HJANCISCO. Jan. 5. (UP) —A slight earthquake was felt in Will llic £cm Franclsco bay dlstrlct "The cupboard of the home wss! continue longer than one week i: almost empty. A small pice- cf mcs' ln<1 cat£d b 5' thc cmlrt ' s Instructions to local lawyers to set all C3ses for the first week. Judge G. E. Keck of Dlythevilie is presiding. The case of B. E. McCullough vs. Morris Block and Charles Echaff- rser, n suit for recovery of damages for injuries sustained by McCullough in an automobile accident, was noticed on the shelf, and filled sack of beans and corn meal The farmer had nol worked in weeks, but was not a member ol the group that stormed Englnni merchants Saturday. Cnrnbread and Beans The second home visited was tha' of a share-crop farmer, nnd there conditions were even worse. Meal.-. during the past two days Conference. '.hough Cnldwell & company had I not entered th? picture. ! ' Of the 125 state banks closing, j 25 already have reopened, follow- j ing a readjustment of their af-' f'Jirs Eleven otters reorganized as! _ new fnsllliitions and five were In-! Mississippi County's Education as- miles away, niso rcpwtcd a quake volved in mergers, their assets be-:sociation will meet at Burdette Frl- .during lhe night. In" preserved. i day for an all day meeting. Ths; has • teen expressed ! nine schools Included In this grcuu' on every hand that, although the \ are: Whitton; .Keiser, Dell, Anno-, OFFICER FitS TRInlTlM! nncrnlor's reiwrl was Ihe first tangible cluo ns lo lur wherenbcuts nnd Immediately widened llielr efforts to hunt for her. .. ....,_...,,. .'Reports of food^dcmonslrallons In Arkansas, continued bunk closures, decreased federal revenues 'and related developments have combined. to widen the cleavage omaug the parties nnd between President Hoover and his senate leaders. To a*d to the prospect of Ill-will anil legislative confusion thc-rc Is a spilt over the advlslblllty of on extra session after' March 4, and shortly nfter 2 a. in. today. Varl- Convene at Burdette for .«J-^| h f» ln ^ c ^f;; J. Z . Qzment Suspended; ;™.-neports sh ; The long lines department of tho I - ,.«.,.' ,.- and was being he ! . telephone company here said the, The 03 teachers in group 2 ot night operators at San Mateo. 20; Ul'OCCry Llei'k. . The operator said the woman, ac- 1 possibility of an early report from companlcd by a ' heavier r.Me wo- j the Wlckersham law enforcement mini, asked to use the telephone commission. appeared so nervous she finally Extra Session Threatens e up the attempt. Previous to with only 51 legislative days rc- ! this report officers had deployed mainlng, and no appropriation J along the banks of the Mississippi iiin s passed, submission of a pro- land a thrrough search had been I hibitlon report, would further Joop- was "ardlze plans of admlnistraticn lead- held for ransom ers to nvolil an extra session. Pres- W , . L i . 1IIIU "iio k^ni-j ,.~.^. [Jta LW il VUIM till L AHU tlVOJUJll, I"| La~ 1th Assaulting were denied by police, who express- sl|rc [ronl tllc W hite House was suf- pi I , od belief she was n suicide. Harry ficlcnt nciu . the cnd ot tlle pr( ,.hol. I .IPI'K ' T fxnn tVin cni^lotv mntrnn's husband ,., j_.. ._ .„ _, i\._ t * Long, the society matron's husband . McCullough. who is represented by ., had c;n- sistecf solely of beans and corn- {1°^ bread. The children were withnn'. shoes. They wore ragged overall?, and had been withdrawn fror school because of insufficient clothing. " " ey had b'.scuUs [ of celebrating j the day," he explained. i Another farmer, owner of 4^. acres of rich unencumbered land. I said he had exhausted every .-,ourc.' • in England in trying to secure a | loan. . j "They won't even take your application." he said, "it's just- im- j was the first case on the docket I wave of difficulties exacted a heavy; rel, -Yarbro, Manila, Burdette, Cos- toll after the situation has re-jnel! and Leachvllle. turned lo normal, thc state will! with a varied program planned j have t.?nefitted ns lhe weak mem- t>-. € meeting.will open at 10 o'clock' bers r-f the state's banking system vv)t j, demonstration teaching for J. T. Coston of Oscepla. is su»:n as n resull '.of injuries t leg, received, he alleges. Block's Packard autom;biV- wns driven recklessly into Charles - ] Schaffner -| Qf :ruck parked on ths side , ^heville-Leachvitle road. 1 The truck was broken down ond McCullough was aiding in its rj- palr, he suites. Metcalf, Mctcalf anJ Apperson of Memphis and C. M. Buck of BIyllievllle are defense attorneys. A suit for damages totalnj S2D.- OCO for injuries received in an automobile accident is filed by H. E Gibson and Mamie Gibson vs. T. R. Tindle and set for Tuesday. Thi IntD cars elates. pointed out it was customary share-croppers to receive aid from ! plantation owners in thc This year, however, the owners themselves nrc unable to aid t'-.c tenant farmer due to low prices ani poor crops, resulting from 111? drouth. Planters in this section sold tlv?!r cotton crop at about 10 cents psr pound, sr.d cotton seed from S18 to $22 p* r lon ' T ' 1C community's resources were further impaired bv closing of the Citizens Bank ond Trust company. Some held ou'. hopes that this Institution wo-alj be reopened, but little relief i; Bruce Ivy, Osceoln attorney, repre- will have been entirely weeded ™t | lhe jtmlo y h)gh nnd ra t!!rmedinte or mergedwlth their stronger asso- tejjhprs. ^fi5 S g ar .i|, Parkinson Burdctle, will, talk nir "Prnsrmiii: an Appreciation Lesson in Art." "A .Teaching Philosophy" is ths sub; ject of nn address to be given by Miss Willie A. Lawson, county superintendent, before all groups. O. C. Floyd will discuss "T!i« Principal and His Job" baforc i;u junior high group and "Objective 1 . , in Primary Arithmetic" Is M!.<s " n ' Winnie V. Turner's thenu for th: KeprCSenta- primary group. In thc afternoon session Ml^ Turner will discuss the teaching ol arithmetic in ths inlcrmedi-iie grades end primary teachers will hear Miss Velda Adcock. cl this city, explain art programs for thc p:i-; mary group. All of the 'instructors wil I.IV-PIV.- ble for the closing feature Wir-n Miss Winnie V. Turner will 1 and n former foolbnll star nt fe- Trlnl of J. 7. "Jack" Czmeiil, sus- wnncc, led the searching parlies, penrted pollceninn, on a charge ol Long Is n member cf lhe Hnys and assault nnd batiery wns continued Long Insurance firm here and Is until Tuesday morning by Judge well known In business circles. W. D. Grnvottc in police co'.irt this morning. Ozmenl entered a pica of guilty to the charge but when Judge Grnvettc Indicated that he would hear evidence in the case, regardless of the plea, Or.mcnt was allow. ; \vrii n A I ] ed an opportunity lo withdraw the Legislature. Will Be Asked plca Mci hc accepted. to M4:» A'^nropriatioil Robcrt Wlnborn. clerk in an East of $2,000,000. TOSTITEPI Robert Winborn, clerk in an East _ . , v i 1 End grocery store. Is the prosccui; Deputies Leave ICSlCVCiay With Men Sentenced at LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 5. IUP> — Faim Board live Will Be Among Speaker? Here Thursday The first county uillook mcet'n-: .vlll be held at the court . . . h ... of to thc of „.=„.„.. '-senls the plaintiffs, and Lumsn C. ! of the year \\ * uu -"!Reed of Little Rock is <bfenso at-. ""'« Thursday .rom 1Ci Urn 2 a. i torn . v ' m.. when the program of dlv?r=ui- ! Heirs rrolcst Will I "tlon will be launched b- •---I The Masonic Orphans Home at .of the slate extensiori department. on ,. s , d 'Batesville, Ark., is defer, j n ^™^' o t ^^ . Types of Ussons." et R\ irvy>i!M county have been Invited. Mr. Aland s«t to- vord, of the federal farm board. Q. j Wednesday. The suit In- N. Born, statistician forJh; eyr-n- he will of the late J. L. islon division ar.d J. E. McNeil •> - .. of Joiner who at his death | trlct agricultural agent, arc to be : two years ago bequeathed a fo-.irt 1 ; lhe principal speakers. ot his estate, consisting of 1531 Following tM outlook me?.Ings $2,000.040 lor immediate e to Arkansas Institutions of learning probably will be F as a result of n survey under the supervision of the United Slates Bureau of Education. If the legislature acts favorably on thc recommendations five state supported schools will receive new buildings and one Institution will be abandoned or Improved. accord- Ing to the report of thc survey Ing witness ngalnst Ozment and has retained Max B. Reid us spo- j ctal counsel ii assist, Copt, Ivy W \ Crawford, city attorney, in prcs;- cutliiK t'.'.e care. A dispute over Ire discovery Sat Adjourned Session. Arch Lindscy, Stanley Hancnc'-: nnd Fred Flcsmnn. deputies ot Iday session to comiwl the senate to abandon Its drouth and unem- • nloyment relief plans In fnvor of the adtnlnlstrntlon's program. ' . ' Now, however, Senator Caraway, Democrat, Arkansas, in whose state food demonstmlions have occurred, has announced his 'intention to Introduce n $15,000,000 bill providing for food lo drouth stricken farmers. The human fo:d loan provision was stilcken from the senate bill at the ' Insistence of President Huovcr. Ashs New Tlomls WASHINGTON. Jan. 5. (UP)— Secretary of Treasury Mellon today requested congress to authorize?. Issuance of $8.000.000 of government bonds to replace maturing liberty bonds and other federal obligations. fo Candidates for Bar nrday of a dollar bill nn thc ftor of the crrccrv store where \V3n- Sheriff W. W. Shaver. , l ^--,,>^...- ; . born worked by Ozmcnfs daughter led thirteen prisoners lo the slur | HaiTlSC-Il IjlVCS lest ; Is said lo have led up to the Incl- pcnitenllnry at Little Rock ycsicr- 1 ficnt which icsultcd in the suspcn- day, Prison sentences were met;:! | slon of Ozm-n!, nnd lhe chnrge by out to thc thirteen nt the adjcmn;c-.. Wlnborn. session cf the fall term of crinii- Winbarn wns placed In Jail by nal court Officer Ozment a-ituid.iv but was urday. released by M. G. GooJwin, police chief. No charge wns Seven candidates for admission which closed here Sat-. to the Arkansas Bar association were taking the state examination . Forrest "One Round" Chlsr.olm ' a t the court house here toiay. The preferred was acquitted by a jury In tho final examination was b;lng conducted ,.; s , t i lc Rrocc w cl"r'<. case tried Saturday o! connection by County Judge Zal B. Harrison, orient declared he had no with lhe rot-bery of McFall's gro- memtsr of the district bc.ird of ex- commiltec. composed of Dr. Arthur i cx ' cu ; c lo ma! , e [ cr iii s ronduct as eery store in November. 1930. Ken- aminers. J. Klein, c'lilcf of the division cf | 1C (^)i nvec ) ], 0 had done "what was ry Elmore, also charged with ths Those taking t higher education of the Ur.ltc:!: j (ghl '.i" offense, was sentenced to four y>ars Roy Nelson. Blyt " cbbcrs Loot, Burn Millinglon Posto{(ice;^ h —-J^-' o b= (m . MEMPHIS. Jan. 5 _ T( proved are the University of Arkan-' sas at Fayettevllle, Joncsbaro A. &; acres of land near Joiner, lo the -- ---• -r i. K •„ v. , Orphans Home and the remaining fcrecart oven it it begins bu s inc3s , thrPee . foul . ; i ls lo Mrs . u ,,a Garner. who had been his housekieper Palis 75 Feet From Bridge a number of years. • died about a year Mrs. Oarn:r ago. and .the Wrotcn heirs brought suit to sst as i de thc wm and recovsr th , prop . .» - erty, alleging that undue influence Ct AP.ENIJON, Ark.. Jan S (UP)— was exerted lo Induce their fath=r A 75-foal plunge from th« steel to make ths will, and that IK ••.•<- -tructurc of the White river bridge at thc. time not mentally cap-b' n?ar hc.v to a barge below today rf executing the Instrument. J. T. c.irs-d ,rlnr!-s 'vhlrh may result In Coston of OscsoU reor.'senU Ih-; tho rirath of E W. Hancisrough, Wrolen heirs and A. P. Barhnm is Snl-tn. Va. steel w-rker. I ^Continued on Pnjo 3) there will bo a program "stirted \dt'> con-litlsn which will be in kespinj oullook in agricultural for 1931. Bank of Chidester Is Re-Opened Today BANK'S CF CHIDESTER—14 MTTLE ROCK, Jan. 5 tUP) — the Bank cf Chldester at Chides- 'IT roorrn't' for business loday af- ler sus.pendlng for five days for flcials declared the fire of incendiary origin when they distovfr:d' seieral registered mall pouches sill tnci a number cf packusea r«ar '>- rnll-ca;l. c. 0, D. pnck.'.zes i valued at several hundred i!o!hrs were Missouri Bank Closes ST. CHARLES, Tvfo., Jan 5 lUP) win. chief of police. the bar tests wsre: jight" offense, was sentenced to tour years Hoy Nelson. Blylhevllle; J. A. Pig?, States Bureau cf Education and; " Cn i cf Goodwin declined to stnte in the state prison Friday. Osceola; J. Walter Watkins. Leict- 1 how long O7.mtnfs suspension prisoners tnken to the state prls- 'vllie; Joe C. chnptn, Manila: F. H. be effective. on and thc sentences follow: Ollie Stafford. Wynne: Bnscom C. Mea. Phillips, ono year at ne^ro boys' dews. Monette; Verlon Kcddy, Black Industrial school for grand larceny; Oak. Elmer Jones, one year at industrial. school for selling liquor; F.lmcr Lee. WFATHFR one year In penitentiary for grand , iimnmuM, larceny: Robert Shaw, one year to;' j BENTONVIU.E MAN'—H grand larceny; James Heed, one; FAYETTEVILLE, Jan. 5. (UP)-- year for grand larceny; Louis Sell Wol nn l M rbof Ed S' lr tec. 23, ncntonvlUe filling coney, two years for grand larceny: Merman Walpole marKCl 3iMm opc ratr.r. die:! her: tcday.WUllnm King, two yenrs for grand! 11 - 11 ' from Injuries received when h'« a!--: larceny; Henry Elmore. four ve.irs: According lo the official weather , plane fell from a low all'.tude at for burglary; George McN'alr • i cbrorver, Charles Phillips, the mln- 113 W>-s:. MM-i 'fr" -v, '"""'••I' the Drokc nlrport south of Ben- years for grand larceny; W. B. tmum temperature here yesterday tome time Sunday night and ap- tonvllle yesterday. ..Msaey. three years gor grand lar- was 47 degrees and thc maximum, prrxSmntely five dole's 'a --•••! Charles Kuhn who wns with Lea.ceny; Tom Fulton, one year for stolen, according lo M. G. Good- ^ the plane was less ser:c:.s'v I'.i- • selling llo.uor; Pete Crider, S, fJKA ?BSV=: Z~SXT.£Sg£\ B^villeM ? KiW i 1 !- rtama^oi s"6ooo t0 was' do^° ? or- : collc?c al A rk » dsI P nli >- i When Airplane Lra : n Cash ^'nlcr. From Herman W.ilpDle's meat m?.rk?'.]p; E "sing tempera- i •organization, the state banking —The Central Trust company with No arrests In connection with the department was informed. depcslts of S7G1.921 closed today, case hove been made as Jurcd nnd Is expeitert to rc:svcr. i V" The accident ia faid to have ro suited from a stalled engine. 56 degrees; cloudy with .87 inches three of rain. On tl'i3 same day a year the minimum temperature ' for grand larceny; Taylor M 1 Call, one year for maniifr.clurlng 40 degrees nnd the maximum. S3 liquor. i degrees; partly cloudy.

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