The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APHJL 12, Picks Boston 4tli with Chicago, Washington, St. Louis, Phils Behind UV HAKRV GKAYSON' Kpurls Kdllor, NK,\ Service New York's Yankees won the American League pennant by 19>. Kanies in 1036 ii, U | 13 glimcs ^ That Uisyil have any sucli mar- Bin next October is doubtful, but anybody picking any other outfit to beat Ihraii would be convicted of being a long shot slabber. American League hasn't had a close race since 1922, when the Yankees finished one game'ahead of the St. Louis Browns, and as I sec it, the bulk of the competition once morc will be confined to the scrap lor second place. Cleveland should show improvement under Old Oscar 'Pc-ppbr Vitt Detroit packs tremendous power Pitching would enable (he Boston Red Sox lo stir up considerable trouble.'Jimmy Dykes can be depended upon to keep the Chicago White Sox in or Within striking distance of u, c nrsl division until _, Liiqc Appling's broken leg heals, Yankees again should make every post a winning one. aii they say at. the (rack, when Clmrlry Knrt- sniBcr gives War Admiral his noble Here's how the clubs finished in 1931. and ray guess as to llie final standings in the fall- loan 1—New York U—Cleveland 'i- Detroit 4—Boston 5—Chicago B- Washington 7-SI, Louis 8-Philadclphia , 1937 1—New York 2—Delroit 3-Chicago 4—Cleveland . . 6—Boston C—Washington 7-Phi!adclphia 8-St, Louis Ncw York matches or outstrips I all rivals in all departments. The' Cleveland pitching staff Ms Jicrald- c:l as the finest in cither bi" league;-b'lit young Bob Feller will have to have a 20-gumc campaign to make ilfns fool proof as that of ' tnC l^i"""*-* n:*i-i - ''•'• .:>' L •> mid should be around for several hiore years. Wayward Roily Hcmslcy may help the Cleveland pitchers lo live up to tlielr reputation. Vltl. Is trying to niakc hl.s slug- is hit lo all riclils Instead ct "'IK' for theshort right ilcid In Cleveland, which is something they can'l lake with them when they hit'the road. The Indians appear (o have something In Third Baseman Ken Kelincr 1 DEFEfl TO IN TRACK IEI whom 1937. VIU is depending on Bad Ne«-^ Male to acquire enough polish at, second base to round out the In- lickl. With all Iheir vaunted artillery it would appear at the moment (hat the Tlgen; will be fortunate lo wind up third. Schoolboy Jlovre has ycl t o dcm- onstratc that, i;is once mlghlv right arm is an right. Tommy Bridges is on the sfdelincs with a chipped bone In m s elbow. nuJy lork is a question mark as a catcher. Bill Rogcll went to a hospital, and another shortstop Prank Croiioher, up from Toledo, broke Bis leg. Mickey Cocbraiie's audit needed Venioii Kcnncciy inn may muss "the devil-ciuc spirit or Gerald walker. Boston. wilh j gc vosniik pasting a friendly led field wall mav set somewhere if one or two of Joe Cronins young pitchers show nnylhbig. White Sox will be handicapped al the out.set without Appling Vcr- ncn Kennedy is gone, and Monte ill-niton came up with a lame -inn. Luke Seivell can't fe . Q ou fo ,.. | ever, and Zckc Botmra's punch' now is the properly of Bucky Harris in Washington. | Nationals arc banking O u old men in key positions, ami their pitching is uncertain. | Browns lilt, and lidded well In 1937, and Gabby Street Is a pleasant, relief to Ihe hired hands on ihe heels of the domineering Rogers Hornsby, mil the chib obtained more quantity than equality In the deals that deprived It of Vos- niik and Knickerbocker Connie Mack has little mo rc than patience in Philadelphia He'll need it. Mosley o ford' o( Steelc Pojnt Men High inking eight of twelve first Places, the Blythcvillc Chickiisaw track team easily defeated Slcole Mo., (J9-34. In ,1 dual meet In Steele yesterday. The Chicks showed a decided mastery In all but the shot put ilgli hurdles, the pole vuiill. ami Ugh jump, stcelc took nil places In the pole vault. Moslcy, Dlytticville. and . Steelc, tied for high point honors with thrcj first pluocs. The Wuck speedster paced the Held li (lie century and 220-dash ; ,nd n, e M'oad jump. The Missouri slai was first In the shol. pole vault, and high jump. Kaymoiid Bicker- sturr finished out in front in |, i; jOiiy livo emits, the half mile mid 'mile run. I Hig Carl Hughes indicated lie 'was set for an assault, on the dis- , IHel discus record by heaving the (platter 112 feel., 0 inches The results: I 100 yard dasli-n. Mosley illlv- vjllo) seco" ra - : B "" Clli ' IJIytlle third. Time: 10.0, "' °"' . ' tcolc> \ sm I'ard run—nickcrslafr UJly- Uicyillei, first; chllds iBIylhc- l»i- sccon<1 ' J- Burton iSteclc) •third. Time: 2;ia D-10. Shot put—Oifiord (Staple) |j rs i- ,Huehcs iBiythcvillc), second; Godwin (Blytheville), ihlrd. Distance i—38 feel 3!; incjies. 220 yard dash-R. Mosley (Blv- tl.eviile,. iirst; N . Mosley miylhe- TUISyiLLK (AKK.) COUWfitt for Approval I I IHIH !•!..! )U '•'u; .Working Agreement llirough Monljioniery l''«n" Will Philadelphia , Ark., April la.-. Jwiesbtro cilanls must dc- flc:n (l1 " l'l>»ndcl- TOHsi, their MO..I- i."nH-,y, Alii., farm mis scnsmi. least six players hnvu been ' ,""" "' C ' 1 ''' ls " !»»'• ai more may be m »mt. 1 ry. Manager IVIe Co..p" Mi hutvhty !„ w .|cct the men "'HI cxjuvlfO lo C |,ocae Uvo pitch,'•,. w " '"«r l(li; " «»"! lw out .1, «- ° S ex " ocu '" '" fflur V «"y "Ight and hold drills Thursdny ,,ltor- -i-, oi the io:n ')!•• Jiinu-s 'Niiisinilh ;( ,f '|| w University ol Kansas, ;md i-i- ycnkir U f Hie game of bashol- •« , f.viJinJitcs the new |vp:> '"'I' Mibmillfcl fur ;,,>p 1<)ri j -,[ liim!'"""- !i;i ." kc " x ' M L '»adK's is'-slaiidHi-cl si/.e, l»,( is seamlcs-: dospilc Hi,. r ; , c i u,,,, j( j: grooved oil 1 hito seel inn.-; .Couches Icur it Uliiy be loo - slippery.---, . High Iiimlles-Mnncs.s (Steelc) fnst; Jenkins (Blythcvillc), second. Time: llis No Long I,u£ing Streaks Yankees were somewhat disappointing in (ho Grapefruit Lea for a change, hut when the boys sla keeps. They haven't lost morc than four Barnes in succession since Joseph Vincent McCarthy assumed command in 1931. This largely ha.s "ceil tttic lo the presence of Vcr- non aomcz and Red Ruffing. The great Gome?, took a salary cut a year ago. following two poor seasons, and it. was feared Hint he tad last his stuff. lent holdout, was absent" for first several weeks. Both were on the job early Welch SulxJues Ching Lee; Perkins Outgrapples Jack Smith Vcleran Roy Welch survived a half hour of punishment and iin- •auefrtiil League 1 „ Cd 'l! 1 ™ 1 ? to ' > vin '°W Chinesc wlll lighten up S",",^? ", 1<l)l ? fcBl ' 1 '!" 0 bo ^'°» lart plaving for f l mel ' t f ^Wipan Legion wrest• = Ing card here.'Welch climbed back through the ropes wfcere he had been tossed by the Chinese to slap on Ihe deadly crab hold and 'win the liiifll and deciding fall. Lcc and Welch puinmelled ca"h other about the ring considerably throughout the match," but tlie crowd yelled for y/clch to come through and he did. Lee used' the Japanese leg lock and body straddle to lake the first fall in 17 m in- "tes. Welch ' was awarded the sec- Riming, n vio- Die this ond Joe" fall by Referee' "Oklahoma who officiated in' place ol when the oriental s (Blythcville). Hist, Golivjn (BIMiici-llls). second- Mcpoliuj, (Steele), tldrcl. DIsK; 112 feet 9 inches •4'tt yard <la S |, - aood (Blvthc- »"«, first; Craig ; <Steele) Pole Vault - tiiffoid .Steelc) Nrsl,; 1'Uiiderburk (Stcelel second' Howie (Stcelc), ||,m| Hciclit- li feet. ' ' v ' b1 "" IU High Jump .__ Giftoi-d Jim; Maness isteclel, w 'ton istccle), thir.j. 0 niches. Mile rim- Bickcrelarr (Blylhc- 'tle), nrsl.; Stanley (Steele) sco- Rclay-Blylhcville, li,sl. Al Pilot- Otrd JixluJnii spring, and never were sharper"l ^ , w "° om Monte Peawnrt a™, again 1,™ "no n ^L" Ie '' 01 ^' old zip. The Yankees should eel' V!,» , r , Was m "'? c f £ Plenty of pitching from this trio .!."? f™. tcll .«™s Betting not lo mention Bump Hadlcy .lohnny Murphy, lyy pm,) Andrews Kemp Wicker, and two or three cn c ,-. in ' to be selected from Spurgoon E ' Chandler, hack from Newark- Steve Sundra.. Joe Hoggs, and Alley Donald, all up from tbc same , farm; and Joe Vance and Lcc Stinc. yanked in from Ihe Kansas City, subsidiary. Joe DiMaggio. the mast persistent holdout of 1038, will report in shape giving die Yankees the'same wrecking crew that has dominated the big show for two seasons-Reel Ro ic. George Selkirk. Lou Cclirig. Oi DiMaggio, and Bill Dickey. Another point in ' |.| 1C nines• • ',"^. LvmCf> favor « that llic shoulder that iniitcd Selkirk lo 78 ensagemenll in 1047 now is sound. • V.uiliccs Arc Vounj; Club Bill Knickerbocker Is l o act. as a backstop for the rallier' frail Frank Crosetli at shortstop and the ncw second baseman. Joe Gordon Versatile Babe Dablgrcn further fortUies the men of Manhatlan in reserve strength. Yankees may fed the toss cl Tony LaL'zeris leadership in tiic Held, but there is vastly loo i.^-ch intelligence in llic Inflow lor it lo go lo pieces. OiilEide of Gchrig, uickcy, and faclkirk. Ihe ivorlrt champions are a young club, nnd one with unlimited resources. Gelnig is 35, but lias nil the enthusiasm he ixxssessc-l when he started his amazing con', sccutivc game string in June, 1923 Dickey Is 31, and Selkirk 30. but take perfect care of themselves warmer' with both ugg" and getting slugged when w»icl° i«,i *i f "- ?"'-> I >»~Jl.l. 'finishing louche.'. Art Perkins look two straight rails to win over lough Jack Smith who made a last match of a ni; the way although lie failed to gain a tumble. Perkins used- the rolling sliort. arm scissors to take the 1 first in J2 minutes. The Detroit 'whirlwind threw Smith over the ropci and almost knocked him out but 'he iRller finally climbed back into Ihe ring ant) Perkins took advantage or Smilh's dazed condition' to put a series of (lying leg scissors on him and win the second and deciding fall in |e;i minutes. Uon Hunliiig Profitable SAUNAS. Cal. (UP)-Slcvc Avlla can make a comfortable living out of Ihe choice siwrl of hunting mountain lions. He has chalked up Clarence Mallmire. grounds ciis- odimi. 53it | the diamond and out- icld were in e.vcelleiit shape airl that seating facilities had been a ranged to cnrc for 3500. grandstand, rtecivcd and a , ving aml( , x 011 ; reserved scclion. Space has been Provide inside the spacious Lego Park to park more Ihai, ., thous" his 151st each lion boiinlles. ' Victim. Ho 'gets $45 for in state' and county Speedway race will not be compelled lo carry a mechanic this ar ifeither will they be limited the amount nor the kind ol gasoline used. Last year tiiey were compelled to use slock'gasoline. ===== GLENCQE BARBER SHOP Earl E. Parker, ffap. Cltncoc Hotel Bldg. "EXfERT JMMCtmiNG" games here Thursday. tjvccn ; ttast Louis i,»,M C1 ' SV1 ' ficipalcd a record crowd, b.iirln-. inclement weather. "mir, Van L. Johnson, in cliarce ol advance sales of reserved seatf and general admission. ,;aid thu advance sales were very satlsfclorv l.c and other legion ofli'.-lats bclicml space just outside the pnvk will accommodate niiRllier. thousand. Manager Bimny Simmons today Had not decided ou his batting order, nor his starting moumlsmnn. He is sending ihe Piiok, member or the Cardinals farm svstem, through two dally workout sessions MI Dfopjirniion for (lie game with Iheir "big brothers," ami also to get them in shape for the opening of the Northeast Arkansas Lca"iic schedule, which begins April 28 Freddie I_;onhaidt , 1537 iji^i. Ea-.ker lor the Pilot,-;, reported Sunday, as did Mondon. new shortstop. Hubby Miiml World'Trip '' MOUNT CLEMENS. Mich. IU!>) —Jules Charhncan in Ills youth saw the world I'M (hn navy and collected miniatures, qh .shore- leave. Now a 25,800-piecc TOllct-lloii Is taking him around 'llic worU again. Miller. ,._..,,. , m ,, rs - i 1 . 1 ' "' >li151 wa'^s .star 1:1 " "'.('fly 11 To:ifs m ,ui('| l|! ' i^,',", '•iM-h, i'! Ve 'T e " • s " 1 ' 1 ( " "" l (ii'ri -i'l '"'" ""berlii | s W llh 1 lO (|ll|( (| u , j,, ltno . tncatcd it tle.sli\' Ui V- 1 :.. '"'' !l'o lean,, included ura •• Mi'Cuulkv, Wniner »i>| h., s n '"• t'mokcy limiu, „„'<! car) "ci. Moiu-ltc, who claim ( 0 piny llic Ci'ir.t Piirhc.s, 'i U i"i.5''""'' s "I 1011 ""'I' 1 live unini. will! llr'Para^""'" 1 '' A " rl ' '"• Bscluloi- Lcarnc About Income Tw Peduction . Jl'-. R, 1. (Ul'l —Ailfi fiicjiMs lux oddities: • A bachelor. lv ho cmiiloved ., duc'r^'^rs'^^r l f^*ttti£ >:'>c threatened !„ quit if z dkln't' i lie govci'iimcnt rule;! tlie liou-v nnd" CI ' T, 5 ,"",™" 18 '""' llvclil '°°< mid coulflii'i be classed as n de Dcndent under the tow, j All the-main railroads In rtu- Giants To Play Cards On Sunday w Blylhovllio oinnls, duolioni' ihurtdiiy n\ter gc iu,, g (ll simpo „ Ihe i'\jrt smith trulnlng carnn o wu hern f ollu c i,, bs ot ,,,„ Ncs lork cilatil^, parent club, will en gage Die CarnthcwvllJo Pilots, thel arch rivals of the NorUiwsl Ar Kansas Icngiic IK their (lrs|, dx- li Wtlon uniiie n(t er Ui«lr wlval Hie gnmo will bo |>l»ycd Rt en- riilliersvlllc nnd will' begin nt a:3 Lnsl Siinduy afternoon (lie Giants cot mi exhibition w , l)ei , 4 (0 0 lo l ueli bigger brothers, ilia j'\j r t ~mtlh Cllants at Pprt Sjnlh. 'Hie fort Smith club Jutnjx-d on Jodie Decree, nildgpt sonilipatt-. for wo lilts and Hucc runs in Iheir jlrst lurn at bat. Four solid hlls m (he second inning put u, 0 8nmo safply In F 0 ,i jsnillh's bug. Tlio l*on Smith club also 1.11 Die olfer- of Lofty Tvanb'urk but Lewis n did well for llic Hobo clan in (ho Inst (wo ImiljigN •llic third base play of Andy Dvorak of Ihe Illyllievllle chlb and I'erryiimnjK- For I Smith stpotl out, Bureau Reports 74 Reservoirs In Arid Lands WASiiwcrroN~('up)- < riie hu- I.™ 1 ' °. "•efliiniiUion IIRK Indtcutcd t UKTC win be mi mleqimio ti 'Ply of wiilci; for Irrigation In ii.n w \ !'"" aoin| -»''l<l '"'Ma of «"o West during (liu (jiiminer. iwo new Irrlniillon storage reservoirs put Into service |ji|* month fAGB -PlVi Newport Squad Startt Practice Grind Today NEWPORT, "A7k~ April 12- Cdiidldatcs for Our Newport Cardl- iwls of llic Norlhcaw Arkankasi have begun arriving and "'" lej th'f ^iikM^, ll " rsu11 Panor r * Yi cd 8t * tcs are th <> Curtlissl •* aild - 30 |p7'i« C 'i'{ i i> } * w , (l > 8|vp all rwit- M In tliis scci|oii trybuts uiH" it o playing ecnson 'opens, April 28 when the team roster must bo ic- rtuccd to 16 players. Olllclnls niniounced llmt «ix Italy candidates will rciwrt today will) members of last year's team Veterans returning Include Mur- Bliall Homphlil,- ilussoll Mny, Don. »1<I llautncr, Jlowiird Swcckatd iltcliwa; oinicncc Ifarrls, (list lasoiimn; Robert O'Urlen, cntcncr, Mnunger Thorp? Hamilton has cliedtled live exhibition games, he Ihst lo to played wltli Orcen- llcr, tjunday, April 17. The fol- owlitit Tuesday the Cards play 'ortla. Harding college, Friday, '»! Dip House of David, Sattir- The club will o|)crulcd this year 5 a community pro|X>sl(loii with mils donated by the city of New- ovt and the Chamber of Com- icicc. Miulon Dickens, prominent owsporl |juslnes.s iiKin. owiifi Ihe iiuchlsc und made tin; league ilc-i Dfill, I NO TRICK HO WTO ROLL NEATER, FIRMER MAKINS SMOKES: . THANKS TO THAT <F£CW(. CRIMP CUT, PRINCE ALBERT i LAYS RI5HT _. _ 1 (Inn roll your-own eletrtttn in ' <ft rr Z-n, tin of PKnw PRINCE ALBERT *HE NAIIOKftt JOY iMOKE c eriit voservolrs which ivl|J bo ' useful mis siimmev lo 1), The new reservoirs were those ncatcd by unily dam, on Uun, UP i«i ;- '"" c " bft110 D "" 1 on he ||ln Clran:le. N. M. unity L»m, now completed, has created '' ,," MC1 :, 1 ' 1 ' 1 '- »f 2S.2UO acre-fee while n,c cabiDIo i),',!,i. 75 ,,cr -x_m. completed will crate (l rc.sor- o( wllh a capaclly of 350,000 acre- SEAT 1938 COVERS mSERVES THE VPHOLSTEAV • Holoia th« fresh, now appepzono ol your uplioloioty; wllh Ihoso alttacliro eoat cov&f?. ' Thoy nti Itillorod to ill unuglr; Avallablo in ploosiag colo:a~ mado oi sliong, woar resisting labrlc. II yout «oaln aro apotloi ond worn, ihooo covoro mako thoi car Interior look liko nevr. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Slh Hiul Wnlntit I'huiic 810 .WASH S: (WICASK ?1.0() H. II. "Esso" Slatlnii illnlii and Division BUY NOW! While Kuying fs Gmul! You will p;iy niorc—S50 fo $2(10— for (he sanic <yiie automobile Wl days from now. IMS Chevrolet M.-.slci- Tann acrtan, with ita- 'iio & Healer'::.. °v»s $265 Hemprrhoids^Piies CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTKKU Biff, tnrt iod wlt(i lc«i discomfort. AU MKuts ind conflKloni ef jierroni origin, foot lUmCDlt and lUa ctortrj Ueated *nd tnred «t our cllnlo. : ' ' • '• - • ' & MES SU Mata Phone M WjthetUe*, Ark. i mi Chevrold. tf>mr Coach. Only tj»iy,) j lf>.!3 ford V-3 tf-OD P/i I *•»<'•"• $oo,5U ! r r "f s i> ^ K ' ^ ••"• «»'.. price's J'cmplanc. All Easy G'AIAC Payment Plan Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone 633 How to be a good husband next Sunday ' N-F.XT SWNDAy i, fcastcr. And l o be a credit, not a clcbil, to your wife, do this... Pick out a new Arrow shin at our store. We s () ccify "Arrow," because Arrow-in addition to making (he most famous while shirts in the world-has also created 1938's handsomest group of ncw patterns. Also, pick out a new Arrow tie am j a ncw Arr(W hondkcrchipf to go with (h» shin. This will ,,, ;l kc your Easter lur/i-out faultless. Arrow shirts, S2 up. Arrow tics, SI and SI 50 Arrow handkerchiefs, 25o up. ' . HUGHES # (JO. SHIR TSi JIM WENT TO THE CELLAR Last night Jim, our next-door neighbor, went to the cellar and lookecj 6yer his (ayt year's porch'furni^re.- His appraising eye saw all the scratches and wear given the chairs last year by his three growing boys! Jim decided that he needed some, paint and a new brush; and planned to take that furniture out in the backyard next Saturday afternoon for the annual cleaning-up process. Curious, but men a!j over the country are now thinking of paint, and seeds, ancl outdoor games. And —a new hat, a new suit and some new shirts. And maybe the women don't feel the urge to buy new things!. And why shouldn't they? Why be content with old things when there is money for new? Merchants' arc offering the latest goods of all sorts in the advertisements in this newspaper. Go to them as you would to old friends. You can rely upon their descriptions of every article.

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