The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1939
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VOI,m,R,xxXVT-NO. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - _™ G DOMrNANT ™ PAPE a OP NORTHBAW AriKANSA8 AND SOtm^ u,*™*. ^~* ? ? ^ Blythevllle Courier Blytlievlllc Herald Britain and France Will Send Military Mission To Moscow Mississippi Valley Leader BJylhevillo Dally News AND SOUTHEAST MISSGUR! Dy Unllca Cress Groat Britain am) Franco completed preparations lodi ft frfiMs s'r^s£^i'» iS-isS'irpssrias,;;^™ Some drama attended the plans for sending Iho missions when it ' was announced unexpectedly (hat the- French misslcn would Join the one in England tomorrow nnd go by boat to avoid passiii" Uirugh German territory " Apparently the two Bcvcnimcnl- considered it Inadvisable 1 10° r.* of an accident on German lei- •I'ory m .rending more than 40 mil tary men by (rain or airplane the missions will car secret, instructions and document any. such accident might have im through German territory While Great Britain and Franc: flcnt ahead with their Russian Plans an important conference wa arranged at Lake; Como, Italy, be tv/cen the Japanese ambassadors tc Berlin and Rome. Kalian source, believed tlie meeting was to dis cuss methods of procedure if Jnpai joined Germany and Italy in a mil- ilauy alliance and nlso Ihe possibility that Ilaly or Germany or boll act as friendly mediators in the Japanese-Chinese war. The three main leaders cf the Japanese Imperial army met in Tokyo and canvassed the international situation thoroughly to decide on n line of policy. The Japanese army "is so powerful politically that Us decisions mn.y well dictate Japan's future course ns regards Europe, tho United states, Great Britain and Russia. Australia Hushes War Plniios CANBERRA. Australia (UP)—Tlie Royal Australian Air Force expects to have nt least 350 first, line war planes within 18 months. This fi»- ure excludes planes which are to be built in Australia under the British Air Mission's scheme. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 3. (UP)-Cdt- lon .closed steady. oa, /; D"e£ ...'.*'., Jan Mar. ...... Mnv July .'. Spots closed open '300383 871 . 859 840 823 iligll 608 .- 8S9 870: 8S7 851 &30 1 0 «-.-close 8Q6 .877 867 854 837 822 001 886 872n 863 8-tG 829n nominal at DS4, off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 3. (UP;-Trade buying lifted cotton futures alter opening easiness the. market closed two points off. open . 010 loday and unclinnonl (o Police To Renew Car Tag Drive; ay 500 Tagless With 'only 970 Blythcville cal- ami truck bearing city licenses fo 1939, police today announced a flnn drive lo cornel motorists to bin tlie lays at five dollars each. H is estimated Hint 1500 tags should be sold this year to car am truck owners within the city limits Police Chief E. A. Rice said that while only slightly more than 1000 were sold last year lhat he had been given orders to issue warrants fcr all those net having Ihe licenses m an effort, to force all to have motor vehicles licensed. Several motorists were each fined five dcllars, in addition to buying the tags, in a recent drive Motorists owning ears and using ictn prior to July l are subject to Die five dollnr tiigp fee while drivers of cars purchased and used sin Oct, Jan. ... Mar. ... May ... July ... SfMls changed. 883 .... 809 .... 851 832 closed ci high 918 BOO USA 875 857 838 lo«DOS 888 880 8CS 850 832 at 893. c | osc 9IG 897 88-S 8T3 85G Stock Prices NEW YORK, All: Stocks advanced into new hit?h ground on the recovery movement lot my, wilh volume approaching- the million share marl: A. T. & T Anaconda cop. ,......, ASEOC. D. G : • • •. Beth. Sloe! Beth Steel Boeing Air Chrysler '.'.'."'" Coca Cola '..'.'.'".'" Gen. Elec Den. Mot. Int. Harvest ......... Montgomery Ward ."". N. Y. Contra! Packard Phillips Pet Radio Sehenly Dist. .......... Simmons Soconv Vac Std. Oil N. J Texas Corp. U S. Smelt U. S. steel :' . 3. (UP>- 1C3 27 :)-8 S 3-3 22 1-2 62 S-C 22 1-2 82 133 38 1-8 •IB 3-8 53 52 1-2 15 H-3 3 1-2 34 1-2 Vice President Stands To Gain Most By "No Politics" Law WASHINGTON, Aug 3 (UP) — /ice President John N. Garner's .ntl-lhird term presidential candl- acy appeared loday to have bene- nled from President Roosevelt's pprovm (if " the .- Hatch' '<2ean- iDlitics ^bill. The 'Improvement of Gamer's hances coincided with n white louse move possibly calciilnled to c-oreanize some of the campaign Machinery which functioned al- lost perfectly for Mr. Roosevelt 193C. Garner's only public politienl ommitment (his session was to ob- iln enactment of the Hatch bill'. i'K friends have organized a pres- dentinl campaign for him on a basis which scarcely can avoid ultimately lo draw Mr. Roosevelt's Acting President Pledges Impartial Study Of Educational Program BATON ROUGE , Ln .. Aug. 3 >-A comprehensive survey ol program at scan- Die educational diil-forn Louisiana Stale University "'us promised today by acting president Pan! M. Hcucrt, LV. Hcuert. who succeeded tlie iireh-liKlictod Dr. James Monroe iniui, said nl summer graduation 1 exercises last night it, was necessary j Hint partisan political Inllueiices be removed from the huge Institution which the lale Sen H»ev P Long referred lo as "my school."' A plea for restoration of confidence in LSU was made by Gov. K. Long who presented diplomas to 373 summer school graduates. "Because five or six individuals are found not to be what people thought (hey were does not mean liat L.S.U. will not carry on " Ihe An impartial education high standing win h Heberl said. UK siiggcsleci' J 'liml"lt selected Suspicion Grows flnu S. O. S. IVtay Be Hoax AUB, 3. (U p)_ A sh(l , MIAMI, the Dmikwn's position lodny nnd ti er or her crew. The R. s. Celba. ono of (he five ,„ 8Wlt , H her lle In advised liwl she Wi " The S S. Cflta, n fruit vessel, l.rr search lo the llahama Islands, Tropical Hndlo .„,- rep e d A coast guard ,,]„„„ out or the M| nl)ll tase lof (lvi , ,„„ ' ', '? ' mi extensive senreh of (ho Atl.mti, ,.„,„, p ln ,, (ill sti, It ™ Ui" Ploi-ldn keys and sighted nolliihg here ilehtoii nothing. The federal communications officer would make nn Investigation of Ihe mi\ssngcs tlm Dimkwa's assorted plight. There wns <i stnini- SMS- calls, which started last night, wore n h'oiix i,U agency Militia Reaches Scene Of Pitched Battle At Site Of Federal Dam ' li '"" J niBht be done by The'teoc'iaUon',"""^ 0 is thc >jl°°<lslW -L^T 1 ?™". univcrsiiu-s, the u. s.; llas bocn the scone of a violent JnlW't'lispilte.' - ^ .j- - - «.~. . IF* 1.1 W V LI '- tlie eclonil dmn «ii e licro, which opposition. But the federal • polili- cal machine may be ham-strung by She Hatch bill because it outlaw's organized political activity by thousands of government employes Postmaster General James A Fill-ley's smartly run organization also got a jolt when that, bill became a law. The Democralic National League, which was a co» in tlie 193G machine. They were accompanied by Charles Mlchelson puWicity director of the Demo- cralic Nalionnl commillee and Lowell Mcllett, director of the National emergency council. None would discuss the White House con- fercncc. Organized by Stanley High, who subsequently "lost favor wilh Hie president, the league rallied educational, religious and similar organizations to the New Deal, The conference revived third term speculation on (he 12th anniversary of the announcement by the late Calvin Coolidgc that: "I do not choose to run." Mr. Roosevelt has avoided any public commitment on a third term and Washington opinion is divided. 3-4 Wood Carvers In One 24 1-2 11 3-8 35 5-8 54 57 3-4 Livestock nip, T ' LOU[S ' 1!I " A "B- 3. <UP>— Ho»s: 7,200 Top, C.50 170-230 Ibs., S.40-G50 140-160 Ibs., 5.50-5 60 Bulk sows. 4.50-525 Cattle: 2.200 Steers, ff.25-9.50 •Slaughter steers. 6.25-10.25 .Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.50-9.35 .Slaughter heifers. 625-915 Beef cows, 5.00-6.00 Cutlers and low cutters. 3'.50-4,75 Chicago Wheat open high Sept, 61 1-2 65 nee. 65 1-8 655-8 G3 3-4 64 1-2 close C4 I-a G4 7-8 Chicago Corn open high Sept. 41,3-4 42 1-2 Dor. -12 1-8 n 1-2 low 41 1-4 -II 1-2 close 41 5 . 8 41 1.3 Family For Centuries BOSTON. Mass. (UP) — Carl Office of Education, The American , Council On Education or a similar rennlzallon.' i "It is absolutely essential that' tnlc higher education should be ree from partisan iroltlical in- uenccs," Dr. iiebert said. "A pub- cly supported institution of high- ' r learning. Die creature of all the cople, It should not be subservient i or dictated to by any partisan ' ronp or faction." i Disclosure of the first of the' 'idcspread scandals came nearly months ago . when n LSU •uck wns revealed to have deliv- recl state building materials to 'lends of former Gov. Richard w. Leclic. in succeeding weeks scores of federal, state and parish mvesligalors were assigned lo work on Ihc charges or graft. j O. .John Rogge, Assistant U S ' ' - , Atl.oriie'y -General, said nt New. Or/"' l leans last niglit the ''lederal "investigation Into political corruption' .was tlie largest ever conducted as! far as the number of subjects concerned. The government Taft Is First To Enter G. 0. P. Rac<> WASHINGTON, Aug. 3. (UP) -Senator Robert A. Taft (Rep O.) today nnnounced that lie is n candidate for the liepublicnn nomination for president in 1840 He revealed iiis stand In a letter ID Ohio Republicans, nu- thcnzlng them to enter his name for consideration In ui 0 primaries. Taft was the flrst candidate to make a formnl announcement of his cnmlidncv for the 1040 campaign has more than 00 Invest ign tors and attorneys at work on the manifold scandals. Rogge nlso said the investigation, with the. exception of those underway in Illinois, was the largest the government has made in many years. Long said he assumed no responsibility for n radio attack on the federal agencies made last Monday by Shirley Wimbcrly New Orleans attorney, and denied Uiat Wimbcrly had been his law part" ner. '"It is my firm opinion," Lone "that Mr. Wimberly's crk snid, icisms of the Hon. Frank Murpliy and his capable aides and representatives who are now engaged In the fulfillment of the duties devolving upon lliem and their honor were especially ill-advised and in bad taste. Mo attack upon these gentleuient, no matter how adroitly or violently expressed, can ever possibly redound to (he permanent, good of anyone." Smilli Hack fn New Orleans NEW ORLEANS, Aug. :! (1JP)~ >. James Monroe Smith was re- •urned to custody of federal authorities today from n two-day tay In Baton nougc where Ills only daughter Iny critically in. Apparently refreshed, the indicted former president, of Louisiana State University aWaitcd his arraignment, in federal court tomor- •ow with foiir others on charges of using tlie mails to defraud in connection with the -oiiisiana scandals. many-sided Dr. Smith never saw his daugli- er during the two days in Baton Rouge. She developed blood poisoning after giving birth to a child ' ^l»«i il, -'w »'-'ll^ uj^Lll l(j j^ LII1IU Carlson. lO-year-old veteran wocd on July 15 but her condition to"""" — •=-- •• - 'tl^y was reported greatly improved. Tomorrow the former educator must answer lo charges of usin" the mail lo defraud in connection with an allegedly fictitious sale of fixtures in a New Orleans hotel to L.S.U. carver, is celebrating his 50th year as n master craftsman in an'art thnt is ns old ns man. Still at his bench in his tiny shop, this gray, gaunt, keen-eyed artist transforms blocks of wcorl Into carvings of Intrinsic beauty. His ivork In colonial reproduction, ships' heads and all manner cf artistry In wood are t boe found in prominent hcmcs. churches and public buildings throughout the nation. Born in Lindome. Sweden. Carlson has followed his ancient craft since bcyhood. Through his forebears he traces his relationship wilh the art back Into the Middle j Ages. Many framed carvings in ancient casllos throughout the Scandinavian countries are the work of his ancestors. Associated with him in his highly specialized work is a sen, Carl A. Carlson Jr., who has already established a reputation in decorative carving. Moody Brothers Pass 253rd Hour In Air SPRINGFIELD. 111., Aug. 3. (UP) —Tlie flying Mocdy brothers, Howard mii) Hunter, holders of a new ' nance record for light their 253rd hour m , " lr B '«l James S. German, 79, Succumbs At Hospital Here Early Today c ,STEELE, Mo., Aug. 3._Jnihcs S. founding of Ihe First school mid church In stcele, died this morning , g at the Walls licspital of Blylhevillc He wns 19 en June 3. One of the oldest stcele, he settlers of ns n leader In develop- ment of educational nnd religions activities of tlie town having served ns n member of Ihc schcol board and n deacon In the Methodist church for many years. He had acquired extensive farming interests since he cnme here (JO years ago from Hector Ark Born In West Tennessee, lie' went to Rector when a young man and resided there for a short time before coming to Slcelc. He had been In apparent good Health iniill stricken 111 Saturday night of n staunch ailment and lie was removed to the hospital Sunday. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, at (tie Methodist church, with the Rev H. S. Holley, paster, officiating, assisted by other ministers of Stcele Burial will be made at Mount Zion cemetery, This is tiie fourth death in the immediate family of Mr. German during the past 18 months. T*o sons, Edgar and John German, nnd Mrs. Edgar German, all of stcele have died during that time. Mr. German is survived by Ills wife, Mrs. Modenn Scott German- one son, J. b, German; one dnugli- ler, Mrs. T. I. Brooks; cno jslsler, Mrs. Nancy Gunn, all of Slceie, and one brother, Ike German, of Hector. German Undertaking Company is in charge. Fate Deadly On mock NEW ORLEANS (UP) — Strange i fale is 'Working in the 2,400 W:clc ! of Columbus st. Four rcsidcnls of the block have met violent dentil in the past 13 months. Tlie olhers arc thinking about changing their house numbers or moving. Peasants See "Monster" ROME (UP) _ it looks as if ihc Loch Ness monster's little brother ' His Hiinoiinccnicnt was made, Jimvever, be-fore he had conferred ivllli leaders of the oppaslng faction which still were <\ mvln up In rattle formation nt (he big $44,000 UW irrigation and conservation pro- Jcci. Rlclmrdson, two hours before hh announcement, had moved two companies of mlUlla through Ihe nearby lown of Kranmlliiff and advanced on Ihc "No Man's Lnnd" around the dam slle hoping to\ie- eoliate pcrsonnlly n lempornrv settlement. At least, six men Imd been wounded, roads nnd bridges had wen dynamited nnd bullets slill were glancing off the rocky Icrraln nnd whining up the Green Mountain valley when llic troops arrived. The soldiers, mobilized by Oov R. L. Can-, whp..|ii-polnlmed that • n stale %of: insiirrcclloii, ,exls(s " arrived with full ''tattle' accoutre- ment !( fier a /long struggle over the damaged mountain rqncls. The Woody 'battle at tho dmi slle earlier was the climnx o'f three weeks strike of Amcrlcni Federation of Labor unions HVHSIRGBH1 Same Coalition Tlinl Boat Leding Bill Tul'ns Trick WASHINGTON', — Hid )imi<i« loda fur Its 1)111 AUK. II. (ltl>) killed ,1'ii'sl- SKIiiJ.CUJd.UOO 'nyliitf a rule WASHINGTON, A\IU. H (UP) — The house opened dcbali; loilny that, wns expected lo end wilh n ™te klllint; President rfoixwHl's $11(10,1100,000 housing program Surveys Indicated Die .same Ue- imlillcan - conservativ coalition which killed Democratic the While House lending program, would nlso defeat the housing bill, possibly by a vote margin. Acllon on the housing measure WHS not expected to iilfcct adjournment, which is expected by Saturday iilglil. The senate wns marking time, awaiting committee action on the deficiency bill. The measure probably ivlll be Inkcn up on thu senate floor tomorrow. Prospects brightened somewhat on social security act amondmcnUi, sunned la n dispute belween iioiiso md fcx'iinlc conferees over n senate provision for two-for-onc federal contributions lo stnlc old n«c pensions up to $15. Ohtflvnmn Hobcrl u rjovujhlon (Dem!, M. C.) of tho houso ways nnd means commlUco sinn'mcmcd i dual meeting of conferees lalo May and attempted uient. nn ngrcc- BWSEFF.1S SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS —-—. Bailey's Refunding Bill Passed, House Will Adjourn Today n spccinl Rossion which coiwcncil on .July -——' Then nt ip, m . Frank Williams T •> T< • i 1 'Molllc Tlirower 1,1'ITLK ROCK, Ark., AUK, ;i _ RenresenliUlves n. Frank Williams of Osceoln, Mississippi county, nni "an w. jolmsloiv of ciw-ksvlllo Johnson county were Ihc prlnei- )nl ilgurcs yestmlny In the storm- esl session of (he special Icglsln- tlvn session, Ucprcscntallvii Johmiton Ihrew n bolllc across thu house chamber nl ucprcsc-ntnllve Williams afler Iho Osccola legislator, rising lo n point of personal privilege, referred i< Mr. Jolmslon us "Umt big f«t head from Johnson county who hits been pom-ing It, on mo for (ho past two Jays." The bottle grazed Mr. Williams inn and slrucjt the readinif clerk'a desk, narrowly mining three ncws- miicrmi'ii. HepiTOentntlVft Williams •usiicd lownrd Mr. Jolmslon w |(|- clcnclied lists but more (linn n •lozcn colleagues intervened. Knrller Mr. Johnston cnnie ncai oloivs with Rcprescnlntlvo Willlnm u. Wnrd of Lee county when Mr Jolmslon clinrt'cd Mr. Ward mu other Icglslntors hud been Influenced by patronage In vollng for n, ( . 'undlng bill. irst' Sec I ion Lines To B( Soon Of Energizcc >loye(l by the Warner ConslrueUoi Company, contractors for (he hug irojcct. The trouble centered on i lemnncl for n-clcscd shop, Congress- of Industrial Orgnnl/.n- .ion workers Vefnsccl to pass the A. F. of u picket, lines and Jolnec heir rivals In the endeavor (o irevcnl n back lq work inovcincni vlilcli precipitated the fighting. Armed with deer rifles nnd slx- hsoters of Ihe old west patten business men went to ' trcinmllu he aid of the anti-strikers. ' vcrc desperate because payroll toppagc had ruined their business Farmers joined them because heir long sought irrigation project 'as endangered. Newcomer for •• ' Netherlands in Cat ami snake liatlte KIALLA, Australia (UP)—A cat , here fcught a battle lo death with ' a huge black snake In an effort to I save her three kittens. The next appearance of a strange land min- ster which was first supposed to have been seen 32 years ago. German Catholics Counted BERLIN (UP)—SWcc Hie incor- According to noted scientists, morning (wo .f u», CX!- BIJ;KUN (UP)-sWcc o«r oldMt ccwns were for met found dead W iM, M „ ' f " S VVerC ?° ratl ° n 0[ ^ lV)5lria a " d a, )0l ,t. U03.000,C0 0 5 ,ai, ago. lfflll ? n ^^^<^ ^ ^.{SfT.. «A« «5» Catholics in Germany, Crown Princess Juliana of tho Netherlands, rcporlcd expert a " ..The .flrst sccllpn o( the -Run Electrification lilacs in Mlsslsslpi County is expected lo be e" iy Sept. 15 nnd Ihe entire prolec completed by Oct. l, It i\ M heei niijiciinccd by Ji. c. Knappcn berger, superlnlendcnt of the Colin ty Rural Electrification Assoclatloi which Is sponsoring- (lie inllln project. :. . •' Since actual construction of tin lines by the Blglcy Electric. Com patiy of Findlny, Ohio, slnrlcc July 17, there Imve been BO mile of iralcs erected. All of the pole nrc expected lo be set by Aug. IB Merc than 100 farm houses 'have already been wired for electric service and many of llic farmer nlong the lines have already pur chased electric pumps, muses am other cnufpnicnt nnd a few arc n (lie present lime having modcn plumbing Installed for Ihelr homes There nrc 450 farmers signed up for users. Tills project, Is giving employment lo 11 number of local men, in addition lo the engineers with the canlrnctor. The work of building and energizing ihc 210 miles will require tile use of 3500 poles, 300 mites of aluminum wire nnd 36.000 ninn hours cf cmplaymt... In direct Inlwr nlone, It U estimated. Work on Ihc project slnrted nt the substation slle nt Dearmnn, v.o miles east of Dell, mid jwles inve been set soiilli of Oils point o Highway 40, west of Osceoln, nnd southeast to Clear Lake 'Farm. Poles nre now being set In the Inlf Moon territory. Approximately two thirds cf the poles hnvc been received nnd distributed over most of the territory with the exception of tlie Lcnehville nnd Manila. sec- Ion. The remainder of the poles nre expected nt nny time and will be distributed ti[>:u Ihelr arrival Supervision of the work Is under !i. Ethridgc, resident engineer cr the Cooperative and Mel ISlg- cy is in charge of the work for Hie ontractlng company. The Bigley Electric Company, In addition to this project, Is con- Irucllng a rural electrlflcalien pro- eel near DcQueen, Ark., nnd anther near Houston, Texas. Mr. Bigley left the first of the week o start another project near Fort Vorth, Texas. High School Girl Slays Her Brother BIO STONE GAP, Vn Alig .1 (UP)-Policc held a high school girl today for killing her 20-year- old brother during a quarrel. 'He Irlcd to get the gun, and I bent him to the draw," she said. Deputy Sheriff p. H. Kennedy said .1 murder charge would be placed against Ailcen Hnmmitl, 15. who admitted firing live shots into the body of lacy Kammltt. Jr., l ."™ r ' 1tlcc , salesman, He said that ''* " W qlwrrcl> Hammllt al ' TERRORIST Interrupt Activities 0! Japanese Inspired 'Grovij At Shanghai SUANOIIAT Aug 3 (UP)-Itnl lan mnilncs lurioundcd nnd ni rested todnj n gioup of Iciioilsis ticlici'cd lo be a.isoclMcil' with th Japanese, who Invaded n school nt he wealern end of Ihe Intcrna- llmml sclllcmcnt and sought lo hold it us their "heailqimrlprs " Vi'oin •to lo 50 of Ihc lerrarlsl.f nrmcd with revolvers nnd the famous Chinese "big words," made ihelr wny into Ihi! school, In (lie Jessfleld I'nrk urea, and <l<'niiimlcd Uiat It bo cvncunled. Tivo hundred Ilnllini mnrlties KUnntlng Ihe Inlernalloiml settlc- mcnl boundaiy. innlntnlned a qulei slcgc on .Die school for two hours Thc|i Ihe Imrorlsts aiirreiulcred wltliciil resistant ami under arrest. - , Iiouja adopted a H'.wluliwi setting 'slue illc adjournment for 2:4S p ril tills nflcriiooii. The same measure passed by (he house today was apinovcd In the' tennlii Twxdny night after long' limns of debate mid transmitted ID lli(! lower chamber yesterday for Miiemrciiee In ifl amendments. Opiionciits at the hill, wlio called Hiemsfilves the 'fnllhful 12,'- look (urns during Ihe morning in speak- me . rtRnlnst the incasino 'during house debate. • " ; Supporters of tlm measure predicted In debate thai better-Jmsl- ucss conditions would exist (in'oughont. Arkansas after passage of the bond refunding legislation. Qov. natlcy hi his office received notice Hint the measure had passed nnd expressed thanks to tegls- Intovs wlio culled on' him. The general nssembiy demonstrated n most commcndnble nlll- lude lownrd Ihe only relief possli ble from the 1931 lefunding net In passing this measure," Bnlley said. "Our form of governmeiit Is composed of three branches, The legislnlnre ns one bianch hns iioV done tl,s part in relieving Arkansas from her l>oinlnge, 'Ilie dulles 'of tlie clilcf executive' nnd the plldl- dnry In.removing the yoke nrc yet lo be cnrricd out. "While I nm full of feeling of appreciation lownrd [those -who hnvc suppoiled' ths refunding I freely iiccord to those who opposed II, n presumption of good .fnllli on their part," The govcinor then announced he had called meetings of. the stnte^ refunding bonul and Ilia stntii flnnifcc' board for Saturday. .Chen.-of his office said Hint (lie (wo. boards In sepamte meet- Ings would discuss refunding operations with tlie governor. Increase In Towhsend Membership Reported A Iniga Increi-w'"In mciubersiilp wns spoiled last night by Ihn socrctno- nt, Hie meeting of the Towmeiid club, No. One, - nt the court house, it was repsilcd. Lemlcimle Fowler's band -played sevenil selections during the program nt, -which time Misses Alleen mid Blllle Dallas sang, uecompa- ilcd by Mv. Powlor on Ihe violin, mid Bennlc flliadcs sang "Freight Train IJluesi" were put . Unconfirmed reports said that Ihe terrorists were associated with Wang Chlii(r-wel, former Chinese liremler who hns been cooperating her second at first f ° r 32 c « llb ™ «'llh Ihc Japanese for several months and hns been mentioned ns possible choice for lendrahlp In a Jnimucse- sponsored "central government, In .laimneso-occnpled ter- 'ilory. A (Jnlletl Press dispatch from 'clplng said thai due to iho Jno- .ncse-sponsored unll-Qrllisli oam- 'algn In northern China, (he Cnn- adlan Mission Hospital at.Chung- ch had been forced lo return Jhlnesc patients to rclnllves, Anli- firlllsh activities had coinpellnl Chinese employes, Including nurses, c quit. U was alleged (lint <luc lo lack f projicr nursing facilities. Minnie Shipley, of London, Ontario, died f typhus nl Hie hospilnl July ,11. Negress Killed In Automobile Accident OSCEOLA. Ark., Aug. 3.—Fannie "Jolnn. 19-year- old negre.w, wns Hied in nn automobile accident on he Clay Ayres farm near here ist Sunday night, It hns been rc- cnleri. The iiegrc.w was riding In a car >'lt!i fl negro by the tin me of Percy Inrdmvny. Rosic Rosenstrong, wit- ess, said that following their re- urn from church In Osccola the cgro girl and man got into an Id model coupe nnd started home trough the Held. The girl, who wns just learning to drive n car, turned off n bridge into a drainage ditch in the field nnd was pinned underneath the wheel of Ihc car. Attend Convention At Heber Springs E. .r, Ilenlon, Picj-d A. White, O. n. Curler nnd Nelll Reed nre attending the 52nd minimi reunion of tho Veterans of All Wars today anil tomorrow nt Hebcr Springs. Mr. need, a charier member nnd first ccminniider of Ihe Saxtcn- Wlllls post nt Heliei- Springs, will deliver the icspoine (o the welcoming address. Belter Civic Service , Studied By Kiwanians 'Ilin niylhevlllc- Kiwanls club discussed ways and metins of pro. vldlng more pITcclive civic service for tlio city nt Us regular Wednesday nlglit meeting at tlie liotel- The club had no guest speaker, discussion of dub nctlvlllr-s nnU Interests occupying Ihe se.islon. Age of Man Reckoned At 2,000,000 Years LONDON <UP)-!tfen existed nt leasl 2.000,000 years ago, tack In (he Mlccenc age, James Reid Moir, who delivered the Huxlty Memorial Lecture for 1939, said. The eldest of all traces of intelligence are the stone implements nnd engravings on horn and bone found at Atirllliac France, he declared. in central These could not have been made by an ape of any type. 1939 Farm Program Is Outlined For Rotarians Deputy Sheriff Jake Thrnilkill investigated the accident. Is Held To Circuit Court On Incest Charge L. C. Cantrell was held lo circuit court In municipal court today on charge of incest which grew out The farm program for 1939 was discussed at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Rolnry club at the Hotel Noble today by H. D. Richardson, senior field assistant of the AAA office here. OucsU> at the. meeting were Ben Butler of Osceola. Byron Rhodes Morse of Fort Smith, and Paul E. Cooiey. , WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight cf charges made by Iiis l5-ycnr-o)d nnd Friday daughter. The girl hns been plncert Memphis and vicinity - Partly in lie custcdy of probation officers cloudy tailghl. and Friday, sllehtJy lending disposition of the ca.w, cooler tonight. : • ;

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