The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 18, 19-S9 BLYTTIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB Reds Get Blame For Polk Slaying Defendant- Accuses u Communist Party ' In Newsman's Death SALONIKA, Orccco, April 18. </P> —Gregory StitktopouJos, on ti here for complicity In Die murder of American correspondent George Polk, said today: '•I accuse the Communist Party in Greece, the Cominfonn, and Moscow for the murder of Georce Polk." Tlie former Communist news Herman made the accusation ii court ns lie started his testimony ii bis own defense. He be^an (o test! fy immediately after Carl Comp ton, director of the Amerlcan-spon sored college In Salonika, had char ncierized the defendant as a Root faithful student with no crlmlnii leanings. In a quavering voice, Sttiktapoul os turned* to (he press corps covtr ing the trial and said: "I appeal to nil of you to broad cast to the world quickly on Immediately (he truth that thi crime was organized and execute by Communists for their interests "I was n communist and I kno the government of Greece has bee unjustly accused of the murder polk." jThe young Journalist and his mo e^ e r, Anna, are charged with havin helped the communists in an leged plot lo murder the Colnm bia Brojuk'nsling System correspoj dent. The government charges tlw Staktopoulos lured Polk to a rov boat where another mnn shot him Purportedly I' e bait which led Polk to his death u'as a ehntiee to interview guerrilla chief Markos VotiB- des, who has since been deposed. Uuwrapping Problem Chemical Bullets Tested for Use in Curbing of Cancer A repairman fright) and police officer (1?H) ore puzzled by proble) of "unwrapping" Andrew Allan's antonmhi!- in Vancouver, 13. C,, alto Allen smashed into a metal pole teenier). l'he cnr wrapped completely around the pole so that Trout and rvar wheels ovrliipped. Allen —ul- thouyh not thrown clear by the impact—v/ns only slightly shaken. <AP Wire photo.) 11, Alton I,. IHaki'slec Dtn'HOlT, April 10. W)— Now (cps tou'nrd fonsli'8 chemical Ijnl- els to kill cnncer were reported 'o- ctny lo the American Assocliition or Cnncer Research. The new tilings nrc lnilf u ito/eii chemicals Hint iteslroy jjarts of ln- noi's mid slow (town cnneor Ki'owtlis n mice and other imlimils. Hut (hey are also poisonous nuil d»nj!erons. H is not yet known whether Ihey will be of value for htmmn me. The fact Ihnt they »• rk u little Jit against cancer is hopeful. Starling with them, mnii-inndc bullets may he fashioned which cim be in- Jeckcd to stek out and kill cancers without seriously hnnnlne the hu- nian host. The new chemicals were cd In n series of report by srlenll- fic teams nl the Nntloiinl Cancer Institute. Belhesda, Md. The reports were marte by Drs. Jonathan 1,. Ifiu-lwpll. Wendell E. Dotty. Joseph Lcitcr. M. J. Shear. Virginia Downing, Ezrii M. Greens) mi. Hos s C. MacCurdle. Adrian 1'errnnlt. v. Wnravdckar, and DonaM L. Vivian. all of the chemotherapy section. Tlie Micmlcnls were turned up In a search which so far hus tested ,000 different, chemicals i\i;nlns[ ancer. These belonnei* to various millles of chemicals. Out of each 30 tested, only four or five have lio'.vn ally effect. Sound Basis For Nation's Economy Seen MAYHEM), Ky., April 18 (.•]•)Vice I're.sldent Alben W. liarklcy says Hie tuition's et-unoiny Is bn.slc- ally sound. lie Hllriuulr.s a lull In employ - meiil to £\vo things: 1. Increased ]x>piilu11on; 3. llctween 2,<iOO.OOO anil 3.000.000 war veterans leaving collide camp "llo'wvei," linikli'y mills. "Oils neans no serious diillouHy." The vice presiilcnr.s views were i'X|mfM-<l in a lulk here a.s he paid 11 suniLs'- visit lo his nullvi 1 Oi'ii Couuly. rurniiiB la fdjvlsn ill lairs, liurk- ley preciicMcr l! polllli-nl ml- vamrs hiul been halleil. "'I'h->re -. no ddubl in my mind, he s»UI. -Ihiit ihc u. a. proMui o recovery t-as stopped and iliivi n it Iwck." Man Kills Himself By Drivinq His Car as U Burns DENVER, April IB—^V—Laughing at plcus that he snve his life, Roy V. Platz, 57, drove his bla?.- hig car through downtown Denver yesterday until he was fatully burned. Patrolman Dan Levering said Platz, an engineer at Fort Logan Veterans Hospital, pulled up in front of the apartment house where he Itved, the car ablaze. , A woman screamed nt him to £^ t out, but he drove away. Three men jumped on the running board and tried unsuccessfully to stop the car. Plat?, lost consciousness as he returned to the apartment house and stopped the car. Bystanders pulled him from the flaming coupe. He was taken to Denver General Hospital \vhere he died nearly four hours later. Levering quoted neighbors as saying Platz had been despondent since his mother died a year ago. He was not married. Big Bomber Flics Three Hours with Load of 50 Tons FORT WORTH., Tex.. April is. f/P» —A twin of the famed B-3U bomber not off, flew nearly three hours uid landed with a 100,000 pound load Friday night. Ji wns the greatest weight (.wer taken aloft. And the plane, the XC-09. was stni relatively light. Ray O. Ryan, Convair Division manager, said. Con vain made the craft. Gross weight was 277.CGQ pounds, indud- ing the test load. Rynn called the The weight was comparable to 400 men with combat equipmc which il was designed to carry. It also will he able Lo fly 300 litter cases with their nUemlants. Company officials stressed I hat the flight wns no "stunt" but a part of the regular testing program required by the Air Force before it accepts the huge craft. The previous load lifting record was believed established here Jan. 29 when a B - 36 took off with 8-1,000 pounds of dummy bombs. Grand Jury Indicts Tennessee Gun Girl OWODJiURY, Teiin, 18 (/P)— 'arol Juliet White, 18-year-old u'MLvi haiicd "jjmi[;irl," was inclict- td Saturday by a .special session of the ^rand jury on three clmrge.s— nipied murder, carrying a pLstol and highway robbery. She \vas nrrc-steil in SL. LonJ.s, Mo., MA-C)- "2F> aftei 1 eluding police in a half do/or, .states. The tiuUclmcnl cr.'ugt'fi the girl with .shooting n Wcxjrilniry (axi driver, George Patrick, on March G. Tim cirl iickno\vlecU;cci shoolins the nun: claiming that he "gol Irc-sh." liniui of S10.0CO ha,s becti set British Poet Laureate Remains Critically III OXFORD. EDR., April 18. (/!>>— The condition of John Mascfk'lrt DriLish poet laureate, who is ser ioLisly ill at a mirsing home here was reported to he "unchanged this morning. The 70-year-ol Mascfield i.s .suffering from coinpll cntion.s follo-.vmg u n attack of in flnetiza. Officer Is Named An Arkansas Traveler PINK BLUFF, Ark., April I8f/l>> Vllliam G. Edens, 8C, lionoruiy vice resident of the Chicago NnLional Jank hius been named an Arkansas TiuYc!or Guvonior McMn(h conferred tin 1 wiur on Edens. Edt{n.s fonndc-d UK- .ocal JlrotherlKHKl of Railway Train- ; ;nen IxK^ge here 60 years ngo. "First* In Tlianksfciviriff Between the first ThanksKivinR and the first official designation of our modern Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday, 2-13 years elapsed. The Pilgrims celebrated the former In 1(121, while President Lincoln issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation In 18fi4. Read Counti News Want Ads A machine pun WHS from nn airplane In 101 first Area Rent Director , rxpJains New Controls In answer to ninny tnH^'lcs from mUorfis. the uren rent director, C. V Cunningham, hus defined the ac- lon to be taken by owners whose (•Mill property Is irconLrolU'il or miught tinder rent control for the irsi ilme ».y the new '^'dcrul llcnl Jmitrol Acl. fU'iit Control upplUvs now to nil n'n tul houMii^ units which were itn-vlously dei-onlrolled they wove not rented for any Micvo.sslvc ^4 -mouth period between Kobrunry 1, lIMTi iintl Muivh :\G, HHI!. Lancl- iu'ds liavo uiilU April 30 to it^lslcr ny of thi'so unK.i \\-lilch were tievei nndi'r rent control. Previously res- 'ivd mills iK'fd not bo iv-reKi-s- xJ, but the tiwnors an 1 advised lo show Ihr n'nlsirnlK,n Muieim'uU to the jire.srnt tonant. The luiulloix! cantml chnrri more than the mux- linnin rent shown In the »T«l.strn- llnii sin Cement, plus or minus up- provixl ndjustmonis. 1 mullord.'i miiy ot>tnln tusslsl iinti In pii'ijuvln^ rfKlslrallon NlnU'inrnl. al Die Ux-al ronl offlcr located a ni.s wilt ho malle( Ueiul Courier News Want Ads Tribute to Peace PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia, April IB. (/!')—Six hundred pigeons were released Saturday tit peace ccre- nonies here and in Prague slopped activity for (wo minutes as a trlbulc peace. Tt \vfls. a celebration of lir C/onh- oslovuk Red Cross, svhkr'i amnuilly observes the day before Easier as Pence 'Jay. Read Courier News Want Ads IVY-DRY «^T*;U CHANCE of LIFE? Are you going through the Iiiiictlonnl 'middle age' period peculiar to women (3B to 52 yn.)? Doei thla nmkr, you lUffer from htit flnahca, feel jo ncru- ou», hl«h-Btr\iiiK, tlr«d? Then TK> Irr Lydla E. Plnkham'i Vcgotnlita Com- povtnd to relieve nucli Bjniptoma. Plnkham'a Computinri nlso hiui what Eioctors c»Il a atomaclilc lunlc tflcctl LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S ^5S& Th« ivtv technique In which the »flord» t cheaper but »»tl«f»etot» interim l« optically ground and I method oJ making glass l»ce pUte* ollshcil while the glass Is etlll flat' lor televlsloft tubes. THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTER, CLEANER WASH mid Send your clothes to I hv Hlvlhovilli! Laundry they'll come' lined lo you clvuncr, hrij'.liler than ever huloio. Itol I hill's nol nil. Yoni clothe* will Insl ImiKCr because they're trailed ritret'iilly, K (>n| I.V • • • »" i»i- liorliint ciiiisiduriilion tnilay when it's so expensive to replace I hem. Next lime cull lilytheville l.mimlry unit you'll (lisi-over what we mean hy rcnllj "good laundry service." Blytheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 Come in and see how easy it will be to set your table with INTERNATIONAL STERLING ... Buy any number pieces in open stock ... on Dreifus' Convenient terms. Spring Glory will \x. your pattern ,it lirst siylil! Kor here is a design fresh, different, wonderfully graceful. Its exquisite clarity of detail and delicate openwork arc signs o( line workuinn- shi|) every woman recognizes. They'ru signs of the ccnlniy-old skill of the world's lai(rest silverware maker. l,et us show you the lovely silver ilsclfl A six-piece place jolting In any of th» pattern! ill own Is $22.63 (Intl. Fad. Tax) I'uy 1.00 per week plus setting DHEIFli-S Mwil llrniliis . . . W«iir JliHimmils \ni\ .si in KiiirHii, unHimu us BUKHUM —' Ladies Reg. $2.98 WASH DRESSES 13 DAYS ONLY!! ^> x-er r Fine Quality 80 Square Prints in Every Stylel 1 97 SALE PRICE PLAIDS! STRIPES! CHECKS! FLORAL and GEOMETRIC DESIGNS! Here's a grnup of beautifully styled dresses at nn unusually low price nml they're n sootl value nt the regular price. Every style is fine ipialily 80 square prints and you enn choose from numerous lovely designs, lie sure lo get a sufficient supply for now and alt summer. I 2 lo M Ordinarily Low Priced at $2.49 LACE CURTAINS *-!r* T ,P§- *<?<j; • If perfect would sell for $3.98! • Panels or Pairs! 1 GRABER'S offers you Amazing values while we are preparing a bigger and better store /or Blythcville! Reg. $ 9 98 ROBLEE • Your choice of any style in out- stock! • Nationally famous name! Vou know ihe fine quality of Ihl. 1 famous Koblec fthoe . . . and you c:in choose from any ntyle in our stork . . . and they're the season'* best style* , . . nothing Is held Jn ^c^c^ve . . . every Roblee shoe slock Is Included In Ihis 3 day special offering. Now Is your chance (o buy at least two pairs and get a savings that's worth while. TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY THURSDAY ISAVE! Men's $2.98 Value Broadcloth PAJAMAS • Attractive Blazer Stripes? • Coat stylcl Notched collar • Lastcx Belt Adjustcrl • Guaranteed Fast ColorsI 1 Sale Price Handsomely hillortd, flncly woven brouilcloth pajanws In gnod look- Inc blazer stripes. They're full cul to Government st.imlnnls with comfortable InKtcx bell adjnslor. Every ono guaranteed fast color »nd available In irizcs A, K, C am) 1>. Buy two pair anil save $2.20. Men's Reg. 49c Value Athletic SHORTS Full cut, san- forized shrunk In fancy xlrlp- e<l patterns. Sizes 30 to 42. 39c Athletic SHIRTS I n panel o r swiss ribbed styles. Small, medium anrt large sties from 36 lo Iti. 38' 30' Regular 39c Heavyweight 20 x 40 Inch Full Fashioned Nylon HOSE 72 C i Mm l'»ir If First Quality Would Sell for $1.49 SllfM Irregulars of our famous COKA brand . . . they're SI gauge and 15 dcnitr in the most n.inlrd spring shades. Sizes 8!i to I0',i. Stoek up now willi several pairs and wateh your savings add up! •^: Tlicsc Mondciful values arc slichl irrcsulnrs and if perfect would sell for 53.98! They're extra «ide anil extra long . . . .you must soc lo really appreciate this wonderful vate. You'll have to look closely "to find the ilefecl. Blytheville, Ark. Bath Towels 3 <<» 85 No Item In This Sale Sold lo Dcaleis! Here's a timely, money savings special! Most arc first quality but some have slight irregularities. Choose from solids vlth contrasting borders, colored ground plaids, whi'e ground plaids or colorful checks. „ You'll find colors to harmon- iie with any color scheme. Values to $1.49 Boys Dress SHIRTS 78 ( Printed broadcloth dress shirts in a large assortment of striped and flj- nrcd patterns. Guaran- lecii full cut nud (ut colors. Verr slight Irregularities. Sizes « t» 14 years. • We reserve the • right to limit • the quantities • of these sale item*

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