The Times Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia on February 2, 1911 · Page 3
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The Times Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia · Page 3

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1911
Page 3
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I Investigating Conditions in Coast 1 Artillery Behind Closed Doors. [Special to This Times-Dispatch, j Norfolk, In,, February I.?The court of Inquiry, recently minted by Adju- j tant-Geueral .'?nie noil Governor Murin j lo litve?ct lj?iite co ltd It Ion m In the (iiiihI j Artillery of .Norfolk umt I'ortMiiioiith, j began II? NcNNlnitN HiIn itiornlim In (o in pa n>' A room, Armory llultillnk. Tile mchnIoiih are bcblutl cloned doors, nml nothing Im known as to the chnr ncter of (lie evidence submitted, or the direction of the Inquiry. The entire hoaril \\ um present, eon- : MlNtltiK of Major Stnnley \V. Miirlln, of ? Lynchburg, as prcniilvnt: Cliptnln I. i Ilrnneli Johnson, of Norfolk, recorder! I Major Clinton Wrluht, of Norfolk? nml Major 10. AN'. Ilowll'H, of IllchrilOMd No attorney* are present, ft Im kmum J that Hie oflleers of the four fount \ r- j llllery companies liavc linen ended for . examination to-morrow niornlnk'. The mom hers of the hoard declared (o-day that they would thoroughly sift the various rrpurlN iim to conditions In the commands, even If It I? necessary to rail overy oflleer, commissioned and itoii-commlsslitneil, und the prlinics In ; this hrnneh of (he ser\leo liere. DURHAM Y.M.C.A. University Team Wins One? sided Game by Score of 6o to 18. (Special to The Times-Dispatch;) Chapel mil, N C. February i - Carolina won from the Durham V M C. A. in basketball to-night by the score of 60 t" IS The contest was very one--Blded, and Carolina would un? doubtedly have run up a in lieh larger score except for the delay caused by large number of fouls called. Durham threw only four goals from ncrimmuKe, rhejr other ten points be? ing scored on fouly Cartmell sent- in the scrubs for the This is not a special sale for a few clays. It's a new policy, and the price of 10c a copy applies to all popular music now on the' market and yet to be published. 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Watklns. guards. He force. Enstein; Umpire. Cartmpll Time of halves; twenty minutes. I News of South Richmond South PJi-hmiiH Bureau, Th?; Tlmes-M.patrh. U03 Mull Street. Harry Karl, ijf r,*.: South Cherry .street, v. ho?.? action* Inst Thursday night white he ??.<? watchman nt Hi* Independent Oil Com? pany's plant In Hie Soiithsldc '.aid hltn bpati ! to suspicion as tli'- m*n who attempted to i crack the company's safe on that night, was jrlven h liearlnp b?fore Justice Maurice in . Police Court, Part .?. yesterday morning and 1 Mriterii eri to rilnety flag's In Jail. The curt gave Karl ample opportunity to ' explain his curious movement? on that nli-ht, reit the lerigh t y statement that the! prisoner made to the Justice tended to dam? age rather than aid his cause. Ho admitted that lie had been drinking rather heavily ! In the right that Hie attempt fin the sufa . was made, hut asserted that he was render ed unconscious by a blow over the head while h<> slept. 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I Karl whs f'jcn nrmed with a couple of large j pistols arid seemed to be In a very ugiy mood. ? general alarm for his capture re'-! nil ted in his arrest before the night was j over. 1 On account <">f his cxtremly unusual actions ' and bis suhsequ? nt coufessiori to his wife th<? j police ? oj.cluded that ihe man must be! somewhat deficient mentally, but this was I not brought out In the trial yesterday. Jackson l?. c upttired. M?ses Jackson, the half-witted negro who made an assault upon a young white woman j of Chester Monday night, was arrested yes? terday morning by constable Watts, of Ches? terfield county, at Stop No. 3.", on the Pe? tersburg car line. He was arrested without a struggle, and was quietly taken to the Richmond City .lull for safekeeping until the preliminary trial, which hus been set for Saturday morning before "Squire Robinson In Chester. . Constable Watts was apprised of the Whereabouts of the hunted man through H. j P. Eichelberger, .1 Chesterfield farmer, to: whoni Jackson ho'd appealed for food. Im? mediately after being chased from the House by the approach ot neighbors the negro fi^d | from Chester and sought hiding In the1 woods and swamps. He anally crawled into' the barn hel^n^'lns to Mr. Echclberger and I slept there during Monday night while the police were scouring the country for signs of 1 him. i Was Without Food: I He lay hidden in the barn all Tuesday and Tuesday night, but the pangs of hunger An? ally drove him to the Eichelberger house j on Wednesday morning, and he was recog? nized by some member of the family. Mr. : Eichelberger's first action was to notify Con? stable Watts, and then proceeded to lure Jackson to follow him to car Stop No. 35. 1 : As the 10 o'clock >ar. bearing the constable.! [halted a ft he stop, Mr Eichelberger mounted ] the step and directed the constable; to the i ] negro oh the ground. Mi. Wans persnudod the man to mount I the cai and theri immediately pieced hlin i under arrest. Jackson was so worn by bun- j I ger aiul wretchedness that he seemed wtl- , . mp to follow the constable to prison. In '?ri!<i that he might not he exposed to the anger of the Chester people ihe constable deemed It wise to carry Jackson to the City I Jail, where he new reposes. j Warning to Liquor Sellers, j In granting liquor licenses Iii South Rich- ; mond yesterday Judge Wells, of Hustings I Court, I'art 2. warned the saloon-keepers ( thai "this thins of having the saloons (lli^d with a crowd of loafers from morning until night must be stopped." This is equivalent ? to a warning, and the barkeepers are likely '. to enforce the injunction of the court as j well as possible. I Licenses were yesterday issued tn th? [ Sotithsldc Distilling Company, the United ; Siates Dlstillng Company, the Donald lliis*. j Liquor Company, the Manchester Distilling ? Company and the Sowers Dlstillng Company. lAbout half of the total of twenty-two II I censes granted yearly in Washington Ward 1 expire at this time, and so fir a? Is known {nil the eld holders will be successful in hav ' Ing their license? renewed. Several petty cases In chancery were heard yesterday by Judge Wells, and the jury will convene this morning to hear the argument in the case of Joseph Oppleman vs. the IInddock-Grccn Shoe Company. On to-mor ? row will be heard the trial of the $5.000 slan <???: suit of Profftt Vs. Oppleman. which is expected will draw a large audience. Colcmiin Case Postponed. In Police 1'our!. Part 2, yesterday morning the case of Fred Cole-man, colored, who pumped Davi.l Milton, colored, full of holos Tuesday night on Stockton Street, was call ed and postponed until Saturday because of the Inability of the wounded man to testify I against his assailant. While the two road convicts. Will Thomas and ChVries Wilson, both colored, who made ! a sensational escape i nun Camp No. " last ? Friday afternoon, nave succeeded in eluding j pursuit up to this time, secret Information i was gained yesterday by the police thai it ' is thought will lead to their eventual cap j tare. ; The matter really rests now in the hands of the county authorities and the camp . cnards. as while the city police want tho men cos the charge of stealing a horse and buggy from South Richmond ,>n last Friday I flight, it is beiieved that It would be us> 1 eecdlngly hard to fasten the guilt 011 rtiese ! nie 11 In easoMhov nre captured, ns no one. It (appears, actually saw them with the team, j Kearney, the young negro who walked so i jauntily out of the Chesterfield county jail 1 last Sunday morning after Imprisoning the j jailer In his place, has not been seen or I heard of- since be disappeared dow-n~ttic , road tow aril the lull limbers. What has be , come of him is an absolutely mystery to .ihe county authorities, and there seeins lit? tle probability of his recapture. I The case of A. J. Sheffield. who was ar? rested Tuesday on ihe Petersburg car on I ihe charge of being drunk and disorderly, I will he called Friday morning in the Oak drove Court. Sheffield's nephew arrived yes? terday from Petersburg and put up the hail necessarj before the prisoner could obtain his liberty. James tJets Angry. Swelled by the recent rains up-State and lu the Valley Ihe old "Jeoms" Is foaming and roaring over the rocks under the Freo ! Bridge at 11 rate that threatens ihe life j of that not too stalwart struct.!.e. Tho ?lse ! has been exceedingly rapid since Tuesday and Ihe water still continues to creep up Ilia side.< 01' the piers under Ihe bridge. While ? .gh water Is reported from up the river anil Ihe weather conditions still look a trifle, damp, it ItT-nol feared that there will 1 be any severe. Mood, such as has visited the river valley In the pnst. Kitker Hngineor Holling',? warning or the rush of angry water- at the Stone piles thai support the bridge hau Induced the motormen of the Hull Street nml forest mil ears to negotiate the crossing at nn exceedingly ?aieriii rat? ?t sp.I. SeliooU show btcreitK?, Muny enrolments have added to the list Of scholars In the Southsldc public schools since the recant opening of the second term. Tho school attendance In the Southslde i* exceedingly good, and the children on tho street after dark aie very scarce. In aplto '?r the fact that the ' urfew bell has <-ea?rd t'i ring for bedtime. The school children are crowding the book-| store.", purchasing the mom books on their! lists, and business is certain)) thriving for Hie bookmen. If for no 61.Ise The total enrolment in thr- new (Chester Agricultural School ha:< beet) swelled since the opening of the new term yesterday^ and many young people from the surrounding Country are inking advantage of the oppor? tunities offered, Ne\vs of the Secret Orders. The general committee consisting' of n eommllti.r one, appointed ftbiii ??, ;i of tho secret orders In the .'JouthsiUe, win meet to-night a I S o'clock Iii the Odd-Fellows' Hall, corner of Eighth and Hull Streets, for the purpose of choosing a date that shall be observed as memorial day for the dead ; of the local orders In the Maury Cemetery, nnd of an anging a suitable program of scr vli ?S for that occasion. The Manchester Lodge of ICIks will me?t to-night Hl 8 tf'clock In the Klks' Home, South fllehmond. Ilcsttu Conclave. Improved iirdcr ef Itcp Insophs, will irieet to-night tit S o'clock In the OddrFellows' Hall, corner of Klghth and 11 nil streets. Hendeison Lodge of pdd-Fellows win meet to-night at 8 n'rlnf',: In the hall at the cor? ner ot Bicventh and Hull streets. Davis C?unellj Junior Order of United American Mechanics, will meet to-night. Itoyal Arch Chapter of Masons will assem? ble Friday night In the Masonic Teniplo at 5 o'clock. Several matters of Importance] will h? brought before the chaptei at this meeting, and some degree work will bo 6x e( Uted if i to- "goats'1 are on hand. ( hlld Hies. Blair FreeinnnJ two-year-old son of Mr. and jftrs; .lohn Wilkinson. (,f 21 Toler Street, tiled yesterday at the home, of his parents. TV funeral services will he at the house to-day at 1 o'rloek by Hev, Ceorge ft. Kemper, of Richmond. The b-irlal win be In Hlyervlew Cemetery. Social anil Personal. The lecture on the ??passion Play." recent? !\ given at the ?alnbrtdge Street riaptlst Church by He-.-, .r. u\ Durham, will be ren? dered again Friday night in the Weather ford Memorial Baptist Church at S o'clock. The lecture will be Illustrated by sixty ster eoptlcon views. When the lecture was gtv<?n In the Balhbrldge Street Church a large au? dience was present, and Dr. Durham, who saw the p'ay in Oberammerga.u the past summer, irave a most Interestitig account; The birthday of Miss Nellie Robb; of Woodland Heights, was the 'occasion of a most delightful surprise party Tuesday nicrht. when a number of the young lady's friends dropped in and th? evening was sp-nt in games and music Refreshments were later served, and the whole occasion' was one of the greatest enjoyment. ANOTHER FALSE ALARM I Ire Dep.'irt ment Will Try tu Catch I Boyish Oltetideni. i Boys l2 = t nicht turned in n false fire alarm from Linden nnd Main Streets, jii'l Kngino Companies K and 10 responded, with Truck Company No. 3. This Is the second false alarni turned in in the last few days, and the Fire Department is determined to take some action !n case the culprits are caught. The penalty Is a fine of 5100 for each offense. 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I., for special duty in the State Department, l neiden I to. his rep? resentation of the United States at the. conference of the naval powers of the world held In London in the early part of 1909. lie became 111 shortly after his arrival In Washington, pneumonia developing, and yesterday ho entered tho Naval Hospital, where tue attack proved fatal at 11 o'clock this morning. Mrs. Sprrey, who was in Newport, was summoned to Was Wing ton by tele? graph. Death Was Cncxpected. The deatli of Admiral Sparry was a shock to his fellow-otllcers in tho navy and a blow to the State Department, which has counted much upon his as? sistance in perfecting a translation of what is known as the declaration or London- The agreement of the Lon? don conference was drawn up in French. It sots forth the various prin? ciples of maritime law to be applied by the prize court at The Hague. Both Great Britain and the Unite.1 States have translated the document. but there are discrepancies in Important particulars in the two translations. Admiral Sperry had been summon? ed to Washington for the purpose of reconciling the differences before the document is submitted to :he United States Senate, as it is important that the version of Great Britain and the United States, with a jomrnon lan? guage, should be absolutely Identical. The best known service of the de? ceased officer was his trip around the world as commandei-in-chief of the Atlantic tleet. He assumed charge of tho fleet at San Francisco in May, 190S, and relinquished his command after the vessels had completely circled tho globe and arrived safely in Hampton Loads In tht- spring of 1900. A'ntlve of .New York. He was born In Brooklyn. Septem? ber 3, 1 S 17 C graduating from the Naval Academy in 1m>?. He was promoted en? sign in April. ISIS, passing successive? ly to the gratle of lieutenant in March. 1870; lien tenant-commander, in March, 1SS5: commander, in July. 1S94; cap? tain on July i, 1900, ami rear-admiral May G, 1906. Hear-Admiral Sperry has been president of the Naval War College and performed important duty as a member of the general board. He was a recognized authority cn tactics, and one of the most brilliant strateg? ists in the service; He also was an authority on international Inw and its usages. He was the United States Naval delegate to The Hague confer? ence In 1900 and was one of the American mission to the R*r Cross conference at Geneva, in 1906. Me suc? ceeded Lear-Admiral <:. M. Thomas as com mender-in-chief of the Atlantic, battleship fleet during tho last half of its memorable Cruise around the world. After graduating from the Naval Academy he was assigned to ihe (*. S. S. Sacramento on the China station. The vessel .not along all right until somewhere near the mouth of the Hooghly River, on ihe way tr> Calcut? ta, when the ship went ashore in a fog at night and was a total vi e,ck. No lives were lost, but no clothing was saved. Rear-Admiral Sperry rind serv? ed on various vessels in ihe navy, in? cluding the Kearsnrge, Worcester, Richmond, Quinnobaug, Chicago, York town; Now Orleans, Alabama and Con hcctlcii i. Duties D?ring War With Spain. ! At the Legsntiing of the war with Spain he v.i. on duty at the New York navy yard as ordnance bflloci', despite It's desire tor sea duty, no performed much hard work' In arming vessels pur? chased ::u imxiilary cruisers. II" was placed !n com in ihd of the York town In Philippine waters in ISOS, and iii reetod "he movements of the landing party on tho eastern shore if Luzon. The landing party of the Yorktown was cap! in. I . j Aguinaldo's men. Sonic of them vvei'J wounded nnd all were taken prisoners. Then began, the chase of the Insurgents and their prisoners through lib length of the Island, re? sulting in i.h ? release of the men lit A p parr I, cn Ihe northern extremity. From ihe Yorktown Roar-Admiral Sperry is placed In command of the New ?rivMi.ta n Asiatic waters. When his three years of sea duly worts at an end. in inn:t ho was sent ti, Newport as president of the Naval War Col lege. When the pcaCa and arbitration conference wa? held at The TTag-ue. Ad? miral Sperry was detached from tho War Col Urge and sent thither as the United States naval representative. As peace commissioner during the famous international conference, he rendered admirable service and materially wid? ened his reputation. CommtinilN Knurlh Divinlnu. At the close of the arbitration con? gress he was ordered home and placed in command of the fourth division of the Atlantic fleet, his flagship being tho battleship Alabama. When the late Rear-Admiral Charles M. Thomas hauled down his Hag as commander Iri-clilcf of the Atlantic fleet at Sail Francisco. .May 1">, I'jOS. hi ving held tiiat commind as the successor of Rear Ad ml ral lOyahs, Rerir-Admiral Sperry was given the command of the fleet: He. took tho fleet around the world and relinquished the command at Hampton Roads to Rear-'Admlral S< it >n Schroed er in March, if"'.'. He was offered tiie presidency of the Naval War College, but declined it. indicating his prefer? ence for subordinate duty at Newport. He was retired for age, September 2, 1309. Richmond vividly remembers Admiral Charles S. Sperry. It wn.s in this city that the man who brought the famous 'battle fit-el" on the last leg of Its world-encircling. 24,000-mile voyage and Iiis fellow-officers were first enter? tained after reaching American shores, from which they had been absent for more than a year. By wireless telegraph an Invitation was extended to the Commander and Iiis officers to he the guests of the capi? tal of Virginia on February 23, 10O?. The leading men of the city In n few hours prepared an elaborate program an.) entertained the visitors lavishly, Admiral Sperry .whs- received at (he Westmoreland Cluh and a luncheon was tendered him at the Jefferson Hotel. There were numerous speeches at that time made by Admiral Sperrv, Re?r--Adml-a1 Richard Wainwright. Congressman .lohn Lamb, Mayor p. c. Richardson. Captain W. Gordon Mcj Cabe. Major Robert W. Hunter, Judge John H. Ingram. Colonel Jo Lane Stern and other prominent RlChrii?nders. r\t fountains & Elsewhere Ask for Tho Original and Genuine IrlALTEP MILK The Food-drink for Ali Ages. At restaurants, hotels, and fountains, i Delicious, invigorating and sustaining. Keep it on your sideboard at home. Don't travel without it. A quick lunch prepared in a minute. Take no imitation. 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Md., courthouse, it is probable that the trial of tlic three men charged with assault with intent to kill will not be held to-morrow as scheduled. The defendants are Deputy Peyton Whalcn, Joseph Whalen and Joshua Offutt. While the fear that Mr. Moncur\ j would lose his eye as the result, of ! I being kicked in the face has been i i dispelled, complications of even a more : SGrlous nature have sei in. Iiis con I ditlon yesterday and last nigtit was i stich that the specialist, Dr. Clifton! ! King, who treated the eye. advised ! the patient's family to bringe him to ' Washington for examination by Dr. j McDonald, n surgeon. ' 1; is feared Mr. Moncure is injured ; internally: Durlnpr the past few days ho has been unable to stand because of weakness and sudden losses of con sclousness This latter condition is ! what alarmed the physicians P. 11. McG. CARS ARE DERAILED j.tlrs. Cleovaiigeri of Marlon, Vn., Slight? ly Injured. ) Lime Rock. Ala., February l.?Two sleeping cars of the Memphis-New York specie1.1 of the Southern Rail I way were derailed here early to-day by j n dragging brake beam catching in a switch. Mrs. E. J. Cleavangbr. of Ma? rlon. Va? and Mr, and Mrs. J. YV. Way. 'of Chattanooga, Tenn.,? received sltght j injuries The cars were not overturn? ed and the train proceeded after six hours' delay. MURDERER MUST DIE Negro I? Found Guilty of Killing Rev. Ainzl Armstrong. Trenton, N. .i., February I.?John Fears, a riogrq, was convicted of mur? der in the tlrst degree in the. Mercer County Court here to-day for the kill? ing of the Rev. Ahi/J I* Armstrong, at. Dutch Nock, the night before last Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Armstrong was killed at the same time. The Jury was cuit an hour and a j quarter, but it Is understood that the verdict was reached in much less time. Forecast: Vlrglnla---Unsettled nud ! warmer Thursday! rain at nl^ht or Frtriity; voider Frliln'yj Increasing; east to south winds, beeoiuluK northwest Friday, J N'ortli Carolina?Fair, warmer Thurs? day: Friday unsettled, with rain und colder in west portion; hi ode rale to brisk south winds. COXDIT1 O NS VESTER D A Y. Wednesday midnight temperature -IS S A. M. temperature . 36 Wind, direction .Fast Wind, velocity . i Weather .Cloudy Rainfall .tv; 12 noon temperature . 11 3 P. M. temperature . ir> Maximum temperature up to 5 P. M. 18 Minimum temperature up to h P. M. 32 Mean temperature . 3'.> Normal temperature . us j Excess in temperature . t Accum, excess in temperature j since January I . 123 j Accum, excess in rainfall sin.-. i January 1 .52 I I CONDITION'S IN IMPORTANT CITIES. (At S P. M. Fastens Standard Time) I Place. Thor. If T. Weather. ; Abilene. 71 SS Cloudv I Asheyllle .5s 70 Clear (Augusta . t><5 72 Cloudv ! Atlanta . r?n c2 Clear ! Atlantic City... . :\-\ Cloudy Rost on . 20 !!?'. Clear ; Huffalo . 2l' . l'r. Cloudy [Charleston . 5S *'<?. Cloiidy Chicago . 40 la Cloudy I Denver . is nI Clear" I 'uluth . 23 21 .Snow Gnlycstbn . fifi 72 Clear I Hurop . lfl rtfi Cloudy Jacksonville .... 70 7? Clear Jupiter . 70 7S f'l<>nr 1 Kansas city. 4ft 7" Clear i t.Otllsvillo . flfi 72 < Tear I Mohilc. fir,. 71 Clear j Memphis . 71 7? Clear ; Montreal . 41 11 Clear Ni'W Orleans;'... 70 7lj Clour I X. w York . 32 n I Cloudy -Norfolk . I.'. \< Cloudy North Platte.... P. i :. 1 Clear ! PIttsburg . 10 II Cloudy Raleigh .;? is "11 Cloiidy Savannah ...... i]2 .'0 OlbHr I San Francisco..; ".1 Rain j Spokane . |0 \(\ Cloudy St. Paul . p>2 3fi ?'loudv Tainpn ..?. *;<; 1r, Clear Washington .... ! 38 Rain (AVIlihlngton .... 70 i>. cloudy I Wythevlile .. . . is ft| Clear >l I N I VI I It 1: M.yiANAC. February 2. 1011 I iron TIDE. Sun risen;... fi:5s Morning.... :r,7 Svtn sets. 5:02 Even In c_ 7:12 After the Jury had been polled Judge Reed pronounced the death sentence, leaving the date for thi execution to be llxcd by him later. SIMON WING IS DEAD lit Wn? Sortnil?? Labor's First Cnnill dntc for President. Boston, Mass.. February 1.?Simon Wing, the ilrst candidate for President <>f the United States nominated by the Socialist Labor party, is dead at his j home In Charlcstown, aged eighty-four years. Wing was a candidate in the I election or' IS92, and receive 21.1S4 [ votes. lie. was an inventor of the j first: multiplex camera and many other ? photographic devices. Our complete line of Tooth, Shaving, Hair, Cloth, and Bath Brushes. They are most complete. We know they will please you? because they are representative of BEST QUALITY. The prices, how? ever, are no higher than elsewhere. Can Cancer Be-Cored?) Tha record of the. KtlLaro. Hropitad a} without parallel in history, ftuvipg c^retJj to stay cured permanently, wfra?pt tht$ use of the knife, over 90 par certj. of thd many hundreds of juffetpa^te?ia edited Which It hac treated during ikt $&st ht\ teen yearn 0/ its exist?noe, We have been epdortttd <Sla Senati and Legislature of Virginia We guarantee ottr cures. KELLAM HOSPIT?L U17 W. Main Street, Ricluuo?d, Vs^ Physicians Treated l?ico. i universityTollege of medicine ^?a? Medicine?DeutUtry?1'hanaacy, For session of 1510-'ll. New Building. Perfect equip? ment. Experienced faculty of elgh-^ ty-one teachers. ?s>ealerj $ropo?al?. pflVco of State Highway Commission, 1 Richmond, Va.; January :i>. IDll. BIDS WILL BE "RKCKIVBD AT THKl clerk's office. Monterey, Va., until 12 o'clock noon THURSDAY, Vebi ruary 3. I if 11, for both concreto and steel structure for a bridge 74 feet iohg In Highland county, near Mon? terey. Plans and specifications on', tile a this otilco and at the clerk's ofllce. Monterey, Va, A cortitled < he? k for $250 to accompany ivicb bid. The right is reserved to reject aliv and all bids. Further Information furnished on application to the undersigned. P. ST. J. WILSON. J i State Highway Commissioner. 'A

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