The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1938
Page 2
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TIJRRDAV, APRIL 12, 1038 BLYTFIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS been partly solved by private itcloptfon effected with Hie approval of. boards composed of (lie ninjor, vicar, one of the higher schoolmnstcrs and a municipal inspector of health. Reronslriictlon of dp.stroyw) to*ns ami villages will Introduce n n.w style In housing, it Is suld, Plans prepared for ihe new Guernica reveal Hint Instead of the typical Spanish patio, the new i houses will have front gardens, in Declare '• " le '''"Kllsli style. lieramtrucilon I ll« „>,.,. T D I 1 *'" l)l! bi ' l >r °Mcrti' owners meeting Idleness IS K e Cl U C e d, In ihe chambers of town property. Waae<: Raiwl " llclt ' r Bovcrmncnl supervision. w "5 tj> J\dii>ea Manj , lm . asm . es ,,,,„ ,„ ,-<„.,,,, in . ,,,„,„,., ~ ! Franco's terrlLocy were starltd 'ay ''•• LONDON. April n. iUI>>-Efrorls|Quei|,o de Lluno In .-Jcvillu nn'l ! Dl the franco regime lo Improve ! later extended to other parts Uie lot of the working-classes have ' yiiclpo was DIP first 10 liickhj Hie 10 AID PEOPLE 5 Helling Anschluss Victory Nationalist Aids keen outlined by Franco represen- l.'Hivcs here. They <lf:i:)urc unemployment has been leducod, wages improved, the task of constructing ud(it[UUc Jjouses lor Die workers hr-Min, workmen's compensation established, extensive 'social and wolr«re services treated anil plans drawn for the reconstruction of villages and towns destroyed in the war.' Unemployment is said to have lieen abolished In Salamansu, a city i.i. isiiii proUein, which was p:u- ;icH|:irly acute In Amlalasiu. Ui Ju'.y. 1M7, Hie Amate slum in Kei ilia had been wiped out. M mj ni-w ureas, some containing as n l ny us 51,9 houses, were built in diffcrcm parts of Sevllla wlt/i the eLjecl of brlii'jln-j workers and the m-re moneyed classes into contact in.:! thus remove class barriers. Normal harwwllnj of crops has oi.en curried out by militarizing workers in Andalusia — ..... — , .. _. VJ : ..... ~ ....... *.,".., ...i.w, : 1(1] f.f fiO.DOU InhnlillnnLs, where there j wheat, oil. beans, inar/.e, cork, cic were 1.900 without work. Employ- i '">™ l)C en Jixwl by Qutipo. 'it Is menl bureaus were set up through- j £nlrt that ex]>loitln(; Ls n crime out the territory captured by Fran- | Punished with lines, nnrl often the co'.s troops mid in Saliimanca the i •'"•dliioiial |iutii.<,hmt'ut of htinj city council spoil MO.OOO pesetas I j''iioiied over Ills radio by Queiixx more on beautifying the city. ; Ijie result is that, according In nddtlion lo public workks nil- i !r '' :1 " co ' s rcprcscntntlvcs, • • - - ' rs I ""^ i ""' l"' oll '')c lo Ihoritics forced private employer lo start their idle factories nml workshops Irrespective of whether they were owned by Spaniards or foreigners, under penalty of havhv them seized. • , Jobless Pay No Rent All unemployed have been declared exempt from paying rent water and light rates if their rent is below 150 pesetas a month. The loss to landlords Ls spread over by pooling the total amount of money received in rent nnd doling out to each landlord his proportionate .share after deducting the pardoned rents. Light and water companies recover their losses by being allowed lo surcharge 0.25 per cent to those paying. The Pulnnee Esp;mola took the lead In the task of feeding nnd housing the destitute and in a year crealed 711 dining-rooms, assisting daily 73.936 people, serving 4.9(18.134 meals monthly,• according to Franco's aides. Every woman between the ages of 17 and 35 has io do six months social service before she can enter any profession or position of jiolili- cal respoittibllty.. The six months can be split up over n maximum period; those employed privately have their jobs kept open for them. Those, exempt are (he sick, physically 'defective, married women or widows with .children under Ihcir care, and those who served in hos- plCnls.oi^B.tyie-'/roiit before.organi- xalioiri^dt^social service, -v-.-'-r* Money tor Ihe needy is obtaine;! by -house-to-house collections, by the sale of emblems and from the "Single-course Day", under which every - family once a week has a I a boom. one-coiirse meal and donates money'save.d to authorities, 'ihc problem of orphans the Fred Henley Elected Bar Association Head CARUT1IERSVIL.LE. Mo., A()r. 12 —Fred.Henley, Canithersvllle, was elected president of tlie Thirty- Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Asso- cuttion i at ILs annual niectiin; here Saturday night, held In conjunction with the Ninth Vice Presidential District Bar Association, which comprises about ten counties in Southeast Missouri. Other officers elected were: DVTOII Sharp, New Madrid, vice president; O. E. Hooker, Carulhcrsville. secretary; and Jim Meredith. Por- •.a'icville. treasurer. Wallace Fry, Mexico, Mo., president of the Missouri Bur Association, was the principal speaker. Judge James M. Douglas of the Supreme Court was also among the out-of-counly digm'larics present. About forty attorneys attended, fiom Cape Girardenii, Scott. Slod- (lard, Dunklin, New pemiscot counties. Madrid and Heroic Dog Gets Medal Chancellor Adolf s he talked r L H T,," " W " re S ,,,dcd ihe success mile,- ,-ith .seemed a bit abseia-mlndecl about hi, f'ropaganda Minister Di. fan, aoctatete "" 1 " C| U raay "" ro t) ™ 11 b ™ 1 ™ '*'• 11'chn* of. the German-Austria,, plebiscite a.s a fore. "- riiT1 ' C iW ° ^ "' C( " ml '» tllC arx.rtsptat,; Berltn. address was one of Ihe serle.s which whipped up m overwhchnln, vole in Germany and Austria tor the ansc ,,,L. U e has told interviewer, he can ho.d his ham, slralghl and h.,1, ln 4I " Na/i salute for two hours at a time. Scout News Boys - Girls Arrangements for free steamboat rides, swimming parties, and movie parties are being made as part of the entertainment program for troop 30 of the Boy Scouts In addition to I heir regular scout work. This troop, which formerly met in the First Methodist church, will in the future meet at the Second Baptist church. An Invitation lo all boys who are Interested in this work is extended lo allcnd the g tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Miller is scoutmaster and assistant. COUNCIL BLUFFS, la. (UP)— mectln Judy, a springer spaniel, may bJ Dale miner is scoulr convinced now that "every dog has'Jack Finley Robinson his dny." Credited with saving the scoutmaster of thus troop life of her 10-year-old mistress front.., drown ing Judy has been recognized with a medal from the American Humane Association. A new ship is the Wcndt W-l 'Falconer." H is a cabin plane selling for less than $3000. It uses a 9U horsepower engine and has .1 has lop speed of 145 miles an hour. field, 50 Watcrvltet youngsters justice In city court ctly Judge John F. McMahon settled the litigation "out of court" After hearing the boys state their case, the judge called a recess. He went to a sporting goods store and bought two baseballs Reluming, he conferred with Ihe Smill"-"*'-'"'*• biuscbnlls dll >»««i When the judge called for resumption of the hcarini;, he ivns forced lo dismiss the action The plnmtiirs had disappeared. Krai Courier Newi WftUt Adi Veteran ol' Home Demonstration \V I .' • i i r~* • - -»T otner things of in! Work Shi) Seeks New Memberste^Wi PAGE THREE 25 n wns tills 1 vii) i honnli Miss Corn l>en Ooli 1 m uii. homo (leiiKiikstrntloii ami! of Miwl.vilppi coiinly, Is nc- Hiinlntcd win, numbers uf 2,!tM farm (aiiiilles In the ro-mily, slio IMI'I at all Htllsflcd. .Sho wants ut lui't one member of the 9.91111 j l<»m huiillle.s in ihe county lo- cither l.t'|oii|j to u Home D.'uirui- i (.trillion or -1-n chibl lial .sounds llk<! sui Impossible- i illlcn Inn U doesn't- .seem ul all ii.slljli- lo the ivojiwii who tins Increased eltihl women's clubs to S'J unit 12 4-11 eluhs to ;tl since -he cnine here IS years IIRU. lluill/liij. Hint It will Ink*.' iimiiy >ii>rs in imve all farm [iimlllcs miciesU'd hi the. extension work, Cvlrnmii has .slni-ted out this year by asking each clul) lo Increase ii.s membership |jy Ion per it- Khc hopes this will Ije con- llnued yearly, MKs Colcnian. win) hn.i ho en cited uiiitiy lime:; by Ihe Malls d«- pnrfinciii of furin extension UK one of Us most ouUlnnillmj ut-enls, ofli-n Is wanted for niintlier county, where clul) work Is new. Hill •nth time, the furm women nnd Shis protest the change so much the department Ims just t (|iilt thinking niiuut sundlni; ncr elscvhere. H wns only recently tluit Miss Colemnn oblnined an nsslslinil for Ihc .southern part, of the county. Since 10211, she hns traveled over the liir s( . county working Ijotl) day nnd iil(;ht In order to I'each every community ,,.s oflcii ns pus.sll>li!, Thai she hns been siictcssful Is shown by figures of enrollmenl.s 'J'he Ijoy.s nnd girls -Ml clubs now have 1.200 members mid Ihe wom- wns ylven us a reward for _ „ Mlsslwlppl county to the front In farm life Improvement. Not content will) ratting ujwii Arthur Hester, Rflbert Jones, Herbert Ketehum, Eue! McCollum, Oils Sandlln, Deri Wells, nnd David Whltneld. ABIhENB, Tex. (OP)-P, p. McCarty of Abilene urged nll-Soutb- 11 «i i-uiuciii. witn resting ujwii fr " erx to eat more polnlo chips her |)iist laurels, she hns conllmieil |1CCBUSC "wy ore "half cotton." '"" v ' 1 " 1 ' IIBW records until tlih, Askl; ' i f » r "» explanation, McCarty county Is how practically tnmul- mously ncceptcd as one of the best eoiinllcs In the south for farm ex- work. said, "the chljis are half p'jlalo ami half cottonseed oil. Twenty Eight To Graduate From Steele School May 19 a Braihiathijf cluss ' hlsh will have j 01 twenty dnht this term, coin- iiiinci'jiiuiii exercises will be lictd May loth. '1'be class Is as follows: Tcresn Hiirkc, liuena Curman. Virginia Muore CJ)lpm:in, Mnririircl C'ope- Innd Held, (jliarlclc Mae McOants. lim-holl l.Kllord, Mary Jewclln«y. (.'ranees MsConnlck, Alice Michie, Kmma Moore, /Hulrcy Nell I'hniiiner, Audry Mue Veld. Wavu Wells. Husle WilViim, Barnes K JWhi. O(or«(! Hurtles, Kacllnn Ihir- rniictis. W. I'. Cecil, .Siini Fnmic, Unrllon Fumlerburk, Paul Oerman Do This If You're NERVOUS DnnM. laknrhinm on harmful oplttm »nd j«0flur(* which you know mrthtag «boul. UM common MHW. cl« mare freih «lr, ra«e«l«eB «n.l uvo a JflliUe, llmo-pracen mdlclM liio lomoili l,ydi« H. rinkliam'l VcgeltMa Com- |>oi;ml - nuilo nfvclalli/far teemta from « hole- •ninij horln and looU-lcl It lirlu Nilutc tono u|) yuur lyslera (nil llnu falm isngty ntrvei. Imtn illiiriM (torn terailn Tuncllonil tttm. d<M urn! tnaka lire world llvfnii. ** Tor over CO yon ono woman )ia> UM ?i l i 1 °Li"' r .'"I? '" " " lm| l ln * Hiru" wllli I'liililiiiii'i CompouniJ—let It help YOU, FARM LOANS • W« urt U» Art.D«M tat Ml lx>wml rtlti— lowcit »lio tit; propertlo DON H. KASSERHAN Thomas Land Co. Office P. O, Box 470, Phon« 4J7, en's home demonstration clubs hin-c l,7.Vj nieniUcis. Mivs Coleinan wns uniduatrd r n:iu Ijindi-r co!lc|u>, OiTenwond, S. C.. anil later took a special I'ciiirse In UDDIC Kcommilr.s ut C<i- hnnblu University, New York clly. Allir Itnl.vlUni!. she laiiBht thai subject In the city school of Or- unjieburg, H, c. .She Inter cnme here and after ImVliit! been aiient In Mississippi county for four years, wns winded as one of (he. niients for u seven monllis trip to Europe, because of her work. Mrs. Olu Powell Malcolm was ••Joancd" by the United Stales Oc- pnr.lmenl of Aiiilciilture to devns- lalcd ureas of Wnnce utter Ihc World War to leach American methods of food pix'scraitlon. Kiich yiiar ullerwards, (lie Kuro|)enii countries Imve invllcd .six agent.H of southern Mutes lo visit lli SAVE AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 90c 1(1% I'tmiwj-lvunla Oil, Sealed Containers 2!ic SAVEONGASCO. •I Miles No. of State Line II. \V. (il HOU.ANI), MO Case Won Out of Court By Sandlot Youngsters WATERVL1ET, N. Y. (UP) — Their baseball confiscated by a neighbor to prevent possible damage to windows facing a snndlot 21 HOUR FRIGWAIRE SERVICE Only Aullioriaed Service Mississippi County Commercial or Residence j-iiji Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. E. li. Gen, iVIgr. 109 S. Second SI. In Dorit ENVY LASALLE owners... Join them/ ARK YOU ONF. OF THF, quarter million who pair} the price of a LaSallc V-8 . . . hut \vlio didn't gel a LaSalle V-8? If so, yon probably do not realize that a new LaSalle V-8 actually costs less than certain models of deirn other motor car manufacturers. Romemlier t!m when you buy your next car. If you pay ihc price of a LaSalle . . . get a LaSallc! Since it costs no more . . . you might just as well have Cadillac quality—Cadillac heauty, performance and safety—and Cadillac prestige! So before you pay above $1,000 for a motor car ... LOOK AT I.A SAU.E! Why not come in today for a demons! rat ion? BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR SALES 117-1 in E. Main Blvthovillf, Ark. ..out for more pleasure Step right up and ask for Chesterfields.. . . they'll give you , more pleasure than any cigarette you ever smoked hesterfield the PLEASURE cigarette V Xfvn <

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